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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  November 3, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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19 goes up in smoke. the fate of other measures that matter to you. it is 6:00. good morning, everyone! it is wednesday, the 3rd of november. i'm sydnie kohara. >> good morning to you, i'm juliette goodrich. democrat jerry brown is headed back to sacramento for a third term as governor. mark sayre is at brown's campaign headquarters in oakland this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the governor-elect will be holding a news conference this morning to discuss his victory here at his election campaign office in oakland. the governor-elect celebrating his ee looks night victory last night at the fox theatre here in oakland. brown returning to the post held nearly three decades ago. last leaving office in 1983. and during his acceptance speech, brown called for an end to polarization, hostility and division. >> i want people of california to know we might and we will have times that will be touch. how long they'll last, a year, maybe longer, but if we all
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pull together, and if we operate in -- with honesty, if i tell you what i understand, i level with you, and we include everybody, and it's transparent and here's the key point, we want to be fair. >> reporter: now, as for meg whitman, she appeared just before midnight at the gop event in los angeles. she called governor-elect brown to congratulate him before she addressed the public and whitman telling her supporters while her journey may be ending her mission habit. >> and it is time now for californians to unite behind the common cause of turning around this state that we love. >> reporter: whitman shelled out over $140 million of her own money on this race. the final tally expected to top $200 million among all the candidates. that would make it the most expensive statewide contest in united states history. governor-elect jerry brown expected to hold a news conference to discuss his
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victory to discuss his mission going forward here at his campaign office in oakland at 11 a.m. this morning. >> thank you, mark sayre in oakland. democrat barbara boxer has won a fourth term in the u.s. senate. at last count she has a 52-42% lead over republican challenger carly fiorina. >> our victory tonight belongs to the people of california. >> whoo! >> democrats, republicans, yes, we got a bunch of republican votes and i'm proud of that. >> whoo! >> and independents! and we got their votes, too. >> when she spoke last night, fiorina said the race was too close to call. she focused on republican wins in congress. >> we have had a fantastic sweep across the nation. many senate seats have already fallen, and as you all well know, we have a new majority leader john boehner, just a wonderful, wonderful night. yes, exactly.
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the message has been sent loud and clear! >> exit polling indicated fiorina fared best with older voters while boxer did well among blacks and latino voters. democrats may have done well in california, but republicans have swept the house of representatives. some races have yet to be called. but it's predicted republicans will gain at least 60 seats in the house. that will be the biggest shift since 1948. one race still up in the air the 11th congressional district. jerry mcnerney, democrat incumbent, is trailing by 13 votes. republican challenger david harmer has seen his lead shrink all morning. the district includes parts of alameda, contra costa and santa clara counties. also the race for attorney general is too close to call. republican steve cooley the district attorney in los angeles county has been in the lead all last night. but democrat kamala harris has pulled ahead by less than 1
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point. she is the d.a. in san francisco. san francisco mayor gavin newsom is the state's next lieutenant governor. he defeated the incumbent, republican maldonado 50 to 39%. that's with more than 92% of precincts reporting. linda yee reports on what newsom promises to do. reporter: i'm linda yee in san francisco with the gavin newsom campaign for lieutenant governor. all night, newsom held a slim lead over the incumbent but he felt confident he will win the office. he listed some priorities. >> what i want to do is reinvent the office. i have no interest in it being sort of that also ran office. i think people know me, love me or hate me, know that i'm willing to take some risks, willing to be bold. >> reporter: at the newsom campaign in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. >> maldonado supporters spent the night at california's gop headquarters in irvine. no word on where the candidate was for election night but earlier yesterday, you can see he was voting in his hometown of santa maria.
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just about to turn 605 time. now a check on a couple of statewide ballotamerica's. behalf behalf and traffic. elizabeth, how's the commute? s 6: more we have a lot more election coverage to come. plus a look at the big giants parade today. but first, let's get you out the door with a look at traffic and weather. >> reporter: not too much problems this morning. we had a stall on the upper deck of the bay bridge near the top of the incline. there is minor slowing on the upper deck right there as you approach the incline. this is live look just past the metering lights as you can see not on yet. they will likely be turned on in the next 10, 20 minutes or so. so for right now there are no delays heading into san francisco. going to be a completely different story later on this
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morning again. the giants victory parade kicks off around 11:00 right there in the financial district by the transamerica building at washington and montgomery streets. already there's some road closures along washington in that area. the parade heads southbound on montgomery and continues west on market to civic center plaza, where there is a large crowd gathering. we'll give you a lot more information on the bet ways to get there but expect a lot of heavy traffic and kind of hard to navigate around san francisco for most of today. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> thank you, elizabeth. forecast for the morning, we are getting reports of some fog in santa rosa this morning. so patchy fog expected well inland especially in the valleys. motorsly clear conditions around the bay and some patchy fog awrong the coast. also for the coastline, high surf advisory in effect to 3:00 this afternoon so be mindful as you plan on heading out. temperatures for the morning, from the upper 40s to the lower 60s. that's mild for this time of
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the morning. but take a look at afternoon highs. mid-70s to mid-80s inland warming up. around the bay temperatures similar to yesterday lower to the mid-70s and coastal highs mid-70s with plenty of sunshine expected. we'll be cooling down with showers around the corner. i have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> you could not ask for better weather for a parade. >> we are in the middle of indian summer and loving it. 6:07. we have more election coverage ahead. >> including some stolen ballots in one bay area city. the giants win being celebrated two days after they won the world series. we have a big celebration in civic center plaza. fans are already lining up. we'll have the latest for you coming up next. ,,,,
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license surcharge, that would ha state parks and we'll be right back? 6:10. a couple of statewide ballot measure results. voters rejecting prop 21. an $18 vehicle license surcharge that would have helped fund wildlife and state parks. been invited to the white house. president obama the giants parade kicks off in just a few hours. and guess what.
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they have just been invited to the white house! president obama calling the team saying he can't wait to meet them in person. and the world series champs invited him to a giants home game. and hundreds of fans already lining up for this morning's victory parade in san francisco. anne makovec at the civic center. i know you're about to get kicked out of your spot. what's happening? >> reporter: the police are asking us to move our truck. the entire center is on lockdown because the celebration is going to be huge. we have a couple of hundred people lined up there ready for the presentation. this is the end of the parade route. take a look at some of the folks though. they have been camping out all night. the sleeping bags, tents, making sure that they have an awesome place for the presentation. the giants are going to get the keys to the city from gavin
6:12 am
newsom. the giants arrived home last night. they rested up yesterday and were well received by the fans. we'll have the parade televised but the vibe is unmatchable. here's the route 1. 1 a.m. on montgomery street and washington street heading down market. turning on to mcallister street and then coming here to civic center plaza. of course, fear the beard something we have heard time and time again. lorenzo no vara here. you have been rocking this sign for months now. >> it's been a long time. woofer spreading the fear the beard love. >> your beard is convincing. >> got it at a halloween store before the game and trimmed it up to fit the face. >> one of the dedicated fans out here. about 6 hours before the actual ceremony. it's a real party atmosphere. we are going to move the truck and will see you later on in the hour. >> have to make room for the
6:13 am
fans. they are expecting thousands. we will have special coverage of the giants parade beginning at 11 a.m. this morning right here on cbs 5. and right before that, president obama will be speaking at 10:00. and a couple of programming changes. if you love your soap operas, don't worry, we're thinking about you. "the young & the restless" will now air at 2:12 tomorrow morning. the "the bold and the beautiful" will air at 3:12. >> i'm thinking of all the logistics to put together a parade with all the balloons and the confetti and then the news stations. i mean, we had to go stage our trucks all over. i have to scoot out of here probably at 7 a.m. >> the balloons run. i saw them at 3:30 this morning. the barricades are up. they are ready if you want to come into town and watch this great parade. a hit-and-run at one polling place in the bay area. the candidate who was hurt and his condition coming up. >> plus a final vote on a happy meal toy ban. the decision that little pact dozens of bay area restaurants. ,,,,
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good morning. let's go out to chopper 5. there's already some closures on washington street where the parade starts near the transamerica building. washington street is shut down now between davis and montgomery. they are expecting hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of downtown san francisco today for the giants parade and in fact beginning at 10 a.m., they are not going to be allowing any more cross traffic on montgomery or market streets. some of the main lines along the parade route. let's go to our maps. we can show you a live look heading towards the bay bridge. a lot of people are going to be head there is later on this morning. hopefully you will use mass transit. that's your best option if you
6:18 am
are heading to the parade. it looks like they may have just turned on the metering lights at the bay bridge. so far no big delays approaching the toll plaza. looks good on the upper deck of the bay bridge. bart will be a good option. the montgomery street, powell street and civic center bart stations are going to take you along the parade route. bart will be running longer trains. muni metro and caltrain is a great option from the peninsula. ferly a great idea. the golden gate larkspur ferry will be offering extra departures at 7:30 and 9:45 this morning. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. i don't think it could be any better for a parade. you might think it's a little warm today if you're packed in too tightly. it will remain warm in the 80s.
6:19 am
eventually this high pressure system will move out taking the 80s along with it. we'll have a chance of showers. 85 morgan hill. lower 80s in santa clara and in civilian any veil. 77 in san mateo. and 74 at half moon bay. east bay locations, 80s. 74 in richmond. 80 san rafael. lower 80s from fairfield to santa rosa. 79 in novato. 76 mill valley. 72 in sausalito. and 75 degrees in san francisco. plenty of sunshine today and warm thursday but that low
6:20 am
pressure system is just around the corner. chance of showers back in the forecast friday and sunday. it is a 30% chance of showers. and again that will be toward the end of the workweek. today at 11:00 this morning, it's the giants victory parade. wear layers. 70 degrees, plenty of sunshine. back to you. >> thank you. 6:20. kids meals in san francisco, they are about to get less fun. the board of supervisors has voted to ban toys from fast food meals. it will take effect in december of next year. restaurants will only be able to offer toys if fruits and veggies are included. this morning a candidate for richmond city council is doing better after a hit-and- run. police say eduardo martinez was knocked to the ground as a van
6:21 am
left a polling place. the driver didn't stop and could face serious charges if caught. martinez went to the hospital but should be okay. we still don't know who the next mayor of oakland will be. the race will go to an instant runoff. the top two vote-getters were former state senator don perata and councilwoman jean quan. but neither received a majority. when voters cast their ballots, they ranked the candidates. the voters' alternate choices will help determine the runoff winner. if elected, perata says safety in oakland will be his priority. >> to bring those 80 police positions back to make sure that people understand that there's a new set of priorities in oakland and keeping people here safe, keeping our kids safe, our elderly safe, the business community safe, is a priority. >> results of the runoff are expected late friday afternoon. 6:21. there is a new reality in our nation's capital. >> a shift of power in congress and what it means for speaker
6:22 am
of the house nancy pelosi. continuing our coverage of election day, there's a shift of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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power in the u-s congress. to help break it down, political welcome back. continuing our coverage of election day, there is a shift of power in the u.s. congress. >> and to help break it down for us, political analyst james taylor joins us once again. james, good morning. let's look at congress in general and nancy pelosi in particular. so your thoughts on how congress has been rearranged now. >> there's a definite power shift in the republican direction. i think if you are barack obama this morning you have to try to look at this situation as a glass is half empty, half full. you still have two of the three branches or three houses of government and as a result, therefore, you know, it's not completely reaching but he is not as strong as he was the day before yesterday. >> let's talk about nancy pelosi. she keeps her seat but she loses the power. >> she continues to be a representative in the bay area but loses the power that she had. as i said earlier she was one of the most powerful women in america. and overnight she isn't.
6:26 am
she was a major target of the opposition and as a consequence they got her, they went after barbara boxer but weren't successful there. >> do you think she will leave congress? >> doubtful. she will continue to try to make differences in terms of policy and support the issues she supports. but i don't know what her intentions are, obviously. but newt gingrich when he lost he left and made a career writing books and speeches. >> so what's going to happen between now and january? i mean, the people in power still a have a couple of months. >> it's a lame duck congress. she will preside over a lame duck congress until the new people are inaugiated and signed. >> dogs that mean they get mignon. >> no, no one will do anything. figure out her next move. >> will they be able to work together? >> they have to. there are important issues like taxes. the bush tax cuts are not repealed, everyone's taxes go up and that will look bad for the republicans in 2011 with the election coming up. >> thank you for being here all
6:27 am
morning with us. cbs 5 political analyst james taylor. appreciate that. in our next half hour we'll be joined by former state assembly leader willie brown, which will be exciting and interesting, as well. >> 6:27. in minutes a roundup of the big winners from election night. plus the propositions that passed and failed. ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it's wednesday, november 3-rd. i'm juliette goodrich. and oh, such a beautiful shot! bathed in orange light, chopper 5 over san francisco city hall and the civic center plaza there. several hundred fans already waiting. that is where the giants parade is going through downtown san francisco. it will be hending -- take a look at the crowd, already at 6:30. fans camped out all night long. anne makovec will have live report and we'll have live parade coverage starting at 11 a.m. good morning to you, it's wednesday, november 3. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. it is 6:30. okay. if you are just waking up let's get straight to some of the big races. jerry brown will once again be california governor. and barbara boxer keeps her seat as senator. there is a new leader in the oh, so close race in the
6:31 am
11th congressional district. democratic incumbent jerry mcnerney now leads for the first time by, get this, just 121 votes. republican challenger david harmer had been leading until just a very short time ago. the race for attorney general is also a dead heat. democrat kamala harris leads will be steve cooley by 7/10ths of a percent. let's look at some of the propositions that passed. voters approved prop l in san francisco, which bans people from sitting or lying down on the sidewalk during the day. america's v and w passed in -- measures v and w passed in san jose affecting pension an unions. prop 19 failed to legalize recreational marijuana. prop 23 failed which would have
6:32 am
suspended environmental laws unless the state economy's approved. the governor's race was one of the most expensive we have ever seen but a tsunami of cash wasn't enough to defeat jerry brown. mark sayre is at brown's coming pain headquarters with what the governor-elect plans today. >> reporter: good morning. governor-elect jerry brown will be holding a news conference this morning here at his campaign headquarters in oakland. of course, last night as the returns were coming in, jerry brown was celebrating at the fox theatre here in oakland. brown is returning to the post he held three decades ago last leaving the office in 1983. during his acceptance speech, brown called for an end to polarization, hostility and division. >> i'm hoping and praying that this breakdown, we're watching it in washington, that the breakdown paves the way for a breakthrough and that's the spirit i want to take back to
6:33 am
sacramento 28 years later, full of energy, full of creativity, and ready to serve you, the people of california! >> reporter: now, brown's opponent meg whitman appeared just before midnight after calling governor-elect brown to congratulate him on his victory. whitman telling her supporters that while her journey may be ending, the overall mission is not. >> our challenges are daunting. and they won't be solved by politics as usual. but we do need leaders in sacramento to rise to the occasion and work together. it is my hope that a new era of bipartisan problem solving can begin tonight because of the people of california deserve no less. >> reporter: this race, $200 million invested in it making it the most expensive statewide race ever in united states history. governor-elect brown will have a news conference at 11 a.m. >> thank you, mark sayre in oakland. it is 6:33.
6:34 am
let's get a check of weather and traffic. weather will be beautiful for the praise. how is the commute looking? >> back out to chopper 5. if there are this many people there now, you can see what it will be like later on this morning. the parade kicks off at 11:00 and it will be very busy and hard to get in and around san francisco. already there are some closures by the heart of the financial drink. washington is shut down between davis and montgomery. and beginning around 10:00 this morning, that's when they are going to stop allowing cross street traffic on montgomery and market. the main lines along the parade route. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to flood the streets there of downtown san francisco. let talk a little bit about how to get there. mass transit is going to be a great option. golden gate larkspur ferry, they are offering two extra
6:35 am
departures and 7:30 a.m. and 9:45. bart is running longer trains. be aware, though, that park lots fill up quickly and if you are coming from the peninsula, caltrain, muni metro, also a good idea. stay off the roads, getting home is going to be another huge issue as well once the parade wraps up. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. warm across the bay area. concord average daytime my november 71 degrees. 70 in santa rosa, 69 san jose, 67 in san francisco. here's a look at today's highs: 80 in concord, 82 in santa rosa, 83 in san jose, 75 degrees in san francisco. other high temperatures today:
6:36 am
a chance of rainfall is just around the corner. your seven-day forecast is coming up. >> thank you. 6:36. new this morning, san francisco police on the hunt for the person who stole a bunch of ballots. police say someone broke into an automatic ballot counting machine yesterday afternoon in the city's excelsior district. police suspect that a poll worker was behind this. at this point it's not clear just how many ballots were taken. city workers at san francisco will have to pay a greater share of their pension and healthcare benefits. 58% of voters approve prop b. it will affect more than 50,000 city employees and retirees. all right. 6:36. democrat barbara boxer has won a fourth term in the united states senate. she says it was the toughest race of her career. as of now, she has a 52-42%
6:37 am
leaved republican challenger carly fiorina. >> our victory tonight belongs to the people of california. democrats, republicans, yes, we got a bunch of republicans. we have a republican votes. i'm proud of that. independents. we got their votes, too. >> when fiorina spoke late last night she said the race was too close to call. she focused on republican wins in congress. >> we have had a fantastic sweep across the nation. many senate seats have already fallen and as you all well know, we have a new majority leader, john boehner. just a wonderful, wonderful night. yes, exactly. the message has been sent loud and clear! >> exit polling indicated fiorina fared best with older voters, while boxer did well among blacks and latinos. it is 6:37. certainly a big, big night for democrats in california. but across the country, it was
6:38 am
a big night for republicans, who took back control of the house. randall pinkston joins us with the big shake-up in washington. i understand the president is expected to speak at 10 a.m. our time. do you think he is going to address his agenda and this shake-up in congress? >> reporter: yes, good morning, sydnie and juliette. he certainly will be speaking at about 10 a.m. your time. and we're not quite sure whether he will address an agenda. we do believe he will talk about cooperation. he will congratulate the winners of course. and he may have some words to say about the accomplishments of the democrats, who were led in the house of representatives by speaker nancy pelosi. president obama has said in the past that she may go down as one of the greatest speakers of the house in history. certainly the record of legislation that she pushed the president's agenda is spectacular so much so that she
6:39 am
became the lightning rod of opposition in this election cycle. >> so what's next for house speaker and our bay area congresswoman nancy pelosi? what's the word in washington? >> reporter: we are waiting to see exactly what she decides to do. there is some speculation she may decide to follow the path of former house speaker newt gingrich, who was re-elected but after he lost his -- his party lost the majority, he elected to resign. we don't know if that will be speaker pelosi's decision. she of course has been reelected and may opt to remain in the house possibly as the minority leader, the loyal opposition, which she had been serving as for so many years until she was elected speaker. >> thank you very much, randall pinkston in washington, d.c. 6:39. and president obama put aside some time on election day to calling the san francisco giants. he invited them to the white house saying he can't wait to
6:40 am
meet them in bern. the giants who captured the world series title invited him to a home game. sydnie had a great idea, let him throw out the first pitch. >> the parade kicks off in a few hours. live pictures from chopper 5 in city hall lit up in orange and several hundred fans and moregatheringss there. we invite you to watch the parade on cbs 5 starting at 11 a.m. the president is speaking at 10:00. >> so we'll have all that coverage, as well. they have me right in the middle of the route. a lot of confetti surrounding it. >> you will look good with orange confetti. >> it's fun. 6:40. encouraging numbers on jobs this morning. we'll be back with you moneywatch report.
6:41 am
>> plus, phil matier is on set with willie brown to discuss the big races in our state. this morning... they come ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:42 am
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good morning. an accidents westbound 237 approaching zanker road on the commute towards silicon valley. chp hasn't even arrived on scene. this is milpitas in the westbound lanes of 237 as you leave 880. right now 7 minutes towards 101 so we're not sure if lanes are blocked yet. the commute through downtown san jose looks great. no problems on any of the major freeways in the south bay. live look at 280 traffic approaching the 880 interchange. all the approaches to the bay bridge okay. it is starting to get slow down the eastshore freeway through berkeley. about a 20, 21-minute drive time on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. the metering lights have been on at the bay bridge.
6:45 am
so that's what it looks like kind of slow and go from the metering lights all the way up the incline. at the bay bridge toll plaza, still not quite at full strength. only backed up to the 880 overcrossing. going to be a totally different story later on today. we have been talking about it all morning the giants victory parade kicks off at 11 a.m. it starts in the financial district by the transamerica building where there's already road closures in effect. washington street shut down right now between davis and montgomery. and then the parade continues south on montgomery, then heads west along market and ends up by civic center plaza where hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come. mass transit is obviously going to be a great option. there's going to be a lot of extra traffic heading into san francisco. bart is running longer trains as well as larkspur ferry offering extra service. at 7:30 a.m. and 9:45. two extra departures. all right. that's a cheng check. for your forecast for today's parade, here's tracy. >> hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for today, whoo!
6:46 am
pretty nice. that's the easy part. out the door this morning, mostly clear. some patchy fog being reported inland in our valleys. mostly clear conditions around the bay. and patchy fog along the coastline. we do still have a high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 this afternoon. temperatures pretty chilly inland with temperatures cooling down as much as the upper 40s around the bay, 52 to 62 degrees. and along the coast, 48 to 62 for this morning as you head out the door. this afternoon, mostly sunny warm temperatures up to the mid- 80s. mostly sunny and warm around the bay to the mid-70s and the mid-70s along the coastline in our warmest spots expected through the afternoon. highs today from 77 in san mateo to 79 in mountain view, 83 in san jose, 58 in los gatos, and the lower 80s in fremont and also milpitas. more 80-degree temperatures from concord with 80 degrees expected. 81 in pleasant hill. 82 in danville, 82 livermore,
6:47 am
84 in pleasanton. 70s in berkeley, oakland, 78 san leandro and hayward. north bay locations, nice. 81 in petaluma. 82 in santa rosa. 72 in san anselmo. 80 san rafael. 72 in kentfield. 75 degrees in san francisco. loving it! five-day forecast, let's look at the next couple of days. tomorrow more sunshine. still warm. chance of showers though coming in friday as we cool down. it 20 degrees cooler for sunday well inland and more sunshine monday and tuesday but temperatures will be closer to more seasonal highs. giants parade at 11 a.m. downtown san francisco sunny skies, 70 degrees. i know, that's nice. 6:47. encouraging numbers on jobs this morning. they come ahead of friday's report on october employment. >> here's jason brooks with kcbs and good morning to you, jason. >> good morning.
6:48 am
we did get some encouraging news from adp that tracks private employer numbers. we saw a gain of 43,000 new jobs in october 20,000 more than expected and they revise the september numbers from a loss of 39,000 to just a loss of 2,000. that does typically trend into the jobs report from the labor department so hopefully that will spur a little bit more job growth as we look towards friday's report lot unemployment rate is likely to -- although the unemployment rate is likely to stay at 9.6%. the big question with the federal reserve today how big of a round of quantitative easing will we see? feds looking to buy government debt to push borrowing cost down for consumers and companies. expectations from wall street up to $1 trillion although the "wall street journal" says it could come in much less. if that's the case, wall street could be disappointed. at the moment the market fairly flat as expected before a fed decision of that magnitude. dow up 6 points, nasdaq down by
6:49 am
one. s&p higher by about 1 point. back to you. >> thank you. jason brooks with kcbs and we'll be watching the market this morning. 6:49. it looks like the democratic candidates have won statewide offices. phil matier and willie brown joining us now to hash it all out. good morning, gentlemen. >> hold that thought. >> good morning. and what a night it was from the east coast all the way to the west. republican roll. you thought the democrats would hold on. what do you say? >> i was wrong. totally and completely wrong. >> can we redo that? take two. what did you say? >> i was wrong. i'm telling you, phil, i was way off. >> enjoying this moment. go ahead. >> i'm not enjoying this moment. i hate to see the opportunity lost that was granted to democrats in 2004 and 2006 and then 2008. >> my enjoying it has nothing
6:50 am
to do with the democrats. just the joy of having you say, "i was wrong." >> i realize. that i'm trying to transfer this to substance. >> okay. in the way of substance, big question is, what does nancy pelosi do now? does she stay on as minority leader, exit? do you have any idea? >> not for sure. i can tell you this, though. nancy is a fighter. nancy will not disappear completely from the political scene. her family at one time were the most dominant figures in baltimore. her father was the mayor. her brother tommy was the mayor of baltimore. nancy is a formidable organizer. she was obviously dealt a pretty bad hand. she had to be -- it's a referendum on obama this time around. and nancy was obama. >> okay. jerry brown? back. >> jerry brown is back. and he is the solo under pent operator as he has always -- solo independent operator as he has always been. over at the fox theatre last night he had thousands of people going with him in every fashion and he was vintage
6:51 am
jerry brown. as good as ever. >> he wasn't in los angeles with the other democrats. lone wolf as ever. >> that's the nature of who he is. he campaigned that way virtually full time. i can't find one photographer of all of the members of the democratic ticket in the state of california on the same stage at the same time. ordinarily there would have been closer rallies in l.a. and san francisco with the whole ticket and some luminary like bill clinton showing up. >> they didn't need him. they won. >> big surprise? >> the biggest sprites for me nationally is the state of pennsylvania, the biggest surprise virtually went red. i was blown away by how dominant the republicans have become in the eastern part of these united states. but what was even more dramatic, was the win by african-americans in south
6:52 am
carolina and in florida. they won congressional seats. at the same time, in san francisco, african-americans was losing the seats. >> african-americans who won in the south were republicans. >> absolutely republicans. >> if you get a republican here you might have something. hold that thought. we'll be back friday. we have to move on. >> just getting started, too. >> no toy with your happy meals, gentlemen. [ laughter ] >> that's san francisco for you. by the way, yes, they can vote to ban happy meal toys in san francisco. >> we'll have a new mayor. we'll talk about that later on. gentlemen, thank you very much. phil matier and willie brown. it is 6:52. fans starting to line the streets of san francisco already for the big giants parade. [ applause and cheers ] [ inaudible ] >> we'll previous viewed parade preview the parade celebrations coming up.
6:53 am
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looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic!
6:55 am
the-minute election results on we have given you the winners and losers in always election results this morning. but there are still several races too close to call. you can find up-to-the-minute election results on our website,
6:56 am
and we'll also have live reports throughout the day starting with our news at 5 p.m. all right. it is 6:55. our other big story of the day today is the giants victory parade in san francisco. anne makovec is at the civic center plaza where fans are getting ready to celebrate the world series win. >> reporter: good morning. i'm surrounded by fangs. [ extremely loud screaming ] fans have been here since last night getting ready for the parade and the ceremony at 12:30. the parade starts at 11 a.m. i'm surrounded by fans. these folks are life long giants fans with the dedication to be up all night to see their ragtag band of heroes. let's take a look at the giants. this is their win of the world
6:57 am
series championship. that was monday night. 3-1 win over the texas rangers something giants fans thought they would never see and they are still pumped this morning. >> i just wanted to experience it. it was so surreal when they won. it was so exciting. i wanted to come out and be up early and just get a good spot. >> once in a lifetime chance. you have to take advantage of this. 56 years? >> why would i sit in the back row now? >> reporter: here's the parade route this morning. it starts at 11:00 on montgomery street and washington street then the parade is moving down market street turning on to mcallister and then coming here to the civic center plaza where the ceremony is going on at 12:30. mayor newsom handing over the keys to the city to the san francisco giants. again, amazing atmosphere here this morning at the civic center. [ screaming ]
6:58 am
>> anne makovec, thank you. and we'll have special coverage of the giants parade beginning at 11 a.m. right here on cbs 5. you can watch all the action. a couple of programming notes. we'll carry the president's speech live at 10 a.m. followed by the parade coverage. there is no noon newscast today. and for the soap opera fans, "the young & the restless" will air at 2:12 tomorrow morning. the "the bold and the beautiful" at 3:12. i'm watching it on tv might just be the best option to avoid all the traffic heading into san francisco. my producer just walked over and said, parking at the vallejo baylink ferry is already almost full. so this is pretty early. not even 7:00 and the ferry parking is almost full there in vallejo. all right. let's go to the roads in milpitas. westbound 237 approaching mccarthy boulevard they had a change of location. had a two-car injury crash that was just cleared to the shoulder. but already pretty slow in those westbound lanes of 237. about 8 minutes to take you towards 101. seeing the usual slow traffic
6:59 am
on highway 4 in those westbound lanes through antioch and coming out of the altamont pass. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for today, pretty nice, a lot like yesterday. except inland location believe it or not will be two to three degrees warmer. 80s inland, 70s at the bay. continues warm temperatures thursday. cooling down friday with a chance of showers. saturday, a break in the action as far as the rainfall. another chance of rain sunday. monday and tuesday, we're moving into the beginning of next week with cooler temperatures and a little bit of sunshine for monday and tuesday. mypix photo clouds never looked so beautiful. if you have a nice photo would you like to share with us, feel free to email it to got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email >> we leave yo