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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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egyptians say they are ready to play a role in shaping their country's future now that hosni mubarak's nearly 30 years as president are over. while egypt's military currently heads the country they promise a smooth transition to democracy. elections are set for september. many believe getting back to work is the next significant step in rebuilding egypt but on the road to reshaping the country, scott goldberg shows us the first step is cleaning up. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: the party lasted into the wee hours of sunday morning as egyptians savored the week that made history. >> we are young people and we can make a change and this is what we proved in this place. >> reporter: sunday the workweek begins. the protestors rolled up their sleeves early saturday scrubbing down and sweeping up the square where for 19 days they fought, rallied and finally celebrated. some decided to head home after military leaders reassured them they want to oversee a peaceful
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transition to democracy. leaders also promised they would abide by egypt's peace deal with israel. an upsurge of hope spread across the world on saturday. in london, sudan, washington, dc,and chicago. many rallies were planned as protests before hosni mubarak stepped down. then they turned into celebrations. >> they showed around the world people protesting can prevail. they have overthrown the dictatorship. >> reporter: some protestors have vowed to stay in tahrir square. others say they will return every friday determined, they say, to see the revolution reach a happy end. scott goldberg for cbs news, new york. chanting and colorful egyptian flags today in san francisco where hundreds of egyptian americans and their supporters gathered for a rally
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at the united nation's plaza. their message calling on egypt to reform its government. stop the abuse and ensure human rights protection for its people. not everyone in the bay area is celebrating hosni mubarak's resignation. some egyptian americans in the mixed bay have mixed feelings about egypt's future. >> reporter: in this orthodox church in hayward, half the world away from egypt, mixed reaction. >> i wasn't sure exactly if it was the right thing we were doing. >> so exciting. it was very emotional. >> we are not so excited about what is happening because it is all new change. >> reporter: right now the future is unknown as the country gets the chance to elect its own new leader. >> we are looking for system that is nonreligious. >> reporter: he is afraid the new government could be run by
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extremists. >> we have a lot of strong personalities in egypt. >> reporter: egyptians in america and abroad don't know what the future will look like. >> you can't push the exact american lifestyle on a country that is so different. >> after all the festivities and so on then comes the real work. >> reporter: she has been in the u.s. for 22 years. she knows egypt very well. >> i lived very close to where all the action was and very close to tahrir square. >> reporter: she says watching history unfold was nothing short of amazing. >> we are very excited. we are very happy. and we are looking forward to a great future for egypt. it is our country. we love it. >> reporter: but love can breed concern. >> we are worried. on the surface it is celebration and hope for freedom but we never know. >> we are happy for the people because they have finally
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tasted the freedom they have always wanted but we are also praying that the new phase that comes in will be better. >> reporter: in hayward, cbs5. it appears the body of the man suspected of kidnapping a 4- year-old central california boy has been found. early this morning an employee with the delta-mendota water authority spotted a body floating in the canal near patterson. the sheriff's office says the description of the body an clothing match that of jose rodriguez. he is suspected of kidnapping juliani cardenas from his grandmother's arms. last night the family celebrated the boy's short life. >> although my son's life was short it was very joyous and filled with love each and every
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day. juliani cardenas' body was found in the same canal february 1st. witnesses say they saw a car matching the description of the kidnapper's plunge into the canal the night of the kidnapping. a parolee is under arrest suspected in the first homicide of the year in one city in solono county. police found the body of 26- year-old katherine gillahin in her home on military east by jefferson street last night. officers arrested her boyfriend adam diza at a nearby taco bell parking lot. the two lived together. police detectives say he confessed to the killing but they are not saying how the woman died. other bay area headlines tonight. new insight into the deadly tiger attack at the san francisco zoo three years ago. the tiger was likely provoked into leaping out of her enclosure. claw marks were etched into the asphalt an indication the
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tying, was being taunted. she fatally assaulted a man and injured two of his friends before being shot to death. the family of oscar grant kicked off a foundation if his honor in east oakland today. the foundation aims to bring job workshops to one of the city's highest crime areas. oscar grant was shot and killed by former bart police officer johannes mehserle on new year's day 2009. and in santa clara county revelers treated to the sounds of booming drum beats and crashing symbols in celebration of chinese new year. floats circled san jose's shopping center today to usher in the year of the rabbit. they rarely visit but when they do, bay area boaters go home with a whale of a tale. where a group of orcaa surfaced
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today. and his road to tomorrow's grammy's has been filled with the blues. how a girl that fell down a well helped a bay area musician crawl out of his own troubles. blue skies around the bay area. that soon could change. we could use the rain and here it comes. we will tell you about it. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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troops said their farewells this afternoon as they prep in alameda county 125 troops said their farewells this afternoon as they prepared for deployment to afghanistan. most of the troops are medical workers. they leave dublin tonight for ft. lewis and then go straight to afghanistan. their tour of duty is expected to last one year. the skies and water were clear off the coast of san francisco today. a perfect setting for dozens of tourists on a sightseeing boat ride. as don knapp shows us it was also the perfect combination for the close encounter they had been hoping. >> reporter: eco tourists looking for whale adventures found themselves running with
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orcas, killer whales. >> it blew us away. we were amazed. >> reporter: second spotting in three days. after reports the rare visitors were swimming around in monterey bay. it was more up close and personal than she had expected. >> we just sat there and they would leave and come right back at us and be right by the boat. then they would go off in the distance and would be in groups of like four together. four on the other side of the boat. we couldn't even -- didn't know where to look because they were just everywhere. >> reporter: the whales are not strangers to scientists who know them by their identifying marks. >> as soon as we get photographs we get calls from researchers and experts that want to identify the pod. we send those out as soon as we can. and they were just identified as l pod just a couple of days ago. >> reporter: researchers know l pod is the largest resident pod with 40 members. why are they here? one environmentalist suggests it is the food. >> we have a great deal of wonderful buffet food sources
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here in the gulf. so it is not surprising that the orcas would be here. >> reporter: salmon and sad to say sea lions. whatever brought them the whale watchers got their money's worth. like one of the most visually amazing. amazing days every. >> reporter: in san francisco, don knapp, cbs5. you learn something every day. they come here for the food. >> stay for the weather. >> and stay for the weather. >> that's right. >> whether you like it or not. >> nice haircut. >> thank you very much. >> what's going on. raining? >> major changes coming up. been just great weather over the past -- well, month and a half or so but we are about to shift gears and get back to winter in the bay area. high pressure showing signs already of breaking down. over the bay looking good at this hour. not too bad but a couple of patches of fog beginning to creep into the bay. we will see more fog overnight tonight. ridge weakening somewhat. beautiful weather today. lots of 60s and 70s showing up around the bay area again today but you begin to see that ridge
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start to break down and some cloud beginning to ender the northern part of the state. end -- clouds beginning to enter the northern part of the state. out to the coastline 50s and 60s. yes, you've got that patchy fog to deal with. as those temperatures will start to drop off. numbers right now 44 degrees in livermore. 49 san jose. a cool 42 degrees in santa rosa under mostly clear skies. around the state you'll find sunshine and some pretty comfortable weather. 70 degrees in fresno. partly cloudy into the monterey bay and about 53 degrees in yosemite. traveling in the sierra next couple of days. monday looks like we will shift to a wet pattern. rain and snow mix. then lots of snow coming our way on tuesday. cold storms will be pounding the sierra nevada on and off all week long. all right, this ridge finally showing signs of breaking down. semipermanent while most of the
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country was freezing. basking in sunshine the past month and a half. starting to roll the ridge now. we are looking at a cool breeze developing out toward the coastline. enough to bring with it that fog overnight tonight. and in toward tomorrow morning. so we are starting out with fog early on. at least near the coastline and inside the bay. and then it looks like it will wreck up as we head towards the afternoon. 7:00 p.m. in the morning you've got a couple of patches of fog early on. but that will start to break up a bit. most of the interior parts will stay mostly clear. temperatures not all that bad. plan on 60s, near 70 degrees. 67 santa clara by afternoon. east bay numbers running up into the 60s in most spots. 65 in pleasant hill. 66 in danville. 65 in san leandro. north bay a bit cooler. 50s and 60s for highs but then things change quite rapidly as we head into monday. looks like a chance we could see some showers developing as early ads monday. then come tuesday i think a more significant storm moves in
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to get things pretty wet and that will be a cold storm and looks like cold unsettled wet weather for better part of the week. there is a chance we could see some snow on our local mountain peaks as we get into wednesday and thursday too. what a difference in the record. went from record breaking 70s and 80s this last weekend now it looks like temperatures much cooler and maybe snow. >> we need it and you love this. >> i love it. >> your energy has just gone up. we have got a storm coming up. thank you, lawrence. from dr. dray and bob dylan and lady gaga. lots of musicians performing live. and a bay area blues man up for an award who got some unexpected help from a little girl. ♪[ music ] >> always say that blues is your comforter when you are down and your good buddy when
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you're up. i play harmonica. >> born january 21, 1944 in the rural hills of mississippi, raised in memphis by a single mother and schooled by some of the greats on the south side of chicago. >> i'll never forget being on the stage in this little club next to muddy waters playing harmonica. how did i get up here, you know. >> reporter: in the 60s charly ended up in the san francisco bay area where he met henrietta, the love of his life. >> she was my best friend and my wife and my manager and my favorite person. >> reporter: he has been nominated for a grammy for an album called "the well." the song telling a story about how a little girl helped charly
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get sober. >> i quite drinking in 1987. i had a career in alcohol that didn't work out. my last hurdle was to get on stage sober. so i'm driving to work one night. and i'm going real early claiming that i needed to get a parking place but really just wanted to get up there to the bar. i'm listening to the news. and this little girl in texas named jessica mcclure has fell into a well. >> doctors and other volunteers were listening to jessica. ♪[ music ] ♪ i don't know if i told you the story about a little girl she fell way, way down in a deep old texas well ♪ >> it is a life and death situation. they don't know if they can get her out. ♪ i was trapped in my well of troubles, worry and fear and this little girl was being so
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very brave ♪ >> i thought that's not it, i'm not drinking until they get her out of that well. sort of a prayer for her because i really wanted her to live. >> reporter: it took more than two days. 58 long hours. [ applause ] >> reporter: but jessica finally got out of the well. so did charly. >> i thought i would start drinking again after they saved her but after they got her out i was out too. i just didn't need to drink any more. >> reporter: he says on that day they both escaped from hell. and he says he hasn't had a drink since. you can see the grammy award show tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. right here on cbs5. we can say go charly. hope he wins that. all right, kim is up. wcc up for grabs big time. >> that's right. looking to stay in the hunt. usf off to its best start in 30
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years but could they finally knock off st. mary's? and somebody told george lopez it was moving day at pebble beach but could anyone catch steve marino? find out next in sports. ,,,,,,,,
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to go on trips with their families. when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. how can the gold card help serve your business? booming is taking care of your business with alot of the big names nowhere near the top of the at pebble beach, always entertains us and now bill murphyry is using his athletic talents as well. >> one shot off the lead. he is coming back from injury. so tomorrow cbs5 at noon, there
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is your promo watch it. a lot of big names nowhere near the top of the leaderboard lead saturday night was on the celebrities. >> if this goes on the green that kid has got 20 bucks right now. >> sounded good. >> let's go. come on. >> good ball, man. >> come on. >> i love it. >> this is all accounted for. i need a note for my wife. >> that is good. [ applause ] >> everybody does love raymond. the shot of the day from the celebrity side came from george lopez chipping it in from just off the green on 13 and while that was nice i say the celebration was even better. the late night talk show host shows off his moves followed by the chest pump. big daddy cain is enjoying his final hours of the off season. maybe he should try holding the bat with his hands apart this year because it is working for him with the putter.
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as for the pros, bryce molder shot a four under 68 and briefly had a share of the lead going into the final round one shot back. steve marina retaking first. he is 71 with his worst rounds of the tournament. walker shot a 63. no one in the top 5 has ever won a pga event. meanwhile top three players in the world are part of the field in dubai. yes, that still includes tiger woods. and he is getting closer to the top of the leader board. despite shooting a 72 he hits the birdy on 18 to move within one shot of rory mcelroy. with a win over st. mary's the dons could pull within a half game of first place. bennett's team has won ten straight against the green and gold. green gets it all the way to the rim for the lay up. they were only down 2 at the
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break. but the second half was all st. mary's. there might not be a team in the country that passes better than the gaels. a wide open three. puts st. mary's up by 14. then it is micky mcconnell. 18 points for jones. 19 for mcconnell. they take a two-game lead with three to play. stanford going for the sweep in washington this week. first half. terrence ross goes right around a pair of cardinal defenders for the dunk. scoring 44 points in the first half washington. thomas leads the huskies with 22 points. stanford gives up a season high 87 points. they lose 87-76. the bears got blown out by the huskies on thursday night and fell to the cougars this afternoon. it is their third straight loss and they are now 6-7 in pac-10
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play. ohio state looking to remain undefeated. buckeyes jumping out to a 15- point lead in the second half but wisconsin's jordan taylor brought the badgers back. scoring 21 points in the final 20 minutes and for the first time in 49 years the badgers knock off the number 1 team in the country. they beat ohio state 71-67. the winning streaks continuing for the stanford women beating washington to make it 50 in a row in the pac-10 and 58 in a row at maples pavilion. nba bobcats and hawks tied late. >> jackson. oh, the win. and the bobcats have the victory. >> captain jack makes love to pressure once again were his words. charlotte beats atlanta 88-86. still to come. the finals are set at the sap open and who took the checkered
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last year's champ will have a chance to defend his crown tomorrow. he has not dropped a set in four matches this week. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2011 nascar season. let's go racing, boys. >> final lap of the budweiser shoot out at daytona. goes below the yellow line denny hamlin. kurt bush takes the checkered flag. the older bush brother is now the yellow double suit. >> silver medallion is coming on to score. >> another trip to the win,'s circle for russell bays. he wins at the derby.
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across the pond. 1-1 in the 78th minute. wayne rooney with the incredible bicycle kick. the second best goal our soccer expert has ever seen. best goal he has ever seen belonged to payley. no surprise. >> very complete. nailed every word. >> nice variety. >> captain jack. >> captain jack. he is the man. we miss his sound byte here in the bay area. >> all right. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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by taking care of your employees. showing some love to its newest addition. the zoo's new baby hippo is making a the san francisco zoo showing love to its newest edition. the zoo's new hippo is making a splash this valentine's day weekend. the lemurs will be smooching, flamingos will be tangoing. two years since the zoo has had a hippo and they are very happy to have him. >> visitors are encouraged to share their love for the new hippo. you can get a dollar off a regular admission. great shot. you've got to love the hippo. >> hungry hippo. there you go. sunday the grammies. see you there. >> grab the bay area deals
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