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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 7, 2011 2:35am-3:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." what are you gonna do if your child gets picked? if it's pay or you're going to pay. >> get ready to pay even more money. who will feel the pain the most thanks to blue shield's latest fee hike. growing pains that left a lot of trash out in the cold. what was rotten in san ha tee oh. what is happening inside the fourth bore of the cole dye cot tunnel. >> hi money. mommy. >> from panhandling on the
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street to an overnight sensation. the moment years in 2 making. the third rate hike in five months and for some it adds up to a 50% increase. tonight blue shield of california is facing pressure from the state insurance commissioner to delay the rate hike but as grace lee shows us there's only so much the commissioner can do. grace. >> reporter: ken, that's right. as for dave jones the current insurance commissioner he can control excessive rate hikes for car and home insurance but not for health insurance. he is asking the state legislature to change that. but for the killer be family in menlo park patrick laid off two years ago as a computer programmer, his wife a part- time school teacher, the rate hike is the last thing they needed. >> yeah, i'm very angry, they are not asking, they are demanding. >> reporter: another health insurance rate hike. that's the last thing that patrick expected from blue shield of california. but he just got a letter that says he'll have to pay more in march. >> i have to chart it because
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it's going up exponentially and in a couple years we won't be able to pay. >> reporter: according to his drawings calculations premiums from his family of four have gone up 73% in the past year. a year ago he paid $447 a month and in march he'll pay a whopping 777. he is not alone. this could affect nearly 200,000 people in california. >> doctors, hospitals and health insurers are in cahoots to raise prices as high as possible because they have every incentive to charge as much as possible until government stops them. >> reporter: the newly sworn in california insurance commissioner dave jones says he wants the power to control health insurance rates. >> i'd like to have that authority for health insurance and i'm asking the legislature to give me that authority so i can address situations like the one here. >> reporter: until that happens commissioner jones has asked for a 60-day review. but that may not be soon enough for the family. even if the rates drop he says he cannot afford for anyone in his family to get ill or hurt
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with an $8,000 deductible. >> that's exactly it. what are you going to do if your child gets sick? if it's pay or die you're gonna pay so you're gonna be bankrupt if your kids get sick. >> reporter: the commissioner of california released a statement saying our individual market medical costs are rising rapidly due to rising cost and health utilization and people dropping coverage during the bad economy. they say they still expect to pay tens of millions more dollars -- to lose tens of millions dollars for this rate hike. as for the delay they asked for blue shield had no comment to make as to whether they would cooperate with that. >> grace lee with the latest from san francisco, thank you great. we have some numbers going the other way. it is cold tonight. let's check in with brian hackney in for roberta. >> dana cold last night. colder tonight. santa rosa set a record last night, broke a 2000 record.
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3 degrees cool they are hour than it was last night at santa rosa where they are reporting fog and diminished visibility. we do expect widespread dense fog throughout much of the north and the east bay by sunrise tomorrow. and by sunrise tomorrow, as you'll head to work, it's going to be a cold start. temperatures inland will be in the upper 30s, maybe as low as 29 degrees. that at least raises the possibility of black ice in some of the wind-protected valleys in the east bay and north bay. but as the day goes on we'll have sunshine breaking out, looks like it will be high and dry, it will remain dry, not forever. we've got more rain coming into the bay area, we'll tell you when when we have a complete forecast minutes from now. dana? >> we'll look forward to that. frustrating, unorganized and a lot of wasting. that's how people on the peninsula are describing their new garbage collection. a new company has taken over and many are not happy about the service. joe vasquez on the problems
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some are complaining about. joe? >> dana, there are a range of issues and the more extreme cases they haven't picked up the trash in a few days. in other cases they are adjusting to everything from new schedules to new kinds of bins. the cory cole gee says yes they are working out the kinks after justac inquiring 92,000 more customers along 10 cities here in the peninsula tom march tell a can't seem to get hits garbage picked up properly. >> frustrating. see how narrow it is down there. >> reporter: he says a lot stays there because of the design of the bin and the automated garbage truck doesn't finish job. >> the arm comes, picks up the garbage, flips it upside down. >> reporter: but it didn't dump all the garbage. >> didn't dump all the garbage. >> reporter: he is one of a myriad of people. recology began service monday
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taking over from allied waste. >> any time a major transition of garbage service happens there are bound to be growing pains. >> spokesman albert bernie says they have been preparing for this transition for seven years. >> 97% of the garbage pick up has been on time. no problems. >> but that 3% amounts to hundreds of people. he says there are several things going on at once. 92,000 new customers mean there are new routes and pick up schedules. and he said the old company didn't pass along all the information about special preferences on the part of homeowners. >> for example if you had back yard service we wouldn't know that unless it was in the file. >> reporter: recology says they have hired more staff, they are collecting more information, and they are asking folks to be patient. meanwhile, the stack of problems like the garbage, collects. >> we have been waiting on our new cans for over three, four days now, they picked up garbage about 6:00 p.m. tonight, typically they pick up you know before 10:00 a.m. so it seems a little
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unorganized at the moment. >> reporter: the folks at recology say it's part of the transition, they say they will be able to fix these problems soon, there's some pressure on them to do that because, as it tush out, within the next few months all of these new customer will be experiencing some kind of rate hike, it varies by jurisdiction. some the average will be 15% but some will h experience a 40% rate hike. >> geez. everybody is getting paid. all right. joe vasquez, thank you. >> okay. police in know vat oh want people who live in their town to hear this message. gang activity is on the rise. the city's police chief along with the city manager issued a three piece public letter to residents. it describes the growth of gang populations in the north bay, this all comes two days after two men were shot in a know vat oh safeway parking lot. they say they are not just seeing rival gangs fighting but subsets within gangs at war with each other. >> we have not experienced in
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the past. it's causing us concern, a wake up for the community. >> they did make an arrest of alexander coil. they say they are still looking for more suspects. >> in other bay area headlines tonight a dog was found shot to death late this afternoon in hayward. the carcass covered ear with black tarp was found at the corner of tennyson road and dixon street. near the hay wood bart station. the reason for the shooting and whoever did it are not yet known. the party could be over at a popular san jose night club for scenes like this. city leaders have pulled club west entertainment license for 30 days. that means no disk jockey, no dancing. they say the club has a history of refusing to report violent incidents to police. city leaders hope to close that club permanently. the court hearing is set for later this month. valencia street is giving
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the green light to cyclist, if you're riding your bike at 13 miles per hour you're gonna hit all green lights. it's called the green wave. signals between 16-t and 21st streets are timed. the transportation agency says san francisco is the first to provide a green wave that goes in both directions on the same street. amsterdam and copenhagen have 1- way systems. an influential study that led a wave of parents to a void getting their kids vaccinated is being called an elaborate fraud. the british medical journal investigated the report linking autism to the multiple schlerosis, measles and rue bella vaccine, they found that medical facts about the children in the study were altered. five of the 12 kids had previously documented develop opment al problems before they were ever vaccinated. today the author of that study was defending his findings. >> the most damming evidence of all that perhaps these numbers, the dates were all fabricated
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to sort of make a case. did you have some sort of preconceived notion of a link between the vaccine mmr and autism before you conducted this study? >> absolutely not. doctor gupta, please, i urge you go and reed my book. you will understand it. many people don't. the parents understand it. they get it because they lived it. okay? and the claims to whether the vaccine caused their children harm or not came from the parents, not me. i didn't have a preconceived notion about this at all. >> last year mr. wakefield lost his license to practice in britain and the medical journal, the lab set, which originally published the study has since retracted it. the bay area's largest cop particular church has beefed up security on one of its holiest nights following mid-east tractor attacks. at the orthodox church in hayward a check point has been setup to screen everyone from midnight mass unfamiliar faces
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need to show id. the alameda county sheriff's office has increased patrols in the action. it is all in response to threats against cop particulars worldwide after a bombing of a church in egypt that killed 21 people. >> that's the times we're living in right now, unfortunately. but it's very important for one to be careful. >> the bay area is home to 5 cop particular churches serving several thousand families. nearly all in the cop particular faith in california are egyptian. we have told you about four loko? well, it's back. sort of. why that high-tech poured energy drink could soon be found closer to home. >> that's the one thing that i am looking forward to. >> he has gone from down and out to sitting on top of the worldwide web. what the so-called golden voice wanted that took 20 years to deliver. >> and they are finding some
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pretty incredible things in the not caldicott tunnel dig. ,,,,,,
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and other drinks with alcohol and caffeine are being they have already been pulled from store shelves. now, four loko and other drinks with alcohol and caffeine are being used to make ethanol, the gasoline add eyetive. a virginia company plans to take about 400,000 cases of this stuff. the crews will distill the alcohol and sell the fuel to be blended into gas. wholesalers started sending the product to the environmental services company after the fda
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announced a crackdown on the sale of caffeine-laced alcohol drinks in november. a few weeks ago he was homeless. now he is an internet sensation with a long list of job overs offers. but there is something that ted williams wanted more than a steady paycheck and, today, he got it. seth doan shows us. >> reporter: when you're listening to nothing but the best of ole december. >> this casual moment captured between panhandler and passing motorist has turned ted williams from a homeless man with that golden voice to a national sensation. >> first of all congratulations. >> reporter: since monday he has gotten more than 13 million hits on youtube and job offers including one with the cleveland cavaliers. talk of movie deals, new homes, and trips to hawaii. but, for ted, there's one opportunity that tops them all. >> that's the one thing that i'm looking forward to is coming to new york city to see my mom. after 20 years.
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>> god has answered my players. i prayed for the time when he would do well. >> hi mom. where is my mom. hi mommy. hi mommy. a reunion in front of cameras for the early show. >> reporter: he was proud to tell his mom he finally got a job. >> i just did a commercial for craft. i'm the official voice for craft macaroni and cheese. >> reporter: he still couldn't resist playing announcer. >> i said craft macaroni an cheese dinner made with da da data. >> reporter: fame has also brought focus on his criminal and checkered past. felonies from theft to forgery toes escaping a facility. raising questions to what all the attention might do to a man who says he has fathered 9 children and battled drugs and alcohol.
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>> i'm about choked. i get too emotional at this point, being a recovering alcoholic like i am. >> joaquin county now that his life has gone viral they are hoping this man with the golden voice doesn't below a golden opportunity. seth doan, cbs news, new york. that craft commercial featuring williams' voice will air this sunday on espn during the craft fight hunger bowl. that game between boston college and nevada will be played at at&t park. >> fantastic story. comes out of nowhere. >> with a beautiful voice. >> hope for the best for him. >> pray for him. brian hackney is hoping for the best weather-wise. >> we head out to 2.6 acres of union square, named because that's where they used to hold rallies for the union side in the civil war. did you know that? i didn't until i looked it up. here is how it looks in fairbanks alaska, 12 degrees right now in fairbanks where it is, what, about 17 minutes
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after 10:00 there. forecast high 1 below for tomorrow afternoon. you think this is bad, 29 degrees for tomorrow in santa rosa, 32 trees in livermore. here is how it looked this afternoon, here is why it's cold. we push into this map over california. san francisco right here, you can see all the fog and the low clouds out in the central valley being pulled out through the golden gate so you get the refrigerated air sitting over the central valley, yanked towards the shoreline with an offshore flow so that cold air exacting toward the coast. a fancy way of saying it's moving out our way. that's going to switch, change from an offshore flow to an onshore flow so that will keep the fog in the central valley where it blocks. back in the central valley more sun tomorrow, the fog, we'll have it tomorrow, won't be as extensive, it will clear up sooner, even in the north and east bay we'll get more sun, stay with a white forecast. temperatures will be mostly in
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the 50s and it's going to be high and dry for a while. and, then, things change as we begin to get into the early part of next week with the next chance of rain coming into the bay area on tuesday. between now and then, high and try, it will still be cold at night. >> yeah. >> okay. >> but better than i las ca. >> significantly, yeah. >> 1 below is the high. >> the high for tomorrow. >> ow ow ow. >> stay in your igloo. >> i don't. >> thank you very much brian. we'll take you ,,,, [ indistinct conversations ]
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wants to know: well the new caldecott tunnel dig was off limits completely until now. james per inwanted to know what's goin' on with the fourth bore project. how is it progressing? that's tonight's good question. the story you'll only see on cbs5. they have been going at it non- stop 24/7 for five months now and for the -- fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel taking shape. >> tunneling is a very slow and distribute process. we have been working all night all day almost every day and we're about 600, 700 feet into the mountain now. >> caltrans spokesman jeff wise says the work has been going well. noisy, muddy and wet inside but
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they are on schedule. despite running into a few strange roadblocks. >> there's been a lot of interesting things that have occurred on the project. they are finding lots of fossils, over 500 specimens, they have actually struck oil, they had a big petroleum deposit, not enough to make money but enough to cause the tunnel to smell like oil. >> the tunnel will be about 2/3 of a mile long and have a slight right curve when it's finished. >> it's not straight and it's actually going downhill from the eastside. which is a bit of a challenge because the water from the crosse-hatch flows to the front of the tunnel but they sided early on it was easier to tunnel from the eastside first and then start on the west side. >> he says that tunneling for the west end will begin in a few short weeks. when the two sides meet they will begin excavating down another 16 feet. >> it looks big but it's going to be much bigger than this. that is just the top half.
2:02 am
they tunnel from the top, do the top half first, then come back and do what is called the bench, the bottom half. >> half the $420 million to build the tunnel project is coming directly from federal stimulus money. they expect traffic to be flowing by the fall of 2013. . >> everyone will be partying that day. especially the motorists, they will be really happy. >> go to, click on the i con to send me your good question. >> the one thing we know about jim harbaugh, he is gonna get paid. back up the brinks truck, who is in, who ,,
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national television... it may not include the words i'm going to take my talents to south beach... if jim harbaugh announces his decision on national television it may not include the words "i'm going to take my talents to south beach." dolphins owner stephen ross interviewed harbaugh and left the bay area for southern california where harbaugh's agent is based. ross flu back to fort lauderdale late tonight being reported that the dolphins have now decided to keep current head coach tony sparano. so is stanford the frontrunner now that andrew luck has decided to pass on the nfl draft and return to the farm for another season? he also met with stanford officials today and the cardinal reportedly upped their offer. the 'niners and broncos may be still in the running. they have been outscored 9-4 during the last two meetings with the buffalo sabres.
2:06 am
ryane clowe, if you can't beat 'em on the scoreboard use your fifth, the sharks are shutout for the sixth time this season. gary take on second half matthew dellavedova dishes to rod jones, 20. >> quite the trio here at landry field. they watch the cardinal defense go to work on arizona state, they finish with the nice 1- hand slam. then it's owens again, this time he uses both hands, stanford wins 55-41, the fewest points the sun defendants have scored at home in 36 years. final second with the bears down to arizona. allen crab draws the foul.
2:07 am
he would make the first three free throws and then he misses the second so he end up losing. bend your knees 73-51. on the standard side, 33-point win over california and cal wins it. edgar renteria is passing on his mvp signing a 3 year million dollars contract with the cincinnati reds. don't check your teammate. the flyers beat the devils, number 3, danika patrick's bowl game. austin dechene, no relation to bobby boucher, connects with chris gibbons, miami of ohio beats middle tennessee. hugh robertson with the alley- oop jam. the wildcats, however, win. and at number 1 the pga tour opener or the one without tiger the one land on the green and
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you guessed it rolls in the hole for eagles. he is tied for the league at 7 under so -- >> do you think that jim harbaugh and andrew luck are hanging out talking national championship next year. >> if he stays he gets to further develop a great quarterback. >> oh stop that. it's about money and who is gonna pay it. whether he wants to move his kids and that. >> he is paid well now. >> he is well compensated that's for sure. >> we will see. >> you know, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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