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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 11, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PST

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jean-michel. no, we learned about beaver creek and how it has the oldest strip club in america. we even learned that chris hitty the soundman for this show saw two hobos having sex in santa monica. geoff: me-ow! craig: yes, but what we never learned is why jennifer beals hit her boyfriend with a camera. now i've been doing this show for years. the first thing you should do is when someone announces something like that you should say "wait, wait, wait, never mind about the project. why did you hit your boyfriend with the damn camera"? i think this is the beginning of the end. [laughter] craig: oh, wait a minute. it's cbs.
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they don't care. no, everything's fine. although. i would like you to send me your suggestions about why you think jennifer beals hit her boyfriend with a camera. and the five best ones will win a photograph of an ostrich! can't get better than that good night, everybody. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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even president obama seems to be telling egypt's president: you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." what now? even president obama seems to be telling egypt's president enough is enough. tonight how a new group of protestors has brought cairo to a literal standstill. bay area buses going out with armed escorts, the routes so dangerous sheriff's deputies are now along for the ride to protect drivers and passengers. >> and airport wars. >> if you touch my junk i'm gonna have you arrested. >> new claims on those machines. >> it's time for an independent investigation. >> i'm dana king. >> i'm ken bastida.
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an emotional rollercoaster of a day. one cbs reporter described it as psychological whiplash president mubarak's speech that he would not resign, hundreds of thousands thought he would. it is friday morning in egypt right now and in the square protestors getting louder, chanting anti-mubarak slow governance, elisa bet palmer reports the next day or two will be telling. >> reporter: in the square they were in a frenzy of expectation. all evening there had been rumors president hosni mubarak was about to resign but when he appeared on state television it was with another half measure. >> translator: i have seen that it is required to delegate the powers and authorities of the president to the vice president. >> reporter: so he is not going anywhere. though he'll apparently continue as president in name only. but he did make some
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concessions. setting term limits for the presidency. re-establishing judicial oversight of elections, and loosening restrictions on who could run. however, he stopped short of lifting the hated state of emergency still in effect after 30 years. the immediately action in the square was fury. but while bon him the executive said e for one can live with mubarak's offer. >> for me like preserving his dignity would be something i understand and you know i'm not sure if the people in the square would connect to his speech. i hope they would. >> reporter: however, anger in the square intensified when the vice president went on television and told the demonstrators it was time to go home. the wildcard now is the army
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which has to continue to provide security, a job that was looking increasingly difficult today, as demonstrators blocking parliamentary once again. and this morning, pressure on the regime was building from striking workers across the country. railway mechanics staged a sit- in that brought trains and tracks to a halt. bus stations were sitting as bus drivers had walked off the job. as if cairo wasn't in enough chaos hundreds of lawyers stopped traffic as they marched from their union headquarters to join the demonstrators in tahrir square. thousands of doctors in their white hospital coats had also taken to the streets. tonight the question is whether these people whose expectations were so high will accept the president's compromise as good enough or decide to battle on. if they do battle on and defy
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the vice president that will be the moment of reckoning for the army which will have to decide whether it backs the protestors or tries to clear them off the streets and back the regime. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, cairo. >> as you might guess the white house is not pleased tonight. an impatient president obama is demanding egypt's leadership make clear what changes are taking place. here at home it has come to this. gunmen have been shooting at buses in the east bay, so starting tonight, those buses are getting security. armed escorts now trail the buses along the route in north richmond from one rail boulevard and market to 6th and mcdonald. robert liles shows us the very unusual safety measure. robert? >> reporter: well dana, the union representing ac transit bus drivers say that for two years both the drivers and passengers have been sitting ducks on bus line 376. they say that is because armed bandits have been coming up to
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the buses and attacking them in a series of attacks. so, tonight, a line was drawn in the sand. either those buses are followed by armed sheriff's deputies, or there will be no service in north richmond. and all of this was triggered by a bus attack that we brought you exclusively last night. cbs5 showed you the bullet- riddled 376 bus line last night. the driver tells me 8 to 10 hooded young men approached his bus pretending to board but instead opened fire. a 16-year-old concord high school student was peppered with shattered glass. >> knocked on the window. >> reporter: we found that teen's liltive who says he is lucky to be alive. >> if they wanted him, they intended to shoot him, they would have shot him. that's how close they were. yeah. >> last night was enough. it's enough. it's no more. >> reporter: so atu local is 92
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took an unprecedented step today. >> i've taken action not to drive the line. >> reporter: they agreed the sheriff's deputy would follow the 376 line starting at 7:45 tonight and each night as it travels through north richmond. >> i have told the operators that in there is no sheriff we will not go in north richmond. >> reporter: not since the civil rights movement have we seen images of buses guarded by armed patrols. but it's not soon enough for driver terrell russell attacked by riders with a shotgun last june. >> that's when they put the gun to my head. all i saw was like nothing except the gun. >> reporter: there were 10 attacks in 2010, five just since january, it's escalating. but ac transit refuses to call 376 an emergency. instead, saying "certainly this is an eye cute problem. >> but it would have been acute last year as well, correct? >> >> women itself wasn't acute last year as well, but it was
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more acute now if you will because of the incidents that have occurred recently. >> reporter: these incidents are somehow different than the incidents last year? >> year? >> well things began to ratchet up. >> reporter: well the devil is always in the details. you see these same deputies shadowing these buses until 3:45 in the morning are also the deputies that are assigned to patrol the streets of north richmond so each night a decision will have to be made, guard the buses, or respond to calls for service on the streets. we know that north richmond is prone to problems so it's anyone's guess how long those buses will be guarded. live in richmond, robert liles, cbs5. other headlines around the bay area. oakland police are investigating reports that two children sexually assaulted a 7- year-old boy at the boy's and girl's club. the boy said it happened last night in the bathroom in the club in east oakland.
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staff members say they didn't see anything unusual. the building does not have surveillance charges. federal prosecutors dropped 6 charges against barry bonds in his perjury case. he still faces 5 charges that accuse him of lying to a grand jury about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. the trial the supposed to start march 021st. and sam transaccepts clipper cards, why they hold it up to the clipper reader on the front end of the buses. other agencies including b.a.r.t., muni, ac transit, cal train and golden gate ferry already accept the clipper card. a lot of u.s. cities have fallen on hard times over the past couple of years. think detroit for instance. but one bay area city is number 2 on a list of dying cities in america. joe vasquez spent the evening there. >> reporter: last week forbes
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magazine called vallejo the ninth most miserable city in america. now a news magazine says it is almost at the top of american cities that are dying. check it out. number 1 is new orleans, vallejo, cleveland, detroit, a, and some other michigan cities round out the top 10. >> rough right now. >> reporter: miserable and dying, is that accurate? >> yeah. >> reporter: they say a huge foreclosure rate, one out of every 113 homes is one have the factors making vallejo a less- desirable place to live. >> it's not dying. it's just right now things is trying to get better. >> reporter: sure the city filed bankruptcy three years ago and has struggled to retain businesses. but i talked to some city officials and they are saying? wait a minute, that's just not fair" they believe they are kicking the town when it's down. >> we're coming up ya ya rich cure tila says real estate is now turning a corner. >> it's affordable here.
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you talk to the realtors and they say the market is changing. >> we don't like forbes making decisions. >> reporter: he says they are slowly attracting businesses back. >> i think we're smart real estate, not miserable, and we're going through reverse, not dying. >> reporter: joe va las kentucky suez cbs5. the iphone is no longer exclusive to at&t. people lined up outside verizon stores to get their hands on the care o carrier's iphone. while some were first time users some were at&t customer and couldn't wait to get service. >> full bars and service every place. i don't know if i have seen that with at&t. >> we have had it with at&t and had nothing but problems. >> still too early to tell if the service will be better than
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at&t. governor jerry brown cutting costs however he can. see how he is going out of his way to show how frugal he is. >> one personal question store clerks can no longer ask you. so we'll hit the 70s tomorrow in some neighborhoods but that's not until after we drop a little freezing in many areas. we'll pinpoint the locations. this airport scanner is so powerful it can see private parts. what's less revealing in the government studies that claim you're safe from radiation. >> i do think it's time for an ,,,,,,,,,,,,,nvestigation.
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customers. what's your zip code? that's a question store clerks can no longer ask customers, the california supreme court ruled that businesses can ask customers for their zip codes when they use their credit cards, they are violating a consumer privacy law if they do that. that law passed in 1990. it prohibits businesses from reporting personal identification information on credit cardholders. but they can still request zip code information when selling and shipping products online. no private jet, no first class seat, governor jerry brown is flying on a budget. >> seems like she is nice too. >> reporter: a chronicle reporter took video of the governor making small talk with some flight attendants today on
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a southwest airlines flight from sacramento to burbank. he traveled by himself, no press aides, he sits in coach like me and you. governor brown is in l.a. to address the chamber of commerce. >> outcry over those new full- body x-ray machines at the airport has died down but even though passengers may not be thinking about them some scientists are. allen martin shows us a heavily censored government study is adding to concern about how much radiation people are really being subjected to. >> you touch my junk i'm gonna have you arrested. >> reporter: caught on cell phone near mutiny over the holidays. >> i don't understand how a assault can be made a condition of my flying. >> reporter: airline passengers enraged about security screeners, how they can see their body parts. what you can't see is there it concerns me a great deal. >> reporter: at his bio physics
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lab he has been analysing data on the back scanner body scanners, they emit very low- level x-rays that bounce off a person's body allowing screeners to see through clothes, the manufacturer, rapped scan, claims that they are safe and compliant with all regulations and standards, but stroud says ... >> we simply don't know enough about low-energy radiation. >> reporter: because he says it appears to most likely concentrate in the skin. >> skin is where a lot of this particular radiation probably will be most damaging. >> reporter: eyes, he believes, could also be sensitive to any kind of radiation. >> if you have typically three head x-rays for example you increase your risk of cataracts significantly. >> reporter: he and three other ucsf colleagues wrote a letter to the white house. the white house wrote back saying "we're confident that full-body x-ray security products and practices do not pose a significant risk to the
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public health." the scientists here at ucsf believe what is being offered up as scientific proof of the body scanner's safety is not convincing. take a look at this study commissioned by the feds and carried out by researchers at johns hopkins. the government has blocked out huge chunks of it. >> also, there are no names on this document to say who actually wrote the document. >> reporter: and stroud says vital information is missing. >> never in this document, for example, is the electrical current through the x-ray machine listed. >> reporter: another problem he says, the way the test was conducted. >> the scientists from johns hopkins were not presented with a machine to investigate in their laboratories but, rather, they were invited to witness experiments carried out by the manufacturers in their laboratories. >> reporter: tsa spokeswoman sarah horizon row wits says
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portion where is blacked out for a reason. >> some contained security information, that could be a reason. >> reporter: bottom line she's says, it proves they were safe. >> reporter: we have worked with other third parties including universities and they have convinced us of the safety of the technology. there is min iscool amount of radiation being emitted by the scans. >> reporter: but a spokeswoman from johns hopkins says the study is being misinterpreted stating in this email to cbs5 "the laboratory torrey's expertise is systems engineering, not how something affects the human body so it would be on it side our expertise to say a radiation level is safe" one more reson to make strikeout doubt. >> i do think it's time for an independent investigation. >> reporter: allen martin, cbs5. nothing blocked out for this upcoming weathercast. you're getting everything that we know. no red lines, so -- a lot of numbers. >> you're going to get a little too much be because we have a big forecast coming up in our extended outlook. this is the scene in oakland
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tonight, temperature currently in the upper 40s there right before 9:00 p.m., thanks to chopper 5 high in the sky. tonight below freezing in sonoma, low 40s in santa clara valley, low 40s, so obviously some areas of spotty frost for your friday morning commute. it's going to be a chilly one at that. but then warmer temperatures for your friday and saturday, high pressure is allowing this jet stream here, it's really guiding it to the north of us, allowing it to buckle over the huge ridge of high pressure so tomorrow and saturday we'll be right back into the low 70s, but then this jet stream begins to sag in a southerly direction by sunday. that could open the storm door through monday thuy saturday. jim ma take ya, he wrote the words "pollen count" on his windshield in his car. that's how thick it is.
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you can blame that on the alder, the june per and the birch. moderate temperatures, 60s at the coast to 70s at santa rosa. here is the forecast. rain will arrive on valentines day on monday, rain and wind tuesday and wednesday, maybe a little bit of a break on thursday, before colder weather storm comes in on friday. are you heading to the at&t national pro-am golf tournament this weekend? nice. sunshine, mid-60s, oh. we're going to head to the beaches, a little romance on the beach. thanks for sending this picture. i love it. i almost saved this photograph for valentines day but i couldn't help myself. >> i bet you get another cute photo for valentines. >> you think? >> i think you will. different cows ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. what's black and white and striped all over? a cow of course. less odomo wants to know what are those strange striped cows grazing on the hillside in napa we went out to take a look in tonight's "good question." >> drive out of napa and drive west and you'll see something you don't see every day. >> they want to know if i put
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bandages on the cattle. they want to know if i have blankets on them. >> people stop in front of the stewart ranch all the time to look at eileen paraf's cows, the ones that look like big ore i don't say. >> they just like to take pictures and paint pictures and the cows pose. >> the cows are called commonwealthic galloways, a breed that owe ridge nateed in scotland in the 16th century. the white stripe isn't the only thing unique to this breed. >> they have a double hair coat. they have a long hair coat which is about 2" long and then underneath they have a fuzzier hair coat. >> the double insulation allows the galloways to thrive in colder regis without producing an excess of insulating body fat. she says it makes for better cat. >> so their meat tend to be far leaner and far tastier than
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most commercial breeds. >> sarah and her husband paul have been raising gal oh ways for beef and also show their prized animals around the country. but she says aside from their beautiful coloring the best thing about them, they are not picky eaters. >> they will eat anything. they are total grass lovers. >> go to click on "connect" to send me your good question. a pair of no-names leading the at&t. that teeny shot of the day, from a pro. look at there. look at there. fedex, we deliver ,, 3q hey resolve stain busters, our new neighbors are coming over for dinner. i've vacuumed my carpet but it's still so dingy. she needs resolve deep clean powder.
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and juliette opening february 20th in theaters everywhere? justin john so son has won in pebble beach each of the last few years. he has some work to do to make it three in a row. barbara bush's hairdo ruined. serves one espn's chris better man couldn't hit it out of the drop so he threw it instead but he does have a purpose for his glove after all. the giants logo hat right there, former stanford playing first time as a pro, gordie bon 15, he is three under par, very much in contention, sacramento native nick what the knee from just off the green on 14 nearly holes it for a bird but will settle for a pole.watney is a couple off.
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they share the first round lead at 700-dollar. blisters a 63 at monterey peninsula. phil nick mikkelson 8 strokes off the lead. hoping to take down first place st. mary's, he leads the country in made threes, he led to 25. but mickey mcconnell, the gaels move one win closer to clinching the regular season title. beat santa clara 69-65. allen crap and the bears took it on the chin, isiah thomas with 6 of 8 from downtown, led the huskies, with 23. that guy can play basketball. they blow out cal 109-77. >> we're goin' streaking. yeah. conference win... they're now >> the stanford a stanford beat washington state 159, pac-10 record 49th straight conference win, now 52-0 over the cougs and have won 57 in a row at
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naples pavilion. the warriors hitting the road for the first time in three weeks. unfortunately they were in phoenix where they haven't won since 2005. steve nash going ahead with jared dudley for one of his assists, he is the warrior killer nash is. they led by as many as 29. 112-88 is the final there. jerry sloan called it quits today after 23 years as the head coach of the utah jazz and he tips off the top 5. >> reporter: 26 years is a long time to be in one organization, i have been blessed, my time is up and it's time for me to move on. number 4, while most of the pros are in monterey tiger is in dubai.y needed an eagle on 18 to get under par but 6 shots behind rory mcelroy. number 3, the new three- point king ray allen passes reggie miller for most career threes but the lakers beat the
2:08 am
celtics tonight. and number 2, only fitting that the buy who once hit the course looking like this would now have a tv on his back. maybe john daly can get me a monitor for my long shot. >> looks good on you. >> 9th ranked you done became beaten by uconn. much has been made by uconn jim calhoun. >> my best advice to you? >> yes? >> shut up. >> my wife gives me that advice. >> he needed point. >> darren andrew points is the leader. leader. >> what do we know about this
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ou t is tomorrow who is on the late show tonight. >> nook snooky. >> she ,,


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