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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  September 15, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. the national transportation safety board safety board is wrapping up its investigation
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in june. in fact, investigators are going to leave the site of the pipeline explosion today. now neighbors have to wait for the city to take action before they can return home. anne makovec with what still needs to be done for them. reporter: a lot of people wondering what is next for this neighborhood here behind me. we do know the governor is going to come and take a tour this afternoon. but the neighborhood is still blocked off right now even though the majority of the investigation has been moved off site. reporter: as the section of the pipeline blown out of the ground by the blast is set to arrive in washington, d.c. tomorrow, the ntsb is wrapping up its work at the blast site, marked by a crater on crestmoor and glenview drive. >> we have already released the pit itself back to the authorities so they can resume the return to normalcy of the infrastructure in there. >> reporter: the city won't say how long the neighborhood will be closed after repeated calls and a visit to city hall this morning, no one would talk on
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camera, but it's still a crime scene even though the ntsb's investigation is now focused elsewhere on tips coming in from the community about any possible gas leaks before the explosion. so far they have only gotten one report of someone smelling gas out before 100 tips total. they are also looking at the procedures involved in shutting off the gas after the explosion. the ntsb says that after a gas explosion in san francisco in the '80s, they made a recommendation. they are not sure it was followed. >> make sure that the first responders know where the valves are and know what to do and make sure the valves still work. >> reporter: while that goes on off site, police say they are concerned about looting in this area and before opening up the neighborhood, they may fence off the destroyed profits as they fenced off the crater created when little pieces of pavement were thrown blocks away like this one that ripped up one family's lawn as it
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landed. >> now it came all the way up you can how broke they are. and the land over there, down there. we are lucky the topsoil is good. >> reporter: what's it like for you to look out and see the devastation? >> whew. we we are lucky the wind was blowing that way out of the way all those they are going to go, too. >> reporter: now, the city wants to make sure that everyone who was not as lucky as that couple will get a chance to go through their own rubble before this neighborhood is opened up. it's almost been a week since the explosion. they are taking people on private tours today and tomorrow to their properties so they can sift through for themselves. allen? >> anne, obviously this pipeline we're talking about no longer functioning. has pg&e rerouted service? this was a major pipeline that served a wide area. >> reporter: i have to say, allen, i'm not aware of that. >> okay, anne makovec in san
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bruno. we'll look into that. thanks. a bay area man recorded cell phone video of the pipeline explosion. walter mccaffrey says the blast knocked him off his feet. after making sure that his family was out of the house, he called 911 and then shot this video. we're also getting a sense of the chaos, the confusion, even some panic as those emergency crews first responded. >> going to a third alarm. we have multiple houses. we are trying to get cleared, several blocks on fire at this time. in it wasn't until hours later... it was confirmed... this was, in fact, a
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>> it wasn't until hours later that it was confirmed this was in fact a pipeline explosion. well, the disaster in san bruno has people wondering if there are potential time bombings under their cities. case in point is livermore, where the fire department has a map showing that a large gas pipe line in the southern part of town runs to sunol. and much of it, we are told, is under vineyards but livermore's shadowbrook neighborhood isn't too far away. we obtained a 2009 pg&e report which called that pipeline the highest risk in the bay area. >> by gosh, i think our citizens deserve some information from pg&e so that we know what this means. >> reporter: and what have you
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got fren pg&e? >> so far actually nothing. truth it, nothing. >> the pg&e documents also show a high risk pipeline in fremont, irvington an mission san jose districts. jerry hill would like a law that would force the utilities to go public with locations of their high risk pipelines. the official numbering of deaths from the explosion in san bruno is at four this afternoon. 81-year-old elizabeth torres, a mother of nine, lived just yards from the blast site. also killed, 44-year-old jacqueline grieg and her 13- year-old daughter janessa, along with 20-year-old jessica morales. now, the three people still missing are all members of the same family. 50-year-old greg bullis, his 17- year-old some william and greg's 85-year-old mow, lavonne, have not been seen or heard from since thursday. san bruno detectives say they are going to keep working on it as a missing persons case until they hear otherwise from the coroner's office. now, victims of the blast
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were honored at last night's giants baseball game. kids from san bruno baseball league took part in the ceremony and the giants donated $3 from every ticket sold to the recovery effort. we are told more than $100,000 was collected in total. there is much more coverage of the san bruno explosion on our website, including raw video, all the news conferences, the 911 tapes, and information on how you can help the victims. our website of course, this is unbelievable. human remains found in yosemite national park may be those of a man from livermore who went missing seven years ago. the remains were found earlier this month in the northeastern part of the park. a park spokesman says they may belong to 46-year-old fred clawson who went on a solo hiking trip in july of 2003 but never returned home. a uc-berkeley graduate has undergone a medical exam now in oman a day after she was
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released from an iranian prison. sarah shourd reunited with her mother yesterday in the arabian peninsula nation. shourd's mother says sarah has some health problems including a lump in her breast. iran arrested shourd, her fiance and a friend more than 13 months ago near iran's border with iraq. iran accuses them of espionage. the mothers of josh fattal and shane bauer appeared on cbs's "the early show" today. >> and i was very happy to hear that josh and shane could say goodbye to sarah and that's a relief because they know that she's free and i'm sure they feel wonderful about that. but it is again their turn, their turn to taste freedom. >> the mothers of bauer and fattal say that shourd's release boosts their hopes that iran may be willing to negotiate the release of their sons. election upsets, coming up, the stunning wins in some key primary races. and every alcoholic drink you order is a step closer to costing more. how much more?
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we are going to tell you. and how a special delivery brings pride and joy, 2300 feet underground. we're starting to see some of clearing across the bay area. clouds starting to move back to the coast and sunshine starting to peek through. what about today's highs? they will be slightly warmer. we'll take a look at your afternoon highs and your weekend forecast coming up. ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again.
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has filed lawsuits against city of bell leaders. the eight the california attorney general's office has filed lawsuits against the city of bell leaders. the eight former and current leaders are accused of fraud, conspiracy and wasting taxpayers' money. so today attorney general jerry
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brown said the civil lawsuits demand the city officials return hundreds of thousands of dollars in the inflated salaries they gave themselves. bell has some of the highest paid official in the country, while one in six people lives there in poverty. the tea party movement is claiming new victories in republican primaries in some key states. joel brown says these latest upsets have some gop leaders very concerned. >> reporter: it's high tea in the u.s. tea party candidates like christine o'donnell stirred up change in one of the final primaries of the year. o'donnell shot the gop establishment with an upset victory in delaware stealing the republican senate nomination from nine-term congressman mike castle. >> don't ever underestimate the power of we the people. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the battle over a new hampshire senate seat is still too close to call. it pits tea party candidate
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lamontagne against a former attorney general. and tea party candidate carl paladino beat rick lazio in the race for new york governor. democrats are encouraged about the results. and republicans are worried because tea party candidates could have a tough time in the general election. the outcome of the delaware primary is frustrating to the gop leadership. without securing that seat, the party has very little hope of regaining control of the senate. >> it's going tow very difficult if not impossible for republicans now to gain that seat in the united states senate. >> reporter: anger at washington and an uncertain economy are fueling voter discontent. and the tea party candidates are taking full advantage. >> we not only won but we won big. >> reporter: unless she can broaden her appeal, she and other conservative candidates could be looking at an uphill battle this november. joel brown, cbs news, washington. checking headlines for you around the bay area, a new
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alcohol tax has won initial approval from san francisco supervisors. but the vote was 7-3, which is one vote short of what is needed to override mayor newsom's promised veto. the new fee would apply to alcohol served at bars and restaurants, adding about an extra nickel to a bottle of beer, even more for hard liquor, with the money going to alcohol abuse programs. an elevated track is the best way for high-speed rail to go through downtown san jose. that's what the city council has decided by an 8-2 vote yesterday despite concerns an aerial track will be noisy and unattractive . the other option, an underground tunnel would cost more and take longer to build. the decision now goes to the california high speed rail authority. and honda is returning to the port of richmond after pulling out back in the mid- 90s. the automaker will resume shipping vehicles there boosting the port business by 25%. honda will also be making about $37 million in improvements to that facility. and a glimmer of hope for
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one of the miners trapped in that mine in chile. he is now the father of a healthy baby girl. the baby was born yesterday in a hospital near the copper and gold mine. and the parents decided to name her esperanza, spanish for hope. the baby's father is one of the 33 miners underground for 40 days. they were found alive weeks after the mine collapsed. but they have been told they could stay there not be freed until sometime around christmas. hears something to tweet before about, the new look on the popular social networking site. did you know that fall officially arrives next week? so what does the last weekend of summer hold for the bay area? we'll take a look. i got your weekend forecast coming up.
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[ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days. but what really happened? cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact
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that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. today is a good day to celebrate -- what are you doing? [ indiscernible ] >> i was going to say celebrate a birthday. that's a tease for what's coming up. but right now,ist going to say it's a good day outside to celebrate. >> it is. but i always feel so small. didn't wear my heels today. standing next to tall allen martin here! [ laughter ] >> forecast for today, wow. we still have some clouds out there. this is san jose down in the santa clara valley. it is expected to be a nice
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day, but those clouds have definitely taken their time clearing. closer to the bay area, we're still waiting on that clearing. this is a look out toward coit tower. clouds still dominate the skyline there. conditions for the afternoon, we are expecting a mix of sun and clouds along the coastline. more clouds than sunshine. temperatures representative of that in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. around the bay today, a mix of sun and clouds partly cloudy conditions, temperatures in the lower 60s to the upper 60s. and inland today, mostly sunny conditions are expected and also warmer. temperatures in the mid-80s for afternoon highs. for tonight, still expecting some drizzle out there for the coastline. low clouds and fog also for the bay. and low clouds will return to the forecast well inland. here's a look at our visible satellite showing that we are still looking at some clouds pushing well into richmond and the berkeley area, also oakland, also still got some clouds near the golden gate and hugging that coastal location right there from marin county and pushing down through the peninsula. it could clear out completely, but i'm not going to go with that. i think that most of it will clear up but not completely so
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we are going to go with a mix of sun and clouds along the coastline, temperatures in the 50s, misting and drizzle in the afternoon, as well. 76 sunnyvale, 78 san jose, 80 los gatos. these locations will see plenty of sunshine. east bay locations, mostly sunny conditions for you, as well. pittsburg in the lower 80s, antioch a 84. 84 brentwood. 69 in oakland, clouds clearing out around midafternoon, 70 san leandro with 71 degrees in hayward, which is still cloudy. here's a look at your north bay locations. petaluma at 80. sonoma at 80. 81 napa with sunshine. upper 70s in kentfield. the closer to the bay area, the more clouds expected. so temperatures have cooled down. lower 60s in sausalito and the lower 60s in san francisco which is almost a 20-degree difference from well inland to again just off the bay.
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seven-day forecast, here we go. today, mix of sun and clouds. more of the same thursday and friday. but take a look at the weekend. it's the last weekend of summer. and i know what you're thinking. there was no summer! well, i can't debate that. but let's just talk about the fact that the weekend, cloudy, cool and even a chance of showers. so whenever i say to people, it's the last weekend of summer, they say what are you talking about? there was no summer. >> where'd it go? >> i agree. >> tomorrow's present day because i'm going to bring you a little box and you're going to wear high heels. >> yeah, i will. >> thank you, tracy. twitter is getting a makeover. the new site rolling out today promising to be faster and more user-friendly. kcbs radio's matt bigler shows us how it's going to work. >> reporter: the new twitter will feature a split screen display, so on the left-hand side you have your text entries or your tweets, and on the right-hand side, multimedia content. users can upload pictures, video, web links that kind of thing and they will pop up as soon as you click on a tweet.
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it's slick. we talked to some people, they say they want to compete with facebook and they candice play is advertising connected to the multimedia content to sell more display ads. these changes probably won't take effect right away but sometime this week if you are a twister user, you should be able to see these changes and upload multimedia content to your tweet. i'm matt bigler in san jose for nbc 5. there you go. all right. still ahead, the birthday celebration for san francisco's albin alligator. how's this for a pretty potty? the nation's best bathroom. stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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them on the counter. canteloupes once they get picked the sugar content stops. but once the hon new honeydew is picked, it continues to get the sugar content. when they are sticky at home, cut them in half, enjoy them with a spoon, i'm telling you, you will love it. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. go like this. kind of cool, huh? >> like telling a forture. 5:00 tonight, how many passwords do you have for your online accounts? do you get mixed up or forget them? consumerwatch will have what to do. five-star hotels, restaurants, what about a five- star restroom? a st. louis loo has won the title of best restroom in america. first place in an online vote. it is at the fountain restaurant, vintage ice cream parlor. i'd go for the ic cream.
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it has ornate mirrors, each bathroom graded on hygiene, style and open access to the public which is important. >> and happy birthday claud. san francisco's albino alligator 15 years old today. you know he is missing a toe. but put another candle on the birthday cake. at the california academy of science he got 15 cupcakes made of protein pellets. >> very chilled, laid back. very popular, too. happy birthday! enjoy your afternoon. we are back at 5:00. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] barbara boxer.
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she fought to get our veterans the first full combat care center in california. her after school law is keeping a million kids off the street and out of gangs. and she's fighting every day to create new jobs. i'm working to make california the leader in clean energy. to jump-start our small businesses with tax credits and loans to create thousands more california jobs. i'm barbara boxer, and i approve this message... because i want to see the words made in america again.
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