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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> a little technical glitch. it's not your fault. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. >> we didn't blame you yet. >> it's 5:00. good to have you on board. good morning. massive protests continue in egypt today. crowds are gathered at several locations including outside the presidential palace in cairo. president hosni mubarak refused demands to step down yesterday and said he is transferring most of his power to his vice president. egypt's military says it is supporting mubarak's plan to stay in office. now, the protestors were expecting mubarak to announce yesterday is that he was going to give in to their demands, which included leaving the presidency, but he didn't do that. instead, he is turning most of his powers over to his vice president. >> egypt is a top priority now so i thought i would delegate powers to the vice president according to the constitution. >> egypt's military is
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supporting mubarak's plan to stay in office until september while his country holds elections. that's the word today from the country's armed forces supreme council. here's live look at cairo right now. organizers are calling for millions of people to protest today. coming up in our 6:30 half hour, we'll talk with a bay area professor who just returned from cairo, about the mood in egypt and where the country can go from here. the search is on in the bay area now for a missing couple from riverside. their car turned up near devil's slide yesterday afternoon. but the story has taken a surprising twist this morning. let's go to anne makovec at highway 1 to explain. >> reporter: good morning. i just got off the phone with a sergeant with the san mateo county sheriff's department e says the decision has not yet been made whether or not they are going to continue searching this area here along highway 1 for the missing couple. this is where their vehicle was found last night. and overnight, the man in this couple became a person of
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interest in a murder investigation. here's a look at the pictures of the couple that have been missing for several days now. billy and colleen waterman have been missing since monday. and last night sheriff's deputies found their vehicle parked at highway 1 near devil's slide. they closed the road in both directions while they searched the area but didn't find them. the road re-opened around 9:30. then the body of a woman was found in san francisco at around the same time in a motel room on lombard street. billy waterman, who you see there, is wanted for questioning in that case which right now is being called only a suspicious death. so is that woman found dead potentially his wife? and will they continue the search here in this area for the missing couple? a lot of questions this morning. we'll be on it for ya. sydnie. >> thank you, anne makovec at devil's slide. special that patrols in the east bay aimed at stopping violence around a bus line. christin ayers reports from richmond, where drivers are
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worried about being shot. >> reporter: that's right. bus drivers and riders alike fed up with some of the violence in this area. they say they will not drive throughout north richmond without armed escorts. for the first time yesterday, the drivers union demanded an armed escort on one particular bus line, that's bus line 376, through north richmond. that escort started following the buses as we said last night and will continue indefinitely. the move comes after a shooting wednesday on that very line. the bus driver tells us about 8 to 10 young men approached the bus wearing hoods around 3rd and grove but instead of boarding they started spraying the bus with bullets. no one was shot but a teenager was injured when shards of glass hit him in the face. the teen's relative told us it could have been much worse. >> last night was enough. it's enough. it's -- no more. >> if they really wanted him, if they really intended to
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shoot him they would have shot him. that's how close they was. >> reporter: now, union officials tell us last year was a particularly violent year on board a.c. transit. in 2010 there were 10 attacks but this year is already shaping up to be worse, five attacks already, frank, since january. >> christin ayers live at richmond, thank you. today the man convicted of killing d.c. intern chandra levy nearly a decade ago is scheduled to be sentenced. ingmar guandique faces 30 years to life after being convicted of first-degree murder with no witnesses and no dna evidence linking him to the crime. levy's disappearance became a national sensation after she was romantically linked to then california congressman gary condit. she was a mative of modesto. another -- native of modesto. another hearing in the case of barry bonds after federal prosecutors dropped six charges
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against him yesterday. it's not clear why. bonds still faces five charges that accuse him of lying to a grand jury about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. that trial is supposed to start march 21. it is 5:04 on your friday and i guess the weekend is kind of a mixed back. you'll love saturday, sunday is kind of... out there right now, huh, lawrence? >> yeah. sunday we watch those temperatures begin to take a dive. but boy, we have just been enjoying some fantastic weather around the bay area. now back to winter. 34 in santa rosa, 41 in san jose. by the afternoon, one of those fantastic days outside. temperatures may be even a little bit warmer than yesterday. 60s a couple of low 70s. couple of patches of fog at the coastline and occasionally we'll see a few patches of high clouds making their way across our skies. but yes, next week looks like a lot of rain coming our way. we'll talk more about that in a couple of minutes. let's get a traffic check with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. we'll go back out to san
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carlos. one lane is blocked off southbound 101 near holly street involving an accident that happened last night around 9:30. we are trying to get a few more details. this was a fatal accident. motorcycle ran into a chp car and it sounds like authorities are still on scene again taped off the right lane. there's also some construction along that stretch of freeway until about 6:00 this morning. so expect delays along the peninsula. our sensors are not picking up any huge slow traffic right now but again, as this commute continues to get under way things will likely slow down here very shortly. again, that's southbound 101 where those lanes are blocked off. we're also dealing with bart delays just out towards the east bay from daly city out towards the east bay on the pittsburg-bay point line and the dublin-pleasanton line. they were doing equipment maintenance. everything they have been doing is pretty much wrapped up so hopefully the delays will dissipate as well. but 15- to 20-minute delays right now towards the east bay. all trains coming into san
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francisco are on time other mass transit on time. the live look at the san mateo bridge looking good towards foster city and the peninsula and at the bay bridge toll plaza, haven't had any reason to really talk about it much. there was a little bit of overnight roadwork from the incline towards treasure island. should be wrapping up here very shortly. and obviously, no delays right now as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:07. they are some of the worst words that you could ever use to describe a city. >> miserable and dying, is that accurate? >> oh, yeah. >> those aren't good. now one city in the bay area has landed on two dubiou lists. why the people who live there say the tri-state may surprise you. no private jets or entourage for this governor. the no-frills flight that had passengers doing a double take. ♪
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looking good around the bay area, lots of sunshine this afternoon, warmer, major changes coming up. we'll talk about it. >> thank you. in just a couple of hours, the white house is expected to release its report on reforming the country's mortgage system. the plan is expected to outline three possible solutions for revising the way americans get access to funding. one would phase out fannie mae and freddie mac and reduce the government's role in the mortgage market. caltrain passengers will have a chance next week to sound off about plans to reduce service and increase fees. the transit agency is looking for ways to close a budget deficit that could reach $30 million. the first of four public meetings will be held on monday night at san jose city hall. meetings are also planned later
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in the week in gilroy, san carlos and here in san francisco. a north bay city is among american cities that are dying at least according to two magazine polls. newsweek says vallejo is number 2 just behind new orleans. and forbes calls vallejo the ninth most miserable city in america. vallejo filed for bankruptcy three years ago and it has struggled to attract new businesses. it also has a high foreclosure rate, about one out of every 113 homes. but the chamber of commerce says real estate is turning a corner now. >> it's affordable here. you ask our realtors. they are saying the market is starting to change. people are starting to buy houses. >> he says he wants people, not magazines, to give vallejo a chance. he says vallejo is a city going through a rebirth. 5:11. blockbuster puts itself on the sale block. the billionaire that could help save that struggling movie rental chain coming up. >> plus, a tent city shutting down in the east bay. what's going to happen to
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families who now have no place to go. >> still have bart delays in san francisco out towards the east bay. more traffic trouble spots, after the break. ♪ my mom makes any day sunny! sunnyd does too! i love the taste. mom loves that it now has 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands! ♪ make today a sunny day!
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looking good so far around the bay area. some temperatures dipping below freezing in some areas inland. out at the coastline even a cup. patches of fog but otherwise mostly clear around the bay area. now by the afternoon, hey, it's going to be another great day. beautiful friday outside. temperatures maybe even a couple of degrees warmer could spike to 70 in some of the warmest spots inland. we'll notice a few high clouds making their way across the skies. we are staying dry and it looks good for the weekend. you will notice though things beginning to change as high pressure breaking down somewhat. of course we had those beautiful clear skies for the last couple of days. we'll see more of that over the weekend. dry through the weekend. after that storm clouds are gathering. those will be coming to the bay area toward monday and the better part of next week.
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67 milpitas and 68 degrees in redwood city. sunny skies and temperatures in the 60s and looking good as we get near 70 degrees in oakland by the afternoon. about 68 degrees in sonoma. so looking good over the weekend, enjoy it while we have it. back to winter come monday. cold temperatures and rain on the way. that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> bart delays this morning, although to sfo is on time. daly city earlier equipment problems and 15 to 20 minutes delays on the pittsburg-bay point line and the dublin-
5:17 am
pleasanton line. ace, muni, caltrain on schedule. a fatal accident around 9:30 last night. all lanes of 101 at holly street were shut down but right now just the right lane is blocked off following an accident last night when a motorcycle ran into a chp car. so not seeing any delays because of this yet. there's also some construction along the stretch. of course it is still early. sole we'll continue to watch that let you know when that right lane completely reopens. in the meantime, the east bay friday light looks good. elsewhere across the bay area, here's a look at the 24/680 interchange. quiet through the san ramon valley. taillights is traffic moving southbound on 680 looks good all the way down into danville and westbound 24 you can see one of our sensors there showing speeds about 67 miles per hour heading towards lafayette. looks good towards the caldecott tunnel. in milpitas, 880/237. we have a live look here as well coming around the bend.
5:18 am
that's westbound 23 traffic your silicon valley commute and the south bay not much construction going on mostly green on our sensors so top speeds out of downtown. outside we have a photographer standing by at 101 near the alum rock exit. i believe the headlights are moving northbound. hard to read the signs there in the distance but everything quiet. quick trip towards santa clara or southbound 101 looks good towards morgan hill. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's your traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's take a look at this morning's top stories. no end to the protests in egypt. let's there now live pictures. thousands of anti-government demonstrators returning to tahrir square today. they are still demanding the ouster of president hosni mubarak who said yesterday he will not step down until his term is over in september. this morning, crews in san mateo county will search for a
5:19 am
couple from riverside missing since monday. their empty car turned up yesterday near devil's slide and police in san francisco said a woman's body found in a motel may be linked to this case. a.c. transit buses on an east bay route are getting armed night escorts after a shooting that targeted a north richmond route wednesday night. now buses on that line at night will be followed by a sheriff's patrol car. a giant cruise ship is set to leave san francisco today after getting a new engine and two new generators. the carnival splendor got stuck at sea in november after a fire in the engine room. for the past three weeks, it's been in dry dock. this morning, the 13-story-high ship will go out to the middle of the bay for leakage testing. then it will head to long beach to finally pick up some passengers. every penny counts. that's the message from governor jerry brown to california business leaders and his choice of transportation proves it.
5:20 am
>> seems like she's nice, too. >> she's a sweetheart. >> a "chronicle" reporter took video of the governor making a little bit of small talk yesterday on a southwest airlines flight from sacramento down to burbank. he traveled by himself. no press aides, no security. last night, governor brown tried to persuade members of the l.a. chamber of commerce to back his bid to extend tax increases. caltrans is telling homeless people they have to leave a camp in the east bay. there is a tent city near buchanan airfield and state route 4 in concord. it became more visible last week when caltrans trimmed some bushes in the area. caltrans says it's state property and trespassing is not allowed. 5:20. it has restaurants all over the bay area. the next move for a popular pizza chain after it declares bankruptcy. plus, love is not in the air at l.a.x. what has security guards thoroughly inspecting all valentine's day flower shipments. that's all yours when we come back. ,,
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. bart is back on time systemwide after dealing with earlier equipment problems. still have problems on the peninsula at san carlos. more details coming up.
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roundtable pizza is having financial problems and has filed four bankruptcy. they hope to restructure the leases and financing. but there are no immediate plans to close any of the restaurants. but some outlets may eventually close. roundtable has almost 500 company-owned and franchise restaurants in 7 states. it all began with a single pizza parlor in menlo park in 1959. blockbuster is already in chapter 11 and now there is word that the company will put itself up for sale. billionaire investor carl icahn and blockbuster creditors couldn't agree on a plan to exit bankruptcy. a sale could generate an estimated $300 million. you night remember, blockbuster once seemed to have a store in every american neighborhood but it's hit hard times against modernday competition like netflix. apparently, your sweetheart won't be the only one closely inspecting those valentine's day flowers. >> no, the feds are check them out, too.
5:25 am
customs inspecting flowers coming through l.a.x. from south america looking for disease and pests. if they find anything harmful, they have to fumigate, destroy or return flowers. last year inspectors found 93 insects in 17.4 million flowers in the days leading up to valentine's day. the donald is talking about moving to washington. >> billionaire donald trump talked with a group of conservatives about the possibility of running for the big chair, president. "usa today" reports trump was nearly one of a dozen presidential candidates who spoke at the conservative political action conference in washington. trump told c pack that the united states is becoming the laughingstock of the world and said he will decide by june whether to run. 5:25. protests and outrage in egypt this morning. president hosni mubarak clings
5:26 am
to the presidency there. the growing frustration at the white house. a missing couple and a woman found dead. concurrent mysteries in the bay area. we'll have a look coming up next. and after a string of violent attacks, the unusual changes you will start seeing at a.c. transit buses. to your chili ? try french's. mac and cheese need a boost ? french's helps that, too. chicken in need of cheering up? add french's to your marinade. it's a surprising way to add a little fun to your food and a whole lot of happy to your family. for recipes and valuable coupons, go to to add a little happy to almost any meal.
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live pictures in cairo where tens of thousands up to hundreds of thousands actually are all protesting last night that president hosni mubarak will stay in office. good morning, it's friday, february 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. your time coming up at 5:30. angry protestors are back in the streets of egypt today. you saw crowds gathered at several locations. this one is tahrir square in cairo. they are also outside the presidential palace. president hosni mubarak is transferring power to his vice president and not stepping down. egypt's military says it is supporting mubarak's plan to stay in office. those protestors were expecting mubarak to announce yesterday that he was going to give in to their demands which included leaving the
5:30 am
presidency. but he did not do that. instead, again, he is turning his powers over to his vice president. [ foreign language ] >> i have seen that it is required to delegate the powers and authority of the president to the vice president. >> egypt's millstry backing mubarak's plan to stay in office. but the army says it will make sure the president lifts controversial emergency laws as soon as protests end. in washington, president obama is critical of the egyptian leader for not making his plans clear to the people. the mystery over a couple of riverside, that are car turned up nea "the devil's devil's slide. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the sheriff will determine whether to continue the search of the area devil's slide highway 1 behind me for the missing couple. this is where their vehicle was
5:31 am
found yesterday. they spent a long time last night searching for this missing couple. but overnight, the man of the couple became a person of interest in a murder investigation. here are pictures of the two people they have been looking for last seen on monday. they are from riverside and their car again found in san mateo county, billy and colleen waterman. last night, sheriff's deputies closed down highway 1 near devil's slide in both directions while they searched the area and they did not find the couple. meantime, the body of a woman was found in san francisco in a motel room on lombard street. billy waterman is wanted for questioning in that case, which right now is being called only a suspicious death. so who exactly woman found in the hotel room was and will they continue the search here in this area, a lot of questions remaining this morning. frank. >> okay, anne makovec, thank you. gunmen have been shooting
5:32 am
at buses in the east bay and now armed escorts are going to be trying those buses on a route in north richmond. christin ayers shows us the new and very unusual safety measure. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a.c. transit bus drivers fed up with violence in the north richmond area are actually refusing to drive one particular bus line without the assistance of those armed escorts. a sheriff's deputy tailed bus line 376 for the first time last night. the armed deputy will follow the bus line starting at 7:45 of night. a dramatic move after a string of violent attacks aboard a.c. transit buses in this area over the past two years. on wednesday a group of hooded men opened fire on bus 376. no one was shot but one teen suffered cuts to his face from shattered glass. a union spokesman says something had to be done. >> i had taken action not to drive the line. i have told the operators that if there is no sheriff, we will
5:33 am
not go through north richmond. >> reporter: that comes after 10 attacks in 2010. and then five attacks already this year just since january. again, these armed patrols will be running only after 7:45 p.m. at night when the drivers are really concerned that things are at their worst. >> all right. thank you, christin ayers in richmond. it is friday, i'm a big fan of saturday because we are going to have some delightful weather here in the bay area. >> you need get into the "early edition" tradition. we start thinking about friday and the weekend on wednesday, right, lawrence. i have been thinking about on monday! >> i think the weather is going to hold up nicely, guys, as we are expecting high pressure to hang on just a little bit longer. but after that, things change quite rapidly. freezing now right in fairfield. it is 33 in santa rosa. 40 degrees redwood city, 40 fremont. you have mostly clear skies around the bay area. this afternoon should be spectacular. further up to get out and enjoy, what a beautiful day
5:34 am
it's going to be. 68 degrees in san jose. 65 pleasanton. 68 in sonoma. even 70 degrees in santa rosa. the weekend looking good but after that folks, things really change weather-wise as we have some rain coming our way. we'll talk more about that coming up. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go to our usual slow spots. the next five or 10 minutes or so we can start to see brake lights. we are already seeing a couple. that just changed in the last little bit. once you hit a street a little slow traffic there speeds just under 40 miles per hour. so far looks great though through pittsburg and in concord and no delays on your ride on westbound 580 as you come out of the altamont pass. all right. let's go down all the way towards the south bay just getting word of a new accident. don't have a lot of details on this but it is on the guadalupe parkway. northbound 87 at julian, not sure about lanes blocked. and we are watching our sensor to see if there is any slow traffic. we know that a tow crew is heading to the scene so again
5:35 am
we'll watch that around this time of the morning everything else looks quiet. overall friday light. same thing in marin county. southbound 101 we are watching the ride through the waldo grade across the golden gate bridge light traffic across the span. and mass transit after dealing with earlier bart problems everything is back on time for bart, ace, muni and caltrain. that's your traffic and your weather. back to you. thank you. the attorney for barry bonds back in court this morning will ask a judge to prohibit secret recordings of a conversation that took place back in 2003. it involved a business partner and a sports trainer who talked about steroids and needles. today's hearing is one day after federal prosecutors dropped 6 charges against bonds in his perjury case. former giant is accused of lying to a grand jury about use of performance-enhancing drugs. the trial is supposed to start on march 21. a guilty plea in a fight that turned deadly outside san francisco giants baseball game. taylor buckley of san carlos pleaded guilty yesterday to involuntary manslaughter for
5:36 am
the death of an 18-year-old back in 2008. the two got into a fight outside the at&t park during a game. a punch caused that victim to fall and hit his head on the concrete. he died the next day. the plea deal calls for a year in jail and five years of probation. formal sentencing is scheduled for next month. the fate of five uc- berkeley sports teams has been delayed yet again. the school is thinking of dropping baseball and four other teams to save money. they were supposed to have made that announcement at noon yesterday but now, the university spokesman says it's not clear when an announcement will be made. organizers of a fundraising effort say there's about $15 million worth of pledges in an effort to save those teams. an east bay coach is arrested on child porn charges. randolph folcher coaches girls basketball softball and volleyball at oakland military
5:37 am
institute. he was arrested for possession and distributing child porn. at a meeting the academy superintendent says the school is taking extra steps now to ensure students' safety. >> in this case, we put mr. folcher on leave so that -- and directed him not to have any contact with omi students or staff or parents while the case is being processed through the legal system. >> the superintendent says all volunteers and employees go through a rigorous background check and that the defendant had no prior criminal record. posted bail and is on leave pending an investigation. a san francisco man will stand trial for the beating of a priest. the judge ordered a trial yesterday for 43-year-old will lynch at the hall of justice in san jose. lynch is charged with felony assault for last year's attack on the reverend jerry lindner. lynch says lindner molested him and his brother when they were
5:38 am
children in the '70s. during yesterday's hearing the catholic church employee said lindner is on the church's list of priests who have been accused of molestation. the man convicted of killing chandra levy nearly 10 years ago will learn his punishment today. ingmar guandique faces 30 years to live for killing the washington, d.c. intern from modesto. in november he was convicted of first-degree murder with no witnesses and no dna evidence linking him to the crime. there can be a going away party at the white house today because this is the final day on the job for that man, white house press secretary robert gibbs. gibbs announced early last month that he would be leaving that post to become an outside political advisor to president obama and his re-election campaign. the founder of wikileaks is in court for the third day. julian assange is fighting extradition to sweden in a sex crimes case. closing arguments are set for today.
5:39 am
assange's lawyers argue that if he was sent to sweden that would put him at risk of being sent to america to face further charges related to wikileaks. 5:38 on your friday help for struggling home owners. the new state program aimed at fighting off flow, coming up. >> the one question cashiers can no longer ask you at the register. ,,,,
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it's the starbucks via taste promise. i'm sam chernin, owner of sammy's fish box. i opened the first sammy's back in 1966. my employees are like family, and i want people that work for me to feel that they're sharing in my success. we purchase as much as we can on the american express open gold card so we can accumulate as many points as possible. i pass on these points to my employees to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. how can the gold card help serve your business? booming is taking care of your business by taking care of your employees. okay. check it out, folks. this is something you don't want to see while driving under a freeway. those are razor sharp icicles in oklahoma city. one tractor-trailer came close to hitting the icicles. a freeway shut down in both directions for about 30 minutes to remove the ice. they say it formed after a broken pipe on the bridge began to gush water and there they were. so glad i'm in san francisco
5:42 am
right now! lawrence, take it away. >> welcome back to the bay area. tell you what we didn't get much of that around here but we have some changing weather coming in our direction. a little chilly to start around the bay area. some temperatures in the 30s right now. mostly clear, fog at the coast, otherwise looking good. by the afternoon, fantastic weather coming our way. a few high clouds moving overhead. temperatures get this, 60s maybe some low 70s. the warmest inland spots looks like we are going to see a nice afternoon and it's staying mild. high pressure beginning to show signs of weakening somewhat and that means we have changes in the works. we have the big weekend plans coming up. i think those ar safe. the jet will dip and here comes the chance of rain. you can see some of the clouds gathering off in the distance already. but it should stay dry through the weekend. that's the good news. after that, all bets are off. look like a chance of rain returning to the bay area. temperatures about 67 degrees this afternoon and sunny in sunnyvale.
5:43 am
68 in palo alto. 68 in san mateo. and about 62 degrees in pacifica. east bay numbers running up into the 60s under mostly sunny skies. just an occasional high cloud cruising on by. north bay is expecting the temperatures running on the warm side. 60s even some low 70s towards santa rosa. getting close in petaluma and 68 degrees in sonoma. so as we look out over the next few days, we are keeping you high and dry for the weekend. a few clouds will continue to filter in and probably going to watch those temperatures cool 60 rapidly by sunday afternoon. and then come monday, the rain returns to the bay area. showers continuing on tuesday. a series of storms likely to keep it pretty wet all week long. by the way, they got the pebble beach pro-am this weekend. and yup, it's looking good. usually they have to worry about rain. we are going to stay dry if you are headed in that direction, lots of sunshine, high clouds and 65 degrees. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> i bet i know someone who wants to be at pebble beach this weekend. lawrence? >> couldn't think of who. [ laughter ] >> let's go out towards the south bay. northbound 87 the guadalupe parkway by the julian a few
5:44 am
more details about this accident. it was a solo car accident, no injuries. but chp is there now and a tow crew is on the way. not much of an impact on your morning commute so far. live traffic sensors showing speeds pretty good in the area. right lane remains blocked through san carlos due to a problem last night at 9:30. southbound 101 at holly. haven't seen huge troubles because of it. it's friday light and so not as many cars on the road so we're looking good overall. through marin county, clocking the ride novato, san rafael, down to the golden gate bridge. so far, so good. if you use the manzanita park and ride lot in mill valley anticipated high tides causing some issues there. the lower half of the lot telling us will be closed until tide seeds. so watch out for that -- until the tied recedes. so watch out for that. freeways, 101 looks great through marin. in the east bay, all your approaches to the bay bridge, so far, so good. no sign of metering lights yet. they will probably turn them on
5:45 am
around 6:20. quiet all the way across the upper deck. they wrapped up the earlier construction overnight. mass transit after some earlier problems on bart, everything is now on time. remember our radio partners when you hit the roads, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. 5:45. let's take a check of today's top stories. breaking news in egypt. cbs news reporting that president hosni mubarak has left cairo. this is a massive uprising entering its 18th day. these are live pictures from tahrir square. a huge crowd has gathered there. now, we understand mubarak is reported to be in a resort area in southern egypt. this comes just a day after he transferred most of his powers to the egyptian vice president. mubarak refuses to step down. the search for a missing couple may have turned into a murder investigation.
5:46 am
the couple's car found yesterday near devil's slide. police in san francisco say the husband is a person of interest after a woman's body was found in a motel on lombard street. and there will be a memorial service tonight for the little boy who was kidnapped and killed last month in the central valley. 4-year-old juliani cardenas was found dead in a canal near patterson. the search continues for his suspected killer, who is believed to have also died in the canal. tonight's service will start at 7:00 at patterson community stadium. the state is launching a $2 billion program to help struggling home owners. keep your home california dips into federal funds set aside for the financial system rescue three years ago. now, the money is meant to help about 100,000 home owners fight foreclosure. the program would also help thousands of families move if they lose their homes. several major banks are on board with that plan. and the white house has just released its report on reforming the country's mortgage system. the treasury department says
5:47 am
the government should withdraw its support from the mortgage market over a five-year period or more. the report describes the path for winding down the troubled mortgage giants fannie mae and freddie mac. dubious distinctions for one bay area city. newsweek says that among american cities that are dying, vallejo is number 2 just behind new orleans. and forbes calls it the ninth most miserable city in america. now, vallejo filed for bankruptcy three years ago and has struggled to attract new businesses. it also has a high foreclosure rate. one out of ever 113 homes. but the chamber of commerce says real estate is turning a corner. >> it's affordable. our realtors is saying the market is changing and people are starting to buy houses. >> vallejo's vice mayor says he wants people, not magazines, to give vallejo a chance. he says vallejo is a city going through a rebirth. 5:47. this morning, a tax break for
5:48 am
new mothers. the irs says the cost of breast pumps will now be considered tax-deductible medical expenses. previously the irs considered breast pumps feeding equipment not medical devices. they can cost several hundred dollars. but this new ruling means that women can use the money in their pre-tax flexible spending accounts to buy the equipment. a new mother in missouri can take advantage of that tax break. in fact, she didn't even know she was pregnant. jane calvin gave birth earlier week but didn't even realize she was pregnant. the unexpected surprise happened when she went to the restroom and called her husband for help. >> i had to get a towel, clean the baby off, take the bag off her head, stick my finger in her mouse, clean her nose up, put her on her stomach, rubbed her back until she cried. i'm a doctor now. [ laughter ] >> feels like it. baby faith is the first child
5:49 am
for this couple. it was 5 pounds, 12 ounces. >> he is a doctor. he is a daddy, too, huh? we have 5:48 on your friday. he ate hot dogs at his inauguration, downsized his office and now governor brown is taking it a step further. >> a cupid crackdown. why the tsa may have to destroy your valentine's day flowers. >> all coming up. ,, (announcer) you'd never wash your dishes in a dirty sink, so why use a dirty dishwasher? hidden dirt can build up. for flawless results, use finish dishwasher cleaner to remove grease and limescale. and a cleaner dishwasher means amazing dishes. finish,
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choosey moms, choose jif. this morning, that's a quesn store clerks can no longer . it is 5:51. when you are out shopping have you ever been asked what's your zip code? this morning they can't ask it any longer. the california supreme court rules it violates a consumer privacy law. it's only when you pay using a credit card. the law passed in 1990 prohibits business from record,
5:52 am
personal identification information on credit cardholders. businesses can still request zip code information online. despite complaints and delays muni is one of the best public transportation systems in the country according to a new study by u.s. news & world report. it ranks san francisco as the sixth best public transportation system in the united states. the rankings are based on public investment, safety and ridership. >> we're one of the most efficient systems in terms of cost per passenger and actually productivity per passenger. >> critics point out that muni is the slowest transit system in the nation, averaging just 8 miles an hour. a giant cruise ship is set to leave san francisco today after getting a new engine and two new generators. the carnival splendor got stuck at sea back in november after a fire in its engine room. for the past three weeks, it's been in dry dock in san francisco and this morning, that 13-story-high ship will be going out to the middle of the
5:53 am
bay and test for leaks and then head back to long beach to pick up passengers. no private plane, no first class. governor jerry brown is flying on a budget. >> seems like she's nice too. >> she's a total sweetheart. >> they're talking about me, right? [ laughter ] >> a "chronicle" reporter taking video of the governor making small talk with flight attendants on a flight from sacramento to burbank yesterday. he traveled by himself, no press aides, no security. governor brown is in los angeles to address the chamber of commerce there. >> doing it his way. your sweetheart won't be the only one inspecting those valentine's day flowers. the feds checking them out, too. customs and border inspectors closely inspecting flowers coming to l.a.x. from south america. if they find harmful disease or pests, they have to fumigate or destroy the flowers. last year they found 93 insects
5:54 am
leading up to valentine's day. the bay area is bringing sexy back. >> just in time for my return. san francisco has been named the sexiest city in the country. orbitz collected data from their 2011 valentine's travel survey and many people like the wine country and the night life. it was followed by miami, las vegas, new york and l.a. >> it's always been lawrence all along. >> thank you very much, sydnie. wow. i had no idea! >> you can do weather, too, i guess. >> you will have to hang with us. >> all these beautiful sights around the bay area, it's hard to imagine a prettier city truly and we have had some spectacular weather to go along with it. temperatures in the 30s and 50s right now. looks like this is going to be a fantastic afternoon as high pressure is going to build in very nicely for today keeping you high and dry. not much for today, for the weekend. those temperatures are going to be something else. 60s and low 70s by the afternoon. that should hold into saturday. but then as we begin to look towards sunday we'll notice
5:55 am
some more changes. a few more clouds beginning to move across our skies and then come monday, valentine's day, well, guess what, we got some rain coming our way. well, probably a good idea to hang out with somebody you love that day because we'll have cooler temperatures in the works. more showers tuesday and. and wednesday and thursday the storms continuing here in the bay area. we have a great picture for you. hey, get a load of this. it's taken at ocean beach. beautiful look at the sunset and, of course, if you would like to send in some pictures to us, send them to that's a look at weather. here's elizabeth. she is admiring that picture. >> i am. it's beautiful! gorgeous. all right. let's go out towards the south bay. we have better news now. northbound 87 at julian there was a solo car accident, likely cleared now. we haven't seen any slowing on our sensors. there were no injuries. last check a tow crew was heading to the scene. but it looks like it may be completely gone now. the right lane still remains blocked on the peninsula, southbound 101 at holly street.
5:56 am
if you are commuting through san carlos, there was an overnight fatal accident actually a motorcycle ran into a chp car. and for a while all lanes, all five lanes of southbound 101 were completely shut down. right now they still just have the right lane blocked off and again we have not seen any huge traffic impact because of it so far. it is friday and it's still pretty early. so maybe that has one reason to do with it. all right. at the bay bridge, all your approaches, still looks good. no sign of metering lights, no delay right now approaching the pay gates. looks great across the upper deck. no more construction on the upper or lower deck this morning between san francisco and oakland. speaking of oakland, we'll show you a live look up and down the nimitz freeway. this is right by the coliseum near 66 and hegenberger. everything is quite towards downtown and mass transit is on time. back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:56 on your friday. we're following some breaking news this out of egypt. cbs news is reporting that president hosni mubarak has left cairo. >> we'll tell you about the
5:57 am
massive march planned today and the reaction from the military. a missing couple, a woman's body found in a hotel. how this could all be connected, coming up next. and after a spate of violent attacks aboard some a.c. transit bus some big changes in the works starting tonight. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. the search foyer a for a missing couple may be a murder investigation after a body shows up at a bay area hotel. >> the power struggle in egypt this morning. new reports that president mubarak has left cairo for a resort town. and we are looking good again. staying dry for now, but there are some major changes coming. we'll talk


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