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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  November 30, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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school standoff. a wisconsin high school student holds classmates hostage, then shoots himself. >> i'm just, you know, scared to go back to school. because you never know what could happen. it could happen again. >> face-to-face. president obama sits down today with congressional republican leaders for the first time since the historic midterm elections. and next target. after releasing more than a quarter million classified state department documents, wikileaks trains its sights on the department documents, wikileaks trains its sights on the financial industry. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody, and thanks for joining us, i'm betty nguyen. a hostage standoff at a wisconsin high school is over. the drama ended last night when
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the 15-year-old gunman shot himself. he held 23 classmates hostage in marinette, wisconsin, for about five hours. tammy elliot is there with details. good morning, what's the latest? >> reporter: police are still here at the school this morning investigating after they say that 15-year-old student turned on his fellow classmates yesterday afternoon in school. and while everyone is relieved, they are still asking why this happened. but they're glad that 23 students and a teacher are alive. students at wisconsin's marinette high school are relieved but shaken this morning. >> i'm just, you know, scared to go back to school. because you never know what can happen. it could happen again. >> reporter: just before classes let out monday, police say a fellow student pulled out a gun in class and fired two shots. the 15-year-old gunman then took 23 other students and his teacher hostage. >> he was not willing to converse with law enforcement, but law enforcement was able to
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speak with the teacher that was in the room. and we determined that there was nobody that was injured. >> reporter: after several hours, five of the hostages were released. then, after hearing three more gunshots, police stormed in. >> as the officers approached him, the suspect then fired one shot, and injured himself in a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: the rest of the hostages were safely reunited with their loved ones. marinette high school will remain closed today as authorities continue their investigation. and this small town tries to come to grips with this frightening incident. >> it's mind-boggling. you don't expect it to happen here. >> reporter: it may take some time before one of the biggest questions is answered. why the 15-year-old gunman turned on his fellow classmates. >> it's really sad that anybody gets to this point that they have to do this. >> reporter: students say he
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appeared depressed but didn't seem like he wanted to hurt anyone. and that teacher who was in the classroom is getting a lot of praise. authorities say she acted great under the circumstances. as for that suspect, the alleged gunman, he is in the hospital. his condition is not known. they're not releasing that at this time. we're expecting to get new details later this morning from authorities at a news conference. obviously everyone's very relieved here, knowing it could have ended much differently. >> all right tammy elliot in marinette, wisconsin, thank you. president obama holds his first face-to-face sitdown with republican congressional leaders this morning. mr. obama said he's hoping for a productive working relationship. topping the agenda, those soon-to-expire tax cuts. whit johnson is in washington with more on this. good morning, whit. >> reporter: hey, betty, good morning. well, both parties hope to accomplish two things, really. draw up a road map for the current lame duck session of congress, and build a working foundation for the new congress,
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which, come january, will be led by republicans. president obama's new political reality takes hold today. >> we now have a shared responsibility to deliver for the american people on the issues that define not only these times but our future. and i hope we can do that in a cooperative and serious way. >> reporter: the top two items on the table, the fate of the bush-era tax cuts, set to expire at the end of the year. and ratifying the nuclear s.t.a.r.t. arms treaty with russia. other issues include extending jobless benefits to the long-term unemployed, and tackling "don't ask, don't tell," the ban against gays serving openly in the military. the president's two biggest political rivals, republicans john boehner and mitch mcconnell, are no strangers to sitdowns like this. but this time, they come with a lot more clout. after last month's midterm elections, the gop will have the majority in the new congress, and not much will get done without their blessing. in an op-ed in today's
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"washington post," the republican leaders warn, we can work together and accomplish these things, but the white house and democratic leaders in congress first will have to prioritize. it's time to choose struggling middle-class families and small business over the demands of the liberal base. it's time to get serious. white house officials do see incoming speaker boehner as a possible partner. he has broken with the republican party before, but analysts aren't expecting much from today's sit-down. >> it's unclear that there will be any tangible progress out of this meeting. but both sides want to look as good as possible. so expect to see a lot of posturing. >> reporter: ahead of today's meeting, president obama proposed a two-year pay freeze for federal workers, which could save about $28 billion over the next five years. it's a bit of a concession to the gop. but democratic leaders are less enthusiastic. betty? >> all right. whit johnson in washington for us. thank you, whit. today, the pentagon is expected to release its study on
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the effects of ending the military's ban on gays serving openly. the pentagon surveyed some 400,000 troops over the summer, as part of the study. it's expected to show that some 70% of troops believe ending "don't ask, don't tell" would have a positive, or mixed effect. president obama wants to repeal the law, as do the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs. the senate armed services committee opens hearings on the issue on thursday. afghan officials confirm that the gunman who killed six american service members monday was a member of the border police. the taliban says he was a militant who joined the police to kill foreign soldiers. the shooter opened fire during a training mission in a remote area near pakistan. the gunman was killed in the shoot-out there. the pentagon says it is instituting new security measures in the wake of the latest leak of classified material by wikileaks. the white house says the release of more than a quarter million diplomatic memos is a criminal act. chip reid reports.
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>> for us to believe that crimes have been committed here, and we are in the process of investigating those crimes. >> reporter: at the white house, press secretary robert gibbs went even further, finding wikileaks guilty before charges have even been filed. >> wikileaks and people that disseminate information to people like this are criminals. >> reporter: wikileaks' founder julian assange has not revealed who gave him the documents but officials believe it was army private bradley manning. he's in a military prison in virginia charged with leaking other classified information that investigators believe he downloaded while serving as a u.s. intelligence officer in iraq. on capitol hill, some republicans are calling on the justice department to put assange behind bars too, under the charge of espionage. but that won't be easy. for starters, he is an australian citizen whose whereabouts are currently unknown, and the espionage laws are outdated. written during world war i. >> those were designed for a
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different era, a different kind of espionage threat. they talk about sketches, and code books and signal books. they weren't designed to deal with a mass leak on the internet. >> reporter: the white house has ordered a government-wide crackdown on how classified information is handled to try to make sure this doesn't happen again. but it's too late for the hundreds of thousands of documents that are already in wikileaks' possession, and that they plan to release over the coming months. chip reid, cbs news, the white house. attorney general eric holder is rejecting accusations that fbi agents entrapped a 19-year-old portland man charged in a terrorist plot. mohamed osman mohamud, born in somalia, pleaded not guilty monday to a plot to blow up a portland, oregon, christmas tree lighting ceremony. mohamud's defense lawyer says the fbi crossed the line. >> that the government provided money, the government was involved in transportation, the
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government was involved in meetings at which various things were discussed. >> federal agents gave mohamud $3,000 to rent an apartment and provided him with a fake bomb. attorney general holder said mohamud chose at every step to continue with the plot. just ahead on the "morning news," surprising news about taking vitamin "d." plus reality bites. reality stars, the kardashian sisters, try to pull the plug on their debit card deal. you're watching the "cbs morning news." debit card deal. you're watching the "cbs morning news." [children screaming]
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if you live for performance, upgrade to castrol edge advanced synthetic oil. with eight times better wear protection than mobil 1. castrol edge. it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. in louisiana, several tornadoes touched down in the northern part of the state on monday. two of the twisters were caught on video south of monroe. the tornadoes knocked out power for awhile to several thousand customers. one house was destroyed. two others damaged. no injuries were reported. a new study out this morning says you may not need vitamin "d" supplements after all. the report from the institute of medicine says the majority of
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americans are getting enough vitamin "d," and too much could harm the kidneys and the heart. it says most americans up to age 70 need no more than 600 international units of vitamin "d" per day. and most people get that amount during their diet alone. on the "cbs moneywatch," stocks in asia retreated this morning. ashley morrison is here in new york with the latest on all of that. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, betty. asian markets slipped on fears of an interest rate hike by china. japan's nikkei lost nearly 2% while hong kong's hang seng dropped more than half a percent. today, wall street gets the latest on the housing market and consumer confidence. on monday stocks fell but a late-day comeback eased the pain. the dow ended up losing 39.5 points while the nasdaq gave back 9. according to an interview in "forbes" magazine, wikileaks next target is an american bank. julian assange told the magazine he has damaging corporate documents from a bank that, when
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released, will, quote, find itself turned inside out. he did not identify the bank but said he plans to release the documents early next year. he also claimed to have damaging information on the pharmaceutical, energy and technology industries. the government's $700 billion financial rescue is actually costing taxpayers just a fraction of that. according to the congressional budget office, the government has recovered enough money so that taxpayers should be on the hook for just about $25 billion. that amount is from funds used to bail out insurance giant aig and automaker chrysler and gm. apple's ipad is expected to take a big bite out of the personal computer market. a research firm predicts tablet devices will account for 10% of the pc market by 2014. the firm also cut its forecast for pc shipments next year from 18% to 16%. experts say it's an early sign of the wild popularity of the ipad as having a real impact on the computer business.
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and the kardashians want out of the debit card business. the reality show sisters lent their name and image to a prepaid debit card just three weeks ago. the so-called kardashian card was aimed at young adults, but the card has come under attack for high fees that far surpass other cards on the market. on monday an attorney for kim, khloe and kourtney asked the company behind the venture to immediately stop using the sisters to sell the product. the company said that it will comply. betty? >> all right. thank you so much. ashley morrison joining us live here in new york. thanks. straight ahead your tuesday morning weather. and in sports, san francisco battles for a chance at a playoff spot on monday night football.
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seaboard. in sports, san francisco keeps its playoff hopes alive on monday night football. brian westbrook and the 49ers ran for 136 yards and a touchdown against arizona. san francisco beat the cardinals 27-6, and are only one game back in the nfc west. in the nba, dallas won its sixth game in a row. dirk nowitzki of the mavericks had 20 points against houston. dallas got out to a big lead in the fourth quarter and held on for a 101-91 victory. lebron james and miami scored 30 points, and dwyane wade added 26 as the superstar teammates put on a show against washington. the heat 105-94 win over the wizards was only their second victory in the last six games. in oklahoma city russell westbrook of the thunder showed he could drive to the hoop and shoot from long range as he led a surge in the fourth quarter against the hornets. oklahoma city beat new orleans 95-89. when we return another look
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the obstacle standing in the way of thousands of california students.. plus.. driving without a license. we can't do it.. so why are muni operators? how much this oversight is costing taxpayers. move over "four loko". the "punch' in this tasty treat that's giving parents cause for concern. plus... the truth about don't ask don't tell.. the new survey that's heating up the debate over gays in the military. join us for cbs 5 early edition ... beginning at five. ,,,,
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on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. rain is on the way into the northeast. severe storms will form in the southeast. snow showers are trailing through the northern plains. and it is cold in the dakotas. plus rain and snow return to the northwest. here's another look at this morning's top stories. a 15-year-old wisconsin high school student held 23 classmates and a teacher hostage for nearly five hours before shooting himself. no one else was injured. and president obama meets this morning with the new congressional republican leaders. it's their first meeting since the elections that gave the gop control of the house. expiring tax cuts top the agenda. the economy is getting a
4:51 am
much-needed boost from the millions of holiday shoppers who hit the stores over the weekend. their numbers were up almost 9% from last year. and cyber monday added to the haul. anthony mason reports. >> reporter: already online sales are up 13% this season, and cyber monday could set a record for sales. >> we expect them to be over 900 million. they could break the billion dollar mark which would make today the single biggest day in online shopping history. >> reporter: comcore forecasts online sales will top $32 billion for this holiday season. a jump of 11% over a year ago. that's after brick and mortar stores reported a strong opening thanksgiving weekend. >> so far, so good. >> reporter: target says the retailer expects to have its best quarter in three years. as shoppers seemed -- >> still cautious. but definitely willing to spend a little bit more. >> have a nice day. >> reporter: retailers are
4:52 am
hoping that signals a mood swing in the american economy. >> i think we're more optimistic this year. it's not doom and gloom. >> i think we feel more comfortable spending because we see the changes in the economy, that everything's getting a lot nor more positive. >> reporter: that's one reason overall holiday spending is expected to increase slightly this year to about $688 per person. that's still 9% below the peak back in 2007. and analysts caution that a strong opening weekend is not always a harbinger of a good holiday season. for online retailers, the peak sales days are around december 15th, when shoppers scramble to get their last crack at free shipping. anthony mason, cbs news, new york. there's a fierce legal battle over 271 early works by pablo picasso that have recently surfaced. the previously unknown works are estimated to be worth about $80 million. a retired french electrician claims they were a gift from picasso's second wife 40 years ago.
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in northwest india, a terrifying leopard attack caught on tape. forest officials say the animal had apparently lost its way and entered the village. when they tried to capture it the animal pounced. at least eight people were injured. villagers tried to tranquilize the leopard three times but failed. on a lighter note, it's one measure of fame in this day and age. nascar racer danica patrick was a guest star on "the simpsons" tv series this weekend. but patrick is paving her own way on the racetrack. this month she had her best-ever nascar finish, winding up in the top 20. mark strassmann spoke with her. >> reporter: move over boys, danica patrick just shifted
4:56 am
gears. that's her in number 7, nascar's most celebrated rookie. >> i think that there's definitely an interest level because i'm a girl. i mean, it is different. >> reporter: she looks like an angel. but drives like a demon. at 10 she started beating the boys racing go-carts. >> danica is the winner! >> reporter: two years ago she became the first woman to win an indy car race. but nascar is a hard turn. driving a stock car means bumping and banging at 200 miles per hour. >> it doesn't stop very well. it doesn't turn very well. and you're like -- i just might crash right now. or maybe not. >> reporter: jim peltz reports on auto racing for the "los angeles times." how well does she have to do for this to be a success for nascar? >> i don't think she has to do well at all. i think either way, nascar will benefit. >> reporter: to nascar danica patrick is a needed high-octane boost. in this recession the sport is in a real fight for sponsor dollars, fan attendance and
4:57 am
television ratings. and whenever danica patrick steps on any track, she gets hearts racing. >> some say the commercial is too hot for tv. >> how hot is too hot? >> reporter: she has the "it" factor and reportedly will earn $10 million in endorsements this year. >> have fun with it. i like being a girl and i like being feminine. i'm lucky enough that i get to show all those sides of me. >> reporter: with you it's all good. >> well, i'm just being myself. >> reporter: but her nascar career is off to a bumpy start. at daytona patrick even crashed in her first big pileup. >> this is not good. >> reporter: but she'll race in 11 more nascar events this year. >> i hope to be inspiring. i really do. >> reporter: inspiring people to go after something, whatever that something is. >> yes, absolutely. i am not trying to say be a race car driver. at all. i'm just saying, what do you want to do, and go for it? >> reporter: she's going for nascar's checkered flag. win or lose, she's a draw. mark strassmann, cbs news, california.
4:58 am
coming up a little bit later on "the early show," we will hear from republican congressman eric cantor on the meeting at the white house today. also more on the new guidelines for vitamin "d" and calcium. and supermodel adriana lehman stops by with a preview of tonight's victoria's secret fashion show on cbs. that's the "morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm betty nguyen. have a great day. . ,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. defending their dream. bay area students call on congress to give them a chance at