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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 5, 2011 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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changing of the guard, the 112 congress convenes today with republicans in control of the house and ready to take on president obama. fired, racy videos, cost the commander of the "uss his job, but the investigation is far from over. and mega mania, someone out there could be holding a ticket and mega mania, someone out there could be holding a ticket worth $355 million. captioning funded by cbs good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. the tables officially turn in washington today. the 112th congress convenes at noon with republicans in control of the house. high republican republican, the
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new speaker, john boehner, promises quick action to undo president obama's agenda. randall pinkston, what are the republicans planning to do first? >> good morning, betty. a lot of changes afoot here with a new team in charge. there will be new rules for its members and the new speaker, john boehner's first order of business will be to impose the new rules, which will affect the way legislation and budget matters are handled, then he and the gop will go after what they call obamacare. the new republican majority in the house plans to hit the ground running. >> i wish them success. i look forward to working with them. >> reporter: democratic leader nancy pelosi will officially return the gavel to incoming speaker john boehner later today. almost immediately after, the gop will set out on a 20-day mission to make as many changes as they can, before president obama's state of the union address. >> i think this is an unprecedented rules package. it will transform this house back to where it is the people's house. >> reporter: as one of their
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first orders of business, republicans will take on government spending. they will propose new house rules tomorrow, including one that would require any new spending to be offset by budget cuts. the rule would not apply to tax cuts. but much of the attention is set on the gop's plan to repeal president obama's health care law. a house vote is set for next week. >> we said very clearly from the beginning, and this is basically one sentence, that we were going to, in fact, repeal the health care measure. >> reporter: democrats who still hold an edge in the senate say it's a waste of time. >> every minute wasted on trying to repeal health care reform fruitlessly is one less minute the republicans will spend on job creation and turning this economy around. >> there's going to be politics. that's what happens in washington. >> reporter: for his part, president obama says he is focused on economic recovery and hopes eventually republicans will be, too. with democrats still in charge in the senate and of course president obama in the white house, republicans know that the chances of repealing health care reform are slim, if not
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impossible. however, they're moving ahead with it in the house because that's what they promised their base. they're drawing a line in the sand to say this is what we stand on and this is what we intend to do, to challenge our president's agenda. >> all right, cbs's randall pinkston in washington, randall, thank you. as the president begins the final two years of his term and gears up for re-election run, he is shaking up his staff. among the probable changes, press secretary robert gibbs. "the washington post" reports gibbs could leave within a few weeks. it's unclear if gibbs will remain in the administration. to the investigation into the lewd videos shown on board the aircraft carrier "uss enterprise," the ship's commander and producer of the tapes, captain owen honors lost his job but the investigation is far from over. the navy still hasn't explained why it's taken more than three years to take action. bob orr reports. >> his profound lack of good judgment and professionalism
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calls into question his character and undermines his credibility to continue to serve effectively in command. >> reporter: honors, a naval academy graduate and decorated top gun pilot was fired three days after a virginia newspaper posted these racy videotapes on its website. >> there's a really good chance you're going to be offended tonight. >> reporter: captain honors, second in command at the time, produced the tapes in 2006 and 2007, when the "enterprise" was in the persian gulf, engaged in the afghan and iraq wars. the videos included crew instructions and general messages. >> we're through the strait of hormuz, getting ready for combat operations. >> reporter: the tapes were also filled also with sexual slurs and high jinks apparently to provide comic relief to the sailors and marines on board. >> two females in the shower? >> reporter: top navy officials weren't laughing. >> we must be held to higher standards of performance and conduct.
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>> reporter: honors is being replaced by captain dee mewbourne. who also graduated from the naval academy and flew attack fighters. he takes command of more than 4,400 and 50 planes and missiles and heavy guns. the "enterprise" sails for the middle east in two weeks. while honors has not responded publicly -- >> the type of person he is, he needs to be defended. >> reporter: lifelong friend and retired naval officer, pete clark, says honors is being scapegoated. >> up until now, he's had a spotless record, completely professional, operated in every type of environment, his crew loves him. >> reporter: captain honors may not be the only casualty. navy investigators are taking a hard look at the actions of other senior officers on board the "enterprise" when the tapes were made. >> those in charge of him and supervising his activities, what did they know and what action did they take. >> captain honors has been reassigned to administrative duties but the removal effectively ends his navy career
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and now many expect him to retire. bob orr, cbs news, washington. freezing temperatures forced the evacuation of nearly 60,000 people in southern china. drivers abandoned cars on ice covered roads. the ice and sleet collapsed roofs on more than 1,200 homes according to the government. it's estimated there is more than $200 million in overall economic loss. in northeast australia, those devastating floodwaters are expected to peak in some places today. weeks of heavy rain inundated an area the size of france and germany combined. parts of queensland are cut off from the rest of the country. at least ten people have been killed. tim collins reports from the scene. >> reporter: for the people across the sprawling northeastern corner of australia, the water just keeps coming. the town of rockhampton, population 70,000, is the latest casualty. rising tideles from the local fitzroy river submerged homes, streets and the runway to the local airport.
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authorities are busy evacuating remaining residents, with waters expected to surround and flood nearly half of rockhampton. >> all we can do is get people out who are prepared to get out and wish people who want to stay here the very best of luck. >> reporter: more heavy rain bands forecast over the next 24 hours is expected to make a bad situation even worse. >> we're expecting this potentially could be the second or third largest flood that this region has ever known. >> reporter: these floodwaters aren't only damaging, they're dangerous. hundreds of venomous snakes have been flushed into nearby flooded streets and back yards. and a close watch is also being kept on a local crocodile farm, which may come under threat as the waters keep rising. today over 200,000 people have been displaced in a region larger than the state of texas. most areas have been declared disaster zones. the long flooding is expected to cost australia's farming and mining industries more than $6 billion.
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the floodwaters will remain high over the next two weeks, and the economic and physical effects of one of australia's worst rainy seasons ever will be felt for months to come. tim collins for cbs news, rockhampton, australia. off the coast of southeast australia, a great white shark got a little too close to a fishing boat. >> holy -- >> holi -- >> the shark repeatedly circled and lunged at the boat, hitting the engine several times. after awhile the fishermen decided it was probably best to get out of there. just ahead on the "morning news," a rare piece of good news about taxes. plus it might be bad news for this cop, caught on tape beating a suspect. you're watching "cbs morning news." you're watching "cbs morning news."
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the singer, songwriter behind one of the world's most famous sax solos died. "baker street," the scotsman later enjoyed a resurgence when his 1972 steelers' will hit "stuck in the middle with you" was used in "reservoir dogs." jerry rafferty died tuesday. he was 63 years old, following a long illness. prosecutors say dr. conrad murray acted too slowly the day michael jackson died. jackson's mother, brother and sister listened to details of how dr. murray tried to revive the pop star. one witness testified that murray asked if anyone knew cpr. murray is charged with involuntary man slaughter in jackson's death in june of 2009. police in st. louis are investigating an officer for a
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beating caught on tape on new year's day. >> oh, my god. that guy told the cop to shut up, oh, my god. >> the officer working as a security guard hit the man with his baton and used pepper spray before taking him or taking him off those handcuffs. the police department called the video disturbing and said all the details of what happened are not known. the officer has been placed on administrative le limbed nearly 15%
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and chrysler sales were up 17% compared to 2009. taxpayers have an extra three days to file a return because april 15th falls on a local holiday in the district of columbia. the deadline has been pushed back to midnight monday april the 18th. the irs expects to process more than 140 billion returns this year. netflix is reaching for the remote. the company is working to get buttons installed on some blu-ray and tv remotes to allow users to bring up the streaming service and scroll through what's available. netflix has been spending money to try and move its customers online from its dvd by mail service. and finally, something to chew on for sushi lovers. they held the first tuna auction of the year in tokyo and a giant
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bluefin tuna, get this, weighing 754 pounds, was sold for a record $396,000. the fish was bought by a restaurant in tokyo, and a hong kong chain of restaurants, and that is one big fish, betty. >> that's a whole lot of sushi. ashley morrison, thank you for that. straight ahead your wednesday morning weather in and sports a dramatic finish to the sugar bowl in new orleans.r in sports a dramatic finish to the sugar bowl in new orleans.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, sunny, 37. miami, partly cloudy 77. chicago, snow, 33. and dallas a sunny 59. los angeles sunny 64.çó time now for a check of the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows clear skies from california through the central plains, while up north, two weak storm systems move through the region. later today lots of sun through the southwest. southeast has rain and storms building up from the gulf of mexico and lake-effect snow showers around western new york and pennsylvania. in sports, ohio state had to battle arkansas to win the sugar bowl game. terrelle pryor against the razorbacks. he passed for two touchdowns. thomas a huge interception as ohio state beat arkansas 31-26.
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in the nba, new york beat the best team in the league. wilson chandler of the knicks scored a season high 31 points against san antonio. new york got out to an early lead and cruised to a 128-115 win. the spurs have only lost five games this season. in miami, dwyane wade and the heat scored 34 points against milwaukee. the heat beat the bucks 101-89. miami has won 19 of their last 20 games. when we return another look at this morning's top stories. plus, you can be the nation's newest millionaire? a look at last night's drawing of the mega millions lottery. >> woman: i don't know what i did before gps. >> gps: turn left ahead. >> woman: actually, i got lost a lot. now i just follow the steps,
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none of us won the mega millions.. but someone did. what we're learning about the winners of the 355 million dollar prize. join us for cbs 5 early edition, on the "cbs morning news" here's a look at today's weather. rain is spreading through the southern plains and into the southeast. snow is going to continue to impact the great lakes again, and stormy weather is back in the northwest, with rain on the coast and snow in the mountains.
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here's another look at this morning's top stories. republicans will continue to control the house, or will control the house when the 112th congress convenes today. ohio's john boehner becomes the new speaker as the gop plans to try and undo president obama's agenda. and the commander of the aircraft carrier "enterprise" lost his job for producing and showing raunchy videos to the crew four years ago. now the investigation is focusing on why it took the navy so long to act. and we're learning this morning that at least two winning tickets in last night's mega millions lottery were sold, one in idaho, the other in washington state. the jackpot is worth $355 million. the winning numbers are 4, 8, 15, 25, 47, and the mega ball number 42. the prize is the fourth largest in u.s. history.
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john blackstone reports on mega millions mania. >> reporter: at lottery counters across much of the country, business is brisk with sales peaking at $240,000 worth of tickets a minute. the mega millions lottery, played in 41 states and the district of columbia has been growing and growing since early november. the odds against winning are as long as ever, almost 176 million to 1, but still there are winners. in 2007, cynthia stafford of los angeles won $112 million jackpot. >> that was the most surreal and exciting moment of my life. >> reporter: she went from struggling to starting her own film company. >> i'm still the same person. i just have more resources to do the things that i want to do. >> reporter: christopher shaw won $258 million last year. >> well at first you hope you're not going to die of a heart attack. >> my advice is to keep it
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quiet. i don't want you going to the news if you have a happy story. >> reporter: there are unhappy stories. abraham shakespeare won a $31 million jackpot in florida but was murdered in 2009. his financial adviser has been charged in the killing. still the lure of the life-changing jackpot is strong. >> i think i might go run out and put $1 on a ticket and cross our fingers. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. he didn't win the lottery but a homeless man in ohio has a bright future. he's featured in a video that's become an internet sensation, all because of his unbelievable voice. >> when you're listening to nothing but the best of oldies, you're listening to magic 98.9. thank you so much. god bless you. >> ted williams panhandles on an interstate with a handwritten sign advertising his god-given gift of a great voice. williams says he went to school for his voice but ran into trouble with alcohol and drugs.
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>> in oregon, a man found a quick way to rob a jewelry store on monday. he asked to see a gold necklace in the front display window. then he quickly jumped over the counter, ran over the back room and grabbed a box of loose diamonds. they were worth about $50,000. it's a new day for a texas man who spent three decades in jail for a crime that he did not commit. on tuesday his conviction was officially overturned after dna test results cleared him. don teague reports. >> reporter: it was a day 30 years overdue for 51-year-old cornelius dupree. >> you're free to go. thank you very much. >> reporter: dupree was officially declared innocent by a dallas judge. he was wrongly convicted of the 1979 robbery of a young couple
4:26 am
and accused of raping the woman at gunpoint. the female victim identified him from a photo lineup. he was convicted by an all white jury and sentenced to 75 years in prison. >> i really cannot believe that the system was like, you're innocent until proven guilty, but going through that process, i see it was just the opposite, that i was guilty until proven innocent. >> reporter: dupree appealed his conviction three times from prison and lost every time. he was repeatedly denied parole because he wouldn't admit to being a sex offender, refusing to admit to a crime everyone now knows he didn't commit. >> what the thing of it is, i never gave up hope. the hope is what kept me going. >> reporter: after enlisting the help of the innocence project, defense attorneys discovered authorities had preserved dna evidence from the rape. that evidence was tested and determined dupree was not involved. >> we know what went wrong here. it was bad identification procedures, and we know how to
4:27 am
fix it. we've got to learn something from these cases. otherwise, shame on all of us. >> reporter: the state of texas has had 41 dna-based exonerations since 2002, in large part because the district here made setting the innocent free a priority. >> we need to do something in the state of texas, in this country to make sure that this never happens again. >> reporter: for cornelius dupree, justice came too late to shorten his sentence. he was paroled last year. he has a new wife and a new life. >> what happened is in the past. in order for me to get my life together, i have to forgive. >> reporter: dupree could receive $2.4 million tax free from texas as compensation, and will now live not as an ex-con but as a comfortable, innocent man. don teague, cbs news, dallas. coming up a little bit later on the "early" show, live reports from capitol hill on the
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112th congress convening today and brand new details announced this morning of prince william and kate middleton's wedding and a week-long weight loss series continues. today, tips on recreating your favorite restaurant dishes at home in a healthier way. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm betty nguyen. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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