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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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three men robbed the u.s. bank on fremont boulevard. >> we got the call at 9:30 and one of the patrol cars shortly after that picked up the suspect vehicle leaving the scene. >> reporter: the car refused to pull over and accelerated away leading police on a high-speed zigzag chase through three cities, northbound on the 880 freeway, east on alvarado niles road in union city and northbound again on mission boulevard ending in the crash near industrial parkway in hayward. no one at the scene was hurt. the suspects tried to get away on foot but police apprehended first one, then two suspects and led them away in handcuffs. the third suspect disappeared for a time near a mosque but with officers and police dogs swarming, he was found hiding in a trash can on the side of a building and placed under arrest without further incident. >> we have three suspects in custody. >> reporter: police also recovered an undisclosed amount of cash. meantime, hundreds of homes and businesses from fremont to hayward were without power due to the downed utility line. but this fabric store other
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than wasn't complaining. >> close the business maybe about almost three hours, nobody come in. but still, good safety for -- did a good job on -- police did it -- nicely done. >> reporter: now, the utility crews have a lot of work ahead of them, besides knocking down the power poles. the car also knocked down an at&t pole and also a transformer. so crews will be out here all night. allen, there are still some people who are without power as a result of this crash today. the pg&e crews say they will be here all night. they should restore power sometime tonight. the crew chief said that kid did a lot of damage, meaning the driver of the car. >> no kidding. but along the way, nobody injured. >> reporter: nobody injured. that's the miraculous thing about this. nobody injured on all the roads they were on as well as right here. >> all right. len ramirez, thank you. you know what?
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the owner of a new house says he was trying to do everything right before moving in. he paid the exterminators to have the place fumigated. now a gruesome discovery. the body of a man inside that house that was pumped full of lethal chemicals. mark sayre in san jose. mark, exterminators are supposed to check the house first, of course, right? >> reporter: well, allen, the santa clara county coroner at this point has not released the name of the person found inside the house. police say don't believe there was anything foul play involved. but what that man was doing in the house and why he was there, well, they may never know. >> i feel bad. >> reporter: he purchased the home and was to move in, in a few weeks. he had hired exterminators to fumigate the house and was shocked when police told the family what happened. >> i just heard a guy, you know, at my house yesterday they go inside and see the guy is on the floor and you know -- >> reporter: police were called
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to the 2600 block of lanier lane at about 3:20 yesterday afternoon by representatives of the exterminator company. police say the company had previously tented and fumigated the home and employees were checking it when they found the 45-year-old man dead inside. nguyen said he didn't authorize anyone to be inside his vacant house, which was undergoing renovations. was anyone living here with your permission? >> not yet, no, nobody, empty. the house completely empty. >> reporter: so as far as you know, this house should have been empty? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: you have no idea who was inside? >> no, no idea. >> reporter: the company doing the fumigation work is best care fumigation work from fremont. they have a valid license from the state structural pest control board. several company trucks remained at the site. one clearly marked, inhalation hazard. nguyen says he still plans to move in but this is not the kind of welcome he was hoping to get in his new neighborhood. is it kind of scary?
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>> yeah, of course. scary. you know? happy to buy home, i want to live in here, you know? but... right now, it's make me feel bad. >> reporter: we did make several efforts to speak to the exterminator company in person and also on the phone to try to nail down the exact timeline of events. the company, though, would not speak with us today. >> mark sayre in san jose, thank you. breaking news out of contra costa county. a drug bust in pacheco reportedly led to the discovery of pipe bombs. now, witnesses say this happened at a storage facility called affordable locker on first avenue. parts of i-680 had to be closed while detonated those bombs. witnesses say three people have been arrested. and that is all the information we have at this time but we'll update with you new details as we get any during the newscast. in los angeles, two high school students are in the hospital after what police are calling an accidental shooting. it happened at gardena high school. police say that the gun was
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inside a student's backpack and it went off when the boy accidentally dropped the bag in a classroom. that bullet hit a 15-year-old girl in the head and a 15-year- old boy in the neck. the girl is the one in critical condition tonight. witnesses say the boy who brought the gun, then ran out of the classroom, eventually surrendered to police. threats of violence led to extra security at uc-santa cruz today. last month, somebody scrawled graffiti in a campus restroom warning of violence on today's date. didn't say specifically what would happen. well, the school did stay open but some professors cancelled or moved their classes away from the building where the graffiti was found. >> throwing things, yelling, using improvised weapons can all be effective in this situation. and campus police took some extra precautions. this is part of a training video that police put together to help show people what to do in case there is any violence. so far, there have been no reports of anything unusual on campus. some other headlines around the bay. one man is in serious condition
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in the hospital after three men started shooting at him as he was getting off a bus in san francisco this morning. it happened about 9:30 at 16th and folsom, which is in the mission district. witnesses say that the three shooters were all wearing ski masks. police were later seen arresting three young men nearby. but it's not clear if the arrests were in connection to the shooting. the man who was shot is expected to survive. in san jose, police think that a deadly drive-by shooting last night was gang-related. it happened at the cabana apartments on poe he could way about 11:00. when police got there they found the victim. he died at the scene at poco way. witnesses said they heard a vehicle leave the area but didn't see it so couldn't give a description. it's not your normal employee benefit. but a bay area city is considering paying for workers' sex change operations. tonight the berkeley city council will vote on whether to set aside $20,000 a year for city workers who want gender reassignment surgery. councilmembers say it's a way
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to provide fair benefits to the transgendered community. the critics say the money should be spent on services that are of benefit to everyone in the city. well, next, politicians' private information stolen. how one bay area man did it and how he was caught. and oh, deer! breaking glass, furniture falling, the wild chase after a deer crashes into a castro valley home. and multi-million dollar houses out on the coast in danger of collapsing into the ocean. why home owners are being told they can't save them. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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broke into a home in contra costa a window smashed, a door damaged, furniture went flying. an intruder broke into a home in contra costa county while a couple was inside. ann notarangelo shows us why they are launching about it. talking about it. >> she was trying to find a way out. >> reporter: loretta was investigating a crashing something noise when she discovered and 80-pound doe in her home. she got her husband john who armed himself. >> i threw a pillow at it and so it ran up this way instead of turning left out the front door it went through the kitchen and into our pantry. >> reporter: the deer came from
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the neighbor's yard. the family believe that the doe thought she was trapped in their yard and figured the only way out was through the kitchen window. >> we were not eating because it was lunchtime because it would have went right through me but it came through the window and slid across the table because things were turned over. the tablecloth was off. there was sugar scattered all over and butter scattered that side of the room, this side of the room. >> reporter: a slippery floor and a frantic wild animal, not the best combination. she banged herself against a sliding glass door, knocking it off its tracks. >> i got scared once when i heard a bump, bump, and then i didn't hear anything and i yelled from upstairs, are you okay? are you okay? and he finally said yeah, i'm okay. >> reporter: somehow the deer managed to avoid john's prize toy cars and loretta's items and only broke a lamp, butter dish, window, and a few other small things but left the family's humor intact. >> where can you go and have a day's activity for $200? [ laughter ] >> reporter: john put an end to
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the three or four minute adrenaline rush with more pillows. >> when it ran across the room to the middle of this room, i threw another one this way, which then directed the deer down the hallway and out the door. >> reporter: whole thing is being documented. john keeps a journal to share with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. he says life sometimes seems awfully repetitious and something like a doe in your kitchen window lie livens things up! >> this week is interesting! >> reporter: and it keeps getting more interesting. >> got another interview. [ laughter ] >> reporter: with all of the attention they are getting. not a normal week at all for the family or the deer who headed for the hills and has her own story to tell. in castro valley, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. traffic has gotten very interesting on 680 south of highway 4. an update on the breaking news that we had about
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five minutes ago. now traffic is really backed up because of the concerns, the discovery of pipe bombs. you can see the highway is closed in that one direction and so that's backing traffic up. but apparently, a drug bust reportedly led to this discovery of pipe bombs. we are told by the county sheriff that another pipe bomb has to be detonated. there you see the storage facility as well as the police crews there and the bomb squad so that's affecting traffic on 680 south of highway 4. we'll continue to keep an eye on that and update you as we get some new information. all right. this is some of the bay area's most prime real estate but there's some fear beachfront homes in santa cruz county could come crashing down. now, over the years, heavy storms eroded the bluff overlooking rio del mar beach i aptos. it goes from the creek to the river but can erode the sand under the homes.
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>> if those rocks fall down and then undermines this wall and that wall tips over, and then what do we do? >> neighbors along the beachfront drive say they can't even protect their homes. the county and state parks, which maintain the land, refuse to issue permits to build a trench so that the water would flow away from the houses. they say there is no emergency, nor is there an imminent threat. free parking perk about to expire and it's plenty of clouds to drive muni workers away -- it's meant to drive muni workers away from their car. there are about 1,000 parking spaces but on march 1 employee who drive to work will have to pay $80 a month for a parking permit. today the municipal transportation agency is voting on how much they would fine people who violate that. the agency expects it to bring in more than a million dollars a year. the sweating, the headaches, hot flashes are certainly not fun. but a new option that can help
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women keep their cool. and then a different tactic to fight drunk driving. how one city wants to restore -- resort to humiliation. made it all the way up to 69 degrees today in morgan hill but today was not the warmest day of the week. we'll pinpoint that day as eyewitness news continues, wow, that's gorgeous, right here on cbs 5.
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quick update on the pipe bomb situation in contra costa county. the bomb squad brought in a remote-controlled robot. this is affordable locker, on first avenue. apparently, a drug bust in pacheco led to this discovery of the pipe bombs. witnesses have told us that three people have been arrested but what we want to show you
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here is 680. this is south of highway 4. it is completely closed because the bomb squad is planning to detonate one or more of those pipe bombs that were found so again, this is a storage facility, affordable locker on first avenue. but the evening commute is definitely affected as they have closed 680 at highway 4. it's closed in one direction but traffic in the other direction obviously is being affected because people are slowing down to try and look at what's going on. but we'll keep an eye on this and update it for you here in the next couple of minutes. all right. a southern california city that has one of the state's highest alcohol-related traffic fatality rates may try to shame drunk drivers off the road. a city councilman in huntington beach wants police to start posting the mug shots of drivers arrested more than once on dui charges. the city ranks highest among 56 cities of its size in alcohol- related traffic deaths. the idea has been met with resistance from police and some in the public.
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police say they already aggressively enforce drunk driving laws. a suspected san francisco computer hacker is accused of playing a malicious game to steal personal information. the victims, more than 100,000 ipad users, including new york's mayor michael bloomberg and news anchor diane sawyer. prosecutors say that daniel spitler took advantage of a security probable recommend that exposed email addresses of at&t users that had 3-g wireless. spitler and this man, andrew auernheimer, may have sold those addresses to spammers. both men facing fraud and conspiracy charges. all right. you have a cell phone? brace yourself. your carrier may be coming up with some new ways to charge you more. on the consumerwatch, julie watts is going to explain those charges. what are they? >> reporter: verizon and sprint are make changes to some of their most popular plans and that means many customers would be paying more for the same level of service. ♪ [ music ] reporter: talk is cheap but
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data, that's going to cost a bit more. sprint is raising the cost of its unlimited data plan by $10 from $59 to $79. that's the same as t-mobile but compare that to verizon, which charges just $29 a month for unlimited data use although that is on top of other fees. and at&t no longer offers the unlimited plan at all. at least not for new customers. for its part, sprint, the world's third largest carrier, says the hike is needed to maintain its network. the change takes effect january 30. verizon customers can say good- bye to a popular perk, the company is quietly ending its new every two deal. until now, customers got big discounts on new phones every two years. but not anymore. current customers who have been with the company for more than two years will be grandfathered in and will qualify for just one more discounted phone. however, the new customers like the thousands expected to leave at&t for the verizon iphone can forget about it. and finally, maybe you have
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noticed, but no matter what kind of great deal you get on the cell phone, you always end up paying the sales tax on the full retail amount. viewer william wit did. he wrote us to ask why the tax on a $49 iphone is $48.95. the answer? california regulations 1585 of the state code on sales and use taxes. it was enacted in 2005 to ensure the state got its due amid deep discounting of cell phones. the cell phone industry tried to fight the rule but to no avail. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: now, william sent us his question through and you can too. we have posted a little to bill shrink. go to and click news and consumer. thank you, julie watts. let's get the latest on the weather. roberta is ready to go. >> allen, just two degrees. we were two degrees shy of a record in santa rosa today. the record 68 degrees
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established back in 2009. today so far 66 degrees in santa rosa but that wasn't even the mildest location. that happened to be 69 degrees in morgan hill. now, look at this. okay? stop whatever you're doing and look at your television screen. okay. come on, stop, take a look. this is our live cbs 5 weather camera from mount vaca picking up tonight's sunset, officially at 5:17. we have a few clouds drifting into the horizon all associated with a trough to the north of the bay area. but the bottom line is it turned out to be a decent day after a foggy start. currently to the east san ramon 61 degrees. sunnyvale at 63. belmont throughout the plains in the low 60s. and to the golden gate bridge is tiburon at 59 degrees. out and about we have numbers in the mid-50s at the seashore to the mid-60s in the inland areas. by the time the sun comes up tomorrow morning we'll have some areas of patchy fog.
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tomorrow morning numbers in the 40s. a trough north of us throws a few clouds into the horizon you saw that by our live cbs 5 weather camera. these clouds are also going to be part of your wednesday forecast, so i'll bring down the temperatures a couple of notches. but meanwhile that trough is going to scrub out some of the stratus along the immediate seashore in the form of low clouds and fog. and also, because of the area of high pressure returning more to a northerly flow, we are going to see a little bit of an offshore flow develop. so less fog for your wednesday but the numbers are coming down slightly. 58 degrees in pacifica to 60 in oakland, el cerrito and alameda. mid-60s still above average in santa rosa to right around the 60-degree mark in throughout the tri-valley including pleasanton and san ramon and dublin. extended forecast, warmest day of the workweek will be friday, nearly 70 in our outlying areas and then the dry weather pattern will continue through tuesday. this is lovely. this was sent to us by susan. she said her friend linda her
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next-door neighbor shot this photograph. tassajara valley fog in the east bay. send your photos to that's your pinpoint forecast. hang out, stay with us, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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women who are suffering from hot flashes. dr. kim mulvihill joins us. kim, researchers believe they may have an option for women suffering from hot flashes. dr. kim mulvihill joins. that's going to be good news.
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>> reporter: absolutely. some women call hot flashes power surges because it kind of feels that way. in general, it's a very common symptom of menopause and can be quite uncomfortable! now research involving bay area scientists finds a certain antidepressant works well as putting out the heat. now, the drug is lexapro. in a new study, researchers compared lexapro to a matching placebo in women suffering from hot flashes. the study lasted for eight weeks. researchers found women using the lexapro had fewer hot flashes. in some women, 75% fewer hot flashes. not only that, but the hot flashes they did have were actually less severe. now, lexapro is currently approved for th treatment of anxiety and major depression. the women in the study had neither, just hot flashes. it has common side effects including headache, nausea and extreme fatigue. in the study, when women stopped taking the drug, their hot flashes returned and a small number actually after stopping it felt dizzy and
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experienced vivid dreams and excessive sweating. you have to remember that the most effective treatment for hot flashes is still estrogen but there are concerns about hormone therapy so this points to a potential new alternative. that's always good. >> good news for a lot of women. thank you. robert sargent shriver peace corps founder former vice- presidential candidate, husband, father, has died. shriver has been in the hospital for several days. he was diagnosed in 2003 with alzheimer's. his career started in 1961 years after he married eunice kennedy when her brother president kennedy asked him to launch the peace corps project and he created other programs that to this day affect millions of people. sargent shriver was 95. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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didn't have in foliage, it made up for in spirit. tonight, the city of concord... here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. what it didn't have in foliage it made up for in spirit. tonight the city


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