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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  January 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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safeway... the tucson community comes together ... the step orr you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. one week after the massacre outside a safeway the tucson community comes together. the steps toward healing and the new information about the suspect. >> there's' whole bunch of people that do not want anybody to own guns. >> pushing back against proponents of gun control. how the tucson tragedy is raising the debate again. and a new crime fighting strategy in one bay area community. how sleep sweeping an raking is returning pride to a neighborhood. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." it has been one week and tonight there are signs of healing in the shattered community of tucson. at the same time we are learning more about the suspect. john blackstone on the a tribute to the victims. >> reporter: employe es and shoppers paused for a painful moment outside the safeway in
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tucson, arizona. exactly a week after the gunfire and blood shed. >> i was thinking of all the heros here that day and in our store. >> reporter: the supermarket reopened this morning for the first time since the shooting and for employees returning to work meant confronting disturbing memories. when she heard the gunfire sheila ran out of the store and found 9-year-old christina green near death and the woman beside her severely worried. >> i could see the blood coming out of her stomach. i can still see that. i told her you need to lay down. your little girl will be fine. you shouldn't be moving. >> i walked up. all i saw was chaos. lots of people moving around. people on the ground. >> reporter: tony was one of the fist on the scene, a paramedic, and had to separate the living from the dead. >> it was tough. it was very tough. i admit it right now when i got up there my mind went a little blank for a while.
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>> reporter: what liz gator chose to remember today was not the horror but the heroism. >> there were people there that were elderly that jumped in to do so much. i said that just spoke volumes about people and what they are willing to do to help others. >> reporter: friends and family today remembered another of the six who were killed at the funeral for 7 #-year-old phyllis schnek, mother of three, grandmother of seven. a week layered more information is being being -- is being added to who the suspect is. >> talking behind the camera. >> this is my genocide school where i'm going to be homeless because of the school. >> we are still trying it find out as much as we can about him. >> reporter: a long planned gun show went on as scheduled in tucson today. but in this western city there has been no apparent backlash against firearms. in another twist in this story one of the shooting victims,
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eric fuller who was hit in the leg was arrested at a town hall meeting organized by abc news. after a discussion of gun rights, he held up his cell phone and told one of the other people at the meeting "you're dead." he was arrested, charged with intimidation and threats and involuntarylyvoluntary committed. >> as john nap shows us at the cal pal gun advocates defended their second amendment rights. don knapp shows us. >> holds the trigger with this hand. >> reporter: john kelly enjoys a support called cowboy action shooting. he says the tucson carnage is being used by gun control advocates to try to take away his guns. >> there is a whole bunch of people that do not like guns, do not think anybody should own a gun and they want to take away guns from everybody regardless and they are using it as an execution. >> reporter: on february 1st a
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new california law will require a thumb print, photo i.d, address and birthday to buy bulletses. >> reporter: members of congress are talking about making it a federal crime to carry a gun within 1000 feet of members of congression. banning the sale of gun clips or scenes -- magazines that hold more than ten rounds. >> reporter: guns are part of the culture of southern arizona. the congresswoman owns a glock 9, the same gun that was used to shoot her. since the shooting there has been a run on glocks. those we talked with at the cal palace gun show say don't blame the gun. >> we believe this our 2nd amendment and have rifles hanging in our office inside the capital and so we believe in our 2nd amendment right.
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it is a tragedy what happened in arizona. i think he was crazy. i think being a citizen of the united states we have a right to keep, carry and bear arms. >> gun sales are up 65% in ohio, 38% in illinois, 33% in new york, and 16% here in california. bloomburg news citing fbi stats says the 5% average national sales increase amounts to nearly 8000 handguns. >> don, thank you very much. police are searching for suspects in a murder at a popular tourist spot in san francisco. 23-year-old shot to death at the twin peaks vista point. they got into an argument with another group an shots were fired. he was hit several times and he died at the scene. police are looking for two or three men in a white honda odyssey. investigators have their hands full with two murders in
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bay point in 24 hours. a 17-year-old boy was killed and two people wounded in a shooting in a residential neighborhood about this time last night. police have made no arrests and still trying to piece together what happened. a 49-year-old man was stabbed to death earlier in the day. police do not believe the crimes are related. oakland new mayor continued her campaign this weekend to address that city's crime rate. she joined volunteers determined to clean up the streets block by block. more now on the message they are opening to send. >> it is a spirit of the citizens and residents of oakland. they can make this the safest place in the country. >> reporter: right now it is far from it. this neighborhood has seen about a dozen shootings in the past few weeks. >> at night we don't go out. we just stay at home. >> this neighborhood has been down awhile and it needed a cleaning up.
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>> reporter: and mayor quan says this will make it safer. the broken window theory. >> in neighborhoods where the public abuse of facilities and where there is garbage, that people think people don't care. >> save a life not take a life. >> reporter: a few blocks away from the mayor a more vocal crowd. >> we are sick and tired of our young people dying in the streets. >> reporter: they do this every saturday and are glad to have the help. >> everybody who is out on the block right now telling the community that we want the violence to stop, we are all needed. >> reporter: but a few blocks from there skeptisism. >> it is just for show. >> the place is kind of clean today maybe because you guys are here. >> reporter: curbsid es like this one on walter's street in east oakland have long been known for dumping grounds. people coming from the outside and dumping in their very own neighborhood. >> on this street we have seen some nickel bags and condoms so i'm guessing at nighttime there is prostitution drug dealing going on here. >> reporter: picking up the garbage hoping it won't return. >> if more people were
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dedicated i believe this neighborhood would not be as bad as people say. >> make sure he takes good care of you. >> reporter: in east oakland, cbs5. mayor quan and san francisco mayor ed lee will travel to washington next weekend to attend a white house state dinner honoring china's president. both are the first asian american mayors of their respective cities. the two have been friends since they were students at berkeley and they have decided to make the trip together. well, checking other bay area headlines. san francisco's new mayor is keeping a close watch on the progress to reopen an apartment building gutted by fire two weeks ago. ed lee told the displaced tenants at montgomery and pacific to clear out their belongings to expedite repairs. he says housing vouchers will also be extended. the fire may have started from a candle because the building had no power. new construction could begin soon in the san bruno neighborhood leveled by last september's pipeline explosion. eight people were killed and
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378 homes were destroyed. now the first family has filed paperwork to rebuild their home at 1710 clairemont drive. the city is fast tracking the permit process even waiving some of the fees to help the family break ground by spring. and the hero on the hudson being remembered on the second anniversary of his famous splash landing. danville's own chel scull scully. >> he appreciables even more what he and his crew has accomplished. fifth most popular website in the world and tonight it is ten years old. wikipedia is based in san francisco and logs about 400 million visitors a month. anyone can contribute and volunteer to keep the information accurate. the founders hopes to atrack a billion users through international expansion and diversifying the kind of people
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who are contributing especially women. making the case for civil rights. the roles the media played and sacrifices made to grab the spotlight. and and a strange discovery inside a wall. what rescuers were so determined to set free. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. fog troubling some and it is moving in tonight. how will that affect tomorrow? we will talk about that coming up.
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held throughout the bay area this holiday weekend... but the stories of dr. king and the civil rights struggle weren't celebrations being held throughout the bay area this holiday weekend for the birthday of dr. king. for the story of dr. king it wasn't always so public. they were ignored at first. the sacrifices to capture the country's attention. >> reporter: as a story the civil rights movement had it all. good versus evil. drama, social upevil. but at first america's major media ignored it especially in the south. >> it was our responsibility to find a way to dram advertise the issue. >> congressman john lewis says that the movement leader realized to bring change they needed to reach white americans.
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>> how did you do that? >> we literally put our bodies on the line. >> reporter: hank co-wrote "the race beat," a book about the media and the movement. >> race was a big story in the south beginning in the 40s and 50s. it is just that no one knew about it. >> reporter: finally by 1957 major northern newspapers discovered the dram act and the story. >> how do you feel about integrated passengers. >> reporter: the television networks followed even major southern media paid attention to the open hatred. >> you've got to keep the white and blacks separate. >> reporter: and the violent response to peaceful protests. >> if you're going to beat us, beat us in the light of day, beat us while the camera is on. >> reporter: this was alabama. john lewis among the bloodied. >> they could not stand it to see young children and old women being knocked down and
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chased by police dogs. >> we will dramatize this by marching by the thousands. >> reporter: the reverend martin luther king jr. will face the nation. >> reporter: america ns heard a leader who shattered racial stereotype. >> we feel that the time has come for a full scale assault on the system of segregation. >> this man is someone you could actually talk to and who seemed quite reasonable and for southerners this was new information. >> reporter: and part of a national awakening. >> it was the media that carried our message to the rest of the nation. >> reporter: protests became progress. once the media woke up and americans rose up. >> thank god almighty. [ cheers and applause >> reporter: cbc news, atlanta. well, a rough day for an imprisoned pooch in southern california. animal control answered a call
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of a dog barking. found a four-year-old puppy found inside a wall. it took rescuers about 40 minutes of chipping through concrete to free him. it is not clear how long he had been trapped or how he got there but he was dehydrated and hungry. he has been nicknamed wally. about 80 skiers had to be rescued today trapped for hours in freezing temperatures. rescuers had to lower them to the ground one at a time. luckily no injuries or hyopthermia. got a break from the rain was nice. but now if we could get a break from this fog inland. it is really settling in. >> that's the real hard thing to forecast. we were clear today. temperatures in the 60s. even some low 70s. fog didn't clear though. those numbers mainly in the 40s and 50s all day long. here we go again. more fog out there tonight. >> look at that. two types of fog. we have got fog along the coastline and we have got your radiational fog in the valley.
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we hit the lottery tonight in the weather department. looks like we have got fog just about everywhere tonight may. dense fog advisory into the delta. the strait. but looks like it will start to wreck up as we head into the middle of the morning tomorrow. and i'm hoping, yes i'm hoping, folks we will clear things out for a pretty nice day. high pressure though sitting overhead and that brought some pretty nice temperatures for most of the bay area. a few clouds will trickle across our skies overnight tonight up above but that's just about the worst of it. so tomorrow we are starting out with patchy fog early on. especially thick in some of the interior valleys. delta. also in the concord area. into fairfield you'll see thick fog. hoping for a little more sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures in the 50s and also 60s. numbers out there right now cool 45 in vallejo. 45 and fog visibility less than a quarter of a mile now concord area. 48 in livermore. 50s in and around the bay. fog at the golden gate. if you plan on traveling around
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the state plan on 50s here. should live out heading into the middle of the day. showers in northern california. high country looking pretty good. about 54 agrees in lake tahoe. peanut butter. slight chance of a few showers late in the day. jet stream carrying the storm track well north of the bay area and folks this could sit here awhile this ridge building in likely to be here for the next five to seven days probably even longer. so some mile temperatures on the way in those places that clear out of the fog. but we will start with lots of fog tomorrow morning. 7:00 a.m. you've got fog just about everywhere you go. as we head through the middle of the morning starts to break up then in the afternoon hoping for a little more sunshine. allowing the temperature to warm up a little bit more. south bay going to see warmer nbc-- warmer nbc around the bay area. coastal areas in the 50s. east bay temperatures this is real tricky spot. if you don't clear the temperatures in the low 50s but if you do get things going,
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clearing things out numbers in the 60s. 59 in berkeley. 59 in richmond. overnight lows in the 40s and 50s but tomorrow temperatures mainly in the 50s and 60s next couple days right on through the holiday we are expecting some dry conditions to continue. low cloud and fog. true story for the next five to seven days as well as we are going to keep things pretty grey late night and early morning hours. lots of sunshine by the afternoon. temperatures cooling off just a bit though as we head in toward next weekend. that is a look at weather. here is kim coyle with sports. >> all right, thank you, lawrence. april rogers compares his performance tonight to the 2003 game. world war iii turned into a shootout with 55 combined points in pittsburgh. find out who is moving on next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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regualr season just to get into the playoffs... two weeks later, they look like the best team in the n-f-c.... the packers needed to win the final game of the regular season just to get into the playoffs. two weeks later they look like the best team in the nfc. if only the niners could redo the 2005 draft and take aaron rogers. third touchdown for him of the season. longest return in post season history. and more importantly, it gave the falcons a 14-7 lead. but the packers came right back to tie it and with under a minute to go in the 1st half former san jose state star james jones makes the spectacular catch.
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giving green bay a 21-14 lead. with 10 seconds to go the falcons got greedy trying to get a few more yards before kicking the field goal and williams makes them pay with his third interception of the playoffs. he takes it 70 yards for the touchdown as time expires 28-14 packers. they powered it on in the second half. rogers hits fullback john kuhn who bangs his way into the end zone. a huge night for rogers. he throws for three touchdowns and runs for one more. the packers blow out of falcons 48-21 to advance to the nfc championship game. >> we can't have -- we just can't have that. he has to play better if we are going to advance. >> 87% not going to get it done? >> no, won't get it done. >> i had 23 in a row one time in college but i'd say that game and the inside bowl maybe at cal and a couple this year
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have been kind of my best three or four. while i'm sure cal fans will appreciate rogers considering the 2003 insight bowl one of his best games it will be hard to top tonight. he had more completions through one more touchdown and led his team to a road win over the top seed in the nfc. they say good things come in threes. well, the steelers and ravens are meeting for the third time. both of the previous games were decided by three points and terrell suggs referred to today's game as world war iii. terrible towels were waive waving early on. pittsburgh up in the first. big ben gets hit an appears to be an incompletion. cory redding realizes the whistle never blew and runs the ball in for a touchdown. replay is confirmed it was a fumble. baltimore led 21-7 at the half. but the leader wouldn't last long. the ravens turn it over three times in the third quarter
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leading to 17 point for the steelers. joe flacco sacked five times. 3rd and 19 for the steelers. big ben goes deep to antonio brown for a 58-yard reception to get the steelers inside the 5. ben roethlisberger throws for 226 yards and two touchdowns. four plays later the steelers go on top for good. pittsburgh outscores baltimore 24-3 in the sec half. they win 31-24 and are headed to the afc championship game. >> they asked for us. keep asking for us and sometimes my mom always said be careful what you asked for. seems like every time we get in the playoffs they keep wanting to play us and at the end of the day they have got to worry about this loss the whole off season. >> i don't care who it was. it doesn't matter who it is, man.
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a loss is a loss. and at the end day of the when you look at the win or losing side. if you are in the win side you keep going. >> who will the steel, play next week? find out tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. right here on cbs5 and stay tuned after the jets and patriots game for "the 5th quarter." handling himself well in his first nhl fight. let's go to the judges or in this case the sharks. i think they are going with him. dany heatley scores his second goal of the night to give the sharks the lead for good. they win 4-2 and snap their six- game losing streak. still to come we will hit the hardwood. stanford goes for the sweep against two washington schools and the beat goes on. this little guy had plenty to celebrate tonight watching the scales. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stanford blew a nine point halftime lead and lost at home college hoops two nights after knocking off off the opponents. ready for st. mary's to make another run in the big dance. normally the gaels hit you from the outside. tonight they make noise above the rim. santa clara broncos. then micie mcconnell. they blowout santa clara 84-59
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to improve to 16-2 putting them in great position to go dancing again in march. usf making their annual trip to the genny craig pavilion in san diego better known as the slim gym. winning 65-55. they are a league worse 3-15. >> we were talking earlier about the teams that passed on aaron rogers. 21 teams passed on him back in the draft in 2005. the only ones left in fact playoffs. the bears. only team. >> wow. kim, thank you. >> we will be right back. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to
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because everyone deserves a lifetime. leonardo da vinci's "last supper". finally tonight a michigan woman has put a fresh pin on the last supper painting. she decided to show her love of doing the laundry by recreating the masterpiece out of dryer lint. she entered it into a local art show. we are not sure if she won but she did sell the lint supper for $12,000. who bought that thing? >> i don't know. >> thank you very much. >> that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00 p.m. thank you for watching. there is our favorite st. mary's fan. have a great night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@captioncolo ,, ,,,,
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