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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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injunctions work. they essentially include several gang members' names. they them they cannot be in this area. and in fact, we're not sure whether any of those people were involved. but this is what police use as a tool to try and keep out known gang members. those two young men, we are not sure of their condition, although one we are told, allen, in a life-threatening situation. >> okay, joe vazquez in oakland. moving on now, are you getting all your mail? you better check. one thief is cashing in on stolen checks swiped from some east bay mailboxes. linda yee shows us a break-in, in progress. >> reporter: would you think that a steel case like this one and padlocks besides the normal locks that mailboxes have would be enough to thwart a thief? not in the case of the people who live and work here at in west berkeley business center, because it is all caught on tape.
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the video is telling, but will it be enough to trap a suspect? this happened in the middle of the night last saturday. surveillance video shows a woman using bolt cutters to break a lock on the mailboxes. if it weren't so serious, it's almost comical. >> she is a very interesting outfit. she looks like from the willy wonka chocolate factory. >> reporter: she falls from using her strength but doesn't give up. property owners believe she has been stealing from the business tenants since may. elliott abrams did what he could to protect the boxes. >> reinforced it with steel, and put the cameras up to try to catch this perpetrator, because i got 40 small businesses here that are all complaining about losing their mail. >> reporter: the owners of this company tracked down some of the stolen checks after the suspects cashed them. typically, in these check fraud cases, thieves would wash the checks with a simple solution to erase the payee's name and
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fill in their own. >> they put zazoo in parentheses and put a fake name in and cashed that one. they changed the amount. it was originally 149 and they changed it to $1,149. >> and they got away with it and cashed it? >> that was a big payday for them. >> reporter: berkeley police have seen the video. property crimes investigators say they have some leads. >> the video can be very helpful. it sort of depends on the specific situation, you know, what details are in the video, leads that that provides and how we can follow up on those leads. certainly, if we identify a suspect, then the video can be very helpful. >> reporter: claudia hopes so. >> it's a big problem for us because we don't, you know, a lot of people say the check's in the mail. and when it doesn't arrive and the mail has been stolen, we didn't know. >> reporter: after the latest heist on saturday, property owners installed a second camera. they are about $15,000 into security. they say if this doesn't work
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they may have to move the mailboxes. reporting live, linda yee, cbs 5. >> new details tonight about a deadly shooting inside a san francisco coffee shop. police say the gunman chased the victim into jebena coffee & tea company yesterday afternoon where the man shot 29-year-old terry turner of san francisco in the head and the stomach. turner was pronounced dead at the scene. >> my concerns are the neighborhood is -- it can be a little disturbing, yeah. so i mean, we're doing the best we can and trying to keep ourselves protected. >> the motive is unclear. but the gunman did steal a bag from the victim. police still looking for that shooter. this is san francisco's sixth homicide this year. a tremendous person respected by everyone. that's how mourners remember the federal judge killed in last weekend's shooting spree in arizona. but there was concern not
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everyone feels that way. karen brown shows us the stepped-up security at today's funeral. karen. >> reporter: allen, there were about 16 motorcycle officers surrounding the hearse as john john roll's funeral procession went by. for the second day in a row the catholic church behind me was filled with tears and hope. yesterday, it was for a 9-year- old girl. today, it was for a federal judge who said his life's greatest accomplishment was his family. family, friends and colleagues said goodbye to judge john roll. >> with all his great accomplishments, his family was always number one. >> reporter: security was extremely tight. authorities checked everyone coming in. dozens of judges and lawmakers who worked with roll were in attendance. last saturday, judge roll stopped by a tucson supermarket to say hello to congresswoman gabrielle giffords. police have released a timeline
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of suspect jared loughner's movements before the shooting. he had pictures of himself with the gun developed the night before and six hours prior to the shooting the 22-year-old post the "good-bye friends" on the internet and then bought ammunition on wal-mart. as people mourn, they are praying for the injured to recover. doctors say gabrielle giffords is opening her eyes more frequently and can respond to commands. >> we couldn't have hoped for any better improvement than we're seeing now given the severity of her injuries initially. >> reporter: outside giffords' tucson offices, people have been leaving behind flowers, candles and get well wishes. one of the congresswoman's aides, pam simon, became emotional when she saw it for the first time. simon was shot twice in the attack, once in the wrist and once in the collar. after several days in the hospital, she was welcomed back by friends and colleagues. >> you guys, we're a family. i never realized how much of a family until now. >> reporter: besides giffords,
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three other shooting victims are still in the hospital and are listed in good condition. >> that was karen brown in tucson, arizona. well, new research from here in the bay area shows nearly all pregnant women in the united states have potentially harmful chemicals in their bodies. some of those toxics were banned back in the 1970s. dr. kim mulvihill on the four things women can do to protect themselves and their babies. >> reporter: michelle kahn is 7 months pregnant sand trying to take good care of her body. -- and is trying to take good care of her body. >> i try do a little more organic foods, less caffeine. >> reporter: but new research shows nearly all pregnant women in the u.s. have dozens of potentially harmful chemicals in their bodies, everything from banned pesticides to bisphenol a in plastic, to compounds from nonstick cookware. >> i think we should be concerned about all these chemicals that we're finding in pregnant women. >> reporter: dr. tracy woodruff and her team at ucsf tested the
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blood and urine from hundreds of pregnant women across the nation. >> 43 of these chemicals were found in virtually all the women, 99 to 100% of the women. so that means that each pregnant woman has at least 43 chemicals in her body. >> reporter: researchers say some of the chemicals they found were at levels shown to harm children in other studies. >> we don't know very much about the possible toxicity of these chemicals, one at a time. and then we know even less about what happens when all of these chemicals are in a woman's body or in a child's body all at the same time. >> reporter: pregnant women should not panic. however, to minimize risk, women can eat organic food with fewer chemicals. keep dust out of the house because dust tracks in a lot of chemicals. don't use plastic containers to reheat food in the microwave. and avoid cosmetics with phthalates. michelle kahn is doing what she can for her baby. >> we just want him or her to be really healthy and normal when they come out.
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>> and dr. kim mulvihill tonight. well, some think they are attractive, others inappropriate. the pricey new bike racks that have neighbors in one bay area city clashing. last week a virgo, this week a leo? the horoscope change that has many looking to the stars. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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newly installed bike racks in a bay area city known for cycling are causing quite a stir. many people have asked for them. now quite a few say they don't want 'em. juliette goodrich in benicia with what's causing the ruckus. juliette. >> reporter: hi, allen. it's an interesting story. people don't -- aren't really saying that they don't want bicycle racks. they are just saying they don't want these. so take a look at them. what do you think they look like? now people in benicia are saying, okay, they're in, we want them out. >> i just think they're awful. they don't really fit in with the town. they're too modern and this is a kind of a little old town. >> reporter: what did you think they were when you first saw them? >> i had no idea. maybe something to tie your dog to? >> reporter: the $30,000 allotment to install bike racks was a gift from the good neighbors steering committee
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after a settlement agreement involving the valero refinery's environmental effects. to settle the matter over the disputed look of the bike racks, a task force will be formed to decide whether the racks stay or go. >> we can't relocate can relocate them for a nominal cost and we need new funding for new backs. so the task force could install other racks. >> reporter: while some are perplexed by the design of the racks, others really don't mind them. >> don't bother me. to me, i think it adds a little bit. it's not rusty. >> not a huge eyesore. >> they resemble the wheel. >> reporter: some might mind the money and time spent to figure out what to do with the bike racks like this bicyclist. >> i think it's excessive. >> reporter: and back pedaling a bit, the city admits group consensus should have happened before the bike racks were
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bolted in. >> i think yes, in retrospect it could have been handled differently. >> reporter: all right. so the city council is going to meet next week to designated a task force to get together to designate who is going to decide what to do with these, allen. in the meantime, i have to say my photographer, bob horne and i have been here all day long, we have seen bicyclists, no one has locked their bike up to these. i'm just saying. >> that's exactly what i was going to ask you. how many people actually and can you lock a bike to that? >> reporter: all right. let me just show you one thing. one resident did say, there's two bike racks, there's a pole here, what's the difference? i'm just saying. >> gotcha. all right, juliette goodrich in benicia. thank you. the budget axe is falling at uc-berkeley again. the university is going to be laying off 150 employees this year. the chancellor says most of those will be let go by june. some have already been
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notified. the layoffs will not include faculty positions. most of them will be managers, support staff. the campus employs 21,000 people and 500 jobs have been cut over the last few years. the new job losses are expected to safety university about $20 million. well, despite the outrage, san francisco-based insurer blue shield refuses to delay rate hikes. but it does say it will agree to a review of its latest increase by an outside expert. the company says it will issue refunds to customers if errors are found in its paperwork. the increase effective march 1. and it is the third rate hike since october and some policyholders will get all three increases at once. first best buy and starbucks. now macy's? the problems people are running into when they are trying to cash in their gift cards. a curious sagittarius or a passionate scorpio? the confusion over a change in your horoscope.
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maybe i can get rid of that evil gemini twin? >> okay, so we all woke up this morning in the fog and now we'll end the day in the fog and how all of this will affect your weekend. the pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5.
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three lanes of west bound i-80 are closed just near solano let get into you this traffic alert right away. it's in the east bay. chopper 5 so far the three lanes, this is westbound i-80. it's closed just near solano avenue near richmond or it was closed. now i can see one lane on the right side is open. the accident involves that car which is out near the center. traffic as you see just squeezing by but the backup, well, the friday night on a holiday weekend that damage is done. that's going to last for a while. a tow truck has just gotten there. so they should get the car out there was pretty soon. but again, this is west i-80 in
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richmond. all right. even people who don't follow astrology know the answer to that question. what's your sign? you needed to know that back in the 70s but don't be so sure that you're the gemini or virgo. some astrologers say some zodiac signs have been wrong for hundreds of years. >> reporter: irma torres is picking up books on her astra logical sign. >> i'm a libra, we are always seeking balance. >> reporter: unaware she is a virgo. >> you have two signs. so you take good from both of them. >> reporter: that's one way of looking at it. actually this new zodiac adds a new sign ophiuchus from late november to mid-december completely rewriting the astrological chart. according to some astrologers your sign has probably changed. astrological positions were calculated on the stars some 2,000 years ago. but thanks to a would-bel in the earth's action six, those
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positions have been moved. >> they have been off by i'd say almost a sign for many, many, many years. >> reporter: josh siegel is a numerologist with expertise in astrology. he says this is an old argument getting new attention and says the western brand of astrology you read in the newspaper is dictated by the seasons not the stars. >> if the constellations are off or different or there is a new one doesn't affect western astrology because they are not measured by the constellations. they are measured by the seasons. >> reporter: mario cisneros says he is sticking with the sign he was born w once a tore remember, always a torres. >> i'm stubborn. [ laughter ] >> so i'm not going to change my opinion. >> reporter: susan marquez, cbs news. >> well, okay. so now i'm a taurus. i get to be -- >> i'm supposed to be a gemini now. >> welcome to my world. >> i'm originally a cancer. you don't have to look at the
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stars to see. this look at that. it is a layer of clouds that are now sweeping in over the golden gate bridge. and that's going to restrict some visibility tonight in northern portions of our bay area. official sundown is at 5:13. and you're able to see it at the immediate seashore but that blanket of low clouds and patchy fog is going to wrap around to the seashore in the next couple of hours. currently air temperatures in and around the bay area stacking up like this. into the 60s. would you believe this is the 14th day of the month and it's taken two full days to realize the warmest day so far this year? highs spanning from 59 in kentfield to 68 degrees in santa rosa. if you're going to be out and about for the next 60 minutes, it looks like temperatures are still into the 60s away from the bay of water. otherwise, numbers sitting into the 50s. tonight overnight, with the clouds across the northern portion of our district, numbers will range from 40 in santa rosa to 48 in san francisco, pacifica, daly
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city, as well. we do have a dense fog advisory that goes into effect at 11:00 tonight all the way through 9 a.m. tomorrow morning for the north bay interior valleys. that's where we'll see reduced visibility down to a quarter mile or maybe less in some spots as a dense fog redevelops. pretty similar to last night's conditions, but perhaps not as widespread. out over the open waters, it's a brand-new area of low pressure that wants to bring us at least some sprinkles from sonoma to the north on sunday. but meanwhile this area of high pressure is building in firmly. we'll have sunshine tomorrow. the pinpoint forecast, check out saturday morning. you will see where the clouds are confined again high pressure settling in over the bay area to produce temperatures very similar to today. all the way up to the mid- and high 60s inland. going with 65 santa rosa, 64
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san jose. average high in san francisco, 57. 64 for saturday. sunday will be cooler due to increasing clouds from the weak system to the north of the bay area. there you have the holiday. and we have a string of sunshiny days, dry weather pattern setting into the bay area through friday. martin luther king day, morning fog, then sunshine. pretty much in the 60s. we are going to take you away... to the amazon river in brazil. charlie york, we love you. boy, did you have a trip of a lifetime. keep the photos coming to mypix at and make it a great weekend. >> that's the best looking weekend forecast you have had in a long time. >> it is, right? >> thanks, ro. are you hoping to catch a good look at the big mavericks surf contest this year? spectators barred from lining up on the bluffs now overlooking the action. organizers had already closed the popular beach viewing spot. that was after the rogue waves came crashing ashore. here it was from last year. 13 people were hurt. so now organizers want to
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protect the fragile habitat that's at pillar point bluffs. your only choice, watch the competition on a viewing screen in an empty lot nearby or online. snafu. ,,,,
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caught up in the gift card snafu. recently, consumerwatch another major retailer is caught up in the gift card
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snafu. recently consumerwatch reported that complaints on holiday gift cards bought at supermarkets didn't work. julie watts has the update on that investigation and a few more problems solved this week by the consumerwatch team. >> reporter: when jeff mclain bought prewashed jeans at levis in petaluma he didn't expect they would shrink so when they did after just one wash, he brought them back along with his receipt that states they can be returned for a full refund for any reason within 60 days. but when the manager told him he couldn't get a refund because they had been washed, he emailed consumerwatch and we contacted corporate. levi strauss apologized for the manager's mistake and offered jeff that full refund. instead, jeff traded in his two short jeans for a new pair. when james from castro valley emailed consumerwatch to tell us bank of the west had taken some $2,000 in fees in just 2 months we decided to investigate. after contacting bank of the west, they agreed to reimburse james $380 and provide him with some tips on how to better
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avoid overdraft fees. and finally, you may remember this story from last week. >> we have a tv all out and what not so it's embarrassing. they said they are inactive or invalid and to go back to the supermarket where i bought them to get them activated again? >> reporter: cynthia and dave were humiliated when the gift cards they gave away for christmas didn't work. the best buy and starbucks cards purchased at safeway and lucky were made by blackhawk. that company tells us the problem is in the old packaging that has since been changed. gift cards like these with exposed numbers are what's left of an old inventory some of which had been tampered with by thieves. safeway apologized to dave and brought him new cards along with cookies and cynthia got her money back from lucky. since that story first aired, our sister station in sacramento heard from another consumer who bought a macy's gift card at safeway with the same problem. if you have given a gift card recently contact recipient to make sure it works. we have reposted our gift card story at with
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instructions on how to get a new card. you want to click news, consumers then scroll down to consumerwatch. that's where all our stories live. we also heard problems with the macy's gift card actually purchased at macy's but that's a different manufacturer so if you find yourself in that situation, contact macy's customer service directly. >> thank you. we'll be right back. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, call to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. it's our fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh.
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it's the hottest ticket in town. not for the giants, or a hot music act, but a show from good evening. coming up at 6:00 the hottest ticket in town. not for the giants, nor a hot musical act. but a show from the 19th century. why scalpers are now lurking at the de young. we'll have that and more at 6:00, allen. >> all right, dana. thanks. all right. this one is a better deal. if you are planning a trip to a national park this weekend, it's going to be free. the martin luther king, jr. holiday weekend, the f o


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