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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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surveillance video is astonishing very big weapons, very armed that. much is clear. what's unclear is who were they and what were they doing there? and perhaps what's most astonishing of all is no airport personnel bothered to ask or report them. reporter: this is a sight you don't often see at airports. two men dressed in black s.w.a.t. style outfits heavily armed with assault weapons. handguns in their holsters, hanging out around baggage claim at mineta international airport saturday. >> assault weapons, that's a little strange. >> why they don't control the airport? >> reporter: it's the kind of scene that alarms passengers, the kind of scene that airport personnel and information desk volunteers like joy singer should be on the lookout for. >> as far as security, i think it's something that you're aware of. >> reporter: but maybe not aware enough. over the weekend, two other volunteers did spot the armed men. in fact, the men were standing right in front of the
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information desk. yet nothing happened. >> nobody either from a volunteer staff or from our airport staff or from our parking control people or from passengers call it in to say that something was out of the ordinary. >> reporter: turns out the two men were security guards from lawrence livermore national labs here to pick up a colleague but basic security and notification steps were never taken. a lab spokesman tells cbs 5, in a protocol oversight they didn't notify the airport that they are coming that's the standard procedure courtesy among law enforcement organizations. >> it gives us an opportunity to look at our policies and procedures along with our training protocols to learn from this. >> reporter: in this age of terrorism security is everyone's responsibility. still, many passengers are troubled that airport staff and volunteers weren't on top of
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the situation. >> if i saw someone armed with significant weapons i would want to know what's going on. >> we pay tax to protect us. right? but these kinds of things happen that it's hopeless. >> reporter: we have so many procedures. we have a full bottle of water toss it before you pass through security checkpoints. but in this case, clearly, something fell through the cracks. >> you know, as someone huh has been given the third degree for having the wrong sized toothpaste in a tube, i'm surprised at the seemingly nonchalant attitude of the airport official. is that a fair assessment? >> i don't think they are nonchalant about it. i think what happens because they were wearing uniforms they seemed to be security guards and everyone assumed they were security guards with some sort of law enforcement agency but you're right, someone should have stopped and asked, who are you with, why are you here, and do airport personnel know that
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you're supposed to be here? >> all right. >> thank you, thuy vu. a temporary reprieve late today for a men scheduled to die by lethal injection at san quentin. albert brown was supposed to be the first execution in california in more than four years. but the governor has now delayed it to 9:00 p.m. on thursday allowing extra time for all the legal options to be considered. ann notarangelo is at san quentin this evening. >> reporter: hi, julie. the governor stepped in base said albert greenwood brown has a right to exhaust all appeals. right now it's before the ninth circuit court, before essexecuted. but today he did suffer a setback when another judge in marin county said she would not stop his execution. reporter: in marin county, lawyers representing death row inmates argued about a technicality in the death penalty.
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said the revised lance ito protocol violates a california law on procedures for new regulations. the 56-year-old brown raped and murdered a 15-year-old southern california girl in 1982. judge adams rejected brown's reprieve and directed the case to the ninth circuit court of appeals. >> mr. brown cannot prove that he will suffer pain if he is executed under the current regulations and he has not demonstrated the likelihood of prevailing on the merits of his claim. >> reporter: there are plenty of death penalty supporters who think the death penalty never needed to be changed and want the condemned to die as order -- as ordered by the court. lance lindsey isn't one of those people. the director of death penalty focus says the questions that prompted the judge though halt the questions thatpromptedd the judge to halt executions in 2006 have still not been answered. >> in terms of how the drug was administered, the kind of training that those who are part of the execution team did to administer those drugs.
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>> reporter: and he takes issue with judge adams' requiring brown to prove he will be in pain. >> it was a federal judge years ago that in look at least six cases there was evidence that there was undue pain and suffering. >> reporter: he also accuses the attorney general's office of rushing his execution. >> we are concerned this has more to do with politics than public safety. >> i contacted attorney general jerry brown's office to ask them that question. they didn't respond to that inquiry but they did admit that they only have enough dosage of the sodium pentothal the lethal drug for one execution before september 30. we have also heard reports that that dosage expires october 1. again, brown has been sentenced to death now. the new execution date is the day before.
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>> it might go past that time? >> reporter: they haven't talk about that. the governor has once again decided that brown has a right to exhaust all his appeals so that's what they are discussing. the condemned man will be put to death using a three-drug cocktail. dr. kim mulvihill joins us now with details. hi. >> reporter: the three drugs are the same powerful agents that have been used before in lethal injections. what's different are the new rules that govern how these drugs are to be given. even so, one medical expert i spoke with still has doubts. reporter: three hours before the scheduled execution, before albert brown takes his last steps into the injection room, a select group of prison staff will prepare the three drugs that will kill him. a powerful anesthetic to render the prisoner unconscious, a muscle relaxant to paralyze his body and finally a drug that will stop his heart leading to death by cardiac arrest. >> i think the state made a good-faith effort.
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>> reporter: the doctors is a medical ethicist at the stanford school of medicine. we looked over the state's newly revised lethal injection procedures. the doctor has concerns >> i have no doubt that the folks in corrections are doing their best to try and get training. the question would be i would want to know about that training to make sure it's adequate so we know that it's technically done correctly. >> reporter: for example, he says, how the prison determines whether the inmate is unconscious before proceeding further. a staff member is supposed to brush the back of his hand over the inmate's eyelashes and speak to and gently shake the inmate. >> you might do that to see if your friend or spouse were awake or asleep. but that's not adequate way to find out if someone is unconscious. >> reporter: when the paralyzing agent is given if the inmate is not unconscious. >> someone could go through one to five minutes experience unable to breathe but having awareness of the your surroundings and that's one of the concerns with the three- drug approach. >> reporter: these sorts of questions stopped executions in california in 2006 but they
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might not be enough in 2010. do you think this is going to happen? >> i think it probably will. i think there's enough that's been done in the way of improvement and refinement to the policy that it will meet the standard for public opinion. >> reporter: there will be two sets of the complete drug for the execution primary and backup set. if the inmate is not unconscious after the first drug is administered they will begin all over using the backup set. if there is trouble with the first iv they will start all over with the backup set and if the inmate is still alive 10 minutes after receiving all three drugs, the process starts over again with the backup set. >> we heard from ann saying that there is some shortage of supply here. is that true in the state or can we get it from elsewhere or -- >> reporter: this is a drug that is available. it's used across the country. whether it's right here at san
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quentin available enough for further executions, i don't know. what's necessary for this case you need 1.5 grams of sodium pyo then toll and that's given twice so three grams. if you have a backup set that would be six grams altogether. they have enough for that. after that, we don't know. >> at least until october 1. and then it expires. >> reporter: well, does the medication expire or do they not have enough or are they not expecting more until then? i don't know. >> all right. you have explained it weather. thank you very much, kim. the other big story across california today, kind of hard to miss when the heat wave on the poor air quality will move on. >> and want to cool off in the water? well, be careful. why a lot of bay area swimmers are leaving the beach with a nasty rash. in a close race a debate can make a big difference. a preview of the meg whitman- jerry brown face-off coming up at 6:30. ,,
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people in los angeles sweltered through the hottest day on record since the city starting think it was hot here today? people in los angeles sweltered through the hottest day on record since the city started keeping track back in 1877. temperatures there reached 113 degrees. the previous record was 112 back in 1990. the bay area is still feeling triple-digit temperatures in several spots. we have two reports tonight. don fernandez spent the day in the south bay but we begin with bob horne in the tri-valley. reporter: with the forecast for triple-digit temperatures in the tri-valley area, livermore residents prepared for the worst and hoped for the best. claudia brought her two sons river and levi to downtown livermore to cool off in the fountain. >> they love it. it's easier than a pool. we didn't have to worry about anybody falling in.
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>> it's exercise, little vitamin d out in the sun, tires them out. they sleep well at the end of the day. >> reporter: some people weren't so fortunate. >> probably about 120 degrees probably. 115, 120 degrees probably on the grill. it drains you a little bit. a lot of water, but you just keep moving. >> reporter: but inside the restaurant it's cool for the customers and the help that figured out the secret of staying cool. [ indiscernible ] >> roy's backyard barbecue wouldn't be barbecue without roy. >> reporter: some residents decided these big fans were the answer but i think being cool was the least of these residents' problems. bob horne, cbs 5. in the south bay today,
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there were two popular choices. get out early and beat the heat. >> i'm jogging. i usually come out early- morning but i couldn't. it's starting to warm up already. >> reporter: or stay inside and avoid the heat altogether. artists at the cyprus senior center in san jose today painted warm outdoor scenes while staying cool inside. >> we are maintaining that all the rooms are staying cool. we are taking extra precautions to keep an eye on seniors in the facility, whether it's through activities or nutrition program to ensure they are staying cool and hydrated during this heat. >> reporter: over the weekend, santa cruz county broke a 1937 record of 99 degrees when it topped out on saturday at 100 degrees. but outside of that, this weather is pretty typical for this time year. >> we have had a cooler-than- normal summer. people are much more aware that
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we're now into a hot spell with some temperatures in the 90s around the bay area. historically, the latter part of september is the hottest time of the year in the bay area. >> reporter: it was a "spare the air" day in the bay area with restrictions on gas powered leaf-blowers. we could have another "spare the air" day tomorrow. highs today around san jose hit the low 90s in some places. a record high of 97 degrees set back in 1958 was not broken. in san jose, don fernandez, cbs 5. and when it's this hot, the concern is fire. and this afternoon, a grassfire broke out in unincorporated marin county. this is on mount barnaby. it started at about 2:30 and it burned about 10 acres. we are going to check in roberta now. this is what she loves to do. >> don fernandez was alluding to this. this weekend in santa cruz we had a record tying event. today we did again in santa
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cruz. check this out. 103 degrees in santa cruz at the beach! wow. right there in san jose, no record was broken but it topped off at 91 degrees a good 10 degrees above average. you notice a little bit of smog in the atmosphere there. gilroy 96. pleasanton to the east in the mid-90s, as well. santa rosa to the north 96 degrees. and san francisco at 92 and notice the relative humidity at 14% in san francisco. bone dry. five record shattering events in the bay area today including santa rosa at 104 degrees. other notable records oakland at 96, san francisco at 93. and then we tied a record at sfo at 96 degrees. santa cruz tied that record, as well. and then the other record broken temperatures were in salinas and also at moffett. moffett field reporting 94 degrees. out and about this evening, 80s and 90s. tomorrow will be the fourth
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straight day of unhealthy ozone throughout the eastern portion of the district as well as the santa clara valley so let's pinpoint your forecast. tomorrow, some areas will cool down. the beaches and the bay. cool slightly due to a ma marine layer that will return after midnight. otherwise 97 in san jose. hotter in the tri-valley. 102 in pittsburg. 105 degrees in danville. north of the golden gate bridge again after a record high today of 104 degrees, going with 103 in santa rosa, 100 degrees in sonoma. we will have a bigger cooldown on wednesday, then more seasonal on thursday through saturday. temperatures begin to slide back up again on monday. dana, more on this heat wave coming up later in the broadcast. >> okay, roberta. thank you. marine biologists have discovered the cause of a nasty rash that has been bothering swimmers at one east bay beach for the past few years now. don ford shows us the invasive
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organism that's to blame. reporter: crown beach in alameda, it's beautiful. it's popular. and it's infected. dr. andrew cohen discovered the cause. >> the worm is microscopic. it's swimming in the water. and many of them will typically burrow into the skin of a person who is infected. dozens or hundreds or more depending on the number in the water and how much time you spend in there and how lucky you are. >> reporter: the microscopic parasite starts out in a japanese bubble snail like this one. when ready it leaves the snail and swims in the water looking for a new host to infect, mostly sea birds but sometimes humans. amber was swimming in the water with her nephew when she learned of the parasite. >> i think that's disgusting and i hope it's a joke. >> reporter: it's not as bad as it seems, it's like poison oak.
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some get it. you have a 50/50 chance of being infected. jennifer isn't worried. so it wouldn't stop you? >> no. it wouldn't stop me, no. unless i had a big huge thing in my arm then i would stop. >> reporter: it's the only place in california where the japanese bubble snail is found. if you got the rash while swimming at crown beach, there is not a lot you can do about it. but wait a few days and it will be gone. at crown beach, don ford, cbs 5. a new approach to helping struggling home owners, that's in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the agency is one of three in th s trying out caltrain is experimenting with a new plan to cut down on suicides. the agency is one of three in the country trying out these new signs. they are on a 10-mile stretch between menlo park and mountain
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view. the difference with these signs is that the phone numbers do not spell out the words like help or suicide. >> it isn't necessarily easy to find the word help on a cell phone when it hasn't got the letters ton. >> the number and type of calls will be tracked. this will be the first time in the united states anyone has studied whether prevention signs actually cut down on suicides. pg&e has reported gas pipeline leaks at a rate six times higher than the nation's other large operators according to the "los angeles times," which investigated pg&e leaks following this month's deadly explosion in san bruno. since 2004, the utility has reported 38 leaks near highly populated areas or environmentally sensitive areas. pg&e says its numbers are higher than other utilities because it has more rigorous standards for reporting those gas leaks. meanwhile, congresswoman jackie speier visited san bruno today to announce new pipeline safety legislation. she plans to introduce the bill
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tomorrow. it would require automatic or remote shutoff valves on some transmission lines. utilities would also have to tell home owners about the location of nearby pipelines. we have seen them before big events where struggling home owners can sit down face to face with their loan companies to work out a better deal. now the government is trying a new approach to those events hoping for better results. it's for who observers who have done their homework a first of a kind event that government hopes could serve as a model for home modifications. >> operation called me last friday and told me about it. >> reporter: she and others have already signed up with a hud approved counseling agency and complete her paperwork. now they are meeting face to face with servicers who should be able to help close the deal
6:24 pm
on the spot. >> other big events that have been held big old giant things, people are waiting and all excited, yes, i have a decision but it wasn't a decision. if it was a temporary, it might have been temporary answer or the customer service person told them oh, yai think you have it, is it wasn't a final -- >> reporter: the event was such a big deal housing secretary sean donovan time to town to show it off. yo it's bringing together those who can get across the finish line in this process of keeping their homes. louisiana he and his wife have been trying to get a -- he and his wife have been trying to get a loan mod for more than a year. they didn't have all the their forms but they said the meeting was helpful and they hope to finalize their loan in a week. >> feel much more confident now that we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: and more people could soon be heading in that right direction. housing secretary donovan announced today an additional $5 million to train more hud
6:25 pm
certified housing counselors. >> very project and we need it. >> hud official couldn't give us any solid figures about the number of people who actually got a permanent loan mod today. but no one that we spoke with was able to get theirs modified. organizers plan to replicate the experiment in other low income areas and possibly again in oakland. if you have a consumer problem, we would love to help. call our hotline, 1-888-5-helps- u. after all the television ads, it's finally time to meet face to face. a check of of the latest polls and what to watch for as jerry brown and meg whitman prepare to square off in their first debate. i would say yes, i am a republican. >> yes. there is one and just one. meet san francisco's one elected republican. and before you launch that home garden project, something to consider. varmints! we are not talking rodents, either. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store. we sell lathes, mills, high-tech equipment.
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i had an idea to go ahead and put up a couple of items on ebay, and they brought more than our expectations. meg whitman gave me the tools to expand globally. we sell to australia, india... that big blue machine over there? it's going to malaysia on wednesday. with ebay, she created jobs for millions of people. with meg's creativity, she'll be able to create jobs here in california. i'm mariano ruiz and i'm a meg whitman success story. two candidates hoping to succeed governor schwarzenegger... square off for their first debate. a "los angeles times / u-s-c" poll ... of likely voters... finds democrat j tomorrow the two candidates hoping to succeed governor schwarzenegger square off in their first debate. a positively likely voters finds democrat jerry brown holds a 49-44% lead over
6:29 pm
republican meg whitman. but that lead is within the margin of error. simon perez on how tomorrow's debate could change those numbers. >> these are meg whitman's debate to lose. >> reporter: cbs 5 political analyst james taylor says the stakes are high as the two people who want to be california's next governor begin a series of debates. starting tuesday, at uc-davis, taylor says republican meg whitman has a chance to make or break her campaign. >> jerry brown is a given known factor for californians. she has to overcome that, she has to convey to them that she is someone that is on their side, that she is in every way committed to the advancement and the improvement of the state of california as jerry brown. >> reporter: while some paint brown as the ultimate insider given his 40 years in state politics, taylor says brown's life tellings a different story. >> living on 40th and san pablo in a very rough area in oakland, california, gives a
6:30 pm
certain level of i think credentials in terms of being able to relate to ordinary people. >> reporter: still, 40 years in politics does leave a track record. >> he will do for california what he has done for oakland which in most people's minds is a serious image issue that jerry brown has to overcome. >> reporter: whitman comes to the race with a clean slate. she never held public offers before. her credential are based on her history as ceo of ebay. on the one hand she could say -- >> i have of a record of professional achievement in the corporate area that i think can be useful in terms of reconciling budgets in terms of dealing with issues of taxes. >> reporter: but then again... >> why she would invest so much money in a campaign when many people are seeing themselves lose homes, 12.4% unemployment rate. >> reporter: as far as debate performance and style, taylor says brown has to avoid the mistakes other male politicians have made debating female candidates. >> i think he has to be very
6:31 pm
careful not to appear to be intimidating. i think he has to be careful not to be condescending. i don't think she is a novice to this kind of setting. so i don't think jerry brown should underestimate her. >> reporter: the debate begins at 6:00 on tuesday evening n oakland, simon perez, cbs 5. in san francisco, winning an ee looks can be quite an uphill -- an election can be quite an uphill batting for republicans. mike sugerman shows us just how rare those gop victories are in the city. reporter: san francisco is blue, bluer than blue. not sky blue, deep blue, so blue it's properly periwinkle. >> i am a life long democrat. >> democrat. >> democrat. >> reporter: ... they are in and it might take you a long time to find another answer. >> reporter: well, there is that. but only one in 12 voters in the bluest of blue cities would say this. >> i would say yes, i am a republican. >> reporter: not just a
6:32 pm
republican voter but a republican office holder. james fang is on the bart board of directors. and of a total of 41 elected officials in san francisco, he is the only one. >> people tell me if i wanted to advance in san francisco politics i should change my registration but the important thing is helping people. >> reporter: he is the longest serving bart board in his tenth year facing a democrat. there is a who's who of democratic big-wigs who len -- who will endorse fang. he is an unlikely republican, got into the party 30 years ago when he worked for republican john anderson who ran for president. >> i made a choice. you always have to try to honor that choice. i made a choice to vote for john anderson many, many years ago when we were college students. it was great. and i maybe just come from a culture that when you do something like that you stick with it. >> it's not really a partisan board. frankly, so few people are
6:33 pm
interested in the job, i think we're always just lucky we have somebody who understands anything about bart on the bart board. >> reporter: melissa griffin a political columnist for the san francisco examiner says that's really only a slight exaggeration. >> after the oscar grant issue, the bart board people were looking at it for the first time but for the longest time, it's been held by people who no one really cares about. >> reporter: james fang and albert hill care, although mr. fang hopes they don't care that he is a republican. in san francisco, mike sugerman, cbs 5. just over an hour ago, the governor and legislative leaders resumed closed door negotiations to work on ending that record long budget stalemate. last week leaders announced they had reached a framework for a potential solution. koula gianulias shows us the sticking points. >> reporter: california has been without a budget for a record 89 days and leaders at the capital still haven't declared a deal. sources say the proposal on the table include $7.5 billion in
6:34 pm
new cuts to state services. the plan is also counting on billions from the federal government that hasn't been secured and $1.4 billion extra revenue that came in above projections but it could take another week to seal the deal because the "big 5" is stuck on items like education reimbursement for schools in the state and negotiation with the state workers union. and the governor is demanding budget and pension reform before he will sign off on the agreement. leaders at the capital are expected to sit down once again this evening and if they do come up with a deal, the earliest members would vote on it is this friday. meanwhile the state treasurer is asking wall street for a $5 billion loan to start paying state vendors until a budget is passed. in sacramento, koula gianulias cbs 5. looking to buy the hot new thing in the tech world? there is a new tablet out there and, no, it doesn't come from apple. and as more of us grow our own vegetable gardens, we're
6:35 pm
running into an increasingly common problem. garden thieves. the warriors introduce their new head coach on the eve of training camp. i'm dennis o'donnell. and mike singletary promised changes would be made. and they have been made. we'll tell you who is leaving coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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three times the national average!!! new school banking at capital one bank. with interest plus savings, go to!!!!! what's in your wallet? somebody help me down. midterm elections just 5 weeks away... a new poll finds a majority of voters think that a gop-led congress.. would be with midterm elections five weeks away a new poll finds the majority of voters think a gop- led congress would be better at creating jobs than the democrats. but as joel brown reports, president obama hopes the bill that he signed into law will win over voters. >> reporter: president obama's trying to convince americans he is doing all he can to turn the economy around. at the white house, he signed a new jobs bill that brought cheers from these small business owners. >> it was critical that we cut taxes and make more loans available to entrepreneurs. small businesses produce most of the new jobs in this country. >> reporter: but that may not
6:38 pm
help directs. more americans now trust republicans to fix unemployment. the gop argues the plan to end some tax credits will hurt workers. >> the proposal of the president and those on the other side of the aisle to raise taxes on american small businessmen and women and their thereby threaten job creation is the wrong medicine. >> reporter: with the election five weeks away and control of congress at stake, voters want to know who they can trust to revive the economy and they aren't particularly happy with either party. >> but the democratic party very unpopular, republican party very unpopular, this is all about whipping up the base into a frenzy. >> reporter: to do that both sides are trotting out their biggest stars. potential presidential candidates sarah palin and mitt romney are criscrossing the country campaigning for gop candidates. president obama has been working hard for the democrats but now they are enlisting first lady michelle obama and former president bill clinton, who both have higher approval ratings than the president.
6:39 pm
it's probably not enough to convince voters to give democrats another chance in november. joel brown cbs news, washington. the playbook is lighter and smaller than the ipad. it will have a 7" screen and weigh less than a pound. and unlike the ipad, it will have two cameras, front and back. it hopes it will appeal to blackberry fans, many of whom are corporate users. >> it's definitely aimed at corporate users and business users people who are already using a blackberry. it's not only for them but it's definitely trying to build on the sort of built-in audience of people who already know and love their blackberrys. >> one of the advantages that blackberry is touting is that it will read all kinds of video displays that you can find on the web. apple's ipad does not display flash. five record high temperatures across the bay area today.
6:40 pm
and today wasn't even the hottest day. we'll pinpoint that as eyewitness news continues. ,, ,,,, ma'am, can you identify the other airline that charged you bag fees? that's it. that one...right there. exactly how much did the other airlines make off with? ♪ it was like $25.
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fast food meals that offer promotional toys. san francisco supervisors held their first hearing today on a plan to crack down on fast food meals that offer promotional toys. the proposed legislation would make it illegal for kids meals to come with prizes if the food has too much fat, sugar or calories. the meals would be required to include fruits and vegetables and could not exceed 600 calories. fast food franchise owners say they already offer healthy choices. >> you will see on mcdonald's advertisements, apple dippers and low fat milk. >> in the long run you are going to have to pay the cost, with diabetes, hypertension, chronic diseases that come along with fast food. >> santa clara county passed a similar law but it only affects the unincorporated areas of the county which includes four
6:44 pm
businesses. san francisco has dozens of fast food franchises. members of a community garden in palo alto pay hundreds of dollars for space to grow their own food but now some neighbors are helping themselves to the fruits of their labors. jennifer mistrot on how gardeners and police are handling the problem reporter: rita's garden plot is a labor of love. >> corn is the water guzzler. it is not the best. >> reporter: it's also a big temptation for grownups looking for a free bite. >> it's really sad because they send their kids in thinking that their kids won't get arrested for stealing food. so they will send their kids in with big black garbage bags and tell them to pick. >> reporter: there are signs all over the place at palo alto's community garden telling people not to pick. but lately, picking here has become a dirty little secret. >> well, most of the complaints
6:45 pm
that i get are from people just strolling by and seeing the word community thinking that, you know, everything here is free and hands on pick a berry here or there. >> reporter: there are laws against stealing from commercial farmers but the dollar amount for loss needs to be high. so if you snag a berry or two, you probably won't spend the night in the slammer. but police may just pay you a visit anyway. >> we will take the call. we will come out and talk to an individual. the individual has to understand that there's not much we can do. we can't out here in the open fingerprint and do the normal things we would do the a anormal crime. >> reporter: to us, fingerprinting for five finger discount fruit probably sounds like a "csi" episode gone bad. police tell cbs 5 they have to put other crimes higher on their list of law enforcement priorities and while the department takes every call seriously, it can't do much to
6:46 pm
stop the pickers. so the gardeners here are the best defense. >> i just remind them, don't pick. there is no picking. but if you see somebody here, you can ask because we're happy to share our produce with you. we just want the fun of giving it to you. >> reporter: so next time, just ask. can i have a tomato? in palo alto, jennifer mistrot, cbs 5. . probably a little warm for some of those gardeners out there today. not the best gardening weather. >> my watermelon are loving the hotter weather. i promised to bring new one. i promise. because, you know, the watermelon really they just grow in the heat and we just haven't had it this summer. in fact you have to go back to august 25 to find these kind of temperatures here in the bay area. five record high temperatures today including san francisco at 93 degrees. there you have the mount vaca area where the high was 102. you know, santa cruz had a
6:47 pm
record tying event at 103 degrees. it tied a record. currently we have temperatures in concord at 98 degrees still. belmont 94. santa rosa 94. other notable numbers again record in san francisco and in oakland at 96. we had a record high in moffett field as well as in salinas. now, meanwhile, sfo tied a record at 96 degrees. out and about this evening, temperatures are still anywhere from the 70s through the mid-90s on this monday evening. it looks like we have high pressure. it's a key component that's providing record shattering events all over the state of california. in fact, los angeles a high of 113. that's the hottest it's ever been in los angeles going back to about 1877 when dana was
6:48 pm
just a little girl. very dry, triple digits heat, going up to 105 degrees inland. hotter inland but cooler at the coast and the bay due to the return of the marine layer. it will limit visibility to a quarter mile at the coast. tomorrow another "spare the air" day for the fourth straight day. tonight overnight 51 santa rosa to 61 san jose. pinpoint forecast, low 80s in daly city. 94 in sunnyvale. triple digits campbell and los gatos. meanwhile numbers east of the bay from 81 in berkeley to 105 in danville, livermore, pleasanton, brentwood, tracy, okayly, discovery bay and mountain house and oakley.85 in san francisco. triple digits in sonoma and santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for deepening marine layer on
6:49 pm
wednesday, numbers dropping and seasonal highs thursday through saturday. temperatures inch back up again on monday. red tide, mary photographed this for us in pacifica. naturally causes -- usually formed by algae and then the fish eat them and they die and causes the red tide so mary thanks for sending that in. keep the photos coming. this beverage is packing a punch that's hurting kid. tonight at 10:00 and 11:00, what's inside a new energy drink inside a new energy and why the fda has the put the company behind it on notice. the raiders hall of famer passes away. i'm dennis o'donnell. and did the warriors make the smart pick for their head coach? we are next.
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then it was worth doing it. they saved my life. i feel like a new person. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit getting crushed, 31-10 in kansas city..mike singletary fired his the changes in the 49ers organization have begun. mike singletary fired his offensive coordinator jimmy raye and replaced him with quarterbacks coach mike johnson. >> anytime that you are going to go tell someone that, uhm, you know, they're no longer, uhm, fulfilling that role, uhm, that's going to be -- that's
6:53 pm
going to be tough. >> the move comes just two weeks after mike singletary defended raye over the now infamous yahoo article that claimed ray had a hard time getting the play calls to alex smith. >> if there is something that you have to say, go say it. and say that you said it. but don't go say a bunch of stuff but don't tell him i said it. to me, that's a rap. >> i think i speak with diction and i think i express myself pretty well. so whoever yahoo is, maybe he should come call the plays. >> reporter: it's easy to pin the blame on the offense with the team's 0 machine start t scored the second fewest points in the league which means quarterbacks coach mike johnson will become the 49ers sixth offensive coordinator in the last six years. >> he is a little different than jimmy raye. he seems to be creative . he seems like he is a creative guy. seems like he will take a lot
6:54 pm
of chances. and, you know, he is young and he is hungry. >> the thing that i have control over is the 53-man staff. the 53-man roster and the staff, who is on my coaching staff. that is my decision. >> so mike johnson will now be the man responsible trying to fix this 49er offense. particularly, he has to find a way to get big play makers involved. former raider quarterback and place kicker george blanda died after a brief illness. he was an oakland legend playing until he was almost 49 and never stopped winning football games for the silver and black. >> here it is, snap, spot it, it's kick, that's got a chance. that is good! it's good! holy toledo, the place has gone wild! whoo! george blanda just has been elected king of the world!
6:55 pm
>> blanda spent 26 seasons in the nfl. the last nine with the raiders. george blanda was 83. >> obviously that's a tremendous loss for the entire raider family. i got a chance to meet him in chicago for the first time so for ming to meet one of your heroes was a special deal. >> meanwhile in the nba, the warriors officially passed the torch from don nelson to keith smart who becomes the 23rd head coach in team history. smart has been in the system at golden state for the past seven years. >> he has an incredible special place in my heart. as coaching to become a coach and not only to coach here but to be a coach in the nba, and he passed those things along to me, giving me so much freedom. i had more freedom than any assistant coach in the nba perhaps. >> you know this team was not built as a don nelson team. i identified last february that there needed to be a change in this organization so we could go forward. >> i know everything about the
6:56 pm
organization. i know everything here. i know all the faces. i know all the smiles. i know everything. i know where the bones in the backyard are buried. the giants are enjoying their final day off of the regular season. they will begin a three-game set with the diamondbacks tomorrow night. and despite there being only six games left a lot can happen. the giants lead the padres by a half game in the west while san diego leads the braves by a half game in the wild card. if you are too busy watching film with coach mike singletary this weekend here's what you missed. you think the 49ers are going backward? a punt goes backwards leading to an easy utes touchdown. utah wins 56-3. is there anything latroy can't do? he makes the incredible off balance throw to get buster posey. that's a thing of beauty. bobby eldridge wanted ryan
6:57 pm
mcbean were inseparable. they get untangled and the coats beat the broncos. elliott sadler found the hard way don't park in the middle of the track. he gets sent for a spin. and finally i'm calling this is catch of the year in the nfl so far. against the 49ers of course. >> oh. >> that's just incredible. that linebacker on that play was navarro bowman but there is nothing you can do to that tight end. the chiefs are 3-0 as they destroyed the 49ers yesterday. you can hear mike singletary's press conference tonight on the upn bay area at 12:30. >> he never called plays before but the 49ers think he will be better with the kind of spread offense that they hope they will get more. see you at 10 and 11. [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.


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