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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 28, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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craig: good night, everybody. good night. ,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." a major u.s. ally on the brink. the step egypt is taking to crush a growing protest movement. a movement that has a bay area company to thank for helping it spread. >> the president picked their questions and answered them on youtube. what bay area teens asked the commander in chief. >> oakland as top cop is not going to san jose. what is next for police departments in two bay area cities. i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida. it is now 9:00 friday morning in egypt. the start of what protestors are calling a day of rage. aken to the
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streets in unprecedented egyptians fed up with what they say is a corrupt and inept government have taken to the streets in unprecedented numbers. the protest will being coordinated on facebook and through tweets. as elizabeth palmer reports egypt has tonight disrupted the internet as part of the government crackdown. >> reporter: police brutality at its most explicit. a protest tore in the sinai desert shot dead as he ran. the unrest in egypt has spread like wildfire. in suez, about an hour east of the capital. furious mobs burned down government buildings. just like the huge street protests that erupted in iran in 2009, egypt's up rice is a real movement that was born in a virtual world. head by young educated an ty visits like ahmed sal a who understands the power of social networking a call for action
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went out on facebook, which initially reached more than a million people, and was then amplified by a tore rent of twitter messages. >> egypt was in one -- was in more than one in every 200 tweets. >> in the world. >> in all the tweets in the world. >> reporter: it was egypt's urban youth that led the protest earlier in the week. but demands for change will gain real traction only when the grassroots join in. the anger behind this uprising is about a lot of things. it's about freedom of expression and corruption and abuse but, above all, it's about unemployment and the price of food. it's skyrocketed. in a country where almost half the population lives on less than $2 a day those egyptians struggling to make ends meet are expected to take to the streets tomorrow. they will be joined by egypt's most famous opposition figure, nobel prize winner mohammed el bar a die who arrived in cairo
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tonight and pledged to march tomorrow. so did the legions of muslim brotherhood supporters, the most powerful islamic movement. they hope tomorrow's demonstration will be so massive the police will have no choice but to stand back and let the people be heard. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, cairo. president obama tried something new to keep the momentum going from his state have the union address. he went on youtube and let people all around the country ask him questions. as grace lee tells us some were from bay area students. >> not having the best possible chance. >> reporter: reaching out to americans, the president offered to answer questions from anyone through youtube. the competition was fears. out of the 140,000 questions submitted only 15 were chosen. that chewedded three students at kip king collegiate, a charter school in san lorenzo. >> it hasn't really hit me yet that obama has seen our video
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and has actually seen me talking about education. >> i don't know what time he e- mailed us, we won and got picked like 15 other videos. i don't even know what to say. i was -- i don't know. it hasn't hit me yet either. >> i was so excited. it's like a dream right now. i never thought i would be in this situation. >> i started dancing around. i was ecstatic. i literally started jumping around my apartment and kind of you know like doing the rocky celebration. >> how do you plan on adapting the school to the economic -- >> the students asked president obama how he plans to solve the achievement gap in education. >> the single most important thing we can go do in closing the achievement gap is making sure we have good teachers in the classroom. >> reporter: while getting the issue before the president was important it was also just a thrill to be seen by millions, they even made "the cbs evening news." >> there you are.
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>> wow. wow. now that i look at it i should have smiled. >> they should have spent more time on their camera work. >> we thought it would take 5 minutes, it took us an hour or more. >> dad ra literally waiting in the parking lot calling every three minutes, the worse the pressure got one of the three of them would mess up and we would have to do it again. >> reporter: i know exactly what you're feelingment well mr. mcmulti-says they actually spent about 2 1/2 hours putting together that 50-second video. but how did they get chose ♪ men ♪ well youtube representatives say it was because they got so many positive votes, but i'm telling you, if you meet she's kids and the teacher, no doubt why they got chosen, so focused, driven. it's not a matter of the they are going to college, it's a matter of when. >> and where. they are very enthusiastic and their question has s very valid.
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there has to be a diminishment of this achievement gap. >> absolutely. they are saying we're doing it here making it work. make it work across the nation. >> grace, thank you. also in the news tonight san jose has chosen a new police chief. it's not oakland's top cop anthony batts. the mercury news is saying it's the acting chief chris moore. kiet do on the decision that affects two bay area cities. >> reporter: no one in power, not the mayor for the city manager, was talking specifics tonight except for oakland police chief anthony batts. this evening he sent out a carefully worded statement saying chief bats not stepping into the position of san jose chief of police. what's more the last line read he wishes his newly point police chief chris moore the best of luck. >> that's up to him to congratulate whoever he would like. >> reporter: bats, a former police chief in long beach with
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a ph.d., was seen as a proven player who could woo minorities. but interim chief chris moore, a 29 year veteran, attorney, full bright psychologicallar and white house fellow is respected by the rank and file. we caught up with the council and mayor as they attended a meeting from the church. >> i want the best person. >> reporter: the spokesperson for oakland mayor jean quan about chief bats. >> i appreciate his leadership and commitment to community policing and raising professional standards. i'm optimistic the chief will continue to serve the city. >> reporter: church leaders hope whoever gets the job can heal the distrust of police among the city's asians and hispanics. >> we're looking for a chief of police that will acknowledge that there is racial profiling that happens within the police department, that it's just not a perception, that it is reality. >> reporter: and so what's going to happen to chief bats
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in oakland? well if you reed from this press release here it's very cryptic. "it still needs to be determined if i'm a fit for the city of oakland's vision for the future." as far as the situation here in san jose, next tuesday, the city manager will present the candidate to city council, they'll have a q and a session, then they'll vote. ken. >> kiet do in san jose, thanks kiet. oakland police are trying to account for a major technical break down that happened during a pursuit yet yesterday. at that critical time officers were unable to talk with dispatchers. linda yee on the communication break down crew the car chase went through oakland city streets and the highway. the suspect eventually crashed into another car before the deadly standoff with police. during these critical moments police communications between officers and dispatchers were lost. captain david downing said none of his officers could hear his commands. >> frustrating. it's definitely frustrating to try and deal with that type of
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situation. >> the city admits the radio system has had many problems since it was installed four years ago. engineers don't know what happened yesterday. >> they can't find a mechanical reason so it could be a training issue not only for the officers about but our dispatch. >> reporter: the mayor has ordered a recreation of last night's scenario. they hope to track down the problems. they call the system shattered but no one can explain why it takes more than four years to fix it. >> i just want it fixed and i think that's where i want to put the emphasis is when my officers pick up that radio and they need to get on the air and get back up they get back up. that's the bottom line to it. so i'm not concerned about placing blame or pointing fingers, we seriously just need to fix it. >> officers on the street say they have some suspicions on what may cause the problems. >> there is a possibility we're, yeah, we can actually overload a system also just like cell phones where too many
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of us are talking at the same time. >> reporter: it's the scenario that played out yesterday, four different locations for one crime, and the chief says that is not good. >> because if you have four officers on a scene and they are saying four different things in four different locations and all pushing the button at the same time and that locks out a system that's unacceptable. >> reporter: over the next three days they will be testing this radio system. the mayor says at the end of this test she wants answers. in oakland, linda yee, cbs5. neighbors evacuated a other bay area headlines now. just about an hour ago concord neighbors evacuated because of a bomb scare and they were allowed to go back home. it's an area near clayton road and maria avenue. bomb experts from the military were called in to check out some military grade shells she brought home in her truck after cleaning out some out buildings. the shells turned out to be empty. dozens of pit bulls are in need of new homes.
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when they complained of a ghastly smell coming from a home they raided it and found 33 bloody and terrified pit bulls. 68-year-old ar thee nancy was arrested and is being charged with felony animal cruelty. hundreds of volunteers have just an hour left to count san francisco's homeless population. san francisco officials say the city is required to do the count to receive $18 million a year to support its homeless services. volunteers hope to cover the entire city by midnight. the 2009 home let's count was 6500 people. coming up next the health care reform act is good news for parents of uninsured children. but not so fast. we will show you what kept one woman off her parents' insurance. >> taco bell is taking its filling and lawsuit seriously. the fast food giant answers claims that the meat in their tacos and bur right owes isn't all beef. >> it looks like nothing now but it's the start of something
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beautiful. the mysterious construction project taking shape in the bay area. >> wow. that certainly is cool. oh, speaking of cool, our record warming trend is now coming to an end. cooler temperatures and the day the rain will arrive. pinpoint ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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children. they thought well the health care reform act was good news for parents of uninsured children. they thought their kids would get back on the family health
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plan. not so fast. julie watts finds that one family found out that coverage is not automatic. >> when company region spin rod turned 19 she was kicked off her family's kaiser health plan and had to get within of her own. then health care reform allows people up to 26 to stay on the parents plan. and dad evan couldn't wait to bring her back. >> i want it to be a savings until i could bring her back. >> it would have but kaiser refused to letting her switch. criteriaing a preexisting condition. she was recently diagnosed with cervical cancer. >> they have got really tough on preexisting conditions in the last 10 years. >> insurance advocate amy bach says depending on your health plan it isn't automatic until 2014. >> a private insurance company selling individual, not group,
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policies can still reject a 19 through 26-year-old kid if they have a severe preexisting condition. >> reporter: so because could region is over 18 and evan has an individual policy, not provided through an employer, kaiser can get around the health care reform claws that prevents them from denying kids with a preexisting condition. >> it's frustrating because, like, i can't fight 'em by myself. >> even more frustrating turns out correspondence region was miss diagnosed and doesn't have cancer after all. kaiser says she can now re- apply for the health plan but that doesn't close the health plan. >> there is a lot of people out there like me that's going through this. >> starting in 2014 they have to accept all depend dents even if they have a preexisting condition but until then you may be able to qualify through medi-cal and the existing link program. we have all of those on our news. on the consumer watch, julie watts, cbs5.
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tonight taco bell says its seasoned beef is 88% beef. that as it fights back against the lawsuit claiming it doesn't have enough beef to be called beef. the remaining 12 percent water, spices, oats and other ingredients that contributes the quality. a lout suggests that the filling contains less than 35% beef. the suit does not seek monetary damages but asks the court to order taco bell to be honest in its advertising. roberta tosses back to where is the beef? >> i can tell you that roberta gonzales' weather is 100% ready to go. >> yeah. all right. so 9 days of record warmth here in the bay area. now coming to an end. after a record today of 75 in is a leap as, that's 13 degrees above average, oh let me get out of the way so you can see mount dean below where, today, we had a high at the bottom of the mountain there in danville, and alamo, 68 degrees. on the other side where the fog
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gathered in concord only 53 degrees. we have a dense fog advisory in effect again tonight through tomorrow morning through the eastern portions of the bay area inland. a bit of the fog will start the training will into concord. in concord victorino down to 2 miles. 34 santa rosa and this the tri- valley, 40s across the central bay. chilly start to your friday morning, also a foggy friday start, then we'll have some sunshine and cooler temps because of this. first off we had this little beautiful area of low pressure banking up against a ridge of high pressure beginning to warp it. it's going to begin to get a little dent right there and then it will have this next system to bring australia couple raindrops across the north bay sunday which means a chance of some snow which is much needed. in the greater lake tahoe area, if you're heading there, carry the chains, it's always viable. we have the sunshine, and more of an onshore push, if you're going to feel the cooler temperatures coming out of the west, temperatures in the 50s
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and 60s, forecast seasonal temps over the weekend, that outside number isn't salinas, otherwise it looks like once we get rid of this area of low pressure on sunday warmer conditions monday through thursday. this guy just loves the warm weather. and we love michael ma griefy, thanks for capturing this and sending it to >> 100% ready. >> you betcha baby? for the weekend. >> i like that. >> thanks roberta. if you're driving around palo alto any time soon try hard to keep your eyes on the road because you'll see this. palo alto art center opened a new tree sculpting exhibit. it resembles row housing, stand two stories tall and completely made of tree branches. no metal holding it up. you can walk through it and look through the windows and such. the sculpture will stand for a year, it will be torn down and sent through a wood chipper. recy,,,,,,,,,,
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come into kmart for our big price drop days. you'll find our lowest prices of the season on thousands of items all under $10... ...with tops, jeans, and more starting at $2.99. plus take an extra 30% off winter clearance apparel. now that's kmart smart. but our history also includes well the bay area is often associated with ideas like peace and live and let live. that philosophy. but, really, our history also includes an important role as a military strong hold. it's true that there were military missile sites around the bay area.
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that's tonight's good question. >> 2, 1, fire. >> they went by the name nike after the greek goddess of victory, a cold war missile weapons system designed to take down soviet long-range bombers. >> this was the goalie for the bay area. this was the last line of defense that this country had and, if bombers got this far, they had gotten through the navy, gotten through the air force, and this was the last line of defense. >> this was state of the art missile defense in the 1960s, guarding the california coast, the rest of the united states. and, yup, they had knox. >> this red stripe is indicative of the heel. this is a 40-kilo on the nuclear war head. >> john porter of the national park service says there were four of these nike missile sites in the bay area. >> missiles coming down. >> this one this the marin
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headlands has been restored by volunteers over the last 6 years? you would have all four up and launched in one position. >> if an enemy aircraft was identified they would track the formation and a crew crude but effective computer system would send information to the missile. >> this was state of the art computer in 1958. believe it or not it still works. at one point there were 300 nike sites like this across the u.s. but new technology in the 1970s rendered them obsolete. go to, click on the i con to send me your good question. speaking of rockets, we have a flying tomato sighting. i'm dennis o'donnell, john i'm dennis o'donnell, john daly, tiger woods, who wow. it's really coming together. yep. this way, everyone will know about all our great discounts. safe driver, online, homeowner's -- more discounts than ever before. and they still get great service.
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"eyewitness news" is product to you by "nome i don't and juliette" in theaters
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everywhere. st. mary's lad not beaten spokane since bill clinton was this the '68 office. give the ball to mickey mcconnell and get out of his way. the senior guard, this for the win, yes. with 1 second left he scored 10 of the last 11 points for st. mary's. 27 over all. the gaels finally win in spokane beating the zags 73-71. that's the first brother-in-law craig robinson on the left. his oregon state beavers shot 32%, couldn't slow down the bears, horizon say gutiirrez hands out a gamee lie 11 assist, they get back to .500 in pac-10 play. oregon beat stanford 67-59 for their first win on the farm in 25 years. usf beat lnu61-60 to improve to 5-1 for the first time since the reagan administration. ricky fowler trying to become the pga's version of the pink panther. tiger woods sinks the birdie put on number 6. he is five strokes off the lead.
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john daly's game stole the spotlight back from his splashy pants, a 567 leaves him three shots behind sun hewn kang who avoided the tv cameras at torrey pines. jets quarterback antonio cromartie was critical of the players and the owners as they get ready to negotiate a new collective bargaining agreement. >> i mean you got them looking like a bleep and they got theirs acting like a bleep and they need to get together. >> matt hasselbeck took a shot at cromartie via twitter saying "somebody ask cromartie if he knows what cba stands for." he quickly deleted the message, but not before cromartie responded on his twitter. >> eh matt, if you have something to say, be a man about it. don't erase it. i will smash your face in. >> number 5 the cardinal were
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right ahome or oregon's new court. they blow out the ducks for their 11th straight win. santa clara jumped out against peperdine to beat the waive. they have won three straight league games. opening night of the winter games at number 3. anyone better in the snow than sean white? the flying tomato takes first place in the super pipe. he'll go for his latest gold medal on sunday. at number 2 mississippi state cody augustus wins the scrum for the loose ball, scores from his knees, i don't want what i like more, the shot or the gym is named "the hump." back to the x game. company let moore attempts what is known a "the vault." he would walk off under his own power. danny buy dean wins the gold medal. the x games always provides something a little different as in the vault.
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>> haven't seen the tomato lately. >> yeah, he comes out in the x games, almost guaranteed. virtual guaranteed lock he will win the gold medal sunday. >> at least it will ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is next with robert deniro and dustin hoffman. all right. time for letterman? who is gonna


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