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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  February 5, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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,, to ayers... we're kind of getting screwed over here because they're not letting us in. >> pandemonium at at&t park today. fans and players, but no game, why some fans left disappointed. more unrest on the streets in egypt today. despite another major shakeup in the government. trying to quell the violence. the bay area city that is rated the best city in the country in which to work and why. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. well, tens of thousands of giants fans turned out today to show the team some love. in fact, so many, that hundreds were turned away. and anne makovec was in the crowd at fan fest.
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>> i live the giants, breathe the giants, bleed the giants. >> reporter: the die-hard attitude brought over 40,000 people to at&t park for the giants annual fan fest. >> number one! >> it is magic inside. >> reporter: but hundreds never made. it the park was overcapacity. >> it is a drag. >> reporter: hordes waited outside hoping things would clear up. >> i'm praying to god i get inside. >> reporter: even though some waited since last night, they felt gilted by the crowds. >> we're kind of getting screwed over and all of these people are cutting in front of us and they forced us back in line. >> reporter: inside, baseball utopia. >> i feel like a rock superstar here. >> it is amazing. they deserve this. and they take time for all of them. >> reporter: and fans showing everything off from crabby costumes to high hair to fresh ink. >> a tattoo is a whole new form
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of torture. >> it is a buzzing sound. that's really the pain. >> reporter: and all of the big stars were giving autographs as long as you were willing to wait. the lines are three hours to four hours long. we're just going to catch a buzz. that's all we're going to get here today. >> reporter: the people so desperate for autographs, they wanted mine. > you're welcome. i'm flattered. >> and this was catching everyone's eye. >> it looks awesome. >> happy to be here. >> and so is everyone else. >> at at&t park, anne makovec, cbs 5. well, on day 12 of the crase sis in cairo, huge -- crisis in cairo, huge shake upon top of the egypt ruling party and a protest right here in the bay area. [chanting ] >> today, demonstrators gathered @ and marched in san francisco in support of the
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egyptian president hosni mubarak stepping down immediately. this protest was held at market and 8th street near the civic center. it is one of many protests in cities around the world today. meanwhile, mubarek's son and the rest of the party's top leadership resigned today, amid the growing pressure for a new government. but it is not stopping their protests in cairo. all this, as a powerful explosion rocked egypt. michael herzenberg shows us what happened. >> reporter: gas-fueled flames spewed in egypt's sinai peninsula in the eastern part of the country saturday. security officials blamed terrorists for sabotaging a pipeline, disrupting the flow of gas to israel and jordan. in cairo, thousands of protesters remained in the square. some have been there for nearly two weeks and food and newspapers are for sale and even a first aid area to treat the wounded. >> you can get the principle things. >> reporter: and protesters briefly scuffled with members
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of the military but the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. with dozens even dancing in the square. protesters stood shoulder to shoulder, in front of the united nations in new york saturday. taking a stand against egyptian president hosni mubarak. >> that is the goal, 30 years is enough. >> reporter: and protesters have held numerous ral list over the last week in -- rallies over the last week in new york, hoping their solidarity and consistency will force mubarek to resign. mubarek's son and four others quit their roles in the ruling party in egypt, a move the u.s. welcomed but the obama administration has not pushed for mubarek to immediately step down. >> president mubarek's continued leadership is critical. it is an opportunity to write his own legacy. >> reporter: seth of state hillary clinton also spoke on -- secretary of state hillary clinton also spoke on the crisis while attending a international security conference and she says it is important that egyptian leaders demonstrate an orderly transition is under way to keep the middle east stable. at the united nations, michael herzenberg, for cbs news.
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back here in the bay area, magnitude 2.3 earthquake rattled an unin corporated area of contra costa county this morning. it struck at 10:23 this morning. the usga says it was centered one mile south of central alamo and four miles west/northwest of danville. there were no reports of damage or injuries. and a security breach in san francisco. officials say a recently fired worker at the city's human services agency stole the records of about 2400 med-ical recipients and information stolen included names and social security records and the woman says she wanted the records to fight her layoff but proving to the agency they gave her an unfairly high case load and the agency says the risk of i.d. theft is low because the information was contained but it will notify the affected clients anyway. the three uc berkeley graduates accused of spying in iran go on trial tomorrow. sara shower, shane bower and
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josh fatal were arrested on the iraq reearn iran border in july of 2009. shourd was sent back to the united states. the two others are still in prison. the iranian lawyer representing all three says he hopes to meet with bower and fatal before the trial begins. the san jose airport is considering replacing city police officers and firefighters with private security services. the move could save the financially strapped airport as much as $10 million a year. but the city's police and fire unions say the security guards and the private firefighters would endanger the safety of airport patrons and staff. a review of the police force and a combination of city police and private security is considered. san jose is ranked as the best city in the country to work. career bliss .com ranked cities based on reviews from
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employees, on issues such as compensation, benefits, career advancement, work/life balance, and job security. san francisco came in second in the survey. it was followed by jacksonville, florida, miami, and washington, d.c. neither snow, nor sleet nor ice can keep them away. fans by the bus loads converging on dallas for tomorrow's big game. the frantic work being done to make sure everyone is safe. and once a year, the brew rolls out and the crowd comes in. what is so special for the ale that has people lining up for hours for a sip. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. hard to imagine a better start to the weekend weather-wise. record-breaking temperatures outside. will that continue for tomorrow? could be. we will talk about it next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty [ announcer ] hefty bags with unscented odor block technology... help neutralize odors and stop the stinkies. ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty 22 hours now until kickoff. and preps for the super bowl are in high gear. after a week plagued by weather problem, officials in texas say everything is ready for the big game. candice gibson shows us the fans are ready, too. >> reporter: they came by the bus loads. >> go packers, go!
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>> reporter: some drove hundreds of miles to get here. it took alejandro 18 hours to make the trip from mexico city. >> you're saying basically that mexico is steeler nation? >> yes, it is. of course it is. >> reporter: the vocal pipes are getting warmed up. [ cheering ] >> reporter: and they're already in full game day garb. >> i'm a huge star wars fan. and a huge packers fan. so i just decided to combine it together. >> reporter: steelers and packers fans converged on cowboys country, ahead of super bowl xlv. the dallas area bars have voted for each individual team, and they are starting to do gangbuster business. >> the whole place filled up within an hour of opening and crazy ever since. >> reporter: but it wasn't exactly easy for the tens of thousands of fans expected to see sunday's game to get here. this week, ice storms, frigid temperatures and snow forced cancellations of hundreds of flights, at dallas area airports. >> and saturday, crews worked
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to remove the ice and snow that accumulated on top of cowboys stadium. yesterday a big chunk fell off sending six people to the hospital. the nfl says everything will be ready for sunday's game. apparently the fans are ready. and looking forward to this matchup between the two legendary teams. candice gibson, cbs news, arlington, texas. and super bowl sun is not just the biggest day of the year for football fans. it is also the most popular day for pizza. in fact nationwide tomorrow, pizza hut alone plans to sell about 2 million pizzas and put them all side by side and it is the length of the golden gate bridge 256 times. and the pizza chain will use about 1200 tons of dough. and that's the weight of 160 san francisco cable cars. and spread on top is the marinara sauce. beer. now that i have your attention. there is some so good that people line up for hours to get it. a bay area brewery is serving
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long lines at a bay area brewery and it wasn't because it was happy hour. a cult-like following has grown for one type of beer brewed in sonoma county. grace lee reports, the seasonal brew has people lining up for hours to get a taste. >> reporter: so potent and so popular, the india pale ale is only served in small ten ounce glasses. and rationed out at russian river brewing company. >> it is like heaven. it is like the best beer i've
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ever had in my whole life. >> reporter: the once a year treat has gained a cult following. last year, the santa rosa brewing company sold out of 200 kegs in eight hours. >> the release wasn't even announced and i had someone call me and tell me it was released today. >> reporter: the lines were just as long this year and four hours to get a taste. the web site beer advocate rated it as one of the best brews in the world two years in a row. this time, though, the owners vinny and natalie are rationing the suds by supplying a secret number of gallons per day. >> for us, it just kind of happens. >> very overwhelmed last year. and so we did a lot of things differently this year. we're not selling any beer to go. they have to consume it here. >> reporter: that didn't seem to be a problem. for people celebrating a special occasion, to the regulars, and it is all helping sonoma county solidify its image as a master micro brewer. >> i hear that beer enthusiasts
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are more hard core than wine enthusiasts do you think that is true? >> well, maybe we're not as enthusiast but we are still a lot cooler. >> and in order to protect its fresh taste, it is never bottled and only here until february 17. and you can look for it in a few select bars in the bay area. starting on wednesday. in santa rosa, grace lee, cbs 5. that, combined with today's weather, kind of a perfect combination. >> that's good producing. that is just the appropriate type of story for today. i will tell you what. this is one of those days. it is a record-breaker around the bay area. lots of sunshine. the offshore winds cranking up some number, simply amazing for this time of the year. how about this evening? looking good. a couple of high clouds. cruising on overhead. otherwise, just a beautiful evening. all around the bay area. some very warm temperatures. enjoy it, folks. we may be talking about a major change in the weather pattern as we head in toward the end of this next week. yup, it is looking pretty good right now. a couple of high clouds. governing over the city. rolling right over the top of the ridge of high pressure.
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and scooting across our skies, this evening, and we will continue to see more of the clouds throughout the evening, but other than that, well, it should be fantastic. yup, we've got the wind advisories though in the bay area hills until 10:00 a.m. on sunday, and the winds flowing 25 to 35 miles an hour, and gusting as high as 45, and maybe higher than that, toward 55, above 2500 feet or so, so we're looking at very strong gusty winds. down below, not bad at all and the ridge is too strong for any real true fog to form and a couple of patches of fog out to the immediate coast but not much and that means we will clear out the skies very nicely and that means high pressure in control and that is going to stay here for it looks like the better part of the weekend and probably going to just slowly break down. so sunny and warm. a bit on the breezy side as we head toward tomorrow. beautiful sunshine and looking good all the way to the coastline and we could see some temperatures into the 70s. again, record-breaker today. and a record 75 in san jose. and 77 a record in oakland. and 73 in san francisco. and 80 degrees today, if you can believe that, in santa rosa. it was just some kind of day. and we're still looking at nice
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weather around the bay area. all numbers in the 70s. just about everywhere you go. and the warmer temperatures in the north bay and the down slope winds and you get the idea, spectacular weather and the numbers outside, 60s and 70s, for the most part and a little cool toward the immediate coastline but not bad and we're here for a great evening and a great day around the state and 60s and 70s in the central valley and high country nice and clear and get up there for super sunday, and looking good. super, weather-wise, and the ridge is too strong and we will see the offshore winds continuing, and a record- breaking temperature, it will continue to roll in across the bay area, as we will see another sunny day with the temperatures popping up all around the bay area, just a gorgeous afternoon, and as the high pressure will dominate our weather. numbers looking like this. plan on 77 in san jose. and 78 degrees, morgan hill. and 77 in fremont. and about 75 in san mateo. and east bay numbers running up mainly in the 70s. you get the idea, folks. it truly is going to be super sunday around the bay area. with these fantastic numbers. more 80s showing up in parts of the north bay.
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this can't last forever. changes as early as monday when the ridge of high pressure breaks down and that means cooler temperatures on the way. i think by next sunday, maybe we start talking about some rain. >> all right. >> enjoy it. >> i know. thank you very much, lawrence. well, kids in san francisco said ahhh, today, the school of dentistry offered free cleanings and exams and each child took home a free toothbrush and toothpaste and floss and they also had a brighter smile. it is called give kids a smile today. ucsf officials say 30% of kids in america have never seen a dentist. so they're offering the free clinic for children and hope to get them to regular dental care providers. >> when you go from a story like that to sports, i think it is a hockey player, and the stars possibly peaking at the right time, which is a good thing. they're all smiles. aaron rogers' mom clears the air on who her son is or is not
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vaulted up to the sharks are playing their best hockey of the season. as a result, they have vaulted up to fourth place in the western conference. joe thornton returning to boston for the third time since being traded to the sharks. logan coture was whack in the lineup after missing two games with the flu.
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and he got one the goalie. 1-0 sharks. playing with thomas, in the opposite net, brought the best out of anthony and turning back all 26 shots by the bruins for the third shutout of the season. still 1-0 late in the third. when devon setaguchi steals it for the sharks with the empty netter and beat the bruins 2-0 and have won seven of the last eight. rickey foul ser -- rickey fowler is doing his best to win in scottsdale. the first pro since 2002, to hit a hole in one in the 16th. you think he is excited? lisle is nine shots off the lead. but no one is a bigger crowd favorite than the former arizona state star, phil mickelson. >> he gets it he shoots a 65 leading him four behind the leader tommy gainy through 36
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holes. for the second straight year tim brown did not make the final cut for the pro football hall of fame and will not be headed to canton with the rest of the class of 2011. >> the pro football hall of fame 2011 class of enshrinees consist of richard dent, marshall faulk, chris handberger. les richter. ed sable. >> deon sanders. and we will have a class of seven. the seventh name on this list is shannon sharpe. >> stanford banging away at maple last place, arizona state, jeremy green scored a season high. and a perfect five for five from downtown. as a team, the cardinals knocked down ten threes. stanford led in the half and then held off in the second half. the cardinals win 83-75, to improve to 5-6 in the pac-10.
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on the women's side, stanford blew out arizona 91-61 for the 48 the straight pac-10 win. tying their longest streak in school history. and cal lost 45-44 to arizona state. the most popular player in the country right now, byu's jim erferdet leading the nine the ranked cougars with a win over unlv, with 29 points. he becomes the all-time leading scorer in the mountain west conference. no giant has enjoyed the spotlight more this off-season than brian wilson. but for fellow pitcher matt kaine, his highlight this past winter was the birth of his first daughter. >> how many diapers have you changed? a lot of sleepless nights? >> almost eight weeks. you can probably count, i don't know, 300 or so in there? at least. you got to take care of something so little and precious, that it really is dependent on you. and so you go through the
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battling and the tough times of trying to let go of some of your freedom, and you know, you realize that this is a part of your life that you've taken on, so it is a pretty cool thing to be a part of. >> how is your arm? is she a pretty good pitcher? >> maybe she is a lefty or maybe now a righty. we will see as to which hand she decides to throw with. but either way, we can teach her how to throw. >> aaron rogers has quickly found out that when you become one of the best quarterbacks in the nfl, your popularity expands beyond football. in the past year, rogers has been linked to espn reporter erin andrew, julie henderson, swim supermodel and then country singer hillary scott. who better than to comment on all of the rumors than aaron's mom darla. >> you have to tell me if he is married or dating anybody, a country singer perhaps? a certain country singer i
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like? >> i love. this every interview, they ask is he dating the swimsuit model or a country western singer or the news analyst and the answer is no, because early in his nfl career, i see something uncommon, well, you didn't tell me and he said mom, don't believe any of that stuff. it is just not true. >> this reporter ran into his parents at the stock yards in fort worth. they were just there to see the riding of the bull. can you imagine? and then she found out she was interviewing aaron rogers' parents. >> pretty cool. and a sales pitch by police. how one bay area force is trying to regain some goodwill. and recruit officers, the first of its kind campaign. and that story and more coming up in 30 minutes. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you back here in a half hour and then of course at 1:00 and 11:00, and -- 10:00 and 11:00, and until then our news updates are on cbs sf .com. good night.
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