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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." sends several children to the >> this is crazy. i mean what the hell. so now the kids aren't even safe in their schools. >> curiosity sends several children to the hospital. what they ate that was mistaken for candy. tonight the question why didn't the teacher know what was going on? >> an oakland councilman will not face dii charges at all. why time is everything. >> a new report says we are all one big walking bowl of toxic soup. how moms to be can limit their exposure to chemicals. >> checking your hoar scope will never be the same. why you should check everything you have heard about as strolling. >> we begin with breaking news from the san jose airport. a security breach forced the evacuation of terminal b. we
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have a foe to that a passenger tweeted to us. >> here is what we know tonight. about 8:30 this evening a woman walked back into the security area. she gave what an expert tells us was an unreliable explanation. so everyone in the terminal was forced to be rescreened including people already on their planes. in all, about 800 people were affected, the airlines using terminal b at san jose, southwest, alaska, and delta. >> most people have gone back through security now. no flights were canceled but were delayed up to two hours. the woman who started it all is still being questioned. in other news this evening 7 middle school students thought they were eating candy. the next thing they knew they were being rushed to the hospital from school. juliette goodrich with what led up to this medical emergency at martin luther king middle school. >> dana and ken, look at this,
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some children in this particular case, ages 10 to 12, this green block may actually look like candy. in fact that's what happened today. 7 children thinking it was candy licked, some even eight, a little piece at school. but this isn't candy, it's rat poison. >> parents are furious. demanding answers to 7 students finding little blocks of rat poison at school. some licking it, some chewing it, and spitting it out, others ingesting tiny bits. >> what the hell, i mean if you're -- come on, i volunteer in schools and even i have an eye to look at what everything is going on. he couldn't see it or what. >> reporter: while a teacher was in the classroom it was a parent who got a call from her daughter. saying they had ingested rat poison, the parent called 911 and school officials were left with some questions. >> there was a teach near the classroom.
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yes. >> reporter: how did 7 kids ingest rat poison if there was a teach near the class. >> we're looking into that. >> reporter: the rat poison was discovered by one of the students atop the high filing cabinet in the classroom. he offered it to his classmates saying it was candy. the school principal had no idea it was in the classroom at all. >> this was crazy. now the kids aren't even safe in the school you know, i mean nobody wants to deal with it. oh, well we'll investigate, you know what, investigate now, you know. >> reporter: the students were transported to various hospitals to be examined. >> we have spoken with the manufacturer of the product and the product, in their history of this product, any hmm consumption has always been non- toxic. >> okay. what's scary is some of the kids said it tasted like cookies. rats like people food so obviously they are going to be attracted to something that tastes like people food but it's not. they said fortunately no one
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got seriously sick. the students are under observation and the school is looking into how it got in the classroom. you can imagine when they came to the school they were pretty i rate, understandably. >> it was a parent that called 911, not anyone at the school. >> right. it was a student who called her father or mother and said "i just ingested some rat poison," then that's when the parents called 911 and the school of course took matters into their own hands and poison control, the rest of the story. >> these aren't little kids -- >> these aren't like 3 and 4- year-olds which obviously would see this and maybe think it's an enticing piece of candy. these are middle school students ages 10 to 12 and one student said "have some candy" to the other students. get more on the story and find out, why it was there in the first place and the students didn't know. >> it could have been a lot worse. julia, thank you. >> also in tonight's news she
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is being remembered for her love of baseball, animals, and swimming with her brother. today the youngest victim of saturday's shooting rampage in arizona was laid to rest. 9-year-old christina green was born on september 11th, 2001. she was carried to her funeral beneath a flag that survived the attack on the world trade center, 1800 mourners came to say good-bye. >> i pray every night that she will be in a happy place. >> it's really hard to see these kids have to go through something like this. >> cristina's funeral is the first of 6 in the coming days. then there are the survivors including congresswoman gabrielle giffords who was shot in the head. doctors call her recovery so far miraculous. she has moved her arms an legs, opened her eyes, and today doctors sat her up in bed. and a vigil tonight here in the
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bay area for the arizona shooting victims. the democratic party held that memorial in san jose at the first june tearan church. they wanted to give the community a chance to mourn the lives lost and pray for the recovery of the survivors. but also called for the community and the leaders to tone down the divisive politics. calls for new gun control measures have been met with silence by most lawmakers so far and even the white house is side stepping questions about itself. kiet do shows us the survivor of another shooting rampage is taking his message about gun restrictions to the big screen. >> this is what we bought at two gun shows in texas. one without showing id. >> this is undercover video of weapons bought at gun shows all across the country. >> . often-times with nothing more than just cash. >> this is what we bought today. >> reporter: and, get this, it's perfectly legal. under the so-called gun show loophole back ground checks are not required in 37 states.
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colin goddard is the man wearing the hidden camera and he is uniquely qualified to try to change the law. >> people are now talk about this, they are listening to it it. now is the time toe make those messages and the improvements, in a couple months it will fade into the background until the next big shooting happens. >> tonight goddard is at stanford university screening a documentary called living for 32. the virginia tech shooting left 32 miami-dade. goddard was shot four times in the knee, shoulder and hips. after his recovery he went to work for the brady campaign. >> weary inquiring gun checks everywhere will not hurt the law-abiding owner. i don't understand this fear that somehow we're trying to take their guns away. >> reporter: but an activist says we don't need any more laws. what the laws do is they prevent law-abiding citizens from getting guns. that's not what we should be
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doing. >> we didn't ask for this but unfortunately there are people who don't have a voice any more so interest kind of like we should speak for them and so i think that's what colin has done. >> reporter: without a doubt the shooting changed him but he said it will not let him define him. that law that would have closed loop holes at gun show purposes died in committee. they will be re-introducing the bill this year. as far as the movie it goes, they are on the short list for oscar nominations for best short documentary. they'll find out january 24th. at stanford university, kiet do, cbs5. other bay area headlines, police are looking for the gunman who killed a man inside a coffee shop. investigators swarmed to been a coffee shop in san francisco following the shooting that happened around 4:30 this afternoon. officers say a 25-year-old man was shot several times and died at the scene. witnesses were able to provide police with a description of the gunmen who ran off.
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in the east bay, arrest and a crime spree so severe the suspects faced hundreds of years in prison. police say that roamier symmons and christopher marlboroter arrived oakland from march through november hitting 24 homes. at the last home invasion robbery they allegedly threatened to kill a 2-year-old boy at a birthday party. someone at that party called police and that eventually led to their arrest. police also booked marlboro's girlfriend for one of the robberies. oakland city council member iguodala nash jody tala fewen take will not face d.u.i. charges after all. he failed a field sobriety test before getting pulled over an 580 before christmas. the evidence shows his blood alcohol level wassen the rise from the time he was stopped to the time he was tested. so they determined determined that they could not prove that he was over the legal limit while he was driving. the chp had said preliminary
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test results showed de la fewen take's blood alcohol level was at least .08. they are dangerous but there is no way to avoid them. what moms need to be doing to protect themselves against chemicals. >> can you hold it for a couple more? >> a pretty big problem to have in a place where people have to spend a lot of time waiting. why this critical transit hub has no place to go. and why you should forget everything you've learned about your sign. this is never a good sign when we have fog over the city of san francisco. in fact, we already have fog advisories issued for our local bridges, the toll all of this will take on your morning commute, pinpoint forecast as "eyewitness news" continues.
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of ways to get places. but there's no place to "go." the 18-million dollar facility in san francis be the temporary transbay terminal, there are plenty of ways to get places, but there is no place to go. the $18 million facility in san francisco is going to be there for seven years. the only rest rooms are in businesses nearby or in the greyhound station. but you have to have a bus ticket to use the facilities, the transit authority says bath rooms were planned after the first phase of construction was complete. they are on phase 2 right now.
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two bath rooms are under construction. they should be done in february or early march. one by ac transit. evidence that pregnant women are contaminated with chemicals. dr. kim mulvihill outlines the concern and what women can do. pregnant, she was cautious. >> reporter: when stephanie john was pregnant she was cautious. >> i was really careful about everything that went into my body. i felt like i had to be careful with her and was going to poison her. >> reporter: however a new report reveals no matter how careful they are walking around in a chemical suit. they are contaminated by dozens of potentially dangerous chemicals. >> we found ddt, poly chlorinated by fin always. >> reporter: doctor tracy woodridge analysed urine samples looking for chemicals
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rage ranging from pesticides to heavy metal. >> 43 of these chemicals were found in virtual lie all the women. that means each prey pregnant woman has 43 chemicals in her body. >> reporter: repeated exposure for the baby. the mix of so many chemicals at once. >> reporter: and example is lead, by fin always, all of which affect brain development. >> reporter: the poe ten that will harm could extend beyond the womb. >> it could affect them in childhood or even adulthood. >> reporter: pregnant women can take steps including. >> keep your house clean, wash your hands, a lot of these are found in dust. >> reporter: certain foods may contain fewer potentially harmful chemicals. as for stephanie. >> i stuffed it in plastic. i became a dedicated reader of labels. >> reporter: dr. kim mulvihill, health watch. an event to honor bay area
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jefferson award winners for their amazing service to the community. grace kelly and sharon chin held the reception for those who do extraordinary things without expecting recognition. 55 regional winners and tonight 5 were awarded silver medals and their names will be submitted for a national nomination. sherry franklin who helps rescue older dogs and pairs them with senior citizens. >> my father was struggling with cancer a stray cat came into this life and the joy this animal brought him the joy the last part of his life. that helped me to do it, i wish you were here to see how much joy and happiness he helped to bring about. >> reporter: >> there have been 300 local winners over the last six years. you can learn more about the jefferson awards and nominate someone you think is worthy at
11:18 pm >> we should encourage people to do that because there are so many people doing good workout there roberta. >> yes there certainly is, great job by kate kelly and sharon chin there. the fog has returned to the bay area in earnest. you might even be able to hear it. it's the fog horn out there. so many disabilities as far as that fog is concerned. we have a moist layer of clouds, very close to the surface, all with the dump, 4/10ths of an inch of rain, there you have it in fremont in the eastern portion of our district, over a 10th of an inch of rain with the fog and the low clouds we have temperatures into the fog for the most part. dense fog, watch for advisories to be issued. right now we already have some advisories for our local bridges. there you have it, the cold front moisten up the air mass and cooled it down. that's why we have that fog deep inning, that's why as we
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take a look at your pinpoint forecast we're going to be shocked. you'll be adversely affected as far as your disability is concerned. we'll see the partial clearing by the lunch hour. so what you need to know is we do have the dense fog advisory for the bridges at this hour with visibility less than a quarter of a mile to 1 mile and again we will will have ever that dense fog advisory issued by the national weather service for your morning commute. heading out of town it will be foggy in throughout the central town, but once you get to the high sierra 40s and no snow. topping off into the 50s and low 60s partly sunny sky, latest day of the weekend will be saturday. increasing fog sunday leads to a slight chance of rain showers, sonoma county to the north. other wide for the holiday we've got dry conditions through next week at this time. that's the pinpoint forecast. dana take it away. >> thank you very much roberta. >> apparently the stars may not be aligned. the astro logical sign you have
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been following all your life may not be yours any more. an astronomer with the minnesota plan tear yum society says the constellations corresponding to a person's birthday are off by about a month. this is a look at what the new dates would be. star signs were created by the back loanans 2000 years ago to track where the sun was in the sky each and every month. but the moon's gravitational pull slowly moved the earth off its access creating a month bump in the star's alignment. some leos may now be virgin mary goes and by cease may now be aries. there also is talk of adding a new sign that is called, how do i say this one, ofaukus. anyway that sign was originally left off by the back loanans, of a lucas because they wanted 12 star signs not 13.
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ophiu ch us. >> what's your sign. >> of yuke us. >> we're going to be gone for a second. >> pinpoint weather sponsored by mancini sleepworld. enjoy the lowest prices of the season during our mattress sale. ,,,,,,,,
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erick in pleasanton wants to know well it's pretty much the norm these days but can everyone do it? eric, in pleasanton, wants to know can blind people use text messaging? that's tonight's good question.? capital 1. >> like a lot of people aeryell gilbert is hooked on her iphone and sending text messages to her friends, but, unlike most of us, ariel is completely blind. >> have you had any remarks from people like are you really texting someone? >> people have asked me how can you use the touch screen. there's nothing on there, you can't feel anything. >> it's not about feel says gilbert, who works as the outreach manager at san rafael's guide dogs for the blind. >> capital h, capital.
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the, her iphone has a built-in setting called voice over that lets her know who she is talking to and which keys she is pressing. >> if i wanted to break the word "where" i am on the w. if i remove my finger it types it. >> and receiving text works the same way. >> what happens if i send you this. >> omg. >> omg. very good. >> gilbert says the ability to send and receive text messages to download aps for everything from bar codes to gps programming has made this an invaluable tool for her. >> i have to say next to my guide dog it is the most revolutionary accessible device that i've ever laid my hands on. >> you're welcome. >> to click on the i con to send me your good question. >> stanford has a new coach but
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does his mom approve? i'm dennis o'donnell. did cam newton follow andrew luck's decision to stay in school? the answer is next. . >> he comes down with the ball. >> i see a lot of feet that look great until i look at the gum line. as gingivitis and might not even know it. that's why i recommend new crest pro-health clinical gum protection toothpaste. it helps eliminate plaque at the gumline, helping prevent gingivitis. and it's been clinically proven to help reverse it... in just four weeks. it also protects these other areas dentists check most. new crest pro-health clinical toothpaste. for healthier gums.
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cardinal back in the early 90's... and his dad willie was
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an assistant at stanford for six years... but his decision to head coach david shaw played wide receiver for the cardinals back in the early 1990 as his dad willie was an assistant at stanford for 6 years but his decision to become a coach did not go over well with everyone. cam >> i went and told my mother, i'll remember it like it was yesterday. i told her i was gonna take a chance, go coach at western washington university and immediate she started crying and she said "haven't you seen what happened in our lives"? don't you understand what this profession does to people and families. >> football is not the first thing you think of. you think, you know, he is going to have some glowing professional leading some company on to bigger greater heights you know is what i had in mind. but i'm proud that he chose what he chose because he also took my advice in this way. do what you love. because if you do what you love
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you'll have peace in your life. happen or season and enter the >> that is a great family. more good news for stanford. there is a few doubts, newton won the heisman, led the tigers to their first national title since dwight eisenhauer was in the oath val office. if there's any time to end a losing streak it's in the worst team in the conference. they were down 3-0 in the third period. heatley to joe, that's the one we love. the sharks lose 5-2 to the lowly oilers. 6 straight losses to for the first time in 10 years. >> name that gale. >> umm -- >> mickey mcconnell. he is the best player in that conference. as long as he doesn't play any gyms with low ceilings, look how high he shoots it. a 6-point lead over the first half. second half he can do more than
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that. mcconnell led all scorers with 19. they beat the gaels, they are 15-2 over in the pac-10. stanford knocked off washington. cal beat washington 88-81 in ot. freshman alan crab had a career high 13 points. they are mourning the loss of michael lucky smith. he is a long-time boys and girls aau coach in marin county. he was the first player drafted out to have the university of hawaii and played for the milwaukee bucks. he leaves behind 6 children. his son coaches in the wnba. his friends remember him fondly. >> he was quite a basketball player and quite a young man for this community and a great coach and he knows the game and it's just one of those things that it's about life and it's about death and moving on, but he had a great impact on my life. >> yeah, a tough loss, we lost the lincoln coach earlier, and
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now lucky. >> lucky was a wonderful man. >> yeah, his service. we'll be right back.
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found in virtually all the >> like a lot of people ariel ng three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. is


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