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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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. you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." we may not be able to stop all heville in the world. but i know that how we treat one another, that's entirely up to us. >> amcdonald'sst tragedy a message from the president. one year ago he was shot and killed while driving on i- 80, tonight how police say they finally cracked the case. >> in prison for murder but, today, he walked out a free man because of what the prosecutor and the police did wrong 18 years ago. what this could mean for other prisoners. >> a lot of people are talking about why chinese mothers are superior. but are they? we'll have that story coming up. >> i'm dana king,.
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>> i'm ken bastida. gabrielle giffords opened her eyes as the president visited her in the hospital. they visited her before president obama spoke at the memorial service for the shooting. kendis gibson shows us a memorial that had an overwhelmingly positive tone. in arizona, and in >> reporter: president obama's first stop in tucson was the university medical center where he met with congresswoman gabrielle giffords. >> >> president obama: a few minutes after we left her room some of her colleagues from congress were in the room gabby opened her eyes for the first time. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: the president spoke to a filled to capacity arena at the university of arizona. they remembered the heroes who rushed to their aid. >> president obama: we're grateful for hernandez, a
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volunteer in gabrielle's office. you are a hero because you ran through the chaos to pin sister to your boss and minister to her wound and helped keep her alive. >> reporter: the president also pleaded with all americans not to use saturday's rampage hasannication to turn on each other. to communicate in a way that heels, not in a way that wounds. we're learning more about the hours leading up to the shootings. police say the suspect, jared loughner, went to two walmart stores saturday morning to buy ammunition. he was pulled over for running a red light about three hours before the rampage, police say they had no reason to hold him and he was let go with just a warning. kendis gibson, cbs news, tucson, arizona. hundreds of people gathered in oakland as well to condemn the violence in arizona and in their own neighborhoods. there was a can't will light vigil in front of city hall. congresswoman barbara lee, oakland mayor jean quan, sandra
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swanson also attended as well as several religious leaders. some called for stricter gun controls, others for improved mental health services. many agreed that the path towards violence prevention must begin at the local level. >> we must acknowledge that we also have work to do as peacemakers. we have work to do in our community. what happens in tucson happens in oakland and what happens in oakland happens across the nation and when we take responsibility for one another is the new normal. that's the way that we get through hard times. >> several local political groups helped organize tonight's event. it was one year ago tonight when a gunman in a car opened fire and killed a man driving along interstate 80. the case had gone cold until just recently. tonight grace lee says four people are under arrest and police think that these guys could be linked to other murders. grace? >> reporter: that's right dana. you know the most frightening part about this story is really
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anyone who uses the freeway system could have become a victim here. now this case really came together according to investigators when the alleged shooter was arrested over the weekend for a separate murder case, a stabbing case. >> this is obviously a very bittersweet day. >> reporter: justice could be served ton anniversary of dewey tucker's murder. he was driving to church when he was shot on interstate 80 east of herc you lease last year. initially they thought it was a random shooting. >> this is truly a month riffic and tragic case of mistaken identity. and mr. tucker left his apartment he was mistakenly identified by one of these individuals as a rival gang member in which they were totally wrong. >> reporter: in a multiagency investigation officers arrested four men in the last 36 hours. raul vega is accused of shooting the handgun that killed tucker.
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also facing murder charges hector better a gan, javier lopez and christian hernandez. all four were in the car. >> we feel a lot better today knowing what actually happened. >> it still doesn't take the pain away because it doesn't bring him back. >> reporter: he was a bay sits for big acts like lauren hill. he was backstage for one of her concerts. >> he took music lessons, trumpet, but -- he was a self- taught musician. >> he was a musical talent that has now been silenced, an innocent victim that officers say was caught in the middle of gang violence. >> if that person who happens to be dewey is in heaven and he is free of all pain and he is not suffering, but we're the ones who are suffering. >> reporter: investigators say that there was one shooter but all four suspects will face a litany of the same charges,
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murder, commitment to -- conspiracy to commit murder, gang-related charges as well as the special circumstance for shooting a gun outside of a car. now the reason for this, according to the district attorney's office, is that this was a case of premeditated murder even if it was mistaken identity. dana? >> grace lee, thank you. one of governor arnold schwarzenegger's last acts as governor has outraged a southern california family. now, schwarzenegger has apologized in part. the santos family says that the former governor wrote to say he is sorry that he didn't let them know ahead of time he planned to grant clemency to one of two men convicted in the death of their son luis. he reduced the man slaughter term for esteban nunez from 16 years to 7. his father is former state assembly speaker fabio nun i don't know. >> it's 100% politics and nothing but and he is just trying to pass it off as
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something other than politics. i think everybody in california or in the country can see that. >> esteban nunez was convicted in the 2008 stabbing death of luis dell santos in san diego. governor fred santos today called your letter a publicity stunt. he said that this was dirty politics and an abuse of power? >> well, tonight, mr. schwarzenegger refused to talk about the letter at this event in long. he said he was there to celebrate the performing arts an that politics are for another day. and, then, he walked away. a san francisco man walked out of jail tonight after spending 18 years behind bars for murder. a judge overturned his conviction after blasting police and prosecutors for mishandling the trial. as joe vasquez reports hundreds more cases may be in question. >> reporter: after 18 years in prison car a mad connolly is a free man. now 40 years old, connolly was serving two life sentences
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without the possibility of parole for a shooting in the bay view in 1989. two people were killed, 11 others wounded. last month a judge decided police and prosecutors withheld evidence from defense attorneys which kept him from getting a fair trial. the district attorney has decided not to retry the case. >> what are your thoughts right now getting out? >> too much process. >> reporter: saunders, seen here in his last days as police chief was the detective on connolly's case. the judge said saunders paid an informant who testified against connolly but failed to tell the defense the man was paid. they don't believe connolly is innocent and they thought about retrying the case but key witnesses are dead and chief saunders is ill so in one of his first acts on the job as district attorney george gas scone decided the case should be dropped. >> what are you gonna do now? >> take it one day at a time. >> connolly isn't talking to reporters. his lawyer says he needs time to be with his family.
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>> this case was a travesty of juts. >> reporter: in 2003 public defender jeff adachi helped get two other men out of jail in a similar situation. once again earl saunders withheld evidence from defense attorneys. >> george gas scone made the right call but what he we need him to do is look at all the cases. we need to have a review of all the cases involving these offices and it needs to happen right away. >> saunders and his partner, the late napoleon hendrix were a well-known investigative team. they were really-regarded. they investigated and solved hundreds of cases. so would the da be open to reviewing all those cases? i talked to gascone tonight and his office he told me will "a evaluate the facts surrounding the incident and determine the appropriate course of action" that means they haven't made a decision yet whether they are going to go back through those files. >> could create havoc, cost a lot of money but there's juts on the line. >> the key is how many of those
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involved an fernando that was paid and did they disclose it to the prosecution. >> wow. this is just the beginning i'm sure. i don't, thank you. okay. other bay area headlines now. in san jose fire broke out at a pot club today. workers at herb appeal believe it's a case of arson because there has been a string of dangerous incidents at medical marijuana dispensaries in the city but clubs are technically prohibited under san jose's municipal code as well as zoning regulations. no one was injured in today's fire. it caused a quarter million dollars in damage. a conductor who worked on cal train is accused of requesting sexual favors from a teenaged girl and a woman on separate occasions. each boarded a southbound train without a ticket. 60-year-old ricardo con know of south san francisco is out on bail. a 16-year-old girl says he led her to a small compartment in the train, shut the door, and
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asked her if she would perform a sexual act. a woman in her 20s tells authorities something similar happened to her. in south contra costa county parents and students protested after learning some of the best performing schools might close. they demonstrated in front of monte gardens in concord, one of the schools on the chopping block. the mount diablo unified school district has to close three schools to save 1 1/2 million dollars, the district will hold its first public meeting next thursday. it expects to take a final vote on those cuts in about a month. new book out says that chinese mothers are superior. so what do they do differently? we look at east versus west when it comes to parenting philosophy. and how facebook is helping get the word out about children who go missing. and here we go again. rain is moving back into the bay area, the timing and the amount you should expect. pinpoint forecast as
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"eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs5. ,,
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word out about children who go missing. the social network has cre
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facebook is helping get the word out about children who go missing. the social network has created amber alert pages for all 50 states so, by clicking "like" on the california page you'll get updates about abducted kids in your news feed, then you can share that information with your facebook friends. why chinese mothers are superior. that's the title of a recently published essay that has definitely touched a nerve among some people in the bay area. the author says that you don't have to be chinese to fall thunder heading. kiet do on the definition that's got the blog oh atmosphere buzzing. >> the week, let's practice. >> reporter: she is proof that all chinese mothers are not created equal. >> i know what i believe and i believe in choices. >> reporter: but a controversial article in the wall street journal tight 8 why chinese mothers are superior has everybody talking.
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amy chew promotes an ultrastrict parenting style prohibiting computer games. she says her children were never allowed to get anything less than an a and they were forced to play piano or violin sometimes for hours without meal or bathroom breaks. chung was also raised in a strict chinese family but says that parenting style is not for her. >> i can definitely identify with many of the practices called out in the article. >> it's remarkably provocative, that's for sure. >> reporter: tom plant a psychology professor warns against extreme styles of parenting. >> there are risks involved in any sort of parenting style. if you're too permissive there's risk there. if you're too strict and controlling there's risks there. which risks are you willing to take and not take and what's consistent with you as a person. >> the story, what story books should we pick for tonight? >> as for chung, her kids jayden and clarice are in a
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monday ty soree school which 0 promotes permanent choice. >> cultivating creativity in the child about nurturing the whole being. so it's way more than just academic focus, very importantly it's about giving choices. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, cbs5. a pair of san franciscoans trying to make their city parks a little brighter ran into a bit of a road block. for the past several months the two have been covering up graffiti on benches and tables. unfortunately it's illegal. but the city has decided not to bust the so-called vandals. in fact they are sending out volunteers with the pair to help them. we'll check in with roberta right now, find out what the rest of the week has in store for us. >> rain moving back into the bay area ken. tonight cloudy skies over jack london square in oakland. temperatures pretty seasonal now, not as cold as it has been. 45 degrees overnight with a blanket of clouds in santa rosa
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to 50 trees throughout sunnyville and campbell, willow glen. mid-40s concord through hercules and upper 40s to 50 degrees in san francisco for your morning commute. grab an you umbrella, your rain will begin in the north bay sliding in the santa clara valley. here it comes an area of low pressure banging up against the northwestern quadrant of california. would you believe it hit 68 trees in morgan hill? that's the third time this year that we have seen highs in the 60s. now here comes the rain. by sun-up in the south santa rosa area, swinging around to the eastern portion of our district before lunch hour, quickly moving along the coast and out of here by that commute in the evening hours as you're heading back home. as far as totals are concerned, only 5/100ths of an inch in san jose, a quarter inch throughout the mountains, areas in the northern portion of our district. just a little bit on the damp side, certainly the sidewalks as well.
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numbers-wise into the 50s and low 60s which is where we should be this time of the year, check out your extended forecast coming down with fog returning friday. otherwise a dry weekend with just a slight chance of a drizzle or two late sunday, just a slim chance, dry for the holiday all the way through wednesday. take that umbrella tomorrow morning to be on the safe side. >> always, always in the car. >> always just a nuisance, that's about it. >> yeah. >> not me, the rain. >> i didn't say that. >> thanks. we're gonna be right back with kenny's good question. >> it's not a new thing. >> not? >> no. pinpoint weather sponsored by mancini sleepworld. save big. um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning
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its a very important indicator of our water supply. and it's not exactly easy to get to. it is a very important indicator of our water supply here in the bay area and it's not exactly easy to get to so how do they measure the sierra snow pack? that's tonight's good question. warriors o >> i did, actually did what we called the caren survey, it's about a 120-mile loop. >> frank gore key has been
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walking and skiing and snowshoeing through the sierra every winter since 1987 measure the snow factor the department of water resources. >> about 180 locations up and down the sierra, march it sags back to about 150 and then for april we'll do i think it's 230. >> from the shasta trinity national forest down through the bakersfield area they hike into predetermined location was a couple simple tools developed more than 100 years ago. so the cools really haven't changed much. >> we have made incremental improvements, now this is, number 1 it's aluminum, it's also in sections that you can take apart. >> here is how it works. you jab the hollow tune into the snow until it bottom out. it is murder for snow depth and weighed to determine the water content. hydrologists say it's the only really accurate way to determine that season's run
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off. >> 57. >> he says he has struggled through snow 12 feet deep in some years but still likes being the guy who tells you how much snow is in the mountains. >> my wife said i know what you're gonna look like when you're old because you're, you know, you're just haggard. >> go to, click on icon to send me your good question. and monta comes against >> well i never thought i would ask this question but who is better, the warriors or the l.a. clippers? i'm dennis o'donnell and monta comes up huge against the lakers but was it enough? tipoff is next. ,,,,
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home court. what better way serve up the home cookin than with the defending champion the warriors tipped off a stretch of 13 of 14 games on home court. what better way to serve up a little home cooking with the defending champion lakers. monta was back from the flu, he play every minute of the game tonight. monta had 38 points, they led most of the game except, of course, the fourth quarter. kobe kicks it into high gear. here is the most indefensible shot in basketball. lakers by four. a minute to go, kobe buries a three ball with a hand in his
11:29 pm
mug. the lakers outscore the warriors by 11 in the final quarter. la wins 115-110. the warriors play the clippers on friday. cooled off the heat tonight at the staples center, clippers rookie sensation blake griffin had his 30th double double to end miami's 13-game road win streak:finally, folks, a reason to watch the l.a. clippers, there is something going on down there. high school hoops in oakland. the top ranked team in the bay area, michael tech sad a made it stay that way. off the glass, this time he leads the break, dominic gomes hoop and the foul over tennyson, they run their record to 12-2. nfl defensive coordinator mike johnson is leaving to become the o coordinator for the ucla bruins. more trash talk from the bruins. antonio cromartie called tom brady an a blank blank hem him. that's what i think about him.
11:30 pm
i really don't give a damn about him. give credit to brady who is not taking the bait. >> eh ya. i have been called worse. >> why would i regret it. there is no reason for me to sit back and take back anything i said about him and i'm not. >> now in the 1990s brady hope recruited tonight brady to play at michigan today. today the former coach was introduced as the new michigan head coach. >> people nationally have said this isn't an elite job any more. why in your mind is it still an elite job? >> who says that. this is michigan for god's sakes. it is the most important game on that schedule. our goal is to win the big 10 championship multiplea, consecutively. >> multiply? >> i made that word up. >> number 4, montreal's travis moen thinks he has a nice shot on pittsburgh, gets a face full
11:31 pm
of board. pittsburgh gets the win. have a nice trip, see you next fall. coach kay's blue devils go down tonight, florida state's chris singleton had 18 points as the seminoles knock off the top ranked duke and snap their 25-game win streak. dunk of the night to that man, lawrence bowers of missouri, the tigers beat the nebraska cornhuskers. at number 1 we've got a streaker unfortunately he didn't see the glass partition. the glass partition. oh, down goes phrasier. now we all at some point in our life have walked into a glass wall having not seen it. >> no we haven't. >> yeah you have. but i've never done it nude so you got to feel for that guy. >> yeah, you got to be careful, you can damage your head. [ laughter in the background ] >> i hope he has children already. all right, we're coming right back maybe. >> ooh that looked like it hurt. >> you can bet on it. glass. it happened.
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