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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 4, 2010 6:00am-8:00am PST

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landing. a qantas a-380 jumbo jet with 459 people aboard is forced out of the sky after a major blow-out in one of its engines. >> i heard that boom and immediately looked left outside again through that window and then i saw pieces fly out of that wing. >> now the airline is grounding all its a-380s to make sure they are safe to fly. power shift, as republicans celebrate their new clout in washington, president obama says he's changing his approach and taking his share of the blame. >> i'm not recommending for every future president that they take a shellacking like i did last night. >> we will bring you the latest on the fallout in washington for the gop's historic election night landslide.
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and a desperate plea. the parents of missing british girl madeleine mccann say that after three years, the search effort is running out of steam and money, as they go public with their cry for help in finding their daughter. we'll hear from them early this thursday morning november 4th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs it's a wet one here in new york city. good morning everybody i'm harry smith. >> good morning, everyone i'm maggie rodriguez. >> the big question everybody around the country is asking especially in washington, d.c. now what is the white house going to circle the wagons or invite the republican leadership into the oval office and everyone going to sing kumba-ya? we'll talk about that in minutes. >> but the breaking story we're following out of singapore an a-380, the biggest passenger jet
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in the world had a near disaster this morning with 459 people on board. cbs news correspondent celia hatton is in beijing with the cbs news correspondent celia hattenhat hatten has the latest this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. a. it was a frightening start to this qantas airlines flight.. minutes after takeoff, ter passengers heard an explosion and saw smoke coming from the the left wing.qantas fli qantas left singapore late q-f-32 wednesday bound for sydney ay bound for australia, with 433 passengers and a crew of 26 on board. the giant airbus a-380, this ive plane only two years in service was barely five minutes into the flight when the trouble began. a ger a german citizen living in the eat u.s. had a seat by the wing for his first trip to australia. ust >> i was just starting to look m at the inside magazine and left actually looked outside and i saw pieces fly out of that wing. >> reporter: in fact pieces of
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engine number two rained down on the indonesian island. no. no one on the ground was hurt. >> they actually did a great job actuall in calming us down.cement maybe the captain actually made an announcement maybe half a minute later. there's incident going on and will get back to you. plane >> reporter: the plane reversed course and headed back to singapore, cir singapore, circling to dump fuel an emergency before making an emergency >> i was landing. >> i was immediately frightened a the that moment but i guess i i guess i got got calmed down when i noticed aircraft was that the aircraft was actually very stable. >> reporter: all 459 on board landed sachly at 11:45 local ocal time and quickly deplaned. alan joyce, qantas ceo issued s this statement. st >> we have decided that we'll will suspend all a-380 takeoffs until we're fully comfortable that we have suf have sufficient information. >> reporter: qantas airlines has never had a fatal accident in the 90-year history. been there's never been a fatality involving an airbus a hch 380.
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this is the most serious incident involving that type of aircraft since the model went the into service in october 2007. as the greenest quietest and biggest jetliner in the sky. maggie?sky. >> celia hatton thank you. 7:04 now, here's harry. >> all right. midter now to the fallout of the ful midterm elections and the painful assessment of the role democrat in the democrats' heavy losses senior w of the president. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has the latest on how the voter wa revolt is already shaking up orter: good mo washington.harry. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, harry no. doubt about it. change tuesday's election was a game changer and all of the major players spent a good part of yesterday trying to put their spin on the outcome. president obama said that he fel felt bad that the democrats had lost because of his policies. called it and he called it a shellacking.e got >> i think i've got to take direct responsibility for the not fact that we have not made as much progress as we need to umbled make. ent ob >> reporter: clearly humbled ork with
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president obama acknowledged he needs to work with republicans. he said he is absolutely willinge his m to negotiate the demand to end bush era tax breaks for the wealthy to get middle class tax breaks extended. ax >> and how that negotiation extended works itself out i think is too is early to say. >> harry! harry. >> reporter: narrow re-elected s. majority leader reid said the voters intentions are obvious. >> the message from the tea party movement is people are g a dissatisfied with the economy. 've >> reporter: nancy pelosi wouldn't say anything. e >> i'll have a conversation with my caucus and family and pray to over it and decide how to go ublicans are forward. >> reporter: republicans are casting their midterm gains as a the vindication as the role as the party of no objecting to obama's policies of two years. >> they appreciated us saying no that to the things that the american people indicated they were not
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in favor of are were the jo presumed new speaker of the house, republican john boehner is setting sights on cutting discretionary spending and repealing the president's health care package termed a people want monstrosity. >> it is pretty clear the american people want a smaller, and less costly more accountable wash comfort here in washington, d.c. >> reporter: but senator elect marc marco rubio, florida's tea party warning for winner had a warning for would be republicans. >> it would be a tremendous mistake to assume last night was an embrace of the republican ican party. people expect results. they're tired of games.c. and they're tired of people that go to washington, d.c. and forget everything they ran on. s >> reporter: the president says that he understands that people ted and are frustrated and that he's got to do a better job. at the top of his list in the ss lame duck congress, the last few days of the old congress repealing don't ask, don't tell middle-cla and getting the middle class tax breaks, the bush tax cuts for middle class earners. harry?harry. >> bill plante thank you very much. here now to talk about what comes next is michael crowley,
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"time" deputy washington bureau chief for "time" and in washington kevin republican strategist kevin boehner. madden former campaign to start chairman. michael, to start with we watched this press conference he with president obama and some points he looked beaten. perhaps, unbowed perhaps. to describe chagrins would be another word er q to describe it. would the other question i think some people asking this morning is does he get it? get do you think he gets snits. >> i think he gets how serious is. this is. how upset the public is and not y sure he's prepared to n dramatically change the bill direction. bill clinton when he went through a similar shellacking in 1994 wound up moving to the y center really upsetting liberal rats democrats, finding common ground with republicans on things like welfare reform.elfare i heard in obama's words yesterday there a lot of "i my inherited an economic mess."
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i won't revisit the big policy h decisions like health care and sugge really a sug yegs that em. republicans standing in his way and that's the biggest problem. about to is he about to turn on a dime chan and change the policies? i'm not sure that's what you should expect. >> i love that. w kevin madden as you watched yesterday, what did you see?see the did you see the same thing? >> i did. who look, i saw a president who for two the last two years has been very good at the pageantry of bipartisanship and very good at the rhetoric of bipartisanship and with actions, has failed. gon he has not really gone out there with and tried to work with republicans. or sought bipartisan compromise. spe instead, what he's done is spent two years in a very partisan manner taking it directly and fighting the republicans.also and i think,also he very f directly went over the will of the american public and that was you his biggest mistake. john b looking at the way john boehner accepted these election results, the he's talked about listening to bri the american people and bringing represent the house of representatives
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closer to the will of the public and i think that is going to be an an interesting dynamic to watch w because john boehner clearly gets it. it' president obama, it's not clear here yet. ting >> here's interesting. happens fro if anything happened in this election, the notion it's about economy, the economy. it it's got to be about job creati creation. ight. >> right. do >> how do you do that? how do you unleash the economy the wa and not spend any money, oh by the way, don't increase the -- don't deficit and don't -- i don't t want one more cent of tax on me. >> well i think it may be ankly. impossible, frankly. to what democrats would like to do is they would say, you have to have spend more money, have the th government put money into the moving economy to get it moving again. republicans say, we are spending too much. cuts maybe cut tax but tax cuttings increase the deficit. maybe you maybe you could loosen regulations and you saw what happened on wall street when things deregulated. it it is not simple at this point those of those things without a big risk that comes with it. another note to say is that the reason the stories of republicans set out party of no
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to stop obama's agenda i think the nonpartisanship was a two two-way way street. >> kevin last but not least, a lot of people -- john boehner just now coming on the national radar screen. rad you worked for him.. a lot of people saying was this ll '94 all over again? newt gingrich 2. explain the difference. >> well, i think, you know what to you have to remember about john what's and made him a great republican leader and a great speaker is speaker, f that first and foremost he's a y good very good listener. yes, sir goi he is going to listen across his but republican conference and most going t importantly, listen across the hole h whole house of representatives and recognize what the will of boetd that body is.again, when and again, when he says he wantsrican to bring it closer to the means american public, i think that are pockets of means he recognizes pockets of have the country that haven't supported republicans and care about the big issues and in order to get the votes and provide and push legislation ng to that is going to have public to liste support that he has to listen to ke
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everybody. mu >> all right. kevin, thank you very michael, do appreciate it. we shall see. maggie? let's go over to maggie. we >> thank you. we turn to the economy and aggressive an aggressive new attempt to get it back on track. the federal reserve plans to buy an extra $600 billion worth of treasury bonds by next june to cut long-term interest raits. cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is >> here.ood good morning. >> good morning. >> fred chairman ben bernanke explains it today in "the in his washington post" and he says the in the "wa fed basically has two jobs to make sure that jobs are high and are hig prices are stable.are stable, ne neither of which it is is accom accomplishing very successfully at the moment so they're taking taking this this move which they hope to he stimulate the economy how?how? >> yeah. ultimately here, maggie, the move meant to stimulate wage and job growth. how we get there is a long process. process. firs first of all, the plan and the the program is meant to increase our increasing chances of increasing jobs and chea wages. where we make loans cheap we are
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this program and also make them e. potentially for voibl. in addition to that decrease the do the value of the dollar so as to increase potentially increase exports la overseas and lastly they're going to be decreting the incentive to save because interest rates are coming down.e this you already see this in your cds and sa and savings account. are especially if you're elderly anda fixed living on a fixed income. those have come way down and what they're trying to do is spend decrease them further so that money be people have to spend the money.the doesn't make sense to keep it in the bank. bank. >> people may choose to keep it ct in the bank and may not work and can have the opposite effect which is one thing to prepare.egardless of w but regardless of whether it not, works or not, we should all ral prepare for several near-term consequences consequences to surely happen. >> yes.l the overall, the near term equences i consequences impact prices for many of us. we go out, we buy something. food prices for example, look like they're increasing under under this this proposed plan. oil prices.he pump gasoline at the pump. to be you'll be paying for more gasoline likely. clothing prices health care ng up prices.
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they're all going up likely as a result of this. s a resu >> if this doesn't work? what t what then? we we don't want to know what that answer is. this to we want it to work because it's a an expensive program. billion $600 billion of our money going into the plan and we can't . afford to not have it work. >> they may spend more if it's rebecca. productive. now >> yes. >> thank you so much. it is time now to check weith erica hill at the news desk. this morning all eyes on n tropical storm to mass gaining strength bearing down on haiti ja and expected to hit there under tonight. jamaica is also under storm warnings a. voluntary evacuation the is under way. that the problems with the order, most of them have nowhere to go. health officials fear the a expected flooding makes the cholera epidemic worse there. >> stormy weather is blamed for bu the canceled shuttle launch.
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there will be another attempt vi tomorrow. >> another u.s. citizen is killed in the border violence.cross it happened just across the te border from el paso texas. colle the victim a texas college night. student shot to death on tuesdayornia night. southern california a investigators discovered a er the massive drug tunnel under the border. a so big it actually was complete with a rail system. after agents found the tunnel after stopping a truck carrying 10 tons of marijuana and led them to a warehouse and the pot and the the tunnel entrance. indonesia's mt. merapi erupting again today and more than a dozen times in past week killing at least 44. and more than 70,000 people have their been forced from their homes. on a much more upbeat note a baby giant panda entering the world with very loud squeaks to let you know. yest it was born yesterday at zoo the
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o atlanta. it is the only one born at a so u.s. zoo so far this year. the baby itself is actually just often the size of a cell phone or of s considered to a stick of butter.g the siz a panda with something the stickfair. of butter. not fair. weeks said to be healthy. we'll find out if it's a girl or of boy. in new zealand, secretary ofses in state pressing palms and noses in a traditional greeting this also morning. she was also treated to a al special welcome ceremony. the toast to the end of the a nasty senate campaign. alex giannoulias and mark kirk republi sharing a beer in what's called -- you guessed it a beer summit.le they also exchanged phone numbers and e may-mail addresses and e-mails didn't say if there's apologies messages in their private conversation. while it may have had a little built of criticism when that happened at the white house, a beer summit can work right dave price? summit can >> we weren't getting along.
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harry had a vodka summit in the ummit office. >> changed everything for us. ll >> we're like a family now. like a f >> i don't remember it but it >> i was good. be >> nice to see you, everybody.was. good morning to you.o everyone, it is a tough day up along the east coast. nor'easter nor'easter brewing. this low dies off. this low, plenty of water in it. jet stream heading on down with nging cooler air. could see lake-effect snow in places like lansing and buffalo and erie. warm air continues in the southwest and again we're are
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>> and that's our first loo >> and that's our first look at the weather this morning at mag goe gee, 7:17. maggie, harry, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead, little madeleine mccann still missing issing after three years. her parents are hopeful they'll find her and making a public c p plea this morning. we'll tell you why they're coming forward ahead. store credit cards. should you sign up for them when up you buy?n you we'll break down the offers. rs. show you three things to keep in the medicine cabinet instead of all of that junk. junk. a makeover for the family when we come back here on cbs.e
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parents are revealing what they call the desperate situation they find themselves n. we'll hear we'll hear what they have to
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it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm juliette goodrich. two drivers are dead after a crash in oakland this morning. it happened at macarthur boulevard and 106th avenue. a driver who was seen speeding on interstate 580 left the freeway at macarthur and slammed into the other car. about 40 people were displaced by an apartment building fire in redwood city this morning. three-alarm fire started at 3:00 in a first floor unit in the complex on linden street. no one was injured. san pablo police are looking for the parents of a little boy who was left abandoned on a street. witnesses say a woman in her 21st century left the boy on valencia way yesterday morning and jumped into a car. the boy is between 18 months and three years old. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us.
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they just can sell a traffic alert after an overturned big rig in san jose. it was southbound 101 right before the 880 interchange. so all lanes have just re- opened as of a couple of minutes ago. all the connector ramps through that stretch have re-opened, as well. so 101 looks okay southbound. northbound commute direction we have a lot of slow traffic as well as coming out of downtown san jose and 280 pretty jammed up there, as well.
7:28 am
and we just got word of an accident on northbound 280 approaching bascomb. that's not helping matters towards cupertino. right now that drive time almost a half hour from 101 out towards highway 85. a quick check. bay bridge where the metering lights -- a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights have been on just before 6:00. it's backed up through the macarthur maze and slow down the eastshore freeway especially through berkeley. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. well, it's another worm day warm day but it's the last one for some time. this is a shot from our mount vaca cam. if you are just listening to my voice, run, run, run to the tv. we don't get this often. is that not breathtaking? beautiful this morning! temperatures today lower 70s for the coast to the lower 80s inland. chance of showers friday, saturday and sunday with cooler temperatures. and a mix of sun and clouds monday through wednesday. can we put that mount vaca shot back up again and close on that? that would be pretty nice. yeah! isn't that great?
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eerie, that's what it shook have looked like on halloween. >> gloomy. >> welcome back to "the early show." hope you are enjoying the cup of coffee and the kids are cooperating this morning. coming up here for us, what does your medicine cabinet look like? if it's like mine it is a big old mess with pills and lotions you don't use. so we'll help you replace that's junk with a few strap items that are effect sdib. >> that's a good idea. is one of those store credit cards a good idea. you are staring there and open. would you like to open a blanket-y-blank credit card? susan koeppen will tell us what to watch out for and whether it really is a good idea or not.
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>> we'll get to that but first there is a renewed focus on the case of madeleine mccann, the english girl who vanished more than three years ago in portugal. erica hill is here with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. madeleine's disappearance set off an international search but when few clues emerged the case went cold. now her parents are making a an impassioned renewed plea for authorities to reexamine their examination. days before her fourth birthday madeleine mccann disappeared from the apartment where her family was vacations in portugal. her parents had gone to it dinner leaving their three sleeping children alone. the story immediately captured headlines and hearts around the globe as her terrified parents pleaded for their daughter's safe return. >> please give our little girl back. >> three and a half years later indicate an jerry mccann are still searching. in an new interview with britain's "sky" tv demanding more help. >> madeleine's a british
7:32 am
citizen. >> reporter: launching an online pe tigs of a full online review of the velgsgation. when the initial search for her turned up nothing, portuguese police began to suspect her parents, charges the mccanns strongly denied. >> we have played no part in the disappearance of our lovely daughter madeleine. >> the couple was eventually cleared. they've tngd a private investigation ever since. but, despite reported sights of madeleine from europe to africa, the trail remains cold. >> people always say to me are you getting any closer? and it's a really difficult question to answer because until you know someone says madeleine is here or this is the person that's taken her, you could be really close or you could be a million miles away. >> reporter: and now they're running out of money. >> it's expensive running an investigation and the awareness campaigns that we've done. >> reporter: still, the mccanns say they won't stop looking, not
7:33 am
until they know what happened to their little girl. the mccanns of course also have 5-year-old twins, they say the twins talk about their missing sister every day she's involved in their role-play, maggie, and have set up a website at but focused on the little kids that bring so much joy they say. >> thank you erica. joining us to talk more about this joseph moura and investigation who has looked into this case for "48 hours mystery" good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm well. you've been to portugal and spent a significant amount of time investigating this case. you know the ins and outs of it. at one point they had more than two million funds in this fund they say is now drying up. where did all that money go? >> well what happened is once the initial investigation was handled by the police department, they were fortunate enough to have some celebrities and high-profile people invest money into a fund for the investigation and that's exactly
7:34 am
where the money went. they hired three teams of investigators. they chased every lead in the world and, unfortunately, the money is running out. but again, it's a situation where a lot of those leads are just not leading to anything that was concrete. and now they're desperate because they realize that the -- law enforcement is not going to be able to proceed and they don't have the budget to continue and investigation without any possible leads. >> their plea was to the police in portugal to keep this alive because they feel that as soon as they do run out of money, it's pretty much over. what do you think the likelihood is that the police will listen to this plea? >> well, as everybody knows, the mccanns were the number one suspects in this case. they've been taken off the suspect list in portugal but unfortunately is that there is an unlimited sources available to continue an investigation without any leads. and the police in portugal still think that the mccanns were involved in this case and that the investigation is sort of pursued against them. so, they are going to have a
7:35 am
difficult team in reference to coming up with additional resources, at least in portugal where law enforcement is going to look at this case seriously in any other direction. they are not going to follow the leads all over the world as the mccanns have done with their own private investigator. >> why specifically have they focused so much on the parents? >> well i think originally the situation was -- was, you know the parents were not as truthful as they should have been in the beginning stages of the case and at that point in time the police got very suspicious and started pursuing that avenue of investigation and they just, you know focused on that and unfortunately, at the time they really didn't go in any other direction. they had a couple other suspects they looked at but really strongly focused on the mccanns. it's unfortunate but still in portugal people still believe the mccanns were involved and it's very difficult, at that point, to get the public at least, behind them in coming up with additional sources and -- to be able to further the
7:36 am
investigation. >> regardless, they are out there pleading and saying their daughter is still alive. you have said she's not. why? >>
7:37 am
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if you ever wondered why a store clerk gives you 10% off for opening a credit card account, here's one reason. stores make a lot of money off their own cards. this year, store credit cards will account for more than $13 billion in online alone. people are floating around and they are very very happy to say, hey, would you like to open a credit card with a phil in the blank store, 10% off, 20%, significant savings off the bat
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r. they a good deal? >> well, they can be and sometimes not so much. so, it's a yes or no answer and also the reason why these sales people are pushing these cards is because they get a little bit of a perk as well. the more they, you know get people to sign up they maybe get a prize or get a bonus or something like has. >> oh so it is something in it for them. >> of course. >> i'm shocked! what are some of the pitfalls then of getting these cards. >> the first thing you have to think about, higher interest rates. usually, the interest rate on one of these store credit cards is much higher than your normal bank-issued credit card. if you are the type of person who maybe doesn't pay off your credit card every month and are going to get hit with an interest rate, is it really worth it to get that 10% off that sweater you are buying? >> the first purchase. >> then you are socked with high interest rates so you are going to wipe out any savings. if you don't pay off your credit card bill every month, not worth your time. >> they seem so enticing though. >> it does seem enticing. >> you are there and impulse buy
7:42 am
and get this extra discount. but the thing is if you get one, sometimes you think, well i'll go ahead and get another, get another, get another. you can get too many of these, can't you? >> especially this time of the year going through the holidays doing a lot of shopping going from store to store to store. you see the savings like i really want to get these savings but here's the probe blem. if you sign up for too many of these cards and start canceling these cards after you get the savings that can actually have a negative impact on your credit score. so, when you go to get a loan for that house or that boat or that car you might not get the best rate and then you know what's the savings, that 10%? really not worth it. >> we've gone through some of the negative stuff there. are some perks, though we talked during the commercial break. if you are one n one much these systems sometimes you find out about sales and other things you wouldn't otherwise. >> right a. lot of these cards have no perks, keep that in mind. the 10% off, 20% off at the register but that's it. investigate the card and see if it has perks. if it's a place where you shop a
7:43 am
lot, it may be worth it especially if you are going into like an appliance store, some place you'll buy something that's really big talking about furniture or appliances. >> significant purchases. >> it may be worth the 10%. >> if you know you'll pay it off. >> right. >> by and large, these things are good deal they're -- >> if you shop at the store a lot, one of your favorite stores, you are there all the time, the savings are probably worth it. >> especially if you pay it off on time. >> exactly sxwloo what we always say. susan koeppen, thank you very much. up next, we'll help you clean out your medicine cabinet. boy, don't we ever need to do that? and get twice as much use from the things you really need. we'll be right back.
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7:46 am
increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach and intestine problems such as bleeding and ulcers which can occur without warning and may cause death. patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers. do not take celebrex if you've had an asthma attack, hives, or other allergies to aspirin, nsaids or sulfonamides. get help right away if you have swelling of the face or throat or trouble breathing. tell your doctor about your medical history and find an arthritis treatment that works for you. ask your doctor about celebrex. and, go to to learn more about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. this thorpg's health watch getting the most out of your medicine cabinet. if it is over flowing with creams and pill bottles like everyone's is you can get that clutter under control. our dr. jennifer ashton with a
7:47 am
couple of items you should have that can pull double duty. good morning. >> mine is a disaster also. >> my husband is like can you please clean this up? we'll show people how to do this but first talk about things we should have in there like baking soda, in my fridge and to cook but i've never heard about your medicine cabinet. >> it actually can serve double duty. we know dentists, you look at a lot of toothpaste it contains it very good for oral high jen and dental well-being but can be mixed with water and used to soothe rashes and some bug bikes, mix about three parts baking soda to one part water, make a mixture, put it on and allow it to dry and really very soothing. >> number two the nasal sprays. obvious use. is there something beyond the obvious. >> actually most people are familiar with these with an upper respiratory infection or cold for decongestants. the same medication that clears your passages when sick can help stop nosebleeds. the basic way you to pinch your
7:48 am
nose and apply direct pressure ten minutes but if it does not you can squirt four sprays of a basic over-the-counter nasal spray into your nose and it help constrict the blood vessels. if the nosebleed doesn't stop in 30 minutes obviously you want to speak to your doctor. >> good tip. aloe, this reminds me of being a kid, having a sunburn and cutting a leaf and putting it over. >> natural aloe is fantastic. you can also get aloe juice at certain health stores. you can actually break the leaf put it on your skin around the mouth even can soothe cancer soars. the gel is not meant for oral consumption but on your mouth and your skin you can definitely apply it and it can be really really soothing. >> we've talked about how less is more when it comes to your medicine cabinet. what should people go in there today and throw out. >> the most important thing is prescription medications, really, not meant to be stored
7:49 am
forever. you want to check the expiration date. you if need to discard them are takeback programs you can get rid of them. don't flush them down the toilet but really make sure what's in there needs to be in there. same thing with over-the-counter medications, if it is discolored or smells get rid of it. organize the medicine cabinet so if you need something in a an emergency, you can grab it. >> dr. ashton thank you very much. >> announcer: c"cbs healthwatch" sponsored by subway restaurants. build your better breakfast and grab lunch to go, too! deserves a better breakfast. choose from a dee-licious lineup of our newest $5 footlong breakfast melts like the sunrise subway melt. [ strahan ] subway. build your better breakfast. ♪ ♪ would you like me to read you a story? you can't read. [ grandma ] 'twas the night before christmas and all through the house... whoa that's grandma. [ grandma ] ...nothing was stirring, not kara, not maya...
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7:52 am
what are you looking at here, these images are purported self-portraits done by amanda knox in prison. this is the third week anniversary of the incident that ended up getting her convicted of murder.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
about forty people are disp ult of a it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. >> about 40 people are displaced the result of a fire this morning at a redwood city apartment building. it started about 3:00 at a complex on linden street and then reached three alarms. no one was injured. two drivers are dead after a collision in oakland this morning. the crash happened at macarthur and 106th avenue. investigators say it appears the speeding driver left interstate 580 and mcarthur and slammed into the other car. in election news a recount looks inevitable in jerry mcnerney's 11th congressional district. mcnerney has a mere 121-vote lead over republican challenger david harmer. there are still thousands of mail-in and provisional ballots yet to be counted, but both
7:56 am
sides predict an outcome so close, a recount will be necessary. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us.
7:57 am
good morning. we have a series of traffic problems in the south bay today. right now our hotspot is northbound 880 on the approach to first street. speeds are hovering around 11 miles an hour. we have an injury crash there, emergency vehicles are on scene
7:58 am
but look at that line of red coming up in the northbound lanes of 880. even southbound 880 is really slow from 101. all right. so that's our real problem spot but coming through downtown san jose unfortunately it doesn't look better on 280. this is just seeing some congestion, no accidents, but that's what it looks like as you approach the 880 interchange. out to oakland, things look a whole lot better here. no problems past the coliseum and stop and go towards downtown oakland. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. ocean beach this morning, looking pretty nice along the coastline. that's going to be the gist of the day. a mix of sun and clouds along the coast, around the bay and inland. temperatures for today, here they are. today's highs lower 70s along the coast. upper 70s around the bay and the lower 80s inland. chance of showers coming in tomorrow evening with cooler temperatures and a whole lot more clouds. also a chance of showers saturday and sunday. partly sunny skies monday, tuesday and wednesday with more seasonal temperatures. also don't forget, we're
7:59 am
"falling back" one hour this weekend.
8:00 am
and the order of the day today, umbrellas. got mine out this morning making my way across the park. >> welcome back to "the early show." coming up, a strange story about amanda knox now serving a 26-year sentence for murder in italy. she purportedly drew these pictures in her prison cell. they are being analyzed. some psychologists say the drawings show how angry and cold she is. her parents call this
8:01 am
irresponsible. >> and show you the pictures. and given the economy these days, how can you afford to retire? this is a tough question especially for women, we tend to save less money than men do and make less money. why some women fall behind and what we can do to prepare for retirement years. >> have you ever been in a card store and thought, i could do that? writing greeting cards has been a lifelong fantasy for one south carolina woman and we made her dream come true in our dream job series and you'll meet her in just a minute. >> first the rest of the news. >> good morning to everyone. we begin with the news. new details on last week's mail bomb plot. we are learning one of bombs was minutes from exploding, it is believed the bomb in question originated in yemen and moved through germany before arriving in england where it was discovered.
8:02 am
each bomb had a chemical detonator with a timer. the french intear onminister said it was defuse the seven minutes before it was set to go off. the other bomb was uncovered in dubai. a scary start to the day aboard a qantas jet. the airbus 380 had just taken off from sydney when passengers heard an explosion and saw flames. this is video -- i believe we have video. it was taken by a passenger from inside the jet. and what you're looking at now is debris that was found from the explosion. the double decker jet is the world's largest passenger plane. it did land safely using three engines and there were no injuries but qantas has grounded the a-380 fleet pending an investigation. turning to washington where the power shift is already under way. senior correspondent bill plante joins us with this story good morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
8:03 am
the president said this morning he has taken the message that voters are frustrated to heart. >> i think it's clear that the voters sent a message, which is they want us to focus on the economy and jobs and moving this country forward. >> reporter: the president's crash course in the new political realitity begins immediately. today they are expected to call on incoming republicans to vote to repeelappeal president obama's health care bill. >> they want a less costly and more accountable government here in washington, d.c. >> reporter: during the press conference, the president took some responsibility for the democratic losses and increasingly nasty tone of the campaign and for some of his own comments on the campaign trail, his often used analogy of republicans sipping slurpees and not lifting a finger. >> i want to ask if you're going to have john boehner over for a
8:04 am
slurpee. >> i might serve slurpees. they are delicious drinks. the slurpee summit. that's good. >> reporter: last night after a bruising campaign fight, mark curt and gan you'll lis met over a cold one. he wants to have republican leaders over to talk maybe a few cold ones would talk. >> i'm sure slurpee would even sponsor that. bill, thanks. on a much more serious note this morning, convicted murderer amanda knox is under new scrutiny after some drawings were made public. >> reporter: to some they are artistic musings meant to pass the time. to others they are images revealing the inner thoughts of a violent killer. what they are are pictures
8:05 am
purported to be self-portraits painted by amanda knox who is serving time in an italian prison for the murder of her english housemate, the then 21-year-old meredith kirscher. amanda knox's appeal will be heard later this month. the pictures appear in a book about an italian politician who visited knox in prison and taken up her cause. they have been reprinted in british tabloids along with opinions of psychologists saying the reds represent anger and blues coldness. amanda's parents have issued a statement saying the comments are typical of the irresponsible reporting which is characterized much of what is written about amanda. meredith's father john chose to write about his daughter saying the family was trying to remember the 21 years of her
8:06 am
life but would never get over the cruelty of her death. mark phillips cbs news london. here's katie couric with a preview of tonight. >> over 180 companies are on board and counting how one man's program is putting america back in business and back to work one employee at a time. he's tonight's example of "the american spirit." only on the cbs evening news. now back to "the early show". >> let's bring you outside where dave price has another check on the weather. it is six minutes past the hour and not so nice for new york. >> what? >> if you're a duck it's great. >> absolutely. ducks are celebrating and so are these people everyone here gets a mention for being out in this weather. i want to say hello in everyone in ft. worth texas fighting pancreatic cancer. newtown, connecticut, you're represented by the finish two
8:07 am
women that state has ever seen and of course old navy partnering with the mayor's office in new york city to reward kids for great attendance. they've done it all across america, doing it in new york today. maybe you should give away umbrellas.
8:08 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by windows this weather report sponsored by windows phone. everyone change into shorts as we head to the 8:30. back inside to you. >> up next it is true most women are not equal to men when it comes to having enough money to retire. we'll tell you why and what can be done about it when we come back here on "the early show" on cbs. e come back here on "the early show" on cbs. other man in bathroom: really?
8:09 am
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8:12 am
be a bigger concern for women than men. rebecca jarvis is back with some advice. >> good morning. >> we earn less than men and save less that's two reasons why we find ourselves with less. >> women earn a third less than men do. also, just the normal thing that happens is women often times leave the workforce to take care of children to take care of spouses and take care of their parents. on top of that, fewer women have pensions. retirement savings is an issue along the way. 29% of today's senior's as far as women go have pensions whereas 42% of men have pensions. financial i will literacy pays a role. women tend to be less literate in finances than men are and don't invest as wisely over the course of their lifetime. women as far as the conference goes, that socialization and communication among individuals and among each other is less
8:13 am
about money and lastly women tend to outlive men. >> it seems to me looking at your list that the easiest thing to tackle right away, is the ill literate literacy. >> you can, you can put together a plan and educate yourself about what it's going to take as far as your retirement goes. we cover it here on the early show. those are a couple of resources you can use to get things in better shape. >> the last thing you want is to find yourself in debt where all of your money is going to do. what should we be doing to pay it down? >> when you think about paying down debt you want to pay off the most expensive debt. you've heard this before look to your debt, which one has the highest interest rate that is the one to pay off first. once you've paid that off, pay the second highest then keep going down the list. that gets rid of the most expensive first stuff. >> another one of your mantras,
8:14 am
start saving today. >> saving today is one of the best things you can do. setting aside 10 or 15% of your income, starting at the age of 20 when you're first getting your original paychecks is a very smart thing to do to prepare yourself for the future and just a practice of setting together a set of habits. >> it's never too late. >> if you didn't start at 20 do it. >> if you didn't start at 20 what am i going to do. you need to do it now. here's such a simple thing that i can't believe don't take advantage of of their company's retirement plan. >> the reason it's so good to take advantage of a 401(k) plan for example, the company will match what you put in. that's free money. on top of that you're not paying taxes. you're getting a bigger benefit by putting your money in the company plan. >> social security i know a lot of women are confused. we can't explain all of ins and outs right now. what's a good resource?
8:15 am
>> the social security administration's website you see the link there on the bottom of the screen will determine whether taking your benefit or your spouse's benefit is the right thing to do. >> rebecca jarvis thank you and your mantras. for more savings advice go to money how do they write all of those clever greeting cards? we'll take one woman a hall mark and give her a chance. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> money watch sponsored by slate from chase. join customers who pay down their balances tries as fast. oh, boy... i used our slate card with blueprint. we can design our own plan to avoid interest by paying off diapers and things each month. and for the bigger stuff we can pay down our balance faster to save money on interest. bigger? bigger.
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8:17 am
our dream job series continues this morning with a unique request from deena spradlin of spartanburg, south carolina.
8:18 am
she wrote to tell us she has always wanted to write greetings cards and not just any greeting card. specifically hallmark. so, of course, we brought her to the main office of hallmark cards in kansas city missouri. good morning welcome to your dream job at hallmark. >> thank you so much. >> deena spradlin has been writing her entire life but her job in database communications doesn't inspire the heart-felt proceeds she cherishes. as a young age she exchanged weekly letters with her grandmother, a ritual that instilled an early appreciation for words. >> i love to write, write letters. my dream job has always been to write greeting cards for hallmark. >> let's not make you late for your first day. let's head on up. >> okay. thanks. >> hi. welcome to your dream job. >> thank you. >> come on in, have a seat. >> that seat isn't easy to come by. hallmark ploys just 40 full-time
8:19 am
writers who produce nearly 12,000 now cards each yeesh. cheryl gaines oversees christmas, her favorite time of year. >> we were like you to write a christmas card for us. we understand you are going to get married. >> yes. >> awesome. we would like you to write from your own personal experience from the heart, that's where the best writing comes and writing about what you know is always the easiest and best thing. >> to help her through the process, senior writer sioux san berry talked strategy wamplts are your dos and don'ts. >> try just writing a letter and imagining you are sending this letter to someone that you love. >> she had just over an hour to craft her message, a process most writers have weeks to complete. but the time crunch didn't seem to be a problem. >> during this wondrous season when we ten for if cuss on giving, i fine myself recalling all the precious gifts you have given me but the gifts that have
8:20 am
filled my heart are those money can buy. i just hope i give back a fraction of the same gifts i receive from you every day. >> you've done a beautiful job. where did you get the inspiration? you're just a natural. >> my fiance is a very kind and giving and loving person and this would be exactly what i would say to him, he's my inspiration. >> it's fantastic. >> but, would her letter also speak to consumers? it was time for the editorial test. >> that's wonderful. >> i'm obviously not the professional but it is beautiful. >> thank you. >> i would have expected a hallmark writer to come up with this. >> oh. >> there are a couple of little things. >> with a few tweaks. >> i see the word "time" repeated. we may want want to make that -- i love the way you started with gifts and ended with gifts you tied it up in one package. i think we have ourselves a
8:21 am
card. >> ready for the design team from hand lettering. >> we'll punch and emphasize your first word my love." >> to art and layout. >> it ties to that one. >> her card was coming to life. for de dz na the day was moving at war spdz speed. to make her dream come true hallmark condensed the process from months to one whirlwind day. it didn't hurt she's a natural. >> we are very proud to presents you your very first hallmark card written by you and proud to let you know it is going to be offered on >> thank you. ah. sorry. >> it looks gorgeous. all you need to add is your name. >> if you look on the back, your name is on there. >> oh that is so neat! >> this card was created by dream job writer deena spradlin. >> wow! >> it was amazing day. >> great. >> hallmark thank you again. they were just wonderful. what a great company to be a
8:22 am
part of for a day. and deena's card is going to be offered on not there yet but will be in the coming days. this was not a given going in. they were genuinely impressed with her writing and she did it. she nailed it. >> will it be in stores? >> no, available online. >> i'm amazed with the statistics. just a few writers producing that many cards. >> only 40 full-time writers. 12,000 cards a career. and, of course you know the cards run the gam bet and cover everything. >> that means not too many people are too good at that. >> really difficult jobs to get and when he had show you the test to take to get your foot in the door, a lot of people realize how difficult it is. >> isn't it interesting, though a person with this dream, she's never going to get in there. i mean maybe not ever have that experience without -- >> without you. >> wow! that was really great. >> it was great. >> love it. >> who are you introducing tomorrow. >> tomorrow we'll meet stephanie harton works in a weigh station in warren arkansas.
8:23 am
we are going to make her a television and radio weathercaster. >> ooh love it. >> still ahead this morning dr. phil to talk about
8:24 am
8:25 am
time since election it's 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. @oo i'm juliette goodrich. for the first time since tuesday's election, governor elect jerry brown is heading to sacramento. he will meet with lawmakers and financial official on where to cut government spending. brown says he expects state revenue to increase as the economy recovers. tonight at oakland's federal building, supporters of oscar grant will hold a day of hope event. this is in advance of tomorrow's sentencing of former bart police officer johannes mehserle. prosecutors are asking for prison time for the involuntary manslaughter conviction. in san pablo, police say a woman who abandon her son has turned herself in. the boy was found alone on valencia street yesterday. witnesses say the mother took off in a cab. police say she could face child endangerment charges. and we'll will have your traffic with elizabeth and
8:26 am
weather with tracy coming right up. with high speed internet from at&t, i get my homework done fast, leaving me time to download movies and music and chat with my friends. [ mom ] how's your studying? it's coming along! [ female announcer ] work faster, play more with the fastest internet for the price. call to get high speed for $14.95 a month with a one-year price guarantee. please, i know what he's up to. high speed internet from at&t is so fast that we get more done in less time leaving me time to chat... watch movies... without teenage distractions. and it's affordable for our family. [ female announcer ] call to get high speed for $14.95 a month with a one-year price guarantee. plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network on the go. cookies? [ boy ] sure! tell your friends hi for me. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t.
8:27 am
good morning. take you back out to san jose. 880 in both directions is just a mess still. we still have this accident northbound 880 on the approach to first street. but check out all this slow traffic just lines of red in both directions. northbound 880 is backed up onto highway 17 to highway 85. southbound 880 unfortunately not much better even though the accident is on the other side
8:28 am
of the freeway. southbound 880 is jammed from great mall parkway. so 280 is going to be a better alternate but it's heavy traffic even coming out of downtown san jose. all right. take you out elsewhere, your silicon valley valley commute, just kind of your usual congestion on westbound 237. looks like this to about zanker road. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. boy, our forecast has been really exceptional the past couple of days. more sunshine, more warm temperatures. here's a look out toward coit tower and i'll move out the way so you can look at it. temperatures here's a look. upper 70s around the bay and the lower 80s inland. chance of showers are moving into the bay area tomorrow evening along with cooler temperatures and also some clouds. i understand it chance of showers for the weekend. monday, tuesday, wednesday, mix of sun and clouds and seasonal temperatures.
8:29 am
8:30 am
taking a drenching today on this soggy day in new york city. welcome back to "thearly show." thanks for being with us. coming up important talk on bullying from dr. phil. lucky for all of us he is very passionate about issue making it a major focus of his show and even testified before congress. this morning, dr. phil is here to tell us why online bullying specifically is such a growing problem and what we can and all should be doing about it. >> also, ready to have fun with will ferrell this morning. >> yea! >> he may be starting without us. yes. [ laughter ] >> he's in a brand-new 3d movie called "megamind". >> just look at him and you laugh, too. >> he plays a melon-headed blue
8:31 am
alien. >> a stretch for him. >> yeah. he'll be with us to chat about that in a moment. >> for three and a half months our friend jeff slowed has traveled around the world with no money asking people along the way and his fans online to help him get from place to place. this morning he has made his way back to where he started it all in july and will share his excellent adventure with us right here. first to our melon-headed alien for another check of the weather. hello, dave. >> an assessment that comes with lots of love. >> that's nice. [ laughter ] >> only my mom and dad call me melon-headed maggie. let's see what is going on and check the country right now. much of the u.s. looking g. the eastern, oh third or less that's having problems, the southeast all the way to the northeast and we of a a nor'easter brewing look how the jet stream drops allowing cold air to scooch on in. keep in mind that's going to deliver upwards of two inches of rain in sections of new england, up to an inch in new york.
8:32 am
that's today into tomorrow we'll get a bit more and then residual effects saturday as this thing goes off into the atlantic. meanwhile behind it the cool air will usher in lake-effect snow believe it or not, places east of the great lakes lie lansing, erie, the shores of
8:33 am
a at. >> according to the national education association, more than 160,000 children miss school every day in this country because they're afraid of being bullied. can you believe that? of course bullying as we have all seen can have tragic results and dr. phil mcgraw, of the dr. phil show has focused a lot on this which he calls a childhood epidemic. good morning, dr. phil. >> good morning. >> as a mom, thank you, thank you for focusing on this, it is so frightening. >> i said nine years ago when i started the dr. phil show one of the things we would focus on are the si lebt epidemics in america. i'm trying to make this not si
8:34 am
lents. i want us to tune in and know what's going on here. >> these keyboards bullies have the benefit of hiding hibd their computer computers and so easy to target vulnerable people. >> they really do. there is no empathy involved here. when you are not having to look at your victim, when you don't see the pain in their face when you don't see their eyes then it's so much easier for you to say cruel things. and crueller things are being said than would be said person to person. and, you know, the thing that i'm worried about, maggie is these bullies have parents. where are the parents of these bullys? how do they not know what their child is doing either on the school bus, at school on the keyboard, wherever it may be. >> such an interesting angle to talk about, the adults. you did that during one show and i want everybody to watch this where dr. phil actually apologizes to kids who are being bullied. take a look. >> on behalf of all the adults that seem to be running this society, i am so sorry.
8:35 am
i just -- i am so sorry that this is going on in this society. i'm so sorry that gay is a slur. >> do you think that adults are -- don't have kids -- or at least kids don't feel like we do? >> well, you know i really worry. this was a group of kids that we had on gay and lesbian kids that were being bullied. and i just hate for them to think that nobody cares, that all the adults in this world that are not doing anything don't care. and we see examples of it we just saw this example in arkansas recently with this school official saying the things that he did on his facebook page. it sends a message and these kids, think, look adults don't get it. they don't care. but that's not true we do get it and we do care and we need to let them do that and do something about this. >> how do you prevent tragedies like the one we saw with tyler
8:36 am
clementi who jumped off the bridge after that video was posted. >> it really is education. i'm sure that people don't think, because i've talked to a lot of bullies that have now grown up and they say, you know when i was doing that, i had no idea the impact that it had. i was not aware of the pain it was causing. well, let's make them aware now. let's teach these kids that words are powerful and that when you say things that cut into someone, it changes who they are. you say it. then they go home and repeat it to themselves a thousand times. and it changes their personality. it changes their future. it changes the way they raise their kids when they grow up. we need to teach people the power of words and the power of bullying and that's what we're trying to do on the dr. phil show. if we turn a bright light on over this maybe parents will have a sit-down with their kids and say, i want to talk to you about bullying. are you being bullied and are you a bully? let's have those conversations, not a conversation but a
8:37 am
dialogue they need to have. >> you try raise kids that won't be bullied but what if your child become as victim of one how do you spot the warning signs and what should you do? >> here's the thing if your child is starting to withdraw trying to avoid school coming up with fake illnesses, more than usually a lot of kids say i have a headache coming up to a test. if items are missing, you see them with bruises that are unexplained, really having anxiety and depression symptoms then you need to consider that someone might be picking on them and bullying them in some way. and this is not kids being kids. the biggest mistake i see adults make they say look, this are just kids being kids so i'll stay out of it. this is not a time to leave your child alone, also not a time to go running into the school like your hair is on fire hysterically the school not caring about your child. teachers do care but they need to know what's going on. sit down partner with them talk about what's going on and make sure that kids understand
8:38 am
that telling is not talenting. you've got to reach out to an adult, someone that you trust, someone that's in power because a lot of kids will hide this out of shame and guilt and say, mom, don't say anything you'll just make it worse. that's not true there are ways to go about doing this partner with the school and have this dialogue with your child. >> dr. phil thank you. >> maggie thank you. >> thank you. great to see you. you can catch a new episode of dr. phil now in its ninth season later today. so please check your local listings. now here's harry. >> will ferrell has played some very animated characters over the years but nothing quite like the findishly evil "megamind" in the new 3d movie the self-defined super village once again takes on his archenemy, super hero metroman. >> in case you haven't noticed you've fallen right into my trap. >> you can't trap justice, it's an idea, a belief. >> even the most heart-felt belief can be corroded over time. >> justice is a non-corrosive --
8:39 am
>> revenge is best served cold but easily can be heated in the microwave of evil. >> i think yours is about to ex spire. >> maybe i got an extended water. >> girls, girls, you are both pretty. can i go home now. >> hmmm. will ferrell joins us this morning. >> good to see you, harry. >> how do i look in the 32 glasses. >> very multi-dimensional. >> right. right, does it look like i'm attempting a portrayal alt "megamind"? >> to me you just kind of look like yourself. yeah. >> you have 3d glasses on. >> i've got 3d. >> take them off. >> oh now i can see it. >> very g. famously in these movies, in these animation movies, you never actually see the other characters or anything like that. >> right. >> when you went into the recording booth to portray megamind. >> right. yes. >> -- what were you thinking?
8:40 am
were you thinking blue? >> i was -- well i had no choice. >> yeah, they didn't -- there was no other color scheme. >> i mean i wanted green because i've done a lot of market research on the color green. >> sure. right. >> but they -- >> is that what it conjures up? >> what it conjures up very sloothing. but, blue. >> giant blue head. >> -- blue head is very funny. >> yeah. yeah. contrast it with tight leather pants, which is megamind's go-to outfit. >> right. i skipped that part today. >> you might want to -- goimplts with the tight leather pants? >> are you going to spend the rest of the day like this. >> with this? >> can you make that promise to me? >> i can't. >> okay. >> i can't. you know you -- >> -- a cap wearing these. >> here's the thing we know about cheap physical humor, it only lasts so long. >> it only lasts so long and you have to put it away.
8:41 am
that's it put away those childish things. did you ever work with any of the other people on the movie? >> i -- >> like see them? >> i got to actually work with tina fey, who voices the lovely roxanne richie. >> playing a vol lup wows goddes reporter. >> tina and i actually got to do some segs but as far as joanna and brad pitt it was apart, which is usually the norm. >> i got to read maybe you didn't see brad pitt face to face he left his scent? >> he did, and heiksmells like cinnamon. >> that's good to know. >> right. >> if you think brad pitt. >> you immediately -- it conjures up images of fresh baked bread and cinnamon. >> yeah homey. >> yeah. >> right. >> not leading man.
8:42 am
>> no. just homey. >> someone you want to cuddle with, yeah. >> is there a way to explain this movie? because, as i saw the trailers ahead of time. >> right. >> i didn't understand it. but, when i saw it it made me laugh out loud. >> well it's basically kind of a fun spin on the whole super hero genre, in a way. >> right. >> i'm a super evil genius megamind who's dedicated his life to defeating metro man. >> metro man. >> and lo and behold that day comes and i have everything that i've always dreamed about having but i'm completely empty, unsatisfied. in an effort to restore the balance. >> which raets the template for a laugh riot. >> yes. >> who was originally going to do this? who's -- executive producer. >> oh been stiller. >> he was going to do this right. >> that's what i heard, a live
8:43 am
action. >> a live action a long long time ago. >> then it turned into this. but you still weren't the first choice when he backed out. >> no, i think there were 15 other choices. >> right. >> and, um i just happened to be driving around l.a. my cell phone rang. i picked up a flyer at a seven-eleven. next thing you know i'm in a big animated movie. >> the tryout. >> yeah. >> worked out good for you. >> we go back to the. >> -- as well as the funny blue head change. will fer ril as always a pleasure to see you, sir. >> grit to see you, harry. >> well you're in character now. >> yes, i'm in character. can you see the -- can you hear the difference? >> yeah. [ laughter ] i can. i can. >> yeah. right? >> tell, you know, tell me you're done with this interview in your "megamind" thing. >> oh. hold on
8:44 am
harry, i'm done with the interview. [ laughter ] see? i don't know. >> it works. >> i can't explain it. >> magic. >> just a gift. >> it's magic, no question. will ferrell thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> now maggie. >> so good. thank you ishgs harry. what do you do to get ready for a long trip? obvious, find a good place to stay, make reservations and don't forget your wallet a. few months ago we said good-bye to a friend of ours who did none of those things. on july 26th former big brother and amazing race contestant jeff schroeder departed from the "early show" plaza on a trip around the world 6789 an undertaking under this magnitude would be difficult under the most ideal circumstances but his journey was far from ordinary. he carried no money and was attempting to cross the globe for free. his success or failure depended entirely on the kindness of strangers he met along the way. and an audience following him online. traveling west from new york
8:45 am
schroeder spent the next 106 days begging, borrowing, and dealing his way across three continents, 13 countries, 26,000 miles. yesterday, jeff arrived in new york city, exhausted but gratified at having successfully completed his remarkable journey. and jeff schroeder is here with us. welcome back! >> nice to be back. >> so funny will ferrell was on the show today because you say when times got really tough in your journey what you did was? >> put on some will ferrell, like meant to be. we watched "stepbrothers" in cambodia. we had our netbooks or download funny clips just to keep the spirits up you know. it's weird how things work out. >> moments you had to keep your spirits up. this was not an es seep journey but described overall in one word, what word would you use? >> my favorite word of the trip is amazing. i use it to describe everything amazing is the word. >> when you first headed out on this journey, were there times when you thought i may not make
8:46 am
it? >> there was never a time, you know, there were some trying times but never a point where i was going to give up or in danger of any sort. of course, you know you have your roller coaster but without the bad, you can't get to the good. >> exactly. so many good. >> oh yeah. >> your mission was to seat world. you got to go to the coolest places. if you had to pick a favorite could you? >> you know it's so hard because every place new i visited had a new experience depending on the people or just the pure beauty of it. but, i'm a little biased when i went to italy to see some of new family i've never seen before and where my mother was born. >> i loved watching that. that reunion with your family. my mom and i did this we went so spain and found the house where my great grandfather was born and relatives who still there and look like us. what was it like to meet people you've never met before and know about this bond. >> it was crazy, my grandmother came from a family of six and the last remaining sister was there and looked my grandmother
8:47 am
which was weird who passed two years ago. walking down the street this lady knew your grandfather, like stepping back in time not mine but my family's time. >> it's priceless. what about the scariest experience. >> i would have to say the scariest was getting stuck in laos. i lost connection with the audience and it was tough because i had no money. the malaria scare in india was scary. >> living conditions not exactly ideal. >> there not really not really. like i said it was a great experience now all said and done. i'm glad i went. i don't know how soon i'll be back but i'm glad i did it. >> wait a minute you sound like somebody itching already. could it be. >> maybe not so much india not to say the people in india were great but just like i was at the end of my line at that time you know. >> what were you feeling towards the end? >> you know, that was the end of southeast asia and we went into india, when is southeast asia but it was a rough -- that was a
8:48 am
whole rough experience and at the end of india was just like ooh, you know i got sick and it was just beat down run down couldn't soo the finish line at that point and when we got to europe, got a new breath. each place i went was like a new rejuvenation, so that helped changing all the time. >> now have to go back to life as a ordinary guy. do you think you'll be bored? >> i think after a week i can't wait to see my family and friends back home but after a week i'll be bouncing off the walls, time to move time to go sdpoo what are you going to do with yourself. >> wash my clothes for one thing. >> good start. can't wait to see what life has in store next. >> me, too. me too. >> congrats. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, jeff. we'll
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
@@ so you did this last year a life-changing experience for you. >> i loved this. by the way just heard from sue stroke who gave me the list last year from granger, iowa she was unemployed now a nuskin distributor, lost 125 pounds. >> wow! >> yeah she's -- >> i like it. >> that was my favorite part about last year's series meeting the people along the way. >> i mean, that's the fun of the whole thing. i mean, i'd love to do it for three months traveling around the globe but we've got seven
8:52 am
days to get from somewhere back here at this point, alaska is leading and -- >> i love that. >> the leading vote-getter. >> and that presents its own problems. remember, alaska is still. >> a little far away. >> a continent away from the lower 48. it is going to be problematic. >> are your wheels turning about how you'll get there? >> yeah, a combination of that and panic. >> are you tweeting? >> i'll be tweeting blogging you can follow us on earlyshow.c earlyshow.cbsnews dat com. >> is that what you are relying on most people tweeting you? >> yes. in fact, anyone in those cities across america can start tweet tweeting going. let's start this showing. >> have a great day everyone. >> have a great day, everyone
8:53 am
p i inherited my father's '69 norton
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kohara, with your c-b-s five headlines... it's 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. a pursuit in oakland leads to a crash that takes two lives. this was at macarthur boulevard and 106th avenue. police say the driver of a bmw tried to get away from chp when he slammed into another vehicle. both drivers were killed. a fire in redwood city displaces 40 people. firefighters say it all started in a first floor unit of an apartment complex on linden street. no one was injured. a cause has not been determined. and thousands of ballots remain to be counted in the tight congressional race between congressman jerry mcnerney and republican challenger david harmer. mcnerney has a 121-vote lead. both sides predict a recount. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment.
8:56 am
stay with us.
8:57 am
we are going to head down to san jose again. ' series of accidents just caused problems for all the major freeways throughout the south bay. this accident northbound 880 approaching north first street has finally been cleared out of lanes. you can see that tow truck symbol there. unfortunately, traffic is still backed up in the northbound lanes on northbound 17 as far
8:58 am
back as highway 85. now we have a new accident coming up northbound 101 approaching oakland road. this is our second accident in the same spot by the way. 880 through oakland, this is just starting to get slow here in the last 10 minutes. these are the northbound lanes of the nimitz freeway. coliseum off to the right. and it remains stop and go up towards downtown oakland. about a half hour is your drive time from 238 to the maze. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast for this morning the last warm day we are expecting plenty of sunshine temperatures yet again near 80 degrees. bear in mind it's going to be cooling down as early as tomorrow. nice look towards treasure island. high temperatures, here is your seven-day forecast. lower 70s at the coast, upper 70s at the bay and lower 80s inland. showers expected to move in tomorrow evening with cooler temperatures. still pretty cool with the continued threat of showers saturday and sunday. monday, tuesday and wednesday, no showers. some sunshine with more seasonal highs and we are
8:59 am
"falling back" one hour with our clocks this weekend.


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