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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  November 13, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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combine your auto with home or renter's policy. good evening, i'm ann
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notarangelo. a double murder early this morning. and tonight, a man considered armed and dangerous is on the loose. he is accused of shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend. at their fairfield apartment on crawly lane. anne makovec shows us who police are zeroing in on. >> we just heard gunshots about. four gunshots and that's when i saw her laying on my front door. >> reporter: a woman shot and dying on this doorstep. her boyfriend was also shot and dying nearby. >> i just heard somebody screaming. some lady screaming or something and i heard the shots and that was it. i didn't even look outside. >> reporter: it was just after 1:00 a.m., and the shooter, whom police have identified as 50-year-old ricardo martinez deleon has been on the run since. >> he is a very dangerous guy. maybe drug addict, crazy, that's all we know. >> reporter: police say he is the ex-boyfriend of the woman who was killed. she had recently moved in with
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her sister at this apartment on crawly lane. after a long-term relationship with deleon, at around 6:00 on friday evening, police say he came here to confront her. >> we know it was a loud argument. and obviously she was concerned and had some dialogue with the police earlier that evening. >> reporter: in fact, the woman had filed for a restraining order against him earlier this month but it hasn't been served. this apartment manager thinks police didn't do their job. >> we told them that he was going to come back and kill them. and he they didn't do anything. >> the police in responding did all they could in interviewing her and make sure she was safe and she chose to leave the area and didn't return until 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: and that's when neighbors say he was waiting for her to return, last seen wearing a red 49ers jacket with black sleeves and may be driving a '99 blue dodge van with a stripe and a possible license plate number on the screen. >> whoever sees him, call 911
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and help us get him and he needs to pay for what he did. >> reporter: and we are still waiting for the coroner's office to release the names of the two people who died overnight. once their families have been notified. in fairfield, anne makovec, cbs 5. more than two months after a double murder in san jose, these two suspected gang members are in custody. detectives believe able herena and juan cruise shot two men in the head last august. a 19-year-old woman was also shot. she survived. the violence began after two groups confronted each other outside an apartment along san antonio court. even though police say the two people arrested are gang member, police have not confirmed if the shootings were gang related. a protest tonight after the fatal police shooting of an oakland barbershop owner. and several protests have been held since derrick jones was killed monday. officers apparently mistook a small scale jones was holding for a gun. police say jones ran off after beating a woman and refused
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several orders to surrender. organizers of tonight's meeting include the naacp, and they are also upset that former bart police officer johannes mehserle mehserle who shot and killed oscar grant was imprisoned for two years and they say that is too little. the meeting tonight is calling for justice for grant and jones. a san francisco police officer killed in the line of duty is being honored right now. tomorrow marks 16 years since james gelf was gunned down, the first officer to get the to scene of a shooting at pine and franklin street. the gunman was shooting from the window of an apartment building. he injured several people before police shot and killed him. tonight's memorial service for gelf is just getting under way. it is being held at the site where he lost his life in 1994. problems with the investigation into what went wrong on that carnival cruise ship that was dead in the water for days. nearly 4500 passengers went three days without power, hot
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food, and hot showers. before tugboats towed them back to harbor. john blackstone on how critics say the cruise line skirted tough regulations. >> reporter: the not so ship- shape carnival splendor sits in stkaáeupb san diego's harbor while a team from the cruise line is assessing the damage. the national transportation safety board said it would lead the investigation into the engine room fire that shut down virtually all of the power on the ship. but now, that won't happen. >> carnival's argument is well, the united states government doesn't have the jurisdiction. >> reporter: that's because the ship is registered in panama. critics say cruise ship operators use the so-called flag of convenience to skirt tougher regulations in the united states. so officials from panama will be taking the lead with two experts from the ntsb assisting. >> they have tried in the past to investigate an accident and carnival challenged that in the past in federal court and won. >> reporter: in fact, there was
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no law that addressed safety and security on board cruise ships operating in the u.s. until president obama signed a cruise line safety act in july. >> we still have long way to go. because it is still a self regulated type business. >> reporter: as all of of the passengers left the splendor they were checked by immigration officers who discovered one was wanted on grand theft charges in nevda. she was arrested. john blackstone, cbs news, san diego. it is being called g mail killer. next, how facebook believes it will overtake yahoo, hot mail, and g mail. and they don't come to work and stand at my desk and over my computer and tell me to type faster, or my memo is too long, you know, why should i be telling them how to kick and where to kick? >> a new sporting policy in the bay area, it has parents on the sidelines keeping their mouths shut. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. offshore winds clearing off the skies and it makes for lots of sunshine today. pretty nice temperatures. going to get warmer. we will talk about that coming
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up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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mail service provider. there are reports that palo alto based social networking site will unveil a new e-mail program next week. it is officially called project titan and called the g mail killer unofficially. and the details are kept secret. we could learn more about a special event facebook has scheduled for monday in san francisco. the goal and the corner kick and the yellow card part of the action but sometimes what you heard off the soccer field can be too much of a factor and we're not talking about vuvzelas and we have more on the new mouth-shutting rules for parens. >> and there are talk about triple teaming and shoulder harnessing and apparently the aggressive play didn't make your kid bend it like beckham and instead left parents bent out of shape screaming from the sidelines. >> get in your position.
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you're doing everything wrong. get in your position. move up. go down the field. score. >> and the soccer league is shouting a new message to parents. be quiet. >> you couldn't get anything from them with the silent game. >> and seven clubs make up the league and the rock ledge game designated one game to almost complete silence and the only exception, light applause. >> i think it is really great. my husband had a tougher time with it. >> apparently, dad -- >> i got to admit from a parent's perspective, this is a really hard thing to do. >> the soccer for silent soccer makes it hard to cheer. >> when i'm sitting as a parent, i'm biting my tongue trying not to yell things from the sidelines. >> all too often that is where the unsportsmanship like conduct is coming. from and a dad took out a kid for a late hit on his son and parents on both sides joined the melee. >> they don't come to work and
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stand at my desk and over my computer and tell me to type faster and my memo is too long and why should i tell them how to kick. >> silent soccer is sweeping the auction and some have a silent weekend and others have a game. and on the field, silence can be deafening. >> we didn't know what to do sometimes and if we had to improve, we didn't know if we were supposed to or not but we did pretty good even though it was silent. >> in oklahoma, robert lisle, cbs 5. >> once upon a time, there was a show in the bay area called dialing for dollars. and now, they're jumping for dollars. the lure of easy money gets people hopping on the peninsula. ,, [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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globe" the california lottery has kicked off the holiday snow globe tour. it offers customers who buy $20 worth of lottery tickets a chance to win bigger prizes this weekend. our don ford tried his luck in south san francisco. >> winner, winner, chicken dinner. >> reporter: games that some folks in south san francisco why pretty excited, not just because they got a chance to jump around in one of those inflatable bounce things that looks like a snow globe, it was filled with california lottery coupons, too. >> you can grab it in the air. and you have the side walls or
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the floor, and let them hit you. >> reporter: at $20 a pop, the idea is to grab as many coupons as you can in 20 seconds. no stuffing in pockets or down your shirt or in your mouth, the coupons are exchanged for actual scratchers that could win up to $20,000. it didn't happen here. >> dor 20 bucks invested and i got 7 bucks back. >> we will find out later when they cash in the prizes. >> the top prize is $25,000. >> the lure of quick money. perhaps tens of thousands of dollars. it has people lined up. faces that were hopeful. knowing full well the odds are slim. it wasn't unusual to see some folks plop down 100-dollar bills for tickets in this store. >> it is a lot of money with this economy. but they must have the money. or either that they think
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they're going to break the bank or the machine. >> most people were having a lot of fun. adults bouncing around without kids. >> i will be at work monday. in south san francisco, don ford, cbs 5. >> yes, we will see you, don. raising money for their school by making and selling olive oil harvested from trees on campus. atherton sacred heart school offers sustainable agriculture classes where the students sustain and grow their own crops and the olive trees are 75 years old and yielded a ton of olives and the students and parents and community volunteers harvested the ol ives with 100-liters of olive oil and the oil will be auctioned to benefit the athletic program. a gorgeous day in the bay area. maybe not for long. what is going on, lawrence? >> there is rain in the forecast. but today, lots of sunshine. some warm weather. the winds are kick up around the bay area just a bit. especially over the mountain tops. you will have to watch out for that the next couple of days. down below, a beautiful evening
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on tap if you're headed out the door. beautiful clear skies. offshore winds, keeping the skies nice and clear and for the next several days, spectacular weather outside. and still, there is a wind advisory in effect over the east and north bay hills, expecting strong gusty winds, sustained 20-40 and mibe gusting as high as -- maybe gusting as high as 50-plus miles an hour and wind advisory staying in effect until monday morning and the offshore winds continue to howl through that period and after that, switching directions again and notice some cooling as we head to the middle of the week. still you can get a sense of the ridge of the high pressure building overhead and the clouds are starting to move to the south. that's the sign of the ridge moving to california and bringing offshore winds. clear around the bay area tonight. breezy conditions out there. nice and clear inside the bay and out to the coastline, skies are clear. tomorrow, sunny and bright just about everywhere you go. and again, beautiful down below. maybe a little breezy at times. and temperatures running in the 70s in most spots but you get up in the mountain tops and it will blow pretty good. the numbers outside right now. 63 degrees in san jose.
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64 in livermore. and 64 degrees in santa rosa at this hour. and traveling around the state, 70s in the central valley and high country looking at 50s and 60s. lots of sunshine for most of california. and staying dry. it looks like. as this ridge may hold. you can see it is really beginning to hold and sending the clouds to the north and to vancouver. we will stay high and dry for the next few days. the offshore wind will bring with it the sinking air and the warmer temperatures over the next few days, with that in mind, we have great weather coming your way. not too bad to start out your morning either. temperatures mainly in the 50s early on. and maybe sneaking down in the 40s in livermore valley but that's just about it. and otherwise, off and running with the temperatures. how about this? out toward the coastline tomorrow, about 70 degrees in pacifica and 71 in daly city. san jose, looking good. and supe and 76 by the afternoon, and -- sunny and 76 by the afternoon. 76 in fremont. east bay temperatures running well into the 70s. by tomorrow afternoon. and you can see plenty of sunshine. and all day long.
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and then the north bay, maybe looking at some of the warmer temperatures there, as you can see some down flow of wind and highs of 78 degrees in santa rosa and 74 in the napa valley and about 75 degrees in novato. so as we look out toward the next couple of day, enjoy the sunshine. and looking fantastic, monday, maybe even a little bit warmer, and tuesday, we start to cool things down. cooling becomes more pronounced as we head to wednesday and thursday, and thursday, we start to drag in some clouds. and we're bringing some rain back to the bay area. it looks like on friday, and next weekend, a big change in the weather, much cooler temperatures coming our way. and by the way, will is the game tomorrow. what a -- there is the game tomorrow. what a great day to check it out. the rams and the niners. sunny skies, temperature 8 for game time. that's a look at weather. kim has more on sports. battle of the heisman winners in that one. the one top 10 team has the highest scoring game in many years. and despite the offfield drama, cam newton tries to keep auburn perfect. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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has been unstoppable on the ut he might not be you auburn quarterback cameron newton is unstoppable on the field but may not be invincible off it. there are reports that newton's father asked for $100,000 from another s.e.c. school during the recruiting process. despite the drama, newton and the second ranked tigers trying to stay perfect. georgia jumping out to a 21-7 lead but the high powered offense got it together and newton threes for two
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touchdowns and runs for two more with a combined 38 touchdowns this season. auburn wins 49-31 and clinches the s.e.c. west. buckie the badger would get quite the workout in madison. seventh ranked wisconsin puts it in another gear against indiana. and playing without their star running back john clay, the badgers won for over 300 yards and six touchdowns, and in total, wisconsin scores 11 touchdowns, and 83 points. it is the most points in school history. since 1915. and the most in big 10 game in 60 years. wisconsin beats indiana, 83-20. and improves to 9-1. notre dame hosting 14th ranked utah. the freshman quarterback tommy reeves throws two touchdowns here and the irish have 28 unanswered points and won 28-3. and notre dame is one win away from becoming bowl eligible. as for the locals, stanford is losing to arizona state 13-
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10 in the third. number one oregon leads cal 15- 13. that game also in the third quarter. we will have full highlights at 11:00. baseball, the hot season expected to heat up at the general manager's meetings and dennis o'donnell looks at what should be a busy off-season for the world series champs. >> here it is. struck him out. and for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions. >> the last out was followed by the celebration. the celebration was followed by the parade. >> it is all about the san francisco giants and a world series, baby? >> the parade was followed by leno. >> it doesn't quite match the hair on your head. do you die it? >> jay, we play the second most amount of day games in the national league. it is tan. >> it is tan. wow. >> and the late show was followed by sabian. >> the payroll obviously is going to be north of where it is at now.
6:55 pm
without the positions to fill. >> several of the players who have helped the giants win the world series became free agents. and while they're free to negotiate with any team, brian sabian didn't seem overly concerned. >> it doesn't appear that they're in too much of a hurry, which is understandable. they want to soak this in. i hope it is if and when. but you don't know what the outside world is going to present itself. >> who is on first, shortstop, and all open questions, including third base. where an incumbent pablo sandoval celebrated the victory with a colossal browny sundae. if there is one message sent from sabian, it was to pablo sandoval. >> it was a meeting of the minds of tough love. this kid right mow is a hole card and he doesn't really have a position until he gets his act in order. >> if he wants to play in the major league, he has to get in better shape. >> pitching is the reason the giants got there in the first place. the giants fans can rest assured that the entire
6:56 pm
starting rotation will be fully intact next season. and oh, yeah, brian wilson, too. >> sounds delicious. we will be coming. >> this week's jets and browns game will be a battle of the brothers. rex ryan is the head coach of the jets. rob ryan is the browns defensive coordinator. earlier this week, rex fired the first shot dressing up as rob. >> i think rex is a great coach and i think he is a great person. will is no question about that. -- there is no question about that. and he is very handsome. >> well, yesterday, rob got his chance to answer. >> i do have a concern for rex this week. i really do. especially being around thanksgiving. okay? i'm worried about him. because if you see that turkey with this stuff hanging down there like that, i may they may shoot him. >> round three of the australian masters. better known as the last tournament won by tiger woods. he shoots an even par 71. leaving him 10 shots behind
6:57 pm
adam bland. so unless he pulls off the greatest come back of his career, tiger woods will have gone a full year without a win and still the odds on favorite despite not winning to win the masters in 2011. >> incredible, kim, thank you. they say the air is making them sick and the government is doing nothing. hundreds of residents are protesting a lack of air quality standards and what they want the epa to do to fix the problem. that is on at 10:00 on the c with. that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news. we will see you again at 11:00. good night. 3w4r5á7 ♪ ♪ so move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move it on over ♪ move over, little dog, 'cause the big dog's movin' in ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] a dog & a chevy, what else do you need?
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