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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  September 12, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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truck is ready. (07:16) three days after th disaster -- the the news reports, news pictures didn't do it justice knowing what we see every day as we come home, it is totally different. it is worse than we expected to see. >> three days after the san bruno disaster the bittersweet home coming begins. >> i couldn't even cry like, the tears wouldn't come out because i was crying before like when i heard she was missing. >> mourning lives lost, which you are 67 congregations remembering the victims. >> as far as remains located we are in the process of doing forensic tests. >> questions that remain about the death toll. >> good evening. as some in san bruno start returning home the official
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death toll from the pipeline disaster has been lowered. three streets were hit the hardest by thursday's explosion and the red dots on this map show the 37 home that is were destroyed. the yellow dots, houses that suffered major damage and blue, that means damage but not seriously. team coverage with july watts in san bruno. >> reporter: there are just as many police and pg&e crews in this neighbourhood as residents. earlier today, hundreds gathered at skyline college, giving them passes and wrist bans to give them access to their homes. >> i have to go up to claire mount. >> drive slow. >> thank you. >> unlike the dozens of others returning to their homes for the first time since the gas pipe explosion gerry knew what to expect. >> just like i left it. >> that is because he spent the night there thursday after the explosion, just six houses down. >> the fire was right behind
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that tree. >> reporter: these are the images he captured from his front lawn but instead of evacuating like everyone else, once the gas was turned off. >> i didn't think there would be any more bang bang explosions going on. so i went to bed. i didn't sleep that good but i went to bed. and then i get up in the morning and i find out i am sitting in a crime scene. >> reporter: at that point he was forced to evacuate but not before capturing a few more pictures. >> have you seen your car? >> reporter: pictures that came in handy when he reunited with neighbors as they waited for the go ahead to return home. >> we are going to be sending people back in waves according to time. >> reporter: for many it was the first confirmation their friends survived the blast. >> this is my neighbor across the street. >> thank god you are okay. >> reporter: but for every happy reunion there was the memory of those who won't be returning home. >> i knew the two corner houses down there, i knew those two
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ladies. i used to walk my dog down there, past her house all the time. the lady on the right, she had a wonderful garden, she took a lot of pride in her yard. >> reporter: that yard is now gone along with 26 others. the owners of these homes will find out tomorrow when they get to return to see the destruction first hand. in the meantime, pg&e trucks line the streets of this san bruno neighbourhood, the company is providing dumpsters and promises to have utilities returned tonight and stationed on every corner to answer questions but there is one question they can't yet answer. how could this have happened. >> keep going. >> reporter: pg&e said today contrary to what neighbors told us they have no records indicating anyone ever called in to report the smell of gas in the days leading up to the explosion that angered residents we talked to today who said not only did they call in they saw pg&e crews testing
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for gas early last week. they are asking anyone with specific information about those phone calls to contact them as soon as possible. julie, the man you talked with seems so relaxed the night this is going on he wasn't afraid? >> reporter: you know, he said the fire seemed to be burning away from him, he was up wind and once they turned the gas off he thought well, i am tired i am just going to go back to bed. >> stunning. all right julie watts, thank you. >> of this six people reported missing this morning the city said two of them have been found alive, and that leaves four people still unaccounted for the coroner confirmed four fatalities, jaclyn greg and her 13-year-old daughter janessa and 20-year-old jessica morales the coroner is working to identify the fourth victim. >> as far as remains located we are in the process of doing forensic tests. >> the coroner says while more remains were found it is not
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clear if they are from victims already accounted for. they do not specify where the remains were found or how long it might take to identify them. >> three parishioners of a san bruno church are among the missing, 50-year-old greg, his 16-year-old son william and his elderly mother. a family member who wasn't at home at the time says she does believe they were inside the house when it went up in flames. just a few minutes ago authorities released new details about the investigation. dawn what did they have to say? >> reporter: yeah, they just wrapped up this second full day of investigation they had a news conference talking about it. one thing they addressed was this whole issue of not having a report for 12, 18 months. they said as soon as they find facts they will get them along as soon as possible. they will pass them out right away if it means changing things, issuing orders they will do that but will have a detailed study in 16 to 18
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months. christopher hart addressed a couple year yous the investigation and then whether or not folks did report smelling gas before the blast. here is christopher hart. >> i mentioned previously a 28- foot section of pipe that was blown out of the ground, blown 100 feet and sitting on the street. that piece of pipe, that 28- foot section of 30-inch pipe we are as we speak crating it up, putting it in a crate because investigators decided that needs to go back to our metalargy labs in washing to on the. we have heard -- washington we have heard people reported smelling gas but have no response to those reports. from the various sources we are looking to for that we are not able to find instances of people who reported an odour and we would ask anybody who
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says they reported smelling gas, to contact us through whatever means including that e- mail address. >> that e-mail address they gave earlier was san bruno. one word, at anyone with information is asked to say what they think they know in an e-mail and send it to them. we are learning more about that gas line the ruptured segment was considereds to be high consequence area it should get more rigid inspections than other gas lines according to puc documents dug up by associated press. a company spokesman said the proactive policy is make repairs and keep lines well maintained we've also learned today from the puc that they have issued an order. getting help from the camera man, issued an order to inspect its natural gas line system including an integrity assessment of the national gas -- natural gas line system giving priority to high
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pressure transmission lines in areas of highest population density the order was prompted yesterday by the lieutenant governor's request to do just that. looks like a lot of focus now coming down on these lines the age of the lines, inspection, transmissions, controls and how closely they were monitored in this line and lines elsewhere. >> all right seems like they talk a lot. john will they bereave reporters again to -- brief reporters again tomorrow or are they finished? >> i think they will continue giving reports we are still not giving hard facts just learning about the investigation. >> done nap thank you. as for the size of that crater that was left behind it measures 167 feet by 26 feet and they don't know how deep it is yet because it is still too unstable to put anyone inside. investigators say the 28- foot long segment of the 30- inch pipe on the street blew 100 feet away from its original position.
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of course we have more on the san bruno disaster ahead including a remembrance for lives lost. i couldn't even cry like, the tears wouldn't come out because i was crying before like when i heard she was missing. >> how a bay area church paid tribute to the youngest known victim and on any other day this would be a much bigger story, the deadly crash that shut down part of the 101 for most of the day. displaced ,,
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budgets were balanced. $4 billion in tax cuts. world class schools and universities. clean energy promoted. 1.9 million new jobs created. california was working. i'm jerry brown. california needs major changes. we have to live within our means; we have to return power and decision making to the local level-closer to the people and no new taxes without voter approval. jerry brown the knowledge and know-how to get california working again. by the san recapping our top story tonight, some of the people displaced by the san bruno explosion are starting to return to their homes and they have been kept away since thursday's deadly pipeline disaster the coroner is once again confirming four fatalities down from reports of seven yesterday.
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services at several bay area churches remembered victims of the explosion. elizabeth shows us how the devastated community is trying to heal. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: at st. cecilia catholic church san francisco the congregation gathered for sunday mass minus two. >> we have been parishioners here for 15 years and it has been a very difficult time for obviously the community, and the children in the class. >> reporter: that is 13-year- old janessa greg and her mother jaclyn who died in the gas explosion that ripped through their san bruno neighbourhood. this devastated her classmates some who have known her since kindergarten. >> a lot of people were shocked and my opinion, like i couldn't even cry like, the tears wouldn't come out because i was crying before like when i heard she was missing. >> reporter: she was an 8th
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grader, student body president and active in many school clubs. she would have been an altar server at this sunday's service. >> she gave her whole being to this community and we are so grateful for her. her life her short life here on earth. >> reporter: grateful and searching for ways to give back. >> we don't know all these people that lost their homes but everybody is coming together you know to try and help. >> reporter: at st. roberts in san bruno only miles from the blast, 9 families lost their homes. reverend andre says he believes at least one of his parishioners is among the four confirmed dead. >> the silver lining in this tragedy is there is overwhelming support not only by my parishioners but the community at large. they have been eager to help. >> reporter: writing checks, collecting donations but above all, uniting in prayer and support. in san bruno, elizabeth we thinker, cbs 5. for the latest on the
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pipeline explosion and how you can help the victims, log on to well, a wrong way driver on 101 caused a deadly crash that shut down much of the freeway for nearly 15 hours in san mateo. the highway is expected to be back open in a half hour. police say one car was driving the wrong way on the freeway, 3:00 a.m. this morning then stopped in the middle of the lane, a good samaritan got out of the car to help and they were both struck and killed by an on coming vehicle police believe that alcohol was involved. robber at that gonzalez in for lawrence how is it looking? >> interesting. >> oh, that is not good. >> we have the return of if clouds moving back into the area but it is what is in store for you. it could be rain. we will pinpoint that as eyewitness news continues here on cbs 5 ,,
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on this sunday september 12th, temperatures seasonal across the bay area.
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8le degrees mount vacca unbelievable clarity. moderate air quality recorded today across the valley but what you can bank off of, if you are out and about, ocean beach where the temperature dropped and on shore flow blowing out of the west. from the west to the east 15 to 20 miles per hour otherwise inland, pleasonton sporting 81 degrees, nonexistent breeze up to 4 miles per hour, sunnyvale, not windy but anticipate them to increase up to 15 miles per hour out of the west, san francisco, 58 degrees westerly out of 8. fog stacking up next to the coast. this marine layer will deepen, roughly 1500 feet deep as it sits poised in position to move into the bay. so as it does deepen, it will allow the winds to increase with that cooler air mass,
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rushing on shore, that marine layer anticipated to be roughly 2,000 feet deep in the overnight hours and it will penetrate our inland areas, in fact by tomorrow morning sun up, roughly 6:45 a.m. everybody will be in the clouds and low clouds and fog will begin a retreat. we will play tag around the coast, dissipating around monterey bay but see some eventual sunshine around inverness, dillon beach, socked in. tonight overnight low temperatures blanketed clouds, 50s across the board. santa rosa to the north, san jose south, mid-50s across the eastern portion of our district you can bank on 58 degrees tomorrow, daly city a cooler day across san jose, san jose, cupertino, san francisco, these numbers down from 80s into mid- 70s. westerly up to 15 and 20 late day, numbers eastern portions of our bay area, at berkeley,
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79 in san ramon. outside, 81 degrees brent wood, tracy, oakley and mountain house. 62 degrees san francisco an average high is 71. cooler there as well. upper 60s. and pair of 7s sonoma. extended forecast, pretty benign after today, temperatures pretty much in the 80s inland areas, 67 at bay side and 50, 60 at the beaches that extended forecast calls for a chance of rain from a trough to the north of us by saturday. it bears watching so does this. cbs 5 proud sponsor best buddy ride, snapped this photograph yesterday dennis near must castle got to appreciate the california coastline. >> cbs 5 is all over the place we did the alzheimers walk yesterday too. >> how did it go? >> fantastic raised about a million bucks. >> good for channel 5. >> yeah, they are doing a lot
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of good causes. tim tries to put the giants back into first place and could the niners meet expectations seattle. nfl season kicked off next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you inhale, they inhale. millions of children continue to be exposed to secondhand smoke.
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secondhand smoke causes asthma, a disease that cannot be cured. protect your loved ones. torres. he needed an emergency appendectomy. he's expected eeks. >> just hours before their biggest game of the year, giants lost torres he needed an emergency appendectomy he will be out two weeks.
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buster posey pounced on him in the first inning, 2 run shots, giants up 2-0. number 13, the nightmare in august appears behind him his third straight gem. seven innings, he struck out nine. put the padres sigh young candidate to the test. leading the league in earned run average coming in a will have 0 giants, wilson slams the door. giants take 3 out of 4 in san an once again tied for the division lead. dallas braden held the red sox scoreless for fivinnings but taken out after getting into trouble in the sixth inning and rodriguez couldn't bail him out. drew you better slide he does. sox take the lead. jonathan to save it. he strikes out the side with those kinds of pitches, red sox win 5-3 and avoid this sweep to
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the as. football 49ers supposed to go to seattle and make this early statement about who owns this division now. san francisco took the field arm in arm but that is as unified as they got. intercepted hasselbeck on the first play from scrimmage leading to a field goal, 3-0. 49ers, near the goal line, down play, smith airmails norris and that cost him 6. niners turn the ball down over on down after a long connection with mike williams, hasselbeck, 7-6 seattle, 18 and 23, 170-yards, two touchdowns. smith could not answer his counter part his pass ricocheted off crab tree. they were 1 for 15 third down conversion. hasselbeck to butler, wide open to make it 14-6 seattle. smith in accurate over throws
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crab tree pick and run back for touchdown san francisco did not get into the end zone they lose by a final of 31-6. smith finished with 225-yards passing and two interceptions. jason campbell under center they hope they have solved their futility on offence but cable discovered they are not quite ready for prime time. first quarter, young begs the hand off rolls out finds washington alone 66-yard touchdown. 7-3. tennessee. offensive line, swiss cheese, nails campbell on the blind side, cops it up, left tackle anderson, past him on that play. 17-3. second quarter, again, bull rush by jason, fourth is campbell, ball again raiders did recover campbell sacked four times also through an interception. next tennessee possession, johnson got to work. rush for over 2,000-yards last
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year. there is 76 right there. 24 and 3 tennessee 142-yards returning and two touchdowns, loan bright spot for the raiders. 150 combined yards, scores on a past, raiders lose 38 to 13 campbell had 180-yards passing. things looked good in camp all off season, all training camp. preseason, good preseason and they just looked flat today. hopefully everyone has one game a year, but this happens hopefully this is our one game and hopefully get that over there. >> pga, bmw championship tiger woods will not be eligible for the season ending tour championship shot 70, tied 15. not good enough. >> final round, johnson closes out with a 1 shot victory and u.s. open rained out finish tomorrow >> we will see you at 6:30 p.m.
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good night ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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