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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News Early Edition  CBS  February 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. a held scare on an overnight nature field trip. what's sent dozens of students and teachers home sick. plus, egypt's army steps in after protests turn deadly. the latest efforts to control the chaos. mostly clear and a bit chilly around the bay area, some fog along the coastline. will it be mild again? and on and off delays due to construction on 880. how long will it last? i'll tell new just minutes. good morning, it is thursday, february 3rd. i'm elizabeth wenger. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning, everyone. your time is 4:30. topping our news this morning, about 50 bay area students and adults are recovering after they got sick
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at an outdoor school and retreat in marin county and had to be sent home. the children were visiting from three elementary schools in the east bay. they have been staying at the walker creek ranch. it's a campus of the marin county office of education just outside petaluma. the flu-like symptoms developed in the afternoon. >> we had some kind of viral flu bug go where students were getting sick to their stomach and mainly vomiting, maybe a little bit of diarrhea, but it spread pretty quick, particularly through some cabins. >> as a precaution, other kids with no symptoms were sent home, as well. the outdoor school principal says the source of the illness hasn't been pinpointed, but that it apparently originated from a single cabin. right now, the egyptian military is rounding up journalists after they came under attack from supporters of president hosni mubarak. meanwhile, the united nations is evacuating hundreds of its employees as violent
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confrontations continue between pro- and anti-government demonstrators in cairo. hundreds of antimubarak protestors spent another night in tahrir square. as ines ferre reports, they say they won't leave until the president quits. >> reporter: egyptian troops have positioned themselves between opponents and supporters of egyptian president hosni mubarak. overnight, that same spot was the scene of some of the worst violence yet. heavy gunfire broke out and furious mobs torched vehicles and launched flares off rooftops. the state department urged any americans wanting to flee the country on a government flight to get to the airport immediately. the night of chaos capped off a day of deadly demonstrations that killed at least five people and left more than 600 injured. mubarak supporters charged into protestors on horses and camels, brandishing whips and hurling rocks. they were reportedly paid by mubarak's regime, a charge his government denied this morning.
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the white house is strongly condemning the violence in egypt. officials are keeping up the pressure on mubarak to leave office immediately and warn u.s. aid will ride on his decision. >> president mubarak has a chance to show the world exactly -- exactly who he is by beginning this transition that is so desperately needed in his country. >> reporter: tuesday, mubarak announced that he would step down but not until his term expires in september. >> hosni mubarak also has to be careful here. the potential for mob rule, the potential for things to deteriorate, so the crowds turn on him personally, is considerable. >> reporter: protestors are calling for another massive demonstration tomorrow, which they have declared the day of departure. it's the day they want mubarak gone. but so far, he has offered no sign of doing so. ines ferre for cbs news, washington. 4. 33. the snow has finished falling and now it's just freezing weather hitting much of the
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nation. how about these temperatures this morning? 2 degrees in chicago. 2 be flow des moines, iowa. kansas city at 0. and it's 3 below zero in omaha. chicago schools are closed for a second day in a row. but they have managed to get lake shore drive open in the last hour. so still smart to call your airline if you have a flight heading east. turns out about 13 flights have been cancelled this week including 7 on the way to sfo this morning. and here's some live pictures showing the roads right now in chicago as you can see, the worst they say appears to be over but as we said, it's going to be another snow day for the students there. in other news, pg&e must reduce the operating pressure on four of its natural gas pipeline. that announcement coming from the state public utilities commission investigating last year's deadly explosion in san bruno. regulators say pg&e has recently run the lines above
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legal safety levels. one runs 3.5 miles between milpitas and san jose and another half mile within milpitas. the others are in santa clara county. caltrain is on the verge of a fiscal emergency. the transit agency's joint powers board is expected to declare it during its meeting today. during a fiscal emergency, caltrain could implement more service cuts, fare hikes, without doing a full environmental review. extreme cost-cutting measures are considered likely as caltrans faces a $30 million budget deficit. and there are growing numbers of complaints about those electronic clipper cards. it's a fare collection system used by caltrain and a few other transit agency. one of the latest examples a man who says his simple mistake cost him $400. caltrain rider bryan mayer is a monthly pass holder. they have to reactivate or tag their passes at the beginning
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of each month. >> i sat down, i was going about my commute, i realized i actually had not paid my fare, i hadn't tagged the card correctly? so 22nd street stop came up, i got out to actually tag the car but the train doors were closing so quick i got back on and sat down. >> he says moments later a conductor busted him issuing a fine refusing to look at proof he paid. caltrans says its conductors have no flexible. hand-held readers are the only tools they have to go on. 4:36. a san jose child care worker is behind bars accused of inappropriately touching girls at an elementary school. five girls say keith woodhouse touched them during an after- school program at trace elementary. prosecutors say that woodhouse confessed to the inappropriate touching. they are trying to figure out now if there are more victims. an elementary school principal is dead.
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a school janitor is under arrest. it happened yesterday at the louisiana schnell school in placerville. police think there may have been an argument between the janitor, john leubbers, and the victim, sam lacara. they reportedly were friends and had golfed together as recently as sunday. after the shooting, police put that school on lockdown and then evacuated all the students after determining the shooter had run away. parents complained early on they weren't given any information about what was going on. >> it's uncomfortable. you know? no one feels really -- we're really sad, you know? we just know that something really bad happened to our school today. we love our school and children and want our children to be safe and comfortable. >> leubbers was arrested yesterday at his el dorado home. the principal was a married father of three daughters. the stanislaus county sheriff's department says that 4-year-old found dead in the delta-mendota canal drowned.
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the body was found tuesday morning in merced county. the body matches that of juliani cardenas, according to authorities, who had been missing for two weeks. his suspected kidnapper's car was pulled from the canal last friday but that suspected kidnapper has not been found. the husband of congresswoman gabrielle giffords of arizona says yesterday was, quote, a huge day for gg. lots of progress. mark kelly made that observation in a message on twitter. it's not clear what he meant. giffords is now at a rehabilitation hospital in houston as she continues to recover from being shot in the head nearly a month ago. 4:38. let's get a quick look at weather and traffic for this wednesday. lawrence has our forecast. it's thursday. >> it is. >> oh, my gosh! how did i forget that it's thursday and we're almost to friday. come on! >> it's almost friday! >> that sunshine must be soaking up in your head! it's fantastic last couple of
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days huh? you have to love the sunshine around the bay area. nice temperatures, a little chilly to start near freezing in fairfield at 33. 34 in napa. we have another nice day coming up maybe not as warm as yesterday. patchy fog developing along the coastline so still some mild temperatures into santa rosa. only 57 in pacifica with a chance of patchy fog. high pressure builds in, california dreaming that's what a lot of folks will be doing across the country, lots of sunshine, mid-70s as we look toward our weekend. time now for our traffic check with gianna. >> thank you. let's set off along 880 where there are on and off delays this morning due to ongoing construction so the first report section of it is northbound 880 between 66 and fruitvale. you have various lanes closed, it should wrap up in a few
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minutes. traffic looking better within the last few minutes. south of there, hayward both directions, near 92, they have various lanes closed, that in effect until 5 a.m. also connectors to 92 are also affected due to this roadwork. if you are headed through san jose an accident mt. hamilton road shut down in a portion due to an accident having a big rig. it took out power lanes in the clearing stages but some closures there. back to you. >> thank you. 4:40. it's the day a lot of iphone fans have been waiting for. the verizon iphone goes on sale for today but she will still have to wait to get one. it when we have the information and able to get it the consumers, they should do it. >> safeway, keeping secrets
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that could make people sick. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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against safeway. women from san francisco you have our number so why didn't you call? women from san francisco and montana say safeway grocery chain should have let them know that products they bought at safeway were later recalled. they say the company should have looked up their contact information in the safeway club card database to warn them. >> what this case is about is when safeway has the information and they are able to get it to the consumer, they should just do it. >> responding to the food, safeway says less than 50% of all grocery retailers even have club card programs, thus the ability to contact customers individually is not an industry norm. verizon begins taking orders for the iphone starting soon today, right? a major bank opens more centers for mortgage modifications.
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here's alexis christoforous with this morning's moneywatch report. reporter: verizon says it will start taking orders for the newapple iphone today. the company is offering several plans, voice and unlimited text starting at $60 a month. the company is setting aside iphones for existing customers and won't accept preorders from people who aren't already verizon subscribers. on wall street, stocks stayed close to the flat line ahead of friday's monthly jobs report. dow finished up almost 2 points to remain above 12,000. nasdaq down a point. and later this morning, new reports on jobless claims, factory orders, will be released. and the "new york times" will reveal its 4th quarter earnings. the times has said it plans to start charging online readers who go beyond a certain number of free articles each month. chase bank plans to open up 25 more home ownership centers in 19 states this year. the company says home owners struggling to pay their mortgage can come in and meet with a counselor and find out if their payments can be
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modifieds. >> and gas prices could be going even high as crude oil inches towards $100 a barrel. analysts surveyed by bloomberg said the price could go up to $3 .50 by may. right now, gas is selling for around $3 .10 a gallon. that's you moneywatch. for the latest, go to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. google is launching a new web store for android applications. it says users will be able to browse and buy applications and have them installed remotely to their phones and tablets. previously the android market was only available on android- running devices. a possible snafu for a cupertino-based apple. amid speculation it will soon announce a new ipad. someone with reuters news agency saw what appeared to be a working model of the unreleased ipad 2. it happened at a joint news conference between apple and news corp. reuters say an apple source
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confirmed the new ipad's existence but said the final model could have other features. >> that's right. they just announced a new online newspaper for ipad users. so maybe that's where they saw it. >> ipad 2. sounds like a movie, little sneak peek. i like it. >> bigger and better. 4:46. wikileaks a nobel peace prize winner? why one lawmaker says the company deserves one of the world's heist honors. plus, fireworks, family and food. it is all part of the lunar new year celebration. this is important. what you shouldn't do today that could bring you bad luck. and a shocking secret behind the smile. why a historian thinks mona lisa is really a man. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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in prison. for the second time in less than two years charles manson has been caught with a cell phone in prison. guards found the phone january
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6. he was charged with violating prison rules but not charged with a crime because there is no law prohibiting inmates from having a cell phone. charles manson is the mastermind behind one of the most notorious killing sprees including the murder of actress sharon today and six others in 1969. wikileaks is now up for the 2011 nobel peace prize. that company headed by julian assange grabbed headlines after releasing lots of sensitive information. it was not nature by a norwegian lawmaker who says wikileaks is one of the most important contributors to freedom of speech and transparcy. officials in australia say people listen to warnings and that's why no one died during a typhoon last night. it destroyed homes and crops in northeastern australia. some towns that were devastated were evacuated before the
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cyclone hit with torrential rain and unbelievably winds up to 170 miles an hour. >> all right, folks. you have seen them. you have seen the cold temperatures across much of the united states. and we are basking in sunshine in most areas. this morning minor changes. mostly clear skies, chilly out the door. numbers in the 30s and 40s, just above freezing inland. we have patchy fog at the coast. temperatures may come down a couple of degrees. not bad though. still temperatures as we head into the afternoon some 50s and 60s in the warmest spots inland. plenty of sunshine inside the bay. some 50s and low 60s out at the coast a couple of patches of fog but not bad. and then looks like things going to get going with the sunshine. but you have a weak system diving in across the state bringing high clouds and then you begin to notice some of the patchy fog at the immediate coastline. that will probably help to cool down the temperatures a little bit. but the high remains in place. just going to weaken somewhat for today and then as we head
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in toward the next couple of days, this ridge really begins to strengthen. and i'll tell you what, we are in for a spectacular weekend weatherwise as some of the temperatures are going to be headed up into the mid-70s as we look toward the afternoon. numbers around the bay area today, not bad. 64 degrees morgan hill, nice there. 64 los gatos. 62 degrees in palo alto. east bay temperatures running up into the 50s and the 60s by the afternoon, about 63 in oakland and 60 in walnut creek. you know, we checked in with 69 yesterday in santa rosa maybe not quite that warm today but still 66. that's not bad. and about 65 degrees in sonoma. looking out over the next five to seven days, right now no rain in sight but we're starting to get some hints that by the end of next week we may see some rain return. in the meantime, folks, enjoy the sunshine. what a couple of spectacular days we have coming up this next weekend. that's a look at weather. let's talk to gianna about traffic. >> can't wait, lawrence. all right. roadwork in effect in san francisco, couple of things to look out for. we have the broadway tunnel
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overnight closure until at least 5:00. so various lanes closed through that portion starting again at 11:00 so plan for that. it lasts throughout the week. union square ongoing construction, between market and sutter. live look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is actually off to a fairly good start. we are seeing nice speeds now across the span no. delays. in fact, not a lot of cars out there. so lots of open roads for you through there. if you are headed this morning along the bay bridge still very light. metering lights are off. only 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. clear across the upper deck into san francisco. out the door at 880 various lanes closed through hayward. all that's cleared out of the road. connectors to 92 also open. in fact, if you plan on take the san mateo bridge, traffic light between 880 and 101. san jose monitoring a trouble
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spot an accident on mt. hamilton. it is shut down between carruthers and migalito. a big rig took out some power lines. it is clearing. so hopefully things will wrap u no delays to report. in milpitas 880/237 everything off to a good start. live look at alum rock, moving up to speed. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. californians are getting food stamps than most of the country considering the a new federal report based on figures from 2008. the report says only half of eligible california residents got food stamps. that's well below the national average of 66%. the state's rate is also second- to-last in the nation according to a "los angeles times"
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analysis. happy new year. today's the start of the lunar new year, the year of the hare. food plays a big part in the celebration. linda yee reports. >> reporter: it's all about food and family a traditional chinese house will display fruit and nuts and melons, symbolizing luck and wealth. on the eve before the new year, the young family celebrated at louie's in san francisco's chinatown picking specific dishes. >> mainly fish because it symbolizes surplus. so on auspicious occasions for dinner always a fish. >> reporter: and the fish and chicken dishes have to be served whole. >> chicken must have a head and feet. you know why? there is a beginning and ending. >> reporter: the most
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traditional dish is vegetarian called jai. shirley fong-torres explains. >> some of the vegetable items actually represent good luck and happiness and joy. for instance, i don't know if you can see this, but there is a kind of looks like hair and that's just [ indiscernible ] bok choy in chinese means prosperity, [ foreign language ] which means it's dry oyster in a lettuce cup and with green onions and bamboo shoots. now, we chinese love to eat food that reminds us of the happiness and joy. but in this case, when we see oyster, we say [ foreign language ] and when you think about it, oyster, in chinese it also sounds like good news! and then the prawns in chinese the word for prawn is [ foreign language ] so if we eat a lot of them, what are we doing? ha ha ha! [ laughter ] >> reporter: food that brings
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joy, long life and wealth. >> all children invite me. >> reporter: there is something to it. he is celebrating his 103rd chinese new year's dinner here at the restaurant. linda yee, cbs 5. as part of the traditions, you are forbidden from cutting your hair today, it's bad luck and no housecleaning today. you could sweep away all the good luck. >> you're off the hook. >> i wasn't planning on it. another day. put it off. >> didn't that feast look wonderful? >> i did. i remember my best friend growing up. she used to give me the little red envelopes with moneyinside. it's new year, melinda! was mona lisa a man? one person thinks he used a young apprentice for the model. other da vinci paintings also resemble the boy who became da vinci's apprentice at the age
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of 10 and stayed with him for 20 years. other critics disagree though with this italian. some think it was a self- portrait. pg&e admits to a potentially explosive mistake. the gas pipelines in the bay area found to be unsafe. and talk about a bad trip. dozens of local students are getting them to morning after going to a science where many of them got sick. i'll have the story coming up next. and coming up a fiscal crisis for caltrain. and how it could impact your commute. plus, we take you to egypt these are live pictures. the violence rages on in egypt. how the army is stepping in after demonstrations turned deadly.
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a great change is at hand and our task is to make that revolution, that change, peaceful and constructive for all. those who look only to the past or the present, are certain to miss the future. do not pray for easy lives. pray to be stronger men. ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. more than 50 bay area students and teachers sent home from an overnight field trip. the health scare that has several schools taking extra precautions this morning. caltrain on the brink of


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