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tv   The Early Show  CBS  January 15, 2011 5:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. tears of sorrow, tears of joy, a week after the shooting in tucson, a beloved judge laid to rest while nearby returning workers get a hero's welcome and a brave congresswoman continues her brave recovery. congress returns to work after the tragedy. have attitudes changed, were lessons learned? and nearly a century after an iceberg ripped a dash through her starboard side, a new calamity may destroy the old ship for good. all that and much more early this saturday morning, january all that and much more early this saturday morning, january 15th, 2 th0011
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. welcowelcom welcowelcomewem russ mitchell. >> it>> it's warm, indeed. googood morning good morning, betty nguyen. >> as we said>> as we said a w aand tragedy in p coming u goigoing op going on out t nep newnews today, we'llto p >> ther >> thep >> the> amazip amazing and so remae >> they really are. >> also we'll talk about air fares. we've heard if you go online you can get the best deal. that's not always the case. there's been a bit of a shake-up when it comes to the online websites and the fares they offer. we'll give you the latest on. >> that they always tell you go to our website we'll give you the best deal, not necessarily the case. >> sometimes there are fees just to hear a person on the phone, things are changing folks. our top story today tucson a week later.
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more funerals planned this weekend including one for a top aide to congresswop gabrielle giffords. and there is new disturbing video made by the accused gunman. our correspondents jack black stone is in tucson with the latest. good morning. john. >> reporter: good morning, betty. it was one week ago this morning jared loughner allegedly opened fire hitting 19 people killing six. now a video has been posted on the l avtimes website apparently loughner in his own words and those words are chilling. >> we are looking at students who have been tortured. >> reporter: in recent months those who knew him say he became increasingly unstable and talked of violence. >> this is my genocide school. i'm going to be homeless because of this school. >> reporter: this video obtained by the "los angeles times" helped get him suspended from pima community college. one officer wrote, there might be a mental health concern involved with loughner.
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but school officials say beyond kicking him out, there's little else they could do. >> this was a student that had no prior history of violence. who had odd and strange behavior but wasn't threatening a crime. >> reporter: meanwhile, the heavy toll from last week's shooting continues. friday, hundreds attended a funeral mass for federal judge john roll. one day after 9-year-old christina taylor green was laid to rest. gabe zimmerman a top aide to the congresswoman will be buried tomorrow. but, there's some good news, as well. two other aides to giffords are now out of the hospital. one of them, paused to look at all the tributes. >> it's just beautiful. >> reporter: then, she went back to work. giffords remains critically wounded but her recovery from being shot in the brain continues to amaze her doctors. >> we couldn't have hoped for any better improvement than we
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see now given the severity of injury initially. >> reporter: now, doctors at the university of medical center say with each day, giffords is showing more movement in her arms and legs. the next big step, removing her breathing tube. that could happen as early as today. betty? >> all right. cbs news correspondents john blackstone in tucson. thank you. congresswoman giffords is making great strides in her recovery, these next several days are crucial. for a look at that we turn to dr. david linger, neurosurgeon from new york. thanks for being with us. is it really hard for you to imagine in the capacity serving as a doctor, neurosurgeon we are looking at congresswoman giffords today not only still alive but making remarkable progress? >> i'm not sure -- it's certainly remarkable progress. i think the most critical thing was she was alive and doing -- had function when she arrived at the hospital that. really was the set piece for the rest of her possibility of
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recovery. i think it's just obviously just a terrific story and a great medical story of all the resource that went into her care and really how wonderfully she's doing. yes, it is -- it's remarkable in that the system worked, she's obviously a high-profile person and couldn't be a better person for this to work on. i'm sure everyone's very grateful for that. >> some people are, indeed, calling it miraculous. let's talk about the details of her injury. we're learning today that they may remove the breathing tube. what does that signify? >> well, basically, when you have a trauma such as this, the care is really divided into portions and pieces. the very initial step is the acute trauma and the triage and management, the surgery and decision making surround thachlst right now she's really in the intensive care unit phase and removal of the breathing tube is simply almost like a step in the process. the next step is to remove the breathing tube, to see how she
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breathess on her own before then and basically assess her neurological function to go to the next step, rehabilitation. >> we've learned she can move her arms and legs, the next few days as you mentioned are very crucial. what are they looking for and trying to determine. >> i think there is -- nur logically her injury is more or less fixed at this point not very variable. really her brain will morals recover on its own. they are looking for an assessment of what her deficits are and what kind of rehabilitation and tick lat she'll need, whether she'll need physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy to learn to use her hands again. each of these functions will determine the intensity of those types of therapy that will be offered to her. >> very quickly, i was learning that it really depends on whether she's left brain or right -- no, right-handed or left-handleded to determine how much of i guess damage, perhaps, her brain has sustained. is that true? >> well, it's a little more complicated than that. but the truth is, if about 99%
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of right-handed people are left-brain dominant which means -- what that means really when we think of dominance, we mean speech of the vast majority of right-handed people are left-brain dominant. left-handed people tend to be a little more complex. they often can have bilateral speech or right-sided speech. the truth i don't know if ms. giffords is left or right handed but there are -- we don't know what her speech function or dominance until you -- >> it is all connected. >> a little ways to go, still. we appreciate your insight in breaking it down for us. we appreciate that. >> thanks for having me. >> russ? thank you very much. congress returns to work next week in the aftermath of the tragedy in tucson. cbs news correspondents whit johnson joins us live from capitol hill to tell us what's next on the agenda. whit, good morning. >> reporter: russ, good morning to you. we had a brief moment of unities here in washington but inevitably things are getting back to business as usual.
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republicans are hunkered down in a three-day strategy conference, framing their agenda for the new year and it starts with health care. >> we are a renewed and energized republican majority. looking to do some great things this year. >> reporter: following a week of pause in washington, a re-grouped gop is again focusing in on president obama's signature health care law. tuesday, house republicans will introduce a measure to repeal it, with a final vote shortly after. other priorities, which include taking back the white house in 2012, fall on the new chairman of the republican national committee. >> how is everyone doing. >> out is the outspoken and controversial michael steele. in is reince priebus, former party chair in wisconsin voted to the post as president obama was attending a memorial service for ambassador richard holbrooke. >> when our nation has recently received a tragic reminder that we must never take our public servants for granted. >> reporter: his second memorial
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in just three days capping off a somber week in which the president led the nation in a call for calm. from monday's moment of silence to wednesday night's speech in arizona, the president pleaded for civil discourse. >> if this tragedy prompts reflection and debate, as it should, let's make sure it's worthy of those we have lost. >> reporter: and president obama's state of the union address coming up january 25th. typically, republicans and democrats sit on opposite sides of the house chamber during that speech but now, congressional leaders from both parties are suggesting a mixed seating arrangement as another show of solidarity. russ? >> whit johnson, thank you very much. seating arrangements aside as congress learned any real lessons from the shootings in tucson, will they tone down the political rhetoric. joining us political have to be the last
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word. thank you both. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> spirited discussion on this saturday morning. we appreciate that. let's head that way to mr. kendis gibson for what else is in the news today. good morning. >> good morning. hello, everybody. the son of ronald reagan believes the former president may have suffered the beginning stages of alzheimer's still in the white howls. ron reagan makes the suggestion in his new memoir excerpted in ""u.s. news & world report"" saying his father would have stepped down had the diagnosis been made in 1987. reagan was diagnosed with alzheimer's in 1994, five years after leaving office. he died in 2004 at the age of 93. a state of emergency has been declared in to nearby sha, the tiny nation the u.s. considers an ally in a fight against al qaeda and islamic terrorism. this morning the capital is in ruins after violent protests toppled the long-time dictatorship. our correspondent elizabeth
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palmer is following developments from london. >> reporter: for weeks, angry civilians, young and educated have battled day after day with government forces demanding an end to corruption and unemployment. amnesty international estimates 55 people have been killed. last night, the protesters won when the man they depies most, the president, fled with his family to saudi arabia. the country's prime minister went on national television to appeal for calm and to promise political reform. today, the capital is quiet but tense, with the speaker of the parliament named interim president. the army has been deployed to keep order. the u.s. is calling for free and fair elections, something the demonstrators and opposition politicians say they want, too but a prospect that had other repressive regimes in the region deeply worried. >> elsewhere this morning, at least 500 people dead in brazil
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and thousands homeless after four days of devastating floods and mud slides. the brazilian government is under fire for not doing enough to rescue victims stranded on remote hillsides. cbs news correspondent kelly koeb yea reports. >> reporter: rivers of mud and debris swallow the entire towns and families. this man says 16 of his family members were killed. a month's worth of rain fell in just 24 hours wednesday. hillsides and river banks collapsed. homes were engulfed in raging floodwaters. roads washed away. at least 540 people are dead in these mountain towns. 13,000 are homeless. an army field hospital has been set up to treat the injured. but rescuers fear it's too late for dozens, possibly hundreds of
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people buried in the mud. they're having trouble reaching some areas because of mud-clogged roads and more rain. in the town of nova froburgo, a panic friday. in many places the soil is still soaked and unstable and the rain expected to continue through the weekend. on the other end of the world new flood warnings in effect for parts of australia, still struggling after weeks of deadly floods. brisbane, the third largest city, one of the hardest hit areas. more than 30,000 homes and businesses were destroyed. cleanup is expected to take months. more than two dozen deaths are blamed on the floods and at least two dozen people missing. 20 years from now, the wreck of the "titanic" may be nothing more than a rust stain on the ocean floor. scientists say never before seen bacteria is literally eating the
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iron hull of the ship and could completely consume the "titan " "titanic's" remains within two decades. it sank in the atlantic on april 15th, 1912, after hitting an iceberg, killing more than 1500 people. 17 minutes now after the hour. let's check with lonnie quinn for our weather. i guess so much for the movie sequel, huh? >> may not thereabout 20 years from now. first, that's a great shirt and tie combo, nobody wears it like my man kendis. >> because nobody would want to. >> the cover of gq in your living room. the weather headlines look like this. a light snow moving into the northeast a. weekend soaker, a lot of rain for the northest and chilly morning for the southeast. look at, this at 6:00 this morning, it was 20 in tallahassee, florida. now, you warm into the 50s today with lots of sunshine out there but quickly i want to point out this little area, you see some cloud cover moving on and a bit of precipitation for the pacific northwest. this storm, it is going to get
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its act together, people talking four to six inches of rain, we have flood watches from seattle to spokane to portland oregon because of this storm all weekend long you'll deal with it. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. make it a great day today. betty, you to. >> thank you, lonnie. bleak news, from the food industry. footd prices are on the rise. so, what foods are costing us more and why? joining us with answers is the assistant managing editor for bloomberg business week. good morning, she'll lila.
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>> what types of food are costing more these days. >> actually corn is a big one. the agriculture department released a report a couple days ago about crop forecasts for the year and predicted corn production will go down very significantly which led to a spike in prices. >> why is that, do you know? >> a lot of reasons. funny i will enough weather cited as a big one, sort of freak weather in different parts of the world. russia experience ad drought there. are floods in australia. there's been sort of freezing weather in florida, our own midwest experienced flooding earlier this year. and because the market for a lot of these food xhom tees is global that, you know, when something strange happens somewhere that can affect a crop. >> the domino effect no doubt. corn, what else. >> corn has a ripple effect because it goes into a lot of different foods, a big component of feed for animals. so, meat, as a result will be, you know, expected to go up quite a bit, beef and pork were cited. our grains, wheat, and all fruits and vegetables, not -- >> these are the main things.
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i mean, it seems like everything is going up. >> yes. there's really no where to hide. i heard an economist from the u.n. say yesterday there is really nothing good in this story particularly. it is sort of a. >> there's got to be a bit of silver lining. you did find anything that wasn't rising in price? >> it seems eggs have not gone up as much as other things. >> that's it? >> i was thinking eggs for dinner might be one slogan to tack onto your fridge. >> morning, noon and night let's have some. how do we cut the cost this is what we're faced with. >> that's a good question. i think the key right now to shop smarter, buy things and load up on them when they are on sale and accept if to taye mows in the middle of winter are eight dollars a pounds you will used canned tomatoes and that scary thing clipping coupons if you have time to do that always works and don't go to the sprpmarket hungry. bring a list. >> i do that all the time. you end up buying stuff you really don't need not enough for a meal but snack food. >> you end up eating it in line.
5:22 am
>> it is weekend and we hear this news. a lot of people thinking about going out to dinner. is this having an effect on the restaurants? are we going to pay more at restaurants, as well? >> absolutely, restaurants are expected to be sort of passing on some of these costs to their consumers and just the coffee shop down the street from my house a sign saying they were raising their pastry prices because of wheat and wheat prices going up and they were sorry and the fact is, you are going to have to think twice before buying the muffin, going out to dinner. it might be a good opportunity to rediscover cooking at home. >> rediscover the only let. all right. thanks so much for your insight. we appreciate it. russ? >> betty, thank you very much. coming up america's newest heroes. a week since they put their lives on the line in tucson. what makes a person to risk it all to save somebody else? we'll talk to two of tucson's true heroes this morning. ive stress-busting foods that will boost your mood.
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she actually got ahold of the magazine, the alleged gunman would use and bill badger grazed bay bullet but was able to grab the gunman's wrist. >> the thing about it, when you see something like that happen, a lot of people run, i want to protect myself but went straight for the guy causing all the damage. could have gotten killed themselves. >> that's true. a lot of people as you said run, they will freeze. what exactly makes a person risk their lives to save the lives of others? hopefully niece folks will give us insight. i have a feeling they will tell us they did what they thought they had to do at the moment. >> always so humble saying i'm not a hero but they definitely are. >> that's coming up in a bit a. lot more coming up on "the early show." your local news is next. ,,,, 3q
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last saturday what a tragic day but a day full of heroes, as well. kendis you were there covering this story. what was it like. >> it was interesting. i was there the day the president was there and met patricia maisch, who grabbed the magazine. she said she had to make two quick decisions and fell on the ground and saw one drop near her and grabbed it. >> quick thinking. >> i forget what age she is an older woman but still knew quickly enough to get in that position and do that and act quickly. >> how does she handle the term "hero" how she views herself? >> she doesn't view herself as a hero but excited to get to meet the president.
5:28 am
i asked how she's is sleeping and she is that is the most difficult part right now. one other quick decision she made at that point, deciding not to look at anybody who was injured. i don't know how is she decided to do that but she said she didn't look at any of the -- >> that's got to be a searing memory. >> interesting her and bill badger, the other gentleman we'll talk to former military person you have to wonder if instinct kicked in. >> he was injured, wasn't he grazed in the head. >> he was, a little disoriented, he said but had enough wherewithal to grab the gunman, the wrist. >> i think i would react quickly if i was protecting the one is i love but hesitant if it was just me. >> just the aide to the congressman who said as soon as he heard the gunshot, he ran toward her. most people. >> you run away from a gunshot. >> run away. get on the ground, whatever. he ran toward her. >> held her hand and talked to her the whole time, as well. a lot of stories coming out of tucson. again, the story two of heroes coming up. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,
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>> look at that great crowd outside. boy, they are braving the cold conditions to be here this morning. we do appreciate it. >> that is dedication. >> no doubt. everyone is bundled up. they knew what they were in for out there today, no doubt. welcome back, everybody to "the early show" i'm betty nguyen. >> i'm russ mitchell. >> a lot of us feeling stressed these days, the beginning of the year, a lot on our minds. >> exactly. >> new year's resolutions we don't want to break. this morning, we have everything you need, we have five feel-good for as that will reduce stress and boost your mood. >> some of these are surprising. you think of comfort food and stuff like that.
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>> rice crispy treats. >> stick around. big changes are happening to make it harder to find a good deal but fear not how to get the flight you want at the price you want. but first, one week since the tucson shootings left six dead, a congresswoman critley injured and a nation once again looking for answers, which may never come but what we did get were heroes. >> how many people are injured there? >> we have about a total of ten people, maybe more. >> our hearts of full of gratitude for those who saved others. >> most people would run the other way. you ran toward that noise. >> with it being the congresswoman, i knew if there was a gunman she would likely be a target. it's a little strange to be calling me a hero. the real heroes are people like congresswoman giffords who have dedicated their lives to public service and helping others. >> we've decided you are a hero because you ran through the chaos to administer to your boss
5:32 am
and tended to her wounds and helped keep her alive. >> multiple victims. we need a lot more units here. >> patricia maisch, who wrestled away the killer's ammunition and undoubtedly saved some lives. >> he was pulling the magazine out of his pocket with his left hand and somebody said, grab the magazine, so i grabbed the magazine before he could. >> -- have tackled the suspect. >> we are grateful to the men who tackled the gunman as he stopped to reload. >> anytime he would even start to move, i would tighten my grip on his throat and this other guy would put more pressure on his neck. >> high rowism is here in the hearts of so many of our fellow citizens. all around us, just waiting to be summoned. as it was on saturday morning. >> and joining us from the university of medical center in tucson retired army colonel bill badger and patricia maisch.
5:33 am
good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> patricia beginning with you the word hero as we said is thrown around a lot these days. when someone calls you a hero, what goes through your mind? >> it goes through my mind that bill and roger are super heroes if i'm a hero. my son tells me that i should just say thank you. that the community needs heroes right now. so, i'm trying to be a little more accepting of the title. >> i understand. bill, what do you think when people call you a hero? >> well, i -- i think exactly the same thing as patricia just said. that, you know, we need to be concentrating on congresswoman gabrielle giffords right now and when she was able to sit up in bed yesterday and move her feet, that was a tremendous thing. and that's what i think we need to be concentrated on right now. >> of course, very good news to hear. patricia, take me back to last saturday. a lot of people would have frozen if they had been in the
5:34 am
position you were in. what do you think made you do what you did? >> well, i reacted because of my military training and i was a pilot in the army and you're trained to just react instantly when something is going wrong and i give all my credit to my military training. >> i understand. patricia, let me ask you the same question, what made you do what you did? >> i just reacted. i didn't act. i just had the opportunity to still be alive and i heard him say get the gun and then get the magazine. i couldn't get the gun, so i just was running on adrenaline, i guess. that's all i can tell you. i just reacted instead of acting. >> i wonder in a situation like this, patricia, do you learn anything about yourself? >> um, i -- i really guess not. one of the -- one of your
5:35 am
reporters asked my husband last sunday, was he surprised that i had done this? and i don't think of myself this way but he said something to the effect that i've known her for 30 years, doesn't surprise me a bit. she's fearless. but i don't think of myself that way. >> i see. bill, what was it like to be shouted out thank yous by the president in his memorial speech. >> it was an honor the president came out here to meet with my family and myself and i'm extremely humble. i think it was one of the best events i ever attended in my life, because everybody was focusing on, you know, on congresswoman gabrielle giffords and what we had to do to pull our country together. and if we can just pull, you know, our country together as
5:36 am
the result of this, why, i'll be happy. of course, the congresswoman, gabrielle giffords has to survive so that i'll be a friend of hers for life. >> i understand. i understand that that totally. patricia, you also got a call from the president of the united states. what did he say to you? >> well, first of all, i was talking to some media outlet so he had to leave a message. then when i was going through my messages it said this is katy in mr. obama's office and we'd like you to call him back. he'd like to have a few words to say you to and when i -- i had to take a moment then to compose myself, because i was just sitting in my car eating lunch so i could have a little down time and so i had a moment of teariness just hearing that the president wanted to talk to me. then when i called, there was no
5:37 am
wait, she said just a moment, please and the president was on the phone, he had stopped whatever he was doing. it was very, very humbling and very endearing to hear his voice and to have him praising me. >> patricia maisch and bill badger joining us from tucson this morning. thank you both for everything. we certainly appreciate it. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> have a great saturday. it is now 37 minutes past the hour. mr. lonnie quinn with another check of the weather. >> you've got it, russ. you've got to feel great there are people like that in our world. look at all the smiling faces behind me. all the girls are participating in the colgate women's games the largest amateur track series in the country. helps them develop self-esteem and in sports, as well. i got to figure out what this means the big 4-0 in the big gig-amming as quick who will is the big 4-0 girl.
5:38 am
>> we're celebrating 40. >> where are you from. >> texas. >> the aggies, i got you. let's talk about the weather. here are the weather headlines over 70% of the u.s. has snow on the ground including texas, ladies. that's every state in the country except for florida. and in terms of snow i see a little bit of snow moving to the northeast today. an alberta clipper bringing one to three inches, not a huge storm but the most snow that falls anywhere in the u.s. today after a country filled with snow right now. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. all right. the ladies celebrate their birthday, hot toddy? hot cocoa.
5:39 am
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when it comes to moods and food, what you eat can have a big impact on how you feel. certain foods can reduce stress, relieve anxiety and make you feel better. registered dietitian cynthia sass joins us with five foods that help take the stress out of life author of "cinch, conquer cravings, drop pounds and lose inches. good morning, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> what can we do to not eat the wrong things, if you will. this right here, if you are at work and stressed out and you want to grab for some chocolate or something that's around the desk that's a no-no. >> yes. >> what should we grab for. >> reach for the raw veggies with hummus and good old glass of h 20. a british study found 70% of participants said eating more produce and drinking more water
5:43 am
significantly reduced their stress, including panic attacks and anxiety where sugar would aggravate that stress. so go, for the veggies. >> stay away from the candy and go to veggies and a glass of water, really. >> yeah. >> that can perk you up. >> okay. if you are giving a presentation at work a lot of people have anxiety with that, you know, period s. there a way to calm those nerves. >> absolutely. this is fascinating so. a study fub blished in the "american journal of clinical nutrition" found people who sip on green tea, five cups or more a day had 20% lower levels of psychological stress compared to people who had less than one cup a day. so go for the green tea. >> for a lot of it, five cups. >> and seaweed salad. >> rich in i o dine and mag z yum. >> on the weekend a lot of people want to watch football, they want to watch all these sporting events but that alone can bring anxiety. >> it can. if your team's not doing well.
5:44 am
this is a new twist on an old favorite. this contains whole grains brown rice puffs. the whole grains will boost the nutritional value by about 80% and are tasty. >> they do taste good. >> that way you won't have the spike and drop that can cause you to feel more aggravated and irritated, really a better way to go when it comes to snack foods that give you cash bo hydrates which booze serotonin in the brain but not give you the blood sugar spike. >> very good and tasty, too. i love that. say the in-laws are coming in. that can be so stressful for certain people. is there a certain dish to put on the table to make things seem easier. >> absolutely serve up a fresh garden salad and serve up with fresh gratd beats.
5:45 am
some drugs can he can pleat foliate from the body. spinach and beans are another good source but these are beautiful and colorful. >> they will ask why am i always eating salad with i come to your house. >> with beets. >> in these times dealing with financial troubles how to make the next -- the bills and meals and all of that but you say when it comes to meals we should go for mushrooms? >> yes. a double-whammy. they have a key antioxidant shown to help alleviate stress and the only plant food on the planet with vitamin d an important nutrient three out of four americans are short on. what is interesting about mushrooms, exposed to sunlight, grown in the shade, when they are exposed to sun their vitamin d levels skyrocket like when we produce vitamin d. put sun on them and it can boost the levels, in fact one serving can have 800 percent for the day.
5:46 am
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skin looks flawless, baby-smooth. going on between airlines and the travel websites listing their ticket prices. american airlines is has pulled flights from fares from and no longer listed on expedia either. delta withdraw from cheapoair.and with more sites to come. what does it mean for you? it is harder to find the best deal. enter peter greenberg with tips. good morning. >> good morning. in the old days, by the way in the airline a business about six months with a whole lot more seats to sell the airline didn't
5:50 am
care because they needed to sell tickets and weren't afraid of paying a premium to the otas, online travel agencies to sell their tickets. guess, what they have reduced that ircapacity and parked a lot of planes in the desert filling about 87% of seats air wang want to bring all that pricing in-house, not just a question of who sells their tickets it's how the tickets and fares are displayed. if they generate more revenue paying a upgraded seat or male or pillow, they want that, too. >> overall how does this affect the average traveler? >> it reduces your opportunities to be a comparison shopper online and you have to look that much harder to get what you want to get. >> do things vary, you will get the same deal on this site or this. >> no, one big myth, all the available inventory sont web. it's not. the second, it is the same inventory. as an example i wanted to get on a flight from washington, d.c. on the shuttle. the cheapest fare was $296 each
5:51 am
waive. that's, you could go to london for that. i went on orbitz and found the exact same flight for 296 on the u.s. air website for $51. >> wow. >> they hadn't sold all that inventory yet. >> what websites do you recommend? >> a lot still out there,, and a new one out of denmark for about 700 different sites called >> i like that. it's fun to say. >> but the bottom line they are still out there. you've got to look harder. >> a myth you have to use the web for the best deals. you say not necessarily. >> the whole thing about the inventory that the travel provider provides. they hold a lot of stuff back. call a human being, i know a new concept for so many out there. talk to a person on the phone. they have stuff airlines match overnight that may not be on the web applying to hotels. >> you also hear if you make the phone call you will be charged
5:52 am
more. >> if i can save you $600 on a ticket you could pay $30 to talk to a human being? yes, you would. >> i see. you say social media sites also a good place. >> bottom line on fwit ter, jetblue all the other airlines are doing it. they don't last long, they had deals from las vegas to burbank, last-minute increment income they want to generate. they will e-mail deals like the old days but now using facebook and twitter. >> will they kiss and make up soon. >> you bet they. are you know why? it's money. right now, you've got to work a little harder for the deal. >> peter, thanks. >> you got it. >> safe travels, i know you are heading somewhere. >> you always say that. >> later, imagine getting a robo call at 4:30 in the morning. this guy did sew fought back with the ultimate revenge. wait until you hear it. this is "the early show" on cbs. and he looks so nice. ♪ we're not going to take it
5:53 am
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5:56 am
because we like to inform and educate, right, betty? >> and protect. >> and proengt. we have video here we want to you to take a look at from lanesboro, massachusetts, this woman is texting and walking. >> ooh. >> right into a pond. >> you can't text and walk at the same time. >> i'm sure we'll see this again. yes, closer. >> close up. >> let's just say whatever that device she was using is probably not working this morning. >> this is from like five different angles. >> goodness. >> oh, wow. >> they make an app on your phone called text and walk, actually i have it up on my iphone. take a look here. i can see what's in front of me, kendis and betty. but it sees what's in front of me so i don't bump into the cameras. >> that's cool. sad we need that but cool.
5:57 am
>> that we need it. >> we'll talk robo calls and how one guy got revenge coming up. your local news is next. a story coming up a guy in maryland who got a robo call at 4:30 in the morning last week saying your kids don't have school, from the school board. he got them back somehow i don't know how but set up his own robo call and robo called all the schoolboard members and what not. we'll talk to this gentlemen. >> the worst time, the middle of the night and you want to say something back but you know you can't because it's an automated system. >> but are they only for landlines or still getting. >> i get mine on my cell phone. >> i definitely get them on my cell phone but are called bill collectors. >> don't ignore those. >> they have become sophisticated. i got one at the office and the
5:58 am
guy was stumbling like having a normal conversation. hey, uh, sorry it took so long to get back to you but, you know, look i've been busy. for a second you go, wait a minute, this sounds like a real conversation and takes you a second. no, this is a fake call. >> now they are trying to trick you. >> -- the fake calls, i'm not taking this. >> a lot of times if i don't recognize the number. >> i won't pick up. >> absolutely. >> they have gotten smart there, too, what is it. >> blocked. >> unavailable. >> but at 4:00 in the morning, you think it is an emergency or something, right. who else will be calling you that early in the morning so you want to pick up just in case. >> if it's information i want a school board calling me school is canceled, i want that early in the morning but not the senseless ones at that hour. >> people figure out how to text you saying listen, no school today for your kids or e-mail. >> this gentleman's problem is not the fact they told him his kids didn't have school but he knew the night before but still decided to robo call you.
5:59 am
>> exactly. >> hope they weren't sleeping. >> we better go. i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals. honestly, i'd love to do this for the rest of my life so i've got to take care of my heart. for me, cheerios is a good place to start. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. brrrbb... makes you feel ageless. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. [ bob ] squak. which we've already prepped-hold on, sharon! you can't cook that sea bass in a greasy oven! why not? you'd never cook with pots and pans that dirty, would you? no! (chef) easy-off fume free oven cleaner cuts through up to five times more grease than the leading all-purpose cleaner. it's the best way to get a perfectly clean oven, without the fumes. wow. you learn something new every day!
6:00 am
(chef) easy-off. good food deserves a clean oven. try new easy-off cooktop cleaner, unbeatable on tough grease. good morning. welcome back to "the early show." we have quite a crowd this morning. listen to them, on an early saturday. all these kids out here, don't you love these shiny smiling faces soimplsts nice when they come out. i love this one. big 4-0 in the big apple. >> yeah! >> from texas, right. >> you're aggies? i'm a longhorn. that's okay, you are still a texan, still have love for you. >> fightin' words. >> i'm just sayin'. >> this is betty nguyen, i'm russ mitchell. >> good morning, everybody. >> we'll talk to the robo call dad. >> i can't wait to hear from him. >> a guy in maryland got a robo
6:01 am
call at 4:30 in the morning telling him his kids didn't have school that day. the rob problem was he knew the night before and wasn't real happy. he did something real interesting to get back at the people. >> i think a lot of people will take a cue from this guy. >> that's right. i said earlier he looks so pleasant. >> he does. >> we have a lot coming up. tlls are deals at certain times of the year you can really get something for next to nothing. we're going to tell you what they are and when is the best time to buy certain items. you don't want to miss this because this, indeed, will save you a lot of cash. >> you can get a good deal on a swimsuit in the wintertime, is that right. >> honestly, in the right now. >> you would think because we are not wearing them but prime time you might be able to get the good deal. >> interesting. that's all coming up first another check of the headlines mr. kendis gibson at the news desk with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. the los angeles times has released chilling new video of the alleged shooter in the tucson tragedy. cbs news correspondents john
6:02 am
blackstone is in tucson with the very latest. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kendis. in this new video, we don't actually see loughner, he's behind the camera, walking through his community college but saying some disturbing things. >> the bookstore, the bookstore, the bookstore. it's so illegal to sell this book under the constitution. we are, also, censured by our freedom of speech. >> now, as loughner walks along the campus, he talks about being denied his first amendment rights, talks about the teacher who gave him a "b" for exercising his first amendment rights. he talks about genocide in the school and the torture of students. he says i have never forgotten the teacher who gave me that "b" for freedom of speech. this, he also says pima community college is a big scam.
6:03 am
when the community college saw this video, they threw loughner out. they say they couldn't take any other action, that he made no specific threats in this video. all they could do was kick him out of school and that's what they d. the good news here in tucson is that representative gabrielle giffords continues to improve. doctors say she's now able showing some movement in her arms and legs. they may be able, today, to remove her breathing tube. that's one of the things they're looking forward, to removing her breathing tube. she is making progress and doctors here say her prognosis is good. kendis? >> john blackstone reporting this morning, thank you. three u.s. soldiers killed in iraq this morning in separate incident making it one deadliest days there in several mornts for american forces. iraqi soldiers opened fires on the americans during a training exercise in mosul, killing two of them. a third was killed on patrol in central iraq. a military advisory panel
6:04 am
says women should be allowed to serve in front-line combat units. the commission of current and retired military officers says the ban on women from full combat should be eliminated in order to create a level playing field for all qualified service members. women make up 14% of the armed forces and thousands have served in iraq and afghanistan in combat-support roles like medics or transportation officers. a federal judge meantime in california says a first class-action lawsuit against toyota for sudden acceleration problems will go to trial in 2013. plaintiffs allege their throttle control system led cars to surge unexpectedly. no deaths were reported. toyota claims plaintiffs have been unable to prove a design defect. finally, a louisiana woman believed the oldest living african-american has died at the age of 113 years. according to research group, she
6:05 am
was the seventh oldest living person in the world. the research group says it is almost certain she was one of only two african-americans alive whose parents were born into slavery. she was born when william mckinley was president, apparently. 8:05 now, five minutes after the hour. let's go to lonnie quinn outside. >> all right, a piece of history out there. listening to you guys, mom's back here saying number three, lonnie. what does -- what does that mean? >> -- top three. >> okay. i'm going to tell them what that means. that means you finished in the top three in the colgate women's game. >> all right. that's the country's largest amateur track competition for all these ladies here. but, boy, thankfully doing it inside an indoor track because it is cold out here. i tell you what, it's cold all over the country. look at some of these cold temperatures chilly idaho, 37 what you dropped down to today.
6:06 am
free freezeout lake, montana down to 28. burr, nebraska down to 5 and cold mountain north carolina drops down to 21. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at weather for your weekend. >> all righty, everybody. it is shout-out time. this week, i got a big holla to everyone in breckenridge, colorado heading to the 48th annual oola fest, that's right the norse god of snow. with more than 200 inches of powder on the slopes already there is plenty to celebrate. each year a parade, a nordic party and bonfire where -- look at that video, right.
6:07 am
they crown a king and queen. we thank everyone watching on cbs 4 in denver. that's it for me in the cold. now, i'm doing a toss to an oola anchor, yeah, russ, oola anchorman. >> announcer: this weather segment sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. >> thank you, lonnie. we have all gotten annoying robo calls. you pick up the phone and it's an automated recorded message speaking to you. one maryland dad received one from his child's school district at 4:30 in the morning informing him of a snow delay while this dad was so incensed, he decided to dial up a little revenge arranging his own robo call to nine members of the local school board. he arranged for it the next morning at, you guessed it, 4:30. take a listen. >> this is a prince george's county school district parent calling to thank you for the robo call yesterday at 4:30 in the morning. i decided to return the favor. while i know the school district
6:08 am
wanted to ensure i dropped my child off two hours late on a snow day, i already knew that before i went to bed. i hope this call demonstrates why a 4:30 amz call does more to annoy than to inform. quit robo calling parents at 4:30 in the morning or at least allow us to opt out of these intrusive calls. >> joining us from washington, d.c. this morning is aaron titus, the father behind the revenge robo call. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> take us back to the first you got from the school district. exactly what did i say. >> well, it told me that -- i went the bed the night before, found out there was going to be a school delay and at 4:30 in the morning got a call and jumped out of bed thinking, who died, then the second thought through my mind i've got to keep my kids asleep, i have five children, 5, 4, 3, 2 and one week old. trying to keep them asleep is top priority. i picked up the phone and it said you can sleep in for two hours and so i was a little
6:09 am
perturbed. >> what made you decide to get back at them in the way you did? >> well, it seemed a rather logical response, you know, i figured they were following the 2k3w08den rule treating me the same way they would have me treat them. i could lodge an angry phone call or something but figured it would be a waste of time. so, you know, maybe a robo call wouldn't be that bad of an idea. >> how angry were you when you got up at 4:30 in the morning? you must have been -- i mean, a family show, you must have been pretty angry, let's just say that, right. >> i was pretty upset, yeah. i think the sleep deprivation may have heightened my creativity as i rolled around in bed. >> in this robo call, the revenge robo call you targeted the school board members and superintendent, as well? >> yes, that's correct, yeah. >> did you think at any point, you know what, this is funny, maybe i'm crossing a line, maybe this is immature? what was going through your head after you had done it? >> well, immature, maybe. but, you know, for me, it was just a matter of effectiveness,
6:10 am
what i can do to make sure that these robo calls don't happen again at 4:30? i knew a phone call was not going to be very effective. so, i thault, the most effective thing i could do was to robo call them back and, you know, turns out it was, in fact very effective and somewhat satisfyi satisfying. >> some would argue there were parents not like you who did not school was delayed two hours. in that case should they not have called at all. >> i'm of the personal opinion if all robo calls went away the world would be a better place. i understand there are parents without internet access and need robo calls. they are necessary evil. 4:30 in the morning, no, huh-uh that is unacceptable. >> the school district issued a statement saying the robo call should never have gone out at 4:30 a.m. they normally go out between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m.
6:11 am
they admitted they made a mistake there. in the future, how do you think the school district is going to handle this based on the fact you got them pretty good? >> well, you know, i think it was a pretty effective use of my time. i think i got their attention and, you know, that's exactly what i wanted to do. i wanted to make sure they understand 4:30 in the morning was just not acceptable. >> we've had a pretty decent conversation. no robo calls to me later today, right. >> deal. >> okay. thank you so much for enjoying today. interesting story. >> thank you. >> have a great saturday. >> thanks. up next history in the making. a preview of the new martin luther king, jr., memorial. you're watching "the early show" on c bv zf. b s.
6:12 am
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6:15 am
built on the washington mall. i got a look at the $120 million project as it nears completion. the decades-old dream building a memorial to martin luther king is close to becoming a reality. the project is now 70% finished. the major sculptures in plaels. and the dedication is set for this coming august. >> then you're going to see these two huge boulders of granite. >> the president and ceo the mlk memorial foundation. why is it important to have this memorial on the national mall? >> it's important for what dr. king stood for, important for what this country stands for. >> we will be free one day. >> this idea goes back over 25 years when members of a fraternity, his fraternity, conceived the idea that there ought to be a memorial on the mall. >> the centerpieces were skuped by a chinese artist after an international design
6:16 am
competition. beginning this summer, visitors will enter this tribute through two boulders called the mountain of despair, a reference to king's 1963 "i have a dream" speech. >> with this faith, we will be able to hue out of the mountain of despair -- >> we used different quotations from different points in his life. >> an arching wall framing the site will des play 15 king quotations. the focal point of the memorabilia is giant sculpture called the stone of hope. >> the stone of hope is set so that it looks like it carved king out of that mountain. so you seat carvings on the side of the stone like it was pulled through. >> to live in this rich nation and receive starvation wages -- >> must appreciate him and follow him. >> reverend jesse jackson, with
6:17 am
king when he was assassinated in memphis in 1968, says he hopes the memorial will inspire visitors to carry on king's work. >> so, the symbol must point us toward the direction martin luther king was guiding us toward. >> completed, what, two weeks ago? >> two weeks ago. >> when finished, it will be the first on the national mall dedicated to a civilian. >> jefferson memorial right there. >> president lincoln in back of dr. king. what better place to put a king than between two presidents? >> nice. >> fund-raising efforts have brought in $108 million. the project is still $12 million away from its goal but harry johnson says it will not delay its dedication in august. incredible sight. >> it is massive it seems. are there other symbolic pieces throughout the memorial. >> they plan a cherry tree which of course bloom in the early part of april around the same time he was assassinated, april
6:18 am
4th, 1968. people are thinking people will come around the time the cherry blossoms bloom. also the address of the memorial is 1964 independence avenue. 1964, of course, being a reference to the civil rights act of 1964. a lot of things thrown in there. it's fantastic, august 28th, the 40th anniversary of the march on washington the day they will dedicate it. a lot of things going on a fascinating memorial. >> so much meaning and so much work and time and money is going into this. can't wait to see it. up next, what is the best months to buy a bicycle, cookware or computer? well, we're getting the ultimate bargain and we'll tell you how it's all about timing. when we come back, the inside information on when to buy what. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: this "early coffee segment" sponsored by subway. start the new year right at subway with the egg white muffin melt, under four grams of fat. subway, eat fresh! no. no, i didn't. oh. yeah, ya did.
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6:21 am
they say timing is everything. and you are about to see just how true that is when it comes to getting the best bargains. there is a perfect time of the
6:22 am
year to buy just about everything from linens to electronics and here to tell us when to buy what -- >> good morning. >> we are in the wintertime, january, february. >> right now, actually. the time to act. >> so, what should we buy right now. >> bicycles first on the list. makes sense. who is out there riding one today. the warmest in america right now is 72 degrees. bike shops need to pay their rent so the prices of bicycles will go down. the second thing to buy this month, furniture. that is because a lot of the new furniture lines come out in february. again in the summer in july but crate & barrel new line is coming in next month. you have to make room and get a lot of good deals, 30, 60% off sometimes for this stuff. >> that's a great deal. what about the linens. >> white sales always happen in january since 1878 in philadelphia they began in america and have been a tradition by the wanamaker
6:23 am
department store. as you see, bed sheets linens, towels all for 60% off and a bit more. >> these are great deals. buy these right now. as we move into spring, which we will be doing sometime very soon, in april, per se, what are some of the best items to buy during that season? >> is april, all about anticipating retail trends taking advantage of them. one thing that just happened last week the consumer electronics store in vegas when they announced the new products like camcorders, cameras, tvs. >> the cool stuff. >> a blueray player. that's when they come out the first quarter of the year. by april the old models from last year, perfectly good, will be really cheap. again, electronics are not always as cheap as other things on this list but 15, 20% off is still a good deal. >> we're for the going to see 50, 60% off but still a great deal. >> maybe three-year-old products. this is cookware because graduates and newlyweds, people getting married and getting marrie
6:24 am
married, a lot of stock and stores want to entice you to buy and will put sales out for you and you can find good stuff. right before christmas for this stuff for the same reasons, gifts. >> absolutely. this is great stuff. as we move into the summertime. >> sure. >> the august time of year, when we see that calendar and folks i'm looking at this right now this big -- >> giant. >> mammoth lawn mower but aren't you using it that time of year. >> you gave a good reason, it is giant and the stores need them off their floor. most people who need them in in the summertime will have bought it by the time august rolls around and will need to clear this out for the christmas stuff. lawn moors, gas grills and patio furniture august and sept surprisingly a good time to get this stuff because they he are so big. >> a thing you can still use it a. lot of times you want to buy this stuff in advance but this stuff in august you can actually use. >> i defy you to find a lawn mower in stores right now. >> or swimsuits. >> drew: would think you could get a deal right now.
6:25 am
>> you can find them. >> very limited stock. >> people looking for swimsuits are probably going on vacation and will pay it for. wait until close to the end of the season when they need to get rid of it, the prime time. >> we are looking at a computer. we just heard electronics would be on sale. >> that's the exception. this is because kids go to school, students. there are a lot of deals especially for the personal computers and laptops that time of year. there are deals on computers all year long if you pay attention to what the chip headachers are doing. if they come out with a new chip a few months later you get a good deal but august is almost a good time for lower to mid-end laptops. >> take us into the fall and see what is going to be on sale, the best time to buy in october. >> we have another case of the new lines coming in, big appliances, washers, dryers, dish washers, that's a great time you if go in october. ask for the scratch and dent model by the way on the floor. you can make that discount even deeper. you can get 60 to 70% off of this if you time it right and get the right model being phased
6:26 am
out the next year. jeans also falls into the back-to-school category plus new lines coming in so two things converging around october or late september good deals, by one get one free, 60% off. >> buy one, get one free? >> yeah. >> school supplies, should you wait until after school starts. >> if you see a great deal in august peak season by all means grab it but more likely to find clearance in october especially at the drugstores that need to clean stuff out to get the candy in. go for the school supplies a bit after -- plan ahead. all of this stuff. think of the year ahead. >> mark your calendars. >> go to cbs and put it in your calendar and it'll thereabout and you know when to buy it and the savings will last throughout the year. >> and we'll be thanking you. thank you, john. for more, head to our website. coming up the artist who inspired ten million plays on myspace, singer/song writer ingrid markelson performs live
6:27 am
right here on "the early show." you don't want to miss that. your local news is next. >> did i hear betty nguyen say mamogama. >> i did. >> those flat-screen tvs. not a bad deal at all. >> no. actually the great thing about that is you can plan in advance. a lot of times we wait for the circulars or, you know, trying to hit it just right. but now, we've told you, we've given you the calendar. this is the time to buy. >> sharon and i actually need to buy an air conditioner and thought it would be great right now because new york city apartments are always so hot with open windows. you can't find a air conditioner anywhere. >> home depot. >> i thought we would get a great deal. couldn't find one. >> everybody has the same idea. >> i just don't think they stock
6:28 am
them now. >> oh. >> it makes sense. look, people won't have them, no one has them. let me get them when no one wants them. >> think of the last time were you in a new york city apartments that was cold in the winter. they run so hot. >> and very dry. somebody told me after the super bowl the prices on flat-screen tvs and stuff like. >> that that makes sense because everyone wants to make sure their superbowl party will be great with the gigantic television so you will get it -- >> and being guys, they have great deals before the super bowl for flat-screen tvs. apparently. >> we all think we know, right. >> we know everything. >> it isn't like the stron nick purchase typically the thanksgiving time like the black friday thing. >> that's what they say. >> they try to make you think. >> but, you know, guys. >> it's marketing. >> it's a conspiracy. >> guys, we have to have the big tv, you know, for the super bowl. >> the bigger, the better. >> we have to go out and buy that. thanks for your tips, betty. i have a birthday coming up. >> really?
6:29 am
i'll put it on the calendar. >> same thing you got me last year. >> lawn mower. >> lawn mower! >> right. >> ow! >> can you read my number? >> announcer: attention, those on medicare with diabetes. you may be eligible for an upgraded meter. >> i am tired of stabbing my fingertips to test my blood glucose. there has got to be a better way. >> if you're on medicare with diabetes, then you need to know there's a new method for checking your blood glucose. you don't need to stab your fingertips anymore. this new embrace meter is easier to use and nearly painless. and the best news is that diabetes care club will send you one of these new meters. >> this new method hurts less and i don't have to stab my fingertips anymore. >> woman: not only can i see my number, i can hear it too. >> woman: your blood glucose reading is 89. >> they have my number. >> find out why nearly a quarter of a million patients have joined diabetes care club. >> woman: call diabetes care club. >> shipping is free, and so is the call. [♪...]
6:30 am
>> i'm glad i did! nice. very nice. >> what a voice. i am really excited to hear her this morning. >> singing in our "second cup caff caf cafe." >> taylor swift says she's one of her favorite artists, guess what, we have her here like you see and she will perform her latest single. you are in for a treat. >> you are. >> welcome back to "the early
6:31 am
show." i'm russ mitchell. you are. >> i'm betty nguyen. >> certainly s. we have folks from webster grove, missouri. >> hello. >> a suburb of st. louis, missouri. >> from that neck of the woods. >> lonnie quinn will talk to them in a minute and may have an idea as to why i gave them a shout out. we'll have a heads-up. >> a fantastic crowd. >> you if love steak, michael lamone kashgs he's your guy here to prepare delicious london broil and stuffed a con squash chased with a classic dessert. look at him. the very first "chef on a shoestring" on what was then called the saturday early show 14 years ago. >> guess who else was here? >> who. >> someone i'm standing next to. >> my gosh. >> that's a birdie told me. >> hasn't changed a bit i'm sure. >> you look just like you did the first day you walked through the door, russ. >> thanks, betty. such a pal. first m. mr. lonnie quinn has our final check of the weather.
6:32 am
>> lonnie. >> i will tell you, betty, talking about the very first "chef on a shoestring" russ mitchell, right, kind of like this is your life russ mitchell. i've got the crew from webster groves high school missouri, right, in town why? >> for a marketing trip. >> all right. so you are all marketing students in high school. do you guys have a most famous alumni from webster groves high school? >> russ mitchell. >> yeah, that's right, russ. look at that. >> listen a big shout out to everybody back in webster groves. as a matter of fact part of my hot spots and chilly temperatures hottest spot anywhere kendall, florida 73 hello to my brother, john. coldest spot, littlefork, minnesota, 20 debelow. best anywhere yuma, arizona, sunny 74. honnable mention to webster groves, about 40 degrees not the hottest or coldest but call it like the baby porridge, in between, right. just right. that's a quick look at the
6:33 am
national picture. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. brf all righty, everybody. make it a great day wherever you are. that was my reference to the three little bears, russ, the porridge that was just right. yes, russ, anything. >> you are on our own on this one. we'll talk in a bit. up next soy glazed london broil from the master of the steak. executive chef mr. michael demonaco, the original "chef on a shoestring" you are watching "the early show" on cbs.
6:34 am
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6:37 am
cooking segment with a very young looking anchorman. take a look. >> first i want to get the vegetables. >> as a guy who doesn't cook and happy to tell everyone russ doesn't cook this sounds very complicated. >> no. no. this is home cooking at its best, which actually. >> oh, my goodness. 14 years later we've come full circle. chef michael is back, you haven't changed a bit. >> it could be worse. >> it could be. michael is now executive chef and managing partner at what many consider new york's finest steakhouse, porterhouse. preparing a delicious dinner our viewers chose with their calls all founder 40 bucks. fantastic to see you. >> great to see you. in the old days it was 20 bucks. >> i was going ask. i feel my mother told me whis castles used to be a nickel. i feel like that. what's on the menu today. >> a roasted beet salad with cheese and soy glazed london
6:38 am
broil and great classic dessert apple brown betty. >> where do we begin. >> i didn't grow up with beets but love them. these are yellow and red beets very common in the marketplace, not usually specialty produce, these are full-size beets, not tiny baby veg, very inexpensive. drizzled with olive oil in a 375 degree oven, the skins are still on, as you can see. >> substantial, as you said, not little boys. >> exactly. real beets and run a very affordable price roasted 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size. the best way to tell if they are done pierce them with a knife or fork. they slip out of those skins like peeling and apple and i try to keep the red and yellow separate because the red just dyes everything including your fingertips. the simplest salad you can
6:39 am
imagine with boston lettuce or butter leaf like this, tender leaf lettuce wash and drain it and put a bit of the red and yellow beets. the roasting concentrates the flavor. when you broil beets, in liquid but when you roast them they shrivel and shrink but the flavor gets intense. >> very colorful. some cheese, as well? >> a little blue cheese. you are saying where's the dressing? where's the dressing? i make a very -- i don't make a dressing for this, really, drizzle with olive oil, again extra virgin olive oil this is the place to use extra virgin and a squeeze lemon juice for flavor. that's it. >> we'll try them in a bit. the main course, this looks fantastic. >> well, you know, london broil is just a name of a dish sts' not an actual cut of beef. >> okay. >> so, when we say a london broil, it originally referred to flank steak which is a little pricey there. are two kinds you can get, the
6:40 am
flank steak or a top round london broil or a chuck london broil. i like the top round. >> this looks so good. >> this is beautiful, a beautiful beefy cut because the top round is near the sirloin with really great flavor and very affordable and cooks up great on a grill. i don't use the broiler. what we'll do we have a glaze, the soy glaze, i have soy we'll add dry sherry, not a cooking sherry with salt in it but a ser ree you might have a glass of sherry something that is palatable. a little sugar and some ginger. that is grated ginger goes in and reduces to this beautiful glaze. this is, you know, just about half of the volume of that and then we just put a bit on the beef and adjust our seasonings maybe want a bit of pepper on there, maybe a little additional salt and a hot pan. we're doing this on a hot pan. and that's really one of the great ways to cook this because a broiler tends to be kind of
6:41 am
steamy. >> how long typically will you cook this. >> you know what, it's going to go, in we'll cook three minutes on this side. this is two and a half pounds, just fits in that pan. and then, when we flip it. >> you can smell the soy. >> you can smell the soy and the ginger. in a minute we'll flip it and when we flip it, i'm going to put the lid on. the whole cooking will take about six or seven, eight minutes. >> that's all. >> that's great. >> we are going to leave it partially open so it works like a dutch zero ven. >> that looks fantastic. >> a beautiful stake cooked in there for slicing is really what this is all about, what do you do with it after you cook it? it's really going to be about slicing it. you have to slice it across the grain what they sometimes say against the grain at a 45 degree angle. look at this, you get beautiful slices of beef. >> can't wait to try that. very quickly, dessert. >> the side dish with, the butternut squash with brown sugar and walnuts so we have
6:42 am
some of that. >> recipe on the website. >> the simplest of des setters, a classic american dessert. plain bread crumbs, butter, cinnamon and brown sugar and apples and build it up in a dish like that two quarts, enough dessert for six people. >> apple brown betty. let's look at the total. see if you did as well as you did 14 years ago. okay? he did, 36.82. >> all right! [ applause ] >> that deserves a round of applause. >> in fact, look at, this you are number one now. >> lower than last year. >> congratulations. >> you go in season beets ck pressed cheicken:
6:43 am
standard message rates apply. betty, i bet you went to the brown betty. >> i want the apple brown betty, it has my name and calling to me. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be right back. >> you are watching "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] how about we open up a whole can of getting it done? and get this year's colors up on the wall...this year. let's get better prices... and better paint. let's break out the drop cloths, rollers, brushes, and tape. let's start small. then go big. no matter what the budget. and when we're done, let's take a bow.
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>> this morning in our "second cup cafe" an artist taylor swift calls her favorite generating so much buzz leann rimes and kylie minogue are tweeting about her. >> her name is ingrid michaelson and broke through after posting on myspace. since then, one of her songs "the way i am" has been played more than 10 million times on myspace alone making her one of today's best selling independent artists. >> she's worked on a new album with her latest single already 12 weeks on billboard's adult pop charts here is inagreed michaelson with "parachute." ♪ ♪
6:47 am
♪ i don't tell anyone about the way you hold me ♪ ♪ don't tell anyone about the things we've planned ♪ ♪ won't tell anybody ♪ won't tell anybody you turn the world around ♪ ♪ won't tell mib your voice is my favorite sound ♪ ♪ won't tell anybody, won't tell anybody ♪ ♪ they want to see us fall down ♪ ♪ i don't need a parachute ♪ baby, if i've got you, i don't need a parachute ♪ ♪ you're gonna catch me, you're gonna catch if i fall ♪ ♪ ♪ don't believe the things you tell yourself late at night ♪ ♪ just hold onto me ♪ i'm hold onto you it's you and me up against the world it's you and me ♪
6:48 am
♪ don't believe anything ♪ but i believe you when you say you're never going to fall ♪ ♪ arm around my waist ♪ never let me hit the ground, never let me crash -- down ♪ ♪ i don't need a parachute, baby if i've got you ♪ ♪ i don't need a parachute ♪ you're gonna catch me, you're gonna catch if i fall -- down, down, down ♪ ♪ i don't need a parachute ♪ baby, if i've got you, baby if i've got you ♪ ♪ i don't need a parachute ♪ you're gonna catch me, you're gonna catch if i fall -- ♪ ♪ i won't fall out of love, i won't fall out of, i won't fall out of love ♪ ♪ i won't fall out of love, i won't foul out of, i won't fall out of love ♪ ♪ i'll fall into you
6:49 am
♪ won't fall out of love ♪ i won't fall out of, won't fall out of love ♪ ♪ i won't fall out of love ♪ i won't fall out of love ♪ i fall into you ♪ i don't need a parachute, baby if i've got you ♪ ♪ baby if i've got you i don't need a parachute ♪ you're gonna catch me, you're gonna catch if i fall ♪ ♪ fall into you ♪ i don't need anyone but you ♪ ♪ ♪ you're gonna catch me ♪ if i fall ♪ i don't need a parachute, baby if i've got you, baby if i've got you, i don't need a parachute ♪ ♪ you're gonna catch me, you're gonna catch if i fall ♪ ♪ down
6:50 am
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>> man: getting across town to a job interview is stressful enough without being late. i want guidance that takes me where i need to be, without any problems along the way. i feel the same way when i do taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. and calculations are guaranteed 100% accurate, so i know it's done right. they even offer representation in case of an audit. which helps me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> try turbotax online now. you don't pay unless you're satisfied with the results.
6:53 am
we're back with an artist you will hear a lot about in the coming year. >> ingrid michaelson whose son "the way i am" has been played more than 10 million times on myspace. you are just fabulous. i love the song you played "parachute". >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us. the ukulele? you don't see it that often. >> it is easier, it only has four strings. so, laziness, that brought me to that instrument. >> "parachute" obviously worked out very well for you. i understand the first time you heard it, you weren't convinced it was for you. what convinced you? >> i wrote it myself, so i should -- with a friend of mine and i felt like it was very poppy and i had this vision of how i heard it and it wasn't right for me so we gave it up into the world to be used by somebody else and this woman over in the uk named cheryl cole
6:54 am
picked it up and had a huge hit with it over there and i always missed it because i loved the song and my producer of my last record unbeknowns to me tinkered away and made it cool different version i never thought could happen with that song and i just fell in love with it all over again. >> it was meant to be. >> yeah. >> besides being an artist, a musician, all these things that you do, you're also a cook, right, pretty good at it. >> i like that that's now. i just started to -- well, i've always liked to bake and just started to cook and i made french bread the other night, i was very impressed. and it's good. >> we didn't get the invite. >> it's bad, though, because one piece of french bread and you have butter on it and a whole loaf sitting there staring at you. >> we want to tell folks for more on ingrid, you can head to our website. we hope you guys have a wonderful saturday. >> before we go, these here with
6:55 am
one more song "the way i am" have a great weekend, everybody. >> enjoy! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you were fall iing, then i would catch you ♪ ♪ if you need a light, i'll find a match ♪ ♪ 'cause i -- i love the way you say "good morning" ♪ ♪ and you take me the way i am ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you are chilly then, here,
6:56 am
take my sweater ♪ ♪ if your hand is aching ♪ then i'll make you better ♪ 'cause i -- i ♪ love the way you call me "baby" ♪ ♪ and you take me the way i am ♪ ♪ and i'll buy you rogaine when you start losing all your hair ♪ ♪ and 'cause i -- i -- love you more than i could ever promise ♪ ♪ and you, you take me the way -- i am ♪
6:57 am
♪ you, you take me the way i -- i am ♪ ♪ you, you take me the way i -- i am ♪ ♪ you take me the way i am -- captions by vitac -- we'll wendz our saturday spotlight our favorite piece of the work from our cbs affiliates this week's story from wbz in foxboro, massachusetts crews working overtime at the stadium prep paying for the nfl game between the patriots and new york jets trying to tackle a formidable opponents. here's wbz's bill shields. >> reporter: with military precision, they attack the mountains of snow at gill let stadium. heavy equipment, lifts, dumps, then dumps again at the far end of a parking lots. >> we have over 100 pieces of equipment moving snow from the stadium bowl and the parking
6:58 am
lots. >> reporter: tens of thousands of tons of snow. mountains of it, everywhere. >> feel like you'll be here until like may? >> probably a little after that by the size of this pile. >> reporter: in the parking lots, men and machines at work around the clock. but within the stadium itself, it's old-fashioned back-breaking shoveling. to put it in perspective, if you took all that snow in the parking lot they are moving around and you put it here in the stadium, it would fill up the stadium. not only that, it would be nearly 200 feet taller than the light towers. getting tired yet? >> not yet. >> yet because those guys are probably used to it by now. thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. join us monday on "the early show" and stick with cbs news around the clock. show" and stick with cbs news around the clock. bye, everybody! -- captions by vitac --
6:59 am
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