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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 1, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> they are waiting on dna tests to confirm the identity of the child's body. juliani's mother said this on facebook this morning saying, i want everyone to pray that jose's body is found so we can all know that he is burning in hell and i don't have to worry about him taking my unborn baby girl. while he was not juliani's father, rodriguez is the father of the baby that tabitha is carrying. the community of patterson has, of course, rallied around the cardenas family since the kidnapping. jonas tichenor has reaction. >> reporter: certainly there is a very deep sense of loss here in this little town of patterson as the word is beginning to spread in regards to the discovery of juliani cardenas's body. we have heard very little from the family today, who has spent most of the morning inside of the home here in patterson, although we did see tabitha, juliani's mother, driven out of the home with police escort about an hour after that news
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conference today. we also talked with a priest who was inside the cardenas home today after they had heard the news of the discovery about 31 miles south of here. he says, the family was actually a comfort to him and he believes that that is a testimony to their faith and the support the -- overwhelming support they have received from this community. >> they're very, very conscious of the support of the community and they appreciate that very, very much and my own thinking, i think that's a large part of what has helped them through all this. >> reporter: there really is no expectation for to us hear from juliani cardenas' mother tabitha today, although she has been very vocal throughout this entire process. there is a prayer vigil that's expected tonight at 7:00 in city hall. reporting in patterson, i'm jonas tichenor, cbs 5. tonight, egypt's president says he will not seek re- election. but he also says he won't leave
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office just yet. joel brown reports hosni mubarak made the announcement today despite the demand by a quarter million protestors that he resign immediately. >> reporter: there is no letup to the uprising in egypt. thousands continue to protest in the streets of cairo through the night, not satisfied with the latest promises from their president. in a nationwide address, president hosni mubarak announced he will not run for ee re-election. >> what aim for now to restore the stability of this country in order to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. >> reporter: mubarak sails remain president until elections take -- says he will remain president until elections take place in september. but demonstrators want him out now. and they vow to protest until it happens. >> this is a revolution in the making! >> reporter: there have been eight days of demonstrations across egypt. and tuesday's were by part largest. people are angry over poverty and government corruption. the obama administration has
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walked a diplomatic tightrope with its egyptian ally. a special envoy reportedly told mubarak that the u.s. sees his presidency at an end. at the same time, u.s. officials are pushing for what they called an orderly transition. >> throughout this process, the united states will continue to extend the hand of partnership and friendship to egypt. >> reporter: earlier tuesday, the state department ordered nonessential u.s. personnel out of egypt and thousands of other americans made their way to cairo's airport in an attempt to leave, as well. [ chanting ] >> reporter: pressure to reform is mounting on other arab states fearful the protests and violence could spread. the king of jordan and the palestinian authority announced they will soon hold elections that have been delayed for years. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. and coming up on the cbs evening news, katie couric reports from cairo tonight talking to protestors who are demanding a new beginning for their country. she is going to have the latest on the crisis coming up at 5:30. tonight, several students
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at a palo alto elementary school are on antibiotics after their teacher died suddenly. a fifth grade teacher at whoever school went to the hospital. his cold symptoms developed into an infection. tests are under way to determine whether he had meningitis. he died on sunday. students of mr. flath and h and staff were offered antibiotics. >> he was low key and gentle with my older son and very humorous. it's sad. >> the health department says it will continue to monitor the students and the staff at the school. but it may take days or weeks to confirm whether he had meningitis. emergency roadwork making the commute difficult in the east bay. the work is being done to repair a pothole in the southbound lanes of 880 near
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high street. and we can give you a live look at the backup now. cars heading south, well, they are facing a big delay. they are trying to squeeze them into just two lanes. those two right lanes are going to be shut down until about 7:00 tonight. but in the interim, cars and we're being told big rigs can use 580 as a detour. well, it was probably the worst kept secret in bay area law enforcement. san jose's new chief of police. but tonight we have the official announcement after san jose city council confirmed the appointment. len ramirez joining us from san jose with what's ahead for the city's new top cop. len. >> reporter: well, he has a lot of work to do. but when the previous chief rob davis announced that he was stepping down late last year, there was a lot of speculation and a lot of hope really in some aspects of the community that san jose would finally go outside of the department to find its new chief. but in the selection of chief moore, who has 26 years of experience in the san jose police department and is a very
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well-respected officer and administrator, the city once again went inside. >> the candidate who rose to the top -- >> reporter: it was the worst kept secret at city hall. >> -- is one of san jose's own and so i do present to you chief chris moore. [ applause ] >> reporter: but with career san jose cop chris moore now officially appointed as new chief of police, the city manager says she got the best person for the job. >> chris brings an extraordinary combination of education, training and experience to the position. but more importantly, from my perspective, he brings character, integrity, intellect and a long-time commitment to the city of san jose. >> reporter: the selection was applauded by many in the community including latino groups like la raza roundtable. >> one of the things that i personally liked that the impound policy that he changed that was affecting our community a lot. so that change, you know, to many, many might disagree with the change but it was a huge step for our community.
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>> reporter: but the selection of moore, who was already serving as acting chief, brought disappoint from other community groups seeking a fresh start from outside the department such as oakland's chief anthony batts, also a finalist for the job. >> we thought that batts was the most qualified between the two. this is not about personalities. it's not about the individuals. but this is really about who is the most qualified candidate and is most equipped to meet the needs by the people of san jose. >> reporter: san jose has had problems with police and minorities for years including incidents of alleged racial profiling and excessive force, problems that lingered without being resolved. chief moore says his first act will be to call those groups to set up face-to-face meetings. >> they have an opinion, they are certainly entitled to it. but now it's my job to work with them and to get them to understand who i am and again, we are going to disagree. i have had this conversation with a number of them. there are going to be times when we disagree. that's okay. so long as we understand each
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other, honest with each other, work through issues, we'll have more successes than disagreements. >> reporter: and chris has a lot of experience working with the groups here in san jose. he knows san jose from inside out. he has been a resident here for many years of his life. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. as if applying to college isn't bad enough, some east bay high school students have learned their college entrance exams are missing! i'm ann notarangelo in concord are how some local universities and colleges plan to handle the problem. honestly, when he's the last time you use -- when ais the last time you used the yellow pages? the move in one bay area city to dump the directories for good. and no need to cover up. the new airport body scanner that's not as intrusive. what this one lets passengers do that the other ones don't. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to delay its rate hikes: blue shame on you! >> after refusing to delay its rate hikes, blue shield of california is backing down. this group of protestors marched in front of the insurer's san francisco headquarters today and shortly after that, blue shield announced it will delay its rate increases by 60 days as requested by the state's new insurance commissioner. the insurer had planned to raise premiums on nearly 200,000 californians by as much
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as 59% starting march 1. three other insurers, anthem blue cross, aetna and pacificare did agree to delay their rate hikes last week. a bay area politician is declaring war on the yellow pages, a move that could make history for san francisco. today, san francisco supervisor david chiu introduced legislation that prevents unsolicited distribution of the phone books. more than million and a half are delivered in the city each year and chiu says that the books clog landfills and cost a million dollars a year to recycle. >> the current five-to 10-pound book of the yellow pages is an obsolete tool. >> it serves no one's interests to deliver a book to someone who isn't going to use it. however to choke off a major advertising medium for thousands of san francisco small businesses we think is unwise. >> chiu's proposed ordinance would allow them to be delivered only if the company
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confirms that a business or resident wants one. if passed san francisco would be the first city in the country to have a ban on the phone books. all right. quickly a little more breaking news out of the east bay. as we were -- this is a car fire in emeryville. the chopper was keeping an eye on the delays on 880 at high street. we saw this so we'll try to get some details four and bring you the latest when we come back here. a little less intrusive, less embarrassing certainly. how a new airport body scanner maintains modesty. and a powerful combination. heavy snow, high winds, freezing temperatures, slamming the midwest. a look at what could be the worst snowstorm the country has seen in years. looks like since about 1999 there. in fact, that storm is affecting 29 different states around the country. meanwhile, the day that we will top off at 75 degrees. your pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues.
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administration is responding to complaints about its intrusive full body scans. 're testing a n the transportation security administration is responding to complaints about its intrusive full-body scans. it testing a system at three airports in the united states. the software unveiled today lets passengers see what security screeners see and say it uses a more generic body image. tsa says its goal is to improve privacy protections while maintaining the same security level. >> it gives them confidence in the system and how tsa goes about doing its job and hopefully it provides a greater deterrent. >> the new technology will be tested at airports in las vegas, atlanta and washington, d.c. well, a monster storm stretching more than 2,000 miles is leaving a trail of snow, ice and misery from northern texas to maine.
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white-out shut down oklahoma city, tulsa, parts of kansas. it could be the worst storm in 40 years. thousands of flights have been cancelled including dozens to and from the bay area. manuel gallegus is in chicago where they are expecting two feet of snow. reporter: it's an army of plows and civilians with shovels against a storm stretching more than 2,000 miles. blowing snow and white-out conditions are paralyzing states across the plains. >> playing dodgeball with cars. >> reporter: even professional drivers are finding the roads too treacherous. >> i felt the truck -- it went on me to the side. i had to let go of the accelerator but yeah it's scary. >> reporter: in tulsa, oklahoma, emergency workers who had to be out in the severe weather weren't getting anywhere fast. in dallas, tractor-trailers were no match for the sheet of ice coating the highways. the severe weather is covering about a third of the nation. even from space, it's not a pretty picture. forecasters say chicago is in for one of the biggest storms
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in the city's history. the wind is already whipping up and some 400 trucks are standing by ready to deal with snow that could fall three to four inches an hour. >> are you prepared? >> well, i live pretty close to the grocery store so... [ laughter ] >> i don't have to go anywhere. >> reporter: hundreds of flights are already cancelled here. and more than 8,000 flights are cancelled across the country. with air traffic snarled this driver took his chances on the messy roads. >> used to live in canada so i can handle myself in the snow well. >> reporter: the snow, sleet and ice are compounding the mess in the storm-weary northeast. communities are bracing for widespread power outages and four states including illinois have already declared emergencies. manuel gallegus, cbs news, chicago. >> boy, they are in misery and we're just loving it because we are going to hit 70 in some places. >> allen, it's true. i was speaking to my friends in chicago and they are saying they are just battening down the hatches not even leaving the house and it would be a shame if you didn't leave the house and take a look at this.
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it's our live cbs 5 weather camera on chopper 5 spanning the waters over emeryville, we have a small craft advisory in place. currently the winds are out of the north at 20 miles per hour in the eastern portion of the district. santa rosa northeast dry wind at 22. out of the north to northeast, are the winds in san jose and a northerly wind up to 19 currently in richmond. this ushered temperatures into the 60s for the most part but santa rosa topped off at 70. clear skies this evening with an official sundown at 5:31. and overnight with this 60 shore flow and cooler air mass in place, temperatures below freezing in throughout the trivalley. 36 degrees in santa rosa. the winds definitely dialing back around the central bay and 35 degrees in san jose. no big difference from yesterday to today, the storm track being well to the north of the bay area. high pressure system is very strong. as it continues to strengthen, it will continue to bask over the western states allowing a
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dry air mass. so sunny skies ahead. tomorrow with a breeze in the afternoon hours out of the northeast 10 to 20, we will see for the most part good air quality except in the northern portion of the bay where the pollution gets trapped up against the marin headlands. tomorrow 60 to 70 degrees. warmer conditions as we slide towards thursday. and take a look at your friday. all the way through monday, a series of dry days and unseasonably warm temperatures so why not, norah wu, says have some west coast fun in foster city? you like that photo, don't you? would that be officially sailing, wind sailing or wind surfing? sail board thing. that's the pinpoint forecast. getting into college just got more stressful for about 100 east bay high school students. it's because their scores on the a.c.t. entrance exams got lost in the
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mail. ann notarangelo reports that they are not sure if the colleges are going to really show them much sympathy. ann? >> reporter: allen, some of the students affected want to go to cal state east bay and they may not be affected but these missing tests could cause a problem for some other students. 101 students took the a.c.t. college entrance exam at oakland technical high on december 11. >> i was depending on the december one to get me into college. >> reporter: two weeks ago all 101 students were told their test scores were lost. >> i was panicking. can't i retake it? or if i do retake it will the scores get sent in time? >> i was disappointed and mad because my scores cannot go through. >> reporter: an a.c.t. spokesman confirms to cbs 5, the answer documents were damaged in the mail and some of the contents lost. they can retake the test in february and the registration fees are being refunded. but the students have to contact the colleges to let them know about the mishap. >> i feel like a.c.t.
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should have the -- they should be the ones to contact our schools telling them about the bad thing that happened to our scores. >> reporter: a.c.t. told cbs 5, it is rare that tests get lost or damaged. and this quote, happened outside of our control. the spokesman also said the company does not contact colleges and universities because it is difficult to know which ones were impacted. >> they are dealing with such volume that i would imagine that that's going to be the major thing to be driving their decision is to what extent can they accommodate individuals? >> reporter: michael is the dean of admissions at st. mary's college in moraga. he says his college is small enough to work with the students but understands not all universities can. >> i think the blanket statement would be the minimum that would be reasonable. i mean, these are students and you're trying to help the students and you want to think that the test agency is going to be a student advocate. >> reporter: jackie lynn says uc santa barbara has already told him they won't be flexible. >> well, we just called them and said, well, we can't really
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get any more scores. the deadline was the 31st. and tough luck, basically. >> reporter: so does that mean that you will not get into uc santa barbara or is there another way that you could get in? i think it's just very -- it lessens my chances. >> reporter: but it may not. and the students are being encouraged to take action. greg smith with cal state east bay advises students, quote, remain vigilant. contact all the schools that they have applied to so they are aware as a backup. >> reporter: cal state east bay says it will work it the students. i also heard back from uc- berkeley which says as long as the students or the testing agencies contacts them lets them know what's going on there will be no negative consequences. hopefully this will work out for these aspiring college students. in concord, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. ,, ,,,,,,
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offers sent by fax.. promising incredible travel deals. on the cons ie watts has a you may have seen them, great offers sent by fax promising incredible travel deals. on the consumerwatch, julie watts has a warning. reporter: ever since their kids went away to college, the wynns have been trying to plan a family vacation so when they got this fax seemingly from delta offering a six-day stay at a luxury resort for just 199, they immediately called to find out more. >> i just asked them again, is this 199 for six days five nights? >> he said yes. >> so can i book right now? >> said yes and he gave me the $1,294 in for six. >> reporter: $1,300 for a week- long vacation for six?? a great deal. and even better, they could
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choose any date. >> he said anytime. any day. it's wide open. you can have it anytime. >> reporter: so they gave them their credit card number and they booked their dream vacation for march 20 to 25. but then a few days later, after the card had been charged, they got some bad news. >> they said that no, that date is not available. >> this fax scam has been around for a while. this is usually how it works. they give you a window and say you can book your vacation between this date and that date and then the dates won't be available and they keep your money. >> reporter: and a travel expert says it's hard to catch up with the culprits because they often operate in states with little or no regulation. >> you know, these guys are professionals. >> reporter: after doing some research, they called consumerwatch and we called the company named booking and reservation. they told our producer the case would be looked into but when she called back they repeatedly hung up. >> these guys are used to dealing with media scrutiny.
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>> reporter: when we called back to book a trip for the same week. >> march 20 to 25, are you sure it's available? >> reporter: like them, we were told no problem. no blackout dates, no restrictions, 100% guaranteed. >> this is very big lesson for us. >> reporter: the nguyen's have filed a fraud dispute with their credit card company and delta is not affiliated with them. treat the faxes lik junk mail. >> too good to be true. thank you. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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for eyewitness news at 6. the internet managed to fuel uprising in egypt, despite the government's efforts to cut i i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. the internet fueled the up rising in egypt despite the government's efforts to cut it o how some bay area technology groups managed to keep protestors voices online despite the web blackout. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:00. but we have to show you this,


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