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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 3, 2010 11:00am-11:30am PST

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before folks because aboard one of the vehicles? that parade is the world series championship trophy. and we haven't been able to say this ever in this town, dennis. >> not for baseball purposes and as you mentioned, we came close in 2002 and clearly should have won that one and you mentioned 1962. the one decisive one was 1982 and the plagued series when the giants didn't compare. the nice contrast the ace pitching was 100% better than the giants. the philosophy of this organization began when they decided to -- when bonds finished with this team, ken, they decided to start building through drafts. and they focused on pitching. and the -- the players they drafted, lincecum, of course matt cain and jonathan sanchez and madison bumgarner are home
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grown talents. the only free agent starter in the rotation is barry zito. now you're seeing position plays, home grown talent. buster posey obviously and immerged brandon belk who giants fans are going to be impressed with. there's larry baer. >> another guy that we talk to frequently here on cbs 5. larry instrumental in really getting the park built and really turning this into a venue and you know the key it seemed like as we look at bruce bochy and his wife with the trophy. i don't think he's going to let go of it. >> no, he's not. jim morehead is the giants director of media relations, he helps you get interviews am the time -- interviews all the time. you feel good for the people behind the scenes he's a good guy. >> -- >> ken, just like take a look at the wonderful trophy that
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you're holding? what an amazing day for you. >> an incredible day. this is the wildest i'd i'll ever be on and to be here is an honor. that is the fans' too. >> is that heavy? can you show it to us? >> oh, yeah. because it's theirs. they helped us get through this. >> congratulations, thanks for stopping. ken, not much better than that. very cool to see the trophy. and the fans are going crazy right now. >> oh, yeah. well, they have a lot to celebrate. and bruce bochy on dennis, monday night after the game five victory, he came back out to the field there as i said. we watched it about 1500 giants fans were there in dallas to watch the game. they came to the dugout and bochy shook hands with people and photographed with people and held the trophy up so look at it. and what a great guy, huh? >> what a really team leader too. >> he's the best.
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i still can't figure out why this san diego pa trays let him -- padres let him go, but he's the answer to a trivia yes. he was the catcher behind the plate for the padres when pete rose got his 4,192nd base hit. he's got a lot of claims to fame. the one, he's more proud of. >> boch is funny too. if you listen to what he says, he's a very pragmatic guy. he's very sensible. he doesn't take a lot of chances, but he goes with his gut. i mean, we can see that in the lineup changes he made in the series all the way through after game one. he really -- he bumped things around and used people to their best apillties. >> in my opinion, he's the manager of the year. because this is a team that did not have the pieces when the season began and brian sabean made the acquisition, but he figured out how to use them.
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>> cody ross. >> what does this mean to you today? >> this means the world to me, so happy for the city of san francisco and the giants organization. it's been a long time and we finally did it. we brought it back. >> hey, you gave it to us. the fans are giving baiting to you, thanks so much, have a great day and enjoy this moment. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. >> oh ken, this is a fun job today. >> yeah, you can talk to people like ross and how much fun is that? so cody outside of the locker room, zach and i were outside and he came out before the game on monday and said hey, i have a message for the people of san francisco. we're here. don't worry. we got it under control. we're going to come back with a world series. i thought that was kind of prophetic, but he spoke for a lot of confidence that needed two wins to do it.
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>> yeah, well, cody ross again was picked occupy the giants on -- up by the giants on a waiver claim to prevent him from going to the padres and he got off to a slow start and as a matter of fact misplayed a ball in left field that cost them a game. there were questions about whether or not he was going to be on the 25 man roster because they didn't know about jose guillen who had a neck injury and the investigation. but ross made it and he found the power numbers and he was one of the giants' mvp against the phillies in the nlcs. >> >> it's unbelievable. as loud as it. it's incredible. i've never seen anything like that. i've never even heard of anything like this. >> you did it in texas, let's see one the moments for you. >> i'm sad we didn't do it here, but we did nit texas and we brought it back home the san fran. >> we're not complaining. >> thank you. >> enjoy the moment, thank you,
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bye bye. >> jeremy affeldt, he had a key importance coming in when the i didn't -- performance coming in when the giants went through the bullpen the other night and really relied on that pen. -injured part of the jeer this year -- he was injured part of the career this year, but came back and really shored up those middle innings, well, the setupman -- >> they call him the set upman and very unsung hoe rows and affeldt and lopez, two guys critical to the success. no one you ever talks about -- ever talks about those guys. >> your fans here are saying congratelations. >> this has been great, the fans, what a turnout. we did something for the city and we're beefiered up about that. >> good deal, have a great day, congratulations, thank you. >> okay, i think that was javier lopez. >> i think so too.
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>> it was. >> and that's -- i mentioned affeldt and lopez as two guys that were kind of unsung and lopez was basically a left- handed specialist with the side arm deliver delivery. they need today get one guy. absolutely phenomenal and they would set up bring january wilson. >> what do you want to say to the fans and all of your fans here today? >> we did it for them. every moment, every year, we here. we here for them. you know. i'm excited. >> thanks. little moments like that. you know, sometimes the shoe falls you have and to go with it that. >> absolutely, and panda, you know, there's a story that i don't think a lot of the country quite understands when they see people with panda hats on and we saw them knitted and made out of cloth and cardboard. big giant styrofoam snowballs.
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so the story of that whole panda -- the "kung fu panda." how did he get the nickname? >> he got it from barry zito, after the what was it in cartoon? the deal with panda is that he struggled this career, ken, mightily. and he lost his job. but he never lost his optimism. he always approached the plate like he wasgoing to hit the home run and i have to say -- >> how are you? we got you live on the air right now, this must be an amazing moment. >> the coolest moment i've ever been a part of, amazing. >> when you were coming back here, it must have been an amazing time for you to see your fans in the middle of the night. >> this is unbelievable. we had -- these fans are some of the best fans if baseball and we're so lucky to play in front of them and win the world series with them. >> beautiful weather for you,
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awesome day, enjoy your time. >> freddy sanchez, juliette goodrich getting a workout today as she gives you nice little soundbytes with the place. on the left side of the screen, number 24, willie mays who deserves the prominent position in the parade as he waves to crowd. and willie has not been feeling so well lately. he actually i don't think mad it to texas to see the final outs and if final -- the final game of the world series, but here today and smiling and waving and he's just a loved persona in the bay area especially in san francisco. everywhere he goes -- if there's royalty in the bay area, it's willie mays. >> you know, the way willie mays played and to listen to him, sometimes a couple of times i've actually been able to sit down and pick his brain. the way he played the outfield -- a captain in the outfield.
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he told the players before scouting reporting really came out, he dictated where players should be. >> shoggerman is surfing with the giants fans there. he grew the beard just like a lot of the fans and most of the players. and mike's been along for the ride and i tell you what, we may need to hitch up another bandwagon for all the other folks that have jumped on. >> brian wilson has decided to climb back into safety. >> congratulations, how are you today and how's it feel to see your fans? >> this is the best feeling you can have. the city has embraced the giants. and every single one of baseball players, every single person that's put on a giants uniform, this is for the city. >> a congratulations. >> thank you very much.
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>> enjoy your day today, thanks for talking with us. >> so this guy came into the game, dennis, it was i mean for a very few exceptions this year, rock solid. it was gold. you knew he would deliver and he would be there and you knew that you know, once he entered the game -- >> i'm not -- i'm not condition vinced that it was -- convinced that it was rock solid. the end result was rock solid. but i think that he dehe is the reason they call this team torture. or part of the reason. wilson, with the knockdown fastball. but he would put a couple of guys on and always draw attention to the end of the games. >> but i think he freaked the opposition out and not to steal timmy's term. the players would say what is this guy all about? that's like the clown that robs the bank. we're going to check in with
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mike sugerman. >> i joke -- 1.6 billion people here. i have to credit stephen colbert for that. this civic center plaza. 25,000 people and it is jammed way past that. they're sitting up on the library, which is season entire block away and through the plaza. there was a fire mar shall here who said well, it's okay. we're not going to die up here. so it's not as crowed as it can be and i remember -- i talked about '82 with the 49ers, a much rougher crowd i have to say. it was like a mosh pit. they pushed forward and the police had to push them back. but speaking of mosh pits, let me show you how crowd it it as the civic center plaza. here we go. this is what it's like. at civic center plaza.
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this is the crowd and it's crowded. all right. thank you. it doesn't get much crowded than that. from you're going to take mike sugerman over tim lincecum. >> philmy going by in the cable car -- timmy going by in the cable car and he goes by this. but mike surfing the crowd at the center and there's emotion out there and sometimes it goes on to us. you never know. so, that's our look from chopper 5 down on civic center plaza. mike says it holds 25,000, that's probably sitting down drinking white wine at a 49ers event, that's not the way they're squished together today like sardines in front of the window of the mayor. i guess there are probably close to double that number there. and you can see the office windows around civic center.
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people up on the rap and looking up and -- roof and looking up and i don't know who would work today except me and you many the crew outside. what a fantastic sunshiny day in san francisco. we couldn't ask for more. i'm going to declare this holiday for san francisco. go ahead and take the rest of the afternoon off. all you kids sitting at home? go outside and play. this is a nice day. >> well, that was the discussion at my kids' school yesterday. is what -- how they were going to -- they were trying to figure out how to make this a field trip and justify leaving school to go to this. >> peter mcgowan, disembarked the vehicle there now and i guess some of the vehicles are arriving in the civic center area. we'll get the off loading of some of those that are going to be occupien the -- up on the stage and addressing the crowd.
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a lot of people took the day off. they'll have a memory that will last forever and forever and buster posey there. i think he's signaling football. >> yeah. it's incredible scene to take in and it is reminiscent, i was there in january '82 when the 49ers won the super bowl. there's nothing like winning a championship for the first time, ken. because what happens after this will be great, but everybody is going to remember the first one for the rest of their lives especially because the improbability of it when the season began. even up to the point of the world series. virtually everyone picked the texas rangers, at least from an east coast perspective. picked the texas rangers to win this world series as well as the philadelphia phillies to eliminate the giants in the national league championship series. >> i got to the hotel last night late and checked in and tuned into the mlb network and
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they were apologizing for meetly misreading the -- completely misreading the team. they completely underestimated the giants that clearly they were the best team in the postseason and it was hard for people to accept that. you're looking at bochy now. when they get there, let me read the list down for you. what's going to happen. there's going to be some welcoming remarks by ranell brooks-moon, she's the giants announce there at the stadium. a good friend of ours, than an introduction of players and coaches by jon miller and dave flemming. of course the giants annoyancers. and -- announcers and then this players and coaches will walk in from city hall and beach blanket babylon will perform "san francisco." that will be fun. the mayor, gavin newsom, also the lieutenant governor elect will be -- making some remarks
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as well. >> something about brian wilson because people may forget he was a draft pick back in 2003 and he had tommy john surgery. a lot of times you know, technology medical technology is at the point where tommy john surge, you can come back from and really regain you form you had prior to the injury. and he did that and more and they tried him as a closer in 1997 and it didn't work out in spring training. he had an e.r.a. over 7. people thought maybe he's not the guy. now he's just happening to be the guy arguably the best closer in baseball. >> and buster posey, that's his wife to his right. is the one of best catchers in baseball and speak about him and i say that obviously i'm biased because he's very young. but they speak about him being mature beyond his years. they were worried that when we took over the pitching staff
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that maybe he wasn't mature or experienced enough like bengie molina was. that was the decision of why they had to let molina go and that was the risk. and the players speak of him as able to handle the pitching staff like a 30-year-old veteran, not the age that he is and he was absolutely spectacular. not just offensively, but defensively as well. >> what's interesting too is that being rookie, you have your place in baseball and you pay your dues and you have to come up and be respectful to the other players. like it is in the corporate world and everything else. buster knew his place on the team. he didn't do long winded interviews. he kept his place and kept his comments down and wept about his business and let his performance speak finance himself. look -- for himself.
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look at the people signing autographs. >> it looks to me like "batman." that's jeff leonard. >> got invaded as well -- invited as well. but buster posey performed admirably for a rookie and can you imagine coming? bumgarner and posey coming in as rookies and going to the playoffs and then to the world series and -- to have the great fortune to win a world series as a rookie, amazing. >> i often say that there's no mvp, there's no one mvp on this team, ken. but there's one guy who carried the team at one point. it was posey. he carried the team on his back in the month of july when the giants caught fire. only the phillies had a better record after the break. and right behind them were the giants and the guy who fueled them offensively was buster posey in the month of july. that's when he came to the forefront of major league baseball. everybody took notice of him for his offensive prowess. but the point i make is he did
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an incredible job with the pitching staff. >> if you're home watching the live coverage on cbs 5 or at the office, welcome and thank you for joining us. wave to the crowd and let out a big whoop because the san francisco giants are the world series champions and we'll be back with more on the parade of champions coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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what does it all mean for your history to win this now? >> you know, it's unbelievable. my -- my dad passed when i was younger. my mom raised me, me and my sister and my mom. there she is, come on mom. this is my mom, she bought me a batting cage when i was a kid and i wouldn't be here without this woman right here. she deserves all the credit man. >> what does inmean to you? >> it's exciting. everybody wants their son and their daughter to be happy that's all you want if you have kids. >> happy, the keyword today. >> aubrey huff's father was shot to death when he was trying the play peacemaker when aubrey was just 6 years old. that's been the theme for him. on his shoulder, he's got a
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guitar because his dad used to play guitar for him and he remembers that vividly and that's why he became so emotional after winning the world series. >> his family around him and his kids and his wife and have his mom there. a lot of the players have their parents there at that world series for game five when they won it because they brought them from a special seating area down into the dugout from later on and they took at will have photographs. there's -- lot of photographs. there's matt cain. t-shirt and a pair of jeans. he was walking through the crowd. matt cain, one of the guys who again on the giants who went about his business and didn't show a lot of emotion until after game five when they won. then matt let loose. >> 41 and a third innings scoreless in the postseason for matt cain. he's behind the scene. he's in the background of tim lincecum and brian wilson, but he may the giants most dominant pitcher right now and that says
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a lot when you consider lincecum has won two cy youngs. but he's probably the most dependable and proved that in the most season. >> he came on stronger in the postseason than some of the games earlier son. he was lights-out when it counted for the team. a live picture of civic center plaza as the tension builds. as we get you brian wilson, who's been separated from the -- well, it say hundreds of thousands by chain link fence and they were smart the put that up because i think this guy would be absolutely mobbed and picked up and carried away in a giant storm of black. brian does his own thing. how about we just sit back and watch brian wilson for a minute and just check him out?
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>> was another incredible story for the giants, he's on the screen on the left right there. he did not begin the season as the giants starting outfielder, ken. torres got a shot.
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now at 32, most people thought here's a journeyman player, in the not going to be able to contribute consistently but he did and when you talk about a team -- a team that is the concept -- this guy comes to mind because he is every reason the giants won the world series and he is every reason the giants got to the postseason to begin with. >> his teammates, granted him the billy mac award this year. most inspirational giant and he had some key moments as a leadoff hitter. andres torres was able to get on base. one way or another. heed a some great at-bats and that helped them put runs on the word when they needed it -- board when they needed it. wilson joust enjoying a -- just enjoying a day and sort of a walk in the city we might title
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the one. everywhere this guy goes, crowds go crazy. >> torres gets me thinking about the team as a whole, ken, and i've used this line a couple of times. that when you look up the definition of team in the dictionary, you will find giants right next to it because it wasn't one player. it was about everybody and i think if you took one of the guys away, that they wouldn't have won the world series. if you took andres torres away, you wouldn't have gotten to the playoffs. if you took ross out of the picture, you wouldn't have beaten the phillies. if you beat sanchez away, you wouldn't have gotten there. it wasn't one guy be when you look back to 2002 -- there's posey again -- jeff kent and barry bonds, those guys carried that team, right? offensively. that wasn't the case with this team. it was really a band of players that came together and had this magical season without these fitting parts, pitcher, catcher, bullpen, starter,
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whatever. it wasn't going to work. it was incredible. and i think that's part of the magic of this -- and why people relate to this team more than eight years ago. >> you pull your finger on it, dennis is that the guys -- i don't want to call them the everyman, but you know, if huff lived on your street, it'd be cool, but not the most outrageous thing in the world. a guy you can hang with -- he's got the rally thong around his neck. the story that went behind that is he shows up one day in the clubhouse wearing a red thong and you remember the movie ""bull durham"" and the lingerie and how that had the effect on the pitcher, tip robins. >> burrell showed tough the ropes at college -- tough the ropes at college. it's pretty ironic they're on the same team together and pat
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burrell didn't have a job when giants called him. >> what can you say about this guy? tim lincecum, absolutely key in the playoff run and two time cy young award winner and in the final game, eight innings before they yanked him? bochy took him out. >> i think he cow thrown a complete palm -- could have thrown a complete game. he struck out 10 batters and he was dominant and he showed some inconsistencies you know, this year. ken, there were times he wasn't the knockout pitcher that he was consistently during his cy young seasons. so that is an issue they talked about him losing some velocity. but he finished strong and he's a money pitcher. >> that's right. >> even though i praise matt cain and madison bumgarner, you go with tim lincecum if you want to win. >> i want