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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  November 28, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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says is helping cut down on i'm glad it's dropping because being invited to funerals isn't fun. >> a big drop in the murder rate in richmond. wiki-leaks does it again. hundreds of thousands of classified state department documents released on the internet. what the secrets reveal about international diplomacy. u.s. and south korean ships sail into military exercises. what one senator says about north korea's threats of an attack. crime does make news so does a drop in crime. tonight a dramatic drop in an east bay city that makes note.
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and make could vick -- makovec. >> reporter: today the lack of gunshots makes the news. >> we have been lucky. >> reporter: the city's 2010 homicide rate has gone down by about 50% over last year. >> i am glad that it's dropping. i'm being invited to funerals every other year is not fun. >> reporter: in 2009, 47 murders record. this year 52 with one month left to go. >> officers are staying in the beats. >> reporter: police say it seems as if people that live in the neighborhoods where crimes are being committed are more willing to step forward and help police solve the crime. >> that is a big part of how we solve the cases. >> we are starting to finally see that partnership evolve. >> >>reporter: they have added ten officers this year and used
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technology like a shot spotter alerting dispatchers to the exact location where shots have been fired. they have beefed up the task force and monitoring for parolees. the people that live in richmond, tentative hope. >> i hope we are weeding the right people out and it stays calm around these parts. >> hopefully it gets better. i'm not sure. >> reporter: in richmond, anne makovec, cbs 5. san francisco police are searching for suspects in a drive-by shooting that left three people wounded. it happened at clay and van ness. somebody inside the car fairfield five to -- fired five to seven shots at another car. police are looking for a man that tried to sexual assault a woman walking down the street around 12:30 a.m. thanksgiving morning. she was pushed to the ground
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from behind. the suspect tried to remove the woman's pants but she screamed and fought off the attacker. he is described as a white male, late 20s, with a goatee. wiki-leaks did it again. the whistle blowing web site released hundreds of thousands of classified documents to newspapers all over the world. the united states did not want the world to know about it. >> reporter: the new batch of secret documents are state department cables. wiki-leaks did not post the documents on its web site. the site said it was under cyber attack. newspapers given access to the classified documents published stories on their web sites including the "new york times" and several papers in europe.
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one of the stunning revelations, iran has weapons that are capable of hitting western europe or moscow. >> i would hope that those who are responsible for this would at some point in time think about the responsibility they have for lives, that they are exposing. >> reporter: more of the information included in the cables, that the king of saudi arabia repeatedly urged u.s. to attack iran and that american diplomats bargained to take in prisoners from guantanamo bay. one directive signed by hillary clinton instructed diplomats to gather personal information on other countries representatives here at the united nations and overseas including e-mail addresses, credit card and frequent flyer numbers. past releases by wiki-leaks included sensitive information about the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> leaking the material is
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deplorable. the people at wiki-leaks could have blood on their hands. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador was told he won't bow to washington's demands. just a few minutes ago, south korea's leader says he fools deeply responsible for failing to protect people from a north korean attack and that the north will face consequences for future aggression. south koreans took shelter after shelling could be heard. this comes four days after north korea killed four south koreans. u.s. senator john mccain says it's time to talk about regime change. >> i think if past behavior holds true, the north koreans will walk up to the edge and step back and try to get more concessions and more money and more economic aid and more jobs for north koreans sponsored by south korea. i'm not sure that the south
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koreans will go along this time. >> meanwhile as tensions are high, the u.s. and south korea are participating in exercises off the peninsula. a u.s. super car i don't remember and destroyer took up a position in the yellow sea. the teenager suspected of plotting a terror attack in portland is due in court tomorrow. he allegedly planned to blow up a van full of explosives at a crowded christmas tree ceremony friday. the fbi secretly was working with the somali born suspect for months. documents reveal he told undercover agents the portland square was the perfect place to attack because it would be packed with families celebrating the holidays. in oregon where the terror suspect would sometimes go to pray was set on fire today. evidence was left at the sale man islamic center leading them to believe that the fire is arson. 80% of the office was burned
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but the worship areas were untouched. no injuries were reported. no word of any arrests. the flying public had a difficult decision to make this holiday season. you heard about it, a line delaying search or a quick one. what passengers say they felt... and *heard that forced the plane down. the holiday weekend is winding ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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down, and travelers at bay travelers at bay area airports are reporting no major delays. the thanksgiving weekend was t firs the long weekend is winding down. travelers report no major delays. the thanksgiving weekend, the first busy holiday that more stringent screening was in effect. don knapp talked to travelers. i know what they said wednesday going into this thing. coming home, are they -- how are they feeling.
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>> reporter: folks concerned about overly personal body searches decided to grin and bear it and go in the area of convenience. >> no reason for a protest. >> perfectly normal and acceptable. >> reporter: sarah terry filed a complaint. she will notify her congressman over what she went through. >> i don't mind it at all. i would rather see safe flying but i think they have to have just better standards of dealing with people. the level of hostility, do you want to talk to the police and no i just don't want you to do an aggressive pat down. >> reporter: everyone else said they did what they had to do for security and no one seemed offended. >> they did it where you put your body out like that and they felt your shoulders and legs and it was fine. >> nothing offensive. >> no.
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it was fine. they were nice, polite, pleasant. >> i didn't feel invaded or anything like that, so, it was fine. it was weird going through the machine where they x ray you and you know they can see under your clothes. that is weird but i didn't feel offended. >> reporter: we didn't talk to anyone that experienced the offeringly personal body -- overly personal body searches. >> we could probably find a identify. an american airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in little rock, arkansas. passengers say there were engine problems causing laud bangs then the plane jerked around in the air. they said the pilot do an excellent job keeping passengers calm. the problem was an engine stall, similar to a car engine sputtering but the engine never shut down. the flight was heading from boston to dallas and then on to
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los angeles. 30 miles for 30 years of aids. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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area still woke up and found their backyards flooded. that's becaus ter you know the rain let up today but some folks woke up and found their backyard flooded because a 16-inch water
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main burst. there is good news, the pipe was carrying recycled water, not sewage. but the brake still caused damage to the landscape this morning. >> i was woken up by my neighbor that the backyard was flooding. there was a water main in the backyard that -- actually behind the house that broke and flooded the yards. >> san ramon says they plan to start repairing the pipe tomorrow and what caused the break. 30 miles for 30 years of age. that was the goal for those who spread awareness about hiv. they started the ride at golden gate park. positive peddlers and their supporters biked through several neighborhoods that have been touched or greatly affected by aids. >> i really thought with the anniversary this year and this
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being the tenth year of the ride that it would be good to do something different and more meaningful to people in the city of san francisco. >> more than 100 cyclists participated in the 30-mile ride in san francisco that ended up at the national aids memorial grove. they started early but they had sun. they had sunshine. remember that. >> a little cool. >> it will be cold in parts of the bay area. >> cover the citrus. >> i don't think we will see a hard freeze but frost and freezing temperatures. a lot of clear skies today and plenty of sunshine. out the door, a few high clouds. looking good as we have plenty of sunshine. we still have the trough over head. no rain to speak of today. tonight a quiet night outside. if you want to head out, throw on extra clothes. it's chilly heading out around the bay area.
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nice clear skies and that's the way it will stay. the jet stream is dropping off. clouds race through here. we saw that in the early afternoon hours. that has gone on by and left us with mostly clear skies. if you are stepping out the door, on the cool side. a lot of stars out there. a beautiful night to be had around the bay area. temperatures will be dropping in a hurry. tomorrow, here is the good news, sunny skies, temperatures running in the low to upper 350s and we head to the afternoon under mostly sunny skies all day long. the numbers, 43, chilly in fairfield. 47 in livermore. 49 in pacifica. if you plan on traveling around the state, looking good. up in the high country, do skiing, great day to do it. pack warm weather gears. highs in the low 30s in the tahoe area. it will be cold across the high country.
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here we go, you have the trough on the west coast. you see high pressure beginning to build across the pacific. this will slide in the next couple of days. tonight clear and cold. temperatures will take a dive. interior valleys, not much in the way of wind. dropping to the 20s in the north bay. 29 santa rosa. 35 in fremont. 42 san francisco. highs by day looking good. plan on lots of 50s in the area. light jacket tomorrow. 50s in the east bay. upper 50s toward alameda. north bay temperatures in the 50s but as we head to tuesday, there is a good chance that the ridge will strengthen and we will bring back the 60s then things change into the middle of the week. there is a chance we could see
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showers wednesday into thursday. >> thank you, lawrence. san jose through itself a birthday party today. it was founded in 1777 making the city 233 years old. the first california city a civil settlement not part of a military out post. it was held near san pedro square, one of the few adobe's that has been preserved. >> we are a nation of immigrants. people are understanding that the strength of this city comes from our roots. >> it will serve as the centerpiece of the new san pedro square marketplace. the black hole filled up. >> they had enough ground to get it going. the question, could they give them something to cheer for.
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coach tom cable insisted that jason campbell would start at quarterback today against miami..that turned out to be a trick to try and catch the dolphins off- guard.. tom cable insisted that jason campbell would start as quarterback. that was a trick to try to catch the dolphins off guard.
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bruce gradkowski was in control. the speedster jacobi ford takes the opening kick off. he outruns everyone. 7-0 raiders. he is just getting warmed up. miami takes the lead midway through the first. huff beaten on that play. ford continues to make his mark. gradkowski's throw seems high. 44-yard score. 8 catches, 108 yards. fourth quarter, a complete pass to moore. he is gone. 20-14 dolphins back in front. raiders trailing late third quarter. gradkowski was intercepted. he had two interceptions and raiders held to 216 yards rushing. raiders not making a secret the
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go to man is that man. incredible catch by jacoby ford. 3:21 to go. ricky williams puts it away. a touchdown run. miami wins 33-17. raiders drop lob 500 at 5-6. >> what did coach cable tell you after the game. >> we have to play better. we can't go out there and go through the motions and expect to win ball games. every game is a play-off game. if we lose, we are out. >> that's part of the reason why. chiefs and seahawks in seattle, drawn bowl hauled in three touchdown catches. matt cassel had four touchdowns. can sunny skies city beats the hawks and are in the driver's seat for the afc west crown. chargers are at the moment alone in second place. san diego is 5-5. they are playing at indianapolis
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tonight. andre janson was fined for an incident with cortland finnegan. it began begin. the fines will be bigger this time around the johnson connects with a couple of punches before being ejected. both were ejected and could be suspended. the texans beat the titans 20- 0. mike toll lynn watched the steelers blow a late lead against the bills. ryan fitzpatrick goes deep. this is for the win? no. unbelievable. the steelers go on to win 19-16 p. >> you got this kid coming up in the nfl making plays and all of a sudden one of the biggest plays needs to be made and you don't make it, you know. you feel bad. devastated right now. sanford is ranked 4th in the latest standings. they are guaranteed to go to a bcs bowl for the first time in history. they go go to the rose bowl in
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south carolina beats a auburn. van -- van day veer undefeated. second half, peterson drives the lane. 19 points. stanford bets text as. they are 5-0. jeremy green and the stanford men in a.m. anaheim. they go to overtime. jaredman drives the lane for two. moments after the game, read collapsed. he was taken to the hospital in stable conditions. the school says he was likely dehydrated. bears in florida facing
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boston college. b.c. hit 10-3s. cal loses. tonight on game day, the warriors new owners look to bring a winner back to oracle. >> the real question is how do you create the culture what that that environment will -- culture that that environment will thrive in. we are creating both at the same time. we are creating the camera and story at the same time. >> could you tell he is a movie producer. he uses the movie vernacular to talk about how he will turn the warriors into a big screen winner. >> win. >> so, gradkowski will start. >> he will announce that jason campbell is starting tomorrow. >> thanks. all right. a picture in the bay area since the days of prohibition. now last call. that's coming up later tonight. ,,
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