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tv   The Early Show  CBS  February 7, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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we are so lucky to live here. >> have a good one good morning. good morning. super packers. green bay captures super bowl 45 wpm. a game marred by major stadium problems, a national anthem fumble by christina aguilera. ♪ what so proudly we watched as the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> oops. we'll go live to dallas for reaction to the packers big win and a complete super bowl roundup. standing their ground. despite mubarak makes concessions, the demonstrations say it is too late. lindsay larceny.
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the troubled action could be hit with felony charges after she is accused of stealing a necklace from a high end jewelry store. early this monday morning, february 7, 2011. good morning on this monday morning, the day after the super bowl. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erika hill. we both stayed up late to watch the game. you maybe watching more of the football. >> good football game. >> it was. which is what everybody wanted. there were some good ads. the little darth vader kid is getting so much attention. and with good reason. just one of the many ads which
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captured a few hearts over the weekend. >> justin bieber. there he is. the big reveal. >> the osbornes. >> $3 million per 30-second spot. auto industry a big player, budweiser a big player, as always. >> one of my favorites as always, the budweiser one. >> it will be fun to analyze the ads. congratulations to the folks in green bay. title town. our sympathies to our viewers in pittsburgh. let's get right to it. we are in arlington, texas, for the latest with don teague. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. super bowl xlv had its share of problems including wild winter weather that caused trouble. but then the game finally came and what a game it was. it was a classic super bowl battle between two of the nfl's
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greatest franchises. the pittsburgh steelers and green bay packers. >> touchdown! >> touchdown! >> touchdown green bay! >> reporter: the night belonged to packer quarterback aaron rodgers who led his team to greatness with 304 yards, three touchdown passes, no interceptions as the pack beat the steelers 31-25. but the big game was almost upstaged by equal drama around it. >> this is my super bowl in a row. this is the worst experience i have had. >> reporter: 400 fans who came here from all over the country paid to sit in temporary seats. >> we wait in line and they treat us like cattle. >> reporter: when they tried to enter they were told the seats which cost $900 a pop, weren't ready. they were left with no seat. just before kickoff super bowl xlv hit a snafu when christina
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aguilera messed up the lyrics to the national anthem. in the game itself the first half saw the packers build a double digit lead capitalizing on steeler miscues. >> picked off. >>. ♪ tonight is going to be a good, good night ♪ >> reporter: then halftime, the black eyed peas and more midfield miscues. the televised audio was faint and some say the performance itself was lackluster. >> president george w. bush. >> reporter: still this was the super bowl where celebrities come to be seen. alex rodriguez was seen being hand fed by a-list star cameron diaz. the steelers staged a comeback in the third quarter. a tv pulled them to within four points. but their drive to the go-ahead score fizzled with a fumble. the packers victory was their
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fourth super bowl triumph in many years. >> this is a great group of men. >> reporter: so it was a wild week here. it was a great game but understandably not for those 400 fans who had tickets but didn't have seats. they were eventually allowed into the basement and taken into a room and watched the game on a video monitor. they are not happy. some say they plan to sue the nfl. don teague, cbs news, arlington, texas. a lot goes on with a super bowl production, not just the football game. >> yes. >> to say the least. >> that's for sure. those poor folks who ended up in the basement. >> haven't heard the last from those folks. fitting the packers won and it was cold in dallas, frozen tundra made its way from green bay to dallas. >> before kickoff president obama sat down with bill
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o'reilly of fox news for a wide ranging interview which included the president's take on the ongoing conflict in egypt. bill plant has the details. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president gets to reach a large audience, topics range from frivolous to serious. this time egypt was at the top of the agenda. >> mubarak, is he going to leave soon? >> only he knows what he is going to do. here is what we know. egypt is not going to go back to what it was. >> reporter: mr. obama was asked about the banned opposition group the muslim brotherhood which met sunday with government officials. >> they are well organized and there restrains of their ideology that are anti-u.s. there's no doubt about it. but here's the thing we have to understand. there are a whole bunch of secular folks in egypt. >> reporter: the president seemed to enjoy sparring with fox's bill o'reilly who challenged him to respond to a
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"wall street journal" op-ed that called mr. obama a determined man of the left. >> do you deny their assessment? do you deny you are a man who wants to redistribute wealth? >> absolutely. >> you deny that? >> bill, i didn't raise taxes once. >> reporter: he defended the health care bill, everyone will have to have health insurance. >> there is nothing socialist about that. that is saying to americans we are each of us going to be responsible for our own health care. >> reporter: mr. obama admitted his job made him more guarded, less spontaneous, but the longer he is in it, the more he enjoys it. >> there is a common sense and decency to the american people that makes he happy. >> reporter: o'reilly wanted to know if he is disturbed by the animosity toward him. >> they hate you. >> they hate whatever funhouse
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mirror image of you. >> reporter: the president would not pick a favorite in the game now his bears were out of it. he had a great place to watch the white house theater and a group of about 100 invited guests, some dazzling stars. erica? >> he did get that good game he was hoping for. chris? >> in egypt, protesters refuse to budge, demanding president mubarak step down immediately while the government tries to get things back to normal. terry mccarthy is in cairo with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. being in cairo is a bit like living on split screens n. the square behind me the protests continue where in the rest of the city people are going back to work. the protests in cairo are headed into their third week and still crowds are demonstrating, they
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sing, they pray, one couple decided to get married on the square. >> i'm happy with this. i have a choice. >> reporter: the square has become an attraction for the few tourists left in cairo. >> i wanted to see the best and brightest of egypt. they're here. >> reporter: the military is trying to reduce the amount of space protesters occupy in the square. overnight soldiers shot in the air to push some protesters back. the vice president omar suleiman held his first meeting with opposition groups but they made little progress in solving the protesters key demands. they want mubarak to step down and say the concessions are not enough. no person in politics can reject dialogue, says his opposition figure, but this dialogue has to be serious, representative and productive. life in much of cairo is quickly
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returning to normal. banks and stores are open and the streets are clogged with the city's notorious traffic jams. but in the square, the protesters say their demands have yet to be met and they are in this for the long haul. even as the protesters continue to demand that mubarak leave immediately u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said on sunday a rapid departure for mubarak could cause problems for the rest of egypt. >> cbs terry mccarthy, thank you. joining us is jamie ruben, former assistant secretary of state. good to have you back with us. terry just mentioned secretary clinton and her comments which seemed to indicate a quick departure for mubarak could be disruptive for egyptians. is obama backing off? >> it is difficult to get this right. it is a new situation to have a
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close ally like egypt, like mubarak go through this democratic revolution in the middle east. i think what secretary clinton is referring to is under their constitutional system if he were to step down really the wrong person would end up as president, the speaker of the parliament, a henchman of mubarak's, not the kind of figure you want in charge. various egyptians have their own ideas on how to proceed. i think the key thing is that the process that has begun of meetings, of reforms, of change, has to get concrete as soon as possible. without concrete steps, the lifting of emergency rule and martial law, the suspension perhaps of a constitution so that they can have real politics in egypt, concrete steps have to be taken or those protesters are going to come back en masse. >> there are still people there
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today and after the meetings which happened over the weekend with the opposition parties with suleiman. some concessions were made including allowing them to continue protesting, but not enough. when do you see that getting concrete? >> that is the big question. only vice president suleiman and president mubarak know when they are prepared to put on the table something real. right now it is a process. there are meetings. there are discussions. the only concrete step is president mubarak saying he won't run in september and his son won't run. now we need real concrete steps. i'm hoping in the next week that will happen. >> do you think the egyptian people will wait that long, too, i mean -- >> there are two strains in egypt, the people who are relieved the banks are open, the people with a stake in the economic system. i don't believe that the people on the street that came out, the hundreds of thousands will
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accept anything less than something concrete and if that doesn't happen they'll be back in big numbers. >> there has been a lot of focus and we have talked about the muslim brotherhood. put it in perspective for us. do they really have a wide reaching appeal or are they better organized than some of the opposition groups. >> it is hard to know for sure what their real agenda is. they have been secretive. they have been forced underground by mubarak. i think it is fair to say they do not represent a big strain of opinion inside egypt. because of the crackdown of democracy on egypt, the only place people could organize were in the mosques where the muslim brotherhood would have a leg up. now the system is opening up and other parties can flourish and freedom of assembly and real democratic change can occur, i'm confident the vast majority of
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egyptians will push for parties and systems and people with a different view from the muslim brotherhood. jeff glor is standing by with a check of the headlines. >> good morning. a big deal in the media world. aol is buying the huffington post in a $315 million deal. under the terms huffington post arianna huffington will be in charge of all aol content. the huffington post attracts 25 million a month. ford is increasing production by 13% this quarter. the reason retail sales rose 27% in january. ford says it is considering adding shifts at plants running on overtime. wikileaks founder julian assange was back in a london court for a two-day hearing. he is trying to avoid being extradited to sweden where two men have accused him of rape.
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he denys the accusations. the trial of two americans held in iran on spy charges is under way. that trial opened yesterday. it is unclear when the trial might resume. shane bauer and josh fattal pleaded not guilty. they claim they were hikes in iraq near the iranian border. shourd was released on bail. two men are facing charges after a deadly shooting at a frat house in ohio. one man died. 11 others were hurt. police say the suspects left a party after an argument and returned firing bullets from the outside. >> there are concerns about toxic pollution after a train derailed outside of toledo. that train caused huge explosions.
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residents evacuated for a time have returned back home. it is coming up on 16 minutes past the hour. we check in with marysol castro. good morning. >> good monday morning for you. no snow just yet. we look at the national picture, three troubled spots, the northeast and the rockies. you expect to see s we are looking at a cooling trend after the weekend's record setting temperatures. down a good 10 to 15 degrees.
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still hanging on to lottings of sunshine. -- lots of sunshine cooler temperatures to prevail through the week. another week of dry and mild weather before we take a turn back to the wet by the weekend into early next week thanks so much. that is your latest weather now to erica and chris. good morning. >> what a change for you not to talk about snow. >> the week is early. >> it is only monday. just ahead the super bowl as we know was a great game, but, of course, the commercials also a stellar performance. we will take a look at the ads generating the biggest buzz this morning. >> the dark side. also more trouble for lindsay lohan. she could be charged with stealing a valuable necklace. why these could be the most serious charges she has ever
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we have cheerleaders out there on the plaza maybe? i think we do. i see the pom-poms. seems lindsay lohan in big trouble again. >> facing possible felony charges today over accusations she stole a valuable next has. but her lawyer says it's just a big misunderstanding. we'll have the latest on lindsay's legal woes. >> plus $3 million, 30 seconds. is it worth it? we're going to take a look at the hottest super bowl ads out there coming up on "the early show." >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by staples. that was easy. [ male announcer ] here they come. all the new tech products you need. and they're all looking for the same thing. ♪ the one place that makes technology easy.
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this hour... a fire is it is 7:25 a.m., time for news headlines. we are sending chop v to walnut creek a fire reported -- chopper 5 to walnut creek a fire reported. working near twin peaks, a fire damaged two homes, 3:00 a.m. this morning no one was injured but six people were forced out of their homes this mornings fire not far from a series of suspicious fires, overnight hours last week. a group in the east bay thinks it has enough if he tensioned signatures to put a recall on the ballot. target, two members of hercules, city council. they claim the two support add sweet heart deal depleting the city's redevelopment fund. the chronicle reports the bay area council is out with a
7:26 am
report, supporting a fair at mofette field in mountain view, the fair would add more than $5.5 billion to the bay area's economy. >> traffic and a look at this gorgeous weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] for a limited time, get sizzler's 6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99. sizzler. thinking fresh. everyday. good morning let's take you back to walnut creek.
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because of that transformer explosion, sydnie just talked about we are seeing closures in and around the area, that will effect your drive around putnam avoid the area if you can. lots of activity. 680, delays through that area, southbound into walnut creek as you approach 24. metering lights backed up to grant. give yourself extra time that is a look at your morning drive. temperatures cooling off today, after a record setting pace, to the weekend we see lots of sunshine prevail across the south bay, haze out there, currently we are about 10 to 15 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday at this time we see lots of sunshine temperatures peeking out upper 60s. low 70s here today and that trend will continue through the week, pattern change expected by the weekend into early next week as we return to a wetter winter pattern ,,,,,,,,
7:29 am
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the plaza, those cheed >> java, plus cheerleaders, plus great start to your money morning. we'll check in with them in a bit. welcome back to "the early show." >> energy drinks are the latest range. they promise to pack a lot of punch to help you get through the afternoon. what gives them their kick? caffeine, vitamins? we decided to find out what was inside, and whether they are good for you or not. >> i have an idea of what's inside. i think you have to have some sort of caffeine. if you are one of the millions that watched the super bowl for the aetdads, this year
7:31 am
not disappointment. two of the commercials getting the buzz. the first, the chrysler ad wdord darth vader. >> can i get a little room over here? sic kenny g. on them. first, let's talk about lindsay lohan, in trouble once again this time she could face felony charges over allegations she stole a necklace worth $2,500. ben tracy is in los angeles on the latest on this case this morning. good morning. >> good morning. this may be the most serious charges that lindsay lohan ever faced. she could officially be charged later this morning at this courthouse in los angeles. this time, she may not go to jail, she could go to prison. the necklace lindsay lohan is wearing in this photo has gotten the actress into legal trouble again. a jewelry store is accusing her
7:32 am
of stealing the $2,500 one of a kind piece. the d.a.'s office says there is no decision on when or if to charge lohan. in a statement, her defense attorney says we vehemently deny these allegations and if charges are filed, we'll fight them in court, not in the press. the jewelry store claims to have handed surveillance tape over. but lohan says it's all a big mixup. >> lindsay insists she borrowed that $2,500 necklace, that it was given to her on loan. a lot of people throw things at her to wear in public. she's photographed so much. the question is, was it loaned to her, or did she steal it? >> lohan has been in jail three times in three years after a dui arrest. a felony conviction could land her in state prison for as long as three years. >> if she's in state prison, she's likely to experience a very different reality from the
7:33 am
one she's known. she'll be there with hardened violent offenders, people who committed violent crimes. >> she faced possible assault charges after an altercation with an employee of the betty ford clinic. >> she is really scared about going to prison. i think she realizes now it's even more serious than the dui, and, you know, a lot of people are giving up on her. >> of course, the person lindsay lohan needs on her side is the judge. she was scheduled to be back in court later this month on the dui case, if the judge decides she violated parole, he could send her to jail immediately. >> joining us now is legal analyst jack ford and jennifer hartstein, a "morning show" contributor. we'll get to both of you, but,
7:34 am
jack, is this as serious as it sounds? >> when you start tagging the word felony on top of the charges, they are serious. in california, the way they delineate between lower types of petty theft charges and felony theft charges by the dollar amount. if it's slightly more than $950, that's the cutoff point. if it's above $950, is it indeed a felony and the value of this is about $2,500, so by the numbers, it puts it in the felony category. once you start talking about felonies, then you are talking about a wide range of sentences, but it could be as much -- maximum, could be three years in prison. so serious stuff going on. >> does some of her past issues, does that come into effect? >> you know, it always enters. i go back to the days when i was a prosecutor. if a file comes across your desk where nobody is ever in trouble before, and they say this is just a misunderstanding, are you much more susceptible to say, okay, fine, we'll work something
7:35 am
out. but if they have a whole raft of things and they are showing up all the time, sometimes prosecutors say no-no. >> the jewelry store has pictures, videos. lindsay lohan's team refuses all the charges. what is her defense here? >> there might be a couple of them. legitimately, maybe somebody, not the manager of the store, but somebody says here, you're lindsay lohan, what are you wearing, mention us. that's a legitimate loan. criminal intent is important. what was her intent? did she intend to take something and not give it back? maybe i'm asking did your assistant say it was okay for you to take this? maybe she was under the impression it was okay for her to take it, and she didn't -- wasn't engaged in stealing something. a couple of avenues you can follow there for them. we'll have to see how it plays out. >> doctor, just when you think someone has hopefully got the message. she has been rehab a number of times, jail a number of times.
7:36 am
where is the message not being received? >> that is really a fabulous question. part of it, even though she's been in all of these things, a level of accountability she never had to take. they constantly give her less. it's okay. there is something about it, where no one is saying you need to be accountable for your actions, you need to be honest, upstanding, focused on what's good for you. she comes right back into things. who is holding accountable for what she's doing? >> how do you break the cycle of bad behavior? >> i think about britney spears' explosion and implosion and she had this conserve fors
7:37 am
>> welming coming up next here on "the early show," a mini darth vader is conjuring up a whole bunch of
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it was a rare two-fehr last night. not only a really good football game. but the ads, pretty super, too. >> like it. >> including this one for budweiser which was one of my favorites of the night. take a look. ♪ ♪ blue jean baby l.a. lady ♪ ♪ hold me closer tiny dancer ♪ >> almost famous when they're -- it's just a great ad. >> joining us to break down the good, the bad and the ugly is marketing expert and author of "fascinate" sally hogshead is here this morning.
7:42 am
having watched the entire inventory of ads, how did the super bowl stack up? >> it was great. this year we saw the return to the simple, brilliant idea. the ads that won were not the ones with the flashy over-the-top special effects. and it wasn't even necessarily the ones with the glossy celebrities. this was about great ideas. >> including the little darth vad vader. >> little darth vader. i love. come on, how could you not love the little darth vader. >> i just love this one, as well. that kid is so adorable. >> and it's been getting so much attention, online and, of course, as everybody handicaps the day after. you know, i think for good reason, because who doesn't remember "star wars" and have that attachment. >> and it's not just for the baby boomers who grew up with star wars. it's for the moms, it's got some technology for the guys. this is a total crowd pleaser. >> so it's got the whole package. >> the ad industry, i know, there are a lot of auto ads and a lot of movie ads. one of the auto ads we saw the volkswagen there with darth vader. the one i really liked was early
7:43 am
on in the broadcast, and it was the kind of the posh prison breakout. let's just play a quick little clip of it here. >> two boys going for a stroll. >> release the hoound hounds. >> it didn't work. >> hit him with the kenny g. >> that to me was the priceless line. >> you tweeted about it last night. i loved it. >> i did. >> you thought it was the line of the night. it was kind of nice and understated.. how did you think that one ranked? >> i thought it was wonderful. because it was the kind of story line that we can all surprise and relate to. but it also made the product, it made a statement about the product that we wouldn't have thought before. >> that one was for audi. i think it's hard to top betty white. >> no way. i'm sorry, this was not a betty white redo. that single commercial recatapulted her career and made
7:44 am
her a pop culture icon. i can't say the same has been happening for roseanne barr this year. >> we'll play a clip of it real quick. >> dad, what is the rush here? is there like a worldwide shortage -- >> eat a snickers. >> why? better? >> better. >> hey! my back hurts. now my front hurts. >> you're not you when you're hungry. >> that was a funny line by richard lewis. there's a revolt by short people. >> eminem in two different commercials. >> right. >> and both were actually pretty good. >> it was the year of the eminem. >> this is the chrysler commercial. which also in some ways, was a commercial for detroit. where, of course, eminem is from. but i think i was doing dishes or something and all of a sudden i heard the music and i stopped and i turned and i watched that whole chergs. >> this commercial has a tense of gravitas that we didn't expect from chrysler, and certainly not from eminem but it
7:45 am
worked incredibly well. there was a lot of online buzz about how the spot captured an emotion very effectively. >> more of a serious tone. there was a lot of comedic ads, as well last night. did you have some that kind of really stood out. >> well, first of all, i love recurring characters like e-trade baby and career builder. because the power of that is in a really cluttered, distracted environment like the super bowl when you're trying to decide if you should return to the disc or keep watching the television, those kind of characters immediately get our attention. >> and the monkeys actually had another message in there. talking about the career builder monkeys and i think we have the shot here. you say this brings up an important point, too, just about the state of the economy. >> could you imagine two years ago, during the recession, people complaining about the fact that they work with monkeys? people were just happy to have a job. and things are still tough. but this add indicates people are going to be hiring again and it's not only okay to be looking for a new job but that you
7:46 am
should find one in which you're not stuck trapped between working for two monkeys. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming in. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. i'm gonna use less honey. i'm gonna text less. well, i'm gonna use less bath tissue with charmin!!! [ female announcer ] with charmin ultra soft you can feel good while using less. charmin ultra soft's ultra-cushiony design is soft and more absorbent. so you can use four times less versus the leading value brand. ahh, using less never felt so good. [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft. enjoy the go. [ male announcer ] the uconnect touch system on the 2011 dodge journey controls the radio, media player, heated seats, climate control, navigation, phone, and more. this means that if you call shotgun on a dodge journey, you've just inherited a lot of responsibility.
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i'm sure a number of you, whether you're in a drugstore, gas station, 7-eleven you see those little 5-hour energy drinks. it is a $7 billion a year business. >> but what's really inside that little bottle? >> we're going to address it. >> just ahead on "the early show." ,,
7:50 am
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7:55 am
b-s five... i'm elizabeth wenger. firefighters are at the scene of >> it is 7:55 a.m. i am elizabeth wenger. firefighters are at the scene of a transformer explosion at an east bay mud pumping station. you are looking at live pictures from chopper 5. crews are waiting until they are sure the electricity is off, this is at gary road and putnam boulevard on the border between walnut creek and pleasant hill. no injuries have been reported but there are road closures in the area. we will check with giana franco with how it is effecting your morning commute. >> a fire in the castro, damaged a neighboring home. arson investigators are trying to determine the cause.
7:56 am
it broke out near the location of several suspicious fires last week. clothing at school, parents are suing morgan hills school district and live oak high school. their children wore clothing promoting america on cinco de mayo, officials told the students to turn the clothing inside out or go home. the hearing is to determine whether the school district will remain part of at that case. traffic and weather in just a moment ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning right back out to live pictures, chop v. a transformer explosion -- chopper 5. a tons former explosion. putnam boulevard and bona vista. traffic control is in effect there are closures in that area. over to our maps, gary road is closed. north main street and putnam boulevard. use oak park as an alternate. that is a look at traffic let's go to jim for a forecast. >> looks like we will be cooling down across the bay today, and through the rest of the week as we look back from vacca cam, we can see the golden gate bridge, that is unusual shot. usually too much haze to see that. we see currently temperatures already, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. we will continue with the cooling trend, daytime highs upper 60s to low 70s through the week ,, ♪
7:59 am
[ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection.
8:00 am
♪ forget the coffee. oh. >> these kids, cheerleaders, i just found out all from a high school here in new jersey. rival to my thunder birds. >> oh, really? >> don't -- >> oh! you know what -- >> better watch it. >> you know what, you're out numbered. you are. >> good to have you guys here, even though we used to beat you guys always in football. >> oh, the low blow. >> thank you for greeting us on a monday morning. thank you, young women. >> i'm chris wragge, along with erica hill, marysol castro. give yourselves a nice round of applause. you're awesome.
8:01 am
we could all use a pick me up now and then. if you don't have cheerleaders on the plaza, you may have tried a bottle of five hour energy or one other drink being sold everywhere from gas stations to drug stores, but do they live township the hype? well, we're going on check out their claims and see what's really in those little five hour energy shots. >> hmm. >> i am thinking it might not be healthy. >> you know, i have my questions as well. also ahead this morning, royal fever heating p. i know you are counting. 81 days until prince william and kate middleton tie the knot. until she officially becomes a princess. people on both sides of the atlantic cannot wait for this event, so this morning we are talking about all things royal because we may have a little bit more information on the dress. we're also learning the bodyguards are going to start carrying tasers. >> i was going to say. >> if you try to find out who was making the dress -- >> you get tasered. >> i'm going to tase, you bro. >> nothing says royal wedding like tasers.
8:02 am
>> someone who is not brandishing a taser this morning, our own jeff glor over at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning. chris is going to get tazed. >> i cannot wait. >> a demonstration. >> that is going to be the hilt of youtube. >> don't give our producers any more ideas. >> right outside buckingham palace. good morning. the government in egypt has offered some concessions to anti-government protesters, but this morning demonstrators in the heart of cairo remain defiant demanding that hosni mubarak resign. our correspondent is in cairo this morning. terry, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. as you can see, the protesters are still going in the square behind me, but they're more peaceful than in previous days. part of the reason is that the protesters and the army have set up an elaborate system of checkpoints to make sure that anybody coming on to the square is not carrying weapons or is trying to cause trouble. government has begun to talk to the opposition. they've given them some
8:03 am
concessions. perhaps not enough. nonetheless, there is a dialogue going on, and it does appear that things are going down in tone. the government is trying to adopt a softer approach. >> trying to suppress your own people is something that is not sustainable, and part of the message that i think we're seeing all around the world is when you resort to suppression, when you resort to violence, that does not work. >> now, in the rest of the city, things are really starting to turn back to normal. as you drive around the city, you see banks and shops open. you can see that people are going back to work. it's almost as if sf nothing is happening outside of this one central square. jeff. >> terry mccarthy in cairo. thank you. fire broke out near the smithsonian in washington d.c. this morning. smoke poured out of a detached building that contains the natural history museum's cooling tower. several streets were closed. there are no reports of injuries. federal aviation officials are investigating a near midair collision not far from new york
8:04 am
city. nancy cortis has that story from reagan's national airport. >> reporter: jeff, good morning. this incident occurred back on january 20th when a passenger jet narrowly missed colliding with a pair of 200 ton military cargo planes. in the congested skies over new york, an american airlines jumbo jet carrying 259 people came within seconds of a midair collision with two c-17s operated by the u.s. military. the passenger jet had just taken off from new york's kennedy airport en route to south paolo brazil. while it was climbing, an air traffic controller noticed. it was just one mile away from two air force cargo planes, and told another controller to halt its ascent, but that controller was busy with another task and didn't hear the message, so the plane continued to climb until an automatic cockpit alarm went off telling the pilot to descend.
8:05 am
>> if the aircraft were literally one mile apart and we're talking about at the same altitude, that is extremely frightening. >> reporter: both the faa and the ntsb have launched investigations. was instrumentation the problem, or was it human error? >> the bottom line is that it is the air traffic controller and the pilot's responsibility to work together to prevent even near misses from occurring. >> reporter: since march 2010 airlines have been required to report all near misses to federal officials and at least six such cases are now under investigation, including an incident that occurred near san francisco last march when a united airlines boeing 777 came within 300 feet of colliding with a small private plane. the u.s. air force, which was operating the two cargo jets, says it is cooperating with the investigation as well. nancy cortis, cbs news at reagan national airport.
8:06 am
the packers return to green bay as super bowl champions today. the pack won big 21-3 and held on for a 31-25 victory over the pittsburgh steelers last night. aaron rodgers was named most valuable player. plenty of celebrities were there to watch the game, including former president george w. bush and wife laura, and there was the new york yankees slugger alex rodriguez, being fed popcorn by cameron diaz. there was some controversy. some fans got angry after they were not allowed to use the seats they bought. >> we want seats! we want seats! >> what a mess there. temporary seats built for the game were declared unsafe. originally more than 1,200 ticketholders were displaced. >> 2,000 people don't have seats! thousands of dollars spent. no seats! none! >> it's terrible. we're just beside ourselves. i don't know how this is going to come out.
8:07 am
we can't see the game, the crowd will go into hysteria. i can't see a positive outcome. >> i am a psychiatrist, and i can guarantee that someone here is going to be experiencing acute -- >> 50 of the fans finally got seats. fans without seats were offered $2,400 for $800 tickets. before the xwam got started there was an embarrassing mistake. singer christina aguilera mangled one line in the "star spangled banner." ♪ what so proudly we watched as the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> afterward aguilera released a statement saying, "i got so caught up in the moment of the song that i lost my place. i can only hope that everyone could feel my love for this country and that the true spirit of its anthem still came through." it's seven minutes past the hour right now. we head back outside to check in with marysol. an active krout crowd out there,
8:08 am
huh? >> they are fired up this morning. good morning, every at home, jeff. i'm told it is not a team. it's a squad. you wanted to say what? >> hi. >> a lot to say. a woman of few words. what brings you to the plaza? >> well, we -- our passion is cheerleading, and we want to show all you guys that we love cheerleading. >> and by the end of the show there should be an early show cheer. no pressure.
8:09 am
>> narrator: this weather report sponsored by 235r78ers insurance. find a knowledgeable local farmers agent at we are insurance. we are farmers. >> thanks so much. that's the latest weather. now over to chris. >> marysol, thank you. you've seen the popular energy shots all over the place, but do they really perk you up as promised? well, we're going to tell you what you're actually drinking when we come back. you might not like what you hear. this is "the early show" here on cbs. what you hear. this is "the early show" here on cbs. only a local agent can do that. [click, motor hums] - doug pierce. lives in tornado alley. - hobby? - collects stamps.
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8:13 am
watch the 5 hour energy shot with an advertising budget of $9 million, it has gotten a lot of attention, but there are certain claims of no sugar, a little bit of caffeine, and a special blend of vitamins. are those claims too good to be true? cbs news correspondent michelle miller has the story. >> reporter: for many exhausted americans, the idea that instant energy shot is alluring. >> they're fast, and they're small. >> they gave me energy. i could definitely feel a jolt. >> 5 hour energy. >> the no wait, no hassle way to energy. >> it's seen huge growth in the last year, and they control about 12% of the overall energy drink market, which is about $9 billion in sales. >> the reviews are mixed. >> i didn't get a boost. i fell asleep on it. >> it made me feel like i had too much coffee. >> reporter: these little bottles are making quite a big splash. >> they're really starting to go broad. it's not just men anymore. it's men and women. it's 40-year-olds, 50-year-olds. >> reporter: commercials for the product downplay caffeine's
8:14 am
role. >> it contains about as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. >> reporter: instead attributing the boost in energy to a special blend of vitamins. >> its key ingredients can be found in every day food like auf kaudo. >> reporter: some experts say the ads are misleading. dmroo energy is not obtained from vitamins or minerals. the feeling that you might get from this product is from the caffeine. >> reporter: in fact, dr. todd cooperton of consumer ran tests on 5 hour energy and found it has more caffeine than advertised. one shot contained 207 milligrams, 15% more than you find in a cup of starbucks bold. at up to $4 a shot, that's pretty expensive for energy that comes mainly from caffeine. >> the extra vitamins are not going to do anything for you. >> reporter: we took the finding to a representative for 5 hour energy, but she stood by the advertised claims. >> the amount of caffeine is similar to what's in one premium cup of coffee and the amount of b vitamins are essential for the
8:15 am
energy metabolism and for boosting the furnace or the powerhouse of the cell to provide energy. >> reporter: because energy drinks are considered dietary supplements. the fda does not require them to list caffeine amounts, so if that's a number you would like to know, you're probably better off with a cup of joe. >> yeah. i'll just do my strong coffee in the morning. yeah. >> this is very big business. anywhere -- the dispute reports 7.5 billion and $the billion. sales have just been 5 hour energy shot up 12% this past year alone. >> advertising. >> absolutely. >> product placement. they look at what they canç do o separate themselves. you put it next to the cash register, people are going to pick it up. >> exactly. >> yeah. >> i was surprised when the test says 207 milligrams of caffeine because that's a lot. >> i've had these before. eye like them. i don't look at it as anything other than a caffeine delivery system. >> my question is -- >> i'm not chugging them.
8:16 am
>> caffeine, we -- a lot of people -- a lot of americans drink caffeine. it tastes good. we drink coffee because it gives us a jolt of caffeine, but it tastes good. ewe had this? >> it doesn't taste great. i wouldn't say it tastes great or anything. >> it's a quick shot. i also think -- i also -- i would like to give the american consumer some credit, too. i would think that you would get if this is giving you a boost of something, clearly it's not just vitamin that is are going to make you stay awake and feel more alert. there has to be caffeine in there. >> the company says it's the equivalent of about one cup of coffee, but by those milligrams we just heard there, that's really more the equivalent of two, possibly three cups of coffee. >> chances are, if you get the shakes after drinking it, you've had too much. >> don't put these in the coffee. >> i'm going to try that tomorrow morning. >> not effective. >> before we can get there, though, there are rumors of the new kind of love match for kate middleton. and could we know a little bit more about the bachelor party?
8:17 am
do we know about the dress? where will we see kate next? what is the latest on the royal wedding? go nowhere. we have all of this for you just ahead on "the early show". cbs health watch sponsored by restasis. talk to your doctor about restasis. ,,,,
8:18 am
8:19 am
the royal wedding between, of course, prince william and kate middleton just 81 days away now. the excitement is building on both sides of the atlantic. google searches for kate's wedding dress could bring up half a million hits. rumor has it it is being worked on night and day behind b close doors in buckingham palace. "early" show royal contributor victoria arbiter is here with more this morning. always great to have you with us. >> good morning. thank you. >> we have to start by talking about the dress. because everybody wants to know. there have been some more ideas, i guess, i should say, as to who may be making it and apparently where it's being worked on. >> that's right. and i think this news is probably the most hotly
8:20 am
anticipated detail relating to the wedding, through and through. the thing is, kat, has intimated that she wants to keep not only the design a secret, but also the designer. and at this point probably every british designer of note has been thrown into the fold. we've had catherine walker's company, she sadly passed away last year, there's so many names being thrown around. i think despite wanting to surprise william, kate's thinking more strategically. when the emanuels were announced as designing diana's dress back in 1981 they were besieged by reporters. and that was before the time of 24 hour news and the maniacal paparazzi. they had to have a spare dress just in case. they had security guards. they were putting the dress in the safe. they were even throwing thread of different colors in the trash. so can you even imagine today with the paparazzi? that would be devastating to kate. so, if she can pull this off, and surprise us all on the day, i'll be impressed. >> so far she's doing a pretty good job.
8:21 am
and also, there's so much that's happened. there's a lifetime movie that's in the works. that is supposed to air the week before the wedding. there's a young lady named camilla lovington who's been cast as kate. what do you think about the casting? >> especially camilla is so appropriate -- >> really. >> i think it's a very clever casting. because costing a largely unknown actress was very sensible. if you were trying to disassociate katie holmes as kate middleton it would start to get a bit confusing. there's also striking similarities. camilla ludington grew up in berkshi berkshire. she's 26. kate is 29. she's very well educated. she went to oxford. kate went to saint andrew's. there's some nice similarities and a striking resemblance. >> for all the ladies who feel maybe they missed their chance, that they don't have the ring on their finger. they do have a chance to stand next to prince william and at least pretend they are his betrothed. there's a new wax figure, correct? >> there is. and i think this is a lot of fun. this is a really great
8:22 am
indication of quite how popular this young couple are. it's very rare that you get an opportunity to meet your idol, especially if the idol -- >> he looks a little bloated. >> i think -- well, he does look a little bloated. i'm not sure they had the benefit of madam tussaud's when they do wax figures they measure every millimeter of the person they're building the wax from. he is life size. he's wearing his suit from the engagement pictures at st. james's palace. and he's got a replica of the ring on his forearm. so when you go and see william you can pop your finger in and pretend to be kate. >> i may try that when we go to london. sometimes you're bloated after a late night out. there's been some talk about the bachelor party. there was a huge piece in new york about a guy pelley who is a very good friend of the prince's and whether he might be in charge of the bachelor party. >> guy pelley is a very good friend of williams. i'm sure they've had wild and crazy times together. the thing is for william, he's the future king of england.
8:23 am
it would be unseemly for william the future king of england. it would be unseemly for william to be caught out.,,,,,,
8:24 am
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on the scene of a transformer explosion in the east bay. it happened just 20 minutes a mud pumping station between walnut fire crews on the scene of a transformer explosion in east bay this happened 20 minutes ago at a mud pumping station between walnut creek and pleasant hill. the fire has shut down gary road between bona vista after and hull lane. no injuries reported. flames ripping through a home in the castro, displacing six people fire started on clayton, close to series of suspicious fires that broke out in the castro last week. they are trying to find out what sparked that fire. >> tomorrow's vote to close three schools in the mount diablo unified school district may be postponed. trustees are looking to save the district $1.5 million a year.
8:26 am
traffic and weather coming right up stay with us ,,,, never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
8:27 am
good morning we just got new information on closures due to the transformer fire in walnut creek. 680 a struggle pleasant hill to walnut creek elsewhere report offs a new wreck.
8:28 am
808 is busy, -- 880 is busy, hayward and fremont. north of there, headed to the coliseum, traffic stacked up all the way as you approach the maze. a brand new wreck just before the the maze headed towards the bay bridge toll plaza. working your way to the toll plaza, traffic looking better fairly light. in fact, pretty much a nice ride as you head through there. metering lights still on, stop and go conditions south bay, here is your forecast. looks like, mostly sunny skies, here through the week. temperatures cool slightly, taking a look from our vacca cam, back toward it is golden gate bridge. look at that, a rare sight you don't usually get to see through the haze around the bay gain we will see the haze continuing here, high pressure continues to prevail however strong offshore breeze is gone. temperatures down 10 degrees from where we were yesterday at this time. we will see upper 60s. low 70s prevail through the week i love america,
8:29 am
i love my pet bald eagle brock, my bison sara, i love my pick-up with the custom constitution paint job... i celebrate jury duty... i love america so much, i'm making an all american jack combo two jumbo patties, with melting cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles, plus fries and a drink for only $4.99. i've celebrated every american tradition...except one... spring break cancun yo!!!!!!!! try the all american jack and enter to win
8:30 am
so we know that they've got a lot of energy. the cheerleaders on the plaza this morning. and they can scream really loud. but it was great as we walked out just before we came back on the air, they did a special cheer just for us. which we love, so thank you, guys. >> nice job, guys. >> great way to kick off the week with our friends here. welcome back to "the early show," everyone. just ahead, beauty on a budget. ten beauty projects -- projects?
8:31 am
products! maybe you're the project. and here are the products for you. >> there you go. >> all ten products, $10 or less. we are going to protect your skin and your hair from the harsh winter. maybe give you a little extra glow. all of this we can do. including a hair spray apparently with extract of peppermint and wild cherry bark. >> how about that? >> i know, right? >> you talk about projects, when the four of us walk in in the morning our beauty team is like whoa. >> we're going to need all those products and then some in the morning. >> do you really have to change your oil in your car every 3,000 miles? come on. and what do you think is more economical to buy, light or dark jeans? >> never really thought about it. >> we have got those money-saving answers and many other critical questions that you have that we are going to answer for you, and actually save you some serious money. wait till you hear some of this stuff. >> i love saving money. >> also this morning we're talking chocolate. they're doing really creative
8:32 am
things with chocolate these days. ingredients like bacon or salt and pepper. >> salt, yes. >> i don't know if i can do it. but we're talking about it this morning. we have a lot of stuff. some strawberries. some interesting chocolaty, strawberry action things going on. >> is there a holiday coming up that's related to chocolate? >> i have no idea. >> no idea. >> my birthday, is it -- >> birthday's in the summer. >> the super bowl. i can't think of anything. >> i don't know. but, you know, a cartier watch would be great if, in fact, it's a holiday. >> upping the ante. >> one thing at a time pfr we're doing chocolates today. >> the giant hershey kiss, i'll take back? >> no. i'll take it. without further ado i'll get to the weather. it's me and the cheerleaders
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> thanks so much. that's the weather. now over to chris. >> marysol, thank you very much. in this country, it's all about saving money. mary kate mcgrath, editor of "real simple" magazine is here to cut costs on everything from medical bills to movie tickets. good morning. >> good morning. >> i love going to the movies and it costs a fortune. >> i know, everyone is rumping up to the oscars and going to the movies left and right. but it's costly. one trick that you can do is buy bulk movie tickets. you can go to and get four packs of movies to eight national chains. saves you about $2 to $3 per ticket. >> not bad. if you're going to see three to four movies a month. you talk about saving a few dollars by paying with credit cards. >> credit cards have a lot of rewards points you can use. these are signature customers, if they spend $25, get 20% off movie tickets. good deal.
8:35 am
>> and also you say, if you love movies, why not go see a movie the old-fashioned way, just pull on up? >> people forget about drivens. there's 380 drive-ins across the country. you go to, you can find one. they're like $7 a person, $10 a car. so that's quite a savings. >> you can find a drive-in in the northeast right now real cheap. >> right. >> jeans. i had no idea. you can save money depending on what color jeans you buy? >> yes, yes, you can. >> why? >> light colored jeans are actually laundered more to get that look. so they'll last not as long. >> really? >> dark color jeans should last twice as long. if you look for jeans actually with a little bit of spandex in it, a blended fabric, 2% spandex, they not only hig your hips but the shape will last longer. >> do a little label reading and if they've got that 2% in there, they're going to last you a little bit longer. you say buying online you can save a dollar or two? >> if you know your favorite style, fit, type it in, search it online, and you should find some good deals.
8:36 am
and think about some other spots that you wouldn't normally buy jeans.,, which is a shoe retailer, has great deals on denim. >> most people wouldn't have known that. we move on to home repairs right now. so many different ways in which you can save money. but there's also some websites you can actually see what you're going to do before you do it. >> that's right. if you're inclined to try something at home, go to ask the builder on youtube and they have countless, easy-to-follow, step by step instructional videos, from changing light fixtures, to working on your kitchen faucet. >> and if you are going to do something, you also said, be a little inquisitive. know exactly what you're getting yourself into and be able to ask some smart questions. >> there's two things that can you do there. one is you can talk to your contractor or your hondyman and say what has you not so crazy? you can save some money there. and also go to diynet or to learn from the key phrases that you'll need. >> i always remember that scene from mr. mom with michael
8:37 am
keaton, what are you doing there? >> yeah, i'm doing 2020, 2021, whatever you're talking about. >> you might want to know load bearing and things like that. >> your car is a big item. big misnomers out there that you have to have your hole changed every 3,000 miles. >> no. the aaa find out 90% of drivers are changing their oil too much. if you're a taxi driver in new york city, go ahead and change every 3,000 miles. but if you're an everyday person, 7,500 miles is actually the number you should keep in hand. >> and also windshield, you get that little crack, some people say maybe i'll leave it. >> no, no, no. run and get that fixed. can you have someone come and do it in your driveway for about $100. whereas when it goes to a full-blown crack you might end up spending $500 to $1,000. >> and you're calling the insurance company and everything. >> let's move on to pets. >> timing is important here. if you're getting your pet groomed, friday through monday is the busiest time for a groomer. try a midweek time.
8:38 am
also there's some savings to remember for your pet's food. a lot of pet food has preservatives and fillers that while might be more expensive to buy in the short-term, in the long-term, it can save you on some doctor bills. >> speaking of doctor bills. your medical prescriptions, we spend so much money on prescriptions. how are some ways people can save? >> if you ask your doctor for a three-month prescription you can often save up to 33% on prescriptions. i mean, that's a huge savings. >> 33%. i think people will like hearing that. these are some great tips. >> thank you. >> we thank you very much. >> mary kate mcgrath. for more information go to our website, all the items we've listed and the websites are right there for your usage whenever you like. now here's erica. >> chris, thanks. winter beauty is as much about protecting your skin as it is about looking good. lucky for you we have some essential products this morning all under $10 that are going to do a little bit of bonus for you today. lucy danziger is editor and
8:39 am
chief of "self" magazine back with us with some top picks and all under $10. i can't stress that enough. when it works -- >> i know. >> this is a great way to get through february. treat yourself, treat your skin right, and have a little fun. >> okay, we're in. so we kind of broke it down into categories. we're starting off with the whole face. >> right. >> what's this first product here? >> the first thing you want to do is cleanse. l'oreal has this great cleanser that will unclog your pores and exfoliate and have this cute little pop-out scrubber. so you can basically clean your pores, which is great, because with all that heat you might have some dry skin. >> you just rub that on? >> yes. >> okay. >> and it's going to help you not break out. >> we love that. >> nice in the winter. >> then just to put on a really nice clarifying powder, we have this coty airspun. it's a sweet little powder puff but it comes in a very new formula. >> i was going to say, you say this is new because this probably looks familiar to a lot of people. we've seen this in drugstores since 1935. but they've updated it? >> exactly. so it stays on your skin and
8:40 am
gives you that really smooth, it looks like you've just had your makeup done look. >> we love that. >> not bad. >> speaking of smooth, lips can really take a beating. >> yes. >> so as we move on to lips and cheeks you swear by this. >> my children know, i don't leave home without auk yeah for and i put it in every pocket because it really does smooth and protect from the wind, from the chapping, if you're outside jogging. this is the greatest stuff on earth. now they have the little primper applicator which is adorable. i think aquaphor is my favorite of anything. >> is this just a regular lip stain? >> what's amazing is revlon made this just bitten colorstay lip stain. if you try it on, it won't come off. it won't come off. now you're going to have that. and it has a vitamin formula so it actually helps to really repair your lips. >> it feels very light, though. >> it's lovely. >> this one does double duty. it's supposed to be for your cheeks to give you a little glow but you can also use it on your
8:41 am
lips. >> for $4 it's two in one. basically, they make this creme blusher which you can use on your lips. if you want to throw something in your pocket, this goes on both your lips and your cheeks for that nice glow. >> i like it. >> it's nice. >> we've got the lips and the cheeks taken care of. move on to the eyes now. >> that's right, that's right. >> for everyone, you want that nice, luscious lash, almay makes one, it's only $8. it has a vitamin formula that helps your lashes grow thick and not break. >> really? >> nice for winter. >> okay. and so, you would of course finish with that. before you get there you might want to do the eye shadow. >> e.l.f.'s made quite a palette. encyclopedia for your eyes. 12 shadows and a brush as well as an eye liner. comes with a cool little diagram. >> these are good-sized shadows. sometimes you get these multiple packs and they're these little itty-bitty ones. >> obviously it's winter, but this is like a bouquet for your face. it's really cheerful and fun to play with.
8:42 am
>> we like cheerful and fun. when it comes to your hair, winter can wreak havoc on it. dull, lifeless, staticky. >> you get that dull feeling. and i like to go spinning sometimes but i don't have times to shampoo. a dry shampoo is great. you don't have to do a whole wash. you spray this into your roots and this is the tresemme $5, it's very light. it's not like powder. >> i say you bring up the powder. we've been talking a lot more lately. >> oh, it's very light. >> it seems we always talk about a powder. >> yeah. >> i would think that you risk maybe getting powder on your clothing. >> it takes away that greasy feeling. throw that in your gym bag. also, once you've styled one way to keep it in check. we all worry about static and hat hair. for aussie, the great thing about this sun drenched aussie, it's only $3, and it's shiny. so talk about mod earn. you put this on your hair, and it doesn't give you that super bowl head look. it's very shiny. looks like you've just been in the sun. >> looks fresh like you've just
8:43 am
had your hair blown out. where this baby comes in. this is the largest brush i've ever seen. >> luxor makes this, it is an inexpensive $9 brush. you can spend hub dreads of dollars on boar bristles. it's hollow, so it's light. and the air goes through it when you're blow drying your hair. feels like a massage for your scalp. >> it's really nice. i do like it's not too heavy so when you're blowing your hair out you don't end up with carpal tunnel. >> it's ire row dynamic and comfortable to hold. >> great stuff as always. we love the price point. and they're available in almost any drug store. now here's chris. >> erica, thank you. valentine's day, a week away. if you're thinking of getting your sweetie some chocolate, kimberly kennedy, author of the art and craft of entertaining is here to help us think a little bit outside the box this morning. really good to see you. >> hi. great to see you. >> so we're asking people to basically, just don't think about boxed up chocolates but to think outside the box. >> exactly. everyone appreciates a box of
8:44 am
chocolates. but there's so many creative options, why not do something a little different? >> i noticed some here on the corner of the table. is that actually -- where is the chocolate? that's basically what i want to know. >> these are matruffuls hidden inside little animals. >> nice way to mix it up. one of the things making a comeback is the plain, old chocolate bar. >> yes the great thing about what they're doing with chocolate bars now, there's a lot of them having a retro feel. and the artwork is really neat. i picked a couple of companies here that i thought kind of stood out. one of them in particular is this company from tennessee. and they're called olive and sinclair, and they have some great, interesting flavors. the best thing about them, though, is they're all in-house. they source their beans, grind them, and make the bars all in one spot. >> when you're talking interesting flavors. what exactly are we talking about here? people probably like traditional milk chocolate or dark chocolate. >> most people do enjoy milk chocolate. once you've tried chocolate with curry powders, peppers or salts
8:45 am
you'll be amazed. it's a great combination. >> so what's the one that's the most popular right now? >> well, interest theing one here is this has a salt and pepper chocolate. and it's was actually a mistake but it tasted so good they decided to try it. >> who puts salt and pepper in their chocolate. >> it's delicious. you can see it, it's in there. what do you think? a little heat. a little salt. a little sweet. it's interesting, isn't it? >> interesting is a good word. not a huge salt fan. >> ah, well. >> that's not bad. sorry let's move on. if i thought salt and pepper was odd, wait until you hear this next one. >> this is vosges, and this box is $69, incorporates bacon. bacon in chocolate. >> $69 for chocolate with bacon? >> yes. but the neat thing about this kit is it has all the things we have here. different shapes of chocolate. the different flavors, the packages, and it's really a nice gift, a nice special gift and will give you a nice flavor of bacon and chocolate. especially in pancake mix. >> here we go. we're trying the -- it's tough
8:46 am
to wash down that salt and pepper. >> it's interesting, isn't it? the thing about these chocolates is they're really meant to melt in your mouth. takes a longer enjoyment period but it's definitely bigger than anything you've ever tried. >> this is my favorite. this is what i've been worked on the fruit covered chocolate. chocolate covered fwrut. >> and it's nice. if you want to do something a little healthier after you've had your bacon and chocolates, dried fruit with chocolates. strawberries covered in chocolate have been around forever. godiva is doing strawberry and banana skewers. they also have little tiny fruit boats. they look like darts but they're just fruit and chocolate in a little bite. >> can i try one? >> absolutely. cleanse the palate. and feel healthy. >> that's fantastic. >> good. >> that is good. >> you can't go wrong with strawberries. >> you need something to wash it down.
8:47 am
>> you sure do. valentine's day and champagne go hand in hand. especially with the strawberries. so what i thought would be fun to do is to do kind of a chocolate tasting with your friends. maybe you can do it with your sweetheart, or if you're having a party. one of the things that there's always your basic champagne, and that is a standby. but i have a product called the rosa regale. this is a fantastic drink to pair with chocolate. it's kind of a sweet rose. >> you're right. >> it goes well. >> salt and pepper was interesting. that's good. that's really good. you talk about also kind of getting creative, as well. you kind of mix things up a little bit. you don't have to spend $69. >> exactly. you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a really unique valentine. i thought it would be fun to take a basic $1 bar of chocolate, and can you do this with your kids. i've got examples here for your children, or you can do it for your husband, for your wife, and it's really easy. you just take a basic bar of chocolate, take the wrapper off.
8:48 am
>> take the wrapper off. take a piece of pepper and cut to size. drop it down. hold it on. put a little tape. >> this is arts and crafts made easy. >> it is. kids will love it. it's a great way. it's a nice alternative to those boxes of the trade mark things that kids usually give out. >> you can do the gold paper and do the willy wonka thing. >> absolutely. put a little sticker on it, a little stamp thing. there you go. >> very easy. >> who knew. >> who knew. >> and also this is what i love. if we can get a shot in front of the table, you can keep it on the cheap, all you have to do is do a nice little valentine's day buffet and anybody who receives it or waits or comes home to something like this. >> it's all about creative. i've got drugstore chocolates here in jars at home and basic white plates. put it together. looks beautiful. >> am i allowed to bring the gang in? you've got salt and pepper. >> yes, come. >> this is everybody. everybody, this is kimberly. >> hi! >> so there you go.
8:49 am
we've got some great chocolates. >> i have to try the salt and pepper. >> the dark bacon bar. >> it's an acquired taste. >> i do like when they put the hot chilies in. >> yes, that's a really good combination with chock latd. >> it is. >> heat and sweet goes very well together. >> now you have all these options. kimberly, thank you very much. for more on where you can get these chocolates, go to our website, and we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. chocolate ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:50 am
8:51 am
wow. jeff and i enjoyed the beat-down
8:52 am
so much the first time that we got our butts kicked in the cook-off. we're back for more. >> i'm going to say right now, erica hill is going to the competition this week. >> we'll see. >> my grandmother would like that. >> that trophy looks mighty good in my office right now. >> i think it needs to be a new trophy. >> cheetding! >> because we've had a cook-off and you missed it. we did have a cook-off and jeff and i lost miserably. chris won. >> there's no way i'm winning again. >> but when the competition is rigged -- >> it wasn't rigged. it was a fluke. >> right. >> it was fixed. >> he's a little defensive. >> you know what we're starting with tomorrow? grits. >> grits. >> i love to eat them. i didn't know how to make them. we're all learning tomorrow. learn with us on "the early show." >> beginning next monday four couples will compete on the chance to go on a romantic trip of a lifetime to a beautiful mystery test ination courtesy of
8:53 am
virtuoso and american airlines. tune in to "the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:55 am
headlines... geary road in walnut creek is after a transformer good morning i am elizabeth wenger with your cbs 5 headlines. gary road is open after a transformer explosion at a mud pumping station. that happened a half hour ago, gary road and putnam boulevard. you can see flames shooting into the air. i believe this is cell phone video that captured some of those flames. no injuries reported the cause is under investigation. >> three uc berkeley grads accused of ease by imagine in iran have pleaded not guilty. the third defendant was released from the iranian prison in september. >> civil rights lawsuit involving a bay area school heads to court today. last cinco de mayo.
8:56 am
students at live oak schools were told to remove their american clothes or go home traffic and weather coming right up ,,,,,, ♪
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good morning out to berkeley, two car accident blocking at least one lane possibly two. it is jammed up in the area. if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, a picture taken a couple moments ago, traffic light. even though metering lights are on. backed up down the east shore freeway. carcenas bridge to the maze. it is especially heavy, hercules, down towards university. san mateo, everything is fine between hayward and foster city. a new accident just coming into our newsroom, northbound 101, watch out for slow traffic heading into san francisco, 101 and 280 look slow according to sensors, mass transit on time. >> big cool down, good 10 to 20 degrees cooler this morning, than we were at this time yesterday. a bit of haze around the bay this morning, mostly sunny skies, cooler temperatures will persist through the weekend -- through the week into next weekend
8:59 am
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