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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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so environmentalists say a power plant that is built nearby power plant does damage so they are suing from more being built. this used to be the northern end of what is now the mojavi desert. there is a butterfly that lives here. >> it is the only place you can find these species. closest relatives are hundreds of miles away in desert environments. >> reporter: as the desert retreated south over the millennia. they live in a desert adjacent to the san joaquin river. over time the dune disappeared. pg&e put up a power plant now several others are doing the same thing. >> it is deposited on the soil.
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it changes the soil conditions to favor invasive leads, crowding out the host plants these butterflies need to survive. >> reporter: when the environmental protection agency granted the original permit in 2001 the nitrogen effect wasn't known. now that it is, they are suing to have the epa reevaluate the permit based on what we now know. >> you need to consider today's scientific information, not the information from 10 years ago. if they do that we can get a result that will protect endangered species from going extent. >> reporter: the new power plant should be approved pg &e says because they are modern and clean and allows older plants to be shut down. because the new ones are more flexible they can pump out more or less energy depending how much wind and solar energy is available. the company has worked for decades they add to control invasive plants. they say it is all good but won't save the butterfly.
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>> 45 individual butterflies is the lowest count. we may have missed some so maybe twice that many this is a critically endangered species. we need to make sure these last two individuals survived. >> reporter: so it is an interesting effect. nitrogen actually helps plants grow just the wrong ones. the weeds and not the ones that the butterflies like. the e.p.a. had no comment on whether they would be willing to review this case and permits given what we know now about the potential effects of the nitrogen. >> simon, are they saying this is the spot for the power plant, that they have to go here? >> reporter: pg &e has one plant here. there are private companies that will try to build the other ones to pg&e doesn't have a say they will just buy the power from the private power plantses. >> thank you. contaminated sandboxes. despite efforts to fix the problem and clean up the sand the contamination kept coming
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back. mark sayers in redwood city with more on a dangerous bacteria and what is replacing those sandboxes. mark. >> reporter: we are talking about e. coli which is a very serious health concern and one that would not go away in two redwood city parks so now the parks are temporarily closed and that sand is being permanently removed. stafford park is plenty busy with children playing on a winter day. but until recently there was a hidden danger here. e. coli lurking in sandboxes. >> yes, it concerns me for sure. >> reporter: redwood city mom here with her children 21 months and 4 years. she is glad to learn the e. coli contaminated sand has been permanently removed. >> i guess when it gets to high levels and children love to eat sand and everything goes in
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their mouth. so if it is at very high levels that's a concern because they get very sick. >> reporter: the city first received a complaint two years ago and at that time it launched an effort to test every single city park but also to try to save the sand. >> we replaced the sand, cleaned the sand, put in new drainage and we kept getting e. coli levels. >> reporter: malcolm smith said there was also no specific way to identify the source of the e. coli to stop the contamination from recurring. >> we think it came from perhaps a combination of leaky diapers from the kids. also could be cats or dog feces as well. >> reporter: the transformation is taking place at a nearby park where e. coli
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levels were elevated. park users say if it means kids will be safer, they are all for the changes. >> if they have to replace the sand and have done it in the last few years and i'm sure they just pulled it bastos probably cheaper that way. >> reporter: but all this renovation comes with a cost. $60,000 for both parks. redwood city officials say there are no state or federal regulations that dictate when a municipality must test the sand or the soil for that matter in any park. it is up to the city so at least in this city they have decided to test every park every year, allen, and perhaps more if they suspect e. coli or get any complaints obviously. >> if it makes it safer. mark, thank you. he is not in any danger. that's what the mother of a kidnapping suspect told us today about a 4-year-old boy who has been missing now for two days. it comes as investigators so far have had no luck picking up any clues about the boy's whereabouts. len ramirez is live tonight with late details on this case.
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len? >> reporter: well, investigators were disappointed to pull away from this canal area with no sign of the missing boy, his abductor or their vehicle. they now say that this investigation is still wide open. meantime, as you mentioned, the mother of the alleged kidnapper is speaking out trying to convince herself and others that he would not harm the boy. >> i just want to tell him that we love him and just to come and bring the baby back. >> reporter: donna fears for her 27-year-old son, the kidnapping suspect. she believes rodriguez is running scared after snatching his ex-girlfriend's 4-year-old boy. >> she just cut him off i guess from not seeing the baby for a week or two and he loved him like his own son, you know. so that's what i think happened and that's why i think he took him. >> reporter: the boy has been missing since tuesday night allegedly snatched from the arms of his grandmother by rodriguez, the ex-boyfriend of the boy's mother. despite a state wide amber
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alert neither one has been seen since. today she pleaded with her son to do the right thing. >> i'm really scared and nervous because i don't know what's going to happen with my grandson, you know. i know he is no danger or anything like that. they have said a lot of stuff about my son that he was dangerous and stuff. it happened when he was 15 years old, he was in a big old brawl fight. >> reporter: the boy's mother broke up with rodriguez several months ago. the boy is deposit his biological son but the mother is pregnant with rodriguez' baby. she thinks he may have a mental illness. >> do you think jose will hurt him? >> i don't. i just pray he comes to his senses and realizes what he is doing is wrong. >> reporter: at a prayer vigil at the boy's home last night the grandmother did not mince words. >> i don't want to lie. forgive me. he made my stomach turn when i
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seen him. and i never did like him. and he never did like me. it is okay. because we are even. >> reporter: this video captured him shortly before the kidnapping buying beer at a local convenience store. the video also shows the get away car that is still missing. a silver toyota corolla with oversized black wheels. witnesses reported a car close to that description had been dumped in a canal. dive teams recovered two cars in two days but they were not related to the kidnapping. still an active manhunt. the fact that we have not found the vehicle we were looking for in the canal is a sign of hope. hopefully it means that our suspect still might be out there and our victim still might be out there. and we still have a chance to bring our 4-year-old victim back home safely. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says because of that state wide amber alert they are
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getting constant calls coming into the office, allen, but it is very difficult to know which ones are the ones that are going to turn out to be helpful, which ones are not. so they are getting a lot of help from state law enforcement agencies as well as the fbi. but in terms of a search and a focus search right now they don't have anything specific that they are looking at. >> i'm sure they want to check out all those leads. len, thank you so much. i want to give you another look at the boy and rodriguez. 5'9", 180 pounds. he was wearing the white and black shirt and checkered shorts. the boy had on dark pants and light blue shirt and rodriguez may be driving a silver toyota corolla with a california plate 6hbw445. suddenly and without warning it just got nasty. the gusts that seemingly came out of nowhere and the trail of damage they left across the east bay. >> you could add calcium and vitamin c to paint and it is
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not something you would want to feed your child. >> you think you are eating healthy. maybe not. a new study that will change the way you think of food labels. and, all right, you know they are nasty but now we know more about why bed bugs are so hard to kill.
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down overnight and this morning in t wind gusts causing a number of trees to come crashing down overnight in the bay area. cars crushed. heavy damage in the east bay. linda yee is in berkeley with an example of those fierce winds. >> reporter: allen, those weren't even hurricane force winds but you would never know that by the damage it caused. take a look at this tree. it is a 60-foot cedar standing right out of a berkeley home but the giant branches were chopped off, slammed into the
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homes, caused a lot of damage and this was the scene we saw all over the oakland and berkeley hills. >> reporter: strong winds were not in the forecast but all over the berkeley and oakland hills giant trees littered streets and highways. heavy branches tore up rain gutters, broke windows and damaged rooves. a 60-foot tree was ripped from its roots and landed right on bruce johnson's car. >> quite heavy winds. and i could hear them. and as i was getting dressed for work i didn't hear this but as i come out my neighbor came and alerted me and this is what happened. >> what did you think when you saw it? >> well, i didn't panic or fall apart or anything. i was just glad no one was hurt. >> reporter: it wasn't hard to find or hear the tree grinders clearing away the debris on city streets. power lines were also damaged.
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at the peak of the wind storm pg &e said 900 customers lost power. so why did so many trees fall? arborists say a combination of saturated soil from recent rains and heavier than normal winds usually can do it. but one expert believes something else happened. >> the soil isn't really that saturated. that's a normal amount of soil. it is nice and dry. i don't think the soil in the moisture was the big reason, big factor. coming from the wind that came in a direction it doesn't normally come. >> reporter: and uprooted it. trees develop their own defense system. roots grow in the direction that the winds below to support the tree until heavy winds come from another direction. >> i was up on grizzly peak and seemed to be coming straight offshore out of the southeast almost and generally it comes from the west and up the hill. >> reporter: so those different winds definitely caused a lot of problems and trees all over
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the bay area looked just like this. they either become firewood or possibly furniture, allen. and, you know, really was a surprise to everybody. >> all right. geotropism our word for the night. linda yee in berkeley. thank you. you know what, i do have to add something. we did say that the winds would be pretty breezy out of the north east 10 to 20 at the surface but in the higher elevations expect gusty winds. and the national weather service didn't have a wind advisory in effect. only unusual about these winds is that they were isolated instead of being widespread they were pretty much limited to the santa cruz mountains. also to the east bay mountains around oakland hill and there is where you have anywhere between 38 and 50-mile-an-hour winds. now the winds have dialed back considerably and right now calm conditions in san francisco after realizing a high today of 62 up from the average high of
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58 degrees. tonight, overnight, it will get cold. lack of clouds. lack of a wind. 34 degrees in santa rosa. 30s coming across the tri- valley. 43 willowglen, back to allenrock. 40s common across the central bay. out and about this evening lots of clear skies for that moon that is 98% full. it looks like we will continue to see this weather pattern, albeit not as windy. we are still enjoying the offshore flow due to the proximity of the area of high pressure as its relationship is to the coast side. so, the gusty winds were up higher today. now they are beginning to subside. they are going to rotate a little bit to the north west tomorrow. north and west. so i'm bringing down the temperatures ever so slightly. upper 50s to the mid-60s. still unseasonably mild for this time of year and check this out. nothing but sunshine each and every day, allen, all the way until next week at this time.
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now, remember this number. 16. i'm going to tell you why that's so important coming up next time around. >> 16. all right. roberta, thank you. tonight a couple stories on what we are eating these days and how to make foods more healthy. first up, the bay area group that took a closer look at the nutrition labels. julie watts on the consumer watch with that. >> yes, allen. you may have seen products like this with their nutrition value, special nutritional value, high fiber, low calories. these are regulated by the food and drug administration. they are complaining that the food industry is using the front of the box with deceptive nutrition claims. >> reporter: take a look at the nutritional information on the front of the box. good source of fiber. whole grain. >> and calories? total calories? excellent. >> i would think that would be healthy for kids. >> reporter: she would be wrong. according to a new study by the prevention institute. >> it turns out that 48% of the
6:18 pm
calories comes from sugar. sugar is in fact the primary ingredient in this product. >> false advertisement. >> reporter: it is not technically false advertising but it is misleading and that's what prompted a three-month study examining 58 products marketed as healthy for kids on the front of the box. >> 84% of them did not meet basic nutrition criteria. >> reporter: more than half of the groups studied were high in sugar and all contained added sugar. not to mention more than half were low on fiber and a quarter were high in saturated fat and sodium. >> parents and families who are shopping are being misled by these products. >> reporter: and that's why the institute is calling for the fda to step in. it regulates the information on the side of packaging but no uniform labeling standards for the front. the grocery industry is set to release their own self-
6:19 pm
regulated standards next month. >> it is like the fox guarding the hen house, you know. they have a specific interest in mind. >> reporter: and she points out their current self-regulation allows packaging like this calling a fruit drink with only 10% fruit juice a sensible solution. sure, there is added calcium, but -- >> you could add calcium and vitamin c to lead paint and it is not something you would want to feed your child. >> reporter: the grocery manufacturers association did not return our call but their website says their members have changed more than 10,000 recipes to reduce fat, calories and sodium. the fda now says they are also looking into regulation. and they have actually recently asked for recommendations from the institute of medicine to help them better figure out what they are going to require of different manufacturers. >> the front of the box is advertising. the facts are on the label. >> right, but it is deceiving because it looks like this is the same thing that is
6:20 pm
regulated by the fda on the side. >> i loved those as a kid. >> the box is half empty. >> we don't read the labels. >> thank you. also tonight, wal-mart is throwing its weight around. the giant retailer wants to force its suppliers to cut calories in the products it sells. juliette goodrich joining us from pleasanton with that. >> reporter: i have been shopping, comparison shopping and really what it is all about is not just losing weight but eating healthier and maybe the two really go hand in hand. that's what wal-mart wants to do over the next five years. a lot of people we talked to say healthy food at wal-mart, that's an interesting concept. >> what do you shop for when you come here. >> makeup and clothes sometimes. mainly make up. >> because it is more expensive? >> it is so cheap here. >> cat food. stuff for the birds and squirrels. >> reporter: pet food.
6:21 pm
toiletries. >> i'm coming today for puppy products. >> reporter: so what about people food. would you come here if they had healthier food? >> i would. >> reporter: wal-mart's new commitment, reformulate thousands of food products to make them healthier. the promise of the next five years to cut sodium by 25%. added sugars by 10%. and get rid of trans-fats all together. first lady michelle obama embraces the nation's largest grocer for joining her fight against obesity nationwide. >> it is a victory for parents. it is a victory for families. but most of all, it is a victory for our children. >> reporter: wal-mart says it will keep prices low and cut the cost of fruits and vegetables by $1 billion. to make the food more accessible to low income families as well. studies have found people with
6:22 pm
lower incomes have a harder time stick to go healthier diet. healthier foods cost more and are harder to find in poor neighborhoods. >> that is good especially with how things are. >> reporter: allen, i did do a little comparison shopping and really at any grocery store if you do find the enriched pasta versus multigrain pasta. the healthier foods are typically twice as expensive. so what wal-mart wants to do is make those healthier foods much more affordable along the road in the next five years. they plan to do it as soon as possible. guess what we are having for dinner tonight? >> let's not kid ourselves. wal-mart knows if you go in to buy healthy food, even if it is cheaper, you will be looking at the clothes, shoes and lawn furniture and all the other stuff too. >> reporter: that's what i did. >> you did, didn't you? >> reporter: yes. you can't help it. there is a lot in there. but if they can make it one stop shop everyone will be happy. >> exactly. juliette goodrich, thank you.
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bed bugs. they are here. and we are learning more about why it is so darn hard to kill them. coming up in 2 minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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recently been a big problem on the east coast. now exterminators say they are fighting bedbug bed bug infestation has been a big problem in the on the east coast. now exterminators say they are fighting infestations up and down the san francisco peninsula. they have been found in a pair of apartments in mountainviews avalon. they are using heaters and special fans to get rid of those pests but that might not be enough to get rid of them completely. new research is showing bed bugs are getting stronger and more resistant to the standard pesticides used to kill them. they have developed a thicker shell as well as an enzyme that
6:26 pm
can cleanse them of those poisons. any bed bug that survives passes on its powers to its next generations. do dimmer switches really save energy? ken bastida with tonight's good question. >> reporter: you've got your mood lighting controlled by your dimmer switch on the wall and your mood could improve when you find out you're saving energy. >> if i walk into my house and turn down my dimmer, am i actually saving energy? >> in most cases yes because the modern dimmer switches are built using electronic switches called a triac. >> reporter: time for a little electronics 101. >> show me the formula for how this works. our dimmer switch. >> okay, the power is equal to voltage times the current.
6:27 pm
>> i knew that. this electronics professor explains that a triac is a device built within the dimmer switch that actually turns the electricity on and off in rapid succession. so fast, in fact, that your eyes can't see it. >> it is just like watching a movie, you know. basically, if there are 16 frames per second, you see continuous movement. >> reporter: the new dimmers don't store the heat and electricity like the old resister type. our meter proves it. watch the wattage drop as we dim the bulk. professor hu says it would make sense to go around your home and install new dimmers and it doesn't take a lot of sense to do it. ours cost less than $5. go to click on the i, send me your good question. looks like ice agents will have some new marching orders. who the obama administration plans to target in a new
6:28 pm
crackdown on illegal immigration. speaking of new directions. how vallejo plans to escape bankruptcy. plus, an update on the california lawmaker who is thinking about suing the state for what he says is a short changed paycheck. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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leave the hospital. doctors less than two weeks after being shot in the head congresswoman gabrielle giffords is getting ready to leave the hospital. doctors say she is making remarkable progress. more now on her recovery and where she goes now. >> reporter: every day seems to bring another milestone in congresswoman gabrielle giffords' recovery. her husband mark kelly says she is now making attempts to speak. >> every time i interact with her there is something quite inspiring. >> reporter: with some help giffords is standing up. >> she is beginning to stand with assistance. she is scrolling through an ipad. these are all fantastic advancements. >> reporter: giffords will move to a rehabilitation hospital friday that specializes in brain injuries in houston. tirr memorial hermann hospital. kelly lives there and works as an astronaut. >> i can be there by her side as much as possible every single day.
6:32 pm
>> it is a phenomenal place. >> reporter: cynthia atkins helps fund programs at the center where giffords will spend two months in speech, occupational and physiotherapy relearning basic skills. >> they have to do hours and hours and hours of rehab and it is difficult and it is long and it is grueling but the outcome is a very positive outcome. >> reporter: even though giffords is making remarkable process doctors say it is too soon to tell if some brain functions suffered permanent damage. her husband says if anyone can make a full recovery she can. >> she is a strong person. a fighter. i mean, she is a fighter like nobody else that i know. >> reporter: giffords will be the last of more than a dozen people wounded in the shooting to leave the hospital. cbc news well, while he got a warm reception at the state dinner last night it turned chillier today on capitol hill for china's president. lawmakers and the president pressed hu jintao on china's human rights record and unfair
6:33 pm
trade practices. after much prodding hu jintao said a lot needs to be done in china on human rights. the obama administration plans to intensify a crackdown on the employers of illegal immigrants. an audit office is being created to help with the verification of company hiring records. last year nearly 3000 companies were audited and a record $7 million in civil fines levied on businesses that employed illegal workers. three years ago the city of vallejo filed for bankruptcy. today the city announced plans to dig itself out of that financial hole. the city manager presented a five-year road map for moving forward. the plan is going to mean some creditors will get paid as little as 5 cents on the dollar on what they are owed. but that was one of the tradeoffs they had to make. >> would we decrease fire, close another fire station? would we take more police off the street? how else could we increase
6:34 pm
that? it would only be to reduce expenditures. >> it was filed with the bankruptcy court in sacramento earlier this week. an assessment report will be presented to city council next tuesday. they have already made employee cuts. now they will also have to cut the number of students who were admitted into the university of california system. university administrators warn because of budget cuts, tens of thousands of qualified students are going to be turned away. they say that the u.c. system faces a budget gap of at least $1 billion next year. largely due to cuts in state funding. in the upcoming school year the u.c. system may also lay off more employees, offer fewer courses and reduce financial aid. there will be no back pay yet for an assembly man whose pay was cut by a government board. he filed a claim against the state of california insisting it was illegal for lawmakers to have their pay cut by an
6:35 pm
independent panel. today his case came before the victim compensation and government claims board. and it was denied. >> this is a difficult time and there is no question that this in some respects may be unpopular but given all that, because of all that, it is important to protect the integrity of the legislature and important to protect the people of california. >> he says he will now likely file a lawsuit to get his back pay. if he wins it could end up being $2 million of back pay for legislators. what this looked like here in the bay area. what goes up came down. on her car. one woman's remarkable bad luck or bad real estate. have you ever guessed that someone was pregnant when it turns out she wasn't? i'm dennis o'donnell. the star tennis player got her
6:36 pm
revenge after the match today. hear what she said. that's coming up. ,,,,,,
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history. by now, you've probably heard "the" line today - maybe you've heard it more 50th anniversary of one of the landmark speeches in american history. you have heard the line probably today. maybe more than once. but we give it to you in a larger context. 50 years later the final 2 minutes of john f. kennedy's inaugural speech compliments of the now fully digital j.f.k. library. >> in the long history of the world only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. i do not shrink from this responsibility. i welcome it. [ cheers and applause >> i do not believe that any of
6:39 pm
us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. the energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it. and the glow from that fire can truly light the world. and so my fellow americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. [ cheers and applause >> my fellow citizens of the world, ask not what america will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. [ cheers and applause
6:40 pm
>> finally, whether you are citizens of america or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. with a good conscience our only sure reward with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love asking his blessings and his help but knowing here on earth god's work must truly be our own. >> the final 2 minutes. if you want to see the speech in its entirety, you can check it out on the j.f.k. presidential library's website. all right. coming up. the meg at launch over
6:41 pm
california. and stuff flying from the skies as well. >> did somebody say sky? take a look at this sky. it is absolutely clear. glorious. it is dry. the weekend pinpoint forecast. it is just minutes away right here on cbs5. ,,,, [ male announcer ] rockin out to the big hot pastrami. big. hot. pastrami. don't dare call it a cover band -- unless you're talking about covering freshly baked bread with layer upon layer of flavor-packed pastrami. this sub lays down power cords of tasteocity with pickles, mean licks of mustard and riffs of melty, bubbly cheese.
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contrail from the largest rocket ever lau west did you see this? we are going to highlight it. the largest rocket ever launched from the west coast trail. blasted off from the air force base right near santa maria. another look from ocean beach. amy johnson on what experts say is the cargo inside. >> and then it like glowed and stuff. >> reporter: the rocket is 235 feet tall and 53 feet wide. it is one and a half times the size of the statute of liberty. >> we are watching the largest rocket in the history of the west coast of the united states today. it is about 23 stories tall. so we are basically going to be launching a 23-story rocket into space at about 17,000 miles per hour. >> reporter: the rocket launch
6:45 pm
is dubbed short for launch number 49. officials won't say what's on board only that it is a national security pay load but plenty of experts think the delta rocket is carrying an imaging intelligent satellite into orbit. no matter what is on board the sight was spectacular. >> every launch is different. this one had its own things. it was priceless. you're not going to see that again across the sun. >> amy johnson reporting. noise isn't the only problem when you live near an airport. a southern california woman says a huge chunk of ice fell on her car and caused damage there to the hood, windshield. now she says the ice fell from a jumbo jet and wants the airline to pay for the damages. she said this isn't the first time it happened. >> in 1984 a piece of ice landed in our backyard and wasn't a big piece but it did land. we thought nothing of it. we didn't make any issue out of
6:46 pm
it. my husband at the time said, oh, it will never happen again. >> but apparently it did. maybe because she lives directly below the l.a.x. flight path. that would do it. many folks have probably never seen one of these before. here is your chance. an infant giant ant eater. that's the infant and made its debut today at the san francisco zoo. the zookeepers say the pair has been bonding quite well since the birth on december 22nd. snoozing away. don't know whether it is a boy or girl yet. i guess it is awake. it can weigh 40 to 100 pounds and eat as many 30,000 ants in a day. that's right. smile. students in san francisco at a school encouraged to smile at each other all day today. today was smile day. it is part of respect week in
6:47 pm
the san francisco unified school district. the reason for smile day? it makes people more approachable. but easier for us to get along when somebody smiles. and appears friendly and shows it off. you were smiling at about 150 folks today? >> it was amazing. i was invited to lunch with the san ramone new comers. it is a group of women that have lived there a long time and go to hiking together, museums together. they invited me to come speak. they invited me to lunch to speak. it is the new comer's club. i want to thank all of you. there you are, ladies. we had a wonderful lunch today. out at bridge's golf course. i saw beautiful, beautiful sunshine today. temperatures today across the bay area. anywhere from 59 in san rafael to 70 degrees in santa cruz. right now we are cooling down
6:48 pm
into the 50s and 60s. and not a cloud in sight. this is the scene in san francisco where today's high was 62. bottoming out tonight. near freezing. with the lack of clouds and dryer air mass in place, it will be an awfully chilly night. out and about we still have numbers in the 50s and 60s. clear skies. high pressure, huge dome strengthening diverting storm track well to the north of the bay area. now, remember the winds around an area of high pressure go in a clockwise formation. that's why they are going from the north and then out of the east. that's an offshore flow and that's why you had the gusty winds up high today and the highest elevations roughly between 1000 and 1300 feet. but at the surface the winds were 10 to 20. all those winds are substantially lower at this hour and will remain pretty flat for the next couple days. for your friday, it is a get
6:49 pm
away friday. 65 monterey. 50s in throughout the central valley. a few clouds around fresno in the form of tule fog. otherwise sunshine. grab the sun block on friday if you're heading for the high sierra. cooler on saturday. and then no change needed in the high sierra through monday. tomorrow's high temperatures because the winds will rotate from the north and the west i'm going to bring them down a couple of notches. 50s and 60s. still unseasonably mild for this time of the year. check out your saturday and sunday. absolutely stellar. light winds, blue skies. looks like we have the sunshine continuing through thursday. oh, check this out. this is great. rita, i love you. you sent this photograph to me. she shot it with her camera phone. a fallen tree off broadway terrace in oakland. keep the photos coming to mipics@ dennis with sports still on deck coming up after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:52 pm
battle of north vs south..a game that could change the balance of huge game tonight. can't even get a ticket. >> when consultants come by, you've got to -- if it is a lead story. >> let's hear it. >> is this a civil war. battle of north versus south. a game that could change the
6:53 pm
balance of power in the pac-10. don't even think about finding a ticket tonight at maples. can i sound any better? >> cardinal women against the eighth ranked ucla bruins. women looking to extend their 54-game home win streak against a ucla team offering its best start in 35 years. it is their first time in the top 10 since 2000 and they have already faced the best in the country. if you can beat uconn. she is loving this challenge as well. >> it is exciting for us to have that kind of competition in the pac-10 and sometimes we have had really great teams out here and sometimes they haven't gotten the national rankings so when we play other teams even though they are not ranked they are giving us great competition. if you have nothing to do come out at 7:00 p.m. i think it will be just a great basketball game. >> speaking of great battles, aaron rogers will get a chance sunday against the bears to get a conference title trophy to go
6:54 pm
along with his imaginary title belt. celebrating some of his touchdowns by wrapping an imaginary title belt around his waist. mimicking the belt after a sack last week. rogers says it came about in practice and his teammates love it. >> you know, i'm on the sideline, give him the belt again, give him the belt again. >> the whole title belt was never meant to be towards anybody, it started in practice and not meant to be showing up a team. >> look at it because this probably costs more than than the house you live in. >> a 23-year-old in omaha came in last place in his fantasy league. so the league rules. tattoo the words fantasy loser
6:55 pm
on your leg. guess whose idea it was at the beginning of the season? spudman. >> of course. >> apparently he has a tattoo of his ex-wife on his other leg. raiders hired former ravens assistant to be their offensive coordinator. the head coach will still call the play. check out the new oakland athletics. billy bean put together what many experts say will be a contending team in the american league west. but the rolling stone saying you can't always get what you want, he did not require the big bat he was looking for. >> on paper the team doesn't appear to be a great deal of power. you didn't get him as you pointed out. is the lack of power a concern for you. >> certainly in the american league. you know, if there is one area that we could have used the most upgrading in was in power. but we are not necessarily a market setter and don't necessarily get our first
6:56 pm
choices and power has become a pretty rare commodity, particularly the 45 home run guys. adam dunn went off the board pretty quick. white sox were very aggressive with him. just not that easy to find those guys. we tried to do the best we could with what was remaining and we think we did. >> australian open. the belgium player in the near court quit tennis in 2007 to have a baby only to win the last two u.s. opens. getting even with an australian open reporter. >> she showed me a text message that you wrote to her about me in sydney. >> what did you say? >> you thought i was pregnant. let me say what was written in the message. first of all, she looks really grumpy and he boobs are
6:57 pm
bigger. >> oh, my goodness. [ cheers and applause >> that's the ends of my t.v. career. thank you very much. >> great stuff. >> i thought that shirt was the end of his career. >> has this ever happened to you? >> it happened to me. ann notarangelo was sitting here and i said, ann, congratulations you're pregnant. >> she was wearing what looked like a parachute to me. >> and i'm sure she really appreciated you telling this story now, dennis. >> it was a bad scene and i got the look and we walked downstairs and she said a few days later, i am pregnant. >> well then -- >> but she couldn't tell me at the time. >> but i was embarrassed. >> let alone the whole audience. >> she has got two wonderful children now anyway. >> keep going. >> you're cute when you blush. you know that? >> dig myself deeper. >> have a good night. >> we love each other. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: m
6:58 pm
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