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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 23, 2010 12:35am-1:10am PST

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and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. ♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [applause]
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craig: now, before we go, everybody, i would like to thank the gentlemen of the cast of "big bang theory" for being here. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you very much. craig: and we would like to wish a good night to kaley, wherever you are out there. [laughter] wave goodbye to kaley. >> goodbye, kaley. ♪ [ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. daring. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before you drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac.
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reality. drastic cuts to bay area mass transit. the months of threats now a reality. drastic cuts to bay area mass transit. the neighborhoods hit the hardest. a dad trying to protect his daughter or a police officer flexing his muscle? what happened before the camera started rolling? it's like a bad episode of glee. the cheerleading coach accused of stealing thousands of dollars from her own squad to pay for a trip to vegas. it would be impossible if everyone in the state was hooked up every day to smoke all the marijuana being produced in california. >> so where does that marijuana
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go? a cbs exclusive that helped make california the biggest exporter in the world. good luck gets around the bay area because a couple of hours ago, the ax fell. and it fell hard. drastic cuts to mass transit. the biggest cuts we have seen. linda yee on the people that will be effected. >> reporter: these are the people stranded on weekends. the bus lines that go through most neighborhoods will be eliminated. >> i need the buses to get to my doctors and where i need to go. it would be very difficult for me. i don't like to care on the paratransit. >> reporter: transit told their board of directors stopping late night runs and cutting service will save more than $11 million. low-income areas will be hit hard and that angered one member of the transit board.
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>> you better damn well have a good explanation. >> reporter: az transit says they have no other way to go. >> our financial is such we can't afford to do otherwise. >> reporter: it will force consumers different ways to get from one city to the next and add hours to commutes. riders scolded the board and its members. >> you've got blind people, people on crutches. all kind of peoples out there who need help. and you talking about cuts. i bet none of you don't put your mercedes in the garage. i bet you drive them. so why can't you do what you supposed to do and take care of the people that need your help? >> reporter: az transit has blamed the bus drivers for part of the budget problems. so far no new contract talks
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are started. >> negotiate a contract, be fair. we offered you money. we can't take the whole brunt of all this. >> reporter: now, the main bus routes will remain open through the weekends. it's just you can't get to those main routes. all of the feeder lines that go through all the neighbors and union city and castro valley, berkeley, richmond even here in oakland, they will be eliminated. also included transbay service. and all of this begins on september 10. it started december 10th. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: not unless you want to do walking to get to the bus that will run. >> that's not convenient. thank you. was he a good dad or a bad cop? a south bay family accuses a san jose officer of false
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arrest. they say he handcuffed a teenage boy for fooling around with his stepdaughter. there could be serious consequences. >> in my opinion, he committed a kidnapping, he committed a false imprisonment. >> reporter: tony boscoe,witz represents the boy. >> it wasn't smart to mess with the cop's daughter. >> reporter: we're not naming them. he claims on august 30th, the veteran motorcycle cop confronted the teen's parents at the front door. >> in full uniform, gun, duty belt, boots. essentially demanding entrance. >> reporter: it's unclear if he was on our off duty. what is clear : >> the officer is on paid administrative leave pending the investigation. >> reporter: investigating whether the cop acted under color of authority.
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using the uniform to get citizens to submit. >> he said you come with me and takes the boy. my understanding is took the boy inside the house without the parents. then they heard a thud sounding like a body hitting the floor. >> reporter: the parents tell the attorney when they raced into the house : >> the son is leaning back with his hands behind his back. with his back up against the sofa and the officer is about 2 feet away from him towering over him with his right hand on his duty weapon. >> reporter: former prosecutors say the cop's job is on the line. >> well, if he's charged with a felony false imprisonment which is restraining liberty under the color of authority or by force that's a serious felony and that officer would not be able to continue on as police officer if he's convicted from that. >> reporter: i went to his front door tonight he tells me
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he cannot comment on the case because it involves minors. his attorney says this was an officer trying to scare a wayward teen straight. i can tell you about four minutes of this was captured on cell phone video. neither san jose police nor the attorney from the family will release that video tonight. >> thank you. san leandro, a man jumped out of an suv in what police call a tactical police uniform. he told a woman to freeze and put her in handcuffs. after he drove off, the woman realized she was missing $200. bay area cheerleaders thought something was up. their money was missing. now the head cheerleader has been charged with stealing that
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money. dawn knapp tells us how she's accused of spending it. >> reporter: they're cheering on the outside, but probably hurting on the inside. because. >> this lady who was a cheerleader and the coach stole almost $20,000 from the other cheerleaders. >> reporter: ashlee hailey managed the finances of the cheerleading squad. each member contributed about $1000 to cover costs. >> she ended up using all of this money for her personal use for a trip to las vegas, for expenses there. also to pay her rent and food, entertainment, etc. >> reporter: hailey is charged with 29 criminal counts. hailey's public defender entered a plea of not guilty and told she has no criminal
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record. it hasn't diminished the spirit. they just want to move on. other students reacted this way. >> i would feel disrespected and violated in a lot of ways. people work hard for their money. it's shame when it's put into a place like you thought it would be trusted. >> you trust people and they take advantage. not okay. >> no, it's not. not at all. i hope they can raise money and i'd like to do anything i can to help. >> reporter: out $20,000, they're hoping to bounce back. the da's office is working with university police to recover the money. don knapp, cbs 5. other bay area headlines now. the death toll from the san bruno pipeline explosion officially jumped to seven. the coroner's office confirmed that gregory bullis, his mother lavon and son died in that
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blast. tomorrow crews will start removing charred remains of homes and cars. they sprayed hundreds of gallons of water on the ash and debris so the wind couldn't blow it away. oakland is losing hundreds of jobs because clorox is moving up to 700 positions in pleasantton. staff from a pleasantton office will be based at a new campus. the transfer is expected done by the end of next year. san fransisco foodies take part. just a week after ikes closed its doors, it's open again. they are sharing space with the restaurant lime on market street. ikes was evicted from its 16th street store after people complained about noise, lines, and litter. this time the sandwiches are available only by phone order.
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coming up: the two words that may have just cost meg whitman half a million votes. the california city that she says is awful. rescued from the war zone in iraq, the extreme measures one bay area woman was willing to take to give this four legged victim another chance. flying dope out of the bay area. >> it would be impossible to smoke up all the marijuana in >> it would be impossible to smoke up all the marijuana in california. our state has a huge deficit. meg whitman's plan will make it billions worse by eliminating the capital gains tax for wealthy investors, including herself. economists say her plan will "rip a hole in the budget" and is "deeply flawed". analysts for the l.a. times say whitman's plan is a "pure handout" to the rich creating a "huge risk" to schools and public safety. jerry brown's against this unfair giveaway because it will take billions from our children when we can least afford it. get california working again-for all of us.
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but it may be a tough sell in fresno. she told the meg whitman wants to be governor of california but it may be a tough sell in fresno. she told the news quote, fresno looks like detroit. it's awful. later on her campaign said the comment was not a slight at the half million people in fresno, only about the economic problems. and jerry brown has crept ahead of whitman in our news poll. but only by three points which is also in the margin of error. that was before the fresno comments. and barbara boxer has more support. dozens of people are facing charges in connection with with a cocaine trafficking operation that's been running for a decade now. a person would bypass to get to
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cur couriers. one piece of checked luggage contained 40 pounds of coke mistakingly ended up in vegas and a person from stockton filed a lost bag claim. from cocaine to marijuana, so much is now growing in california that a new report calls the golden state the leading exporter of weed worldwide. and we learned the pipeline starts right here in the bay area. it's a story you'll only see on cbs 5. >> reporter: august 5, 2010. 8:27 a.m. this 1976 piper area star takes off from the airport. records show the twin engine aircraft will make fall in lubbock, texas, and charlotte north carolina before its final destination at the shelby airport in north carolina just after midnight.
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and that's where local law enforcement personnel were waiting. the sheriff's department in shelby says the plane was filled with 173 pounds of marijuana. arrested, three men from northern california. one a united airlines pilot. 35-year-old james hathaway of berkeley. who would have thought that hayward, california had anything in connection with with shelby, north carolina? we found out this runway is one of the jumping off points of a major drug route. >> there is a definite tie about what's going on in north carolina today and what's going on in california. that seems to be a pipeline. >> reporter: former dea specialist in charge heads up a state agency that monitors drug trafficking. and says the seizure in north carolina is marking a trend. >> the numbers were off the chart. i've been in drug law enforcement for 40 years, quite
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frankly i was astounded. >> reporter: using formulas set up by the united nations, estimated california produced 49,000 metric tons of marijuana last year. that's about double produced in all of mexico. it's so much pot that the report concludes that california is the biggest exporter in the world. >> it would be impossible if everybody in the state was toked up every day top smoke up all the marijuana in california. the wars they're fighting in mexico today, those started over marijuana. >> reporter: but critics of the report say not so fast. >> i find that suspicious. >> reporter: chris conrad testifies as an expert witness in marijuana trials. he says the formulas the government is using to come up with its pot production estimates are way off. >> when you follow the claimed
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quantities especially to when you weigh and examine it is about 1/7 of what they start off claiming. >> reporter: he believes there is an alterior motive. >> was to get the attention of the folks in washington, it is not a local regional problem. it's a national problem. if that's a political move, that's the way it is. united airlines tells us the pilot james hathaway has been fired now. the u.s. attorney's office won't confirm or deny reports it's now involved in this investigation. all right, it's fall. september 22nd officially fall did arrive at 8:09 this evening.
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we have 80 degrees in concord. picking at the 100% harvest moon. people were writing in tonight asking about the bright planet in the sky. it's jupiter on the rise. your thursday morning has areas of patchy clouds temperatures banking between 50-55 or 60 degrees. 56 degrees in vallejo and american canyon. we had this huge ridge of high pressure strengthening from the desert. going to warm up the atmosphere and dry out the relative humidity as well. gradual warm-up beginning tomorrow. anywhere between 3 and 9 degrees warmer than today. pretty seasonal. average high 73. let's begin with pinpointing your neighborhood forecast along the coastside.
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66 in pacifica. winds will be out of the northwest 15-20 late day. east of the bay from 67 degrees in richmond to 84 in danville and brentwood back into discovery bay. low and mid-80s near glen allen and sonoma. offshore flow will kick in friday afternoon. near or record heat of monday barely any kind of cooloff by wednesday. got to appreciate this. thank you for my pix. keep them coming at we rarely hear about the pets that are forced to live in the middle of a battle zone. >> some of them are now getting a second lease on life in the bay area. several organizations like paws
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are helping pets rescued from places like iraq and afghanistan. adjusting to a new environment for these animals is not always easy. >> she hasn't seen green grass or trees before. she's experienced broken down buildings. >> shipping a pet from the middle east back to the u.s. can cost $300 or more. right now paws has 120 pets that need homes. for information on adopting one or more, go to >> see the things that make san fransisco's fi and as a progressive customer, you get to use any of our concierge claim centers. so i can just drop off my car and you'll take care of everything? yep, even the rental. what if i'm stuck at the office? if you can't come to us, we'll come to you in one of our immediate response vehicles! what if mother won't let me drive? then you probably wouldn't have had an accident in the first place. and we're walkin'!
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of wood furniture straight from the craftsman, or a cherished piece in your home, revealing your wood's natural beauty is in your hands with old english. its new trigger gently mists mineral oil that nourishes and helps protect your wood furniture. so it can be handed down from generation to generation. bring out the natural beauty of your wood with old english. when it comes to fighting fires in san fransisco, there's one thing that has not changed in almost a century. tonight's good question. why does the san fransisco fire department still use wooden ladders? >> reporter: the city of san fransisco formed its first official fire department in the summer of 1850. a lot of things have changed
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since then, but some things haven't. the department is one of only a handful in the country that still uses wooden ladders. and the only ones that actually makes their own. >> we have basically the first ladders we've ever produced for the city and county, we're still using them. that was almost 100 years ago. >> reporter: michael braun the ladder shop foreman says it's simple. modern aluminum ladders won't work in this town. >> the main reason we use the wooden ladders because the connectivity in a city that is all overhead wires. >> reporter: you have to get to the fire to fight it. >> various roofing ladders, ridged ladders, fire escape ladders, and smaller attic extension ladders to get into all the special areas in san fransisco that have tight
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corners and tight areas to get into. >> reporter: it takes two to three weeks to hand make each ladder. the douglas fir rails and rungs can last for generations. i need your good questions, send them to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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shared by the 1972 the giants have allowed fewer than three runs in 16 consecutive games matching the record shared by the 1972
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indians and the 1981a's. but they're batting .215 this month. randy wells threw zeros. a huge strike out of buster posey. critical pitch in the 3rd. sanchez threw it high. watch the wild pitch. gets away from posey. ill advised throw to third base hits hill. that's your ball game. if you can't score, you're not going to win. giants lose 2-0 tonight. d-backs new gm towers. until chris young change gets the hit. they beat the rockies 8-4. meanwhile, in los angeles
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miguel tejada against the dodgers smashes the three run bomb. padres beat the dodgers 3-1. and a half game behind the braves in the wild card. young a's slugger chris carter got out to his start. carter belts his first major league home run and that's no cheapy. he's on 4-8 in three games. brad shying her couldn't close it out. go ahead double. 4-3. rangers in town tomorrow. bruce gradkowski has been named the 49ers starter for arizona. marlins and mets. got some range. from his knees yes. marilyns win. number four, 30 games below
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.500. this is how you make a catch. number three, pivotal game between the phillies and braves. infante did his job. phillies win 1-0 their magic number is four. they are rock solid. number two tigers. will back hand blitz to johnny peralta. tigers win 4-2. padres are in first place because of that and cunningham airborne to [ crowd cheering ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] 2-scoop sundae, water and a free mlb® mini helmet compliments of aquafina. baskin-robbins.
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