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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 11, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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call or click today. could vallej e in you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." >> tractor in tucson, more on the man accused in that shooting. could vallejo's ship come in when san francisco hosts the cup? changes that could bring in big bucks. painful but necessary. the proposed deep cuts on the way and what it means for you. >> we're stripping our dignity away and treating us, and especially zane, as less than human. >> turned away from the ice. how a mother says she and her son were humiliated. >> good evening, i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. president obama and first lady will be visiting tucson wednesday to speak at a memorial service to the victims
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of saturday's shooting spree. 6 people were killed, 14 more wounded. tonight katie couric tells us more about the man accused of the shooting and congresswoman gabrielle giffords' recovery. >> reporter: jared loughner went before a federal judge today. the 22-year-old is charged with murder and attempted murder. asked if he understood his rights loughner replied "yes." he was ordered held without bail and could face further charges. on a cold winter morning in washington president and mrs. obama led the nation in prayer for the victims of the shooting and their families. others also remembered on the steps of the capital, hundreds of congressional aides bowed their heads, the supreme court justices observed a moment of silence and a makeshift memorial has sprung up in front of the hospital where some of the wounded are still being treated. >> 8 patients in the hospital,
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two of them remain in the icu, however only one of those two are in critical condition. >> that one is congresswoman giffords shot point blank in the head. doctors remain hopeful about her prognosis. >> with regard to congresswoman giffords' recovery, at this phase of the game, no change is good and we have no change. >> reporter: the impact of this tragedy in tucson was felt high above the earth. congresswoman's giffords brother-in-law, scott kelly , is commander of the international space station. >> space to ground 1. >> reporter: he led flight centers around the world in a moment of silence. >> as i look out the window i see a very beautiful planet that seems very inviting and peaceful. unfortunately, it is not. we are better than this. we must do better. >> well tributes for the shooting victims are being sped up all over the country.
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flags in the bay area lowered to half-staff in honor of those who died in the shooting. others around the country will be keeping their flags at half- staff to remind people of the sens less acts of violence in tucson. governor brown presented his budget plan today and, as promised, every sector of the state is being asked to scale back. among the consults, $1.5 billion to cal works, by reducing limits on welfare. that means the maximum monthly cash benefits would drop by $90. state-subsidized child care would be eliminated for parents of 11 and 12-year-olds saving $716 million. medi-cal reimbursements for doctors and other service providers would be lowered and patient copays increased. the governor says it is time to face the budget music. >> it's better to, umm. >> take our medicine now, get the state on a balanced footing. >>
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>> the governor also cut housing benefits for teenagers heading out of the foster system but he wants to keep it at the present level asking for a five-year extension of taxes about to expire. gavin newsom is now california's 49th lieutenant governor, he says he wants to renew the entre renewal spirit. >> we've got to release that because at the end of the day what is california if not this, a state of dreamers, a state of doers, a state oven trey pre- nurse. >> he was sworn in by his father, a retired judge. well san francisco might get all the glory from winning the bid to host the next cup but business leaders are hoping to get something else. business leaders want to get the word out that they have plenty of room for boaters in vallejo. what they want to offer the
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cup visitor. grace? >> reporter: it's not just the people participating, the spectators and anybody interested in bothing, vallejo hoping to cash in on the cup, hoping it is not going to be as quiet as it is right now, but way more hustle and bustle. vallejo has a downtown known for antique shops and driving down interstate 80 you probably noticed the towering rise from 6 flags discovery kingdom when you whip past. but what else do you really know about vallejo. >> a lot of trouble. a lot of trouble. >> reporter: why is that? >> a lot of fights and just pretty dark over here, scary sometimes. >> vallejo has been known for many things. crime has been one of them. >> reporter: it's a negative reputation that could be changing. cup coming in two years many are hoping to hoist their own local economies, not just san francisco's. >> i don't think it's quite the
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olympics, but for sailors, it's a huge event. >> reporter: jim marcoux ski from the visitors convention and bus bureau is hoping to host a lot of ships. >> we think we're key, being where we are on the water near the wine country. we want to work very hard with our tourism partners, our hotels, and yes it's years away but we really would like to get a head start on things to make sure we can roll out the red carpet. >> just down the street at the vallejo yacht club. cup is the big race. that's like the super bowl. >> members like tony spa netty believe this will bring back the prestige of the century-old establishment even if it brings in some very expensive boats. >> i don't think so, we're not a hollywoody toyedy element, we're a working man's yacht club here.
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>> certainly champagne and qualities. i don't know how much caviar you'll find but we'll get it if that's what people want. >> reporter: however they can get people here to vallejo. while san francisco is spending millions to improve millions to improve some areas vallejo is not spending that much. there will be improving and adding parking to this area as well. ken? >> grace lee in vallejo, thank you for that. other bay area headlines. richmond police have arrested three people in connection with the fatal shooting of a 16-year- old boy. deshaun grisby was shot this afternoon on fleming avenue outside his grandmother's house. officers arrested two men and a boy a few hours later after spotting the suspects' getaway car. police say the shooting may have been retaliatory for a fight at el is a right oh high school months ago. it's richmond's first homocide of the year. redwood city officials tonight approved an 18% increase in garbage fees but,
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before the meeting, customers confronted the general manager about poor service. ecology got 14,000 complaint calls last week when it took over the garbage collection. the gm apologized and promised that service would improve. they say fee hikes are necessary for new recycling services. and crews in san francisco are trying to repair two water main brakes caused by this cold weather. one in the city of glen park's neighborhoods sent water cascading down miguel street. the front of the roadway collapsed. crews are investigating the second break in the important tila neighborhood and depending on the extent of the damage for crews may have to be brought in. a vacaville mom is at risk of losing her three children permanently because she left the youngest home alone. brandy stevens admits she left her 3-year-old daughter, brook, asleep on the couch while she went to the store with her two older kids.
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she says she was home within a half hour. when she got back the little girl was gone. >> the doors were open and not even getting inside i could seabrook wasn't on the see brook wasn't there. >> brook was two blocks away, it was 38 degrees outside. the little girl was in her pajamas and barefoot. stevens, the mom, was arrested. her kids are staying with a foster family. they were taken away. tomorrow she will be arraigned on charges of child endangerment. a boy who loves to skate was thrown off the ice because he uses a wheelchair. we listen to joe vasquez for a story you'll only see on cbs5. >> i would get on the ice and skate with him. >> reporter: she demonstrates how she is able to take her son ice skating in her wheelchair.
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they went to the ice center just last month, had a great time, took a picture. so they went back with a group of friends saturday. >> we didn't even make one rotation before some guy came up to me and said "i'm sorry, i'm gonna have to ask you to get off the ice ma'am." i said i'm sorry, what did i do, and he said no it's the wheelchair. then at that point i did say oh i'm sorry, i really don't want to leave the ice then, i said i think you're wrong. they were stripping our dignity away and treating us, and especially zane, as less than human. >> zane has a chrome zonal abnormality that leaves him deaf and developmentally disabled. they pleaded with several people to let him stay and skate but to no avail. >> he said i'm sorry ma'am, our corporate policy, our corporate policy, they weren't really that apologetic, you need to leave, you really just need to leave, you know. i kept trying to like appeal to
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their sensibilities as humans. you know. this is wrong. he is is a 10-year-old boy, he loves to skate. and actually there are very few things we can do with him that are physical and social and just robbing that of -- ah. >> reporter: page scott who was not there saturday says she is also upset the family was kicked out. they said the ice skating center has numerous events for disabled people so her employees should have known better. she e-mailed the family today to apologize. she says it should not have happened and in fact is contrary to corporate policy. >> how does this happen that one after another including managers said it was corporate policy that -- and kicked them out? >> i'd like to know that too and we're doing a full investigation of everything to reassure the family that this will not happen again. >> reporter: in fact, she invited the robin sons to come back here to the skating center and the family says they are inclined to accept that
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invitation. they are not thrilled at the prospect that some of these guys who so rudely humiliated them were still working here. i asked her if somebody could get fired, she said she is not going to talk about that, that is an hr matter, but there is going to be sensitivity training. >> joe vasquez in san francisco. coming up do you use your debit card at the gas station? well, we're going to show you how not to get hosed at the pump. the look at nasa's latest find. why it's being called a missing link. computer models suggest we could see some light rain across the north bay by the morning commute. lights, camera, netflix! so we started with a free trial and we were hooked instantly! [ male announcer ] start your netflix free trial today, and watch instantly with the three leading video game systems or other devices right on your tv... or on your computer. i can watch all the tv shows and movies that i want. [ male announcer ] netflix. watch as many tv episodes and movies as you want for only eight bucks a month.
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nature fusion from pantene. healthy makes it happen. nasa ames in mountain view have discovered a planet that has a team led by researchers at nasa aims in mountainview have discovered a planet that has some similarities to ours. kepler 10b is rocky, just like earth, this is an artist's rendering of the discovery. it orbitz a star other than the sun. it is the closest in size to earth compared to other areas outside our solar system. but it is way too hot for our kind of life. about 2500 degrees during the daytime and it's pretty far away too. about 560 light years away. jeffrey marcy, an astronomer with jeffrey better see, is calling the new planet a missing link. using your debit card to buy gasoline could tie up your
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cash for days. well many gas stations charge a holding fee. usually about 75 to 100 bucks just for swiping your card. bet you didn't know that. as long as these phantom charges are tied to your debit card, you won't have access to your money. it can last a few days but we have heard of consumers waiting two weeks for their fund to be released. there is no law that says the gas stations even have to get your permission or tell you about it. >> you know, i didn't okay it, i didn't authorize it, there was nothing on the screen. >> merchants are just trying to ensure they are paid in full. >> so if you must use debit pay inside where you can use your opinion number. pin-based transactions are immediate and they also charge holding fees. roberta, what do we have. >> a cold day. >> what a day. >> 53 degrees in oakland. san francisco topped off at 50 degrees, currently 45 degrees,
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just how low did it go overnight. lots of people were talking about just very cold temperatures, what is some ominous is right now our doppler radar picking up some returns in the north bay across the golden gate bridge. i believe that is virga, where it is evaporating before it hits the ground. we could see the possibility of freezing rain forth the morning commute. last night overnight livermore dropped down to 27 degrees, below freezing in san jose, 25 in santa rosa, also 25 in sonoma, that was a record low, 40 the overnight low in san francisco, 6 degrees off the normal mark. still below freezing to the north, to the east, mid-30s to the south. looks like for the morning commute tomorrow we have any kind of precipitation again, freezing rain is a possibility. >> there you have the incoming system. >> in fact, it looks impressive right there on our satellite return, but what you don't see, it's really banging up against
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that ridge of high pressure. it's sharing a part of the seam, so we'll see a bit of light rainfall, about anywhere from a 10, 7", and a half an inch of rain. in the north bay, when it all began, looks like some hit and miss. reaches north bay by the mid- morning hours. everybody gets a little wet by the evening commute. again we start to see a little bit of light precipitation across the santa clara valley by about this time tomorrow night. temperatures are going to go up with the shift in the wind. out of the east 10 to 20 miles per hour. numbers, pre-seasonal upper 40s to mid-50s, breezy afternoon winds, a chance of a lingering shower wednesday, otherwise high pressure fills in. dry conditions for the upcoming holiday. and ken, dana, that's your pinpoint forecast. >> thank you ma'am. >> three bay area ice skating clubs joined together tonight to entertain and promote a good cause. the performances were held at
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the holiday ice rink in san francisco's square. it featured local skaters who qualified for regional, secondly and national competitions. they aimed to promote the movie "lies" which is about the 1961 figure ate skating team that died in a plane crash over belgium. a 6. how good is the four-legged,
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controlling brush and clearing it certainly is a greener more natural way to do it but does it really work? how effective are goats in controlling brush and clearing lots? that's tonight's good question. >> no mowers, no noise, no chemicals, no burning, give them a day and they'll have this area of star thinks will eliminated. >> they eat berry, poison oaks, thinks will, all types of vegetation. >> there's plenty of it in places like contra costa county's bree own a regional park where they are working together. terry and her husband egan run goats are us.
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whether it's fire suppression or sprucing up a park these four-legged we'd whackers can hand will it. >> amusements, utility companies, cities, universities, costa have large land holdings. >> they charge a standard raid of rate of $800 an acre plus transportation. she is not sure who gets more out of it, the goats or the people who hire them. >> people want to try to go green, there is one thing, people really enjoy the goats, a lot of places where they go there are parties and events held at these companies or in neighborhoods. >> the goats work with herding dogs and a professional goat hearder and leave nothing behind. well, almost nothing. >> is this goat poop? >> yes it is, we could get down and examine it but that would probably be a whole 'nother show. >> go to and click on icon to send me your good question. oregon never won a national title. auburn did it back in 1956. i'm dennis o'donnell. tonight it was ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by capital one bank. what's in your wallet. >> well oregon and auburn each averaged over 40 points a game this season, ducks defensive coordinator nick alley oaty thought he had the secret to winning the national championship. >> there's going to be two defenses have to get on the field at some point in time and the one that does the best job of stopping the other team's offense is probably going to win. how that's gonna happen i don't know. . >> well he was aiming to stop that man, heisman trophy winner cam newton. late second quarter, newton hooks up with emery break. 30-yard touchdown. no defense there, nothing. auburn goes on top 16-10. 19-11 fourth quarter, data recollection thomas to la michael james. the two-point conversion tied it at 19. with 2 minutes left michael dyer appears to be wrapped up after a short gain. seemed the play was over.
2:05 am
he took off and picked up 37 yards, a review showed his knee never touched the ground. why was this such a big deal? it settle up this chip shot field goal by wes byrum as time experience. auburn wins its first national title since 1956. only 41 combined points in the game that had an over and underline of 74. they win a title and a heisman in the same year. >> you guys playing pretty hard there late. how you feeling right now physically? >> umm, i'm okay. it was worth it, you know, i'm not up here to take up all the time, i don't want nobody to feel sorry for me because you know throughout this year didn't nobody feel sorry for auburn and you know, we've got the last laugh. >> indeed. boise state head coach chris peterson has removed his name from the running to replace jim harbaugh for stand ford. he is from california, played for uc davis in the 80s, his
2:06 am
record is 61-5 but he decided not to bring his talents to the farm. >> i think that that's a very unique special place, there is no question. i think most people know that. and so i just thought it would be something to have a conversation about and that's really as far as it went. >> i have in my and st. monday night top 5. the crowd actually shook qwest field. marshawn livan much's run over the field. true story. it's true. >> i don't believe it. >> well it's true. it's a fact, jack. number 4, back to championship game. 2-8, holds in the juggling catch, picked up 43 yards, didn't score on the play. in fact, that tackle might have saved a championship. tied at 73. the huskies roscoe smith huge rebound after a blocked shot. through the ball out of bounds.
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uconn still 1. number 2 prepare forte off. liftoff, one-handed monster jam, chicago beat detroit. number 1, the bowling ball slips out of josh scanlon's hand, bounces in a neighboring lane, and look, look at there. can you believe that? he can do that. >> he meant to do that. >> yeah, that's the way the ball bounces for us tonight. >> boy, that's the best you could do? >> i was on two weeks vacation, took me two weeks to come up with that line. >> good one -- >> good one -- >> you have ,,
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