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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  February 10, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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more than two years. severa s... on new insight into a controversy surrounding pg&e this morning. what the utility didn't do for more than two years. several sports programs on the coming block over at cal while the -- on the chopping block over at cal. why the school will be forced to save them all perhaps. freezing in the bay area but wait until we see all the sunshine today. we'll tell you how warm it will get in your neighborhood coming up. and a major intersection in san francisco's inner richmond remains shut down after an overnight fatal accident. alternates and detours coming up. good morning, it's thursday, february 10. thanks for joining us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. your time is 6:00. some closures to tell you about as you begin your thursday morning commute. these closures in san francisco. let's go to elizabeth. >> reporter: it's right there at the intersection of geary boulevard and arguello. these were some pictures taken
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just a short while ago. this is a very popular intersection. so far we have not seen any huge delays. they have a wide radius blocked off. at least three blocks of geary boulevard shut down this morning. it has been for at least four hours. it will remain closed between 2nd and jordan so as far as alternates go, california street, fulton, you're going to want to avoid this area for a while. also, several muni lines impacted as well including the very popular 38 geary. and 33 stanyan. as you saw from this picture, this was a very awful accident. fatal accident one person killed. looks like a head-on collision and police tell us that the driver of one of those cars actually ran a red light. they are doing a possible dui investigation, as well. so it sounds like police are going to be out there for a while. now, except for that everything else is quiet across the bay area. here's a live look at 880 through oakland, which remains quiet up into downtown. that is your traffic. back to you guys.
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a new state audit shows pg&e has been putting off pipeline inspections. anne makovec tells us those checkups were supposed to be on crucial high transmission lines. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i want to give you a quote from jackie speier. what happened here in san bruno is a horrible way to have to learn from a mistake. i think there were a lot of mistakes made here unfortunately and the problem is that pg&e has hundreds of other miles of natural gas pipeline running throughout california. this one here has been under the microscope since it exploded in september. but had it looks like that's too little too late. an audit of pg&e records shows they put off crucial inspections in high pressure transmission lines for more than two years. the california public utilities commission says that pg&e also failed to follow its own safety guidelines to make sure inspections were thorough. now, this report was done in may which was of course well
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before the san bruno explosion. the findings are coming out now. the puc hasn't issued a fine against pg&e for at least a decade. a pg&e spokesman says they realize the number of findings is unacceptably high. but they say, quote, the audits help identify instances where our practices fall short of our standards and they allow us to take appropriate actions to correct the deficiencies and prevent them from reoccurring. >> reporter: again, we have hundreds of miles of pipelines that have not been properly inspected. now, stanford university is calling for pg&e to release the records of the pipelines running under the university but pg&e says it doesn't have to release those, though it is interested in answering the university's questions. i mean, questions all over properties, all. over central and northern california. >> thank you, anne makovec in san bruno.
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the search is on nor whoever opened fire on -- the search is on for whoever opened fire on a bus near third and grow avenue about 9:45 last night. one person was hit by broken glass. police are trying to learn if it was random or if someone on the bus was the target of a shooting. christin ayers reports on the fate of five of cal's sports teams. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we'll know by noon if any sports team will be saved. title ix could have an impact. a couple are women's teams. there are reports that if the university doesn't save those teams they could put their title ix status in jeopardy. let's look at which teams are on the line here. one of them is baseball. another men's rugby. men's gymnastics. women's lacrosse. and also women's gymnastics on the line. for months a group called save
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cal have been fundraising, trying to raise money to save the team. one organizer says it's been a tough haul. >> tough. so we weren't forewarned, the players, the alum. >> we are very hopeful and, you know, itiss coming down eye down to decision time but i feel positive. >> reporter: that was the coach of the men's baseball team. the choices are to reinstate one, two or all the teams. women's sports may take a priority because of title ix. the university says they are
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in compliance. if >> a lot of rugby friends are keeping a close eye on this today. christin ayers live in berkeley, thank you. san francisco may have been awarded the next america's cup but a lot of work needs to be done before the site is ready for the yacht race. yesterday a list of the needed work was released including improvements at eight piers approval by adozen government agencies and getting $270 million from corporate sponsors. the famous yacht race will be held in september of 2013. it is 6:06. let's check our forecast now. lawrence, how's the weather shaping up for the weekend? we're already looking ahead. its thursday. >> i know. you know, we have some major changes coming, guys as we are seeing a huge shift in the weather pattern. we have been enjoying some great sunshine and some spring- like conditions. a little cold outside reminding you that yes, it is still winter here in the bay area. it's 32 in napa, 33 in santa
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rosa, 33 in fairfield and livermore. but by the afternoon, we are going to see plenty of sunshine of sunshine and again comfortable temperatures. 67 degrees in santa rosa. about 65 in the napa valley and about 65 degrees in san jose. now, it looks like we are in for a major shift in the pattern as we head in toward the week. doesn't look like rain this weekend but after that all bets are off. major return to wet weather coming up. back to you. >> thank you. it is some of the most encouraging news on jobs that we have heard in a while. the number of people filing for unemployment benefits went down to the lowest level in three years. claims dropped to 383,000 last week. that's a sign of modest job growth according to analysts but jobless claims would have to fall consistently below 375,000 to mean a steady decline in unemployment. people in the bay area and across the country already lining up to get their hands on
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verizon's iphones. >> they are. verizon and apple stores are opening up early at 7 a.m. to handle the expected rush of customers. we have seen lines at stores from san francisco down to san jose. until now, at&t had been the exclusive iphone carrier. but there have been complaints about at&t's service. >> but it's not giving up easily. nope. it's offering a lot of incentives in hopes of keeping customers. it's allowing the iphone to share its internet connection with wi-fi-enabled laptops and other devices. and next week, it's going to start offering credit toward a new at&t device in exchange for your old cell phone. so in about 30 minutes, we are going to have a live report from a busy verizon store in san jose. right now, the time is 60 6:08. a shooting over a pet chihauhau. >> plus a craigslist scandal, a controversial photo a congressman sent to a woman met
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online. so much for instant absolution. the vatican takes on the new confession app. that's coming up so stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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chilly around the bay area. this afternoon fantastic. here comes the sunshine. temperatures in the 50s and 60s in the bay area. how long that will last coming up. some concerns this morning in san mateo county after two mountain lions were spotted in the area. someone spotted the animals yesterday afternoon in woodside near the west entrance of canada college. mountain lions usually try to avoid confrontation with humans but if you come face to face, one expert says don't run away, it's best to face the animal square, throw rocks at it, make menacing noises and appear larger by waving your arms and hopefully you will scare it away. a san francisco man is in critical condition this morning after he was shot during a dispute over a dog. that shooting in the haight- ashbury neighborhood happened after a man walked into a store with a small dog yesterday afternoon. the dog apparently got in the way of a store employee who shoved it with his foot. a witness says the dog owner challenged the employee.
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>> that guy went out he come back in my brother felt like he has something on him. my brother has the gun. it happened. >> he shot him? >> no, he shot two bullets, three bullets but two bullets -- he didn't mean like to shoot him. >> the store employee was arrested for the shooting. those brothers working at the store kept the gun because of the mentally unstable people they say are in the neighborhood. a search for san francisco's new top cop is in the final stages and the police commission wants your input. there will be a public event today where the community can give input on nominees. "the examiner" reports 20 to 25 applications have been received. mayor ed lee said the commission will now go through the interview process and submit up to three recommendations. a recovery milestone fo congresswoman gabrielle giffords, the major breakthrough after last month's shooting. >> three internet giants, a colossal deal. the buy-out talks between
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facebook, google and twitter coming up. >> and chopper 5 is up showing us a great ride on 880 through oakland. we'll take a check on the bay bridge plus update you on the overnight fatal accident shutting streets in san francisco. ,,,,,,,,
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a little chilly to start out your day. if you are just getting up, grab your jacket. it's chillily. numbers down in the 30s and 40s, even below freezing in parts of the north bay. now, we are likely to see a couple of patches of frost showing up outside today with the cold temperatures but by the afternoon, what a day it's going to be again. just a weather repeat as we'll see a whole lot of sunshine and looks like comfortable temperatures by the afternoon as high as upper 60s in some of the warmer spots inland, plenty of sunshine in the bay, and even out toward the coast line with the offshore winds we have sunshine and some pretty comfortable temperatures. so high pressure continues to hold on. that will bring us another nice day, very similar to what we had yesterday. but as we head in toward the weekend, this ridge is going to start to flatten out a bit and as it does we'll begin to see a few clouds rolling over the top of this. it will help to start to cool down temperatures especially in sunday. by monday, we are talking about the possibility of some rain returning. once that opens up, it's going to stick around. temperatures today enjoying the
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sunshine with 65 in santa clara, 64 in milpitas and 65 in cupertino. east bay temperatures well into the 60s in many spots just inside the bay, 65 berkeley, 46 hayward, 63 dublin. north bay expecting lots of sunshine and some pretty comfortable temperatures by the afternoon. 66 in sonoma, 65 in the napa valley. and about 61 degrees in san anselmo. so looking out over the next few days we are looking good, although we'll begin to notice clouds. high pressure begins to break down over the weekend and by monday those clouds gather, chance of showers developing monday night and looks like more rain on the way on tuesday and wednesday next week. time now for a traffic check with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go back out to chopper 5. they are live over the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are off. but they will likely be turned on any minute now because we are starting to see crowded conditions up the incline towards treasure island heading into san francisco so thank
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you, chopper 5. let's go to some video taken a little while ago. heading into san francisco, we have some major street closures around the inner richmond neighborhood at geary and arguello. we are following a developing story. an overnight fatal accident shutting down several blocks of geary near that busy intersection. also making a big dent on your morning commute as far as muni goes. if you ride the 38 geary or 33 stanyan, they are having to reroute around that accident scene. so expect delays. otherwise bart, ace, caltrain, everything else on time. all right. highway 4, we are just starting to see some more brake lights now turning to red, unfortunately, as you make your way past a street. things do look a whole lot better closer to pittsburg and concord. also starting to see some pretty heavy traffic out of the altamont pass. 18 minutes on westbound 580 from 205 towards 680 and the dublin interchange. we can see things improve quite a bit at pleasanton. elsewhere the san mateo bridge nice and quiet here across the
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span. no problems in either direction between hayward and foster city. 880/237 in milpitas, westbound 237 looks great towards silicon valley. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. here's a look at today's top stories. as many as six people are missing after a natural gas explosion in pennsylvania. this is in a neighborhood, this is live shot now. the blast ignited fires, downed power lines and forced hundreds of people from their homes. eight houses may be a total loss. 16 others were damaged. a new pg&e audit shows the utility put off important pipeline inspections for more than two years. the state public utilities commission says pg&e also ignored its own safety guidelines by conducting less thorough inspection. pg&e says it's working to improve the safety of its gas lines. and a big day over at cal.
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the university is ready to cut five sports to save some money but fans and backers have been collecting cash to try to save those sports and there is a chance the university supply the to preserve the programs to comply with title ix rules. this morning, lots of questions for a former new york congressman who resigned over a craigslist scandal. and it's all because of that photo. christopher lee reportedly sent pictures of himself without a shirt on to a woman seeking a relationship on craigslist. the woman apparently googled him, realized that he was a congressman, and sent his e- mails to the website gawker. lee, who is married, abruptly resigned last night. he said he regrets the harm his actions have caused his family, staff and constituents. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is speaking for the first time since being shot in the head, asking for toast with her breakfast yesterday. a spokesman said she is undergoing about 6 hours of therapy each day. but they say she is making
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remarkable progress. >> it really is unbelievable when you consider she was shot in the head and... she is really coming along very nicely. hey, the time now, it is 6:21. another reason to pack light. the new baggage fee that will cost you an extra 40 bucks the next time you jump on an airline. >> day 17 of unrest in egypt. now protestors are getting extra support. the massive strike in the works. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it will now cost you 90-dollars to check a bag that weighs more than 50-pounds. that's on top of t e price you better have extra money on u.s. airways. it will cost $90 to check a bag more than 50 pounds. i wonder -- do golf bags weigh more than 50 pounds? if you stuff your dirty clothes this them in them like i do. that's on top of the $25 base price for the first bag. if your bag weighs more than 70 pounds you will pay $175. almost a dollar a pound there. >> you put your dirty clothes in the golf bag? >> my husband hates it but i do. >> might be a good idea. the vatican is putting its foot down on a new iphone app. the church says catholics cannot confess using their smart phones. itunes is now selling an application called confession: a roman catholic app. well, the app checks the behavior of iphone users to see if it conforms with scripture. while the apps' creator said it was made so catholics can combine faith and digital technology. valentine's day just around
6:26 am
the corner and there's some new help for couples have been problems with intimacy. >> yeah. it's called the cuddle drug. new research finds that a hormone that sends pregnant women into labor oxytocin can help people. >> people are starting to find themselves more open and more concerned with the people around them. >> some people are naturally deficient in oxytoes sin and others low levels can be caused by stress. >> you find this interesting that this study comes out like right around valentine's day? >> yeah. there might be a little link there, do you think? >> mm-hm. 6:26. the verizon iphone hitting stores today. the perks that at&t is offering to keep its customers. >> plus, she took on pg&e over smartmeters. the slap on the wrist for a bay state -- or a bay area woman,
6:27 am
rather, who disobeyed police. all coming up. and new reports show that pg&e was not inspecting its pipelines properly. and that the public utilities commission was not forcing it to do so. the latest coming up next. and will it be game on or game over for five sports teams slated to end at cal? how title ix could affect the decision. ,,,, ♪
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. and good morning, everybody. it is thursday, february 10. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 6:30. we expect to learn today whether it's gave over for five sports teams at cal. christin ayers reports. >> reporter: good morning. one big factor in this process is going to be title ix. there are five sports teams on the chopping block, two of them women's teams and there have been some reports one from the "new york times" saying if the women's teams are cut, it would put the university out of line with title ix. let's take a look at the 5 teams that are on the line right now. one of them is baseball, men's rugby, men's gymnastics, women's lacrosse, and women's gymnastics. the campus planned to cut the
6:31 am
teams in june but, of course, is looking at reinstatement. an online fundraising evident called has been instrumental in raising money to save the team. they have pledged $000,000 of the $25 million it -- they have pledged $15 million of the $25 million it would take to save all the times. they got heavy support from the likes of the san francisco giants. they still say this has been quite the process. >> it's tough. so, you know, we weren't forewarned about it either, the players, the alum. >> well, you know, we're very hopeful and, you know, it is coming down to decision time and but, you know, i feel very optimistic and positive. >> reporter: that "new york times" article we talked about challenged whether the university is in fact in line with title ix if they eliminate all five sports. they could decide whether to eliminate all of them or keep some of them or really none of
6:32 am
them. and again, that decision will come down today at noon. >> thank you, christin ayers at uc-berkeley. pg&e has been putting off pipeline inspections for more than two years. that's according to the state public utilities commission. anne makovec with more on the findings of the new state audit joins us live from san bruno now with more. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. both of those organizations in the hot seat this morning. of course, we all know what happened here in san bruno last september. and hopefully, these findings will prevent it from occurring again. but there are hundreds of miles of natural gas pipeline in california run by pg&e and apparently they haven't been properly inspected. look at this pipeline. this has been in washington, d.c. since the pipeline explosion here in san bruno. it's been under the microscope. but it looks like it is too little too late. an audit of pg&e records shows that the company put off
6:33 am
crucial inspections in high pressure transmission lines for more than two years. the california public utilities commission says pg&e also failed to follow its own safety guidelines to make sure inspections were thorough. now, that report by the puc was done in may well before the san bruno explosion. but the findings are only now coming out. the puc is supposed to oversee the utility but it has not issued a fine against pg&e for at least a decade. a pg&e spokesman says they realize the number of findings is unacceptably high but says, quote, we're moving on multiple fronts to ensure and enhance the safety of our gas transmission and distribution system. >> reporter: in the meantime, pg&e is being hounded for its records by several organizations and politicians including now stanford university. the university knows that there are at least two high pressure gas lines that run underneath the campus. they are asking pg&e for the records. pg&e says they don't have to release the records but they are interested in answering any
6:34 am
of stanford's questions. frank. >> anne makovec, live at san bruno, thank you, anne. was it a random shooting or was somebody aiming for a specific bus passenger? police in richmond are trying to answer that question this morning after a shooting near 3rd street and grove avenue last night. someone in a group standing on a corner opened fire on an a.c. transit bus. nobody was shot but one passenger was taken to the hospital after being cut by flying glass. the egyptian government is threatening an army crackdown by martial law on the 17th day of protests as thousands of anti-government protestors are gathered in tahrir square in cairo. they are still vowing not to leave until president hosni mubarak steps down. those protestors are now getting additional support. egypt's public transportation employees are going on strike.
6:35 am
organizers are reportedly calling on all 62,000 transportation workers to take part. and in another development, egypt's state television says there is now a formal corruption investigation against three former government ministers and a former ruling party leader. time now is 6:35. if you are a weather fan, you are going to love what lawrence has to say because a whole lot of what happened yesterday happening today as well, right? >> yeah. you know, a lot of folks very friendly to me these days. we have had just some fantastic weather, lots of sunshine, record-breaking temperatures this last weekend. today we are starting out cold. it has dropped down to 29 degree in napa, 32 livermore, 46 in san francisco. now, by the afternoon, i'm going to make a lot of friends again as we'll see plenty of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. 67 in santa rosa, 66 oakland, 56 degrees in san jose. but by next week, well, we are talking about some major changes coming our way as high pressure is going to move out and here comes the rain in the
6:36 am
bay area. things going to stay unsettled and wet for some time to come. let's check on some traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. chopper 5 is just bringing us some new live pictures of this overnight fatal accident in san francisco's inner richmond neighborhood. you are looking live at the intersection of geary and arguello still shut down for at least three blocks in all directions along this typically busy intersection. so far no huge delays. the tow crews as you can see from this live traffic shot just arrived on scene so they have yet to clear anything. could be at least another hour or so though for this investigation to wrap up. so it sounds like our biggest inconvenience now is with muni riders. some popular routes including the 38 geary and the 33 stanyan lines are being rerouted. this accident happened more than four hours ago now. so we are continuing to wait for streets to open up but again popular intersection geary and arguello shut down in
6:37 am
the area. back to you. >> thank you. a once damaged cruise ship can get out of san francisco tomorrow finally. the 110,000-ton carnival splendor was brought to the bay area for repairs a couple of weeks ago after catching fire during a voyage in november. nobody was hurt but 4500 passengers and crewmembers were stranded at sea for three days. more than 900 local workers repaired the ship. a point reyes woman won't face charges for disobeying police at a protest against pg&e's smartmeters. katharina sandizell says the marin county district attorney's office told her she won't be charged now. but she might be prosecuted if she is arrested at another protest within the next year. sandizell and another woman were cited in december when they failed to get out of the road so traffic could pass in inverness park. it is 6:37. the verizon iphone hitting stores today. and people have been lining up all morning. let's go to kcbs radio's matt bigler in san jose.
6:38 am
now, matt, good morning. i understand you're at a verizon store at blossom valley? >> reporter: good morning. i'm inside a verizon store here in san jose. this is the blossom hill store. and i don't think you can see out the which don't but there's about a dozen folks who have got here -- arrived early to wait in line and hopefully become some of the first customers to get the iphone. i talked to the first guy in line who said he was here at 8:00 last night and camping overnight to get a verizon iphone. we are going to talk to the store manager rodrigo desantos. how are you this morning? >> doing great. super excited to be here. >> reporter: cool. you have a lot of employees in red shirts. are you preparing for a crush of people wanting to get iphone on verizon? >> we are always prepared for people coming over to verizon wireless. that's what we do every day. >> reporter: what is it about the iphone on verizon that you think customers are excited about? >> when it comes to -- when we talk about verizon wireless, it's about the network, you
6:39 am
know? we invest a lot of money and we're proud of our network and that's what people want. they want a reliable phone and that's what we provide to our customers. >> reporter: from what i understand, one of the things that the verizon iphone can't do is surf the web and be able to talk at the same time. what's verizon doing about that? >> you know, we are really focusing on, you know, verizon wireless is really focusing on the network and making sure that our customers can make their calls and browse the web. we are not necessarily too concerned about doing that at the same time. it's all about, you know, having -- meeting customers' expectations as far as calls and network. >> reporter: how much for an iphone today? >> it depends which one you want? >> the best one. >> reporter: they are both very good. [ laughter ] >> reporter: how much is the least expensive? >> $199. >> thanks for your time, rodrigo the store manager at
6:40 am
the blossom hill store. the store opens at 7 a.m. i'm matt bigler live in san jose for cbs 5. [ applause and cheers ] how many people have watched wit envy? now they get to take part. >> reporter: a lot of people have been waiting a long time for the iphone to come to verizon. they have been dissatisfied with at&t service and here we are today. finally. >> all right. matt, thanks very much, matt bigler in san jose. also want to let you know that at&t is not going without a fight. it's offering incentives now in hopes keeping its customers. it's allowing the iphone to share its internet connection with wi-fi-enabled laptops and other devices. and then next week it will offer credit toward a new at&t device in exchange for old cell phones. >> i'm okay with that. i have one of those. hey, just imagine three of the biggest websites joining forces? well, it could happen. the "wall street journal" reports facebook, google are
6:41 am
considering a big buy-out deal of twitter for between $8 and $10 billion. that's roughly 100 times the amount of revenue that twitter expects to earn this year. >> would that be a blockbuster deal. >> the three giants. the biggest night in music. >> who will go home with the grammy? "eye on the bay's" liam mayclem is here with his predictions and some of the local artists up for the big honors tonight. and the stock market opening just about 11 minutes ago. let's take a quick check of the early numbers. wow, all the indices in negative territory. coming up we are going to get an update from jason brook from the internet! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at
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that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
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this morning... all right, folks. looking at a great day coming our way. we have to get through the morning chill around the bay area. looks great but it's cold outside in many parts of the bay area. nice and clear. yup, the skies scrubbed by those nice offshore winds and high pressure over head. looks like we are in for another fantastic day. still, those temperatures, it is chilly in spots, below freezing in many parts inland. and we are likely to see some patchy frost. the good news is, by the afternoon we'll see a whole lot of sunshine warming
6:45 am
temperatures up nicely outside in the 50s and upper 60s in some of the warmest spots. so looking good like a weather repeat. if you loved yesterday, you'll love today as high pressure sits over head, continued mild conditions. but this ridge showing signs of weakening, especially as we start to head in toward the weekend. it's going to flatten out a bit and a few more clouds will come in our direction and we could soon open the door to some rain returning to the bay area. still, plan on a great day today. 63 degrees sunny in mountain view. 63 in redwood city. and about 65 degrees in cupertino. east bay temperatures also running up into the 60s for the most part looking good as we head in toward the afternoon. and again, some of the warmer temperatures could be found in parts of the north bay. 67 in santa road and 56 in the napa valley. the next few days we'll see some sunshine and some cool temperatures to begin the days but as we head toward the weekend, a few more clouds, more clouds monday, and then by monday night it looks like a chance of rain returns to the bay area. unsettled wet weather continues tuesday and wednesday.
6:46 am
don't forget this weekend we have the at&t pro-am looking great couple of clouds, temperatures in the mid-60s. elizabeth has traffic. >> we are going to head back out to chopper 5, continuing its journey cross the bay area route now heading out of san francisco down by sfo. so traffic conditions here look great along 101, 280 moving just fine, as well. northbound 101 before university car hit the sound wall. our live traffic sensors in the area not showing any delays so far this morning. an accident in livermore westbound 5 80 at 1st street. sluggish conditions from grant line towards airway boulevard. and our drive time continues to grow, as well. 23 minutes on westbound 580 out of the altamont pass and head towards 680 and the dublin interchange. at the bay bridge toll plaza we are actually not doing too bad. kind of a typical commute here.
6:47 am
they did go ahead and turn the metering lights on so it's backing up just close to that first overcrossing. and a little bit sluggish up the incline as you head out towards treasure island but no incidents reported at the bay bridge and only about five- to ten-minute wait to get on the span. we are still following a developing story from overnight. fatal accident in a busy intersection on san francisco's inner richmond neighborhood. geary boulevard is shut down for several blocks at arguello. so use california or fulton street. several muni lines are impacted in the area. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you guys. >> thank you. an optimistic report on jobs this morning. >> here now is jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. good morning, frank. certainly the trend we like to see when it comes town employment claims. the labor department says they fell by 36,000 down to 383,000
6:48 am
for unemployment claims, the lowest the level has been in more than 2.5 years. the four-week average, which kind of smooths out the claims over a few weeks, was down about 16,000 to 415,000. we need to see that number below 375,000 to indicate steady hiring. but certainly, good news indeed. stock market though is not doing all that well in spite of the number. cisco is a pretty big reason for that. the san jose company reported its earnings and even though profits and revenue was in line with expectations, even though profit fell 18% from last year, the company's main business, its switching business, which accounts for a third its revenue, was down 7% and lowered its full year forecast. the company has seen a lot of pressure from other companies in the switching business. and cisco is not realizing the same gains as other technology suppliers. as a result, its shares are getting hammered right now on wall street dragging down the
6:49 am
tech-heavy nasdaq. right now cisco is lower by 12%. that's $2.68. dow is down by 80 points. we have the nasdaq off by 25. the s&p down by 9. and the dow is trying to continue its winning streak. it's been on an eight-session winning streak. not looking good now. >> you heard about this deal we have been reporting on a possible deal i guess facebook, google, twitter, coming together? >> this is an interesting one. the "wall street journal" saying that there have been some low level talks between twitter and google or facebook about a potential takeover that would value twitter at $8 to $10 billion. social networking is huge. they have so many viewers and they have a lot of information on those users, and that's a very popular reason for companies to go after them. google obviously trying to break in the social networking space. it would be a huge deal. facebook is already the main leader. it will be interesting to see how this goes going forward. >> we'll be waiting and watching. jason, thank you.
6:50 am
jason brooks with kcbs and this weekend it's all about the grammy awards. >> that's right. the best singers and musician will be honored on sunday. and liam mayclem host of "eye on the bay" with his predictions and you had a bieber experience. what do they call his followers? >> bieber. >> frank, i know you're from here. but here's a book for you to read while i give my report. we begin with a big concert movie. a tale of a kid from a small town in canada who had a dream to make music. the kid, justin bieber. i think he fulfilled his dreams. with a billion hits on youtube, six million followers on twitter, sydnie, frank, do you follow him? > i don't. people started watching him on youtube. what an incredible story. >> a real story. people think really a year into this he should be making a
6:51 am
movie but the film is about his life. >> is it a documentary? >> it is like a documentary with a local connection. the director of this john chiu is from palo alto. mr. chiu's restaurant in palo alto, great chinese restaurant. that's his dad. so a little tie-in right. there will you be a believer by the end of this? you will see the film. it opens friday and it's well done. that's all i'm saying. all right. let's talk grammys stuff. of course, the big night this sunday. but tonight, we have our big "eye on the bay" grammy special. the radio stars of the bay area, they give their grammy predictions. they talk about who they think will win on grammy's big night on sunday. we also -- we also heard from sarah and vinnie. they also give their predictions. everyone is thinking justin bieber will get the best new artist. we'll have to see about that. but also on our grammy show tonight i want to mention that i have a little grammy moment myself. >> you do? >> we just happen to have that little moment right here.
6:52 am
me and a guy i think i know you love, sydnie. check this out. >> ♪ i left my heart... ♪ in san francisco michael buble on the red carpet... ♪ where all those giant music stars ♪ >> how sweet is that. >> i'm sorry to subject the viewers to me singing so early in the morning. >> looks like he was having fun. >> he is an awesome guy but please watch our grammy show tonight. it's at 7:00 an "eye on the bay" special. finally some predictions, guys, let's look at the list here. grammy predictions. i think lady gaga will win big. are you a fan? >> actually, yeah. i'm into a little paparazzi every now and again. >> i think she will get female vocal for paparazzi, as well. adam lambert, and justin bieber will walk away with
6:53 am
best new artist. >> cbs has the telecast, don't we? >> absolutely. neil young, wayne wallace, the local guy, the big telecast is sunday at 8:00. on cbs 5. >> have a great music filled weekend. welcome, frank. >> well done, thank you, liam mayclem from "eye on the bay." >> hope people recover from that. [ laughter ] it is 6:53. could it be game over for several cal sports teams? the legal issues that may force the school to save them. >> and if you have a story idea or a comment you would like to share with us, email that guy right there, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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several suspects in the sexual assault of seven year old boy. we just got off the phone with this morning, police in oakland are looking for several suspects in the sexual assault of a 7-year-old boy. and we just got off the phone with the department spokeswoman and she says this attacked happened last night at the boys & girls club on international boulevard in east oakland. the victim was treated at children's hospital.
6:57 am
police say all the suspects are believed to be juveniles. and it is decision day for cal athletic department. christin ayers at uc-berkeley where word is expected today on the fates of five sports. good morning, christin. >> reporter: good morning. word expected at about noon today and we're hearing that the decision could certainly be impacted by title ix. two of the teams on the chopping block are women sports teams and there have been reports that without those teams, the university would not be in compliance with title ix. let's take a look at some of the over teams that are on the chopping block, as well. we have baseball, men's rugby which would lose its varsity status, men's gymnastics, women's lacrosse and also women's gymnastics. efforts to reinstate the teams have been largely driven by an online group called made up of alumni and current students. they say they have raised between $12 and $15 million of the $25 million needed to fund the teams for the short term and the university will decide
6:58 am
whether to eliminate all of the teams to save some of them or to save none of them really. what does seem clear is that if the university does save some of the teams, the women's teams may need to take a priority again to keep them in compliance with title ix. the university says they remain in compliance with title ix and really have been the whole time. that decision is coming at noon. >> thank you, christin ayers live at uc-berkeley. just before you head out, let's get another check of weather and traffic. >> weather looking good around the bay area, chilly if you are headed out now but folks, by the afternoon, fantastic. here comes that sunshine again. the offshore winds and high pressure combined to bring the numbers into the 60s. things change toward the weekend. the ridge begins to break down and here come clouds and monday night we are talking about the possibility of rain. then things getting wet for the foreseeable future after that. how about this picture for you?
6:59 am
this is a great one. foggy at the gates sent by june of castro valley. thank you. send your pictures to one last traffic check with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. updated information now, they have just re-opened the westbound lanes of geary boulevard after this accident geary at arguello. eastbound shut down but tow crews are working to clear the scene. westbound 580 we have an accident car off the road. very slow out of the altamont pass through livermore. and out to chopper 5 heading towards east palo alto. northbound 101 at university we still have word of an accident. chopper 5 is looking to find it right now. it's cleared to the right shoulder, never saw big delays. back to you. >> thank you. thank


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