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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  January 2, 2011 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. . >> you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. time's the charm. tomorrow . >> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. many californians are hoping the third time is the charm. tomorrow jerry brown will begin his third term as governor. facing a deficit the size of the entire state budget when he
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left office decades ago. don knapp reports. >> reporter: rain dreary sacramento offered barely a glimpse of tomorrow's inauguration. the 11 a.m. ceremony at sacramento's memorial auditorium promises to be about as austere as the weather, low key and low cost relatively speaking at about $100,000. a free people's party is planned for the capitol lawn featuring hotdogs, chips and water. it's appropriate for 72-year- old jerry brown's return to sacramento as he faces a deficit twice the size of the entire state budget in brown's final year of governor in 1983. >> i didn't create this mess, but i'm going to do everything i can to make it better. >> jerry is coming in in the unique position. he's always been viewed as being on the cheap side. he's always been viewed as being really tough with money. he doesn't do anything excessively in terms of
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spending. >> reporter: former san francisco mayor willie brown said he expects governor brown will get the state out of debt in just three years. there's a long list of problems to solve, escalating pension liabilities, increasing costs in prisons and paying for schools. brown will likely avoid speaking with b taxes in his i nog -- about taxes in his inaugural address but may later ask for income taxes to be extended that are set to expire july 1st. >> you can raise taxes or make cutts or a third option is do bland of both. jerry brown will do a blend of both. now look for him in the next couple days to release his budget proposal, but i'll tell you a little bird told me that he plans to unveil a rather draconian budget going forward. >> jerry brown comes into the governor's office with a mandate to fix the mess, but will that translate to legislators and interest groups accepting deep budget cuts and increasing taxes? shouldn't take long to find
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out. >> no. just a matter of days. thank thank you, don. well, for the outgoing governor it was final farewell in his last weekly radio address. rnia." governor schwarzenegger says he's proud accomplished and >> i came to california four decades ago with absolutely nothing and because of this state welcoming me with open arms i gained absolutely everything. my family, my career, all my successes i owe to california. >> governor schwarzenegger says he's proud of what he accomplished and history will be the final judge of his administration. jean quan will make history tomorrow when she becomes the first woman and first asian american mayor of oakland. linda yee is in oakland where she spoke with mayor elect quan a short time ago. >> reporter: this is a big party here at the space and science center, the preinaugural event. she's invited upwards of 550 people inside right now celebrating on the eve of this
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historic swearing in. as you say, jean quan will be dog a lot of -- doing a lot of first when she takes that oakland office, oakland's first female mayor and asian american mayor. she brings to the office 20 years of public service serving 12 years as an oakland school board member and eight years on the city council as well as a lifetime of community activism. she did say she will bring her activist background to the mayor office and said she's got her work cut out for her and her first order of business tuesday morning, she will be at the police lineup to talk about city safety. >> i did want to say even though i plan to negotiate hard that we're activity of the police in the city, i'm -- supportive of the police in the city and i'm going to do the best can i to keep as many officers on the streets even if it means i have to empty some of the desk jobs in the police department. we're going to keep at least 300 officers on the street. >> reporter: she did say that crime is down, although she acknowledged this past weekend
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there were two shootings on the street, but she says that this is a long road ahead for her but she expects in the next six months to a year she's going to accomplish a lot and she's going to rely on the city to volunteer. back to you. >> thank you. so tomorrow is inauguration day in sacramento and oakland and here to talk about what we can expect from jean quan's administration is cbs5's political analyst joe tuman. welcome back. >> nice to be back. >> we should point out you are uniquely qualified to talk about the oakland mayor's position since you are a former candidate for that post. the criticism for the current mayor, ron dellums, is that he hasn't been present. what do you think they'll say about sue kwon? >> she's a very hard worker and believes in being visible. one of her accomplishments in the last many years both in the school board and council is the ability to network the neighborhood soccers and that helped her, by the way, have,
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associations and that helped her, by the way, as well. you won't see what you saw with dellums, but with jean she'll be everywhere all the time and she works hard are than anyone i know in politics. >> what are some of the challenges she'll face? i think she's been known as sort of a consensus voter is. that always a benefit? >> it works in a position like city council. that's something she likes to do. that's why those neighborhood soccers were so important. she went to many of them, but when you're a ceo, mayor of a city, you have to show vision and leadership. you can't take two steps forward and ask for consensus. we'll be looking for her to show in the first 100 days what that vision will be with respect to crime or balancing the budget in the city and pension problems. there are all sorts of issues and i think the city will be looking to her for some bold leadership. >> do you think we'll see a drastically different oakland than we have in the last four years? >> i think some problems are beyond the mayor's control.
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i think what we'll see different is a mayor who is present and visible. i think any voter is willing to give a leader a little bit of slack if it hooks as if they're working hard and they're -- looks as if they're working hard and they're present. it's when things are going downhill and you can't find the leader you get nervous and talk about moving. so the answer to your question is i think people in oakland will feel better about their city having her there because she'll work very, very hard and be accessible to the voters and i think she'll have some success. >> all right. joe tuman, as always, thank you very much. well, the tricks of the holiday traveler. >> i should have pretended i was deaf and go on the disabled line and type to them. that's the only way to get through to a representative. >> some people had to get creative to get home this holiday weekend. and a storage unit fire destroys eye mobile home, the evidence this was no accident. >> i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow, the cbs5 weather center, still a couple raindrops falling in the bay
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area. when will that end? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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air travelers. some are just arriving home after the blizzard that slammed the east the nightmare is finally over for many air travelers. some are just arriving home after the blizzard that slammed the east coast the day after
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christmas. we'll hear the tales of the weary travelers. >> reporter: find a flight coming from the east coast and you'll find passengers with stories to tell. >> a lot of layovers, a lot of time. >> it was a lot of waiting, a lot of waiting. >> reporter: there's some of the passengers we found on that video of airports snowed in at the end of last year. >> i'm exhausted and hungry. >> reporter: j.p. rowland just touched down at sfo after a global ordeal starting when the christmas time snowstorm over europe stranded him in double lynn. >> i got to call my re-- dublin. >> i got to call my recruiter and tell him i can't start. >> reporter: he was due to start a new job in mountain view tuesday, but the airline told him he wouldn't be back till january 13th. >> i had to pretend i was deaf and go on the disabled list and type to get to talk to a rep. >> i had one day to pack
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everything, move here, start my new job tuesday. >> reporter: this family is getting home from a trip to grandma's birthday party in new york which they barely made. >> instead of flying from san francisco to jfk we flew from l.a.x. then they flew to philadelphia, got in a car and drove to new york. they got there at 2:00 in the morning two days later. >> reporter: only adding to the airport drama, a number of flights are canceled or delayed here at sfo today because of the wet weather up and down the state. if one can look at the bright side. >> if it hadn't been canceled, this wouldn't have been as much snow, so it wouldn't have been as much fun. >> reporter: as for this guy. >> they lost all my bags and there was all my underwear in it. >> reporter: and it was off to customer service to wait some more. at sfo, cbs5. checking other bay area headlines, a storage facility in martinez has been hit by a suspected arsonist. a motor home stored inside was destroyed. security cameras show someone
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was what appears to be -- with what appears to be a gas can around it just before it burst into flames. the same person is suspected of breaking a window on a travel trailer parked nearby. golden gate ferry travelers will pay more starting this weekend. tickets rose 10% for people using clipper cards. cash fares remain the same but could go up by summer. the transit agency wanted to raise the fares even higher but reached a compromise after riders complained. and the california street cable car line shut down for six months beginning tomorrow. the line is being renovated and an electrical system installed under the tracks. the muni shuttle bus will run the route from 6 a.m. to midnight during the construction. will the new year bring drier weather? lawrence is next. somebody's christmas in the park closes down. will it be for the last time?
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holiday attraction has been a bi yeah, they're packing up. christmas in the park. the holiday attraction has been a big draw in san jose, but it's showing signs of age and budget troubles jeopardize its future. organizers are hoping private donations will keep it alive for next year. that would be nice because it's a great place to take the family. >> i want to see a miracle happen. i hope they come back again. >> i'd like to see a miracle, too maybe like next weekend it won't rain so we can do something outside. >> we may just get that. been around the bay area, probably the dryest few days of weather we've seen in quite some time, still some showers out there right now.
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if you're traveling around the bay area, san francisco skies trying to part a bit as the clouds breaking up somewhat, the system sliding further and further to the south. hi-def doppler still picking up on a few raindrops outside if you're traveling about the bay area, but most focusing down toward the south bay. scattered light showers in toward freemont, also los gatos san jose looking dry. they had showers over the past hour and up over the santa cruz mountains seeing more of that activity in toward the monterey bay. overall it looks like the system will be heading out of town and probably will see dry weather maybe the next week and a half. pretty impressive storm system wrapping in along the coastline. you can see main area of low pressure right here sliding into point conception. southern california has seen a ton of rain just like we have, probably a bit more. for tomorrow partly cloudy skies, cool temperatures, some clouds inside the bay. numbers going to be warmer and along the coast line you'll see a cool breeze. we'll try and sneak in the
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sunshine. temperatures right now outside 45 degrees in concord, 45 in livermore and 47 degrees in napa valley. still a advance chance of a couple leftover showers into the monterey bay, most of that in the morning. at dawn high country, tons of snow, looking good. a chance of a couple snowflakes but for the most part in the afternoon we start to dry things out and come tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday we're looking at some very good skiing conditions, but down to the single digits for overnight lows. this storm system headed out of town, one is right behind it that will drag in and try to keep the ridge from in building too fast. the showers coming to an end tonight and it looks like some drier weather ahead as we look toward the workweek. it's going start tonight as we see those showers spreading further south overnight and really coming to an end before midnight. that means we'll keep things nice and dry as we head in towards monday morning, the commute looking pretty good. you'll see a couple clouds in our skies. i think it should be dry for the most part.
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as we look toward tomorrow afternoon a little more sunshine should begin to help warm up those temperatures. that's great because it's been chilly, those highs running in the 40s around the bay area. by tomorrow afternoon i think the warmest temperatures inside the bay, probably about 55 degrees in san jose, 55 in oakland, 53 degrees in santa rosa and 52 degrees in fairfield. these are probably some of the warmer temperatures you've seen in the past five days. the next few days i think the big concern will be some of that fog developing in the central valley, high pressure building overhead, atmosphere stablizing and could get pretty thick and gray. late night early morning hours staying dry it looks like right into next weekend. that's a look at weather. here's kim coyle with sports. the 9ers try and send jim tomsula out with a perfect record and the one thing tom cable wants everyone to know about the raiders next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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because of their performace it's kind of sad tonight, the last day for the 9ers and raiders, of, because they were fun to watch. >> something to look forward to. >> i was like when does training camp start because they really finished strong and were a lot of fun to watch and nobody probably would have wanted to face them in the playoffs. it's not because of their performance within the division. today in kansas city oakland had a chance at perfection in the afc west. darren mcfadden out with a turf toe injury. straight to the 3rd quarter jamal charles runs in for a 5-
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yard touchdown. kansas city ties the game at 10 and that would be the closest they'd get without mcfadden, michael bush starting and didn't miss a beat. he broke loose for a 206-yard touchdown. bush had a seven high 137 yards. matt cassel's pass is picked off by michael tough who takes it back inside the 20 -- michael huff who takes it back inside the 20 and then bush takes the handoff and reeces it to jacoby ford who -- reverses it to gentleman phone ford who gets around the -- to jacoby ford who gets around the edge. bryant sacks for a loss of 15, seven sacks for the raiders without richard seymour and the very next play cassell to stanford who returns the interception for a touchdown. the raiders win 31-10 and
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become the first team in the modern era to go undefeated in their division and not make the playoffs. >> i hope everybody will write this. we're not losers anymore. won't go over we the raiders locker room " " the raiders win knocks t chiefs down to the four seed in the a-f-c... they'll host the ravens next >> despite the 8-8 season there are multiple reports tom cable will not be back next season, a move that won't go over well in the raiders locker room. sunday.... and the colts get the jets saturday night... new england and pittsburgh hav >> the raiders win knocks the chiefs down to the fourth seed. they'll host the ravens next sunday and the colts get the jets saturday night. new england and pittsburgh have both earned first round byes. it was a battle for last in the nfc west in candlestick, today's game against the
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cardinals liking marking alex smith's final day in san francisco. jim tomsula, one of his former players brian young, justin smith made his coach proud. 1st quarter he sacked gonocele to, one of three for the pro bowler -- john skelton, one of three for the pro bowler on the afternoon. he puts a perfect throw on ted ginn for a 57-yard touchdown, 7-09ers. later in the 3rd quarter smith to vernon davis on that beautiful sammy route. vernon cuts to his right and -- seam route. vernon cuts to his right and the 9ers scored on in the 2nd half outscoring arizona 28-0, two touchdowns for brian westbrook. the 9ers win 38-7. it was all hugs for jim tomsula after the game who is 1-0 as nfl head coach. >> again with these players with my little, you know, little fat guy running around on the practice field and them
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putting up with me, nobody put me in a garbage can. >> reporter: are you still the head coach as of when we talk to you? >> well, i just finished. there's a search. th... >> the packers searching for a win beat the bears and make it into the playoffs. up 10-3 late in 4th. bears on the move. jay cutler overthrows his receiver nick collins. he picks it off to steal the win. packers beat the bears 10-3 and take on the eagles next week in the playoffs. chicago has a first round bye. cal running back shane vereen skips his senior season. he rans for over 1,100 yards and 16 touchdowns last season. despite leaving berkeley early vereen did graduate in 3 1/2 years receiving his degree in media studies. necca and the cardinals back for the first time since
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knocking off yukon. jeannette poland sends it to kayla peeredden is for the layup. later in the half ne -- pedersen for the layup. later in the half 14 points for nekka, a 78-45 win. tuesday they move out fourth ranked xavier. thursday they ended yukon's 90- game winning streak and today blew out cal. safe to say they'll move up a few spots tomorrow when the polls come out. >> and the raiders and cable, do you think they'll really part ways? >> i do. it's sad to say but i really think that they well. just really depends on hugh jackson. obviously he wants to be head coach. they want to keep him around. hopefully they keep the raiders and hopefully this win today will secure at least another win for him in oakland. they need to keep that unit together. the players love that guy and they played for him today. >> thank you, kim, appreciate it. well, digging through thigh high snow they get stuck. three people go on a hike and get stranded nearly a day by a
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sudden storm. what they did to protect themselves from the elements and the tricks that they used to stay alive until they were rescued, that and more tonight at 10:00 on the cw. that's going to do it for this edition of cbs5 eyewitness news. 60 minutes is next. you can find your latest news and weather on have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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