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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 30, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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1945. got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email fire shirt friday. briefing weekdays at 11 a- breaking news. california burning. wildfire north of los angeles is out of control forcing thousands of people out of their homes. we will take you live to the scene for the latest. under fire as president obama tries to focus on the economy today, other issues remain. afghanistan, shirley sherrod. embattled congressman charles rangel. we will talk with the chief white house spokesman about the president's full plate. the big day. inside chelsea clinton's wedding. we will give you the scoop offering from guests to the gown to the town that's bracing for the eyes of the world.
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shaking up "idol." ellen degeneres quits. kara diogaurdi is fired. we will judge the impact of all the changes "early" this friday morning, july 30th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs it is a gorgeousfriday morning here in the big town. good morning, everybody. i'm harry smith. >> i'm erica hill. perfect way to kick off the end of week. a lot happen thing morning and a lot happening tomorrow. chelsea clinton getting married. we will get you the latest. you see there a live shot of rhinebeck, new york, hotel where we are told several wedding guests reportedly are staying. latest from rhinebeck this morning. >> we have a lot of news coming out of california. >> breaking news. this morning in los angeles,
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wildfires overnight and threaten at least 2 thousand home. happening just north of l.a. palmdale, california. that's where we find hattie kaufmann this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm standing here at the frontline in terms of protecting homes from this fire. you can see behind me a fire truck and the home and behind that, you can see, the hill is blackened. fire got this close to the homes. this isn't just a single home. this is subdivision of the three fires burning. north of los angeles and this one by far the most dangerous. this huge fire, 60 miles north of los angeles, broke out about 3:00 p.m. thursday. by evening, locals were lining up to watch it grow. >> we are out here for like 30 minutes and wrapped around in less than that. >> reporter: high winds, dry brush made for a fast-moving blaze already consumed nearly 6,000 acres, more than seven squares miles. at least 2 thousand homes
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threatened. palmdale residents scrambled. fire officials issued evacuation orders. >> packed up our valuables. >> reporter: several electric transmission towers, like this one, were caught in the fire. but so far that hasn't caused any power outages. 500 firefighters are on the scene. no reports of injuries or deaths, officials say that there has been no containment. this fire is burning just west of where last year's station fire burned. that was the largest fire in los angeles county history. they don't want to see that again. this morning, they are planning an aggressive assault from the air. hattie kauffman. ethics charges against charlie rangel. he says he gained nothing but now that the details are out, rangel is not the only democrat with something to lose. cbs news correspondent sheryl attkisson is in washington and has the latest.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. rangel's trial is expected to start in september. a spectacle a lot of rangel's colleagues were hoping to avoid. once among the most powerful democrats in congress -- >> 13. >> reporter: -- rangel stands charged with 13 counts of ethics violations. they include failing to disclose income, check accounts, stock and property. improperly using rent subsidized apartments for his campaign committee and improper fund-raising for a project in his name at city college of new york, randell center. the rangel center was the subject of a cbs news investigation in 2007. rangel i envisioned it as a presidential library-like facility that would include an office and well-appointed furnishings for him once he left congress. rangel is charged with using public resources and congressional will her head to ask for big donations for the cent center. goldman sachs, wachovia and dozens more.
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rangel asked for $30 million from verizon and new york life. $10 million from insurance giant aig. rangel denies any wrongdoing. before the charges were read he told the reporters it may be a tougher time than he fought in the korean war. >> after i survived that i hadn't had a bad day since. today i have to reassess that statement. >> 20 people expelled from congress. only six since the civil war era. there have been 40 reprimands and censure. the most recent reprimand, joe wilson who yelled "you lie." at president obama. this morning, president obama's critics have more ammunition be ever as he rice focus on cars and the economy. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante joins us with more on that. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the president is headed to detroit today to talk up
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recovery in the auto industry. also, to try to get control of his own message. for the last couple of weeks, the white house spent a whole lot of time responding to its own mistakes. like the firing of agriculture department officials shirley sherrod. >> i knew it was racism when it happened, nobody had to tell me that. >> reporter: sherrod said thursday that she has decided to sue blogger than drew breitbart who posted a video clip from a speech she made to naacp members which appeared to show her admitting racist attitude towards a white farmer. she has been fully vindicated but yet to accept a new job from the administration. she did invite the president to visit her in georgia to learn more about the history of racism. >> he should come down and see that and hear that firsthand. he needs a little lesson. >> reporter: president obama talking to the urban league thursday admitted this administration had overreacted. >> many are to blame for the reaction and overreaction of the
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fall of these comments. including my own administration. >> reporter: today in michigan, the president will try to change the subject, saluting what the administration says is the comeback of the u.s. auto industry. a white house report released thursday says without the bailout of gm and chrysler, the industry would have lost almost 1.1 million jobs. it notes gm, chrysler and ford are increasing production and the auto makers have added 55,000 jobs this year. that may not be enough to save the industry which lost more than 5 million jobs. the president, however, today will look on the bright side and will say that he expects to get back the entire $60 billion of taxpayer money that his administration has put in to bail out the other companies. erica? >> bill plante at the white house. thank you. joining us now from the white house is the president's press secretary, robert gibbs. mr. gibbs, good morning. >> good morning.
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>> i want to ask you very quickly about charles rangel, this bipartisan committee, bringing charges against rangel. they cite a pattern of indifference and disregard for the law. if this trial happens it will happen in september right in the midst of the congressional elections. should charles rangel quit? >> well, look, harry, i think, as you mentioned, there's the bipartisan committee looking into some very serious charges. we think that's certain there right thing to do. i don't want to prejudge the outcome of that. i think that democrats going into this midterm election have an agenda to offer the american people about moving our country forward. s that where we will spend our time talking about this. >> all right. so today you go to detroit. and you are going to visit a gm plan and you will visit a chrysler plan. people will be stunned to know that both of those companies are turning a profit. they are hiring new workers. does it surprise even you? >> look, think think there is no doubt the team that worked on auto restructuring here at the
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white house did surprise where gm and chrysler are. the big three all reported a profit for the first time since 2004. and these companies are hiring again. the auto industry is hiring in for the first time since 1999. there's no doubt it is a success story. we have a ways to go. but there's no doubt that the investments that had to be made in the auto industry, the sacrifices and restructuring that have been made, have put the auto industry on a much better path towards sustain sustainability and those that are creating jobs again. >> those argue that the bailout never should have happened, declare bankruptcy, gone the way of whatever. the marketplace would have dictated it be restructure. >> harry, it is a simple thing to say. but the question is how do you then deal with the million people unemployed? how do you deal with the communities, many of which, have been built around the you a owe manufacturing plants, they
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wouldn't have other businesses come in to replace the jobs. this president said it was just too risky to walk away from a million jobs. most of them in the midwest. and instead provided an investment for them and ask them do tough things. let's ask them to restructure and make sacrifices. i think that the fruits of that are being borne out and you see, as i said, companies that are profitable, companies that are adding jobs, and environment in which there's strong consumer demand for the products they are make. >> let us jump quickly, if you don't mind, july is ending as the most deadly month in afghanistan since the war began. a new report about suicides the army has just received. commanding general overseeing this. basically has said he's wondering out loud if we are just sending our troops to these places lining iraq and
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afghanistan too many times and resulting in some -- in the suicide rate. are we asking too much of the soldiers? >> look, if you look at a place like afghanistan, we have been there almost ten years, obviously our hearts go out to those lost this month. and over the past ten years in both iraq and afghanistan defending our freedom, i think that we have to do a better job. the president believes a better job in making decisions about where and when we send those troops. most of all, taking care of them when they come home and giving them the services they earned and deserved to make sure they come back and they have the support that we all believe they should have. >> robert gibbs, we thank you for your time this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up monday morning, we will have an exclusive interview with president obama. talk about the economy and immigration reform and democratic party's chances in the midterm elections. whatever else we can squeeze in. that will be monday. >> chelsea's wedding.
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should we ask again? not going but intrigued by that. there is much more news to get to this friday morning. betty nguyen is standing by at the news desk. this morning a security scare at the u.s. embassy in paris. two employees are being treated after handling a suspicious envelope. preliminary reports say the envelope was not harmful. new government figures show the economy is not growing as fast. the u.s. gross domestic product rose just 2.had% in the second quarter. the worst in nearly a year. arizona is appealing a federal judge's ruling blocking implementation. of the state's new immigration law. the slimmed down law went into effect yesterday and still sparked protests. cbs news correspondent john blackstone has the details. >> on the streets of phoenix, protesters were out in force and so were the police on the day arizona's tough new immigration law took effect. giving law enforce many expanded
7:13 am
powers to crack down on undocumented immigrants. demonstrations planned earlier went ahead even though major portions of the controversial law were blocked by a federal judge's ruling wednesday. that judge has received thousands of phone calls and e-mails, including threats, which the u.s. marshal service said it is taking seriously. the focus of anger for those protesting the law was sheriff joe arpaio. >> we have investigated, detained, arrested, investigated in our jails, acting as federal immigration agents, over 40,000 people. 40,000 in two years. >> reporter: demonstrators blocked the entrance to the sheriff's headquarters in downtown phoenix in at least 23 arrested. >> we are not going to let protesters hold this sheriff and my office hostage because they don't want us to put people into
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the jail. >> reporter: arpaio says even without the toughest provisions of the new law, illegal immigrants should not feel safe in his county. john blackstone, cbs news, phoenix. dna tests are expected to confirm today that a killer grizzly bear was captured. one camper was killed by a grizzly near yell stone national park wednesday. two others were injured. officials plan to kill the bear if the dna evidence matches. her would cubs were also captured and their fate has not been determined. tony hayward is defending his response to the oil spill in the gulf. in an interview, his first since he was forced out, he said, quote, i became a villain for doing the right thing. he also said he feels some of his comments like "i would like my life back," were, quote, wrong. double heart transplant recipient erik compton shares the lead at a pga tour golf tournament in west virginia. compton shot a 63 with nine birdies at the greenbriar classic yesterday.
7:15 am
the 30-year-old compton has had his second heart transplant in 2008. a good weekend ahead to the golf course. dave price joins us with the latest on the weather. >> good morning. we will have a picture perfect weekend for chelsea clinton's wedding. let's go up to the capital district around albany. a big area of high pressure that's take something nice
7:16 am
>> 16 minutes past the hour. one final thing as we head to the southwest, we are talking about thes to built of another quarter inch of rain. as you head to flagstaff and tucson and phoenix, desert that did not absorb a lot of that water. we could see some flooding in that location. we will watch there, too. >> good to know.
7:17 am
still ahead this morning, rhinebeck gets ready for chelsea clinton's wedding. we will tell you who is going and what to expect for tomorrow's big day. there are big changes coming to "american idol." ellen and kara out. j-lo and steven tyler in. the beginning of the end for the tv's top shore or is it what it needed? is it a place for everything ? is it enough space for a banquet ? is it everyone's favorite restaurant ? it's the lg french door refrigerator. with slim spaceplus ice system for maximum shelf space. so is it a refrigerator ? or something better ?
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chelsea's wedding in rhinebeck, right? we have a couple people who have some really good connections who are going to tell us about who's in, who's not in. >> i love these details. >> very, very good details. >> you know what else is fascinating and we were talking about this this morning, what a great job chelsea clinton has done on putting the clampdown on so much. it's amazing the information we're getting but, boy, it's
7:21 am
tough to get. >> it comes out with an eye dropper. >> a little trickle. as harry said, we have good details coming up. >> and "idol". >> this is huge. ellen tweets yesterday, she's done. dim the light, she says, i voted myself off "idol." now rumors kara's been hired. j. lo, steven tyler in? is this good or is this the end? >> people are talking about that this morning. >> that means we are, too. >> exactly right. we'll take a break. we'll be back right after your local news. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by big lots. think extreme value. think big lots.
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good morning. it's 7:25. in the headlines, a man is under psychiatric evaluation after he walked into children's hospital in oakland this morning with a gun. he grabbed an employee in the emergency room shortly after 3 a.m. he laid down his gun when police arrived and nobody was hurt. 51 san jose firefighters lose their jobs today. that's because of a $12 million budget cut. the fire chief says the department will continue to respond to emergencies and that the public will not notice the job cuts. oakland school officials found a way to keep seven child care centers open at least for another month. they had been scheduled to be closed today because of budget cuts. some parents had threatened to
7:26 am
lock themselves in the centers to keep them from being closed. traffic and weather right after this.
7:27 am
good morning. this is day number 2 now for caltrain delays. we are just hearing northbound train 309 had to be taken out
7:28 am
of service for mechanical issues. yesterday commuters had hour long delays. caltrain even issued an apology after there were two separate trains dealing with mechanical issues, again yesterday. so watch out for that right now. we are just seeing these delays northbound, not sure how long but we'll continue to follow that, second day now for caltrain troubles. ace and muni and bart are all on time. on the roads we have a couple of situation going on, as well. southbound 880 just south of downtown near 23rd. got an accident there blocking one lane. traffic backing up towards 980. and at the bay bridge there is a stalled box trip on the upper deck but still no metering lights. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. here we are looking out toward the bay. you don't see too far beyond just looking out toward the embarcadero there. cloudy conditions, clouds have filled the bay this morning. because of those clouds, we do have delays on arrivals at sfo just under one more. seven-day forecast, looking good. we're on the cusp of a nic
7:29 am
weekend. near 90 inland.
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♪ welcome back to "the early show" getting ready for cindy laup they are morning. girls just want to have fun. boys, too. this is the place to be. cyndi lauper performing on the plaza this morning in our "early summer concert series." >> also ahead, "american idol's" amaze shake-up. we expected changes but not like this. ellen and kara gone. j-lo and steven tyler. sit possible? how is this all going to work out? we will go behind the scenes and to the latest on that. first, tomorrow's the big day for chelsea clinton.
7:31 am
her fiance, marc med vin ski. and never mind the guest list. rampant speculation from everything from the designers to dollars and everything in between. cbs news correspondent elaine quijano has the story. >> reporter: a trench coat clad chelsea clinton was spotted outside of her manhattan gym thursday. just days before she will donna design werding gown, oscar de la renta or vera wang is still in question. it is clear the ultimate power couple is planning the ultimate wedding. details of what a $2 million can plan. >> they have porcelain p ro ta-potties at the wedding with music piped in. >> reporter: president obama said he didn't make the guest list. but for good reason. >> you don't want two presidents
7:32 am
at one -- >> reporter: who is on the guest list? >> entertainment tonight" confirmed barbra streisand, steven spielberg. >> reporter: downtown rhinebeck the uninvited guests, the media, definitely arrived. keeping the small town welcomed attention. >> if could you choose any town in the whole world but decided to choose this little town. >> reporter: amid the celebration, poignant moments of celebration for the father of the groom, edward mezvinsky. some of the wedding guests are here to stay at the beekman inn behind me and could be arriving today. we will be keeping a close eye on the situation here. tonight the rehearsal dinner is set to take place nearby at the 500-plus estate. guests will dine in an old stone bar overlooking a bucolic
7:33 am
pastoral setting. they are being asked to wear country chic. >> elaine quijano in rhinebeck, thank you very much. here with us now for more on tomorrow's wedding, lori rhodes. good morning to you. good morning. let's talk first a little bit about president clinton. his most important job. >> i was at a cocktail party and i said how is the wedding going? he said this is the most important job of my wife. walki ining chelsea down the ai >> if you look at the family's dynamic, they have such prominent parents who rarely a day goes by they are not in the press in some way, shape or form. she has been shielded. now we cannot get enough of whatever is happening behind the
7:34 am
scenes. >> rye. eating it all up. the parents, mother and father, clintons, seem to be taking it serio seriously. attacking it with the same vigor their political careers. hillary clinton signing mother of the bride. bill clinton losing weight. >> their whole lives have been about them. >> about them. >> right. if they had any mission whatsoever, i guess without it have to be the to make sure they -- maintain a discreet distance between themselves and what's really important there. >> well, but on the other hand, they have a really good relationship with her. i once saw chelsea at a party in malibu word "i love you" across a crowded room. chelsea went there in 2008 and campaigned hard for her mom. >> it is interesting because this is -- a girl who was really quite shielded from the press
7:35 am
from the beginning and said -- the press kept discreet and distance. >> i guess she wasn't shielded enough because she kind of hates that. >> isn't it remarkable, though, what a good job she has done and the clinton family has done on clamping down on everybody in rhinebeck, new york. is there a leak, a single leak, about any of the real details? >> sure. there's some leaks. i have a different view. i think that if they really wanted to clamp down, they would have done something like jfk jr. and carolyn bessette, go to a private island. >> look at jenna bush's wedding, you know. she did an interview with "vogue" and released a few photos and a quiet ceremony, just the family. this almost seems calculated to draw -- drum up as much press inas possible. they are dribbling out little tidbits here and there. running around in big hats. hiding from the press. makes us want to know more. >> it is interesting because -- in conversation, somebody said well, why wouldn't vera wang go
7:36 am
to her? >> i don't know. >> as opposed her going down -- >> how could she get on the cover of "wwd" in a floppy hat if that was the case? >> an interesting dance. >> chelsea is not shy. with madonna and gwyneth paltrow. >> she is a clinton. >> it is in the gene pool. rebecca and lloyd, thank you very much for stopping by this morning. appreciate it. here's dave with another check
7:37 am
>> that's a quick look at the weather picture. over to you. >> yes, sir. up next, the future of "american idol." just how would it work for j-lo
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there are more big changes coming to "american idol." reports this morning say jennifer lopez is coming on board. and there may abreplacement for simon cowell. the heels on the news el sent leaving. jill dobson joins us from los angeles this morning with the latest. i'm sure it is all abuzz there. >> that's right, care. "american idol's" panel of judges will look very different next season with two judges out and jenny in. >> quite uncomfortable. >> i didn't know we start. >> "american idol" has some very big shoes to fill. two of the brightest stars have now walked off stage. ellen degeneres announced her departure after one season as a judge on her twitter page, tweeting dim the lights, i voted myself off "american idol." ellen follows simon cowell out the door in a statement the king
7:42 am
of critical was uncharacteristically kind saying i have huge respect for her because she's always been in control of her own destiny. ♪ every rose has its thorn >> reporter: judge kara dioguardi has been fired after two seasons on the show. judge after judge leaves, will the viewer stay? >> an off year. an off couple of years. it is not the same show we used to watch. >> reporter: ratings are down 20% from the peak four years ago when an average of over 30 million viewers tuned in. news is already leak being replacements. "people" magazine reports jennifer lopez has signed on to judge next season. rumors on the web say arrow smith's steven tyler will join her. >> man, you are brave. >> reporter: ellen's short tenure was considered off key. she hit a few high notes. >> don't get so high note.
7:43 am
sexy and scary is a fine line. >> if you paid attention critiques of the show nobody was really thrilled with ellen's performance. she must have known that. >> reporter: rather than helping young talent, degeneres she helped she was hurting the hopeful. writing it was hard for me to judge people and hurt their feelings. >> it was crazy, i think, in a bad way, crazy. >> reporter: it appears the show will be returning back to a three-judge panel with jennifer lopez and steven tyler joining the show's only original judge, randy jackson. >> jill, thanks. "people" magazine was first to report the news of the big changes in "american idol." joining thus morning, reports j-low and steven tyler. is this enough to save the show
7:44 am
which has been dipping. >> right. looking at what we are talking about. now the biggest buzz and it is going to keep going until they really figure out who they are going to have. last year when they announced ellen, 30 million viewers for the first show. i think this is a fantastic move for them. >> why do you think i didn't work out for ellen? it seems like she really wasn't happy and maybe her fans weren't happy with her. >> right. i think she never found her footing. initially she was commenting on the performance quality of the contestants. but then she sort of got away from that and was than really sure what her input was going to be that was different from kara's or simon's. >> personality. her twitter followers. >> yes. >> so she's gone. she she is is done. a grueling schedule for her which is understandable. >> totally. >> any surprise kara is out? >> well, here's the thing. it is still not confirmed but with nigel lithgow, former producer of "idol," close to
7:45 am
being back on the show, he said last year he would slip the slate clean if simon left. >> but randy is stlil, dawg. >> right. what would the show be without the dawg? he signed through next year. with ellen leaving, who knows if he will still be here. >> they needed to do something big. huge. j-lo and reportedly possibly steven tyler. you will get plenty of people to tune in to see that at the beginning. is it enough to have a staying power that this show needs? >> you know what, j-lo has the superstar music cred that was not something that ellen had. she is a huge music fan but not like here, i have established myself as a pop star. >> steven tyler, pure music. j-lo has the whole thing. marketed herself heavily over the years. which is what has for the "idol" contest zblants brand in herself. a fashion thing and everybody pays attention to what she wears. she will bring the sex factor in to "idol" which is something
7:46 am
they haven't ever had. >> we know sex sells. we will be watching. thanks for joining us for the latest update. much more to come on "the early show." activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. okay!
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it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. a man is under psychiatric evaluation after a hostage situation this morning at children's hospital oakland. police say a man with a gun grabbed an employee in the emergency room area shortly after 3:00. he put his gun down when officers arrived and no one was hurt. this is the last day on the job for more than 50 san jose firefighters. they are being laid off because of budget cuts. the layoffs come just three days before willie mcdonald takes over as the city's new fire chief replacing the retiring chief. a.c. transit and its drivers union are due back in court this morning because of their contract dispute.
7:56 am
since the transit agency imposed a contract, more drivers than usual have called in sick. and this has led to a number of bus runs not operating. we'll take a look at traffic and weather in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. we got a lot of caltrain problems. express train numbering 309 had mechanical problems earlier this morning around 6:15. so for a while they had to single track it in the area. now, several northbound trains
7:58 am
are up to 25 minutes behind schedule and they just had to cancel southbound train 218, as well. so second straight day for a pretty big caltrain delays. otherwise bart, ace and muni are all on time. out to the roads westbound 580 approaching foothill boulevard we have an accident maybe lanes blocked. we have a camera near tassajara where it's slow and go through the area approaching the dunn dub but our bright spot the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have not been turned on at all this morning. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. wire shrouded in clouds for the morning along the coastline, drizzle along the coast around the bay may have to hit the windshield wipers and later on today once we get past the clouds you will see plenty of sunshine inland. a mix of sun and clouds around the bay and some sunshine along the coastline with highs in the lower 60s. near seasonal temperatures moving into the bay area. sunday, monday and tuesday, temperatures in the lower 90s inland. upper 60s around the bay. and the mid-60s for the coast.
7:59 am
all in all, it's a good- looking weekend expected with temperatures closer to more seasonal highs.
8:00 am
♪ they are off. it's the running of the brides it's the running of the brides. this is, of course, the original running of the brides. it happens in other locations. do we have a bride down? we have a bride down. someone help this woman. you know what, she wore flip flops. they advise you not to wear flip-flops. >> another one down. if you've never been to have event, people start ripping off their clothes, trying on brides' dresses. >> they recommend you wear a
8:01 am
swimsuit, sports bra, jogging pants so you can get undressed anywhere. >> i actually haven't put on a sports bra or gym suit but i have been there for the event. >> you didn't try the dresses on. >> i didn't do that either. but we did uncover the veil of secrecy. >> i did it, too, in atlanta, the year i was getting married. you line up early in the morning. there's a lovely camaraderie between the ladies. >> unless somebody gets the dress you want. >> out come the claws. >> i've seen brides pulling at a dress on the hanger with another bride on the other side. >> you know what the goal is. you don't even go for a dress you like when you get in there, you grab a dress because then you have bargaining power. >> i think some of the dresses are like under $99. >> i think this year, $250, 5 and $700 but they would retail for as much as $9,000. we all know how expensive a wedding is these days. big savings. ladies, good luck. good luck.
8:02 am
we are back here in new york with an equally excited crowd, even if they are not running for wedding dresses. >> cue the crowd. >> a lot coming up on the morning show, including cyndi lauper, part of our summer concert series. >> not only stuff we know but new stuff, too. >> i highly recommend it. it just came out on her birthday a little over a month ago. she will be performing this morning. >> also ahead we're talking dream jobs. this morning it's my turn. a bunch of years ago i got derailed from my plan to be a train conductor. but i've wanted to do it since i was a kid. i got back on track for a special series. you'll see whether i did the right job or i fell on my caboose. >> are there more puns like that? >> no. >> i'm looking forward to that coming up. before we get that we need to get a check of the news. betty nguyen standing by at the news desk.
8:03 am
good morning again. >> good morning, guys and good morning at home. a stubborn wildfire out of control about 60 miles north of los angeles. more than 1200 homes under mandatory evacuation orders in the hills around palmdale. several buildings have been destroyed. president obama will be in detroit this morning touting things are looking up in the auto industry after a taxpayer bailout, gm and chrysler are increasing production and adding jobs. earlier, white house press secretary robert gibbs told harry the bailout was a job saver. >> this president said it was just too risky to walk away from a million jobs. most of them in the midwest. instead, let's provide an investment to them, but then let's ask them to do some tough things. let's ask them to restructure. let's ask them to make sacrifices. >> the president expects the government to get back all of the $60 billion taxpayer dollars that went into the bailout. veteran new york congressman charles rangel is facing a
8:04 am
trial. he's accused of 13 ethics violations including failure to report rental income from a vacation property in the dominican republic. the u.s. consulate in the mexican border town of juarez is closed temporarily for a security review. the shutdown comes four months after drug gang hit men killed four people connected to the consulate, including a u.s. consular employee and her husband. an important aviation safety bill should get final approval in the senate today. the legislation approved by the house yesterday was in response to a commuter airline crash near buffalo, new york, in 2009. the new law was focused on avoiding pilot fatigue and required better training. faith helped foil a robbery in florida. the stickup at a cell phone store last friday was caught on surveillance tape. the suspect asked for money from the register. but the clerk said she had to talk to him about jesus. the man said, he's a christian, too, and apologized.
8:05 am
and after a short conversation, left empty handed. police are still looking for him. that's one way to do it. let's go back outside with dave price with another check of the weather. good morning, dave. >> hey, betty. just met some really
8:06 am
>> this weather report sponsored by macy's. >> that's a quick look at your
8:07 am
weather picture. okay. you're on the seafood diet. i see food there. what are you eating there? >> bacon, egg, cheese croissandwich. >> we don't eat well but i appreciate that. >> you're going to share that? >> absolutely. up next, it has been one year of despair for the families of three young americans jailed in iran. this morning their mothers will speak with us on this solemn anniversary. we'll get the very latest on their cases coming up. this is "the early show" on cheeb. do your contact lenses feel as good at the end of the day
8:08 am
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8:10 am
tomorrow an tomorrow is an incredibly difficult anniversary for three young americans and for their families, shane bauer, sarah shourd and josh fattal. they were hiking and reportedly lost their way and were arrested in iran, where they were accused
8:11 am
of being spies. they have spent the last year in prison awaiting trial. their mothers are here. good to have you back with us. obviously we wish it were under different circumstances. you were able to visit your children in may. i know you haven't heard from them since. laura, you're especially worried about sarah's health. >> it's difficult not to think about it. sees in solitary for 23 hours a day. it's not stopping. we're coming up on a year. this is having a very serious toll on the three of them. >> obviously mentally but also physically. sarah showed you a lump on her breath when you were there. >> she has several issues. she has a lump, a cervical condition that needs to be treated. if she were out of prison she would be getting specialists care previously. they did do some labs but we don't have the results. it's really alarming that they wouldn't share the results from five months ago.
8:12 am
just one more thing to worry about. >> the boys, the guys, are actually together, which is a little bit easier for them, but obviously still very difficult. they make, as i understand it -- they keep a really good calendar and make something called prison pies to keep themselves going? >> they have the ability to keep food. and they have made this recipe up. they have ingredients and they get together when they get to go outside and make prison pie. they are trying to keep themselves mentally okay by creating a regime for their day. >> the last time you mentioned you were there you saw your children may 21st. you hired the attorney seven months ago. the attorney hasn't seen them. the swiss has seen them two hours over the past year. what is the latest communication you have in terms of where this case stands, no trial date set, no nothing. >> the words we're using to describe it is outrageous, unethical, unnecessary that they
8:13 am
are being held. we have no idea why they are being held. we keep asking the iranian authorities this, and we ask ask them -- as few parents ask their child to be brought to court. but if there are charges, and they said perhaps they are innocent and there's not enough evidence to bring them to court, let them go. enough is enough. a year is ridiculous. a year of detention for maybe crossing a border. we have suggested evidence that they never crossed the border. >> to your knowledge, has the iranian government taken a look at that evidence? you say you have it all. >> we understand they truly know all the evidence is in front of them. we have total confidence in that. we would like them to have our lawyer see our kids. we hired him december 27th. we just july 27th and the year keeps rolling. we've had every season. we don't want to see another
8:14 am
season of detention. >> what happens now? you're making all these efforts on this end. what do you need most now? who do you need to talk to? >> we need voices. we want people to hear our voices. we want people to raise voices around the world. we need worldwide support to raise their voices above the outrage. we're going to be at the iranian mission from 12:30 to 2:00. we'd love team to join us. we need numbers. >> laura, any last message, your kids get a little tv and sometimes things get through. >> sometimes they do see things. we love them very much. we're working as hard as we can. there are millions of people thinking about them all the time and helping to get them out. and it will be soon. >> i hope the next time we speak with the three of you, it will be much better circumstances and for the reason they are no longer in jail. thank you for your time and for being with us this morning. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. you.
8:15 am
excuse me... this is yours... thank you! you're welcome. with chase freedom you can get a total of 5% cash back in your pocket. fun money from freedom. this is yours! thank you! what? that's 5% cash back in quarterly bonus categories all year long. does your card do this? sign up for this quarter's bonus today. chase what matters. go to
8:16 am
8:17 am
♪ when i was a kid, flying was a luxury. riding in the car was just routine. but within reach and still an adventure were the trains. they were big, they were powerful. and they were loud. i always wondered what it would be like to actually run a look mo locomotive. now i know. >> reporter: i've tried ate number of jobs but one has eluded me. being a conductor. the bnsf training center near kansas city is the beginning start for beginning railroaders. i went for an intensive course if all thing locomotive. engine maintenance, track
8:18 am
switching, even engineering. brian asher is the manager of l locomotive training. every trainee has to score a 90% or better to become an engineer. >> you got an 87. >> in a nutshell i failed? >> in a nutshell. >> reporter: i wasn't going to let three points stand in the way of my dream of working on the railroad. so, like most conductors, i worked my way up. and like any job, every day is in a dream. >> it takes a lot more than conductors andiers to run a railroad. bfsf has close to 40,000 employees who keep this operation running. >> reporter: today it's 40,001. >> when is it time for a coffee break?
8:19 am
>> reporter: with a new appreciation for how the railroad really works, the romance of my dream job really came to life as i stepped foot on a locomotive for the first time in seattle at daybreak. our goal, transport 50 cars of freight, full of appliances, frozen reg tabls and electronics eastward toward chicago. >> so my responsibilities today are what in. >> getting to know your territory, from point a to point b. getting to know your signals and what they mean. writing down any delay they we may have along the trip. >> reporter: conductor tom has been a railroader for over three decades. >> if you keep your eyes and ears open, you'll learn something knew every single day. ♪ come along and ride this train ♪ >> reporter: the journey troyes a ground-level view of what i love most about our country,
8:20 am
it's simple beauty. sfchlt across the mountains, prairies ♪ >> reporter: it's hard to foregive you're in a diesel loco motive with you have the view a conductor enjoys. ♪ mountain streams are running free ♪ >> you don't have a view better anywhere, in any office window anywhere. >> reporter: i would stop for a picture everywhere. time is money and the 3,564 ton load is the priority. right now, there are monitors to check, speed to control, signals to watch. >> clear block. >> clear block. >> reporter: and warning horns to sound. the reality is, life on the rail is hard work. two-man teams working 12-hour shifts in a ka fined space. >> it's a good career, but you pay the price. >> reporter: the train lurched through apple country, the high desert and came around a curve
8:21 am
so sharp we could see the mile long train like the back of a saint. i was ready for more, but a stop near wheatfield signal the end of my run. they unloaded a weatherman in quency. maybe just another weather pan to these guys but a trip worth it's wait in gold. awesome. just awesome! >> so cool. >> yeah. especially blowing the horn on the train. >> that really is every little boy's dream. >> it takes every memory you had from being a kid, everything you wanted to do, and it really really bring it up from the sufb. that's why it was pie dream job. >> so much fun. xt scenery was -- all tease pieces are photography, we're lucky to have these cameras with. beautiful. >> gorgeous, yeah. keep in mind, that's the first time we've done it.
8:22 am
the conductor and engineer we were on the trip with, taif seen that trip 300, 400 times. their job, keep the eye on the tracks, everything around the tracks, safety priority one. timelien, priority two. and they are dedicated people who live a tough life. >> what a window view. we're lucky to get a window in our office. >> we got to fill our dream job. we've been asking all you have to tell us what your career fantasies are. the response, incredible. angie wrote if saying i want to be the voice of a cartoon character. i think it would be ameying to the voice others recognize. karly from indiana want a cans to be a photographer for a travel or vacation magazine. patrick from denver, my dream jo be is shortstop. i are a few people want to share
8:23 am
that job with you. if you are a dream, tell us what it is. few still ahead, cyndi lauper rocking the p,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
good morning. it's 8:25. in the headlines this morning, 51 san jose firefighters lose their jobs today. that's because of a $12 million budget cut. the fire chief says the department will continue to respond to emergencies and that the public will not notice the job cuts. a man is under psychiatric evaluation after a hostage situation at children's hospital in oakland this morning. a man with a gun grabbed an employee in the emergency room area shortly after 3:00. he laid his gun down when police arrived. nobody was hurt. a.c. transit and its drivers union are back in court this morning because of the contract dispute. since the transit agency imposed the contract, more drivers than usual have called
8:26 am
in sick and that is leading to a number of bus runs cancelled. traffic and weather right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
good morning. more frustration for caltrain commuters. it started at 6:15 this morning when a northbound train had mechanical issues, taken out of service in sunnyvale. now we're left with all the
8:28 am
these residual delays. it looks like right now, northbound train 211 is 36 minutes behind schedule. that's the longest delay. but other trains are reporting up to 20-minute delays northbound and southbound. so it's in both directions. we'll continue to watch that. in the meantime all other forms of mass transit are on time. take a look at the 880 commute through oakland. the problem is they are running a traffic break by the 29th avenue exit. something in lanes. they need to clear that debris. that's why they are doing that. it's obviously jamming up the works as you pass the coliseum but traffic is light out of downtown san jose. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast this morning, here we are, mount vaca, sunshine, plenty of sunshine in this particular location. but much of the bay area still expecting plenty of clouds through the morning. so your forecast, what are you expecting for your seven-day forecast? today highs near 90 degrees inland. mid-60s around the bay and the lower 60s for the coast.
8:29 am
mild temperatures today and tomorrow. near seasonal temperatures sunday through tuesday. ,,,,,,,,
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:31 am
♪ [ applause ] >> oh, my! oh, my! it must be friday, somebody is singing the blues. oh, man. >> harry is in a good news now. >> that's the tastiest most heart facilitate friday morning greeting we've ever had here. welcome back to "the early show." man! >> just the beginning. >> here to listen to cyndi lauper, everybody, who is just performing the great blues classic crossroads for us this morning. >> it is all part of our early summer concert series. the best news is we're going to
8:32 am
have more with cyndi in just a few minutes. but first a check of the weather.
8:33 am
one of the great things about being on television, it's a great way to meet women. go ahead. >> i'm here from north carolina and -- >> now here is erica. >> now, here is erica. >> there we go. >> here is erica. >> erica. >> thank you, dave. the lovely lady in the crowd. something is not kosher in the big brother house now that andrew has been convicted. julie chen spoke with him after
8:34 am
the departure. >> i'm a successful physiatrist, a practicing orthodox jew. i don't care. i'm not going to compromise my duty. >> andrew, i need someone to go up. that may be you. >> if you want to get someone else, you don't have to be quiet at this stage in the game. >> someone in the house a stronger relationship, romantic relationship, kristen and hayden. they said bad things about people. brittany, don't like the way you talk. she thinks she has you in your pocket, so she controls you. the things i said about intelligence was wrong. i'm here. i'm going to take them out. that's the reason why you need me in the house. >> the vote is 8-0. andrew, you're evicted from the big brother house. >> andrew, i think that was hands down the greatest last
8:35 am
minute plea speech, but it didn't work. why did you wait until now to play that card? >> i thought that if i would present that problem or blackmail them, they would have enough time to make deals and fix that problem and i'd still have enough votes. >> you don't regret playing it the way you played it. >> i left with a bang. the impact, they will make the decision. hopefully they will switch it. i thought i only needed two votes. i thought brenda and rachel would vote for me. >> do you feel good about doing this? did you find anything about yourself. >> yeah, i really want to get married. i met a lot of people. they were eye-opening. my life with them was eye-opening. it's great to intermingle with other people. >> andrew, thank you so much. >> see more of julie's interview with andrew, logon to the
8:36 am
website, big brother continues here sunday night 8:00 central on cbs. > this portion of the "early show" son spornsored by chase freedom. [ applause ] >> time after >> time after time cyndi lauper continues to prove girls just want to have fun, even if they are singing the blues. last month on her birthday, she released her 11th album, memphis blues, which continues its run as the number one blues album on the billboard charts. yeah! she joins us on the plaza this morning for our early summer concert series performing her new hit single, rolling and tumbling. ♪
8:37 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:38 am
♪ ♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> i think maybe you were meant to sing the blues. >> well, thank you. i started singing the blues in my first band. i sang joplin. >> when you were how old? >> there you go again. >> we weren't going to tell anybody how old you were on your last birthday. >> what am i, a car, you've got to kick the tires, check under the hood? >> i don't know. if i'm looking at a car right now, i'm thinking that's a pretty good ride.
8:41 am
>> you got me. >> i got you good. so when you were a kid you used to sing joplin covers, that's when you got your first taste of the blues. >> when i used to go see her, i used to go see eric clapton. actually bb king played in my college. i shook his hand. i was so fearful i couldn't look in his eyes. he'd talk to you like this and i would be like -- it's a miracle that i'm making a record and he actually sang. the blues band and charlie was with him. >> playing the harp. >> and that he's now playing with me is unbelievable. it's like a miracle but it's great. >> of all the things, how many albums, 11? right? over all of these years. did you feel like now was the time, was the right time to do a blues album?
8:42 am
>> well, honestly, you know, i read the news. it seemed like the blues. and the best part of the blues is uplifting. so i figure now is the time to sing to everybody. i picked songs that seemed like they could have been done today and things that had spirit. i wanted to capture the spirit of it. because blues was written by an oppressed people who constantly made music that was uplifting. that's how i was raised, on that music. so this is -- >> amen. how glad are we that cyndi lauper is here today? can we get one more song? >> yes. yes. >> all right. cyndi lauper, everybody. ♪
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ ♪ ♪ some boys take a beautiful girl ♪ ♪ and hide her away from the rest of the world ♪ ♪ i want to be the one
8:45 am
to walk in that su---n ♪ ♪ girls just wanna have fun now ♪ ♪ girls just wanna have fun now ♪ come on,
8:46 am
everybody, everybody want to have a little bit of fun ♪ ♪ come on, ♪ ♪ everybody want to have a little bit of fun ♪ ♪ come on a ♪ ♪ they just wanna -- ♪ girls just wanna have fun now ♪ ♪ wanna have some fun ♪ come on
8:47 am
♪ everybody wanna have a little bit of fun ♪ ♪ come on, come on, come now ♪ ♪ fun ♪ ♪ wanna have fun ♪ just wanna they just wanna have fun ♪ ♪ wanna have fun
8:48 am
>> >> we'll be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> one more song from cyndi
8:51 am
lauper before we say good-bye and have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ you used to say don't be discouraged ♪ ♪ though i realized ♪ it's hard to stay correct in a world full of people ♪ in the darkness you make me feel so strong ♪ ♪ i see your true colors shining through ♪ ♪ i see your true colors ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ so don't be afraid
8:52 am
to let them show ♪ your true colors true colors ♪ like a rainbow ♪ ♪ ♪ show me a smile don't be unhappy ♪ ♪ can remember when i last saw you laughing ♪ ♪ if this world makes you crazy ♪ ♪ and you've taken all you can bear ♪ ♪ you call me up ♪ ♪ because you know i'll be there ♪ ♪ and i see your true colors shining through ♪
8:53 am
♪ i see your true colors ♪ ♪ and that's why i love you ♪ ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
it is 8:55. good morning, everyone. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. a man is under psychiatric evaluation after a hostage situation at children's hospital in oakland this morning. that man with the gun grabbed an employee in the emergency room area shortly after 3:00. he put his gun down when police arrived. no one was injured. in los angeles, emergency crews are on the scene of a suspected natural gas explosion at a commercial building. that explosion blew three people into the streets this morning. at least one person was pinned under the axle of a car and at least one person is confirmed dead in the blast. and 51 san jose firefighters losing their jobs today. that's because of a $12 million budget cut. the fire chief says the
8:56 am
department will continue to respond to emergencies and the public will not notice the job cuts. traffic and weather right after this. [ female announcer ] jobs leaving. a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is, oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a plan for california. [ female announcer ] with our state in crisis, we need a governor with a plan. you need a real plan,
8:57 am
something i'll acknowledge i did not have. [ female announcer ] jerry brown. no plan then. no plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more.
8:58 am
let's go out to the bay bridge, we had a stalled bus past treasure island. traffic was jammed solid on the lower deck heading to oakland. but it looks like as of just about a couple of minutes ago they cleared the bus out of lanes so from what we can tell from our camera it looks like traffic is starting to move better towards treasure island. bay bridge toll plaza, they never turned on the metering lights. traffic has been light westbound heading towards san francisco all morning. and updating you now on these caltrain delays another day for caltrain delays. right now, southbound train 220 is the only train delayed. 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule. all other trains are now once again on time. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. >> thanks, elizabeth. other fork this morning, san jose starting to see some sunshine this morning -- our forecast this morning, san jose starting to see some sunshine this morning. high temperatures in the mid- 70s today in san jose. well out in the east bay today, concord, livermore,
8:59 am
brentwood, near 90. 60s at the coast. near seasonal temperatures in store for the second half of the weekend with plenty of sunshine.


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