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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  January 9, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. the guy had a semiautomatic pistol. he went in. he just started firing. >> people call 911 following a shooting of a united states congresswoman, how they describe the chaotic scene and today charges brought against the 22-year-old man accused of shooting congresswoman gifford, what police are now saying about the man they characterize as a person of interest. and in a surprise move san francisco takes police chief's george gas cone to visit the new -- gascon to the new district attorney. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. flags are flying at half staff today. gabrielle giffords remains in critical condition tonight after being shot in the head at
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a meet and greet in tucson yesterday, but she is responding to simple commands. congresswoman giffords. karen brown has the latest from n. federal prosecutors say they filed charges against the man accused of shooting 20 people including congresswoman giffords. >> reporter: folks continue to come to the hospital to show their support for the victims that are recovering here and we are learning more about the shooter today. the sheriff is telling us about a 61-year-old woman who had already been shot when she tried to wrestle the gun from the suspect before he had the chance to reload. >> 911, what is the emergency? >> a person shooting. >> reporter: anguished screams on a 911 call capture the chaos at a gunman opened fire at a town hall meeting held by representative gabrielle giffords. >> we need more than one ambulance. there's more than one person down. >> reporter: mourners continue to pile flowers, signs, candles and stuffed animals in front of
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the tucson hospital where many of those injured in the shooting are recovering. congresswoman giffords remains in intensive care on a ventilator, but doctors are encouraged by her ability to follow simple commands. >> when you get shot in the head and the bullet goes through your brain, the chances of your living are very small. >> reporter: the gunman identified as 22-year-old jared loughner was charged today with five federal crimes including attempted assassination of a congress person and two counts of first degree murder. a second man who police had called a person of interest was cleared today after it was determined he was the cab driver who drove loughner to the grocery store where the town hall meeting was taking place. investigators searched the suburban tucson home where loughner lived with his parents. inside a safe they found a letter congresswoman giffords sent loughner back in 2007 thanking him for attending an event. they also discovered an envelope apparently signed by loughner that had the phrases i planned ahead, my assassination and giffords on it.
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members of a tucson congregation began moderning 9- year-old christina taylor grin greene -- mourning 9-year-old christina taylor green who was killed in the attack. >> i don't know what my son's going to do without his best friend. >> reporter: loughner will make his first court appearance tomorrow in phoenix. investigators are now pouring over the suspect's computer in hopes of trying to determine a motive and the director of the fbi says he hasn't ruled out filing more charges in the future under the domestic terrorism laws. reporting live in tucson i'm karen vano. back to you. >> loughner lives with his parents. have we heard from them? have investigators said whether or not they'll question them? >> reporter: you know what, when i was out there today, i did knock on the door to try to speak to them because that family has to be hurting as well, right? and they did not answer. they were in the backyard. they would not come to the gate. i spoke to neighbors and they
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said that they're really sort of reclusive, keep to themselves. we are told that the parents are cooperating with investigators. of course, their home was searched last night. that's what we can tell you about the loughner family at this point. >> thank you. representative giffords remains heavily sedated to let her brain rest from surgery, but doctors are encouraged by her responsiveness. y it will take weeks to months to learn the level o damage giffords mi >> the things that are most concerning to us are if the bullet crosses from one hemisphere to the other, one side to the sorry, if the bullet crosses through the geometric center of the brain and i'm happy to say that those were not the case in this instance and because of that, congresswoman giffords is able to communicate with us this morning through following simple commands. >> doctors say it will take weeks to months to learn the level of brain damage giffords might suffer. well, president obama is calling for a nationwide moment of silence at 11:00 tomorrow morning for the victims of the
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shooting in arizona. members of congress talked about yesterday's tragedy. we have their reaction. saturday's shootings in tuscon >> reporter: flags flew at half staff in washington d.c. as friends and colleagues of congresswoman gabrielle giffords tried to come to terms with saturday's shootings in tucson. >> by every indication -- i'm sorry. by every indication the fighter that gabby giffords is is showing full strength. >> reporter: lawmakers appeared on sunday's political talk shows where the conversations quickly turned to motive. >> i talked to mark kelly, gabby's husband, who is an astronaut. very angry, very angry about the level of angry rhetoric that he believes incites people. >> reporter: but it's still unclear what exactly motivated the suspected shooter, 22-year- old jared loughner. several lawmakers coug the incident may not have had anything to do with politics or partisan debate. >> sometimes statements are made that are dialed back later
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because it turns out that the motive wasn't what people assumed and so i think we'll have to be careful there. >> reporter: house republican as have suspended this week's votes for now including a controversial one to repeal president obama's healthcare law. >> we need to make sure that we are responding appropriately to that tragedy before we get involved in the legislative business of congress. >> reporter: but members of congress may also have to deal with another issue, their own security. >> certainly this is the kind of senseless thing that leaves everyone aghast and wondering why. >> reporter: this week they will review security procedures used when meeting their constituents in person at events like the one in tucson where representative giffords was shot. possibly related crimes. and a violent weekend in san jose after three men were killed and two men were found dead from gunshot wounds last night in a mexicali club north
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13 and heading. a third shooting victim was found outside the club and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. another gunshot victim was found a few blocks way and police think his death may be related to the nightclub shooting. >> a witness called police to report a person down in a black suv vehicle. the officers responded and located a male, hispanic in his 30s. he was pronounced dead inside the vehicle. was gang related. >> police are trying to determine a motive in the shooting and say they don't know yet if it was gang related. altercat francisco and two men are recovering from stab wounds tonight after an altercation at a san francisco nightclub. they found the victims early this morning in front of the temple nightclub on howard street. the extent of their injuries not known and police are looking for three suspects. another stabbing outside a san francisco nightclub, this one early saturday morning near fourth and brannan streets. the male victim is expected to survive and a suspect has been
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arrested in that case. in mountain mountain view a woman was attacked while walking -- mountain view a woman was attacked while walking down the street last night. she was near stanford avenue when men grabbed her, grabbed her to a nearby dirt lot. the attacker repeatedly punched her in the face and ran off when she screamed for help. neighbors say they have suggested to police the need pore more lights in the area. for more lights in the area. >> this street usually at nighttime it's really dark, so i suggest they put like a street like here. you can't see anything in the nighttime, so it's really dangerous. >> the woman was treated for minor injuries and allowed to go home. the attack's motive not known. anyone who may have seen someone is urged to call mountain view police. it's expected to be ugly. she's only been police chief for a year and a half -- he's only been mischief for a year and a half, but now george gascon is the new city attorney. i'll have a live report coming
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he had one last surprise up his slee pppointed before san francisco mayor gavin newsom leaves office tomorrow it he had one last surprise up his sleeve. today he appointed police chief george gascon as district attorney to replace kamala harris. linda yee is in san francisco to explain how he decided on gascon. >> reporter: it was a big surprise not only to george gascon but even the mayor himself. he said as of late yesterday afternoon he was thinking about six or seven other possible candidates, not his police chief. >> congratulations. >> reporter: 24 hours ago his name wasn't even being considered. the mayor had only called the now former police chief to his office for some advice on who
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the next d.a. should be. >> as i was listening to him, it became clear to me that he was the choice. >> reporter: within three hours george gascon said he send the job because he believes he can still work for public safety. >> we're going to have to figure out ways to bring the criminal justice together in a different manner than we have had in the past. and i believe that i can offer something to this role that will be somewhat unique and having the understanding of policing and the career that has been incredible to me and one that i love and is really part of my identity. >> reporter: gascon is a lawyer. he passed the bar in 1996. he's only been chief for a year and a half. he leaves the post in the midst of some controversy. in the past few weeks his officers have been involved in the shootings of a wheelchair bound man and a mentally ill man in his home. in both cases the suspect lunged at police with a knife.
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gascon's right hand man he brought with him from los angeles, jeff godown it will now be acting chief. >> i believe the command staff that is in place today is capable and i believe that they will take the department to the next step. also i don't plan to be very far. i'm really looking for a different relationship between the d.a.'s office and the police department and i think that will be one of continuous cooperation and continual development of policing in san francisco. so i'm gone but not completely gone. >> this is my last act as mayor of san francisco. >> reporter: as for the mayor, he calls this decision one of his biggest and best and he now leaves office with a heavy heart. >> i want to just thank all of you for the privilege 6 a life time. this has been an honor -- of a lifetime this. has been an honor unimagined and i am grateful for this moment in time. >> reporter: the mayor will take the office of lieutenant governor tomorrow in sacramento. the job of finding the new police chief there will now
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fall on the police commission and new interim mayor when he is sworn in. >> let me ask you a little about that. now the city of san francisco has an interim mayor and interim police chief. what is the mood of the rank and file of the police department? are they a little concerned? >> reporter: the rank and file are a little anxious right now. some of them said to me tonight they're a little worried about who the new police chief is because they did like police chief george gascon. he was one of the guys. they really liked him. he was friendly and approachable. i liked him as a reporter because he did return phone calls. he had an open police chief position. it was an open administration in his police department. we like that. we'll see what the new guy is going to bring. >> thank you very much. well, governor jerry brown will unveil his budget tomorrow and he's already warned that it is going to be painful. the governor says there will be a need for deep across the board spending cuts to deal with the state's $28 billion budget deficit. e wants to restructure -- he wants to restructure state
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government by shifting the cost of some programs to cities and counties. he's expected to propose a special election to extend temporary taxes that are expiring in july. the la and it doesn't seem to be ending, gas prices going up, up, up, how much more prices have spiked in the last two weeks. >> and temperatures way down, down, down. we want to get them going the other direction, though. we'lling that about that coming can up next. from -- we'll talk about that coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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survey, the price per gallon went up an average of *nine gas prices are climbing
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again. according to a new hundred dollarburg is are rate is price per gallon went up an -- lundberg survey the price went up an average of nine cents last week, the average 3.22 in the gallon. the current survey shows the highest gas price in the country right now is in chicago at 3.35 a gallon. just remember these are national averages. below 2.73 -- the low 2.73 is in salt lake city utah and the survey was taken last friday. >> lawrence, you were talking about the temperatures going town. you can feel it if you step outside. >> it's -- down. you can feel it in you step outside. >> it's just been cold and foggy, highs only in the 40s and 50s again, but at least we have the sun out there. tonight mostly clear skies, a couple clouds moving overhead, kind of a neat shot looking over the city of san francisco, but we will see those clear skies lead to some very cold temperatures overnight tonight. expect some patchy frost and then patchy fog, but it's not going to be that widespread blanket of fog around the bay
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area tonight. so the temperatures really will take a hit now, highs tomorrow afternoon going to be a little warmer. let's plan on some 40s and mid- 50s possibly in some of the warmest spots. so out there now, chilly already, 43 degrees in livermore, 45 in san jose, 42 degrees in napa valley. looks like high pressure trying to sneak. in you've got the cold air pouring in. good news is it's dry air and that will help mix out the low clouds and fog. the bad news is we're in for a very chilly night around the bay area, overnight lows in some places down to the 20s. with that in mind check out some of these numbers. heading in toward tomorrow morning 29 in fairfield, 28 degrees in santa rosa down to about 30 in napa, about 35 in san jose. highs tomorrow afternoon, 40s and 50s. you'll still need a jacket if you're headed out. it will be warmer than it's been. you won't have to deal with all the fog we've seen. chances showers returns to the bay area tuesday, possibly a few showers wednesday morning
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and a system comes in thursday, too. it looks like we'll start to dry out next friday and next weekend, at least the first part. >> your raiders aren't even playing and they're making news. >> not the kind of news i want them to make. >> kind of bad news for the raiders despite their 8-8 season. nnamdi asomugha's days as a raider could be over. excuse me a sec. another person calling for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. sir? finding everything okay? i work for a different insurance company.
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packers, michael vick making his first playoff start since the 2005nfc playoff championship as an atlanta falcon, but it was that man who had a career day, aaron rogers, looking and fires, 9 yards, 14- 0 packers, but the eagles come back in the 3rd. michael vick throws a strike. then 7:40 to play. aaron rodgers tosses a little innocent looking screen pass to brandon jackson. into the end zone 16 yards for rodgers third touchdown pass of the game, 21-10 packers. again philadelphia answers. they're down by five points, a chance to win the game. vick for the victory picked off to williams and it ends the ballgame. the packers defeat the eagles 21-16 and advance to a second round match-up with the atlanta falcons. vick will be seen next in the pro bowl. the raiders 6-0 in the division, yet it's the chiefs representing the afc west in the playoffs up 7-3 when joe
5:54 pm
flacco hits ray rice for the touchdown right before the half. baltimore ravens 10-7. matt cassel did not have a playoff debut to remember. he completes just nine passes for 70 yards, threer is interceptions. as a team the -- three interceptions. as a team, the chiefs turn it over five times. into the end zone, flacco takes advantage -- into the red zone excuse me, takes advantage of the short field. it's anquan boldin in the back of the end zone. baltimore scores 24 unanswered. they'll take on the steelers next week in pittsburgh. and >> i think we do good on offense. >> playoff record for total yards. >> passing yards. >> 1st downs! >> how about that offense? [ cheering and applause ] >> what did the defense do? >> five take-aways! [ cheering and applause ] >> next saturday it will be round three between the ravens and steelers followed by the
5:55 pm
packers and falcons and on sunday it will be the seahawks and bears followed by the jets and patriots who will also be playing each other for the third time this season. raiders star cornerback nnamdi asomugha is suddenly a free agent. he didn't meet incentives because his numbers dimmed last season, although he didn't al -- dipped last season, although he didn't allow a touchdown. he'll become a free agent based on the terms of the contract. he was due to make 16.8 million in 2011. the former cal bear can be resigned. the raiders are not allowed to use the franchise tab on him. the warriors rolled into l.a. playing some of their best basketball moving 6-9 moving into second place in the season. clipper rookie blake griffin hit double figures in points and rebounds for the 23rd straight game. today he had 23 points, 12 boards. l.a. closes the 1st half on an 18-4
5:56 pm
run. baron davis hits the three, give them a 14-point lead. clippers started the season 5- 201 but have won seven of the last -- 5-21, but have won seven of the last 10. the clippers beat the warriors 105-91. good news, warrior fans, golden state will play 13 of its next 14 games on the home floor. stanford in arizona, this game was supposed to be played yesterday but was delayed to today because of the tucson shootings. left... lamont jones drives and seals the deal with this layup... stanford lose arizona too good today, cardinals down by eight with a minute left. lamont jones drives, seals the deal with that left. stanford loses by 10 falling to 9-5 suffering their first pac- 10 loss. shot of the year. josh scanlon didn't even mean to do it, ball slips out of his hands, hits the pocket perfectly and that's a strike. tried this shot a million times. you'll never repeat it.
5:57 pm
did he call it? scanlon was competing in the team usa event. the strike, of course, did not count. tonight on gameday kim coyle's one on one interview with jim harbaugh, but it's herschel walker who i'm really looking forward to. i guess he's got to be the bo jackson type of athlete because he's been so many things, heisman trophy winner, the u.s. bobsled team and now the mixed martial arts. >> which is my favorite. >> he's what 49? >> yeah, right. >> his first fight. he's 1- 0 , beat a fighter that's 25 years younger. >> thank you very much. we'll look forward to that. coming up at 6:00 the latest on the killing spree and other live reports from tucson and one of a series of deadly shootings in the south bay. we'll bring you the new developments. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half an hour and at 10:00 and 11:00. have a great night. ,,,,,,,,
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