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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  September 6, 2010 4:00am-5:00am PST

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crash. good morning. it is monday, the 6th of september. labor day. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sidney kohara. we're here working. elizabeth is off. we're going to work for her as well. not too much traffic out there. so, we're going to start with lawrence for our labor day. good to you have in. >> good to be here. have a great day coming our way for labor day. a lot of folks have the day off. they're going to enjoy beautiful weather outside. temperatures will get hot. going to soar into the 90s well ind land. inside the bay talking 80s near 90 degrees. clear skies and sunshine. temperatures there into the 70s. more on your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> lawrence, thanks very much. it is 5:00. topping our news, police and volunteers will be back at that landfill in the east bay at 8:00 this morning. don knapp on the search for a missing man who may be at another victim in a murder spree in which five people are known dead. >> volunteers have been helping police sift through tons of trash at keller canyon
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landfill. looking for a body or other clues that may lead them to frederick solis. >> i don't know what to expect. i'm hoping i know it is a huge new landfill, the chance of finding something in the first few days is nil. >> after three days of searching, they've not find anything of value to the investigation. the missing 35-year-old solis is the son of 73-year-old ricardo solis found beaten a death a week ago. and may be the fifth murder victim in a string of killings that appear to be linked to vald mar row. he was shot and killed on tuesday after a high-speed chase. in the car was the body of cindcy tram believed kidnapped by vald mar row. the bodies two of other women, rita al and karen smart were found in allen's vallejo home on monday. investigators were led to keller canyon landfill after rita allen's escalade was found and a surveillance camera captured a vehicle driving from the area of the escalade to dumpsters which were taken to
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the landfill. don knapp, cbs 5. it is 5:01. as many as 100 people gathered last night for the memorial to those killed in the murder spree. the vigil was held not only for the four victims but also for the suspected killer. valdemaro had a family. the four sons of cindy tram who was also killed gave a message to a family friend to read at the vigil. >> we now realize how precious and how short and fragile life really is. to appreciate the ones you love because you never know when they'll be taken away. >> tram's four sons want to thank the community for its support. a livermore man is in custody, accused of stabbing his 14-year-old son over the weekend 11 times with a fishing knife. the alameda county sheriff's department said gary gomez got into a fight with a teen on a trip to bethany reservoir. the argument began after a friend of the teen said he had
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to go home. gomez's wife also injured when she tried to intervene, injuries to the wife and son, they're not considered life- threatening. it is 5:03. the national transportation safety board releasing its initial findings on the plane crash in redwood city that killed three people. the plane crashed into a lagoon shortly after takeoff on thursday. the body of a woman was romped shortly after the crash. the bodies of two men found inside the plane when it was lifted from the lagoon friday. the early investigation failed to pinpoint any obvious cause for the crash. >> a preliminary examination of the aircraft has shown that all of the flight control surfaces are & accounted for in their correct positions. >> the plane had dual control so it is unclear who was actually piloting the plane. the national transportation safety board expects to release a preliminary report in five to ten days. a final report will take six to nine months. state workers will have another chance to get governor
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schwarzenegger's furlough program tossed out this week. the supreme court -- state supreme court will hearing arguments on three lawsuits challenging the governor's power to order workers to take unpaid days off. the governor is trying to save the state more than a billion dollars. workers though say it violates their union contracts. the courts ruling not expected for several months. the former hewlett-packard ceo fired after he was accused of sexual harassment could soon have a new job. the "wall street journal" reporting mark herd is in tox with oracle. larry ellison, the ceo of oracle is a friend of herd's and came to his defense in the wake of the scandal. ellison isn't going anywhere though so the top job at oracle is not available. labor day. elizabeth has the day off today. >> yeah. but they actually entrusted traffic to us on labor day. >> look at what we've we're dealing with. >> traffic conditions around the bay. >> there you go. >> wow. >> i don't think we can screw that up too much.
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>> there is a truck. >> it is leaving town. >> ok. >> bay bridge. [ laughter ] >> there is a car. >> oh, wait, there are a few more in there. >> somebody has to go to work just like us. >> san mateo, taillights. are headed over to the -- >> foster city. >> yeah. >> the peninsula. >> so, we didn't do too bad, did we? >> what was great this morning is i put my car on cruise control when i left the house. didn't take it off until we got here. nobody is out there. we should be taking it easy today. what a great day to do it today. you got clear skies all the way inland. check out the nice crescent moon over the bay right now. i'll tell you what. this will be one of the spectacular days outside. we have the offshore winds blowing if you're heading out the door this morning, plenty of sunshine all the way to the coastline. little cool in spots. especially inland. the temperatures dropping off overnight. looks like as we head toward the afternoon, this will be one of the fantastic days to get out there. maybe a little barbecue.
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temperatures moving well into the 90s. inland, sunny and hot. inside the bay, mid-80s, maybe low 90s. maybe out toward the coastline, haven't had many days like this all summer long. great day to get out to the beach. temperatures in the 60s and also the mid-70s. there are some major changes ahead and i mean major. we'll talk about that coming up in a couple of minutes. >> i don't know. you're scaring us, lawrence. >> lawrence kind of scary anyway. >> we have found something that can make your dog sick. beef treats. we'll tell you about it. >> some bar owners say why the cocktail could cost you more. >> many don't want a sydnie kohara. we'll tell you what some people in the east bay are suggesting for a prime piece of land. come up with a variety of playing )
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variety of alternatives to a >> the view from high atop world headquarters of cbs 5. >> look at that crescent moon. >> lawrence has some big changes coming up. we'll check in with him in a couple of minutes. it is 5:09. people living in richmond have come up with a variety of alternatives to a proposed sydnie kohara at the old naval fuel depot. a group of pomo indians wants to build a sydnie kohara hotel resort on the waterfront site. but critics say the sydnie kohara would be bad for the area. so, richmond city planners ask the public to submit other ideas for the land among the submissions, a marijuana form. on college campus. >> also, nature center. cocktails could cost you
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more in san francisco. this week, the board of supervisors expected to vote on whether to tack a new fee on to alcohol served at bars and restaurants. a bottle of beer would cost an extra 5 cents. it would be more for hard liquor. the new fees supposed to generate $16 million for alcohol abuse programs. some bartenders say the fees would make it tough business climate even tougher. >> what happened in the last few years here, the minimum wage in san francisco is higher than anywhere. and the whole healthcare thing. the cost of doing business just keeps going up and up and up in this city. >> public health department says it spent $13 million to get chronic drunks off the street including paramedic response and emergency room care. the fee intended to offset those costs. it is ten minutes after 5:00. two animals infected with west nile virus have turned up in san mateo county. a dead squirrel was found in redwood city august 17th.
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a dead raven picked up in portolo valley a week later. control is asking people who live in the areas to call them if they find any dead animals. a warning for dog owners. heart is recalling 75,000 bags of natural real beef treats. it is because they may be tainted with salmonella. so far, no reports of illnesses in animals or in humans from the tainted dog food. again, it is hartz, naturals real beef treats. >> labor day is a traditional end of summer. it is also a day that people go on picnics. >> so, our question of the day is what is your favorite picnic food? hartz beef treats. send your comments to mornings at post your answers on facebook page and on twitter. send us a tweet and i'm sure the multitude of our staffing will take care of that. >> i have a fabulous marinated vegetable salad. i should put it up on the web
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site. >> a recipe? >> a recipe. >> mmm. >> it is good. >> ok. you'll have to do it now. >> that's my picnic treat. >> it is 5:12. coming up next -- >> dissecting a disaster. >> we want to know why it did not function the way that it was supposed to. >> we'll tell you about the key piece of evidence now in hand that may point to the cause of that gulf oil spill. >> then, we're looking at a great labor day weatherwise. lots of sunshine. hot temperatures around the bay area. soak it up while we have it, folks. major changes ahead. your forecast is coming up. [ male announcer ] when meg whitman arrived at ebay, they had 30 people and an idea. meg's job was to make it happen. it took leadership. focus. and the ability to bring people together. meg whitman delivered. named one of america's best ceo's
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91 cupertino. the coastline, just spectacular. 74 in half moon bay. 72 in daly city. you get over the hill there and san mateo at 87. east bay temperatures moving well into the 90s inland. as high as 96 degrees in brentwood today. should be about 93 in walnut creek. you've got plenty of 80s as you make your way inside the bay as you head toward berkeley and oakland and alameda. this will be some kind of day outside.
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north bay, temperatures in the 90s in many spots. 92 in sonora. about 89 degrees in novato. temperatures will be heating up all around the bay area. really a quick hitter for today. quick heat wave by tomorrow. the temperatures begin to drop. we'll be lucky to squeeze the 80s in the warmer spots. then by wednesday, these temperatures really dropping all around the bay area. this is pretty im.pressive. a new cool system that will dive in from the gulf of alaska taking the temperatures down. we warm up a little bit as we head in toward thursday and friday. won't be much until we cool back down next weekend. that's a look at weather, guys. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. it is 5:17. the search is resuming this morning for a man believed to be one of the victims of the killing spree in the east bay. police and volunteers are going through a landfill in pittsburg. trying to find clues in the disappearance of frederick sales from hercules.
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>> the san jose based grocery chain has announced it is closing its remaining four stores. the 67-year-old company had 11 stores but it struggled in recent years with competition from national chains with big marketing budgets. president obama will spend much of labor day week on the road talking about jobs and the economy. it begins today in wisconsin. the president also trying to boost the campaigns of democrats struggling to keep their seats in congress. elizabeth is off this labor day holiday. but let's take a look at some of the public transit schedules for today. in case you're out and about. trains will start rolling at 8:00 this morning. in san francisco, the muni system running on a sunday schedule. also on the sunday schedule, caltrain and santa clara county vta and ac transit. on the peninsula, it is a holiday schedule for sam trans. most ferries will run on a sunday or holiday schedule. but there is no service on the
5:19 am
alameda harbor ferry and labor day means no service for the ace train. most government offices are closed for this labor day which includes post offices and there will be no mail delivery. libraries, schools and banks will also be closed but most retail businesses will be open. gotta have those mattress sales and labor day shoe sales, things like that. while you're watching golf or tennis. >> tennis. >> like that on television. >> the u.s. open. that's on cbs 5, isn't it? >> yes. >> oh, shocking. >> the failure of the blowout preventer allowed millions of barrels of oil to gush into the gulf for nearly three months. tony on what investigators hope to learn. >> reporter: rising slowly from the floor of the gulf of mexico, a one million pound hunk of yellow metal. once attached to an oil well in the gulf. the blowout preventer that did not live up to its name.
5:20 am
its recovery could be the rosetta stone to the worst environmental disaster in american history. >> we want to know why it did not function the way that it was supposed to. and second, we don't want this to happen again. >> this was america's first look at the complex device that could have saved 11 lives aboard the deep water horizon rig and prevented some 200 million gallons of oil from fouling the gulf of mexico and hundreds of miles of shoreline. the blowout preventer was supposed to slice through the drill pipe in an emergency. and seal the well. it failed. >> it is possible that the well head assembly had two pieces of drill pipe in it rather than a single piece. and the blowout preventer wasn't able to sheer through both pipes. >> lifting the blowout preventer out of the sea was a painstakingly slow process. it took almost 30 hours. when it was complete, admiral thad allen released this statement. the damage blowout preventer is
5:21 am
now under the supervision of the deep water horizon criminal investigation team. an fbi evidence recovery team. the oil industry in the gulf is treading water since the government's moratorium on deep water drilling. a bp engineer said recovery of the blowout preventer might change that. >> knowing that we had this bop stack on the surface and the investigation moving forward to be able to better get the whole industry back up and moving again. >> it will take several days for the blowout preventer to reach land. it will be taken to a nasa facility near new orleans. results of the investigation will be of great interest to the many victims of the oil spill who have filed hundreds of lawsuits because of it. tony gyda, cbs news, new york. it is 5:21 right now. >> coming up, made headlines with his dramatic exit. he's officially out of a job. >> but he says it is on his own
5:22 am
terms. ,,,,,,,,
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>> labor day looking great outside. nice shot of the moon. you can see that all the way to the coastline today. clear skies. just about everywhere. just how hot it will get in your neighborhood coming up in a few minutes.
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>> monday. >> we're having fun here on labor day. >> yeah. >> with our two viewers watching. maybe a few more people got up. getting the barbecue ready. >> we appreciate it! >> we do. >> today at the san francisco zoo, everything and everyone there will be pink. >> the reason to celebrate the hatching of some flamingos. they're kind of cute, aren't they? there is one that hasn't hatched yet. four chicks have hatched so far. several more eggs are close, they say. it is first time in seven years the zoo's flamingo colony has had chicks. zookeepers say it is hard to get them to produce in captivity but an exchange with the phoenix zoo finally did the trick. >> they brought in a new fella. >> a little strange. >> beginning this morning at 10:00, if you wear pink, you get a dollar off admission. >> the flight attendant who gave the passenger a piece of his mind is officially out of a job now. >> remember steven slater, went on the plane's public address system to berate a passenger
5:26 am
last month and then deployed the plane's emergency chute and slid down the sled with a beer in hand. he was suspended. over the weekend, jetblue saying slater no longer works for the airline but did not elaborate. slater's attorney says his client was not fired. but actually resigned last week. new starch that honors mother teresa. it has been unveiled. 44 cent stamp features a portrait of the roman catholic nun who died 13 years ago today. >> she won the nobel peace prize for her how many antarian work in india and elsewhere. for more than 45 years, she aided the poor, the sick, and the dying. a joint resolution of congress made her an honorary u.s. citizen. >> a holiday with roots going back to the 19th century. >> first observed in new york city in 1882, president grover cleveland declaring it a national holiday 12 years later after the poleman's strike.
5:27 am
13 striking railroad workers died during clashes. labor day has become known as the last holiday weekend of summer. plenty of picnics, barbecues and americans believe an estimated 52 million pounds of beef today. >> you know, last day you can wear your white shoes, too. >> is it? >> did not know that. >> you know. from memorial day to labor day. >> should have gotten my white bucks out. >> in our next half hour, an arson spree in the sacramento area. 20 fires set in four days. >> a new idea to bypass traffic jams. how this thing could be the solution for sitting in traffic. and it is day four of the search for a missing man in the keller canyon landfill. we'll tell you about why police believe he could be the fifth victim of efren valdamaro. ,,
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the bay bridge doesn't -- >> a lot of people. >> taking a long labor day weekend can you tell? a couple people have to get into the office. >> you pull up to the toll booth and go you too. yeah, you got to work. >> but a nice commute.
5:31 am
>> that's true. >> good morning it is monday the 6th of september i am sydnie kohara. >> i am john kesler. 8:00 a.m. this morning when crews will resume their search for a man missing for more than a week. ann mac vick, this is connected to a murder spree. >> reporter: day four of the search through the dump not a labor day holiday for the dozens of volunteers expected to come here again so far they have found nothing of value to the investigation. they are looking for any sign of 35-year-old frederick as you see here his father was found beaten to death august 28th police believe it was efren valdemoro who killed him he is also linked to the other people here, his ex-girlfriend and one in his 60s. one who he lived with off and
5:32 am
on. frederick has been missing since his father was found dead and they believe he may have been killed by valdemoro. they are searching this dump because the cadillac of one of the victims that valdemoro often drove was found near dumpsters in an office park where valdemoro used to work and contents were dumped at this landfill. that is what volunteers and investigators have been doing since friday. >> this is my first volunteer i don't know what to expect i know it is a huge new landfill, the chances of finding something in the first few days is probably nil. >> reporter: quick background on the missing man's relationship with valdemoro whom you see here looking beat up, well, he said solace and his father did this to him in a fight over a girlfriend he filed police reports and soon after the older solace was found dead the younger one
5:33 am
missing. the resume continues here at 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> thank you. 5:33 a.m. a memorial held last night for those killed in that murder spree 100 people attended. the service was held for the four known victims, as well as for valdemoro because he also left a family behind a message from the four sons of victim cindy trahn was read by a family friend at the vigil. >> we now realize how short and fragile life is. appreciate the ones you love you never know when they will be taken away. >> his four sons wanted to thank the community for their support. >> it is labor day we gave elizabeth the day off. >> bay bridge. >> okay very quiet. >> very good. >> this is san jose highway 87 and 101.
5:34 am
>> matt down there taking a look. >> holler. golden gate bridge a few more cars coming in, quiet on the roadways if you need to get somewhere. i tell you an absolutely. >> about 9:00 a.m. everybody will start going to wherever they are going. >> go by the charcoal. >> yep. good day for this -- what unofficial last holiday of summer. right? >> yeah you know what, it couldn't end in a better way weather wise. clear skies, all the way to the coastline a little cool in spots early on. not too bad. it is staying clear out at the beaches. now by the afternoon, hot in spots, temperatures moving into the upper 80s. mid-90s well inland inside the bay plenty of sunshine offshore winds cranking up temperatures mid-80s to low 90s. santa clara valley. out at the coastline not many days like this all summer long
5:35 am
temperatures upper 60s. maybe mid-70s. a great day to get out and enjoy friendbarbecue and all that beautiful weather because after this, i am telling you, we are in for major changes. more on that coming up. back to you. it is 5:35 a.m. national transportation safety board released its initial findings on a plane crash in redwood city that killed three people it crashed into a lagoon shortly after take off thursday the body of a woman recovered shortly after the crash. the bodies of two men found inside the twin engine plane when lifted from the lagoon on friday. the early investigation failed to pinpoint any obvious cause for the crash. examination of the aircraft has shown all flight control surfaces are present and accounted for. >> the plane had dual controls it is unclear who was flying the plane. the ntsb expects to release a
5:36 am
preliminary report in 5 to 10 days final report takes 6 to 9 months. serial arsonist may be at work in sacramento area. in the past four days, 20 fires have been set. five ignited saturday night most have been minor but one was set 200 feet from a fire station. the biggest concern now putting people at risk. >> taxes our resources we've got fire companies chasing these things down you know throughout the evening which makes them unable to respond to other emergencies if they develop. >> the five fires on saturday night appear to be related that is based on time and proximity but not clear if the other fires are connected. beer. >> labor day. >> labor day. >> entitled. >> going to cost you more probably. cocktails could cost you more the board of supervisors
5:37 am
expected to vote on whether to take on a new fee to alcohol served at bars and rest rabbits. bottle -- restaurants. bottle of beer extra 5-cents. new fees supposed to generate $16 million for alcohol abuse programs some bartenders say it would make it tough in a tough business climate. >> what's happened in the last few years, minimum wage in san francisco is higher than any where. whole health care thing, cost of doing business keeps going up. >> they spent $13 million last year to get chronic drunks off the street including paramedic responses and emergency room care. the fee intended to offset those costs. state workers have another chance to get arnold sewarsing inners, furlough program tossed
5:38 am
out, they will argue on three lawsuits that challenge power. the governors trying to save the state more than a billion dollars, workers say it violates their union contracts. 5:38 a.m. president obama will spend much of this week on the road talking about jobs and economy it begins in wisconsin, as tara mergenner reports, trying to boost the campaigns of democrats struggling to keep seats in congress. >> reporter: president obama will try to convince voters democratic policies are working. >> to heal our economy we need more than a healthy stock market, bustling main streets, growing thriving middle class. >> reporter: he will head to wisconsin to give a speech about economy. he will visit cleveland wednesday to announce new steps to help small businesses. along the way he will try to shore up support for democrats ahead of mid-term elections.
5:39 am
>> first term incumbent gerry connolly of virginia is hoping to hang on to his congressional seat. >> i am talking to many of my colleagues they get the threats and understand there is understandable anxiety in the country but they are prepared. >> reporter: president obama has much at stake not only does he risk losing his party's majority in congress this fall chances of re-election could get hurt. >> we need to bring checks and balances, tell the american people if we get back in control we are going to check this obama agenda. >> reporter: the latest gallup poll has troubling news republicans is a 10 point lead democratic voters may be in danger of dragging their feet with twice as many republicans saying they are enthusiastic about voting. >> no body in town doesn't think democrats lose 20 seats the question is could it be 40, 60, a change of power. >> reporter: they have a financial edge heading see the
5:40 am
fall but republicans insist they have momentum. cbs news washington. state attorney general, gerry brown will start an ad campaign to boost his run for the governors office. his ads will run on television stations he was previously in the governor's office for 8 years back in 1975. his main challenger is meg whitman the former ceo of ebay, has hammered brown with her television ads, funded by a campaign war chest including millions of dollars of her own money. >> pakistani taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide bombing that killed 17 people in northwest pakistan. four of the dead were children nine were police officers. the taliban say that targeting police -- they are targeting police because they encourage residents to set up militias to fight the militants.
5:41 am
more attacks are threatened unless the militias are disbanded. >> many land slides in guatemala, 8 people con -- 38 people confirmed dead including rescuers. that death toll expected to climb. officials say 15 land slides have hit different spots among the interamerican highway over the past two days. >> flooding forcing people to evacuate homes in parts of southern australia, hundreds of homes in victoria, inundated after rain caused rivers to spill over levees, the flooding considered the worst in the area in 17 years. powerful winds also causing trouble up rooting trees and causing other damage. >> from australia to new zealand the prime minister says he expects saturday's earthquake to have a negative economic impact. that smashed buildings, wrecked roads and rail lines but there were only two serious injuries no one died. before saturday new zealand
5:42 am
recorded two quarters of growth after a year and a half of recession. the immediate outlook is bleak but immediate construction will boost some industries next year. futuristic solution to traffic congestion. >> don't go around, go through. the mess. like one inventor says is the answer. an unusual recycling project how one woman is using a 747 to build her dream home ,,,,
5:43 am
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good morning folks, fantastic labor day in the bay area. chance to go outside and clear skies, sun to come all the way
5:45 am
to the coastline. not that bad. this afternoon, getting hot around the bay area, fairfield, cool 47, napa, 50 degrees. santa rosa. 55 degrees san francisco. sunshine just about everywhere you go, 90s in toward central valley, 93 sunny, yosemite 72, lake tahoe, offshore winds, a patch or two of fog but by this afternoon that is all gone. high pressure sneaking in, in time for the holiday bringing offshore winds, they heat up, going to be hot in spots, especially some interior valleys, some of those numbers moving well into the 90s and even at the beaches. 74 degrees, in half moon bay. great beach day. 72 pacifica, 72 daly city over
5:46 am
the hill, temperatures 80s. low 90s. east bay temperatures on the hot side by the afternoon. 96 brent wood, liver more. 93 in walnut creek north bay expecting to heat, offshore winds carry those up to 93 santa rosa and 88 degrees san raphael. big changes in the works, miniheat wave gone folks. drop in temperatures tuesday and wednesday numbers dropping almost as much as 20 to 30 degrees from today's highs. back to you. thank v. much. 5:46 a.m. some stories we are following the search for frederick solace will resume in a landfill in pittsburgh investigators think he was killed by a man suspected in four other deaths his remains may have been hauled to the landfill last week. former ceo of hewlett packard fired after accused of sexual harassment may have a new job. mark herd is in talks with
5:47 am
oracle, the ceo there, is a friend of his and came to his defense during the scandal. his candidacy has been almost invisible so far but democrat gerry brown says his campaign for governor will start running ads on television today his main challenger in november is meg whitman her television ads have been attacking brown and his previous stint as governor. 5:47 a.m. centers for disease control expressing concern about the upcoming flu season recommending most people over the age of 6 months get shots normally they emphasize shots for people at high risk but this year just one vaccine is going to protect against both seasonal flu and h 1 n 1 virus or swine flu last year people had to get two separate vaccinations. after nearly 7 decades in business, pw markets will be history soon san jose based grocery chain announcing they will close four remaining
5:48 am
stores. a local institution founded by the late joey franco in 1943 has fallen on hard times struggling to compete against national chains with big marketing budgets. their website offers no details except to say there will be close out sales its final stores san jose, cupertino, castro valley. they had 11 stores in the bay area at its peak. >> we all know how bad traffic can be around the bay area but nothing like china where millions of cars get stuck in huge traffic jams every day. how one man is offering a futuristic solution. >> traffic is bad where you live? try beijing. recently topped a survey measuring commuter pain and where traffic jams can stretch for miles and last for days. not surprising in a city with 4.5 million vehicles for 20 million people. but this bright idea called the
5:49 am
straddle bus, part bus part train part moving tunnel, could soon solve real traffic nightmares. >> using a mix of solar power and electricity the bus runs on tracks that can be installed on existing roads, allowing small vehicles to drive underneath the price tag to build it is $7.4 million. and it holds up to 1400 passengers. >> the bus can reduce 25 to 30% of traffic congestion because it doesn't occupy road space excleans the inventor. the idea is proving an international hit with urban planners from the u.s. to india but beijing where the straddle bus is gaining traction here desperate times call for desperate measures, a 75-mile back up of cargo trucks has frustrated drivers since mid- august. >> if we don't stitch in line we have no way to enter beijing. he will need patience the
5:50 am
traffic jam is expected to drag on until december when road construction is complete. in central beijing roads to the north stretching for miles to the south are packed at all hours of the the day. traffic is becoming a defining feature creating a major headache. >> reporter: they are investing in public transport miles of new subway tunnels, bike lanes, express bus routes but there is little political will to break the dependence on cars. >> the first half of 2010 was built on auto sales. >> reporter: 20 years ago it was the kingdom of bicycles now it is car crazy still some believe the futuristic straddle bus would give the chinese capital a chance to regain some of the peace of its past. a southern california woman has come up for an idea
5:51 am
building a house using recycled materials she is converting pieces of an old 747 jumbo yet into her dream home she bought it at a junk yard in the mohave desert for $35,000 an architect is breaking it down piece by piece and turning it into a contemporary home. >> he said wow, that is a wild idea let's go find and plane and see what it would be like to use it as a roof and have it be a ceiling. >> reporter: okay the $35,000 was just the start the total cost for the home, $2 million. construction should be finished by end of the year but what a unique idea. >> bathroom is a little small. >> i would imagine she expanded on that a little bit. lost for years but now back where it belongs. >> how a chance sighting returned a historic bell to its place on the peninsula.
5:52 am
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5:55 am
where the hill barn theatre has its bell back. >> grace chapel bell is a bit of its history it disappeared in 2004 but friday someone spotted it at a scrap metal yard it comes on the theatres 70th anniversary. hill barn officials can't wait to put it back to work. >> it used to ring to start a show or ring at the end of intermission, so many of our patrons who have been coming here for so many years really love it and miss it. >> the bell was cast in 1908 it will be returned to the theatres courtyard where it will once again get people to their seats on time. apparently found at a pawn shop by some gentleman who saw the inscription looked up the inscription and then called the police and the pawn shop owner incidentally is co-operating completely but that his records from years ago are a little
5:56 am
sketchy. >> i'm all choked up i am so glad the bell is back. >> labor day is traditional end of summer and also a day people go on picnics. >> what is your favorite picnic food? ken says our favorite is pregrilled bratwurst. my mother was known for her potato salad which i cannot duplicate. >> you can never get it as good as mom's. >> burgers hot off the grill. >> greg, beer. there i said it. send your comments to >> lawrence you like to grill don't you? >> yeah, get that grill out there today. >> really? >> yeah, a little zucchini, olive oil, pepper salt. >> way too healthy. >> not including all the hot dogs that goes with it. great day to do it. lots of sunshine, this will be just one of those spectacular
5:57 am
days outside working on a great morning look how still the waters are down below a beautiful shot, moon coming up over the bay bridge no fog to speak of even out toward the coastline clear skies that is the way it will stay all day long offshore winds sending temperatures soaring in the afternoon well into the 90s. 80s and 90s outside the bay and toward the coastline a great day to escape to the beach temperature there upper 60s. mid-70s. big changes early as tuesday and wednesday. hot today a drop of 20 to 30 degrees as we head in toward the middle of the week cooler weather on the way slight warming as we head in toward thursday and friday by this next weekend, things fairly cool. >> you are a gentleman farmer how are your tomatos doing? >> i have not picked any at all it is so cool all summer long only a couple heat waves. >> i have a few but nothing like last year just need more heat. >> lettuce has been good that
5:58 am
is it. >> true. >> cold weather crop. >> did we miss picture of the day? did you have one? >> it wasn't a picture of the day but festival going on a lot of those in the bay area. >> that's right. >> yeah. art festival there today and a great day to do it, mill bray wine and art festival fantastic weather for that and should be beautiful. >> don't forget tennis here on cbs 5. >> that's right. >> this morning. in our next half hour alternatives to a casino proposal what some people would like to see built on land in the east bay. >> search for a possible fifth murder victim resumes this morning at this hour why police believe they may still find some clues here ,,,,,,,,
5:59 am
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