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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 20, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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neighborhoods that border piedmont. generally they are a home burglary or a car that's been broken in the and from what our dispatchers have said these are people tried to call oakland, been on hold for a long time or something like that, and they want to speak to an officer. >> reporter: while oakland police say the crime is down they continue to be high profile incidents that counter that image. most recently councilwoman jean kong who is running inform mayor had her purse snatched in the neighborhood of a gross restar. councilman de la fewen take had his home burglarized for the second time in two years. >> you don't feel very good about it but i live in the district i represent so i'm exposed to what every other citizen is. >> and there's been a few that have taken place in oakland that the perception is crime is going up. in actuality crime is down, crime is down 16% compared to this time last year and 16
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percent is a huge number. >> still. >> the captain has set up a 211, which is a robbery suppression unit. >> but crime is still a concern. for example in this oakland neighborhood where just a couple months ago we did a story about rise in armed robberies and burglaries in broad daylight on the street today they tell us -- >> everybody looks out for each other, things are getting better. >> reporter: but neighbor got broken into? >> yeah, they came through the back window. >> phil ma tier from piedmont. the pipeline explosion made us all ask this question. could did same thing happen in my neighborhood? now some answers, pg&e has just released its list of the 100 riskiest pipelines in california. as simon perez shouse us the criteria for that list. simon. >> reporter: dana there appears to be some debate about whether that list was a secret but we can tell you right now you can find out for yourself.
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>> whenever we identify any potential threat to public safety we immediately go and address the situation. we don't put it on solis, it's not on solis of 100. >> reporter: but for planning purposes pg&e does make up a list of the 100 most dangerous pipeline segments so it nose which ones to fix before others. these maps posted on the company's web site show where they are. they get there based on criteria. will there or has there been third party construction nearby that could affect the pipe, pipe corrosion, land movement near the pipe such as, and the pipe's age, design, and what its made of. >> this list is in flux. some items will move up the list, some items will move down the list. >> reporter: they also included broader maps to show the entire pipeline system so customers can find out if they live near a pipe, risky or not. was preventing a terrorist attack the rationale for not releasing this list and, if so,
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why is that argument no longer valid ed. >> no, it wasn't part of any answers before and, in fact, i think it was almost a week ago last saturday that i was at a press conference with senator boxer and the question was asked "would we be willing to release the locations of where our gas transmission pipelines were" and at that time i said"yes we would." the information has quite frankly not been available on our web site but it has been available to the public on other websites and there hasn't been requests for it in the past. >> i was told, and it was by a pg&e representative right after this event occurred last week from thursday that it was because of the fear or concern of terrorist acts. >> reporter: south san francisco's public works director has been chicago for this information for over a year. >> we ask that they share this with us so we can integrate it
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into our system or guys system but they do not want to share that level of information with us. >> reporter: those maps on the pg&e web site are not interactive. you can't plug in your own address and find out how close they are. you are going to have to call (888)743-7431. you can talk to somebody, give them your adecember, they'll tell you indeed whether you're within 500 feet, of any pipeline, much less a dangerous one. now dana the other interesting thing we found out is that san brown oh section of pipe that exploded last week was not on the top 100 most dangerous risk, the most risky list so pg&e says they are going to review that, figure out what caused the explosion, maybe we'll have to change what the criteria are for putting pipeline segments on the most dangerous list. >> i can see that this is going to be an evolving kind of list and i'm sure that phone jump, i -- and maybe we can give it again later in the broadcast, it will be a busy one. >> you can find it on our web
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site too, it's on there, go to there we go, simon perez, thank you. on the list of pipelines is in san jose, one of them is in san jose, mike sugerman is in city hall with reaction there. mike? >> reporter: we spent the day in city hall and in the neighborhood. at city hall they are glad they got some information, they would like a lot more out in one of the neighborhoods where a dangerous pipeline is, they are not exactly sure what to think. somewhere around this 2010 in north san jose near 1st and taz man beneath the ground lies one of the riskiest gas lines in the bay area. it's home of cisco systems and other firms that have made silicon valley famous. >> it's going to be like san brown oh. >> no one is saying that of course but considering the fact the san brown o line wasn't even among the top 100 on pg&e's list there is concern here, especially when neighborhoods neighbors hear the timetable to repair. >> it's a good thing that they
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are pinpointing it so they can do something about it. but are they going to do something about it, that's the question. >> in 2012 it is set to be repaired. >> i don't know if that's fast enough. >> reporter: i think we all have to be concerned. >> reporter: mayor chuck reed meets with company officials this thursday to find out more about the hundreds of miles of gas pipelines that run under his city. >> i think pg&e has been overwhelmed with the demands for information so, no, i'm not happy with all the information we have but they are working with us, we are getting more information. >> not everyone in this neighborhood is all that worried given pg&e's track record. >> i guess it's safe. to have it under here going down this street. what do i think about it? >> it doesn't bother you. >> doesn't port me at all. i don't think anything bad will happen. >> reporter: married is set to meet with pg&e officials thursday and he is hoping to get a lot more information then. >> mike sugerman, san jose, thank you. a teenager dead after a
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drunk driving incident. a sadly familiar story. what can be done to get the message to students. >> cross a mistake to kill you. >> day one for the express lane and a lot of complaints about even more delays. what may have caused some confusion for drivers. and big changes in the insurance world. which portions of health care reform take effect this week, what it means for your family's coverage. ,, the black widow spider's severe bite can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds.
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baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone,
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it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. crashed a car, killing 15 year old isaac brott and injuring hi >> the chp says a no vat oh high school teenager was drunk when he crashed a car that killed his passenger and injuring 5 others. isaac brought was one of five teenagers in that car last friday. they are not releasing the
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names of the other people in the car but they have arrested the 15-year-old driver for drunken driving and driving without a license. today know vat oh high school students set up a memory board for the teen. >> he was a caring person and he knew everybody. >> two of the four crash victims including the driver are still in the months. well every year several times a year programs brutally truthful programs go into schools with the message to our kids about the dangers of d.u.i. certainly at home we tell our kids do not drink and drive. but 40% of all drunk driving car accidents involve underaged drinking. dr. kim mulvihill joins us with why it doesn't seem to sink in. kim? >> reporter: alan, this afternoon i spent a lot of time at the memorial setup just down the road at the crash site. right now i'm here at san marin high where some students, this weekend, chalked in the letters "ib" up on san marin hill as a
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tribute to isaac brought. for these students, teachers, parents, the entire community, the question is what can we learn from this tragedy. at the crash site, know vat oh high school students gathered in shock and disbelief. here there is no evidence of the mangled car, the empty beer cans or liquor bottle. but the question remains how could this happen? the recent school assembly had warned of drinking and driving. >> we bring up these subjects for a very specific reason and then you go off and do something like that, it's just, you know, for me it's hard to understand why someone would do that. >> but away from know vat ojai, away from the crash site, you hear another story. >> most of my friend here, they drink, and they do have a couple of drinks before they drive. some of them has a designated driver but some has a designated drunk driver who can drive really good when they are
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drunk. >> i think a lot of the kids are like "i'm invincible." >> why the disconnect? some blame a culture saturated with alcohol from high octane party drinks. >> some are mixeded with caffeine and they don't get the same feeling from it. you don't feel as if you can do a lot more, that you're note neb created to reality tv stars. >> the reality shows, yeah, especially the ones lent towards the younger folks are very much at fault. itself makes these kids invincible. you can do it on tv, you can do it anywhere. >> as for the solution, it's equally complex. >> the responsibility of big alcohol, they keep telling people to drink responsibly, we say well market responsibly, advertise responsibly. do not create products that are primarily geared to a young pallet. don't make them sexy, don't associate them with sports
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heroes. all of that, if we could change, would help us reduce alcohol related harm among youth. >> reporter: back at know vat ojai school officials admit scaring kids about the danger is just not enough. >> i think it's more than a foolish issue, it's a societal issue and if -- until we stop glamorizing the drugs and alcohol and partying scene and all that and not really focus on the consequences we're going to continue to have these problems. >> reporter: alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug by youth in america. more than tobacco, more than any list it drugs. today more than 11% of alcohol consumed in the united states is consumed by kids aged 12 to 20. allen? >> you know kim, you just heat to think that until it touches home or somebody close to you, that that's what it takes to get the message through.
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you hate to think that that's it. >> everyone we saw today is hurting. is grieving. >> yeah. yeah, they are. all right. dr. kim, thanks so much. >> well this recent incident in know vat oh has some people asking about teen attitudes regarding drinking and driving. john ray months asked some local teens what can be done to stop underaged drinking. >> as kids at san ramon valley high and they'll tell you drink is common for kids at every high school. >> you don't want to really like argue against it because most people do it. we know that people are gonna drink and know would is going to be able to stop that but it's generally considered stupid to get in a car when you're drunk. >> but for teenagers, the desire to fit in is a powerful force and ironically it can prevent people from speaking out against something that even the majority thinks is wrong. >> everybody does it so it's the kind of thing if you want to fit in with a lot of the crowds you kind of have to do it. >> really. >> and i assume you certainly
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wouldn't speak out against it? >> no. >> reporter: does anyone speak out against this? >> very rarely. most people are against drinking and driving but nobody really steps up and says that that's wrong at all. >> it seems so ease oohy to change it but no one really considers it and decides not to do it. >> reporter: you know the biggest problem of getting through to kids at this age may just be a matter of inexperience. it's really hard to get someone to take danger seriously if they have yet to experience any reel tragedy in their life. that's why schools have programs like every 15 minutes. it's a gruesomely realistic portrayal of a fatally drunk driving accident. the idea so get people to feel the tragedy. but does it have a lasting impact. >> it wouldn't affect to change lives along with it. >> i don't think it's hopeless. every 15 minutes affected a lot of people. >> interview:it did a lot of good. some people you don't change
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that you're set beliefs. >> and they'll always be here. >> and they'll always be there. >> in danville, john rims cbs5. >> the bay area's first express lane but it wasn't all express this morning. the confusion on the highway and what it may take to fix it, that's coming up in 2 minutes. first freeway express lane ,,,,,,,,
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it's happening. let's go! we got a 1-2-0 in progress. what's a 1-2-0? another airline is charging up to $120 roundtrip for two bags. [ imitating siren ] pull over! looks like we got a runner. pull over! we know you've been charging for bags! we can't stop every plane. we're gonna stop this one. you can fly, but you can't hide. ♪ [ ding ] but what really happened? cnn -- not me --
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cnn says his assertion about his tax record was "just plain wrong." jerry brown went out there and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes, which he opposed. and now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth.
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good evening everyone. roberta gonzales at the cbs5 weather center this monday, september 20th, the weather camera looking out past the area. there you have lake curry, looks glorious this evening with ample sunshine, wall to wall sunshine in fact, air temperature currently standing right around 75 degrees after a high today in the low 80s, now to the coast we go. due west. where we have a little bit of stratus now developing in the form of some low clouds and patchy fog. this is ocean beach where today's high temperature tops off in the low 60s, it does appear we'll see temperatures tonight to overnight pretty much into the 50s, i went through that very quickly didn't i. this is because i wanted to give you the 5 and seven-day forecasts, 70 on your tuesday inland areas, you'll
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notice we cool down for the first day of autumn wednesday, then by thursday our temperatures begin to rebound with ample sunshine and warmer temperatures, yes we're hitting 90s by friday, saturday, sunday. if you're going to be submitting us some pictures as julie nigh did from mypix at please do so. this one is from the nimetz trail looking out from berkeley, thank you julie, keep the photos that we were mentioning to mypix at out and about on this monday evening, temperatures in the 60s, at the beaches, 60s, 70s, bayside, we do have an official sundown, we're being able to see a little sliver of that this evening, temperature-wise in the 50s and low 60s for overnight lows, meanwhile we do have the stratus playing tag with the coast. want to go slip in the bay and overnight hours. official sun up 655. going to be able to see our inland areas wildlife the crowds retreat, becomes partly sunny with a trough, this one right here that breezes through
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the northern half of the state. we'll call it partly sunny, 70 in los altos, 83 degrees average high, otherwise east of the bay into the 60s, north 70s, they stack up like this. mill valley, 65 to 75 in sonoma. the '09s returning back here, coming back 6:48. >> roberta, thanks. the bay area's first free quay express lane could improve your commute on 6 will 0, you're going to pay for that privilege. following the rules for getting on and off as we show you a live picture of that, kind of confusing for some people. len with more on the first day glitches for us,. >> reporter: exactly right f you were one of the people stuck in that traffic jam on the smolinski grade you'll probably have something different to say about this. but the people behind the bay area's first ever roll-out of a high occupancy toll lane say it
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was a successful start. things did work well in terms of the infrastructure but the people will admit though that there was a lot of confusion as people tried to merge onto the new lanes at the highway 84 junction. now there is a mile or so to do the merge but they say drivers were apparently consulting over much too quickly and that caused a traffic jan jam that backed up for several miles. >> as you drove through the lane first of all you were hit with signs that you have not seen that had dollar amounts on them. you had a massive amount of media out there, and you had the chp. and we also had caltrans out there working today dog some we'd abate. , so -- that's great planning by the way. but actually, i think as people become more familiar with the lane and get used to the fact they are driving in a hot lane or have the ability to get to a lane things will settle done. >> reporter: now driving that 14-mile stretch this morning
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caused drivers who use the lane about 1 to $1.25 fluctuating of course on the amount of traffic, the bigger the traffic jam the more you have to pay. this is the first of what they say will be many hot lanes in the bay area over the coming years. next will be highway 580 in alameda county and after that will be highway 237 in tan santa clara county. eventually they say the area will be blanketed with about 800 miles of hot lanes but who knows how long that will take. these lanes are very expensive and there's not a lot of money in the state budget. i don't need to tell you that of course. >> it doesn't mean we'll have a steep learning curve, when the lane is in use, if you don't want your fasttrack trans ponder red you got to put it in a mylar bag and -- >> reporter: there is a lot going on. one of the major things, people were excited to come out and use this lane, they didn't want to miss it, they weren't sure where the entrance was so they got in as soon as they could
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and of course that caused a lot of back up where everybody tried to do that at once. >> when it works it's going to work great, i think, and people will appreciate it so -- >> let's hope so. the celebration today to mark the completion of another highway completion project in the east bay. there was a ribbon cutting ceremony for the highway project that will include traffic flow hopefully in the castro valley area. the upgrade includes a revamp of the redwood road interchange with a new eastbound on-ramp and westbound off ramp. >> this should have happened when this freeway was built. but it didn't. took a while. but we delivered now. and i think it's going to be good for castro valley, good for the region. >> the 580 interchange project costs about $30 million, 80% of it was paid for by the county's half-cent sales tax and the rest by state and federal funds. the debate over health care reform raged on for over a year. now it's about to take effect. insurance changes coming this
6:25 pm
week, what they could mean for your family's coverage in cost. >> send people out spying, you know, standing in back of trees watching this guy. >> but that wasn't enough. why a cleaning company is now being removed from the list of contractors approved to work in the san brown oh disaster zone. and after the scandal in bell jerry brown lost the state- wide ceremony. the city manager whose pay scale will land him under review. health care reform passed - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere.
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we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. health care reform passed - and it took barack obama a full quarter of his presidency to get health care reform passed and it is still a scorching hot subject of debate this election year. one thing is for certain, it's law and it starts affecting all of our lives in the coming days. ann notarangelo on what the first changes mean for you. >> reporter: as people sought treatment at contra costa medical section a sigh of relief for gino ra immediaties who come thursday will be back
6:29 pm
on his father's plan and will be able to seek treatment for his f.b.i. row my alge a. >> i stopped working so i could provide for myself or at least be a helping hand in the family. >> reporter: julie waters says it will save her 2-year-old who has a form of epilepsy. >> violet can still be in the hospital for two weeks to stop her seize yours, violet is going to be okay because of this. >> reporter: today congressman john gary men tee and miller highlighted the health insurancement as of september 23rd your health coverage cannot be arbitrarily canceled if they become sick. your child cannot be denied coverage because of a preexisting condition. your child can stay on your health plan up to age 26. your health plan cannot put a lifetime limit on your health coverage and over the next three years annual limits will be phased out. for people getting new insurance you have the right to key preventative services without deductible and could
6:30 pm
payments, you have the right to book both an internal and external appeal when treatment or reimbursement has been denied. you have the right to choose your own doctor and you tv right to access out of network emergency room care at in- network cost sharing rates. like all laws there are details that should be noted a financed you think this health care reform affects you you really should contact your health care provider. but hopefully this gives you a little more information and you know now what questions to ask. but it's clear the wound created by the contentious debate over this issue are going to need more than band- aids. >> those that have signed that pledge to repeal this policy, you are dead wrong, because there will be dead americans as a result of the repeal of this law. >> reporter: and with such harsh words you may wonder whether or not this is a political scare tactic for the november elections. >> we didn't rays the issue, they have raised the issue. the tea party, their supporters, have raised the issue. >> reporter: the law passed but the debate never really
6:31 pm
stopped. and the long-term prognosis of insurance reform is unclear. in martin, ann notarangelo, cbs5. a clean up company has been removed from pg&e's list of contractors approved to work in the san brown oh disaster zone. jennifer mistrot reports the company says it was dropped even though it sent spies out to catch a worker who was drawing complaints. >> these are all fresh cracks. new cracks in the stucco that be runs along the bottom of the house. >> scott bush man's fire damaged home is still standing even though he lives within pitching disanswer of the blast zone. an employee from contractor serve pro came by and did a walk-through of scott's house. >> and then he was going to schedule a cleaning for friday morning. he never showed up, never showed up, never showed up, probably about 2:00 i called and they said "we're no longer an authorized vendor for pg&e. >> reporter: it turns out pg&e has knocked the water and fire
6:32 pm
clean up specialists off its list of authorized contractors. after customers complained about who serve pro had knocking at their front door. >> we sent people out spying, you know, standing in back of trees, watching this guy. >> reporter: franchise owner clayton berry says the complaints stem from the action of one individual he brought into help out in the busy days after the explosion. barry says that the temporary employee was spied on in the neighborhood by his own staff. and then fired for bad customer service. >> this is not a get rich quick opportunity. it's an opportunity to help people, it's an opportunity to give good service, and it's an opportunity to build our brand name. that's what we -- that's our goal. >> reporter: the company says it understands pg&e's decision, serve pro is still finishing up some 85 johns they have scheduled 85 jobs they have
6:33 pm
listed in the jobs. but scott says he had no problem with his serve pro rep. he just wants the work done and that everything else is extra vest he and his family don't need. in san brown oh jennifer must ontario, cbc 5. >> jennifer did call pg&e but the utility didn't provide a comment on this particular situation but serve pro continues to work in the area for other vendors such as insurance companies. the state attorney general is promising to review the salaries of local government workers who make more than $300,000 a year. san ramon city manager is sure ton on that list. last month we told you herb mow knees made $356,000 in 2009. san ramon's budget has a reserve but the city recently decided to rays fees for some programs while cutting back on parkland escaping, tree maintenance, and street sweeping. all in the name of saving money. still, in august, the mayor made no apologies for his city
6:34 pm
manager's salary. we're looking at a person who does not have an assistant that worked twice as hard as i think a lot of other people, the 10 years he has here, and the fact that he gives 200% and they are -- >> you don't think his salary is excessive? >> not with what he does and as an individual. >> they are cutting back on services, you're asking seniors to pay an extra buck, and this guy doesn't get any cutbacks, he doesn't even have to give back a bonus or -- >> mr. minez is a -- will have his salary freeze for the next two years. >> at $356,000 that's not a hardship. >> it's not a hardship but when you look at what's going on and what he has done to maintain the quality of life -- >> that the activity -- >> state attorney general jerry brown's office is going to take a look at whether salaries are comparable to those in other cities and how transparent
6:35 pm
cities were when they set the pay range. the investigation comes after revelations about huge salaries in the city of bell. our last week we told you about the so-called frankenfish. today we've got a close-up. what stands between this genetically altered fish and your dinner table. >> what we do is go out and kick the ball. >> and one of the bay area's stand out soccer players trying a different sort of kicking game. the one demand her coach made of her new teammates. the 49ers are officially retiring number 80 today. we'll hear from jerry rice. the great got cow ski was brought in as a replacement to give the raiders a home opening win. ,, ,,
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ocean beach today. the whale to have been d what is left of a large dead whale has washed up on ocean beach today. the whale appears to have been dead for some time so it's
6:38 pm
unclear what type of whale it is. but this is the third dead whale spotted recently in our local waters. marine experts say that there are a lot of what else in the bay area right now because the waters are filled with krill which is the whale's favorite food. genetically engineered salmon may be on our dinner plates very soon. as manuel gallegus reports if the fda does approve it it will be the first ever genetically engineered animal approved for human consumption. >> reporter: it's not just a fish story. you could soon be eating genetically engineered salmon, using growth hormone from chinook salmon they claim the genetically engineered eggs can grow full sized fish in half the time as wild salmon, the altered fish is safe, and will create jobs. >> we can bring an industry back to the united states and provide americans a safe and sustainable high-quality seafood through this material. >> reporter: the food and drug
6:39 pm
demonstration adegrees the salmon is safe but is waiting for an advisory panel's opinion before approving the fish for sale. food safety groups say no way. they call the salmon frankenfish and argue it could be bad for humans and natural fish. >> we think that the fda hasn't done all its homework yet and the company hasn't done all its homework yet. even if the government does approve the genetically altered fish it won't be available to the public for at least a couple years. and the consumers we talked with are sceptical. >> you're fooling with nature and, any time you do that, you're taking a big chance. especially when it's something for human consumption. >> reporter: at washington's main avenue fish market no one seemed anxious to try the new salmon. >> i'm scared of it. >> reporter: the fda hasn't said when it will make its decision but they agree if the salmon is approved other genetically modified food will be right behind it. manuel gallegus, cbs, washington. she is one have the girls only she wears pads and a
6:40 pm
helmet and kicks field goals. it's a great night for football and, you know what, it's going to feel more like football right here in the bay area as we have a cooling trend but the day we hit the 90s i'll pinpoint that. as "eyewitness news" continues, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:43 pm
gone before. and as don fernandez shows us, if you say she ki a high school athlete in san jose has gone where few girls have gone before. and as doug fernandez shows us if you say she kicks like a girl it's a compliment. >> for 16-year-old whitney caunable her biggest challenge is finding the next one. the santa theresa high school soccer star is a former mvp first team all leaguer and scholar athlete. this year, white knee decided to try her foot at another sport. but it's one that typically does not welcome female athletes. so what did she do to make the roster? >> that's perfect like that. >> reporter: she kicked the door down.
6:44 pm
>> it's really simple. all you do is go out and kick the ball, which is something that i have been doing for 11 years now, playing soccer. just kicking the bal through the posts. >> reporter: of course it helps when you can drill it through the uprights at 40 yards. >> we basically had a full-on trial with every guy on varsity, every guy, it wasn't pretty so we brought whitney out and she did great. the kids accept her and we need her. >> reporter: for whitney kicking the ball comes easy. kicking it with her teammates is an adjustment. >> i'm the only girl out there and i'm not really in my comfort zone and it's not really a sport that i fully understand. >> we're looking at her just as i am, another teammate kicking the ball, helping us win games. >> like before we were a lot of cuts, once we were getting ready for her to start coming out the coach made us do 25 pushups east so we wouldn't be using bad language in front of
6:45 pm
her. >> on this day the saints battled the cowboys of sea lean as, the saints came up short. whitney will get they are shot but it didn't come up today. her favorite quote is if you want the rainbow you must put up with the rain. she will get her shot and kick it through that rainbow too. in san jose, john fernandez, cbs5. >> they said if you want the rainbow you have to put up with -- >> you want the rain? >> no rain. >> a little bit this weekend. >> it wasn't like a deluge but we had a little bit of light rain in the bay area. and now it looks like it's going to get a little crazy. we have a cool-down and then we have a substantial warm up. bakes in the bay area. all the talk about football, but there's some baseball action going in town. the white sox straighting our oakland a's and check out who our weather watch service of the day. >> i gio gonzalez of the oakland a's and it's a little chilly so bring your jackets out to the coliseum and enjoy
6:46 pm
the game. >> question gio gonzalez, i love him, he is a foot brother from another mother. what a great weather watch. we have temperatures into the 70s, take a look at this right now, the bay waters with a temperature on the eastern span of the bay bridge, currently in the 60s, otherwise, a small craft advisory is in place. now let's head to san jose where we currently do have crystal clear skies as well, it looks at this particular time that the winds are blowing out of the west currently up to about 22 miles per hour, and it's a little bit breezy for the evening commute as the sun does officially set at 7:13 this evening, you're able to see it along the coast where we have a little bit of stratus just lurking close to the immediate sea shore, 50s, 60s, bayside, shifting out and about, we'll have increasing cloud cover from that stack of low clouds, otherwise temperatures into the 50s and 60s, very mild. here come the clouds.
6:47 pm
official sun up tomorrow morning, 6:55, you're going to see it in some of the inlocations, further east. you go toward the ultimate path. deck of low clouds, enhanced touring the day. from this weak trough. sunny conditions. again that's going to deepen allowing cooler air mass to spill into the bay area. therefore numbers 7 to 10 degrees cooler than what we topped off today at 82 degrees. santa rosa, 72 degrees there. upper 50s, pacifica, low 70s, santa clara valley. the cbs five-day forecast, let me get out of the way, it does have sunny skies, temperatures back into the 90s by friday, all the way through saturday, slight cooling sunday. my pick, julie nigh we thank you, berkeley, by the way can becu the music? . >> oh, yeah, okay. tonight is going to be the biggest hit ever, it's the
6:48 pm
return of hawaii 5-0, we've got temperatures at 86 degrees. got your tivo set? >> all set. >> okay. >> book 'em row. >> i can't wait, i can't wait. >> he said depending et. thank you roberta. coming up on the news, 10 on the cw, they were rescued from michael vick's virginia estate. dozens of pit bulls trained to fight and kill. how some 6 come and made an amazing transformation. 10 and 11:00 tonight. did the raiders make a change at quarterback? the giants find themselves in first place after an offensive explosion. we're up next. ,,,,
6:49 pm
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all right. is this a raiders quarterback controversy or who is gonna start. >> a lot of change in the raiders team. one thing happened. when gradkowski comes off the bench he wins football games. he did it again. i love the guy too. i'm surprised it happened this early. tom cable did not name his starting quarterback for next sunday's game against the cardinals but after yesterday's second half performance you would have to think bruce gradkowski is the guy.
6:52 pm
[ chanting "bruce" ] >> gradkowski replaced the struggling campbell and led on three scoring driving including a touchdown to louis murphy as they beat the rams 16-14. >> made the switch at half time at quarterback. you know. basically just to give the team a lift. felt like we needed to change- up a little bit and my job is to win games and do whatever it takes to do that. >> bruce is just an outstanding professional. whenever he is called moni comes out and ready to play and the fans love him, the fans will boo, no, they are saying "bruce," everyone rallies around the guy and he comes out and makes plays for us. >> reporter: why weren't you the starter from the get-go? i mean were they just trying to see how healthy you were as a raider? >> i don't know. i was injured coming off of last season into the off- season, jason is a good quarterback. you know, they brought him in and gave hima shot you know. and eh, we're all reaching for
6:53 pm
the same goal. >> of course it's disappointing but at the same time i didn't want it to be a distraction to the team. it's not about me, it's about the team. >> cable says he'll probably make that announcement on wednesday. in just a few minutes the 49ers will retire jerry rice's number 80. i caught up with the newest hall of famer on saturday night at the palace hotel. >> well i'm really tired of talking about him, you know, it's been all summer hall of fame tour. no i'm joining. this is for him. >> reporter: your football career really began with a principal chasing you down the hallway. tell me that story. >> yeah, you know, i was playing looky one day and the principal walked up behind me, scared me, and i just took off. all he could see was this flashy red jacket and said "wow this guy is really run fast" so i got punished first then i was asked to go out for the football team and i went out, not the best athlete, not the most talented but i worked at it and i became a starter like
6:54 pm
the next year. >> when did you realize that jerry rice was going to be that good? >> when he first put on a pair of shoes and i saw him in practice. >> really. >> on. bill and i were standing there and he said "we've got somebody special here." >> he was hall of fame at canton, hall of fame career, and i'm sure will be hall of fame. >> monday night i was always at my best on monday night. >> i'm sure he will be tonight as well. the giants had their day off before playing at chicago tomorrow night. the bat snapped out of the funk yesterday. after scoring just one run in the first two games of their series against milwaukee. josi guillin grand slam, drove in six runs by far. his best game. since coming over to the giants last month. >> he got every bit of that one homes. >> the giant now, i want to do something when it's counting, when we really did it. >> ups and downs, the highs and lows are a lot bigger.
6:55 pm
can't sleep, ever. i can't sleep for everybody, for me i can't wait for everybody to get to the field and, you know, get going. it's going to be an exciting game no matter who you're playing. >> pretty fun. the giants are a half game ahead of the padres, they'll start a three game set at wrigley, 3 in colorado with the rockies, only a game and a half back. they'll finish the season with three at home against the padres. it is going to be interesting. freaky injury in yesterday's cub games. hit tyler coleman in his upper chest as he is running home. colvin was cut, had to leave the game. nothing splintered into hess face or deep near to his chest. he was taken the hospital as a precaution. time to recap the best of the weekend. we start with koci ross' coming at the hands of ryan braun. >> 1-1 to cody ross. ross hits a high drive to left,
6:56 pm
he may have a bead on it at the wall. he leaps, and he caught it. an unbelievable catch by ryan braun. >> nobody really talks to me. they knew i was upset. >> manchester united's jim a tar bure to have scored a hat trick against liverpool. his unbelievable scissors kick that propelled manchester united to a 3-2 victory. tom brady to randy moss. beating terell revis who hurt his hamstring. despite that the jet won the football game. torre hunter has been a web jet generator during the course of his career, he is going to hope this one doesn't make to it that list. >> over the wall, fortunately he was allowed to laugh about it. 31-28 in overtime. spartan coach mark dantonio opts for the fake field goal instead of attempting the game-
6:57 pm
time 46-yarder. aaron bates hit a wide open charlie gant for the game- winning 28-yard score and they stung the irish 34-31 in overtime. >> michigan ingenuity. >> as always. take a little credit there. >> where are you from? >> yeah. >> right here on hand. >> big one. >> yeah. >> great rack. >> that's a weather troop right there. >> got the gloves, got the -- >> see the upper peninsula over here. anyway, so 49ers are playing now. >> playing, they lead the saints 9-7, jerry rice at half time, i think this is not a must-win game but go out and show a good performance. >> what channel? >> that would be the cw cable 12. we'll have a postgame after that game. >> on the cw. >> yes. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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