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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 10, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. we can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. i'm sydnie kohara. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. right now, a major development is in the works in egypt. protestors are waiting to see if president hosni mubarak will announce he is giving up power. mubarak is expected to speak at any moment. now, this is a live look at
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tahrir square in cairo. it's just past 10 p.m. you can see tens of thousands of protestors have gathered. the egyptian military has told the public that their demands will be met and that the armed forces are making arrangements to safeguard the country. those developments come as anti- government protests took a new turn today. thousands more state employees went on strike, bus drivers and transport workers automatic walking off the job in cairo, bringing fears of major paralysis in the capital. as the world waits for news about president hosni mubarak, the white house is also taking a wait-and-see approach. >> i just want to say that we are following today's events in egypt very closely. and we'll have more to say as this plays out. but what is absolutely clear is
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that we are witnessing history unfold. >> and again, we take you to cairo live pictures of tahrir square where a huge crowd is gathered to hear president hosni mubarak's announcement. we are standing by for a special report from katie couric and cbs news. we'll bring that to you as soon as it happens. in other news, a 7-year-old boy says he was sexually assaulted at a boys & girls club in east oakland. the suspects, other children. anne makovec joins us now from the -- just spoke to the manager of that boys & girls club. she joins us now with the very latest. anne. >> reporter: the police have been inside the club all morning collecting evidence. and they are trying to talk to all of the people who were here last night the workers and the kids. >> we are here to brighten young people's days and broaden their horizons. and this is neither. >> reporter: and this clubhouse has become a crime scene. last evening, a 7-year-old boy says he was sexually assaulted
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in this bathroom by two other boys. but no one in charge of the club knew. >> no signs at all. i mean, none at all. none of the kids. >> reporter: the personnel were informed hours after the fact that a 7-year-old boy told his mother about the assault last night. she took him to children's hospital and they called police. >> we need to work with both the young person who was the victim as well as the assailants to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: which is what police are busy doing today. this man is the education director of the club. he says no one was acting oddly when was overseeing the place last night filled with about 70 kids. >> i got a good handle on all the kids, all our staff do. i was saying to the kids, always look out in and out because wandering around and walk around just to see everything is running good. and everybody was fine. >> reporter: the boy who says he was assaulted had just joined the club one week ago. and they hope he will stay. >> we don't like to lose kids, you know what i mean, so we
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leave no kids behind. and i hope he come back. >> reporter: now, contrary to some reports, there was no surveillance video from inside the club. they don't have any cameras. they are a nonprofit organization. one other interesting thing. the director here pointed out something very sad. where would kids have learned something like this? he is afraid that with the assailants that could indicate that this is some sort of behavior that's been models to them. frank. >> okay, anne makovec, live in oakland, thank you. within the past half hour a junk ordered the california man accused of beating a priest to stand tried. prosecutors say william lynch attached 65-year-old jerold lindner last may at a retirement home for jesuits in los gatos. lynch claims he and his brother were molested by the priest more than 30 years ago. the priest denies the accusations. lynch wants to go to trial to raise awareness of what he says
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is clergy abuse. a homicide investigation under way in san jose. police say a womans would stabbed this morning. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. the 911 call reportedly came from inside a residence in that area. police say this does not appear to be a random attack. >> right now, we do know enough about this incident to know that it is an isolated incident. this is not something that's specific only to this neighborhood. the residents do not have anything to fear in this neighborhood. >> right now, there are no suspects. this is the 11th homicide in san jose this year. checking headlines around the bay area, muni service is back to normal. geary boulevard was shut down this morning. police say a black audi barreled through multiple lights and crashed head on in another car. the driver of that second car was killed. the audi driver was taken to the hospital and has been detained. the search is on for the person who opened fire on an
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a.c. transit bus in richmond. one passenger was cut in the face by flying glass and taken to the hospital. the shooting happened near 3rd street and grow avenue before 10 p.m. last night. police are trying to find out if someone on the bus was targeted or if it was a random shooting. the fate of several sports programs over at uc-berkeley still up in the air. school officials say they will not be making a decision today on whether or not to cut five teams to save money. teams on the chopping block are baseball, rugby, men's and women's gymnastics and women's lacrosse. the group of supporters is still trying to raise money to save those teams. reckless shortcuts? coming up, the new accusations against pg&e. >> what wah the utility didn't do for -- what the utility didn't do for more than two years. and the rush is on for the new verizon iphone. how you can cash in even if you're not buying one. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. what beautiful weather around the bay area again today.but
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we take you once again to tahrir square in cairo, egypt. a live look just past 10:00 this evening where you can see tens of thousands of protestors have gathered. those protestors waiting to see if president hosni mubarak will announce that he is giving up power. we are standing by for a special report from cbs news. we will bring that to you just as soon as it happens. a massive natural gas explosion least at least people there dead, two others still missing today. the blast tore through a neighborhood in allentown, pennsylvania, last night, leveling two homes and igniting several fires there. the gas main that serves the area had reportedly been inspected a day before the explosion and showed no problems. firefighters put out the flames
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early this morning. those flames were hard to fight because cold temperatures froze the water. >> we have to start all over. you work so hard for everything and in a matter of minutes it's gone. >> about five to six hundred people were evacuated and have now been allowed to return to their homes. at this point, the cause of that explosion is still unclear. back in the bay area, pg&e is facing criticism for a new report that it put off pipeline inspections but christin ayers tells us that the public utilities commission also may have had a hand in the problem. is that right, christin? >> reporter: that's right. the public utilities commission completed the audit of pg&e back in may and found a culture of cutting corners on pipeline inspections but here's where the puc may have failed. they didn't actually release the findings of that report until a month after the explosion here in san bruno. it was critical information that may have called attention to the pipeline problem leading
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up to the september blast that killed 8 people. among a host of problems, the report found that pg&e was, quote, diluting its inspections instead of using robots designed to detect welding flaws. pg&e used a different less reliable method used to find corrosion. the audit also accused the utility of writing up exception reports after pipeline problems occurred rather than working to prevent them. assemblyman jerry hill criticized both the puc and pg&e calling their behavior unacceptable. >> pg&e has been, i think, recklessly taking shortcuts. they have been taking shortcuts that would allow them to do testing that was not what was approved, asking for exceptions to the rule that was established. >> reporter: pg&e told us today they recognize the number of findings is unacceptably high and they said they are moving on multiple fronts to enhance and ensure the safety of the company's gas transmission and
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distribution system. now, i reached out to the puc today to try and understand why the delay between may and october in getting that information out to pg&e and to the public. they did not return my calls. >> in san bruno, christin ayers, thank you. coming up, it cuts calories but there may be something else to worry about when you start sipping that diet soda. >> and what was he thinking? how this photo brought down an east coast congressman. as much as we're spreading bicycles, we are building businesses and teaching people how to support themselves. >> it's a powerful bay area export to africa, hope on two wheels. how they are doing it and how you can help, it's straight ahead. >> it was chilly this morning, some of the temperatures down in the 20s. now we are looking pretty good. here comes that sunshine! warming up around the bay area, your forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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upstate new york has abruptly resigned. it's all because of this photo. christopher lee reportedly sent a craigslist scandal. a congressman from upstate new york has resigned because of this, this photo. that is christopher lee, congressman christopher lee? he reportedly sent shirtless photos of himself to a woman seeking a relationship on craigslist. the woman apparently googled him, realized who he was and then sent his e-mails to the website gawker. lee is married with a young son. he says he regrets the harm his actions have caused his family,
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his staff and his constituents. well, today is the day some iphone customers have been waiting years for. the verizon iphone is finally in stores and in san jose people lined up for hours to get one. as rebecca jarvis shows us, even if you're not in the market for a new iphone, there are ways to use all this hype to your advantage. >> yes, i can hear you now. >> only at&t's network lets your iphone talk and surf at the same time. >> reporter: let the cell phone wars begin. verizon rolls out the iphone 4 in stores today and expects to sell 11 million of them this year. >> i'm excited to get a verizon iphone. i have wanted one for a while. >> i have at&t and it drops calls all the time. i used to have verizon before this and it works all the time, never drops a call so i might go back. >> reporter: wireless providers at&t, sprint and t-mobile are all battling it out with their own promotions trying to win the war with big bargains and better service.
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there is the official deals like free mobile-to-mobile calling and free smart phones, and then there's the unofficial deals you can get just by picking up the phone. >> and i'm wondering if you can give me any better deals than what's quoted on your website right now. >> reporter: we asked cbs news staffers to see how good a deal they could get by bargaining with their mobile phone companies. >> so i could drop from a $69.99 plan to a $39.99 plan? >> is there anything that you can do to keep me on at&t? >> reporter: from free texting to free minutes, even a $30 a month discount, each cell provider offered something extra. so whether you're thinking of getting a new iphone or staying with your old carrier, the winner of the cell phone war can be you. >> rebecca says with all the calls they made they found savings of $360 a year. >> just pick up the phone you can save a lot. just work it down, even your cable bill. >> just bargain.
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hey, uhm, well, it might help your waistline but what about your isn't that right. >> there is a new health risk linked to diet soda. it may increase your risk of heart attack or stroke. researchers looked at 2500 people in new york city. those who drink diet soda every day were nearly 50% more likely to have a stroke. that's compared to people who don't drink any kind of soda. >> well, we are just a couple of minutes from going out and enjoying the day and i understand it's beautiful out there, huh? >> reporter: yeah. you may need something cool to drink out there. i guess diet soda is out today! hey,, it's going to be a spectacular afternoon, beautiful waters on the bay at this time, plenty of sunshine everywhere you go from the land to the coast. we have that offshore wind blowing and you know what that means? that air sinks as it goes over the mountains and starts to heat up and we're looking at beautiful conditions throughout the afternoon hours. temperatures running well into the 60s, maybe upper 60s inland valleys especially in the north bay. inside the bay you have 50s and
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60s. at the coastline, that sunshine continues but folks, enjoy it. we have some changes coming. tonight, looks like it's going to be mostly clear again and it's going to be chilly in spots. overnight lows probably dipping down into the 30s in many places well inland. now, today really a weather repeat from what we had yesterday. lots of sunshine continued mild temperatures under this big dome of high pressure but showing signs that the ridge breaks down over the weekend. then the jet starts to sag further south and then we are talking about clouds moving in and then some rain as we head in toward the next week. 60s though around the bay area as we head in toward the afternoon hours. 50s and 60s at the coast. you have plenty of 60s showing up interior valleys as well and the north bay probably some of the warmest numbers outside and that's because of those down slope winds, that 60 shore flow continuing today. and probably going to hold on for at least another day. so we have some dry weather as we head into the afternoon today, looks like another beautiful day tomorrow, a couple of clouds. over the weekend, we'll see an increase in clouds, and then by monday it looks like late in the day possibly monday night, that rain comes rolling back
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in. then i think we stay very unsettled and wet probably for the next seven to 10 days after that. here's the good news, though. you know, at&t golf pro-am, they are always worried about the rain at this time of year? they are going to sneak it in with some great playin conditions, partly cloudy skies, 56 degrees. back to yo. >> all the folks are going to see it on cbs 3 cbs 5. they will wish they were here. two north bay business owners are so passionate about bicycles, they are helping thousands of people in africa take the ride of their lives. sharon chin on this week's jefferson award winners. >> reporter: ken martin and matt adams get 15 to 20 used bicycle donations a day, piled high in their san rafael warehouse for a special delivery. >> when i first came to work for a bike shop, i had no idea i'd be going to africa every year. >> reporter: ken and matt own mike's bikes, a nine-store bay area chain. but since 200,7, their passion for bicycles has steered them overseas at least once a year. they have traveled to ghana,
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botswana, namibia and zimbabwe, bringing used bicycles to people who need an affordable way to get around. ken says it's a rewarding ride. >> when you see kids on bikes for the first time, you can see that they kind of thought that they maybe they would never have a bike; and all of a sudden, they're riding off through the sand. >> reporter: ken and matt started the mike's bikes foundation in 2007. they hope to put the brakes on a common problem with donating free bicycles to developing countries. >> when the bikes are given for free and there is no support there to keep the bikes running, the first time they get a flat tire, literally it's thrown on the side of the road and the project basically goes back to ground zero. >> reporter: so ken and matt started building bike shops in africa. they shipped used bicycles valued at up to $1,000 apiece that businesses could sell at a fraction of their worth. and they trained the store owners accounting, marketing and repairs. sometimes the shop is a simple hut. once matt says they transformed the shipping container into a store. >> as much as we are spreading
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bicycles, we're building businesses and teaching people how to support themselves. >> reporter: time lapse video shows several hundred bicycles packed into a 40-foot shipping container. 10% of mike's bikes profits go to its foundation and covers the transportation cost. in all, the foundation has sent 8 shipping containers to africa. that's 5,000 bikes. >> this is the tag that goes on the bike when the customer drops it off. >> reporter: mike's bike's owners never imagined that the power of two wheels would link their bay area chain to the other side of the globe. >> the bicycle is such a great tool to change communities and to change people's lives. if we can make it better over there one bicycle at a time, that's fine with us. >> reporter: for supplying bicycles and building businesses in developing african countries, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ken martin and matt adams. sharon chin, cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today's tip of the day is pink lady apples one of my favorites, although i love all the apples but the pink lady has a wonderful distinct flavor. i'm going to reach up to get one. look how big this display is. it's a combination of gala, fuji and red delicious altogether. when you buy them, dark pink
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all the way around. a little bit of yellowing and just a little bit of greening is okay. that's very important. free from any shriveling whatsoever and very firm. when you bring them home, like all apples, it's important to store them in the refrigerator even though they will look beautiful in a bowl on the table. in the refrigerator because they have all been in cold storage and they get released in the wintertime and look how beautiful they are. the pink lady apples in the market great in different salad mixes, slice up some apples with some gorgonzola cheese and raisins with wall nuts walnutting and vinaigrette out of hand. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that's good. well, right now a massive celebration is under way in cairo with news that president hosni mubarak may announce at any moment that he is giving up his power. >> this is what it looks like in tahrir square in cairo. live pictures from the scene. the egyptian military has told the public that their demands
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will be met and that the armed forces are making arrangements now to safeguard the country and remember, you can get the very latest on this developing story and organizers, just go to our website, of course, we'll have the latest on egypt coming up tonight at 5:00. plus, love is not in the air at l.a.x. what has security thoroughly inspecting all valentine's day flower shipments. >> and you want to lose some weight? how about a little mind game? that and much more tonight at 5:00. >> that is it for the cbs 5 news at noon. have a great day. caption colorado, l.l.c. ,,
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