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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  November 21, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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even secretary of state hillary clinton has a pr he would you submit to one of these pat's-downs? >> not if i could avoid it, no! i mean, who would! even secretary of state hillary clinton has a problem with the new airport pat-downs. what could make getting through security extremely slow for the busiest travel day of the year. a berkeley girl sexually assaulted in her own bedroom. how the suspect got in and where he's believed to be heading. hundreds of rats taken from a hoarder. why they are being cared for here in the bay area and what's going to happen to them. good evening. berkeley police are looking for a man who broke into a home and sexually assaulted a girl. don knapp is in berkeley with more. >> reporter: the sexual assault of a female minor in her own
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bedroom triggered a top priority investigation by berkeley police, which in less than 24 hours identified a suspect. berk lear police say the man identified as a sexual assay lent of a minor in her bedroom yesterday morning was known to the family. one police officer commenting on the severity of the attack told the daily californiaian, quote, it was not 2 minutes. it was a significant sexual assault. the suspect is 27-year-old omar sosa of berkeley, wanted on charges of sexual assault, battery, and false imprisonment. sosa entered the minor's bedroom through an unlocked window, assaulted her and fled. >> early this morning an arrest warrant was issued for sosa. at this point, we believe he's left the bay area and is headed south, possibly to flee to mexico. we believe he's headed south in a '97 ford ranger, gray double cab with white camper shell. we don't have a license plate at this point. >> reporter: officer andrew frankel says investigators worked nonstop since the
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assault. they put out a warrant 18 hours after the attack. frankel says the victim herself provided information they needed. >> often, cases don't come together as quickly as we would like for a lot of factors, but in this case, due to the evidence and a very courageous victim, we've been able to identify the suspect. originally the case was identified as a stranger assault. frankel says police now want to reassure the community. >> one of the reasons we wanted to get out in front and share the details of this particular suspect and the fact we don't believe he's in the area is we want to reassure our berkeley residents that this predator is no longer in our city and we're diligently pursuing him. >> reporter: frankel says police agencies between here and mexico have been notified that sosa may be coming their way. >> don, thank you. robbers armed with pepper spray have struck again. on friday, two men stole jewelry from the home
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consignment center. they pepper sprayed customers and employees. during their get-away, the suspects got into two hit and run crashes. police are not saying if the same men are connected to another pepper spray robbery in danville two months ago. last week, police arrested five suspects accused of pepper spraying people in robberies around san francisco. oakland ranks as one of the most dangerous cities in the country, according to a recent study. the annual rankings are based on population figures and crime data compiled by the fbi. st. louis tops the list, with more than 2000 crimes per 100,000 residents. the national average is about 430. next up is camden, new jersey followed by detroit, and flint, michigan, and oakland at number 5. so it's busy enough at the airport during the thanksgiving holiday, but new security measures could mean even more disruptions this week. passengers themselves might be slowing things down on purpose. >> reporter: this week's
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holiday air travel could be even more frustrating and time consuming than usual. >> i think that it's going to slow everything down significantly. >> reporter: passengers are facing controversial new security measures, which include full body scans and pat- downs. the backlash against the transportation security administration has grown since the scanner started operating last month. >> i think the body scanners are invasive. i think they show too much and are not necessary. >> reporter: a loosely organized protest on the internet called national opt- out day urges passengers to boycott scanners on wednesday and opt for pat-downs. they take considerably longer and could increase delays on the busiest travel day of the year. secretary of state hillary clinton says security experts are looking for ways to diminish the impact of the new guidelines, admitting she wouldn't want an enhanced pat- down. >> not if i, not if i could avoid it! no, i mean, who would! >> reporter: tsa launched the public awareness campaign to counter the criticism, but
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don't expect changes any time soon. >> we're not changing the policies because of that, because of the risks that are -- that have been identified because of the current trends. >> reporter: some travelers say the inconvenience is a small price for safety. >> i would rather give up a little privacy than worry about something going wrong on a plane. >> reporter: but even president obama has recognized the dilemma. he's asking his national security team to consider less invasive measures. cbs news, newark, new jersey. iran has set a february trial date for the three american hikers accused of spying. the three were arrested more than a year ago, along the iraq- iran border. shourd was freed on bail in september and returned to the u.s. the trial was originally set to begin this month, but iranian officials delayed it because shourd had not been summoned to return to iran to appear in court.
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bauer and fatal remain in prison, denying trespassing charges. oakland will begin the process this week to allow industrial size urban pot farms inside city limits. several northern california cities are looking to collect tax revenue from large cultivation operations that supply medical marijuana. tomorrow, the permitting process begins for four large pot farms inside oakland's borders. in neighboring berkeley, growers are already scrambling to secure scarce real estate property. >> so this is what we do, and obviously we haven't done a large scale rat case before. rats. a south bay animal rescue team saving hundreds of them from a hoarder. where they are going to go from here. paramedics called to help a woman at the stanford research institute. why they say they have never been called out on such an incident. from the cbs 5 weather center, not as stormy around the bay area today, but beautiful clouds outside, still seeing some now and still a
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chance of showers. we'll talk about that, coming up. ,,,,,, right now, verizon has the new samsung galaxy tab. at just seven inches, it's the only tablet designed for maximum mobility. and it's android-powered and flash-enabled for the best web browsing experience.
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get yours at verizon. caused a worker to faint. a research monkey bit an
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employee at the stanford research institute in menlo park a research monkey bit an employee at the stanford research institute this morning, and the worker passed out. by the time police got there, the employee was conscious again. the researcher is hospitalized, with minor injuries. no word on what happened to the monkey. authorities say it's the first time they have ever been called to this type of incident. nearly a thousand rats removed from a southern california home by an animal rescue group, temporarily being kept at a san jose pet shop warehouse. anne mackovic on the difficult task of getting these animals adopted. >> reporter: they are still being counted, but animal rescuers think they have about 1000 rats in their care. >> lacerations to the inside left leg, medical. >> reporter: volunteers are sorting and treating these now homeless pets in the warehouse space of a pet store in san jose. >> our biggest priority now that we have here is sexing
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them and separating the boys from the girls. >> reporter: for good reason. many of the rats are pregnant. two gave birth in the semi on the trip up from southern california. they even have a makeshift maternity ward. >> much better place than where you almost were. >> reporter: the rats were rescued from a rat hoarder in l.a. >> these all originated from one pregnant rat that the owner allowed to be loose in the house. >> reporter: this picture was taken in that house by the humane society. >> we've dmes indicated them, so it's our responsibility to continue caring for. they. >> reporter: okay, we get it. lot of people are creeped out by rats, the tail, the eyes, but they really do make great pets. >> it's like having a little dog. >> reporter: the partner group rescue group is sending them across the country to get them adopted out. >> we're committed to giving them a normal life after what they have been through. >> well, tomorrow, the public can weigh in on a major casino
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expansion in san jose. the garden city casino plans to move here, along airport parkway near the airport from its current site on saratoga avenue. if the $100 million project is approved by neighbors and the planning director, the card room will have an expanded gaming room, hotel, restaurant and theater. it would reopen in about a year under the new name casino matrix. public meetings are set for tomorrow and tuesday. well, this is pier 39, where we're waiting for them to kickoff the holiday season with a tree lighting. disney characters are joining in the celebration as well. kids were also there, writing letters to santa claus. lots of holiday entertainment. proceeds from the sale of keepsake ornaments at the event will benefit the make a wish foundation. well, this weekend's storm has dropped several feet of snow in the sierra. conditions now and what you can expect for the rest of the week. w in the sierra to and we had several inches of snow on our mountain peaks
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locally around the bay area. may get a little bit more. and there's more rain on the way. we'll talk about that, coming up next.
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canyon, where another cold front more snow in the sierra today. this is blue canyon, where another cold front dump even more snow on an already heavy snow pack. several ski resorts are open and several others plan to open next month. more snow is expected to fall tonight, into tomorrow, and through tuesday. and that will make driving difficult, so, of course, carry chains. how about driving here in the bay area tomorrow? going to be rough? >> you know, hit and miss
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around the bay area tomorrow. more scattered showers and of course more snow from the sierra nevada, where a lot of skiers are smiling, and of course the resort owners are enjoying the cold storms, too. we've got cold air diving in from the gulf of alaska, bringing with it very chilly temperatures locally. of course you get into the highcountry and you get the snow. even snow on the local peaks today. what a neat day for cloud watchers to enjoy those beautiful cumulus clouds come rolling on by. an occasional shower, moved through, and lots of sunshine in between. we're not done with the rain just yet. there's no really well defined cold front out there right now. what we're left with are scattered showers. high-def doppler, one of the only working doppler radars in the bay area right now still showing scattered showers, mostly light activity, also parts of the north bay, heavier cells moving on in here. there's more off the coastline. we've got more unsettled weather coming our way. next batch of moisture beginning to dive into the bay area. that one brought us rain yesterday and the thunderstorms. next one just beginning to move
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down. again, here it comes, sweeping in towards the bay area. not as well organized as the one yesterday. still, if you're headed outdoors this evening, bring an umbrella with you. chance of scattered showers around the bay area, really widely scattered. notice school temperatures. bring a jacket if you're headed out. 40s and 50s in many parts inland. 50s inside the bay. mainly 50s towards the coastline. tell you what, things probably going to stay similar heading towards tomorrow. you'll see a mixture of sunshine and clouds and a chance of more cold showers, all around the bay area. just about everywhere you go, going to keep things unsettled. numbers outside right now, 48 degrees and cool. 50 in san francisco. 49 degrees in the napa valley. you get the idea. you've got chilly temperatures, many spots inland and of course the highcountry, seeing lots of snow up there. central valley for tomorrow, showers, even the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm or two, but the highcountry, you'll want to get up there. kind of a tough go. you'll have to deal with long lines, another winter storm
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watch in effect for tomorrow. we're expecting more snow up there, maybe another foot of snow across higher peaks with the next storm system, and another one diving in for tuesday. after that, boy, for the holliday, it's going to work out great. if you want to wait till then, clear roadways, pretty good weather. here it is, next storm system diving towards the bay area, unsettled and wet for tomorrow. another one will develop behind that one. that one's going to be wetter towards tuesday. still, chance of scattered showers overnight tonight and toward tomorrow. better chance of rain across the entire bay area towards tuesday. computer model picking up on scattered showers on and off through the night. next thing you know, wandering shower comes by. tomorrow morning, maybe a little wet for the community early on. toward the afternoon, keeping things unsettled, too, with another chance of scattered showers. not a washout for tomorrow, but widely scattered showers and sunshine in between. if you like the clouds, you'll like tomorrow. overnight lows running in the 30s and 40s. yeah, we still could see couple of snowflakes over the mountain
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tops. temperatures by day tomorrow, lot of 50s tomorrow, keeping things pretty cool outside, unsettled and wet into tuesday. wednesday, thursday, drying out. warmer weather towards thanksgiving. >> looks good actually. we need it. thank you. well, the arrival of winter weather is hard on the homeless. in today, san francisco announced emergency shelter locations. the emergency shelter program is hosted by the city's human services agency and episcopal community services. starting tonight and running through february, the program provides overnight shelter and two meals daily at churches throughout the city. the first location is st. bonfus church on golden gate avenue. black friday is still five days away, but holiday spirits are up for retailers, offering early discounts this year. already shoppers have spent more in the first half of this month, compared to the same time last year. it's a positive outlook for this upcoming holiday shopping season. online sales are looking especially good.
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they are up more than 10% from last year. from an optimistic story to somewhat less optimistic-- >> from black friday to black sunday, hows that! not good for the local football teams, but on the bright side, niner fans, everybody else in the nfc west, so bad, tempers flared in pittsburgh. hear from richard seymore, coming up. ,,,, diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes. [ man ] then try this. new and improved freestyle lite® blood glucose test strip. sure, but it's not gonna -- wow. [ beep ]
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you can't really love me. i know about gayle. i don't know what you're talking about. if you just tell me what happened... [ ding ] [ man ] 35th and archer. next stop hamilton. [ brakes hiss ] ♪ [ male announcer ] u-verse brings you entertainment across all three screens on your tv, smartphone and online. now get up to $300 back via promotion cards. at&t. rethink possible. the 49ers could have pulled to within one game of first place
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seemed like just last week, things were looking up for bay area football. >> different feeling this weekend. >> it was kind of sad. >> yeah, it was kind of sad. i didn't know how long troy smith could continue to play without committing a turnover, so good in his first couple of sports. 49ers could have pulled to within one game with a win today. 2-0 troy smith as starting quarterback, and sphran had won 3 of its last 4. the nfl's youngest team had not won in san francisco in 30 years. early in the scoreless first quarter, morgan fumbles. tampa recovers at the 40-yard line. morgan was the leading receiver with just 51 yards. tampa defense had 8 sacks all season. gerald mccoy sets down troy smith. game remains scoreless through the first quarter. but the bucs offense came alive. game's first touchdown, williams 51 yards on just 5 carries. bucs blunt undrafted out of college, had a free agent deal
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in place with the niners, but backed out. he had 82 yards today, but did not score. late third quarter, josh freeman to another rookie, mike williams. 14-0 tampa. freeman, 136 yards on 13 of 20 passing. niners just trying to get on the board. smith intercepted by the veteran ronde barber, 40th career interception, returns it 29 yards to the 7-yard line. play fake bass to penn. everybody in the action. niners shut out at home for the first time since jimmy carter was president, 1977, 21-0, the final. 49ers remain just two games back in the nfc west. raiders needed a win to maintain a share of first place in the afc west, traveling to push, where they shocked the steelers last year. steelers entered the game just 2-2 at home. second quarter, rashard mendenhall barrels through the game's first touchdown. 7-3 steelers. mendenhall had just 59 yards in the game.
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same score, still in the second. big ben calls his number, scampers in from 60 yards out. where's the defense there? roeflisberger, 275 yards passing, accounting for 4 touchdowns. still in the second, roeflisberger to the rookie, sanners, 21-3. they pour it on. after the play was over, roeflisberger had words for seymore. seymore knocked him to the ground, immediately ejected. raiders gain only 52 yards in the first half. campbell, 7 of 19, intercepted by james harrison in the third quarter. campbell was pulled for bruce gradkowski. he was marching down the field, but throws a costly interception to troy polamalu, the head and shoulders spokesman returns it 46 yards, icing the game. raiders, only 182 yards of offense. they lose 35-3, now 5-5 on the year. after the game, richard seymore talked about losing his cool. >> can you tell us what he said
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to you? >> well, i really don't get into what goes on in the trenches. i just think it's, it's a lot of things that go on, you know. probably have to put the kids to bed. >> wasn't expecting that from him, but we move on. >> did you say anything to him? >> just let's get ready for the extra point. >> yeah, right. with the raiders losing to the chiefs, well, there's a chance to move back into sole possession of first place in the afc west. jones runs for two more touchdowns, kansas city blowing out arizona 31-13 to improve to 6-4. so they are one game in front of the raiders now in the west. brett favre perhaps facing his former team for the last time. aaron rodgers to former san jose state spartan james jones in the corner. the former mvp of the new mexico bowl, you know that, anne? >> no. >> third round pick in 2007, they call him j.j.
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from sj. stanford's complete domination of cal, only misstep came right before the kickoff. both teams chirping at midfield. andrew lock led the cardinals with scores on the first 8 possessions. 58-yard scramble including this one, knocking the defender to the ground, stanford's first touchdown. cardinal tied the game with 48 points scored, nearly perfect for luck. stanford is 10-1, got the axe back. 48-14, the final. no change in the top of the ap latest rankings. oregon and auburn remain number 2. stanford, number 7. nascar ford 400 from homestead miami speedway. leaves the track on a stretcher with a leg injury. kevin harvick this time bumps into kyle busch, who crashes into the wall. car burst into flames. busch would get out of the car
5:57 pm
on his own. he's okay. on the re-start, jimmie johnson moves into second, where he would finish. carl edwards won the race, but the story is jimmie johnson wins his fifth straight sprint cup championship. the man is absolutely unstoppable. they call it his drive for five. and now he's got it in his rear seat. >> dennis, thank you. some people in the bay area are packing for that thanksgiving trip to grandma's. how they are feeling about the new screening procedure you have to go through at the airport. and what a boycott by travelers might do to cause a delay. that story and more in 30 minutes. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. see you back here in a half hour, and again at 10:00 and 11:00. until then, updates at have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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