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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  January 6, 2011 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a murder investigation in oakland this morning just 24 hours after a bloody rampage. the pleaful help from police after this wave of violence. a call to action this morning for a gas pipeline operators across the country. how the san bruno explosion is leading to a nationwide alert. >> and it's another morning of cold temperatures fog showing up in the valleys. when it will clear, how warm will it get? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and those foggy conditions are also affecting your drive this morning. i'll tell you where we have a couple of fog advisory in just a few minutes. and good morning, everyone. it is thursday, the 6th day of january. thanks so much for joining us.
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i'm sydnie kohara. your time is 4:30. and topping our news, a murder investigation under way in west oakland after a shooting leaves one man dead. simon perez is in oakland, where police want help in solving that killing and a number of other recent shootings. good morning. reporter: the oakland police department didn't have much time after the holidays to get back to some serious work, last night investigating yet another in a string of shootings to kick off the new year. a little before 10 p.m., police officers found a man slumped behind the wheel of a car in west oakland near the intersection of 16th and center streets. he had been shot. police haven't released much information about who the victim is or why he may have been shot. and then on tuesday night, six people were shot in east oakland. investigators say at least two people with rifles fired into a crowd. bullets not only hit the people gathered in the street but also pierced houses in the area. in fact, one of the people wounded was in his own home watching tv. the other five people were in the street and they are men
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between the ages of 19 and 23. now, police say this neighborhood is known for drug dealing but investigators are still trying to figure out exactly why these shootings happened. >> we're lucky that no one was killed out there. there's a lot of fire power that was used in this shooting. more than one suspect did the shooting and they were using a rifle because we found rifle rounds out there on the scene. so they are very dangerous and we are going to need the public's help on this. >> reporter: oakland police call that neighborhood where the multiple shooting happen 33x. oakland mayor jean quan says that she really wants to try to beep up security in the neighborhood one way by improving communications between the people who live here and police investigators. >> a lot of people for fear of retribution don't want to say anything. >> reporter: it's the age-old problem that police investigators have. they try to follow up on crimes and nobody tells them anything. they can't get very far.
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>> thank you, simon perez in oakland. well, a number of police shootings in san francisco in the past month are raising questions about whether they were justified. tuesday officers opened fire in the south of market neighborhood after a man in a wheelchair stabbed a police officer. late last month, the man with a knife was shot and killed by police after a woman said she was stabbed. so what goes through the minds of cops when they are dealing with these life-threatening situations? we have an inside look at how police officers are trained. joe vazquez walked in their shoes yesterday and shows us what happens when they are forced to make those split second decisions on whether to open fire. get away! are you going to take his side? >> reporter: it happened so fast. watch this lady waving the knife around. >> calm down police, put the weapon down. >> reporter: in a split second she throws the knife at me. i could have been killed. okay, i didn't have time to do anything there. it's the real deal.
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there are no seconds. there are no do overs. >> reporter: at the san francisco police academy they trail officers for these real life scenarios. >> there's no benefit of hindsight. >> reporter: with a program called force options training, a video-based simulation that's serious business, life and death. >> it's not a game. it's training. this is training and this is going to prepare an officer when he is out on the street. >> i said put it down, let me see your hands. >> reporter: this guy is sitting in a movie theater one second and charging at me the next. okay, on that one, what they are saying is it could be justifiable force but i missed the guy. i fired several shots and completely missed him. today, san francisco police gave reporters a chance to see what it's like to be in their shoes following three officer- involved shootings in the city in the last month. mistakes were plenty. watch how my colleagues shoot this guy. well after he put his gun down and surrendered. police say they are doing this because they want the public to know how hard it is to make the right judgment during such
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chaos. even in the cases with your don't have to shoot. >> look at this. >> reporter: glasses completely fogged up. heart beating fast. my final scenario a teenager at the mall gets out of his cuffs, takes the officer's gun and starts shooting. i was shot in both my legs but i still managed to get off a few rounds and may have hit some passers by. i struggle to explain my actions which highlights the problems with how news reporters handle this situation. i fired several shots at him. >> handcuffs in the back. any problem with that? >> i would not report it that way. >> reporter: here's hoping i wouldn't. joe vazquez, cbs 5. >> 4:35. federal officials have issued a nationwide bulletin on gas pipeline safety nearly four months after an explosion and fire in san bruno. the pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration found pg&e had inaccurate
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records about the pipeline that exploded last september. and there are now questions about pg&e's inspection techniques and whether the pipeline's maximum pressure was set too high. the bulletin urges all natural gas pipeline operators to check their records and reduce pressure on lines if those records are in question. meantime, the lawsuits against pg&e just keep piling up in connection with the san bruno disaster. the daily journal says seven new suits were filed against the san francisco-based utility in the two weeks ending december 22. the lawsuits accuse pg&e of negligence and nuisance among other things. the city of san bruno still trying to figure out how to distribute $395,000 that people donated to help survivors of the explosion. the vice mayor and the city council member are defending the slow process. they say it's important to find out what pg&e and home owners' insurance will pay for so the
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donated money can focus on needs that aren't being met. but that explanation was not enough for some neighbors. >> these people have been suffering since september. come on! i mean, you know, i don't think that's right and it's -- and i don't think that city hall has done the right thing. i'm really ashamed of them. >> there are things like this that people need money immediately. you're jerking us around. >> city leaders promise they will make a decision soon, perhaps as early as tuesday. the federal emergency management agency plans to move its regional headquarters out of oakland because of concerns about earthquakes. the "sacramento bee" says fema has been searching for offices in sacramento for more than a year. because the current oakland location is near a fault line, there are concerns that damage to fema offices could hinder the agency's response to an
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earthquake. well, it is 4:37. another chilly morning so let's get a quick look at weather and traffic before you head out the door. lawrence is in for tracy. lawrence, good morning. >> good morning. frosty start to the day in parts of the valleys again. you're looking at below freezing temperatures right now in santa rosa a 31. 34 in the napa valley with dense fog. a repeat from yesterday. be careful traveling early on in the valleys. inside the bay not so bad, chilly 30s and 40s. the valley fog will be the main concern. but then things are going to begin it change as we head in toward the middle of the afternoon. we'll see more sunshine showing up around the bay area and temperatures, hey, we might just spike into the low 60s in parts of the bay area. you can see lots of sunshine just a couple clouds. otherwise high and dry for the next few days. it looks like that's going to be true right into the weekend. so we are looking good just a cold start to the day and some dense fog. let's check traffic are elizabeth. >> turns lawrence. yeah, fog affecting the morning commute. from you traveling across the
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benicia bridge, we do have a fog advisory. chp issued this early this morning on south- and northbound 680 between benicia and martinez. so yeah, watch out for low visibility there as well as stretches of highway 4. there was an accident near cummings skyway and they issued a fog advisory for that stretch. the accident is now cleared and the cummings skyway on-ramp has re-opened. it was shut down for a while. we are getting reports of flooding in the macarthur maze westbound 580 the ramp to eastbound 80 so watch out for that. chp obscene now. if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza traffic is nice and light. never saw huge backups yesterday which is good. the metering lights were turned on at 6:30 but it never got backed up even though they remained on. travel up the incline no problems. there is roadwork near 880-92 interchange. ongoing roadwork should wrap up
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by 5:00. once you get on the san mateo bridge it looks great across the span. westbound 92 in the commute direction light, 13 minutes between hayward and foster city. back to you. >> thank you. it's the gift that no one wants. gift cards that don't work. so how to tell if you have a dud. plus, a health insurance shocker! the major rate increase in store for thousands of us. and the company formally known as starbucks, what's behind the new logo makeover. ,,
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cold temperatures this morning. fog in the valleys. sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures up in the 50s and 60s. just how long that will last coming up. thank you. 4:42. republicans getting down to business now that they are in the majority in the house of representatives. on their first day under new
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speaker john boehner they pushed through a series of rules to change the way bills are introduced and financed. today they are expected to cut funding for lawmakers' offices and staff by 5%. they also plan to have volunteers read the u.s. constitution. there is hope for good news in the december employment report that comes from the labor department tomorrow. the private payroll firm adp, automatic data process, says the private sector created nearly 300,000 jobs last month. that's three times the number of jobs economists had expected. later this morning, we'll be getting the labor department's report on last week's initial jobless claims. and also this morning, a look at how well america's stores did last month. here's cbsmoneywatch reporter alexis christoforous. reporter: today, we find out if holiday shoppers really did spend more this season. major retailers report their december sales figures and they are expected to show a rise between 3 and 4% compared to a year ago. nearly every retail sector posted increases from
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essentials such as food and auto repairs to luxury goods and jewelry. on wall street, stocks got a lift on news that private companies added 297,000 jobs last month. the dow rose 31 points, nasdaq up nearly 21. the on star safety system is branching out. the service which is currently only offered in general motors cars and trucks will be available for vehicles made by other auto companies come this spring. to get onstar, customers will need to buy a special rear view mirror for about $300 and then pay a monthly fee that starts a 18.95. the mirror senses a crash and a call for help. starbucks is giving the logo a physical lift dropping its name and the word coffee and circling the siren figure and giving her a few subtle updates. the world's largest coffee company says its brand has become so widely recognized it no longer needs the name. the wordless logo is better suited to the company's expansion beyond could have
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feature the the new logo will appear in stores in march. and that's your moneywatch. for the latest business headlines, just head to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. you could recognize that logo anywhere. 4:45. imagine walking up to a store counter only to find that your gift card doesn't work. >> it's kind of embarrassing. they said they are inactive or invalid. >> the cause behind this gift card glitch and what to do if you get one. >> plus, problems with the iphone alarm clock made a lot of us late but it cost one woman her job. what she is now demanding from steve jobs. ,,,,,,
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nebraska high a student and a vice principal are dead after a shooting at a nebraska high school. assistant principal vicki caspers died last night at the hospital. just hours before police say a student, 17-year-old robert butler shot her and the
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school's principal and then turned the gun on himself. right now the school's principal is in serious but stable condition. researchers in london have found that the first study linking autism to a childhood vaccine is a fraud. it's bogus. the 1998 study suggests that the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine is connected to autism. new research reveals that information was doctored. police researchers compared the diagnoses to hospital records and found that facts about patients had been altered. blue shield of california planning another round of rate hikes for its health insurance customers. if approved by state regulators, the march 1 increase would be the third in a five-month span. for almost 200,000 blue shield policyholders, it would mean an average cumulative increase of more than 30% since october. state insurance commissioner dave jones can only block such increases under a narrow set of criteria. all right. folks, you just getting up,
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another chilly start to the day outside. we have some cold temperatures, in the freezer now in santa rosa, 31. 34 in the napa valley, 36 vallejo, 38 fairfield. watch out, we have dense fog being reported in some interior valleys. inside the bay not too bad, still colder temperatures there, 30s and 40s. but as we head toward the afternoon, a lot of sunshine coming our way. if you going out the door now, another cold start to the day a weather repeat to what we have see over the past few days. dense fog advisories at the carquinez strait and through the delta so be careful through the sacramento valley. this afternoon though we should see lots of sunshine again and the temperatures up in the 50s and low 60s in the warmest spots due to high pressure. so that ridge continues to sit over head and is bringing lots of sunshine to the bay area. southern california though you got this system spinning around maybe some showers coming in their direction but we'll stay high and dry so with that in mind, i think yeah continued dry weather across much of the northern
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half of california including the bay area. looks like the jet stream will stay well to the north for some time. maybe things change next week. still, high country looking great. lots of great skiing conditions up there. 30s and 40s for highs. overnight lows in the single digits as we head in toward friday but still, a lot of power to ski on up there in the high country. numbers looking like this. plan on 60 in san jose, 59 and mostly sunny in toward morgan hill. 59 in palo alto. and about 58 degrees in fremont. east bay temperatures a little cooler in spots especially inland where you get patchy fog early on. it will take some time to break up and you have cool air in place. so plan on low 50s towards antioch and brentwood. 58 san leandro, 59 hayward. how about the north bay? well, in san rafael you get those winds that bring that cool air back from the central valley. that will keep the temperatures down there in the low 50s but santa rosa about 59. so nearly 60 in the afternoon. i think the weather will hold
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as we look toward tomorrow. looking pretty good. going to see very similar conditions starting out a bit chilly. in the afternoon lots of sunshine, just a couple clouds moving through over the weekend, as well. but staying dry through the weekend maybe some showers return next tuesday. wers it's time for a traffic check with elizabeth. >> that's right. what time is it now? it is 4:50. all right. already. i know. we got an accident in san jose a one-car solo crash southbound 680 right before the 280 interchange. chp heading to the scene. we don't know about blocked lanes but we are not seeing slowing on the sensor and it seems like a clear ride through downtown san jose. traffic is light. couple of headlights northbound 280 right before the 880 interchange. but clocking the drive all along the peninsula, 101 and 280 both move well as you head into san francisco. here's a live look northbound 101 near lagoon way. you can see the traffic is flowing fine if you are heading into downtown. we have a couple of fog advisories one for the benici
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bridge. we have one near cummings skyway if you are commuting through highway 4. we had a couple of accidents along that stretch. and for a while a couple of on- ramps including port chicago highway were actually shut down. everything is re-opened. but still, foggy conditions along that stretch. of highway 4. bay bridge toll plaza no problems no metering lights. mass transit is on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. muni may have money troubles but the agency is still shelling out $829,000 for two new ticket kiosks. one is already set up at the corner of geary and presidio. the other one will be installed later this month at market and powell. the transit agency says the
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funds came from regional and federal grants that were earmarked solely for this project. no worries. muni says there are no more plans to buy any of those kiosks anytime soon. well, imagine having your credit card rejected at the register. worse yet, imagine giving someone a gift card that's actually worthless. that's what we uncovered after hearing from a number of people who gave or received holiday gift cards that just don't work. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains how to tell if you have one of those no good cards. >> yeah, they kind of accused me of stealing saying that i already used the $500 gift cards and i'm just trying to go back to get a refund. >> reporter: and that was the second time cynthia was publicly embarrassed after buying these best buy gift cards for her boyfriend at lucky supermarket. the first time was when she went with him to redeem the cards for a new tv. >> kind of embarrassing. they said they are inactive or invalid and to go back to the supermarket where i bought them. >> reporter: dave was also embarrassed but not by a store
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clerk, by his employees when they told him their christmas gift didn't work. >> two of them went through their supervisortell me. >> reporter: two best buy, one starbucks but in his case they were purchased at safeway which owns the company blackhawk that manufactures the cards. safeway told him to submit a claim and fax the receipts. >> they said they were really backed up. they had thousands of these claims this year. >> reporter: that's when he called cbs 5 and we began investigating. we have come across at least 11 invalid starbucks or best buy gift cards all purchased at safeway or lucky. representatives from lucky tell us they had no idea there was a problem with the cards but safeway says they know exactly what's going on, turns out the problem is in the packaging. in a statement to consumerwatch, they said, we sincerely apologize to any customer who experienced a problem with these particular gift cards. over the past year, due to a concern over possible tampering and fraud, card vendors have changed their packaging to better protect all consumers. unfortunately, the cards purchased in this situation were part of an older inventory
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with older packaging. >> reporter: after hearing about dave, a safeway representative personally delivered him new gift cards along with a batch of cookies. >> i just want a refund. >> reporter: and that's exactly what she got. late this afternoon, lucky called to apologize and offered her money back. lucky says they are now clearing their shelves of all the best buy and starbucks cards and safeway, which owns the company that manufactures the cards, says they will reimburse compromised cards from either store. but how do you know if you have one? first, look at the packaging. if there is a window that allows you to see the number, your card could be compromised. this time last year, a crime ring began stealing those numbers. the next step is to find out if the card works either in store or online. if it doesn't, we put a link on our website to blackhawk and they will reimburse you for the compromised card. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. the iphone alarm glitch that left many people sleeping into the new year lost one
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woman her job. she worked as a waitress in somerville, massachusetts. after working late new year's eve, she went home to catch a few hours of shut-eye before her next shift. she set her alarm on her iphone but it never went off. garvey got to work 40 minutes late thinking it was all her fault. >> told that i -- they had to let me go. i cried. i cried a lot. i mean, i just figured i did something to mess up my alarm clock. >> well, the next day when apple announced this alarm glitch, garvey realized that she wasn't the one that messed up. she has since written a letter to the head of apple. garvey says all she wants is an apology from steve jobs. could we see a repeat of the gulf oil spill disaster? the warning this morning from federal investigators. plus... >> i'm simon perez live in oakland. six days into the new year, more than that many people shot. and in addition to the empty lots here in san bruno,
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more of the aftermath in the form of fights over donated money and more lawsuits. the latest coming up. and foggy conditions still impacting your drive across parts of the bay area. plus, a member of the kcbs phone force just letting us know about a new accident in the altamont pass. details after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a man is murdered in oakland just 24 hours after a bloody shooting rampage. the plea for help from police this morning. and safety concerns from the brown is explosion lead to a nationwide alert but federal investigators urge all gas pipeline operators to do. >> patchy fog, chilly start to the day, lots of sunshine coming our way. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> and that fog impacting your morning drive. we have a couple of fog advisories to tell you about plus a new acciden accidentin the altamont pass. >> good morning. it is thursday, january 6. i'm


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