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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  September 12, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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bruno piepline disaster... what the state says must begi pg&e under new orders in the wake of the san bruno pipeline disaster. what the state says must begin immediately to keep the public safe. >> the news reports news pictures didn't do it justice knowing what we see every day as we come home, it's totally different. >> going home for the first time since the fireball consumed their neighborhood. some san bruno neighbors handled the bittersweet return. >> i can't even cry. the tears wouldn't come out because i was crying before. >> one of the youngest victims and her mother being mourned. how one congregation is dealing with the heartbreak of loved ones lost. good evening i'm annette a. mixed feeling as neighbors returned home for the first time since the explosion tore through their neighborhood. >> i can't get the roaring sounds out of my mind and the big boom and the sight of that
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enormous blast of fire. >> dozens of families whose homes survived unscathed were allowed to return today. the investigation continues tonight and pg&e is under new orders from state regulators to avoid another disaster. don knapp has show details. ntsb gathering up big pieces of evidence will lead them to the cause of the blast. mean while resting fears anyone may have it will be a year and- a-half before they get any information. the ntsb saying as soon as they learn information they will pass it on >> reporter: prime evidence is a 28-foot southbound of the high pressure gasoline itself ripped out of the ground and tossed through the air a hundred feet by the blast. >> that piece of pipe that 28- foot section of 30-inch pipe we are as we speak crating it up putting it in a crate because the investigators have decided that needs to go back to our
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metallurgy labs in washington. >> reporter: investigators want to hear from people who say they smelled gas in the weeks before the blast. jose valve practice do told julie watts he smelled it and he thinks pg&e knew it. >> what do you say when pg&e says we never received any calls about gas. >> that's a lie. because you can smell and then as the guy was walking around there. >> reporter: presumably looking for leaks. but alvarado admits he doesn't know what the pga worker was doing. >> we are not able to find instances of people who reported an odor, and we would ask anybody who says that they reported smelling gas to contact us through whatever means. >> reporter: today the california public utilities commission ordered pg&e to inspect its natural gas system with a priority on high pressure transmission lines in densely pop lateed areas like the one that exploded in san bruno. additionally the cpuc ordered the utility to preserve all records of work done by pg&e
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and its contractors whether money authorized for pipeline safety was spent on pipeline safety. we're learning more about the gasoline itself. the ruptured segment was considered to be in a high consequence area, meaning it should get more stringent inspections. this according to cpuc documents reported by the associated press. pg&e says the line was slated to be replaced. the company spokesman said the company is proactive and makes repairs as needsed. whether the cause of the blast was a people failure impact from construction or let's pal fatigue ntsb will have to dig to find out. >> there's lots of reasons why this pipe could have failed and getting into the crater will help us gather information to make that determination. >> reporter: the ntsb is asking anyone who might have information to pass it along to them. they have set up a special e- mail it is san bruno at now the ntsb will have another news conference at 5:00 tomorrow. >> thank you very much.
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well, tonight san bruno residents whose homes survived the blast they are back in their own beds. they were given clearance to return to their neighborhoods today. families whose homes were damaged or destroyed will have to wait tomorrow to discuss, until tomorrow to discuss the next steps. julie watts has some people are counting their lucky stars tonight. >> i have to go to claremont. >> reporter: unlike the dozens of others returning to their homes for the first time since the gas pipe explosion, jerry hilliard knew exactly what to expect. >> just like i left it. >> reporter: that's because he spent the night there thursday after the explosion just 6 houses down. >> the fire was right behind that tree. >> reporter: these are the images he captured from his front lawn instead of evacuating like everyone else, once the gas was turned off. >> i didn't think there would be anymore bang bang explosion going on so i went to bed. i didn't sleep that good, but i went to bed. and then i get up in the morning and i find out i'm
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sitting in the crime scene. >> reporter: at that point he was forced to evacuate, but not' capturing a few more pictures. >> have you seen your car. >> reporter: pictures that came in handy when he reunited with neighbors as they waited for to go ahead to go home. >> we're sending people back in waves according to time. >> reporter: for many it was confirmation friends had survived the blast. >> this is my neighbor across the street. how are you? >> reporter: but for every happy reunion there were the memory of those who won't be returning home. >> i knew the two corner houses down there i knew those two ladies. i used to walk my dog down there past her house all the time. the lady on the right, she had a wonderful garden. she took a lot of pride in her yard. >> reporter: that yard is now gone, along with 26 others. the owners of these homes will find out tomorrow when they get to return to see the
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destruction firsthand. in the meantime, pg&e trucks lined the streets of the san bruno neighborhood. the company is providing dumpsters promises to have utilities restored tonight and is stationed on every corner to answer any questions returning residents might have. but there is one question they can't get answered how could this have happened. in san bruno julie watts cbs 5. two people reported missing earlier have been found alive. the coroner is lists four fatalities. the fourth victim is unidentified. >> as far as remains are located we're doing forensic tests. >> it's not clear if they are from victims already identified or possibly animals. after those hospitalized by the explosion four victims are at st. francis memorial hospital in san francisco.
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three are in critical condition with life-threatening burns over 50% of their bodies and one is in serious but stable condition. san francisco general is also treating four patients suffering from burns and smoke inhalation, two are in critical condition, one is in serious, the other in fair. three parishioners at a san bruno church are still among the missing. 50-year-old greg blue less his 16-year-old son william and his elderly mother lavon. a family member who wasn't at home at the time she does believe they were inside the house when it went up in flames. >> reporter: members of the church were among several congregations praying for the victims this sunday. elizabeth w on how one church is suffering over the loss of a young member and her mother. >> reporter: at st. cecelia catholic church in san francisco congregation gathered for sunday mass minus 2. >> we've been parishioners here for 15 years, and it's
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been a very difficult time for obviously the community and the children. >> reporter: that's 13-year- old janessa greg and her mother jacqueline who died in the gas explosion that ripped through their san bruno neighborhood. this has defer stated janessa's classmates. >> i think a lot of people were shocked. in my opinion i couldn't even cry. the tears wouldn't come out because i was crying before like when i heard she was missing. >> reporter: janessa was an 8th grader student body president and active in many school clubs. she would have been annal tar server at this sunday's service. >> no good her whole being to this community and we are so grateful for her, her short life here on earth. >> reporter: grateful and searching for ways to give back. >> we don't know all these people that lost their own, but everybody is coming together to try and help. >> reporter: at st. roberts
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church in san bruno miles from the blast 9 families lost their homes. rev. roberto andre believers at least one of his parishioners is among the four confirmed dead. >> silver lining in this tragedy there's an overwhelming support not only by my parishioners but the community at large. they have than really eager to help. >> reporter: by writing checks and collecting donations united in sprayer and support. elizabeth w cbs 5. there is more information on the impact on neighborhood and raw video from the disaster in san bruno at cbs a deadly crash closes part of 101 for 15 hours. what the chp says happened when a driver drove the wrong way up the freeway. and tea party rallies in three cities with a common theme, what they say is wrong with america heading into the fall elections. you mentioned fall there,
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mateo. . traffic is back to normal
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on 101 tonight after a deadly crash shut down the freeway for 15 hours in san mateo. police suspect 39-year-old stacey white of san mateo had been drinking when he she entered the highway going to wrong directs last night at 3:00 a.m. she was killed when she got out of her car along with 26-year- old stephen per era of titusville, that. a good samaritan who stopped to help. the chp says drivers should never step outside the car on the freeway. >> if you find yourself in a situation where you're car breaks done you're involved in a crash, you want to remain inside of your vehicle with your seatbelt on and wait for emergency personnel to arrive on scene. >> the collision scene very much over 3,000 feet. the road was blocked all day so they could go over evidence. caltrain is investigating its 7th fatality of the year. someone was on the tracks after 5:00 tonight when a southbound train hit them near the menlo park station. no word on the person's
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identity or what they were doing on those tracks. tea party activists rallied across the country and here in california today. >> some 4,000 people gathered in sacramento hoping to build conservative momentum for the november election the organized events were intended to call attention to a government run amok. necessity want to distance themselves from the gop. the sacramento rally included republican lawmakers past and present. roberta gonzales is seting in good to see you. >> it's really interesting the computer models are still out. we're going to have to monitor the situation. wait till you see that 7-day forecast. the city by the bay where
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today's high 62 degrees down from the average high of 71 degrees. it's sweater weather here in the bay area all because of that you see that right there very disorganized. this is an area of low pressure falling apart at the seams but it is enhancing the marine layer. low clouds and patchy fog. overnight it makes the far reaches of our inland areas by 55 to 60 miles. tomorrow morning sunup at 6:49 everybody will be under the clouds. it looks like clear north of the golden gate bridges these temperatures coming down substantially in comparison today. and we'll play tag with the cold front as far as the clouds are concern for your monday. now, for your commute again overcast skies and some local drizzle on the sea shore due to how deep that marine layer is roughly about 2,000 feet deep. tomorrow check this out. livermore advertised 87 degrees but instead only in the mid-70s good ten degrees below normal. san francisco 10 degrees shy of where we should be for this
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time of the year. and also mid-70s from san jose through santa rosa for the 13th day in the month of september. now the bottom line is we are going to see the temperatures drop off for our monday. after tonight's lows in 40s and in the 50s. 52 overnight in san francisco and mid 50s across tri-valley. tomorrow's daytime high temperature is 70 sunnyvale. 70s pretty common across the peninsula as well. 50s, 60s beaches with partial clearing otherwise east pay numbers look at the range in the temperature. 58 richmond 78 degrees in concord due to the cool airmass. otherwise 81 degrees in brentwood. north bay numbers anywhere from 58. to mid-70s in sonoma and napa and in glen allen. otherwise here it is. here's that chance of rain. not for the next five days, that's pretty stagnant benign. 50s, 60s beaches. look 80s inland.
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saturday trough to the north of us wants to spill into the northern half of the state right now mostly cloudy skies in the north bay with a slight chance of few sprinkles or two, but again, it's a situation we'll have to monitor day by day and just see how powerful and potent this system is. okay, this is really fun. cbs 5 very proud sponsor of one of my favorite charities best buddies. this was about mile 60 out of a 100-mile ride to raise money. that's your northern california cold front. i want to see your photos. isn't that lovely. >> awesome job roberta. good effort. >> i could barely sit. >> all right. well, good news freedom nears for a jailed berkeley grad why iran says sara short can go free more than a year after her arrest with two fellow hikers. how taylor s she may be the queen of the outrageous, but even lady gaga
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a year. sara . freedom could be just days away for a berkeley grad imprisoned in iran for more than a year. sara short her fiance' and friend were accused of spying after crossing the border while hiking. mark phillips on what may be a sudden change of heart pyranose leader. >> reporter: iran state controlled tv outlets had as much trouble keeping track of sharia short's status arrest of the world. >> iran said female day attend
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american citizen sara shored will be releast on bail half a million dollars to release her. the three have been held in an iranian prison for more than a year. but sara's bail announcement is only the latest of a series of stops and starts in which the 32-year-old american was first due to be release and had those hopes dash. a power struggle betweener ran's political factions is being played out at her expense. she and the other two americans according to them hiking along the iraq iran border when they were arrested by the iranians and accused of spying. the other two or shane borrow and josh tampa tell. she is required to require medical attention. they have promised her release possibly as a public relations gesture ahead of his annual
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trip to the. n. in new york. >> as am deny squad and iran military struggle for control sara and the other detainees have been political football. >> they are being held under false pretenses and they should be released we're working very hard to see that happens. >> reporter: swiss diplomats in tehran are said to be arranging her bail. but her fate and that of the other detainees is still very much in doubt. mark phillips cbs news london. five members of an oakland church are being held tonight in zimbabwe. two doctors, two nurses and an organizer from allen temple baptist church are being held in the capital city and expected to appear in court tomorrow. they were arrested thursday accused of illegally dispensing medicine. the group was carrying donated aids drugs for distribution among the poor. it's a politician the church has performed several times a year since 2000. another bizarre moment at
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