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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  November 29, 2010 5:00am-6:00am PST

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controversial plan lawmakers say will put the public at risk. good morning it is monday, the 29th of november hope you had a wonderful long holiday weekened i am sydnie kohara. >> i am juliette good rich it is cold and frosty. let's check to take a look at weather and traffic here is tracy. >> yes, definitely another cold morning here is a look at our satellite essentially clear skies, more clouds moving in, a chance of rainfall moves back into the bay area. i will let you know when that is coming up. here is elizabeth. >> yeah, this is the morning to crank up those heaters. out to the santa cruz mountains, southbound 17 approaching the summit, a stalled big rig blocking one lane we are seeing slowing on our sensors. the rest of the south bay though in the clear nice and light as you head out of downtown san jose. we will have much more on your morning commute plus an update on mass transit in just a
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little bit. all right thanks very much. 5:00 a.m. google hacked by chinese leaders earlier this year, one thing revealed in new documents from wiki leeks. mark sayiers with details. good morning mark. >> reporter: good northerning sydnie. these new documents -- good morning sydnie, these new documents showing the chinese bureau directed the hacking attack into googles computer systems in 2009. new york times reporting the u.s. embassy in beijing was told that the poll lack bureau directed the intrusion into googles computer system they say that was part of a coordinated campaign carried out by government opera at thises, private security experts and internet outlaws recruited by the chinese government. washington is criticizing the release of those documents.
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linking material is deplorable i agree with the pentagons assessment the people at wiki leeks could have blood on their hands. >> reporter: among other details they call the german chancellor teflon she rarely takes risks, nicklas car sew can i is called the naked emperor and karzai called driven by paranoia. google was one of 30 companies identified as hacked by the chinese government. the primary target appeared to be g mail accounts held by human rights disdents. a lot of damage control being done by the diplomatic core today. mark sayier in mountain view. time now, 5:02 a.m. san francisco officials want the state to ease restrictions on registered sex offenders,
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jessica's law says they cannot live within 2,000 feet of schools, parks, child care facilities, examiner reports that makes it hard to find housing in san francisco 10% of them are homeless. city officials want the state to allow exceptions that could help homeless find housing. a prison inmate at san quentin will give his plea in the murder of another inmate. he is accused of killing a 44- year-old man back in july. the victim had been convicted of killing a young girl drunk driving the da may pursue the death penalty. this morning san francisco police are investigating a drive by shooting that left three people hurt this happened at clay and van nest yesterday morning. someone inside a car fired up to 7 shots at another car. the three victims are expected to recover. palo alto police looking for a suspect in the attempted rape of a young woman she was
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pushed to the ground while walking on alma wednesday night she claims a man tried to remove her her pants but she screamed and ran toward el camino where her mother was waiting for her. the suspect is described as a white male in his late 20s, early 30s. any information should be passed along to palo alto police. a deal could be released this week on the site of a new jail redwood city fought to keep it out of downtown but the city and county are expected to announce a deal tomorrow giving the county an option to buy four industrial properties near highway 101 the site of the new facility. tomorrow supreme court will tackle prison over crowding in california. they will hear arguments as
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part of a release of inmates. they are saying the release will place the public at risk legal experts say the case has huge implications for every state in the nation. that teenager accused of plotting a terror attack in oregon will be in court this morning. mohammed allegedly planned to blow up a van full of explosives at a crowded christmas tree lighting ceremony friday. the fbi secretly worked with the somali born suspect for months. he was a preengineering student at oregon state. a check on weather and traffic tracy has our forecast hey, trace. >> good morning juliette and sydnie. another cold start to the morning. here we go, 33 in concord, 31 degrees in liver more. more temperatures above freezing in oakland. 34, 38 degrees fremont and 36
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san jose. north bay 20s. 26 napa, 26 vallejo, and if that ain't cold i don't know what is. a nice balmy 43 degrees in san francisco. this morning we do have some reports of frost especially while inland not a surprise temperatures ranging from 26 to 37 degrees. frost around the bay cool temperatures from lower to mid- 40s. clear and cool along the coastline. we will take a look at afternoon highs and rainfall moving back to the bay area. here is elizabeth. thanks tracy. live along the peninsula, head lights heading south into burlingame. south past sfo. 101 and 280 for a drive. no problems getting there. traffic alert for santa cruz
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mountains southbound highway 17 right before summit road a stalled big rig. chp is out there blocking the right lane it has been blocked for the right hour that is why they issued that traffic alert a little slow as you head out of los gay toes. outbay every -- gatos. outer bay everything clear. a check of the bay bridge toll plaza delay free hardly any cars at all. mass transit also running on time that is your traffic and weather back up to you. delay free so far. 5:07 a.m., last call at a bay area landmark how history has taken a toll on a famous bar at the airport. but one wo o the t-s-a. >> i think they have to have better standards of dealing with people. no major pat down process at the airport but one woman's threat to tsa. >> cyber monday the best gifts for you and the tech person in
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your life. a live interview coming up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a clear morning. another cold morning. plenty of sunshine expected today more rainfall is just around the corner. i've got your complete seven- day forecast coming up. >> tracy we had a nice one yesterday we will be ready for the rain. 5:10 a.m. welcome back. bay area students will hold a rally in support of the dream act. they plan to meet at mission high school it would provide illegal immigrants who have grown up in the united states a chance to gain legal status if they pursue higher education or military service. congress is expected to vote as early as next week.
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thanksgiving more dangerous for people on the road in the bay area. more people were arrested this holiday weekend compared to last year. from wednesday night to saturday morning chp says 177 drivers were taken in for dui that is up 40 arrests from 2009. statewide, d u i arrests also increased since last year. it seems air travelers did well coping with heightened security measures during this thanksgiving weekend. threats of an all out rebellion from air passengers over full body scans never happened. most people we talked to at sfo said they went along with the measures as best they could. actually easier than we thought it would be. i wasn't looking forward to the idea of being patted down if i didn't do the micro scanner but it ended up fine. it was weird going through the machine where they x ray you, and you know they can see under
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your clothes that is kind of weird but i didn't feel offended. >> however one woman plans to complain to her congressman because of what she calls a hostile attitude among tsa staff. >> all they will see is my little muffin top. >> ohings hardly. no, i don't think so. >> turning back time. bay area city turns 233 years old. >> nation of immigrants. >> what the city did first before any other place in california and plans for one of the very first adoe bee preserved since the 18th century. traffic alert, highway 17 santa cruz mountains, new ace train delays more on your morning commute coming up ,,,,
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monday with dozens of ads to sort through. we will break down some of the best tech gifts. >> here is brian coolly how you doing? >> good morning. >> all right so tell me, what is hot this year? >> you know i point to four things guys. first of all tablets like the android and the ipad here, you also want to look at internet connected tv products, set top box like this to give your television the ability to get tv and movies off the internet. of course smart phones are red hot like an iphone or android device these are very giveable even though you have to work out what plan the user will have and you have to get excited again about games and game consuls and e book readers like the amazon kindle and barnes and noble nook. >> all right. now what about gifts -- those -- some of them cost a pretty
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penny what about ones for somebody kind of watching their pennys? >> some of these are affordable this box here they bring you tv and movies over the internet, this can start at $59 that is pretty cheap. the one here is $100 but that has higher resolution and better wireless. i like this guy here. this looks like a key it is a key a usb shaped key and it will hold all your passwords, a thing called the splash id key safe. $30. >> that is what i want >> doesn't require software just plugs in any computer. >> that is a great idea. so what else do you like? >> i am big on the idea of 3d for gaming not so big on it for television we have a 3d gaming laptop here. this comes with 3d glasses that is how you know the difference. you can't really see this effect on a non-3d television but 3d gaming is amazing to have it in a laptop, that means
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you can take it any where. this is about $1,400 these are not cheap but compared to a few years ago they have come way down. >> we like the poinsettias in the back. very festive. >> one for each of you. >> all right thanks so much. >> thanks guys. >> the password key. >> we log on and forget our password. >> we have written it down somewhere so everybody in the newsroom will figure it out but a high tech christmas for a lot of people. >> no kids. >> let's check with tracy. how you doing? >> good morning ladies. well, another clear and cold start to the day. leer is a look at our -- here is a look at our satellite i am showing you this satellite we are clear for now. look at the clouds well off to the west there. eventually rainfall moving into the bay area. mid-week and the meantime for today, another cold day, morning, here we go. 26 napa, 26 vallejo, these have been adjusted for the top of
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the hour. 30 degrees santa rosa. 43 san francisco. moved down 2 degrees san jose, 36 to 34 for the 5:00 a.m. hour. 36 oakland, 33 fremont, 33 concord. 32 degrees fairfield. no surprise this morning we are expecting frost especially while inland we will find the coldest temperatures 26 to 36 degrees. patchy fog cool and clear, cool temperatures along the coastline ranging from 39 to 43. plenty of sunshine expected yet again take a look at temperatures slightly below average lower to upper 50s inland, mid- to upper 50s along the bay. the coastline temperatures remain cool and below average this time of year. we will take a look at some citywhat today's highs will be. 54 san raphael, vallejo, close to what you had sunday. 57 napa, 58 santa rosa, 56
5:20 am
redwood city, san jose, upper 50s oakland and fremont and mid- to lower 50s concord and liver more. i did mention a chance of rainfall. sunshine expected to noer row wednesday, -- tomorrow, wednesday. not really on there because once you get to thursday you have a better likelihood of rainfall across the bay area. friday a chance of showers and plenty of sunshine expected saturday and another round of showers likely sunday. that is a look at your weather this morning your traffic here is elizabeth. >> thanks tracy. off to a pretty nice start on the roads. 101 along the peninsula. head lights heading southbound towards burlingame. you are fine 101 and 280. live traffic cameras, heading toward the san mateo bridge. live traffic sensors, speeds 68 miles per hour as you approach the toll plaza. this is what it looks like across the span. 13 minute drive time in either direction across the bridge heading between hayward and
5:21 am
peninsula. looks like that is westbound traffic on the right side of your screen. so far so good. nemitz, 880 through oakland. taillights, northbound traffic across the coliseum. cruising across oakland. mcarthur maze. northbound 880, between 238 and the maze checking morin county commute just did the lane changes across the bridge. one little head light heading southbound towards the toll plaza. this we still have a traffic alert santa cruz mountains a stalled big rig chp is out there they activated the cms. there is a traffic alert the right lane is blocked. as far as mass transit goes we are dealing with slight ace train delays. train number one got a late start out of tracy running 7
5:22 am
minutes behind schedule. bart, muni cal trans all on time. thanks so much. time for a make over the 87- year-old landmark about to get a facelift in the bay area. >> what an incredible story lost at sea for 50 days how three young boys managed to survive after drifting 800 miles ,, [ female announcer ] keurig has over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee and tea to choose from. it's the way to individually brew fresh, delicious coffee in under a minute. way to brew, hon. [ female announcer ] choose. brew. enjoy. keurig.
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feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. welcome back if you ride mass fran sit i just mentioned ace delays now new word of bart train delays, 9th street, oakland station, knight street oakland, 19th street oakland because of earlier track problems. much more on your morning commute coming up. >> thank v. much. 5:25 a.m., last call at a historic palo alto watering hole. it dates back to the prohibition era openings in 1926 as a steak house called georges and had several other incarnations before dan brown took it over. he loved the period detail but the building showed signs of neglect.
5:26 am
>> i love the building it has a nice curve which you are and the bar follow it is curve of the building, slide glasses all the way around on the curve when i came in it was laning over and a stick was holding it up. >> brown says the cost of fixing up the aging building and issues with hisly consider license made it too difficult to keep going. 5:26 a.m. the city of san jose is a bit older. ♪ [ music ] >> the city turned 233 years old yesterday, a pueblo de san jose degrand looksupe was found and not part of a mission or military out post the celebration was held at the paralta adobe, one of the few preserved. >> we are a nation of
5:27 am
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go good morning welcome back, monday the 29th of november i am sydnie kohara. >> i am juliette goodrich. time now 5:30. >> registered sex offenders in san francisco getting help from lawmakers. city officials want the state to allow exceptions from jessica's law that could help the homeless find housing. the law says sex offenders cannot live within 2,000 feet of schools, parks, child care facilities. some argue that makes it too tough to find housing leaving them holeless and harder -- homeless and harder to track. palo alto police are looking for a suspect in the
5:31 am
attempted rape of a young woman she was pushed to the ground wednesday night a man tried to remove her pants, she screamed and fought him off and ran to el camino where her mother was waiting to meet her. the suspect is late 20s early 30s. 6'1", short dark hair and a goatee. anyone with information is asked to call palo alto police. 5:31 a.m. who hacked google? chinese officials, that is some of what is revealed by wiki leeks. mark sayiers in mountain view with details on the latest release of diplomatic documents. >> reporter: good morning juliette. these do shed light on a mystery surrounding goggle these show that the chinese -- google. these show that it was a chinese bureau behind the hack in 2009. the new york times reporting the u.s. embassy in beijing was told by informants they directed intrusion into the
5:32 am
google systems. those documents go on to say it was part of a coordinated campaign of computer sabotage carried out by government, internet outlaws and security. >> i would hope those responsible for this would at some point in time think about the responsibility they have for lives they are exposing. >> reporter: now another stunning revelation from those latest wiki leek documents iran obtained powerful missiles from north korea capable of hitting western europe or moscow. back to that computer hacking google was one of 30 companies allegedly targeted by the chinese government. google said in a previous statement the apparent reason for the attack on systems was to get access to g mail accounts of human rights activists. >> mark sayier in mountain view. thank you. school bullying is enough
5:33 am
of a problem imagine being called a terrorist or diaper head. a new report sheds light on harassment experienced by bay area sikh students it found up to 88% of them report being taunted or teased, nationwide about 35% of students of all ethnicities report being bullied, one sikh in contra cost to at that county said a child in a -- costa county said a child in a pe class ripped off his head dress and said he wanted to see if there was a bomb in there. >> we were quite stunned the bay area is one of the most diverse regions worldwide because we have people from all ethnicities. >> reporter: they blame several factors including 9/11 attacks. teachers play a huge role in educating other kids about bullying and tolerance. 5:33 a.m. police in richmond say community involvement in
5:34 am
solving crimes is a big reason why the homicide rate has dropped. so far there have been 22 murders in 2010. that compares to 47 for all of 2009. police say officers are staying on their beatgetting to know the community. residents are more willing now to step forward and help after a crime occurs. >> i am glad that it is dropping because i am being invited to funerals every other year is not fun. >> hopefully it gets better but i am not sure. >> police have added 10 officers this year and beefed up their gang task force and also using spot shotter technology, shot spotter technology the alert dispatchers to the exact location shots have been fired. the city of san ramon will begin on a ruptured pipe. several backyards were flooded because of the 16-inch water
5:35 am
main burst. it carried recycled water not sewage >> i was woken up by my neighbor the backyard was flooded. there was a water main in the behind of the house that broke and flooded our yards. >> there is still no word on what caused the break. 5:35 a.m. a much needed make over is about to get under way for a bay area landmark. cal bears played their final game in old memorial stadium. the 87-year-old structure will under go a major renovation which should be finished for the 2012 season. during the project they will play at at&t park. 5:35 a.m. back to tracy and elizabeth with a look at your forecast and your traffic after that long holiday weekend you got to get up and get on the road. good morning. >> good morning sydnie. cold temperatures as you get up and head off to work. inland temperatures ranging 26 to 36 degrees.
5:36 am
around the bay 33 to 34. frost expected. and clear and cool temperatures for the coastline, 39 and 43 degrees for the morning. afternoon, today's high, lower to upper 50s inland, temperatures essentially in the same around the bay slightly cooler along the coastline these do remain slightly below average, plenty of sunshine expected. sunshine today, but rain showers just around the corner, we will take a look at your seven-day forecast in just a few moments. for your traffic here is elizabeth. >> back out to the santa cruz mountains a one problem spot this morning, traffic alert, stalled big rig it has been out there since 4:00 a.m. this morning blocking the right lane. chp is out there working to clear it but it is causing a slow down there, southbound lanes highway 17. once you reach summit road, big rig blocking the right lane. mass transit got a few bumps in the road here as well bart dealing with 10 to 15 minute
5:37 am
delays coming out of the 19th street oakland station in all directions had earlier track problems so they are recovering, so hopefully that will eventually fix itself soon. ace train also, running 7 minutes behind schedule. a little slightly late due to earlier freight train traffic. muni and cal trans all on time. out towards the sierra. no chains required this morning travelling interstate 80, highway 50 or highway 88. all the roads are clear, and a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. whether it is no delay, metering lights have not been turned on yet. we look good. back up to you. 5:37 a.m. new this morning san jose hitting the brakes on bike licensing. the city plans to do away with requiring that $2 license fee tomorrow a recent city audit found most people don't observe the mandate and the program gunn make enough money for busy
5:38 am
cops and firefighters -- doesn't make enough money for busy cops and firefighters to enforce it. california has used nearly all its federal stimulus money the state received $2.6 billion in road and transit needs it completed or awarded contracts for 90% of state projects a new report says that is the second fastest performance in the nation, we are good at spending money only behind texas there. 5:38 a.m. congress has a full plate when it returns to the u.s. capital today the main dish is the bush era tax cuts due to expire at the end of this year. president obama and most democrats want to keep the cuts for any couple earning less than $250,000 a year. republicans want the tex cuts permanent -- tax cuts for everybody including wealthier americans. the teen accused of plotting a terror attack in
5:39 am
oregon will be in court. he allegedly planned to blow up a van filled with explosives at adreaded christmas tree lighting ceremony friday. the fbi secretly worked with the somali born suspect for months and arrested him as he tried to detonate the fake bomb. he was a preengineering student at oregon state university. >> he lived an average student life you know, he was doing his parties, hang out with frat brotherthese types of things. >> he had not been attending class since last month he allegedly told under cover agents the portland courthouse square was the perfect place to attack because it would be packed with families celebrating the holidays. fbi offering a $10,000 reward in connection with a fire at an oregon islamic center that is where the alleged teenage terror suspect worshiped. investigators found evidence someone purposely set the fire during the weekend. many fear it is in retribution
5:40 am
for his failed bomb attempt. 5:40 a.m. this morning south korea has cancelled a tense military exercise. it was supposed to practice a live fire drill but then decided against it. this comes after north korea launched artillery fire, killing four people tuesday. south korea's president says he feels deeply responsible for failing to protect people from the attack. despite high tensions many hope for a peaceful resolution. >> i thinking the time for a regime change. china, north korea's closest alley has proposed an emergency meeting for next month to talk about this developing crisis. three teenagers rescued after 50 days adrift at sea are back home today. they reunited with families in new zealand after being found
5:41 am
in the south pacific on wednesday. they survived on coconuts, a sea gull they managed to catch and kill and by drinking rainwater. relatives held a memorial service for those boys two weeks ago convinced they were dead. those boys drifted 800 miles before they were found. 5:41 a.m. some people are trying a new spending strategy how debit or prepaid cards can backfire on us all. >> remembering a hollywood icon we look back on the career of leslie neilson and what changed it all okay, now here's our holiday gift list. aww, not the mall. well, i'll do the shopping... if you do the shipping. shipping's a hassle. i'll go to the mall. hey. hi. you know, holiday shipping's easy with priority mail
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good monday morning coming off of a long holiday weekend probably a little difficult to get up this morning but you
5:44 am
have to get up any way. here is what is in store weather wise. minimal clouds a clear start to the day. another cold start to the day. we will take a look at current temperatures outside. 34 in san jose, temperatures finally above freezing. mid- to upper 30s oakland, fremont, 33 concord, 30 degrees liver more, 32 fairfield, mid- 20s napa and also vallejo. 30 degrees santa rosa, 34 san raphael, 43 san francisco and 39 degrees pacifica. reports of frost this morning not surprising temperatures pretty cold. 26 to 36 inland, 33 to mid-40s around the bay and 39 and 43 degrees along the coastline clear and cool temperatures, for this afternoon still cooler than average plenty of sunshine expected temperatures again still trending, slightly cooler than normal highs this time of year. highs ranging from lower 50s to
5:45 am
upper 50s for this afternoon. pinpoint some citytake a look at highs pretty much on tap of what you had yesterday. mid-50s. fairfield and concord. lower 50s liver more. oakland and fremont. 56 degrees san jose, 56 redwood city, san francisco. here is a look at our five day forecast plenty of sunshine on tap today and tomorrow more clouds into the forecast. wednesday storm system approaches, a chance of showers wednesday, around 20% i didn't put it in there. better chance for wednesday and thursday as temperatures cool down again. saturday sunshine and more rain showers sunday. that is your weather this morning here is elizabeth. better news for this earlier traffic alert santa cruz mountains southbound highway 17, summit road all lanes just reopened a call from larry with the kcbs phone force
5:46 am
tells us the right lane still has flairs and no delay to traffic. a stalled big rig had been there since just after 4:00 a.m. this morning. still a little slow in the area. as for as mass transit goes, still recovering with bart, 10 to 15 minute delays, 19th street oakland station. i keep wanting to say knight street. ace train number one, still 7 minutes behind schedule because of earlier freight train traffic. muni and cal train look good. out to highway 4, our first bit of slowing speeds under 25 miles per hour usually a bottleneck near lone tree way. silicon valley commute looks great. no delay out of milpitas, in the clear, 6 minutes between 880 and 101 a quick check of
5:47 am
the south bay, two thumbs up everything looks great. cbs 5 is on twitter now, check us out see the latest hot spots or traffic tips, cbs 5 traffic and we want to remind you about our radio partners, kcbs, if you hit the road get the latest traffic information your traffic and weather back to you. >> you are all over it. >> all over it. we are. >> thanks so much. all right time now 5:47 a.m. a check of today's top stories supreme court will soon pro focus on prison over crowding part of a lower court order to release 30,000 inmates 19 states including california appealed the plan saying it puts public at risk. >> more secret american documents opened to the public by wiki leeks including state department descriptions of world leaders and information that chinese officials were
5:48 am
responsible for hacking google. cyber monday one of the business jest online shopping days of the year. retailers are encouraged by strong numbers they saw over the weekend following last friday online retailers typically over deep discounts and free shipping on cyber monday to build traffic. 5:48 a.m. new this morning efforts to give back this holiday season, boarders bookstore kicking off a special campaign december 4th and 5th any customer who makes a purchase will receive a $15 card they can donate to a public school it will be made through the charity website donors pres sents may pile up but credit card debt won't. the new strategy, using only debit or prepaid cards. 70% of shoppers plan to use a debit card or cash but before you join them, make sure you
5:49 am
read the fine print. fees for checking your balance, using an atm, even calling customer service. >> it is very easy to see your balance just literally nickel and dimed away by the fees that come with many of these prepaid cars. now many different kinds of prepaid cards just like at the mall, it is wise to shop around or load up on cash. 5:49 a.m. congress is working on legislation aimed at making the nations food supply safer a bill expected to pass the senate would mean more inspections by the food and drug administration and give fda authority to order recalls of tainted products and stricter food safety standards. this comes in the wake of salmonella and e-coli outbreaks. >> we all know the 12 days of christmas song. how much it would cost you to buy everything from what 12 drummers to maybe the part ridge in a pear tree.
5:50 am
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this morning... hollywood is mourning the death of leslie nielsen. he died of complications of pneumonia yesterday, at a hospital near his home in fort lauderdal >> this morning hollywood is mourning leslie neilson he started hiziki rather ooze a serious actor -- he started his career as a serious actor but that changed in airplane. he won an emmy for the naked gun comedies. he was so funny. he was 84 years old. harry potter still a wizard at the box office. harry potter and deathly hallows part one remaining number one movie for the second weekend in a row earning more
5:54 am
than $15 million. after just 10 days in the theatres, take a look at that. $220 million. >> we still have to see morning glory >> i know. >> business is good in the sierra because of recent heavy snowfall. this is downtown truckee yesterday. of course we had to go to the bar. all kinds of businesses were bustling not just this bar. bar of america has been around for a long time. skiiers gathering after exhilarating days on the slopes. the owner says this is the best thanksgiving weekend in a long time. >> better the snow, better for business. getting everybody excited and stoked to be on the snow gets everyone up here earlier. >> hotels report an increase up to 20% in early season reservations and that has a positive effect on the economy now business owners hope good conditions continue throughout the winter. what they get 6 to 9 feet of snow up there.
5:55 am
>> that street along truckee is beautiful. >> it is. >> business is up for retailers. customers crowding hillsdale mall in san mateo. new reports show sales are up .3% compared to last year. shoppers say they are a bit more comfortable opening their wallets this year. the economy is not all the way where we want it to be but a little better. you know. so i feel like i have a little more confidence this year than last year. definitely. for the first 26 days of november, online spending rose 13% compared to last year. 5:55 a.m. you have to open your wallet to buy all the items in the is days of christmas -- 12 days of christmas song. 12 drummers, part ridge in a pear tree the total cost of all 364 items repeated in the verses add up to $97,000 up from 10 .8 from last year to
5:56 am
buy one of ever thing in the song it will cost you just about $24,000. who thinks of all this stuff. that is funny. okay then what do you want for christmas? >> a part ridge in a pear tree or maybe the five golden rings. >> okay. >> it is a frosty -- no, the drummers drumming lords a leaping no, we will save those for elizabeth. a frosty morning tracy which ones do you want? >> i don't know elizabeth and i are down here cracking up. >> what do i get the lords a leaping? is my mic on? >> lords a leaping. >> i want the ring forget about the lord. >> that is it. you want the ring. >> well, how about our forecast today. cold chilly start for the afternoon, 50s. plenty of sunshine, more sunshine tuesday clouds moving in wednesday, rain showers
5:57 am
thursday and friday, saturday sunshine and by the end of the weekend another round of showers moving in for sunday. that is your weather this morning, for a look at traffic here is elizabeth. >> let's get a check of the westbound 580, we are hearing about a crash near grant line road two cars in the center divide. drive time likely going to grow. 17 minutes right now alta mount pass toward dublin interchange. highway 4, nothing going on here except usual congestion a street out toward lone tree way. santa cruz mountains, stalled big rig blocking the right lane more than an hour. larry with the phone force tells us there are still flairs in the roadway no significant delay and bart is back on time but ace train number one running slightly behind schedule that is your traffic back up to you. >> thanks elizabeth. in the next half hour cyber monday but before you start clicking, we get the inside
5:58 am
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