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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  January 16, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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out to be much more. the link between this crime... and a a murder suicide at a coffee shop turns out to be much more. the link between this crime and a missing woman who was presumed dead nearly 10 years. gifford's condition has upgraded upgraded. in a new series on what may have caused the blast. >> good evening. a murder suicide in san jose last night has its roots in a decade old mystery. the murdered man was the suspect in a woman's disappearance and the shooter,
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the woman's brother. >> it's a tragic twist of this uninvolved 2001 case of that missing woman. it did all unfold here at this shopping mall -- [indiscernible] >> we apologize. we have lost the signal from san jose, but we hope to get in touch with her shortly. moving on. congresswoman gabrielle gifford keeps getting better. she's improved from critical to serious condition after being shot in the head a week ago. she's now breathing on her own. some of the suspected gunman's friends are talking now. we've got more from arizona. >> reporter: 60 minutes has obtained the last voice mail left by jared loughner. >> hey, it's jared. so i want to tell you good
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times times. peace out. later. >> loughner's friend said he changed drastically over the last two years. >> he was always pretty enthusiastic and passionate. he was always an observer, especially around the time he started getting mentally ill. >> meanwhile, the tucson community is trying to move past the tragedy by holding events like this walk for feet. the march ended here, at the offices of gabrielle gabrielle gifford. >> folks continue to come. >> this woman was here in the hospital when gabrielle opened her eyes. >> she can move both sides her
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bod si. she can breathe and is showing people she can communicate well by moving her hands and arms and legs and looking at us. >> families and friends said good-bye to two more of the victims sunday. 30-year-old gabe zimmerman, a congressional aide and -- who was killed shielding his wife. >> one of the shooting victims is still undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after being arresteddiest. eric fuller snapped a picture and said you're dead at a town hall meeting this. game after trent humphrey said talk of gun control should wait until everyone from the shooting is buried. first on the agenda for house republicans, repealing president obama's health care law. >> lawmakerslawmakers are
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making promises. >> we need to start watching what we say. >> reporter: and they're taking action. >> my colleague called for democrats and republicans to sit together at the state of the union. i called up tom and egregiously agreed we're going to sit together. people are reach across the aisle next week, but this week, they plan to debate a measure, repealing president obama's health care bill. >> the real problems in health care is it costs too much. we've expanded the coverage but have not worked on the cost. >> any repeal will not likely pass the democrat controlled senate. yet, some welcome the debate. >> it gives us another chance to make a first impression. >> reporter: the debate was sidelined as the victims in
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arizona were honored. now things resume. >> we're going back to san jose now. linda yi who has the latest on the murder suicide last night. linda? >> reporter: yes, it is a tragic twist, and that's a still unsolved case of that missing woman. it all unfolded late last night. 52-year-old ray sanchez spotted maurice -- at a restaurant. they had a small conversation. sanchez left, but when he returned, he followed him to a coffee shot. he pulled out a gun and shot him. now, here's the history. nazme was once arrested and charged with the abduction and murder of his sister. police suspect he killed her
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and disposed of her body. but the case against him fell apart on a technicality over evidence. the charges were dropped and her body was never found. police have a lot of questions about the circumstances of how the two men ended up meeting here last night. >> we know that connection is there, but we're trying to determine if that was planned out or if the suspect ran into the victim and then everything unfolded as it did. >> i can't speak to whether this was coincidental or if the suspect was stalking him or following him or preplanned this. >> reporter: police say since this happened around 9:00 last night, they believe because it was a saturday night and that this mall probably had a lot of people, they're hoping that witnesses who may have heard something or saw something will come forward. >> all right. another tragedy for these families. well, new series on what may
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have caused that pipeline to explode in san bruno. facebook is looking to expand, but could it have reached the saturation point in america? >> we're reaching the saturation point here. we're talking about lots of fog out here tonight. when will it clear out? we're talking about that coming up next.
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and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. with six bay area locations, one is closer than you think. years. and that has some wondering whether that may have contributed to the san bruno pipeline explosion. now, lawmakers and the public are asking questions... and as anne makovec shows us, the utility doesn't have >> pg&e has admitted to spiking -- for years. now questions are being asked. >> they are a bunch of thieves. >> he's one in san brewno that's not happy. >> they're supposed to be a public utility, but they're
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not. they serve the public what they want them to have. >> the pipe may have been weakened because pg&e occasionally spiked pressure to the maximum level. something they've been doing for seven years on at least ten other pipes in california. >> quite surprised and actually afraid. >> jerry hill wants pg&e to release those pipe's locations. >> they must know where those pipes are. the sooner they're required to let us know where they're located -- and reduce the gas pressure in those pipes. >> but pg&e says they don't know. >> we're currently working to verify where these pipes are, if they're segments or complete pipelines. so whatever information is in our system, we need to make sure that's season. >> one of the major criticisms of pg&e is faulty record keeping. in fact, they didn't even know what type of pipe they had here. they said it was seamless, and
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it turns out it had several seams. >> hill has been pressuring the state to crack down on pg&e to stop doing the spikes. the alternative, shut down the pipe to do a water pressure test that costs -- per mile. >> we're taking a look at all of our practices right now to ensure safety. after a record year of growth, closing in on its 600 millionth user, fewer americans are joining facebook. only about a quarter of facebook's growth came from the u.s. already 73% of people on the internet are on facebook. in december, just 5% joining facebook were americans. they got more users overseas, especially in places like brazil, the philippines and
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india. in 2010 with 4 months of increased passenger traffic. it was up 3.5% from the same period in 2009. the total number of passengers in 2010 was down from 2009. stanford university is seeing a record number of applicants. 34,200 high school freshman applied to become part of the class of 2015. that's a 7% increase over last year. all students who are accepted will be notified may 1st. a license to kill in east bay. wild turkeys running amuck. they've got permission to thin out the population. fog is redeveloping right now. how much more can we expect? we'll talk about that next. medicare. it doesn't cover everything. and what it doesn't cover can cost you some money.
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about a hundred turkeys live a feathers are flying over a license to kill in the east bay. about 100 turkeys live at this country club and they often walk across the fairways. the homeowners association got a permit. it lets them shoot up to 75 turkeys by march first. the biggest problem, the bird droppings. but some people claim it's inhumane. tomorrow is the day to
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honor martin luther king, jr. there's a luncheon from 10:30 to 2:00 in downtown san jose. downtown is also the starting point for the freedom ride that leaves the station at 9:30 tomorrow morning. it stops at sunnyvale, palo alto -- raiders can attend an event at -- government offices, libraries, schools, banks are closed tomorrow. caltrain will have regular service. southern californiaens are definitely appreciating a day like today. especially after all the storms they've been through this
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winter. it's gorgeous and sunny and looking like spring. temperatures reached the low 80s today. it's supposed to be five to ten degrees above normal. tomorrow is spare-the-air day. are we going to have warmer or cooler temperatures? >> it's going to be much the same. we had the patchy fog out there. some folks had cool temperatures with highs in the low 50s, but you get the sunshine. very hazy out there as high pressure continues to sit out there. got some reports there's fog continuing to form in napa and concord. we've got a dense fog advisory going up to midnight tonight, continuing to 11:00 tomorrow. high pressure sitting overhead,
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so there's not a lot of motion in the atmosphere. you have moisture on the ground and then we have the fog forming. tomorrow we're starting out with patchy fog and then hazy unshine. right now you've got 49 degrees in concord with some of that patchy fog. 56 degrees in san jose and 55 in passive da. it's going to be thick in the valley. about 55 degrees at lake tahoe. jet stream tracking well to the north of us. in the next three days -- just a couple of weak systems moving over the top of it, so fog is going to be the story as we head into the next few days. it's dangerous fog, folks, late
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at night and early in the mornings. as we take you through the day tomorrow, that breaks up pretty good. we're looking at hazy sunshine late tomorrow afternoon and we'll try to squeeze in some warm temperatures in spots. you get to concord and those temperatures cool into the 50s and 60s. over the next couple of days, that's going to be the story. it's going to be that thick variety. you will notice, no raindrops on that forecast whatsoever. i'm looking at the long range, and it's saying there's not much coming, at least until the end of the month. >> but that could be typical. >> that's pretty normal, to have a mid season dry spell. >> they're panicking about water dry spell. all right. one man has created a replica of ohio football stadium. he's an associate professor at
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ohio state university. he started out looking at pictures of the famous horse shoe and then collecting lego pieces. he build the 8-foot by 6-foot stadium. took him almost 4 years to gather the pieces and a year and a half to build the model stadium. >> he has a lot of time on his hands. >> i was thinking the same thing, but it's all about professional sports today. >> it is. seattle, had they won, they would have hosted hosted the nfc championship game. they were 8-9 this season. after a week of trash talking, the jets and patriots get down to business next. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time.
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forth..the jets and patriots finally got to decide it "on the field." . >> talk about the nfl's odd couple...the stoic bill belichick, his cou after a week of throwing words back and forth, the jets and patriots. first drive, tom brady throw as screen pass picked off by harris. he beats brady. if he had not run out of oxygen, he would have scored. it's the first interception thrown by brady in 340 passes. now, jets driving, ladainian
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tomlinson in motion. mark sanchez lofts it in. patriots with far too many missed cued today. young takes his eye off the football. fumbles and recovers. that was a big gamble by bell check in that situation. there was only a minute left in fact half. then, sanchez, back to pass. it's edwards. what a mistake that decision was. 2nd half, finally with 20 seconds left in fact 3rd quarter, the patriots offense wakes up. two-point conversion and it's -- check out the footwork along the sideline. patriot fans stunned at this point. then it got real quiet because sanchez lobs it up for santonio holmes in only a spot he can
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get it. jets up. 21-11. patriots will get a field goal to cut the lead to seven, but the jets didn't let it get any closer. sean green in from 16 yards out. jets beat the patriots 28-21. they're going to the afc championship game for the second year in a row. >> we talk because we believe in ourselves. same old jets going to the championship game two years in a row. the only difference is we're going to win this one. we came heroon a mission, and we're trying to win a super bowl. >> so sunday at 3:30, it will be the jets versus the steelers. seahawks may have been the first team to -- but no team looker better. seattle was a win away from a ticket to the nfc championship. the only thing that stood in their way. chicago bears. snow flurries all threw the
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game. bears seemed comfortable from the opening kick. cutler to olson. 58-yard score. 7-0 chicago. now, the bears lost at home to the seahawks to the regular season. no repeat performance. chester taylor goes up -- bears led at the half. cutler was only sacked three times and he did not turn the ball over. he was also making plays with his feet. rushed for 43 yards, more than anyone on the seahawk team combined. 28-0, chicago. seattle showed signs of life in the 4th quarter, but cutler and company had an answer. cutler to davis. 35-24 to advance to the nfc championship. >> it's most disappointing because it's so hard to get here. it's not automatic we're going to get here again. but we've learned a lot. we've grown a loot. >> it just doesn't get any
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better, as i see it, than for the nfc championship to come down to the packers -- packers coming down to our turf this time. the packers and beers -- bears to finish it up, that's how it should be. >> each team won once during regular season. women's basketball, stanford and bruce, a thumping over washington state. they're 5-0. cal drops to 6-10. incredible goal in spain. it's scoreed from the halfway line. great accuracy lands it in the net from 50 yards out. he gets the goal. >> all right. that's it for eyewitness news. see you back here at 9:00 and
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of course at 10:00 and 11:00. have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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