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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  September 18, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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so, you can eat them right here... or eat green giant beans at home... ...frozen within 8 hours to lock in nutrients. up to you. [ green giant ] ho ho ho ♪ green giant. seriously injured good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. it has been almost one week since a jogger was seriously
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injured during a race at golden gate field, paralyzed from the waist down but many say lucky to be alive. simon perez say has more on the road to recovery. >> it is probably one of the most severe and shattering spaoeupblg injuries i have seen -- spinal injuries i have seen in the 10 years i have been working here and i've seen a lot. >> reporter: the neuro surgeon is treating 24-year-old jockey michael martinez who remains at highland hospital in oakland, paralyzed but recovering from the life-threatening tumble he took at golden gate field last sunday. >> compared to his condition on arrival, to today -- >> he has most improved at this point. he is awake now. he is able to talk to us. >> reporter: castro moray is meeting with the martinez family, including michael's parents who flew up from panama to be with him. >> i cannot exactly say how he
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feels but it looks to me like he is a little confused. and a little scared. >> reporter: the family is considering what experimental stem cell treatments might be best for michael. if any. >> the spinal cord is a very delicate, extremely complicated organ, and so far, there has not been one case in which we have regenerated in humans. >> reporter: in fact, the doctor says implanting stem cells could put martinez at greater risk because doctors would have to bring down the immune system during treatment. >> we have been slow on this issue mainly because we know he has not been stable enough to undergo a trans plant or something like that and if he had a brain injury that needed close care, but i think definitely, chi foresee that he will bible -- i could foresee that he will be stable enough next week. >> the family wants to take the time to decide what is
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best. >> if he is going to be paralyzed, it is horrible but at least he is going to be a life. >> and he could still be a father. >> can still be a brother. >> and a cousin. so we just have to be thankful he is alive. >> martinez's girlfriend is expecting their first child later this month and the family thinks or at least hopes that could be a motivation for him, too. what better live for and fight for than a kid. >> absolutely. and you feel certainly sorry for him. what kind of treatment options does he have other than stem cells? is that a good track record? >> there there is almost no track record. there is a group in chicago that is doing it but the doctor was telling us that as far as he knows, he is not really sure if anyone has been subjected to this treatment before. so it is quite possible that martinez, if he does decide to do it, he could be the first one to ever try it. >> we will keep our fingers crossed. thank you, simon. appreciate that. well, a san bruno man has filed a class action lawsuit against pg&e over the explosion
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that destroyed 37 homes and killed at least four people. the lawsuit demands that pg&e turn over the $100 million recovery fund to a third party. now it also demands pg&e pay for other monetary damages caused by the explosion. the attorney who filed the suit says the cost of recovery will be much more than expected. >> if you look at some of the real estate people i've talked to, the property devaluation, some of the other injuries, the personal injuries, and the possible punitive damages, i believe their damages are going to be a lot more than $100 million. >> the class action lawsuit was filed yesterday by a person who rents a home on dover court. his home did not sustain damage but he was one of the many neighbors evacuated for three days. in a statement pg&e says it is committed to the residents and the city of bruno to rebuild and will be every step of the way. in about a half hour, funeral services for one of the san bruno victims gets under way.
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these are live pictures in san bruno where mourners are starting to gather at this hour. they are here to remember jessica more alice, aspiring to be a fashion journalist. her boyfriend was critically injured in the blast. a novato teenager remains in critical condition tonight after a car vent in novato that killed a 15-year-old boy and left two others with less serious injuries. as julie watts shows us, police believe alcohol was a factor. >> reporter: every 15 minutes, someone dies in an alcohol- related car accident. in april, the students of novato high participated in this simulation to im illustrate that fact. but today, they're dealing with the real thing. >> we saw the bmw, the car they were driving, it was going towards our school, and then the truck was behind it. and we saw like the helicopter,
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and i saw the yellow tarp over. >> reporter: the crash site is now cleaned up. and a vigil stands in its place. with a picture of the 15-year- old boy who died here yesterday. among the flowers and the crosses is a letter from his family, that begins, dear nephew, there is so much i had hoped to share with you. >> it is really sad. you don't have to know though to feel it. >> reporter: in the small town of novato everyone seems to be impacted by this tragic crash. but what makes it even more difficult are the circumstances behind it. >> you had a young adult who made a very poor decision, starting from driving without a license, driving under the influence of alcohol, and then driving at a high rate of speed, which is a total recipe for disaster. >> reporter: sergeant cross says the driver of the car now faces a series of charges that could result in spending much of his life behind bars. >> we just had like an assembly
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on drinking and driving so it should have clicked in people's heads but i guess -- i mean things happen. i didn't think this was going to happen at all. >> reporter: throughout novato today, there are still more questions than answers. >> why were they out of school before lunch break? where did they get the alcohol? whose car was it? why was he driving without a license? >> reporter: but as they await answer, the community is coming together to remember a boy who touched so many lives. >> i feel like everybody knew this kid. like everybody. because he was nice to everybody. and he knew people from san marin and novato and terra linda so everybody is coming today to like support him and show their love and care for him. >> reporter: students from all three schools are honoring the boy's memory by gathering to chalk his initials on this iconic hill. it will now serve as a very public memorial to their lost friend, as well as a reminder of the consequences of drunk driving. in novato, julie watts, cbs 5. a bay area islamic group
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reports that a burned copy of the koran has been found at the islamic society of san francisco. the book was found in a trash container that was placed outside for collection. today, it was about fun for thousands of bay area muslims who celebrated muslim john unity day at great america. and don knapp is at great america right now. >> reporter: the muslims here at great america we see here, they say the images of television and newspapers are not the images that reflects them and they have an annual day to talk about issues an invite others to see just how it is that they live. it shouldn't come as a big surprise bus muslims just want to have -- but muslims just want to have fun too, they say. and in great america they hope to show that muslim families are like everyone else. >> muslims like to enjoy time with family and friends and go to amusement parks and eat and have a good time and laugh. >> and protests in new york city over plans to construct a
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mosque and islamic cultural center two blocks north of ground zero is what muslims here call anti-muslim hysteria and this day is an antidote to that hysteria. and members of all communities and religions were invited to show muslim unity day. and this man is a convert and he says every belief has its radicals and trends. some of the performers and events here offer an eye- opening view of the islamic culture in the u.s. and among them a muslim-hop artist and also a comedian from the muslim comedy tour. >> i think people can be more educated about islam and change their perspective toward us. >> reporter: this is the sixth annual muslim unity day at great america and they expected about 3,000 muslims and many friends. >> don knapp in santa clara, thank you very much. finally heading home after more than a year in captivity.
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>> i will always associate your country with the first breath of my freedom. >> after the berkeley grad's release from iran, who she thanks first. famous faces in san francisco's special olympics today. what a famous pop star told cbs 5 juliette goodrich. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the last full weekend of summer. and guess what? we're talking about some rain. you can believe it? i will have the details coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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more than a year is on her way home to the u-s tonight. a uc berkeley graduate freed by iran after being in prison for more than a year is on her way home to the u.s. tonight. sara shourd arrived in owe man on tuesday after her release. her two companions, shane bower and josh fatal remain in anirannian prison. before leaving iran, she expressed gratitude for the nation's help -- before leaving oman she expressed grat feud for the nation's help in the
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$500,000. >> i will always associate your country with the first breath of freedom. the sweet smell of sandalwood. and the chance to stand by the ocean listening to the waves. >> the next conference is a news conference tomorrow in new york and will be timed to coincide with the arrival of iran's president mahmoud ahmadinejad to attend the u.n. general assembly. a buddha was unveiled and it is halfway through a world tour as a symbol of peace and harmony. in san jose it has been a subject of controversy as two factions in the vietnamese community fought over the right to exhibit the icon and it will remain on display in san jose until october 1. a big day today for special olympics and fans of the jonas brothers. a fun run was held today, at shoreline park, and mountain view.
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to raise money for special olympics. the run was led by pop singer joe jonas who posed for photos and signed autographs for fans before and after the race. he told cbs 5 juliette goodrich why he loves being part of the event. >> the spirit is fantastic. the fact that there are so many kids out there having a good time, and the athletes are smiling and they're right there with me. >> joe's brother nick also showed up for the race and juliette goodrich hosted the event. the race raised $70,000 for special olympics. many people in the bay area are getting a preview of fall. and when will we get some real rain? lawrence will have the pinpoint forecast next. iders ar,, our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy
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can cause coma andider's even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite.
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but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim. i was just double checking with lawrence, fall doesn't actually start until next week, right? >> it has been feeling like fall all summer but yes. we have a real cold front off the coastline. rain is approaching the bay area. i think it will get here. the storm system moves on in, probably about a month early. nonetheless, here we go. outside right now, we have the fog kind of locked in along the golden gate bridge and making a a little tough driving conditions. visibility is fairly low as the fog deck is coming in on the surface. but there is a storm brewing. and it is just off the coastline. doppler radar picking it up. you can see some of the activity.
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headed to the far northern parts of california. so far. this is going to start sliding down into the bay area overnight tonight. so the clouds will start to encroach. it won't be long, some showers beginning to develop in the north bay and spread to the south throughout the day as we head to tomorrow. with that in mind, tonight, more clouds on the way. later on tonight. a chance of showers developing maybe near the midnight hour in parts of the north bay. and partly cloudy skies, mild conditions along the bay. and partly cloudy and cool along the coast. not your typical summer day along the bay area. cloudy with a chance of showers. not real cold. 60s and 70s for highs but definitely want to get the umbrella out there. and tell you what, not a bad storm system for this time of the year almost a three quarters of an inch in the north bay and a quarter of an inch in the east bay and lesser amounts further south. pretty impressive for this time of the year. outside, 60s and 70s in most spots and 50s toward the coastline with the patchy fog and some 70s in toward the fairfield area, but got a cold front sitting off the coastline and spinning around and haven't seen it for some time and getting things going early and here it is, a nice comma shape
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off the coastline and it is going to sag to the south as high pressure weakens ahead of the system. some showers on the way for the bay area. it looks like for tomorrow, mainly north of the golden gate bridge. let's see if we can pinpoint for you a little bit. heading to the evening hour, starting at 7:00, for the most part, clouds not too bad and clouds filtering in and the midnight hour and the showers creep up in the parts of the north bay. in the middle of the morning tomorrow, here it come, the main front will dive into the bay area and bring some showers and really start to break up as it moves on through. so by the afternoon, sunny breaks in between the clouds, and the temperatures, and well, they will stay fairly mild around the bay area tomorrow with all of the clouds outside and plan on 74 livermore and 59 in napa and 63 and a bit west in san francisco. the temperatures warm up a few degrees and partly cloudy skies tuesday and wednesday. and then next weekend, it looks like mostly sunny skies. and some warmer temperatures on the way. how about the 49ers? monday, mostly clear
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conditions. temperatures about 55. and what about hawaii. yes, are you headed there? chance of showers, about 76 degrees? don't forget the big premiere, hawaii five-o making a return monday night at 10:00. that's a a look at weather. here is kim coyle with sports. thanks, lawrence. the raiders are ready for the home opener and giving tom cable credit for tony mcfadden's play. and troy tulowitzki is making every bat look like batting practice. ,,,, people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology,
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fourth straight win tonight and
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they're under way at at at&t park. tim lincecum is going for the fourth straight win and even more important trying to keep the giants in first place. nobody in baseball is hotter right now than rocky shortstop troy tulowitzki. first inning, he presses one into the left field bleachers. then in the fifth, he strikes again. another homer. he now hit 14 homers in september. >> holy mackerel. he is making a joke out of it here in the month of september. >> the rockies win against the dodgers 12-2. ryan ludwig was traded from st. louis to san diego in july. today he got back at the former team. he breaks a 4-4 tie in the 9th with a three-run homer. the padres snap a three-game losing streak and beat the cardinals 8-4. here is a look at the up to the second nl west standings. the giants are tied for first with the padres. and the rockies, very scary are just one game back. kevin lowe pitched seven no hit innings.
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in the last start against the a's. and powell put an end to a repeat performance with a solo shot to right. second of the season for the a's backup catcher. 1-0a's. rookie chris carter struggles continues. the a's top prospect is now 0- 29. the longest drought to start a career in franchise history. 1-1 game in the 6th. danny valencia has a three-run homer to left. and he loses the fourth straight start and the twins win 4-1. cal scored 52 points in each of the first two games but last night in reno, the bears saw the 52 go up on the wrong side of the scoreboard. nevada showed the pistol offense is for real. and the wolf pack looked every bit like the number one offense in the country. collin caffernick ran for three scores and threw for two more and the senior quarterback combined for 329 total yards. it was a different story for cal. kevin riley, the bears qb who was nearly perfect in the first two games, threw three interceptions, one of them was returned for a wolf pack
6:55 pm
touchdown. nevada beats cal 62-31. the two teams combined for 999 yards of offense. and despite the loss it was another big game for shane vereen, 198 yards and three touchdowns. the freshman sensation keenen allen struggled in the first road game being held to just one catch. lane tiffen and the trojans taking on minnesota. >> we thought he was young and immature and someone would grab him by the throat and tell him he is doing the wrong thing. >> it never gets old. matt barkley rolls out in the second quarter. has all kinds of time. heaves it down the field to ronald johnson. and they win 32-21 to improve to 3-0.. >> he left tennessee with basically its hat in its hand and a bunch of ncaa compliance questions. many in the community are glad he is gone. he never really embraced the tradition, the values of the program, or the community for
6:56 pm
that matter. and often his arrogant attitude turned people off. >> ouch. arizona state looking to take down 11th ranked wisconsin. fourth quarter, asu cameron marshal bangs his way in. 20-19 badgers. they couldn't get any closer. wisconsin blocked the extra point and avoids the upset. the badgers have won 27 straight against nonbig 10 teams. raiders running back michael bush has a game time decision for tomorrow's home opener against the rams. one of the few bright spots from week one was the raiders other running back, darren mcfadden. he had 150 total yards. and scored the team's only touchdown. tom cable felt the media deserved some credit for the big game. >> i think that is him hearing you all questioning whether or not he is for real or whatever. so good job by you guys. and maybe would like to come out and see him hit a homerun would make it more complete. but consistently ran it hard. ran it right. protected it. caught it. you know, but that is --we've
6:57 pm
already talked about that, and when he is healthy, that's who he is. >> tomorrow's game is blacked out locally. but tune in following the patriots/jets game for the fifth quarter. full raider highlights. as for the 49ers -- >> do you recall one time you sang a jingle for us to promote the game? do you remember? >> yes. >> 44 cable 12. >> that's very good. >> something like that. >> thank you, joe. monday night, niners and saints on the cw44 cable 12. our coverage begins at 5:00. >> thank you very much. . >> kim, thank you. next that's it for he this edition of cbs 5 eyewitness news. see you again at 11:00. have a great night. [ male announcer ] jerry brown's good old days.
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