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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 8, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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cookies to bart riders. you can see him at the embarcadero station at the hyatt hotel until 7:15 a.m. sydnie is appearing all week! [ laughter ] got a story idea or comment you would like to share with us? email captioning funded by cbs breaking news. obama overseas. the president in yand addressing parliament as he continues to push for a stronger economic relationship between the two largest democracies in the world. >> by the example that we set, by the bilateral ties that we form i think can be incredibly powerful and important. >> we'll go to new delhi for the latest on the president's critical trip abroad. amanda knox's day. the student will be back in court in italy as she faces new charges of slandering the police. her parents are fighting back. we'll speak with them in an
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exclusive live interview. >> and a new song by michael jackson is released this morning more than a year after his death. his family members say it may not be the real thing. all that and more early this monday morning, november 8th, 2010. >> good morning. it's a chilly monday morning here in new york but we're looking at live pictures from india. president obama is about to address parliament there as we say, these are the world's two biggest democracies. plenty at stake on the president's visit to india. one of the things that he says is the reason he's there, he's there traveling with dozens of important business leaders and we think about india and
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outsourcing, he says this is going to be a visit that will promise tens of thousands of jobs back to the united states. we'll have more on that in a bit. >> that's the longest he spent in any foreign country so it says a lot. i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith. we're going to take you to connecticut where today a jury continues to deliberate whether steven hayes convicted of murdering a family should be sentenced to death or life in prison. question nas the jurors are asking have some wonder if they are leaning away from the death penalty. we'll briv you a live report. >> we begin with president obama's trip abroad. in new delhi, the second on his four-nation tour of asia. cbs correspondent chip reid is traveling with the president and has the latest. >> reporter: the president is spending his final day here in india engaged in high level diplomacy but it's clear he's preoccupied with last week's
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elections and the message voters sent him about focusing on jobs. escorted by 24 horses, and honored with a 21-gun salute, the president was welcomed to new delhi with a lavish ceremony at the presidential palace. mr. obama returned by praising the deep friendship between the two largest democracies in the world. >> i believe that the partnership between the united states and india will be one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century. >> reporter: though half a world away, the president's mind was clearly still on the u.s. elections that pummeled democrats for the state of the u.s. economy. and a joint press conference he stressed that his top goal is opening the surging indian economy to u.s. products. >> i want to be able to say to the american people when they ask me why are you spending time with india, aren't they taking our jobs, i want to be able to say actually, you know what, they just created 50,000 jobs.
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>> reporter: 50,000 u.s. jobs the result of more than 20 deals announced by the president this weekend between india and u.s. corporations. as the president made clear in an exclusive interview on sunday's "60 minutes" on cbs, the elections are already having an effect on how the president views big business. >> there is a perception out there that you are anti-business. >> well, i think there is no doubt that the relationship with the business community over the course of the last two years at times has gotten strained, so i think that we've got repair work to do there. >> reporter: it wasn't all work in india. at a celebration of the national holiday the first lady jumped right in. her husband had to be dragged onto the dance floor by children. later today the president heads for indonesia where he'll continue to push for opening markets to u.s. goods and give a major speech on relations with the muslim world. it's also a homecoming for the
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president. he spent four years in indonesia as a child. harry. >> chip reid in new delhi. thanks. joining us in washington is cbs news political analyst john dickerson. good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to go back to the "60 minutes" interview in case people didn't get a chance to watch it. it's on the website. it's worth watching. i'm going to play a piece of it and i want to get your reaction. >> you get discouraged? are you discouraged now? >> i do get discouraged. there are times i thought the economy would have gotten better by now. as president you understand that you're held responsible for everything, but you don't always have control of everything. >> so interesting because over the last several days and this was recorded then thursday before the president took off on this trip to india and asia, as you see him, how are you reading him now? >> he's trying to find a balance, you know. the president has to show he got it, he got the message of the
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election but he's not trying to deal away all of his leverage as president. so he's trying to figure out, he mentioned 18 meeting with student there is is going to be a mid course correction. in making that change, in recognizing this shellacking as he called it, he has to hold some power and leverage and not just say everything that i did for the last more than year and a half was in the wrong direction. >> let's talk about this then, what the president and what the republicans may or may not have in common. because many of the republicans were on the sunday talk shows and said well, you know, we're going to look for common ground, things we may be able to work together on. let's start with earmarks. >> that's right. they said they are happy to work with the president which means at this stage they are happy to have him agree with them. they hold the momentum and the power right now and the president was much you know, had that posture when he won. it's a good thing when you win. so on earmarks the president says i agree, let's get rid of
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earmarks. you can see an opportunity not only to get involved in the conversation but perhaps drive a bit of a wedge in the republican caucus, they have different opinions in the senate, mitch mcconnell has a more favorable opinion than some of the tea party backed conservative candidates and the president can say maybe i have a chance to cause a little mischief. >> bush tax cuts. >> the president signaled some warming but said there has to abway to pay for it trying to put pressure on republicans to say if you want to spend $700 billion make them own the cuts which are painful and might be unpopular. >> another subject, nancy pelosi, the speakier of the house will lose that job. they wants to continue as minority leader. if you are a democrat or republican, republicans must be dancing in the streets. >> they are. they used to talk about firing nancy pelosi before the election. now they have a sign up in front of headquarters saying hire nancy pelosi. she's not popular and represents
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again this notion that democrats don't get it, that they didn't get the election of the -- message of the election. the fact is in the house for democrats the majority of the democrats support her, so there's not -- there is not much any democrat in the middle can do. there aren't those moderate democrats left in the house caucus to change that vote. >> john dickerson, thank you. appreciate it. >> 7:08 we move to connecticut where a jury is beginning its fourth day of deliberations trying to decide the fate of convicted murderer steven hayes. should he get the death penalty or life in prison? good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning. this case is in two parts, in the guilt phase jurors took four hours to find steven hayes guilty. in the penalty face thphase it' a while. they worked through the weekend which is unusual.
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all while the families wait. it's called lights of hope, a candlelight charity event, this year taking place the same weekend that jurors struggle. deciding whether steven hayes should be execute forward the murderer of general ter and her daughters. the event was a brief break from the painful wait. >> thinking about positive times and positive things. i think it's good for all of us. >> reporter: dr. william petit has been vocal pleading for the ultimate punishment for what happened. in addition to killing the mother and daughters, pouring gasoline on them before letting the house on fire, steven hayes raped and strangled jennifer, his partner who is yet to be tried sexually assaulted 11-year-old michaela. in what could be a signal from the jury on saturday they asked to hear back testimony from a forensic psychiatrist who
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interviewed hayes about the crime and have ied him as being enraged during the crime. >> that tells us that they are struggling with whether or not steven hayes's mental capacity was significantly impaired at the time of these crimes. >> if the jury agrees that could be a mitigating factor under the law and hayes could escape the death penalty. the waiting continues. >> this is the first time i cried in a while. it's really hard to go home with things being really unresolved. i wish we could have seen a conclusion but i'm sure there will be one whether we're here or no. >> conclusion that will send steven hayes to death row or to prison for the rest of his life. >> reporter: though now after this long case there is only one alternate juror left it does seem like the jury is making progress, they resume their work again this morning. maggie. >> all right. we'll see if it happens today. thank you, jeff. >> time for a look at the news. erica hill is at the news desk.
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>> good morning to everyone at home. we begin with the price of gas which could see a significant hike just in time for the holidays. the current price for a gallon of unleaded is 2.83. it's been about the same for two weeks. prices, however, are expected to rise 10 or even 15 cents a gallon in the next few days, mostly because of a weakening dollar. >> two nuclear power plants have been shut down. a transformer exploded at the indian point plant north of new york city and about 30 minutes later a water leak was found in the vermont yankee plant. official say in both cases no hazardous material escaped. an airline passenger and his effective disguise are raising fears about airport security. nancy is in washington this morning with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it was a bizarre incident, an
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asian man boarding a plane from china disguised. if he was able to pull it off u.s. officials worry who else could. by most appearances it was an elderly man who boarded the air canada flight in hong kong bound for vancouver last friday. but during the flight he emerged from the wash room with his true identity, a young asian man. he had gotten past security with an elaborate mask and used an airline frequent flyer card as identification. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says terrorists could try the same thing. >> i think these are further illustrations of different tactics and tech nikes. >> reporter: officials say airline employees noticed early in the flight the passenger, quote, appeared to have young looking hands. but they did not catch on until he took off his disguise. once the flight landed he was met by border service officials where he made a claim for refugee asylum from his home of
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china. canadian officials have not released information about the man's identity but they have said they believe he exchanged his boarding pass with another passenger who is an american citizen. erica. >> thanks. here in new york city, at the new york city marathon yesterday, talk about a day for firsts. gebre gebremariam who had never run a marathon before, won the men's title. kenya's edna kib la gat was the winner. lots of folks watching miner edison pena, it took five hours, 40 minutes, ice on his knee. he hobbled to the finish line. what an emotional finish for him. you can only imagine. we'll hear more about it of course. first we want to get to dave price with a check of the weather who has just completed the new york city marathon. >> unbelievable. >> your time really -- >> i'm not even out of breath.
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nice to see you erica. congratulations to everyone who ran. as we begin the work week, midsection of the country looking pretty good. have a rebound of temperatures in the southeast. the northeast and
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at 7:14 our first look at the weather. maggie, back to you. >> thank you. hundreds turned out this weekend for an emotional memorial service for missing jet skier david hartley, allegedly gunned down near the border almost two months ago now and his body never recovered. our correspondent don teague has the story. >> reporter: it was a final tearful farewell for david hartley. >> tiffany, david loved you so much and is so proud of you. >> reporter: a chance for 400 friends and relatives and wife tiffany to remember the 30-year-old, allegedly murdered by members of a mexican drug cartel while the couple jet skied on a lake straddling the texas-mexico border. >> we grew up together.
7:16 am
on our grandparents' farm. >> reporter: the hartlys were atalked september 30th on the mexican side of falcon lake, an area controlled by the zeta drug cartel. >> dave hartly was my best friend. >> reporter: his body has never been found. the search by mexican authorities suspended after the lead investigator was beheaded in an apparent warning by cartel enforcers. >> please, negotiate this. we want david home. >> hartly's family criticized the mexican government in the days after the shooting claiming they weren't doing enough to find his killers or his body. but, in an exclusive interview, mexican president felipe calderon told "the early show's" peter greenberg, his country acted quickly. >> his wife, of course, is claiming that you didn't react quickly enough. >> i respect the expression of the lady. i understand her situations and emotions. but, since the very beginning, when the federal authorities
7:17 am
realized, or -- exactly what's happening, the federal agencies act immediately. >> i couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law and he couldn't have asked for a better wife. >> reporter: tiffany hartley says her husband's death highlights mexico's inability to stop violence on the border, a drug war that continues claiming american lives. don teague, cbs news, dallas. and still ahead here, amanda knox back in an italian court today facing slander charges. we'll talk exclusively with her parents about these new charges and about their daughter's upcoming appeal on a murder conviction. also, 'tis the season for rebates, but they can be a pain to fill out. we're going to show you the right and wrong ways to try to get your money back. >> plus, controversy over michael jackson's 3wr57bd new single, which was released this morning. we'll tell you why his mother believes that he's not the one singing.
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in italy convicted kirlt amanda knox has just gotten out of court where she defended herself against slander charges. her parents eagerly await a decision that could come at any minute. they are standing by to speak to us live exclusive about the hearing today and about her penning appeal on her murder conviction. >> all kind of products you can get rebates. i bought a new phone the other day and was getting a rebate. it came in the form of a credit card with a -- i was furious! rebecca jarvis is going to be along to help us through the rebate mess. coming up. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by chrysler.
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sydnie kohara.. a man is in critical condition after he was shot in oakland about two o'clock this morning. the victim was behind the wheel near macañrthur boulevard and high street when he was shot. his car then hit a house. that collision broke a gas line and forced an evacuation in the neighborhood. a small church group from kansas is protesting on the peninsula this morning. the group is known for its pickets proclaiming that god hates america because of its tolerance of homosexuals. it plans picket outside capuchino high school in san bruno in a few minutes to give thanks for september's deadly pipeline explosion. the price tag for fixing a crack on the san mateo bridge is one million dollars. some lanes on the bridge were closed last month because of the ten inch
7:26 am
crack discovered during an inspection of support beams. traffic and weather... in just a moment. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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good morning.
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oakland on the freeway, northbound 880 before 29th, an accident involving a motorcycle and a couple of other cars. check out the back-up, it is not looking good. jammed solid as far back as the coliseum. the left southbound lane of 880 is blocked while emergency crews are out there. so traffic slow from the 980 interchange. back towards the dublin interchange, an earlier accident now has been cleared. we still got back-ups. 52 minutes from the pass out towards 6780. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's tracy. >> thank you. san jose this morning, sunshine and a few clouds out there as well. we are expecting a beautiful day down in the valley. but do note, temperatures a little chilly. a look at the seven day forecast. sunshine across the entire bay area with highs in the lower 60s. another round of showers likely through tomorrow. keep the umbrella handy.
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and sun down with warming temperatures to round out the week. ah, focus group. so what are we testing here? that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern.
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it is a windy morning, a great crowd here on "the early show." breaking news right now. that is the name of michael jackson's new single. a lot of his fans are so excited it was released at midnight. there's a problem. his mother and some of the jacksons believe that's actually not him singing. we'll take you inside the latest controversy to engulf the singer and his family. >> ff it's like being on sale without being on sale. we're talking about rebates. they provide you send this and sign this or cash in this coupon they provide you a great price. or find that hing you c
7:31 am
seem to find in the package. >> they assume you won't go through the trouble. >> put your rebate fears away because you're financial guru rebecca jarvis will be here to walk us through the rebate jungle. but first, convicted killer amanda knox was back in an italian court this morning. there has been a decision on a case of slander against her. we'll get reaction from amanda's parents in a moment. we have in italy with the latest. >> reporter: the court ruled today that amanda knox must go to trial on charges of slander, the first session next may. if she loses, she faces the pro secreta prospect of another six years added to her charges. she said police hit her during the course of a nine-hour interrogation. in court today, knox burst into tears and said she simply made
7:32 am
use of what she called her right to a defense against an unjust accusation and did not want to offend anyone. her initial testimony was backed up with a graphic demonstration. >> die, die, die! >> reporter: comen, come on, remember, remember, remember. the confession made during that interrogation was a major element in the prosecution's case. as of last friday, knox has spent three full years in her 129-foot-square cell in prison. her stepfather says the 23-year-old his matured during her time in jail and has become more of an adult. >> she's feeling good, found some inner strength, righteous anger so to speak. >> reporter: her appeal begins in just under three weeks time. that procedure separate from the slander charge, but the family sees a crucial connection. >> because it is the root cause of everything, really. that's where the beginning of all the errors started. >> reporter: and in what may be
7:33 am
a glimmer of good news for knox and her family, a new judge will hear it, one who has a reputation of who doesn't have a problem going against the grain. knox's lawyer lodged a 55-page document requesting dna samples and other things. and the calling of new witnesses. knox's lawyers and defense team say they're confident they'll win the appeal. then they said the same thing about the trial. magg maggie? >> thank you. joibing us exclusively from seattle are amanda's parents kurt knox and edda mellas. good morning. >> good morning. >> edda, are you surprised this is going to trial? >> no, i'm not surprised. i'm disappointed. but these are the same people that all ruled against amanda initially so we didn't think that they were going to change their mind. >> so the first hearing for the slander trial will be may 6. later this month on november
7:34 am
24th the appeal on the murder conviction gets under way. are you thankful, curt, this new judge is hearing the appeal and he has a reputation for fairness? >> yes, very much so. it gives us that much more optimism to get a real conclusion and have an opportunity to bring amanda home. >> her attorney told us this weekend there's a great opportunity for reversal on the appeal because the scope in italy is broader than here in the u.s. edda, are you as optimistic as curt is? because every time we've spoken you've seemed skeptical. >> you know, it's hard. we were all optimistic at the beginning that she wouldn't be convict ed without any evidence. but i think we're all starting to get hopeful because we have such a strong case for appeal. you know, there's nothing that connects her to that crime and now we have a judge who might actually listen. so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it goes correctly. >> in the meantime, your
7:35 am
23-year-old daughter t daughter has now spent three years in prison. it's got to take a toll. curt, do you see a change in her now that the appeal is pending? >> well, she's actually more optimistic, you know. it -- this is going to be her chance once again to have this wrongful conviction overturned, and she's looking forward to that. so we are as well. >> she must have fears, though, edda. you speak with her all the time. does she share her fears with you? >> of course. you know, how can she not have fears? there was a mistake made at the beginning. you know, she's innocent and she's locked up in a jail. so there's those fears. but we've got to move on the and hope that they get it right this time. >> right. we know that she spends her days reading. she's allowed to cook. she loves to make chocolate cak cake, spends a little time socializing. she also paints. a lot of people didn't realize. these pictures came out and
7:36 am
immediately people said these reveal the inner thoughts of a killer. what was your reaction to the criticism, curt? >> absolute nonsense. you know, amanda draws and has drawn for years, and this is just a way of passing the time. for people to critique and try to make a judgment on her character based on pictures is ridiculo
7:37 am
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now that holiday shopping is in full swing, some stores are tempting customers with very exciting rebates, but are they really all they're cracked up to be? here with important advice how to cash in your rebs business and economic correspondents rebecca jarvis. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> are rebates a scam. >> i don't think you could flat-out call them a scam but they are there to entice customers to spend money and a lot of customers actually don't end up getting the rebate because a lot don't go through the rig ma role it takes.
7:41 am
40% of customers eligible for a rebate don't pick it up. >> can i tell you what happened to me? i bought a phone the other day and getting a rebate on the phone get the mail saturday and there's a credit card inside with $100 on it. i thought -- i watt absolutely furious. >> that's the way rebates are going nowadays a. lot that used to come in the form of a check, you go through the whole obligation of filling out all the forms, sending in the upc code, sending in stickers, sending in the box top. >> right. >> sending the pints-out of the receipt, all of these things that people do to fulfill their obligation, now the companies have responded with sending out in many cases credit cards, prepaid credit cards or alternative store gift cards. >> because this is. >> instead of that check. >> right. do they make it intentionally difficult, is this so you don't actually -- >> it's better for them. >> -- so you don't actually go through with it? >> it is better for them because they are obviously in the market to make more money and you are
7:42 am
in the market to get money back so it definitely should be looked at that way. >> what should i look at in this purchasing environment. >> in this purchasing environment like you said you got a credit card instead of a check in the mail so you want to know what form of rebate you are going to get. you what town be very particular with the retailer when you buy that cell phone or whatever other item it is. you want to know what you're getting back in the mail s. it going to be, for example that, prepaid credit card, a store gift card, or is it going to be a check and when will you get it? >> so, you ask about the form of rebates. what about things like expiration or whatever sthimplsts this is another important thing. we've talked before about on this program about gift cards and the fact in many cases gift cards have longer-term expiration dates. when you get a rebate gift card, it can expire a lot faster, much more of a yoo it or lose it type of environment and you want to take care of that. >> sometimes these things aren't returnable. >> if you've sent in your rebate for example and done all your paperwork, you won't be annal to return that item to the score
7:43 am
once you have the rebate back. >> really? that's part of my intention with my trip to the store where i got this thing. >> i have a feeling they might let you do it, harry. >> for instance, you get this credit card with the money on it, should you redeem it meedly? >> you absolutely should. it is a yoo it or louis it environment. a lot of people will hang on to it and think i'll use it later. the likelihood is slim. >> does it mean i have this credit card all of a sudden and have one i've never asked for or wanted. >> basically, it does. that's why you have to really read the fine print. i recommend people in the store ask every question, no every answer before you leave that store. >> will you go to the store with me. >> i'd love to. i'd love to report on it, too. >> rebecca, thank you so much. up next, breaking news about michael jackson's new hit single, his mother doesn't think it's him on the record. we'll take a listen to see if you can tell the difference coming up on "the early show." (vet) i love working with animals,
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even in death michael jackson is a magnet for controversy. his new song "breaking news" released just after midnight but some members of his family say it's not him singing. all this, too, as new video is discovered eerily reminisce sentence of one of the legendary singer's most outrageous stunts. if you thought there was nothing more to say about michael jackson -- >> more than a year after his death michael jackson is back with a new release. fans are flocking to the king of pop's website to listen to the world premiere ever his post hue mass single "breaking news" a look at the media through jackson's eyes. ♪ everybody wants a piece of michael jackson ♪ >> a cut from a new album titled "michael" containing previously unheard material. "michael" will be released december 14th by sony's epic
7:48 am
records in conjunction with his estate. but not everyone is excited about the new music. the king of pop's joe jackson has publicly denounced the album saying his son would not want unfinished material released. and some jackson family members suspect ts voice on some of the songs isn't even michael's. >> i listened to it. >> sony denies the allegations stating all material has been thent indicated. to address a continued controversy surrounding the death of her son, katherine jackson will appear later today on the oprah winfrey show. >> i was telling him i didn't want to hear one day that he had overdosed, because it would break my heart. it would kill me, too. >> controversy is nothing new to the king of pop. one of the most famous moments, this incident from 2002 when jackson dangled his youngest child from a hotel balcony in berlin sparking worldwide outrage. >> come on, show everybody. >> now eerily similar video from
7:49 am
1997 has emerged from website news of the world. it shows the singer with his oldest son prince, egged on by prince's mother, debbie rowe. jackson holds the four-month-old out the window of his top floor munich hotel room. disturbing stuff there. the preliminary hearing for his personal physician dr. conrad murray is scheduled january 4th and he is accused of giving him a lethal dose of sedatives. he has pleaded not guilty. the voice does sound a little different from what we're used to hearing. not just family members coming out sort of protest of the album wi ed said he would not have wanted this he was a perfectionist, you should let it be and not release it. >> we'll see where the family goes with this. >> we'll be right back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. click on your sym. get the right relief. makes the cold aisle easy.
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it's 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. members of a kansas church known for antigay protests at military funerals are holding a demonstration in san bruno right now. the group from westboro baptist church issued a news release for the event and at the bottom in bold letters it read, thank god for the san bruno pipeline explosion. the demonstration was originally supposed to happen at capuchino high school but they have agreed to hold that protest just a few blocks away instead. in the oakland race for mayor, jean quan may win.
7:56 am
here's how it looks based on voters' alternate choices. quan has a two-point lead over don perata even though he led by 12 after the initial count of first place votes. final results could be announced later today. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us.
7:57 am
good morning. it is a slow crawl right now up the nimitz freeway northbound 880 through oakland. check that out as you pass the
7:58 am
coliseum. the accident is up by 29th. multi-vehicle crash also involving a motorcycle. two left lanes are blocked. traffic jammed from 238. you're looking at almost an hour drive time there in 238 to the maze. southbound 880 traffic is also sluggish in the area. back towards the westbound 580 dublin interchange it looks like that accident now has been cleared from lanes as you approach hacienda. we were following that during our 6:00 hour but look at our drive time. still really heavy traffic coming out of the altamont pass. by the way, the alternate westbound stanley boulevard jammed as well from isabel avenue towards 680. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. good-bye daylight saving time, hello standard time and all this sunshine. an hour earlier. plenty of sunshine out there at the transamerica building for this morning. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. this is what we are expecting for today and well through the week. temperatures pretty cool today. we do have a chance of showers
7:59 am
8:00 am
captioning funded by cbs plaza this morning. good morning, ing. nice crowd on the plaza this morning. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "the early show." >> coming up in this hour, if you're one of the millions of americans who tried everything to lose weight, we're here to tell you something revolutionary this morning. break all the rules. that's what dr. jennifer ashton is here to say. there are so many rules that have become rules and no one knows why because they're not true. they're just myths. and dr. jen is going to break it down for us this morning. >> and we're kicking off our namesake series this morning. this is so good.
8:01 am
you ever google your own name and you look at these other people? that is harry smith from florida. he is the karaoke king of north central florida. this guy is so good at what he does. he has the most amazing voice and a spectacular following. we got to go out and hang out with him. you'll meet him in just a couple minutes. >> i love how excited you are about that. >> he is a star. >> can't wait to meet harry smith. first, let's go inside where erica hill is standing by with a check of the headlines. >> i'm itching to hear that as well, i've been hearing a lot about it. president obama said india should have a permanent place on the u.n. security council just like the u.s. the president spoke to india's parliament today and met with the prime minister. cbs news chief white house confident chip reid is traveling with the president. chip, hello. >> reporter: well, good morning. you know, that idea of having permanent membership on the
8:02 am
security council is very important to india. it's far from a done deal. it got a big applause in his speech before parliament. another big applause was when he urged pakistan, india's arch rival, to crack down on terrorism. but the president is also spending a lot of time here in india talking about jobs. >> global partners we can promote prosperity in both our countries. together, we can create the high-tech, highway jobs of the future. >> in fact, he's spending so much time talking about the importance of creating jobs in the u.s. through trade with india that i think it's pretty clear that he got the message last week from u.s. voters. >> it was a message he has mentioned several times he heard. chip, also there's a little fun, of course, involved in these trips. a lot of people in india celebrating, including the first lady who enjoyed the celebrations. >> absolutely, the festival of lights. it's a huge celebration here. the first lady jumped in and
8:03 am
showed off her dancing ability. the president was very reluctant and eventually he had to be literally dragged on to the dance floor by a couple of the children at the school where they were visiting. erica? >> it's not like he never danced on tv before, of course. there was a famous move on "ellen." what is next for the president on this trip? >> reporter: well, the next stop he's supposed to leave today for indonesia. that was his boyhood home. he spent ages 6 to 10 in indonesia. he'll give a big speech to the muslim world. there are concerns whether he'll be able to make it. there's a major volcano in the area erupting recently. a lot of ash in the air. that presents a great danger to flight. we're still waiting to see if he'll be able to make it. we'll let you know. >> chip, appreciate it. we'll check in with you there. thanks. the u.s. born yemeni cleric is now calling for the killing of americans saying it's either them or us. that message in a video posted online this morning.
8:04 am
he has been linked to several attacks on americans including the attempted bomb an airliner headed to detroit last christmas day. the cia has been cleared to try to kill or capture him. qantas airlines will keep the giant airbus jets grounded for at 72 hours. an engine on one of the a-380s broke apart in flight. the plane managed to land safely in indonesia. qantas said inspectors found oil leaks in the other engines. on the road, drowsy drivers are even more deadly than previously thought. a new study out this morning finds one out of every six fatal crashes involves a drowsy driver. that's according to the aaa foundation for traffic safety. 10% of drivers admit falling asleep at the wheel this year while 41% say they have done it at some time in their lives. and queen elizabeth is now on facebook. this morning bucking hack palace
8:05 am
launched the monarchy facebook page. and in just an hour, more than 40,000 users said they liked the queen's page. before you get too excited to say you're friends with the queen, you're not allowed to friend her. users, however, can send messages and you may also leave comments. here's katie couric with a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. good morning. it's a gaping hole in aviation security. nearly one billion pounds of cargo placed on passenger planes never gets inspected. we'll find out why tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." and it's just about five minutes past the hour. time to get a check of your weather on this monday. dave price is outside. it's a little chilly here in new york city. >> erica, i'm reporting -- did anyone else see a flake? >> yes! >> yeah. i'm not talking about the weather man in front of you. you did see a flake come down. am i right? we have live eye reporters here telling us we've seen a flake in new york city. and, indeed, some are popping up
8:06 am
in the northeast today, too. i just got a call from vernon, connecticut, they got a little snow coming down. sections of new england getting it as well. let's go to the maps and take a look and see what's happening as we say hello to the chilly weather rolling through. coastal storm, we thought we
8:07 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by farmers insurance. we are farmers. we are insurance. that's a quick look at your weather picture. remember, in this weather -- you have to wear a hat. you're young. don't worry about it. back to you. >> that is not nice. thank you. up next, how to break the traditional diet rules and still lose weight. we'll show you how to be a diet rebel when we return. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] for frequent heartburn relief,
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8:11 am
time for this morning's "health watch." a study predicts that 40% of americans will be obese by the year 2050. anyone who ever struggled with the scale heard a lot of rules about dieting. our dr. jennifer ashton is here to break them, to separate fact from fiction. good morning. >> good morning. >> the first rule that you say you can and should break is no midnight snacks. i'm surprised. >> right. we hear that a lot. you know, eating late at night or after a certain time is really not good for your waistline. the reality is your calories and for the most part your metabolism doesn't know what time of the day it is. the interesting thing is people who do eat repeatedly late at night can be in social environments where they will be overeating. so the mere act of eating after a certain time in and of itself does not cause weight gain. but if you're eating when you're not hungry or fattening foods and more than you need, then, yes, it can contribute to weight gain. >> so it's not true if i eat
8:12 am
something in the morning, i have all day to burn it off? >> obviously, if you're active after you consume, your metabolism is more revved up. but eating late at night is not going to cause weight gain. >> interesting. okay, all calories are equal. not true, you say. >> exactly. not really true. in terms of psychics, yes. pure calories in versus calories burned is very important when you're talking about losing weight or maintaining weight. but we also have to remember the nutritional value of what we put into our bodies. so a perfect example here is about ten chips is about 130 calories. which would you rather eat, maggie, the plate of 10 chips or all of the little carrot sticks and humus? >> the humus with the chips, if i'm honest. no, what i had for breakfast today is humus and veggies. >> you want to look at most things you eat as fuel. look for things that have nutritional value. the carrots and hummus are better for you. >> skipping meals will help you
8:13 am
lose. >> a lot of people will say i'm not going to eat that meal and we have seen repeatedly nutritionists are huge on this fact. eating breakfast is very important. studies have shown especially teenagers who skip breakfast are at higher risk for obesity and people who eat smaller more frequent meals actually tend to do better with their weight than people who eat fewer, larger meals. so, again, you want to try not to skip meals. >> and you don't have to say no to all carbs. >> carbs is a huge thing now. we talk about it all the time. not all carbs are bad. the ones you want to stay away from are the white carb, white bread, white rice, white potatoes. they're really not adding nutritional value and tend to make you hungry very soon after you consumed them. go for the healthy carbs, complex carbohydrates like grains, berries, vegetables. they're all really, really the good carbs.
8:14 am
very important for fiber and keeping you full. >> give us a couple rules tried and true that you should be following? >> two big ones, don't drink your calories on a regular basis. remember that approximately 3500 calories equals a pound. if you're trying to lose a pound a week which is the moderate and appropriate amount of weight loss, you really need to cut about 500 calories a day. a lot of people can cut that in their beverage choices. so look at what you're drinking. lastly, you want your diet plan to be sustainable. the key to good weight in your lifetime is to do something that's not a fad, it's not a trend, it's not a quick fix. it's something you can do every single day. >> you're the best. dr. jennifer ashton, thank you. up next, we'll launch our namesake series by meeting a guy named harry smith who has a bit more hair and a lot more karaoke talent than our harry. you don't want to miss this. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. harry. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: cbs healthwatch sponsored by advil congestion relief. the right sinus medication for the real problem. . figures
8:15 am
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8:17 am
,,,, did you ever google yourself to find out who else in the world has the exact same name as you? we decided to do that here at "the early show" and today kick off our namesake series outside daytona beach, florida, that's where i had the pleasure of meeting -- harry smith. >> good morning, everybody i'm harry smith. >> harry smith. >> harry smith. >> seems a common enough name, harry smith. and there have been a few famous ones. in the 1960s, there was harry smith, the champion bowler. and harry smith, the famous musiccoliogis stdz, who inspired a band named the harry smith sdps but until now hi never heard of harry smith of deland, florida. >> here we are in florida. i got to tell you, in my whole life, i have never, ever, ever, ever met another person named harry smith. so, well, there you go, there he
8:18 am
is. how are you doing. >> harry smith. good to meet you. >> i'm not sure i would have recognized you. although we share the same name and a love of dogs, the similarities pretty much end there. harry lives with his girlfriend more than a thousand miles away. and when it comes to hair, it's no contest. florida's harry smith is, indeed, a hairy guy. plus, harry owns his own business, a karaoke business. it's in the just karaoke, though. it's harryoke! ♪ oh, domino >> every friday night, harry sets up his show in the pub at the halifax plantation country club. the packed house proved what we had heard that harry is the karaoke king of north central florida. have you met harry? >> i love harry. >> my name is harry smith. it's wonderful to see everybody here. >> and every time harry smith
8:19 am
picks up a microphone, he knocks 'em dead. six nights a week, harry smith puts on karaoke shows around central florida. and he has fans. legions of fans. what do you like best about c e coming? you're a harry groupie. >> i'm a harry groupie, that's what i am. >> and it's easy to see why. >> not only does harry entertain -- >> ♪ you make me feel >> he makes everyone who takes the stage feel like they are the star. >> there are people that come out to do karaoke who have miserable lives or have, you
8:20 am
know, traumatic events happening and for three mjts, they forget all of that. >> for a few hours every night, his patrons, who have become his friends, dance and sing their hearts out. and nothing could make harry happier. >> to be able to do something for a living that you would probably do as a hobby anyway and be beloved for it and make a comfortable living, absolutely, that's the american dream. >> welcome to harryoke, harry, put the harry -- >> finally came my turn. i found out why first hand why harry smith really is the king of karaoke. ry
8:21 am
♪ when i took a glass of champagne ♪ mf harry stepped in when i needed him the most. >> help him out, everybody. >> then we all joined in. i'll never forget him. it's not karaoke, it's harry-oke. >> that man is -- >> a rock star. >> i love him! >> i love it, i loved you doing it. >> and i love that you couldn't sing. it was sweeter that way. [ laughter ] >> a little out of my range. but so much fun and his fans are crazy about him. he has cultivated this, you know, night after night after night. it's packed, wherever he goes. >> i think there's something about harry smith that makes people smile. >> they are in love with him. >> ahhh. >> it may be in the name. >> it may be. >> maybe that's it. >> so great to meet him. >> he is so good. >> what a fun story. >> yeah, knocked my socks off, though. he came up and started singing. when he sings, he's as good, his
8:22 am
voice is as good as anybody you'll hear on "idol" or any of those shows. he knocks it out of the park. >> like he said, the best part, the american dream, doing something he loves, makes a living out of ate and makes others happen. >> a lot of what he does is also social networking, what he does during the day. >> gets the word out. >> he gets the word out and stays in contact. >> after this, he's never going to have to ad tigs again. >> there you go. >> good for him. >> i want to thank him for letting us ride along because it was a blast. really felt a privilege to just kind of hang out with him. >> looked like you had a great time doing it. >> i think you need to go back for more harry-oke. >> well. >> i think we need to put a karaoke in the studio for commercial breaks. >> the job i got to do, you may not want to come along. it was no joke. i met maggie rodriguez e.r. nurse in southern, california. i was an e.r. nurse for one day.
8:23 am
it was no joke. i once thought about going into medicine. my day reaffirmed that. she's an amazing woman and unlike you harr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
it's 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. it's 8:55. this morning, oakland police looking for suspects in six-week end shootings the latest about 2 a.m. a man shot behind the wheel of a car that then hit a house near macarthur and high. that collision started a gas leak and prompted an evacuation. the victim is in critical condition. it cost a million dollars to fix that 10" crack under the san mateo bridge last month. the crack was discovered in a support beam during a routine inspection october 13. crews sandwiched the crack between two new plates of steel to fix it. and most of the streets destroyed by the deadly san bruno explosion are set to re- open this week. but that huge crater left
8:26 am
behind after the september 9th blast will be there until the investigation is complete. there may still be evidence relevant to potential criminal or civil cases. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. ,, the moment you feel run down or achy nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again. oscillococcinum, nip it in the bud. the hemi and cummins engines that took on all comers here. never took a day off here. raised the bar out here. and helped get the job done here. are only available in a pickup, under here.
8:27 am
the ram 5 year 100,000 mile warranty covers you everywhere. good morning. we have a ton of gridlock through oakland on the nimitz freeway northbound 880 an accident by 29th or just before it. the left lane only is blocked. northbound traffic is jammed solid from washington avenue. southbound traffic southbound
8:28 am
880 backed up beyond 980, as well. out to the peninsula now. east palo alto got an accident northbound 101 at university. this is a multi-vehicle injury crash. they were able to clear it from the three right lanes. everything is off to the shoulder now, all lanes are open. unfortunately, northbound 101 jammed solid from highway 85 all the way back there in mountain view. checking the ride now on the westbound 580 out of the altamont pass, an accident approaching the dublin interchange has been cleared now for an hour and a half. but it is still backed up. 30 minutes is your drive time from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. monday morning, coming off of an interesting weekend. it was rainy yesterday. but today we're making up for it. plenty of sunshine expected. take a look at that. that's from mount vaca this morning, and boy, it's nice. clear as a bell as mike our director loves to say. temperatures today lower 60s as highs. rainfall back in the forecast tomorrow. so take a look at the rest of
8:29 am
the week. plenty of sunshine with warmer temperatures. 3q there she is! hey, i got a leak! yoo hoo! your husband left the seat up again! oh, wait a minute! come on, now. come back! um, miss? up here! right. so those are hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water. you need lime-a-way, the hard water expert. unlike the leading all-purpose cleaner, lime-a-way is specially formulated
8:30 am
to conquer hard water stains. for lime calcium and rust, lime-a-way is a must. great people in the crowd this morning including some proud rightly so marathon finishers. congratulations. welcome back to "the early show." >> good job. >> right on cue. >> coming up, refinancing your mortgage sounds like a good idea these days interest rates are unimaginebly low right now but what if you are close to retirement age and the value of your home? there's lots of things to keep in consideration when thinking about this because, you know, it may seem like a good idea, maybe it's not such a good idea. we'll tell you all the things you need to keep in consideration. >> what a lot of what-ifs in there. you may not know the name
8:31 am
bernard sato, i'm guessing you probably didn't. if you ever travel i think we all owe him a large debt of gratitude. this man invented suitcases with wheels 40 years ago. do you remember those, my parents had a set this beautiful '70s golden color with a case for your cosmetics. they've evolved so much of course but when first launched somebody said this is crazy, never will work. clearly it did and our own peter greenburg with a look at some of the best and most affordable wheeled lug gag and what to look for. in this case cheap isn't better. >> i can't imagine life without them. >> i know. >> i don't know how we did it. this week in new york city, the annual new york chocolate show gets under way. 50 of the world's best chock la tears come to our neighborhood and showcase their products. today we have some of them in the studio. the one i'm most looking forward to is that chocolate popsicle you see on the top right of your screen. you put that into a hot cup of mill k, stir it and it makes the
8:32 am
most delicious cup of hot chocolate you have ever had in your life! >> i love it. >> we're hooked. >> are you going to share. >> good. >> there are two cups there. >> but first, he is a six-time grammy award western john legend's hit single "wake up, everybody" more than just a great song but a call to countless fans to become more actively involved in all kinds of social issues. now, the r & br singer oovpdz joined forces with western union to kick off a national campaign called "50 days of giving" which benefits a number of worthy charitiess and the amazing john legend is here. >> good morning. >> [ cheering ] >> how are you. >> thanks for coming out on such a chilly, chilly day. >> a beautiful new york day. >> yeah. i love what this does, though. >> yes. >> western union has ponied up, five different charities they have said they will give $100 though each one, boys and girls club of america, care, mercy corps, save the children and unicef but said we have another
8:33 am
$150,000 sitting on the side and how do these charities get that money? >> this is called "50 days of giving" western union decided to start this initiative to let people decide where the money should go to inform them about what the charities are doing and let them say here's where we think the money should go. people can go to and vote on which charity they think deserves the money most and will inform people about the charity and maybe they will give of themselves. >> a great thing because people drive them to their websites a gng tote know about what more of the organizations do. >> absolutely. >> maybe dump change in there. >> absolutely. >> at the end of the day the one with the most votes gets the extra money. >> it is the season of giving so i continuing is a good thing. >> there you go. i see a lot, so busy, do so many different kinds of things, your music has a conscience, what made you decide to get involved in this. >> well, i think it's a great idea. i think western union is a place people go to transfer mona lot and so, i think this is a great way to transfer some of that
8:34 am
money. they work in communities all around the world and there are communities in need all around the world and gives the people that have some resources the opportunity to give the places where people are in they'd and i think it's a great thing. >> money can show love. >> absolutely. >> there you go. always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you. >> john legend, everybody. >> thank you very much. >> best of luck. >> thank you. >> for more information on 50 days of giving and how to find out how you can get involved, all you have to do, go tower-to-our website >> time to check back with dave for a final look at the weather. >> hey, dave. >> i don't know you if know this john legend was listening to harry's karaoke a while ago and they've been talking about doing a duty. could drop next spring. there we go. nice to see you, john, and everyone. everyone ready for the holiday season? do you feel like it's winter yet? all right. nice to be with you, as we say hello, stoke mentoring program with us today. you guys partnering with the ing marathon serving at-risk
8:35 am
kids in underserved neighborhoods. great work and he we appreciate you being out with us today and all the runners proudly wearing their marathon gold
8:36 am
>> that's a quick look at your weather picture. i'm stoked, too. harry, over to you. >> thanks, dave. with interest rates near historic lows, lots of people are refinancing their mortgages. but, is it the right move for people especially people over 50 with retirement they hope on the horizon? cbs news business and economics correspondent rebecca jarvis is back with the answer. good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> on the surface, if you have the opportunity to refi with these kinds of interest rates, that's a good idea. >> it looks good right now. what you are ultimately going to pay if you refinance right now is somewhere between 4 and 6% on that new mortgage. why do we say 4 and 6%? some people might scratch their head saying wait a minute i thought a 30-year fixed rate
8:37 am
mortgage was somewhere like 4.42% and 15-year more like 3.8%. the reality is what you ultimately pay is probably going to be a bit higher than the published rates but till is very good. >> in the real world out there, though, looking at all kinds of people whose mortgages are under water, all kinds of complications in terms of home values in given neighborhoods. can you refi if you are under water? >> you can, in some cases. but, it's highly unlikely. the main thing you need a credit score right now, that's the big obstacle if a lot of people, a 720 or higher as far as your credit score goes. that's a particular hurdle particularly for those in pretty good financial standing in their 50s, something they can consider but there are considerations. >> all right. let's talk about that. 50 years old. i've done a good job. my neighborhood has not been particularly hit with lower, you know, the price collapses. >> mortgages under water. >> contra, exactly. i've got a ways to go on the
8:38 am
mortgage but have done a good job so far, i'm 50. should i go ahead and refi? >> what you want to consider, harry, if you are thinking about, this the first thing is are you going to be moving? because what it takes in order to recoup those closing costs, any time you refinance there, are going to be closing costs. you need to think about the fact it usually takes about three years just to break even on the closing costs. the experts say five years or more is how long you should think about staying. >> okay. >> also, are you going to have to work longer, just to pay for this new mortgage? a lot of people think, well, you know, maybe i can eke out a few extra years. >> right. >> that's probably the wrong way of thinking through this issue, especially with unemployment and the labor market as it is right now, you don't necessarily want to plan for that. also a good rule of thumb, the new mortgage should be less than 30% of your monthly income. lastly, the question you should ask yourself is, have you recently refinanced? because there are obviously these closing costs that come into play here and and on top of
8:39 am
those penalties that can be as much as $6,000 on a $200,000 loan. >> you can do this maybe and keep your fingers crossed the economy will improve, prices will rise again. i mean, you might be able to surf your way through this and be in pretty good shape if the economy rebounds eventually. >> yeah. and that also goes back to the whole are you going to stay in ho house for an extended period of time. because if you are thinking five, ten years out it makes sense. something to consider if you are going through with it, is not only are you going to go through it but how long do you plan? opt for the 15-year term. because the 15-year term means the in many cases you are going to pay lower interest rates and it will be less -- >> because your interest bill on the end of the thing is going to be much less on a 15 than a 30. >> exactly. lastly, once you have actually decided to opt into, this don't put the savings into the stock market if you've got less than ten years until you want to retire. >> sure. >> because the important thing is the stock market tends to annualize good returns but in the near term we know it's shaky
8:40 am
and you don't want to just throw the money this there. >> lots to think about out there. rebecca, as always, thank you so much. >> thanks. >> this year marks the 40th anniversary of a milestone for anyone who travels, the invention of luggage with wheels. the simple design was initially met with resistance but started to take off thanks to a few ad campaigns like this one from the 1970s. of course now you can't imagine dragging a heavy suitcase around without wheels or without a heavy strap. peter gren burg is here with tips on some ofbest. this was from the '70s. >> people get lower back pain because they had to lean down to get it. >> yet a huge improvement. >> but, you know what, it was not good. >> in the late '80s basically got the rollerboard. >> we did, srted by a northwest airlines pilot who said, i travel more than any. >> now that we have all evolved
8:41 am
and can't imagine traveling any other way you have put not only tips on what to look for but some of the best bags. first of all when we are out there looking for a new piece of luggage, what do you look for. >> first the warranty. every bag says it a warranty with every seclusion known to man. you get one that will fix everything. i'll tell you which in a second and check the wheels. i'll show you this one right here and we'll get back to this in a second. want wheels that encased. >> serious wheels. >> they are because they are the first things that go. when they go, it's over. not easy to replace. then center of gravity. this is a cheap bag, everybody has a wheel on their bag, right? we packed it normally. watch. it cannot stand up straight. >> i have used those suitcases and it is a nightmare. >> speaking of ornamental, this is backpack, not a rollerboard. this is purely ormental. they spent more space in the bag putting handles on you a you pack it an over it goes. >> actaking up space you could put things. you want one that is sensible.
8:42 am
you talk about center of gravity, it has to do with where the wheels are. >> they have to be spaced apart. >> things to take into account. let's look at the creme de la creme. >> this is from dulce, sells for about $119. looks really big, right? not bad, pretty light. >> not bad at all. >> you see the bumpers? conveyor belts love this stuff. you have to have them there. >> i know where we're going on this, this is from antler, a very light -- >> this i'm so excited about. one, one finger. this thing weighs nothing. 4.6 pounds? >> nothing. it is great. >> $170. the beauty of this, i notice, too, on the back this will protect you. >> right. >> but here gives you more expansion space, right. >> exactly. it's not going to fall over. they figured out the center of gravity. >> these guys invented it called u.s. luggage. way like about them, they fix anything. the wheels go, they will fix it. >> for life, living on that
8:43 am
warranty? >> lifetime warranty. way love it has a really sturdy double handle. if you are dragging your bad through the airport with carry on you will sprain your bag. >> i have that trouble all the time because i always have a bag on there. it does feel sturdiy. >> i love this one. >> this is a museum piece. >> exactly. those two are out of the running. >> this is a sam sonnite, with four wheels and spins 360. >> i love these. my son just got his first, he's 4. to spin it like that is a lot easier. >> you can push it, pull it, slide it. face it airports are not made for easy movements this is great. >> this will change that for you. >> really going on a long trip. >> your family of four will actually fit this in this bag. >> my dog, too. >> this is a cabella bag, 42 inch he does, but just because your bag has wheels doesn't mean it is portable. this will get you to the plane, not a carry-on.
8:44 am
people have tried to get on planes. >> you've seen someone with this. >> with dogs in here, stuffed moose, with drive shafts. >> the people we know have a lot of gal on airplanes these days. >> i know. on a long road trip is great because it does wheel and work. >> the last one quickly you like the fabric. >> this is a titan bag, very expensive, 3 pooh bucks but very light and can take a beating. >> scratch resistant, isn't it? >> i want luggage with scratches because it shows you've been somewhere. >> if you are peter greenburg, you've got that. thank you. always great for more, you know where to go, now, here's maggie with perhaps the greatest segment of the day. >> yes, you think that was a treat. welcome to heaven, everybody. new york city is about to be invaded by some of the world's best chock la tears for the 13th annual chak lot show starting wednesday. here this morning with some extravagant, delicious samples, anne thornton, host of the food
8:45 am
network's des setterss first" you had your third episode. >> yes, the third sunday at noon. going really nicely. but i'm here to talk about the chocolate show which is a dream come true for us chock-alcoholics. >> it is. not only amazing things that are edible but edible and deck contra tiff right. >> exactly. like this beautiful sculpture you will get to see how incredibly creative people are with their chocolate. this is all chocolate and sugar flowers, as well so, gorgeous. there will be the top pastry chefs and chock la tears doing demonstrations teaching people how to make their incredible confections. >> you will do one aren't you. >> i am making my fudgy salty peanut butter brownies. >> you did come up with them? >> i did. we made those -- there we go, for you, a little taste there. >> oh, ann, you are my new best
8:46 am
friend. >> i my pleasure, so much fun then here michelle kusay, made a new collection, the fall collection of the beautiful chocolates they are debuting at the jock lat show. we have all these lovely -- >> they very are very autumnal. >> everybody knows fran sway peyard. i'm not surprised he will be there, as well. >> this wonderful new spread, i love this, look at this, you have your croissant. >> wait a minute, this looks like sunscreen. you can't -- well, you could but it won't protect you from your sun's rays. >> it is much better. on a croissant, you can take a regular croissant and turn it into a chocolate croissant. like heaven on earth. >> my duty to taste everything. >> yes, it is. >> hmmm. >> that's so good. >> that is delicious, too. thank you. >> we have this organic vegan delicious chocolate made with no
8:47 am
refined gar. >> this is chocolate pretty much anyone can eat. >> nut-free, dairy-free, glut ten-free, free of everything but flavor. lots in this ginchts the next one i'm most looking forward to because i love hot chocolate so much on a cold day. >> one of the greatest things, i could have used one this morning. you take that and stir it in warm mill k and eventually will dissolve and makes this decadent like delicious cocoa. >> look. getting there. >> it is so much fun. >> they have other beautiful things including how sweet of them they made the cbs eye for us. >> yes. you get to see all this art tizzry they have chocolate covered bacon, as also. speaking of incredible artists who will be there, not just flavor but beautiful things you eat with your eyes first we have rose chocolate which make these beautiful chocolates with gorgeous sugar paper on top of but it kicks off every year wednesday with a chocolate
8:48 am
fashion show. >> oh, my gosh. so, somebody will actually bewaring chocolate. >> chocolate clothing, we have casey to show us an example of chocolate clothing. my gosh, that san adorable outfit. >> thant that gorgeous? it is all chocolate it goes from dark to milk to white chocolate with an umbrella made out of chocolate. and you see under he neath, see the clouds that's sugar paper. >> this is all edible. >> and these are the same ones as these, the edible paper that you have the chocolate circles. >> that's rhod sdedzs. >> not only beautiful but -- >> very nice. thank you casey and ann. >> my pleasure. >> ann thornton check hefr out at the chocolate show or on the food network. if you want more information, just go to our website, which is we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. come on, everybody, have chocolates.
8:49 am
8:50 am
8:51 am
. we're in a chocolate wonderlands this morning. the popsicle has almost completely dissolved here which means we are ready to taste the hot chocolate. hmm. that is on another level from any chocolate i've ever tasted. you can lick it like a lollipop. >> i've got these, the dark chocolate with nuts on the top. >> i love the bit of salt. >> i know, which is good. >> which is -- in many ways, the chocolate-covered pret teleis a perfect suit. >> you know what, you could have had those without having to take them. we would have given them touf. >> way unto bring some home to my family. >> that's nice. >> i'll give you an at home thing take dark chocolate heat it up get pret telesticks, big ones, dip it in, let it dry then
8:52 am
maybe put sprinkles on it, right. >> that sounds good. >> most amazing thing ever. >> you are not featured at the chocolate show this year. >> something is wrong. >> el, they lost. >> this you would like for vegans. >> let me try it. >> yeah, something for every palate at the chocolate show. >> that's not bad, either, really not, that's terrific. >> so sad. >> have a great day, everyone we'll see you tomorrow. >> melts in your mouth. >> not in your pocket. >> your local news is next. ,,,,
8:53 am
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headlines... it's 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. a church group known for saying god hates america because of its tolerance of homosexuality picketed on the peninsula this morning, the target capuchino high school in san bruno. the group from kansas says it's thankful for the pipeline explosion that killed eight people in september. evidence of salmonella has been found at an ohio egg farm. it is linked to two iowa egg farms involved in an earlier recall. now the nation's biggest egg seller and distributor cal main foods is recalling 288,000 eggs purchased from ohio fresh eggs. and the too close to call race in the 11th congressional
8:56 am
district is heading for a martinez courtroom this morning. as the ballot counting continues, jerry mcnerney has a slim 421 vote lead over republican challenger david harmer. his supporters are concerned about signature verification with mail-in ballots. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. ♪
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101 is a mess. there is a 10-mile backup from southbound 101 towards embarcadero. northbound traffic not much better either. there was a multi-vehicle crash in palo alto approaching university avenue. all the activity is on the shoulder but look at the line of red approaching that earlier accident scene. it is jammed solid from the lawrence expressway. checking 880 through oakland, improving after an accident out of lanes near 29th. it's still slow and get through a street in hayward. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning, sunshine a whole lot of it towards the bay this morning. conditions here we go, seven- day forecast, lower 60s as highs. chance of rainfall tomorrow. and more sunshine wednesday,
8:59 am
thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. with warmer temperatures for the end of of the week. even d. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six point five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.


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