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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 9, 2010 7:00am-9:00am PST

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email edition. breaking news. obama in indonesia. the president returns to the nation where he spent part of his childhood. and focuses his attention on economics and repairing relations with the muslim world. we'll take you to jakarta for the latest on the president's trip and why security is on high alert. sentenced to death a. connecticut jury hands down the delt penalty in the brutal home invasion case that rocked the nation. >> i was glad for the girls that there was justice because i think it's a just verdict. but mostly, mostly i was sad for the loss that we have all suffered. >> this morning, we'll speak with six members of the jury about their deliberations as
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well as the family of the victims. and he's back. after being booted off nbc in january, conan o'brien makes his return to late night. >> people asked me why i named the show "conan." i did it so i'd be harder to replace. we'll tell you about his big debut this tuesday, november we'll tell you about his big debut this tuesday, november 9th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs so light, so early now. good tuesday morning, everyone. welcome to "the early show." i'm maggie rodriguez. >> i'm harry smith. good morning, all. this morning, six of the jurors that voted yesterday voted to sentence steven hayes to death for a murder in connecticut is here and eager to talk about their feelings of the case and deliberations. and we'll speak with the victims' family this morning.
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let's go to erica hill this morning. >> good morning to you. good morning to everyone at home. president obama's much-anticipated trip to indonesia could be cut short by ash today. he was greeted in jakarta this morning. this is the first trip as president to the country where he spent part of his youth. mr. obama met with indonesia's president and set to deliver a speech to the indonesian people. joining us is cbs news chief white house correspondent chip reid joining us from jakarta. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eri a erica. for the president, part diplomacy and part homecoming. expected to be here 21 hours and because of less than that with the cloud of volcanic ash moving in this direction and a big disappointment for the president and wanted to spend time in the boyhood hometown. he began here with a press conference with the indonesian president. >> much has been made of the fact that this marks my return
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to the place i lived as a young boy. i'll tell you, though, i barely recognized it. >> reporter: and the next big event is a speech about the muslim world and indonesia's role in it. he'll hold out indonesia as an example for the world, a moderate muslim democracy and some question of whether he can queez the speech in as the cloud of volcanic ash approaches. >> cbs' chip reid in jakarta, thanks. there is still no word this morning on who's responsible for a mysterious missile launch off the coast of southern california last night. it was launched from a position which is approximately 35 miles off the coast just west of los angeles as you see on the map and north of catalina island. it streaked into the late afternoon sky yesterday. really picture perfect. the video you see here taken by the kcbs helicopter. the navy says it was not a navy missile. george w. bush has no regrets of waterboarding on suspected terrorists.
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he writes about it in "decision points" going on sale today. folks lined up overnight in dallas to buy the book. waterboarding is considered torture by human rights activists. in an interview, former president bush says he personally authorized the so-called enhanced interrogation technique saying it was critical to preventing another 9/11-like attack. >> we used this technique on three people. captured a lot of people and used it on three. we gained valuable information to protect the country, and it was the right thing to do as far as i'm concerned. >> one of those prisoners was 9/11 master mind khalid shaikh mohammed. president bush says he would make that same decision again. thousands of passengers are stranded aboard a cruise ship this morning. a fire on splendor broke out yesterday in the pacific ocean off of baja, california. tug boats will tow it to northern mexico to get the passengers off as quickly as
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possible. >> a lot of people's lives at stake when it's over 3,000 people or over 4,000 people
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at 7:of, that's the first look at the weather. maggie? after deliberating for four long days, a jury voted unanimously yesterday to send 47-year-old steven hayes to death row. cbs news national correspondent jeff glor is in new haven this morning with the latest.
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jeff, good morning. >> reporter: maggie, good morning to you. this is a case as you know from the beginning that stunned and appalled people even if they heard about it once. jurors had to hear two months of gruesome testimony and the sole survivor still lives with it this morning. >> i was really crying, crying for loss. >> reporter: it's been 39 months since dr. william petit's family, wife and two daughters were taken from him, in perhaps the most savage way possible. >> michaela was a 11-year-old little girl. tortured and killed. in her own bedroom. you know? surrounded by stuffed animals and -- >> reporter: but after watching a jury recommend death for steven hayes, it was clear the pain has barely receded. >> i don't think there's ever closure. i think whoever came up with that concept's an imbecile. and i think many of you know who have lost a parent or a child or
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a friend. there's never closure. there's a hole. >> reporter: petit had to stop at times talking about michaela, hayley and wife jennifer after hayes and komisarjevsky broke into the petit home, tying up the daughters, sexually assaulting michaela, raping and strangling jennifer before dousing all three with gasoline and catching the house on fire. >> i didn't want to listen to the things being said in the courtroom. there was a thousand times i wanted to jump up and scream out. >> reporter: defense lawyers tried to portray hayes as a maul-time career criminal who got caught up in the extreme emotion of events. and the jury did not act quickly. deliberating 17 hours over 4 days before deciding on death. one juror cried as the verdict came down. the judge said they saw and heard things no human should ever have to. >> it was written on each and every juror's face that this was
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something that was really wearing on them and especially given the fact that they had to be unanimous. >> reporter: hayes' lawyers said the client was thrilled and happy with the decision. >> he can't kill himself. he tried. the jury gave him what he wants. >> reporter: as for the petit's, they say their push for an execution was neverjustice. >> there are just some people who do not deserve to live. >> reporter: hayes will be formally sentenced on december 2nd but because of the automatic appeals process in connecticut, likely be years before he's executed if he is at all. as for his co-deft, opening statements in josh ka komisarjevsky's case won't be made until next year. dr. petit says it takes far too long. maggie? >> jeff glor in new haven,
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connecticut, thank you. joining us from six members of the jury. joel zemke, diane keim, paula calzett calzetta. are you 100% certain that steven hayes should die by lethal injection? jennifer? >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> yes. >> the fact that you took four days to reach that decision and the sort of questions that you were asking led some people to believe that maybe you were divided in your decision or leaning against the death penalty. was that ever the case, michael? >> i think everybody went in with their own thoughts and ideas and we all wanted to hear the evidence and wanted to weigh everything properly. we definitely took our time and wanted to make sure we followed the laws of the state of connecticut and the instructions that the judge gave us so we took our time and we did it. >> at one point in his closing,
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the defense attorney said, look at him. he is not a rabid animal. he is a human being. paula, what do you see when you look at steven hayes? >> a vacant man. a shell. and that was -- that was pervasive from the beginning. i kept looking to see if there was some form of life within. it's just constant shell. so it's -- it was hard to see, to get a read on him, really. >> i have no involvement in this case other than reporting it and yet i find myself sometimes so affected by it i can't get it out of my head. you are in it, having to look at the photographs day after day aft girls burned while tied to their beds. having to sit face to face from dr. petit. how do you keep it, diane, from consuming you? >> i think that was the challenge for all of us. to keep our emotions in check the best we could. we were given the task to work
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within -- work in concert with the law. and in doing that, that's why it had taken us four days to make the decisions. and reach a consensus because that was a battle within all of us. we had a man's life, you know. we were looking at his life. we were looking at should we give him death? and it was difficult for all of us. and it took courage for us to reach a consensus. >> i agree. herb, i'll give you the last word. your impressions of the case an your wish for dr. petit. >> well, at the end and a lot of people don't realize this, at the very end we did as a jury ask the judge if we could see dr. petit and they made arran arrangements for us to meet with him in the basement of the courthouse and probably that was one of the most touching moments
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to actually shake his hand and feel with him a feeling of having come to a conclusion or come to a sensible end to this horrible thing that he went through. there's no question the man has strength if any one of us could follow this man's strength, you would have walked a good road. >> absolutely. and his whole family came. and having lived through this for however many weeks we have come to feel like we know the girls and know the family. and his mom especially for me. it was very -- the grandparents were very -- that was very touching for me to see them there day after day. >> they thanked us and that was -- >> he thanked us. >> threw us back. why are you thanking us? we followed the letter of the law what the state of connecticut told us to do and we did it. >> you did a real service and we thank you. i know it wasn't easy.
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thank you very much for that and being here today. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> now here's harry. >> all right, maggie. joining us from cheshire, connecticut, the rev rand and marybelle hawke, parents of jennifer hawke-petit and her sister cynthia renn. could you hear the jurors? could you hear what they had to say? >> i did. >> and -- >> i was -- >> go ahead. >> go ahead. i'm very moved by what they speak of and how difficult it was for them. >> when you heard the jury return this death penalty, what did you think? >> i had a huge sense of relief that it was over.
7:15 am
i don't think it ever sounds good that you're thinking about taking another person's life. but in the events of what happened and the things that this man caused, i feel that it called for what they decided upon. >> reverend hawke, you're an ordained minister. certainly in your years of studying the bible, you would have to have real questions about a situation like this. what's your feeling about this death penalty? >> well, we entered into the whole situation confronted -- confronting our lives with that very question. we really felt like we were between a rock and a hard place for we value life so much. but we have become aware over these three-plus years of the
7:16 am
terrible killing that took place on that july day back in 2007. that we have come to realize that there are some people who just do not deserve to live in god's world. and we feel that steven was one of those. he has spent the largest part of his life in crime activities, being in and out of jails and prison. and lying and conniving and alibiing and in order to be paroled. and every time he would go out, after saying that he wanted to be a changed person, he never changed at all. and went right back to those same activities. and that led him up to that
7:17 am
experience on july 23rd. >> right. >> when he took the lives in such a heinous way of our family. >> marybelle, i have very little time left. what did it mean to you to know that the jury kept a picture of your daughter and granddaughters with them as they were going through this deliberation? >> i felt that that was very touching. i can understand them doing that. i know that they put themselves into this responsibility and really took a lot of courage for them to face day after day of the situation in court. and while we were sitting there going through all of the agony of the repeated messages that came through, we still could
7:18 am
understand that they were giving a large part of their lives to the effort that they had. so we were proud that they were the people they were and so thoughtful and carried forth so well in their task. >> reverend hawke, marybelle, thank you very much. cynth cynthia, thank you all for taking the time to speak with us this morning and as we said before, we are so sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. absolutely not. yeah, sure. ♪ chili's $20 dinner for two. share one appetizer, choose two entrees. all you need is somebody to go with. - oh, we miss you, honey. - i'll be home soon. until then... tommy? - behind every open heart is a story. - it's beautiful. - tell yours with my open heart collection at kay jewelers. keep your heart open, and love will always find its way in.
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if you were watching cable last night you were probably laughing out loud. so funny. >> yay, he's back. >> really, changing the late night landscape yet once again. and a moon that moves. we'll talk about conan and his triumphant return a little bit
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sydnie kohara. it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. singer neil young lost a lot of memorabilia this morning. the singer, who lives in la honda, stored vintage cars, musical equipment and other items that burned in a san carlos warehouse. cause is unknown. firefighters managed to save some of young's items. 72 people were arrested in the bay area during a nationwide crackdown on child sex trafficking. local authorities rescued six children during the sting. there were 661 arrests nationwide in operation cross- country. a pg&e official in charge of the smartmeter program admits using a false name to join an online group critical
7:26 am
of the program. the "mercury news" reports the man was found out because he used his pg&e email address when he tried to join a group of people concerned about electromagnetic radiation. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,
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traffic is really backed up through fairfield westbound 80. there have been three accidents all before you get to abernathy road. several of them still blocking lanes as you can see from our live sensor. it is jammed solid from at least north texas street. all right. live look at 880 through oakland. the nimitz freeway moves fine past the coliseum. it is starting to get slow southbound 880 through san leandro. there was an accident just reported right before the 238 interchange. one lane is blocked there. but it remains heavy from lewelling all the way past the accident scene down to highway 92. if you are crossing the san mateo bridge, everything is moving fine in all directions across the span. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for this morning, sunshine out there especially along the coastline. here's a nice look at ocean beach this morning. forecast for the day though will include some rain showers. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. clouds expected to fill in today with showers expected for the afternoon, evening and for tonight. ,,,,,,,,
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it is crisp and cold here in the northeast this morning. wave hard to stay warm. welcome back. >> hope their whole family is watching. >> welcome back to "the early show," everybody. coming up you're going to meet a 14-year-old middle school quarterback, see this. this is right in the middle of a game. it's a trick play. this was just posted on sunday. almost 2 million hits already on youtube. and we're going to talk to the quarterback and his coaches. there they are. good morning, guys. about what transpired there over the weekend in this big middle school championship game. >> also ahead this morning, when you hear the words outlet store, you think brand names at a
7:31 am
discount, right? but during the holidays can you actually find a better deal there? or at a regular store that's having a sale. that's just one answer that our consumer correspondent susan koeppen will give us this morning, as we get a little outlet 411. >> first, though, the late-night tv wars got a lot hotter last night. conan o'brien's new show debuted last night on a new network and a new time slot. and erica hill has more on coco's big return. >> this was a rough assignment for me, which i was happy to take on. at 11:00 monday night, the face of late night television changed, again, ushering in this time, some serious competition from cable. yet in many ways, it was still the same old conan. >> hello. >> you want me to move the "tonight show" to 12:05? forget it. i'm not doing it. go to hell! >> after months of anticipation, conan is back. >> no! >> reporter: returning to late night on monday, with his new
7:32 am
talk show on tbs. >> welcome my new show it's called "conan." i did it so i'd be harder to replace. >> reporter: last january, o'brien was replaced by jay leno as host of nbc's "tonight show." he wasn't happy about the move and let anyone watching know it. >> no, no, seriously welcome to nbc where our new slogan is, no longer just screwing up prime-time. >> reporter: nbc bought out conan and his staff for a reported $45 million. the deal also kept him off the air through september. bill carter is the author of "war for late night." >> if conan now goes on a cable network and really demonstrates he could have been stronger, then it's just looks like they just blew it again. >> conan, you have got to get a job. >> reporter: conan kicked off his new gig with a skit making fun of his summer of unemployment. >> you have absolutely no advertising experience. plus it's 1965. you're only two years old. >> i don't care who you were.
7:33 am
i just -- >> please go. >> i have two words for you. basic cable. >> basic cable. >> reporter: his new slot at 11:00 changes the late night landscape. first, he's on cable. second, they put the heavyweight a half hour earlier than both "the tonight show" and "the late show with david letterman." >> right about now conan is about halfway through his first show and everything is going fine. let's see, yep, no signs of foul play yet. >> reporter: but the earlier start also pits conan against "the daily show" with jon stewart. he's already proved it is possible to be a late-night comedy star on cable. >> conan now has the opportunity to prove he can do that, too, but it's also a challenge. because jon's already in that space. and they really do appeal to sort of the same age group. >> reporter: that group is younger than the traditional late night crowd. but conan showed, he came to play. literally. joining musical guest jack white onstage.
7:34 am
but will the move translate to success? >> they don't need him to be hugely successful in numbers. they need him to be talked about. and if he can be talked about again, he becomes a signature star. >> reporter: in his first night and the last few months are any indication, it's mission accomplished. ♪
7:35 am
up next, it's the holiday shopping season, and you might think traveling to an outlet
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it is now 7:39. time for this morning's "moneywatch." today, shopping at outlet malls. it is a multibillion dollar industry and we all think that we're saving a lot of money there. but that's not always true. consumer correspondent susan koeppen is here with some 411 on the outlets. good morning, susan. >> good morning. >> so how good are the bargains we're getting there? >> we're seeing about 30% to 70% that you can save. that was what the research shows. and these places are popular. there was just an outlet mall that opened up in raleigh, north carolina, in that area. five-mile backup to get into this place. so there are lots and lots of people who love to shop at these places. and you do get some really good savings. but it depends on what you want to buy. >> a couple of points. first, first give us some examples of some things that you should be buying at an outlet mall where you get real savings. >> if you're looking just at price, maybe not for you. but, if you want to buy
7:40 am
brand-name goods, if you're looking for those brand names like nike, coach, gucci, you know, all of those brand names that people love, an outlet mall might be a great place for you to go. >> could you get those same name brands at a regular retail store, maybe if it's on sale? especially now they're having so many sales. >> you should be a smart shopper when you're going to these places. most people drive a long distance to get to some outlet mall. so be a smart shopper when you're going there. and do a price check. if your local store is having a sale, and you belong to the loyalty program, and you have a bunch of coupons, it might be cheaper for you to go to the local mall and buy that, you know, great dress that you want. as opposed to driving all the way to an outlet mall to buy it there. so you just have to be smart about it. use your smartphone to do a price check, a comparison. and always shop with coupons. even though you're going to an outlet mall, you can also use coupons there. so before you head out to the outlet mall to make that destination trip, look for coupons that you can use at the
7:41 am
outlets. >> specifically coupons for the outlet? >> yep. zblor if i find a polo coupon i can use it at ralph lauren and ralph lauren outlets? >> it's specific coupons for that outlet mall. you go to their website and you can look up all the different coupons for the different stores that are there. >> here's the thing a lot of people don't know, not all the stores at an outlet mall are outlet stores. >> right. we talked to the folks at tanker outlets. they have numerous outlet malls all across the country. they said about 95% of the stores are outlets. but then they have other little filler stores that aren't outlets, but maybe they have a bigger clearance section at their store than what you would find in the regular mall. >> is there anything we should keep in mind, if we're thinking about making a return to an outlet store? >> very important to think about returns. okay, most people, this is a destination adventure for them to go to an outlet mall. they travel 60 miles or more to get to an outlet. so that's a long way to go. if you buy something at an outlet mall, it doesn't mean that you're going to be able to
7:42 am
return it at the regular store that's right up the street from you. >> you've got to drive -- >> you have to drive all the way back to the outlets. so check the policy very carefully before you buy something. or know 100% that you're going to keep that item. >> or don't drive at all. you can shop at an outlet online these days. >> hello the internet. a lot of these outlets are popping up on the internet. just, you know, save the gas, save the time, just sit in your pajamas and shop. >> sounds perfect. susan koeppen, thanks a lot, susan. for more secrets on the outlet mall shopping game just go to coming up next on "the early show," is this an amazing trick play or what? we're going to speak with the coaches who drew the play up, and the quarterback who pulled it off. sneaky sneaky. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. "moneywatch" sponsored by slate from chase. join slate customers who pay down their balances twice as fast with blueprint.
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you're about to see a video that's gotten more than 2 million hits on youtube in just a couple of days. it's the championship game between two texas middle schools, and one decides to pull a trick play, right? you watching this? yeah. he could go all the way, as they say. the center has the football, he pretends to walk off, then he takes off and yeah, there you go. joining us from corpus christi are the coaches for the driscoll middle school. art rodriguez and john de los santos and quarterback jason garza. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> jason, first off, as you were taking the ball from the center, and you were making step, step, step, what were you thinking? >> nothing really. just this was insane. >> you made the five steps then
7:47 am
you started to take off, and did you know this guy was right on your tail? >> sooner or later, i started figuring out little by little as the play progressed. >> you realized that he was right there. and then of course you scored the touchdown. so whose idea was this, then exactly? is it you, john? >> yes, sir. >> all right. how did you come up with this? had you seen it before? >> actually, when i was in seventh grade, many moons ago, i attempted to run this play and i got hit really hard by the safety. so it wasn't as successful back then. but it remained in the back of my head this whole time and we started practicing midway through the season and just saved it for the right time. >> so we have to set this up now. because you had done a play before where you intentionally drew a penalty. is that right, with an offsides? >> yes, sir. the play is called the penalty play. and to do that the defense needs
7:48 am
to have some type of penalty prior to running it. >> right. >> they hadn't really had very many penalties thrown on them so we went ahead and did a hard count. made them come offsides and then we called the penalty play and that's where it all started. >> so you have to stand on the sidelines and you're yelling, right, to jason, you've got to walk off five more yards, because that's what's happening there, right? >> yes, sir, yeah. they break the huddle and they wind up and once they line up i yell at jason, hey, jason it should have been a ten yard penalty, mark off five more yards and their players get on their knees, and that kind of adds to the confusion a little bit. >> oh, man, all right. we talked to the head coach, art. did they have your blessing on this? you knew what was going on? >> yes, sir, we knew from the beginning of the game. we had already practiced the play several times. we just never ran it before. and this time we found the opportunity to run it. >> yeah. some people are saying, now, was this a trick play or was it foul play. how do you answer the question
7:49 am
that maybe this wasn't quite kosher? >> well, it's a trick play. it was set to be a trick play. >> right. >> it was set to be run as a trick play and not a foul play. you know. it's a trick play. >> all right. well i'll tell you, everybody in the world is watching this thing and looked like it was fun to do. did you -- now did you win the game? >> no, sir. actually the game was tied 6-6. and we had to go and finish. so it ended up they won the game. >> thank you so much for joining us. do appreciate it. have a good time with it. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is diane. who worked with her walgreens pharmacist to help control her diabetes... with some exercise and a few changes to her diet. diane, whose new routine comes with a view. to find out if you're at risk for diabetes, get a free health test
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it's 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. a lot of memorabilia to a fire this morning. he had sical veteran musician neil young lost a lot of memorabilia to a fire this morning. he had vintage cars, musical instruments, equipment and a lot of other items stored in a san carlos warehouse that burned. firefighters managed to save some of young's items. the cause of the fire isn't yet known. the fbi and bay area police agencies have arrested dozens of people as part of a nationwide child sex trafficking sting. in just the past week, 72 people have been arrested and 6 children have been rescued in the bay area. a total of 661 suspects have been arrested across the u.s. up to 82 city workers could
7:56 am
be laid off if the santa clara city council approves a cost- cutting plan tonight. under the plan the layoffs would happen if unions don't agree to a 5% pay cut or 12 unpaid furlough days in 2011. seven bargaining units still haven't agreed to the concessions, which also include giving up pay raises. traffic and weather around the bay area coming right up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
good morning. let's start out with a look at
7:58 am
the nimitz freeway. 880 through oakland backed up past the coliseum in the northbound lanes. there is an accident actually two separate accidents up by fruitvale avenue. one of them is blocking at least one lane. chp is on scene as well as a tow truck. hopefully they will clear things out there soon. fairfield still really backed up. we have had three separate accidents from this area right before abernathy. right now, everything is out of lanes. unfortunately, it is still really jammed up in the area as far back as vacaville. and at the bay bridge, it took a while but it is now backed up to the macarthur maze. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. forecast for the morning, tuesday morning, sunshine out there. a few clouds for now. showers are expected for the afternoon. today's forecast, seven-day forecast temperatures still cool. upper 50s to the mid-60s. best chance of showers moving in for the afternoon and also in the forecast through tonight. sunshine with a few clouds wednesday, nothing but sunshine
7:59 am
thursday through monday and temperatures will start to warm up late this week. ,,,,,,,,
8:00 am
good morning, everyone. good morning, everyone. welcome back to "the early show" on this chilly, windy but spectacular morning. i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith. they're from italy. buon giorno. all the by from italy. >> i like your hat. >> thank you. >> rockin' the cool hat. >> retro, right? thank you. here's a trivia question this morning. how many nerve cells are there in a typical brain? >> i was going to say, depends on the brain. i don't know. >> the answer is 100 billion, give or tick several million. and there are lot of ways to revitalize those cells and boost
8:01 am
your brain power, no matter how old you are. our dr. jennifer ashton is here to help keep us sharp. >> plus, we continue hur namesake this morning with maggie rodriguez, the other one. she's an e.r. nurse that showed me the ropes. do you see the look of terror on my face? this is not an easy job. she does it so well. loved maggie and you will all have the pleasure of meeting her in just a moment. >> and if you think you're good at "wheel of fortune." you know, sometimes you're in the kitchen -- >> i'm pretty good. >> and you're like oh, i know that. pat, i have the answer. it's easy. well, take a look at this. >> l! >> one l. . >> can i solve? >> okay. >> i've got a good feeling about
8:02 am
this. >> uh-uh. i smell a rat. >> an apostrophe and one letter. they've gone back in the archives and they've talked to people -- no one's ever remembered anything like this happening before. we're going to have an interview with the queen of the wheel kaitlyn burke in just a moment. >> here's a look at the headlines. >> thank you. i've got a good feeling about that interview coming up. good evening to all of you at home. president obama is in indonesia, but that visit may be cut short because of volcanic ash. indonesia the world's largest muslim country. the president said he is making progress, ending mistrust between the muslim country and the u.s. cbs u.s. correspondent chip reid is traveling with the president and join us from jakarta this morning. >> good morning, erica. this trip to indonesia for the president is one part international diplomacy and one
8:03 am
part home coming. unfortunately for the president, he's only scheduled to be here for about 21 hours and now it looks like it's going to be even less than that because that cloud of volcanic ash is moving in this direction and for safety's sake he's got to get on that plane before it gets here. at a press conference this morning, the president made it clear he's disappoint eed he's t going to have a chance to walk down memory lane. >> when you visit a place you spent time as a child as president, it's a little disorienting. my hope is maybe we can come back, bring the kids and visit some places outside of jakarta. >> now, the president is still hoping to squeeze in a speech before he leaves. he will hold out indonesia as a model for the world -- a tolerant, moderate muslim democracy. >> chip reid, thanks. the man convicted in a brutal, deadly home invasion will be put to death.
8:04 am
steven hayes will be sentenced by the judge next month. jennifer hawke-petit was raped and strangled in her home. the mother and her two daughters were doused with gasoline and set on fire and left to die. jennifer hawke-petit's mather, a minister, says he values life but he agrees with the verdict of the jury. >> we have come to realize that there are some people that just do not deserve to live in god's world, and we feel that steven was one of those. >> the co-defendant goes on trial next year. connecticut has executed just one man since 1960. in utah, elizabeth smart returns to the witness stand today. she's testifying in the trial of brian david mitchell who kidnapped her eight years ago. smart was 14 at the time. he broke into her home, put a knife to her throat and ordered her to go with him.
8:05 am
she said, quote, i remember praying and pleading to find a way to escape. i remember saying if he were going to rape and kill me that he do it closer to the trail head so someone could find my remains. smart was raped and held hostage for nine months before she was rescued. a cruise ship holding 3,000 passengers is stranded off of baja california this morning. "splendor" had a fire in the engine room yesterday. it will now take 24 hours for tug boats to tow the ship to mexico. the coast guard can also help out. >> tug boats can tug the boat. they can attach their lines to the boat and tow it in themselves if they have to. >> the ship is now run on a backup generator to power basic services. florida has a new record for the longest alligator ever caught. it measures 14 feet, 3 1/2 inches long, weighing in at 654 pounds.
8:06 am
robert araman caught it last week. he said the alligator pulled his boat around for 5 minutes before he was able to subdue it. dave price is standing by with another check of the weather. ever done any alligator wrastling, dave? >> i tell you, though. he has the largest, nicest purse now, though. these are great kids representing the heart gallery exhibit. these are children in foster care right now, looking for a personal home. it's national adoptio
8:07 am
>> this weather report, sponsored by macy's.
8:08 am
a big shoutout to home of hardwick college. a beautiful, beautiful place to live. harry, inside to kbroup. >> dave, thanks very much. do you remember the old tv show "get smart"? there really are ways to get smart or smarter. we'll show you how to boost your brain power when we return on "the early show."
8:09 am
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[ female announcer ] you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains, use new wisk. fight stains with science. no way. covergirl has lightweight coverage just for your skin type. clean makeup for normal skin, oil control, and clean for sensitive skin. so take off that mask and slip into lightweight coverage that really fits. ♪ it's makeup that works for you... -and you. -and you. 'cause it's made for you. clean makeup in normal, oil control, and sensitive. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. hi in in this morning's "healthwatch," boosting your brain power. our brains actually shrink as we age, but there are things we can
8:12 am
do every day to keep our minds sharp and our memories in tact. as our dr. jennifer ash ston about to explain. >> good morning, harry. >> what was this segment about again? i'm sorry. all right, among one of the largest organs in our body, along with our skin. the brain is way thereupon in term of its size. how do we make the most of it? >> well, you know what the most important thing here, harry? the brain today in terms of medical and scientific research is really where the heart was 20 years ago. we are learning so much more every single day about the brain and how we can protect it. and one of the things that's come out recently is the power of a power nap or sleep is critically important as to how our brains function, how we process new memories, how we down load all the experiences we have during the day. it's important to get seven to nine hours during the night, but power napping can also be really important. >> the other thing i heard was the quality of the conversations
8:13 am
you have can actually help your brain? >> exactly. and you hit the nail right on the head, pardon the pun. the quality of the conversation. people who had pleasant, social conversation, as short as ten minute, did better in terms of weeding out the distractions, processing new memories and facts than people who had competitive conversations. so it act schully really does your brain good to have a nice, pleasant social conversation, the kind if you're trying to meet someone. >> had you. how about that. maybe that's why i'm feeling so much smarter. these chats all the time. tell us ways to revitalize your brain cells. again is that possible? >> research in the last few months has shown that exercise -- the things that are good for the heart, are good for the brain. walking, aerobic activity boosts blood flow to your brain and helps to prevent the shrinkage all of us experience as we age.
8:14 am
>> i don't know if it's intuitive or whatever it is, but i know when i exercise, i feel like i'm getting more oxygen in my brain. >> when your heart pumps the oxygen through your body, the brain is getting a good part of that. >> a healthy diet? >> when you talk about a good brain diet, leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach. foods rich in vitamin d. seeds like almonds or sun flower seeds. >> kind of the same standard stuff. >> very important. and fish, like salmon, mackerel. >> what's bad for the brain? >> another things are bad for the brain are bad for the rest of you. smoking, high cholesterol, brain trauma, con kpupgs want to try to avoid that. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. how much does maggie rodriguez of new york have in common with maggie rodriguez of california? the tale of two maggies as our
8:15 am
namesake series continues when we come back. ,,
8:16 am
8:17 am
we continue our "namesake" series this morning with maggie rodriguez, whom i met a few weeks ago in l.a. the first thing we realized we had in common is that we both get called all the same nicknames, mag, mags, maggie mae, mag-rod. by the end of the day we realized we have so much more in common than either one of us ever imagined. hey, good morning. from the moment i walk out of my office and head to the studio, it's an adrenaline rush, because we're about to do two hours of live television, and anything can happen. >> i love the thrill of this job. we never know what's going to come through those doors. if we can save a life, it's just
8:18 am
so fulfilling for us. my name is maggie god rig ez. >> reporter: we share the same name and the same love of our profession. this maggie rodriguez is an e.r. nurse at torrance memorial medical center in southern california, where i headed to spend a day in her shoes. hello. >> hi. >> hi, maggie. >> hi, maggie. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: it was obvious as soon as i met maggie and her family that we have much more in common than just our names. so funny, because we're even dressed kind of the same, right? >> i know. i feel like i met my long-lost sister. >> reporter: maggie and i each have two children and we're both career women trying to juggle challenging jobs while raising a family. we had an instant connection. we live on opposite sides of the country. but we have the same name and we look alike. >> that's awesome. thank you for meeting us. >> reporter: you're welcome. after spending the morning with maggie's family, it was time to head to work to try my hand at her profession.
8:19 am
one i almost chose for myself. i always wanted to go into medicine. i can't believe all these years later my dream gets to come true. >> yay, perfect. >> reporter: maggie and the nurses here typically work a 12-hour shift, almost all of it on their feet. it can be a grueling job. >> perfect. >> reporter: see that, george, i'm learning. >> all right, go ahead and put up your arm for me. >> reporter: she said it's the feeling she's making a difference that makes this job so worthwhile. >> i love the challenge. i love helping patients. i love making sure that i can make someone better. >> reporter: you never forget the feeling of being with a human being. i could see how it could be easy to forget. she is gentle and sweet and i really admire her for that. in the e.r., you never know who your next patient will be. >> where's your boo-boo? >> her arm. >> right here? what happened? >> she fell off her bike. >> reporter: you never know what task you'll be asked to perform. >> now are you guys allowed to
8:20 am
do -- >> no. no. >> reporter: and even simple jobs like preparing an iv can be a problem. i didn't do a very good job. >> oh. >> i punctured it. >> you punctured it. >> hello, chris. >> how are you doing? >> good. so you have something for me? >> yes. here you go. >> all right. nice and fresh? >> and wrapped. >> i'll make sure i get this tested right away. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: my day with maggie in the e.r. wouldn't have been complete without learning how to perform one of the most routine medical procedures. the urine test. >> try to get as much urine on it as possible. >> reporter: after this test strip is dipped into the urine it's then automatically analyzed. when you're kind of tipping the tube you don't know if a little bit is going to spill out on you. >> it has at times. >> i was just so careful. spending the day with maggie made me realize how difficult her job is. >> what do you think about today? how do you think you'd function in my shoes? >> you know, it's really hard.
8:21 am
it was really, really hard. you make it look easy. you exert so much mental effort here. i love the interaction with the people. >> yeah. >> but the actual job, it's such a huge responsibility. i don't know that i would want to shoulder something like that. >> an exceptional nurse. a loving mother. and now someone i call a friend. i'm proud to share my name with maggie rodriguez. i salute you. >> thank you. and you did so good, too. you did a great job. >> reporter: thank you. that's my girl. mags. thanks so much to her and her boyfriend andy, cooked us a full meal. which we enjoyed. and stephanie and samantha her daughters are adorable. she's going to be a friend for life. i really feel that way. and she had an extra i.d. the one i wore in the story. she said take this as a keepsake. and also if you get pulled over for speeding, cops don't give nurses tickets. >> oh. you really found a best friend. >> reporter: i scored. >> that's fantastic. i love it.
8:22 am
you said you found out you had a lot in common with maggie rodriguez. i found out i have a lot in common with a woman named erica hill. a third grade teacher from st. louis. she gave me one of the most educational experiences of my life. and it wasn't just in the classroom. her students were amazing. talk about a great group of kids. their teacher, though, is an inspiration. not just as a teacher, but also as a mother. you're going to meet her tomorrow. you'll meet some of the kids, as well. the kids really had such a role, and joe, our producer, such a great time listening to these third graders. >> did you ever want to be a teacher? >> yes. >> because i have wanted to be in medicine. >> my mom is a teacher, now she's a guidance counselor. my sister is a teacher, as well. this is also a job, i know how difficult it is from what i've heard. when you spend that day in the classroom. >> they are saints. >> and you know what our two namesakes have in common. they both have jobs that unfortunately in large part are underrecognized, thankless jobs. >> absolutely. >> nurses are so crucial. and our dr. jennifer ashton is over there nodding. >> and teachers, of course. in public schools.
8:23 am
we will take you to a school outside of st. louis and you'll meet the incredible erica hill coming up tomorrow. >> still ahead in more than 5,000 episodes of "wheel of fortune" this was the most ,,,, [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review.
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capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet?
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it's 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. a five fire at a warehouse in san carlos this morning destroyed some of neil young's prized possessions. that musician stored vintage cars, musical instruments and equipment at that warehouse. fire crews managed to save some of the items. investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. a man accused of killing a woman in her san francisco home is scheduled to be arraigned this morning. prosecutors think that man got into the woman's home on russian hill by pretending to be a utility employee checking for gas leaks. and police are investigating three shootings in oakland last night, two involving police officers. one man was shot and killed by police on trask street.
8:26 am
a different man opened fire on police on sycamore street and was later caught. then a third man was shot to death on 81st avenue. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,
8:27 am
ah, focus group. so what are we testing here? that's our new pastrami grilled sandwich. oh, great. hey, are they happy we got rid of the rye bread? totally. they love our grilled artisan bread. they say it's the perfect compliment to the classic hot pastrami, melting cheese, deli mustard and pickles. awesome. hey, um what are we testing in that room? oh! nothing we were just hazin' the intern. emergency crews are on the way to a new multi-vehicle possible injury crash southbound 880 approaching 92. traffic is jammed from at least washington avenue and unfortunately our red sensors continue past the accident scene. we are still trying to recover
8:28 am
on the nimitz. there were two accidents at fruitvale. everything is out of lanes but it's heavy as far back as hegenberger and the coliseum. to the south bay, northbound 280 heavy traffic as well coming out of downtown san jose. no accidents reported, but it is a 24-minute drive time from 101 out towards highway 85. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. our forecast for today, how about some sunshine? quite a bit of it out there currently. here's a look from our mount vaca cam. yeah, that qualifies, blue skies, sunshine, gorgeous. now, today, don't forget, we do have a chance of showers. it is a chance of showers moving in for the afternoon with cool temperatures today. sunshine with a few clouds in store for wednesday. and nothing but sunshine through the workweek. and take a look at that. warmer temperatures just in time for the weekend. ,,,,,,,, welcome back to "the early
8:29 am
8:30 am
show," everybody, on a chilly, breezy tuesday morning. coming up, it was enough to make vanna white turn green with envy. >> arr! >> thank you. >> "wheel of fortune" has been letter as a clue, plus an apostrophe, the single most sensational solve in the show's history. maggie can't get over it. >> i can't. >> we will speak exclusively with the woman who did it. >> how did she do that? caitlin, how did you do that? >> we'll ask the question in just a moment.
8:31 am
>> also, you may not have to wait for black friday anymore to score some of the best bargains. we're going to show you what to buy this month and what's worth waiting for this holiday season. >> i love these segments. also ahead, doing simple home renovations does not have to be expensive. carter oosterhouse of hgtv. of course we had to show carter, is here to show us some easy projects for your living room, your guest room, your kitchen, all of them just in time for your holiday company. and yes, you can do them. >> yes, you can. there you go. >> first, dave price is standing by with a final check of the weather. >> erica hill, nice to see you. harry smith, nice to see you. norma desmond, nice to have you with us today. >> well, thank you. i'm channeling. right? >> nice to see you guys. let's take a check of the weather. keeps you warm. that's the important thing. let's go to the maps right now. i know, it's beautiful. i love it. they were out of them when i went into the store. the northeast, today we are clearing out rather nicely.
8:32 am
could see a little bit of sluggishness as you head to sections of new england, cape cod, eastern sections of rhode island. where you may see a limb bit of rain and cloudy skies. but gusty winds are going to continue through the day so you could have delays in places like logan airport later on today. as we head out west, let's see what's happenin
8:33 am
>> if you're watching in kerry, north carolina this morning, you're down three people. they are accounted for. that's a quick look at your weather picture. harry, inside to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. she has been a "wheel of fortune" fanatic her entire life. but nobody, but nobody could have seen this coming. contestant caitlin burke solved a seven-word phrase with only one letter showing. take a look. >> what's that? >> can i solve? >> okay. >> it is a prize puzzle. >> yes. >> i've got a good feeling about this. >> that's right.
8:34 am
>> whoo! >> and caitlin burke joins us exclusively this morning. good morning. >> how are you? >> man. when you see that, what do you think? >> i don't know. i just think it's funny. it's funny that, you know, all this has become of it. i don't know, i guess i'm excited. >> it had to be exciting. >> yeah. >> but quite honestly, because in our house, jeopardy! is on, we pay close attention, time to clean up and i'm doing the dishes and "wheel" is on over there. i have to say, i must have watched thousands of episodes. nobody's -- anybody ever done a seven-word puzzle with one letter? >> that's because you're busy cleaning the house. you should be paying attention. you've got to pay attention to the puzzles. >> how did you know? >> just years of practice and watching. i don't know, you just try to instantly think of -- instead of getting so caught up on the letters on the board, rather than thinking this is a phrase.
8:35 am
seven letters, that's a phrase. how many of those do you know that start with "i." i've had the time of my life. >> you were just running through those i've, i've, i've, i've, i've. >> and for i'll -- i'll have what she's -- and that doesn't fit. so you kind of go with those quickly. and i've got a good feeling about this just came and i was like, oh, my gosh. i'm going to solve this. >> what did pat say to you? >> he didn't say anything at first. he was just shocked. >> look at him. say jack is like, what? >> and i just wanted to see what i won. i was so excited. so much energy. >> look at that. >> he's like, hold on. hold on. >> because people think that there had to be a fix. there had to be some trickery or chicanery of some sort. >> i guess that's flattering if people think that it's that great that it was fake. but, no. anyone who has ever been on a game show would know, there's no way. >> you used to play with your father, right? >> yes. >> growing up. >> yes. >> you guys have watched jeopardy and then watched wheel. >> he was always really good at
8:36 am
jeopardy! he and my brother are both really great at jeopardy! i'm okay, but i think it takes some years of like cultural capital you need to build up. so i didn't really think that was affair. he was alive when some of those things were going on, i wasn't. i can't answer as well. then "wheel of fortune" would come on and i could shine and show him, i really had the skill set. >> it was -- it's hard to get on this show. >> yeah. i mean, not necessarily -- i mean, as far as like just applying, and everything. so i think a lot of people -- >> you've been trying to get on for years. >> i think they must have a lot of people applying. and eventually they got back to me when i was in new york. i went to a big audition. yeah, it was fun. there were a lot of people there so i guess it was hard. but i had a good time. and just -- >> wow. so you win this puzzle. right. and it's a prize puzzle worth how much? >> $6,800? >> $7,000, give or take. what did you end up with for the day? >> $53,618.
8:37 am
>> not that many people win that much money on "wheel of fortune." >> i know, it was really exciting. >> you must be phenomenal. because on jeopardy! they always have tournaments of champions or whatever. i'm not sure they do. >> i'm not sure. but after talking about it a little bit i'm so hoping they'll start that. because i'd love to come back. they used to have that. friday would be the championships. they don't do that anymore. so i don't know. i wish they would. >> what's been the reaction since friday when this was on the air, and now you're in "the new york post," and now you're here? >> it's been crazy. more than i could ever imagine. and even just my friends and like people that i haven't talked to in awhile are saying such nice things. it's really great. >> we have a puzzle for you if you'd like to play. >> oh. >> oh, gosh. >> where is it. all right, can you see that what says? one "l." one, two, three, four, five, six, seven words. do you get another letter? >> what is it? it's a phrase?
8:38 am
>> yeah, it's a phrase. >> wait. how can -- bet you can't do it again -- that's not a real phrase. that's not a real phrase. doesn't count. i was trying. >> you did a good job. so impressed. really, what a thrill. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for playing along. now here's maggie. >> fantastic, thank you, harry. blank friday, the day after thanksgiving may be the official start of the holiday shopping season, but right now you can find some real deals in november, but if you want to wait, there are some things you should wait for. here with advice on how to get your sales timing down is aol consumer adviser regina lewis. >> thanks, maggie. >> welcome back. i was out shopping yesterday and at the store things were 40% off. so in my experience, these discounts are starting sooner and they're just as deep. >> there's even a term for it
8:39 am
called christmas creep. as in creeping up on the calendar. retailers are dealing with roughly the same economy as last year. so you saw 40%. i think we'll stay in that neighborhood. we're not going to see what we saw in 2008, 80% off. it's going to be very much about what you buy and when you buy it. >> when you buy it is what our segment is all about. >> yeah. >> there are some things you should buy right now and some things you should buy later. let's start with the buy news. >> sure. >> the grill, i guess because it's off-season, it makes sense that it would be on sale. >> off-season, but going, going gone. i think you've got about ten more days left to get your hands on them. places like lowe's and sears and home depot will actually shep them for free now. also cutlery, we found at macy's was orangely $290, now $100. deeply discounted right now. >> here's one that doesn't make sense to me because i always thought that the rule of thumb for baggen shopping was buy out of season and winter coats are in season now. >> very interesting. dave price can probably tell us. october had a 20-year warmest october in 20 years.
8:40 am
so, nobody bought coats. so turns out that all of the retailers offering outer wear have excess inventory. old navy is running a 50% off deal right now for women's, kids, here you see it. available as we speak. right now. so you're right now. it's counterintuitive but has to do with that warm october. lands' end, the other big player there, these coats deeply discounted. in fact they have a friends and family sale starting friday but we got in on it early for "the early show," if you go to, the early show web site you can get in on that friends and family deal. >> all right. what kind of savings can we get on large-screen televisions? >> big, big savings. here's why, tv manufacturers are trying to get people to buy higher thend 3-d televisions. plus they made a lot of tvs thinking they would unload them around the world cup. didn't happen. people didn't buy them. so right now you can get deep, deep discounts. tvs traditionally go on sale this time of year, 20% off.
8:41 am
this one we found on for $299. originally $399. there's the price. it's 32 inches. now granted it's not a big brand name. but that's a lot of savings. >> a lot of tv and a lot of money. >> buy now. >> i don't understand why jewelry is a buy now. >> you're right. the rule of thumb on jewelry is buy in the summer. but 13% more people are going to ask for jewelry this year for the holiday. so you may be in a must-buy situation. we tried to find the buy now play. we went to macy's and found this sapphire bracelet, originally $200. now 79. that's more than a 69% discount. >> why? >> jewelry has high margins so they can play around with it. some items are going to be on sale, some aren't. also, generally speaking you get more bling for your buck if you buy jewelry online. >> did not know that. health care products, medicine, not exactly a holiday gift. but might be a nice present for yourself. >> the timing. >> the timing is what's important here. >> absolutely. very important. because the flexible spending account, ffa that a lot of people have as part of their health care plan, these products
8:42 am
over the counter, you're going to need a prescription for after january 1 which changes the equation for a lot of folks. have an ffa store. 3,000 over-the-counter items like these on sale. >> what's the website? >> advil goes from $20 to $16. if you're buying multiple products, timing is critical. >> thank you, regina. all right, now buy later is this little section. don't buy jeans now, why? >> they tend to go on sale about 20% now, but up to 50 around christmas. they're a big teenager item. so hold out for jeans. >> and you still find plenty of sizes even close to christmas. >> i think so. >> all right, this one is very interesting. apple products. everybody's going to want these for christmas and a lot of people are going to be afraid they're going to run out. >> i think that's actually a healthy concern on the ipad. so if you want an ipad you have to have it for christmas, you're right, it is probably a buy now. if you don't have to have it for the holidays, maybe wait until january, where it's rumored apple will release new versions which mean the older versions
8:43 am
could come down in price. but on apple, products in general, they never go on sale. so it's not really a buy now or buy later. it's buy it when you can get it. >> good tip. and finally, linens. buy linens later, why? >> because john wanamaker, famous for the department store, actually invented the linen sale in 1978. the tradition has stuck. it's not longer just a white sale but it does happen in january and it's worth holding out for. >> wonderful tips. for more on these deals go to our website, erica? >> maggie, thanks. if you are expecting guests this holiday season, this is the perfect time to spruce up your home. and who better to help us through that than carter oosterhouse? the host of hgtv's "carter can." here with affordable products any weekend warrior can do. >> good morning. >> this is kind of fun stuff. so this is a nice way to get yourself ready for folks coming over. >> yeah, you know, if you want to spruce up your home, make sure that people notice it, and you know, so you can say, hey, guess what, i did this, i did this. >> i can. >> exactly. i care about you when you come into my my house.
8:44 am
first thing we're going to do is make a headboard. now this headboard is actually very simple to make. have you ever made one? >> i've never made one. but i love this. this is fantastic if you just have a mattress and a box spring in your guest room. >> yeah, make it look a little bit more elegant, a little more savvy. we've taken a three quarter inch sheet of mdf. you can use flywood if you want but sometimes it's not as straight. you can use green mdf and you can use half inch but we used three quarter. we've made it the width of the bed and height just depends on aesthetics. we've taken the three quarter inch mdf and cut it to size and put batting on the front side of it. >> this is just like batting that you would use, anybody who is a sewer, just sort of stuffing. >> exactly, exactly. just go to a fabric store, get some batting. at the fabric store, as well, you want to pick up your materials. >> our fabric. >> you've just, the batting is just stapled on. >> you can use spray-on adhesive, to, that you can get at the fabric store. and then you roll it over, and
8:45 am
then you staple it down. and we're going to do the same but we're not going to use the spray adhesive, just the staple gun. you want to make sure that you pull it nice and tight. >> i get to do it? oh, i've been dying for this. okay, pull it really tight. and just keep working. hold it nice and tight on there. there you go. almost. >> i need some practice on my staples. that's sad, isn't it? >> it's not sad. >> it's too high. >> i'm just saying, if you go to go back and maybe hammer it down a little bit. >> okay. >> but the big thing on this, once you pull this all the way over, you get it nice and tight, what you want to use is a french cleat. a french cleat is something basically you take what we have one inch by five inch piece of lumber. >> yes. >> cut it at 45. this is a french cleat and then you're going to stake oneite onto the back of the headboard and take its counterpart and stick it on the wall. so gravity is just going to hang. >> this is not the same width as
8:46 am
the head bard. >> exactly. because you can see right over here we have the headboard up. the reason the french cleat is not the same size, once we put it onto the wall, you plop it on top of it and gravity is going to hold it on. it's not the same width so you can move it left or right according to where your bed is. >> i'm going to master the stapling. it's really easy unless you're me. another great thing you can do for your kitchen cabinets, bathroom, whatever. a little paint goes a long way. >> a little paint goes a long way and new hardware. i know we probably beat this to death. hardware, people are buying, it's going out of the stores like crazy right now. because instead of buying a hutch that costs, you know, hundreds of dollars, maybe even thousands, why not just add some paint to it and add new hardware to it. >> and easy for unders $100. in some cases under $50. >> easily. >> first things first, choose your style. whether you want to go old, antique look. if you want to do a satin finish. if you want to do a painted finish. something like that. now here you can see, this was
8:47 am
the original color. to the hutch. this green has a little distressed on the sides. >> okay. >> so first thing you want to do is take some sand paper maybe like 120. just go ahead and sand it down. >> right. >> to get that sheen off. put some paint on. >> does it matter what type of paint you use? >> doesn't matter. just matters the finish that you want. we're using high gloss. make sure you use only one instead of something like this, which is a drawer or a door pull. which has two screws. >> yes. >> make sure you match the screw holes and sim 34ri just, you know, add your hardware. >> you showed me a fun trick, too. i have some wire cutters, but i never know there was a special little hole right here just for screws. >> right. so people think these are just for wires. that's not true. you can see there's this little screw holes. you get screws that are too long. just insert them into the hole, just like that and you can kit it down to size. screw it on there like that and cut it down to size. >> that i think i can do.
8:48 am
>> exactly. >> lastly over here. >> last but not least. >> the fireplace. tile. tile i feel like we're seeing a lot more of these days. >> yeah, you know, fireplaces, obviously, they can be a little bit dated, a little bit worn. here what we've done we've taken a simple, you so see what it used to lk like, we've added a mosaic one foot by one foot tile. these are one inch by one inch tiles on this. and you can see there's a mesh backing. >> they come in that sheet. >> now prep is huge on something like this. what you want to do is just make sure you cut it down to size and when you cut it. just flip the tile over. >> cut it right down the line. >> just like that. and you can see here that we've prepped and of course obviously in the beginning you add your thin set down, and then you leave it set for about 24 hours. >> okay. >> and then you go back and then you can put your grout. >> and i go back and put the grout. and you showed me something really important. i'm going to hold this one up, i'm not sure we can get it. when we cut it sometimes there are little pieces that hang off.
8:49 am
>> you're so smart. >> you said pay attention to these because otherwise they will come out. >> it will free here on the backside on this mesh and a lot of times that will pop out once you put the grout in and you'll spend so much time. >> look for those and get some cuticle scissors. and work on your skills for the electric staple gun. carter, great to have you with us. for more diy home improvement tips logon to our website, earl,, i spend three hours on my homework -- or at least that's what my mom thinks. with high speed internet from at&t, i get my homework done fast, leaving me time to download movies and music and chat with my friends. [ mom ] how's your studying? it's coming along! [ female announcer ] work faster, play more
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last year i was abandoned at the santa monica pier and told to get back home. all i had was $50, a back pack full of gear and my well-honed survival skills. well this year, against my better judgment, i'm doing it again. just me, 50 bucks, the back pack and a cell phone. and this time, i'm putting my life and well-being in your hands. you decide where i start my incredible, and exhausting trip.
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call the numbers on your screen, or go to o website, with your vote on where i should start. the trip kicks off november 12th. our special series "no way home." >> i like it. some of our -- we just like to watch dave suffer. >> mm-hmm. so listen -- >> poor dave. >> any cell phone. standard messaging rates apply. we've got a real horse race between oregon and alaska. >> really? >> one more day of voting. >> i've got to go vote again because i voted alaska. but i didn't vote enough, obviously. >> as they said in chicago in the '60s, vote early and vote often. >> when do you head out? >> i head out thursday right after the show. . >> and you've got to be back here when? >> seven days after that. >> i do love this series. >> i love the opportunity to go meet people all across the country. >> mm-hmm. >> the only way we get back is through kindness, social networking, we're on twitter. we're on facebook. we're on our web page.
8:53 am
>> were you tweeting last time? >> yeah, uh-huh. @earlyshowdave. >> all right. let's get lots of people.,,,,,,,
8:54 am
8:55 am
headlines... it's 8:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. a fire at a warehouse in san carlos this morning destroyed some of neil young's prized possessions. the musician stored vintage cars, musical instruments and equipment at that warehouse. fire crews managed to save some of the items. investigators looking into the cause of the fire. police in the bay area have made dozens of arrests in a week-long sex trafficking sting. local law enforcement and the fbi working together to crack down on child sex trafficking. in the past week they made 72 arrests and rescued six children. and today the oakland city council will take a final vote on four new medical pot farms. they hope to turn old warehouse
8:56 am
buildings into medical marijuana dispensaries. there are currently four pot farms in oakland. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:57 am
all right. let's start off with a look at, uhm, 280 out of downtown san jose. we have an accident just reported on ray street. it remains heavy even past the accident scene. one lane is blocked by the way approaching ray street. check out this backup right
8:58 am
now. this is northbound traffic on 280 right there by the 880 interchange. it remains heavy even past highway 85. 34 minutes is your commute time now as you make your way past 101 and head up towards cupertino. elsewhere just your typical slow traffic as you head on westbound 237 towards silicon valley. and 880 through oakland we are seeing some improvement to our drive times. we had a couple of earlier fender-benders by fruitvale. everything has been cleared now for more than a half hour but it's still heavy as far back as the coliseum. that's your traffic. here's tracy with your forecast. hey, thanks, elizabeth. one last check of the forecast. that's right here we are from mount vaca this morning. plenty of sunshine out there currently. hard to believe we do have a chance of showers in the forecast today. so don't forget that. here we are, seven-day forecast. so plenty of sunshine for the morning. still a few breaks of sunshine expected through the afternoon but also, a chance of showers. do note temperatures still cool today. upper 50s to the mid-60s. tomorrow, a mix of sun and
8:59 am
clouds expected. plenty of sunshine well into the weekend. and check out those temperatures. they are warming up. ,,,,,,


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