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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> shark fin is one of the four treasures of chinese cuisine. the other three are abalone, fish ma and cucumbers. >> reporter: the defenders of the soup say it's already against federal law to catch a shark, cut off its fins and then throw it back in the water. the way they see it, if you caught a shark to eat the meat, you might as well eat the fins, too. >> right now, costco sells shark steak and so those sharks that come in, what are you going to do with that fin? so legally right now you can in fact fin that or get and acquire that particular fin. >> reporter: so if this proposed law gets approved, it would make it illegal to possess, distribute and, of course, allen to serve shark fins. so that would mean no soup. >> wow. and are they talking about what kind of fine at this point or is that too far in the future, simon? >> reporter: too far in the future. basically, it's just a ban. as you have heard there's
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already a federal ban on it as well with severe fines but we'll have to see what the strategy is for the state law. >> thank you, simon perez in chinatown. same-sex couples around california observed valentine's day by protesting the state's ban on gay marriage. in san francisco, dozens of gay marriage supporters attended a sit-in at city hall. by noon about 20 people were lined up to apply for marriage licenses. many say that although they know they can't get one, they are not giving up the fight. >> every valentine's day that we have been together has been spent at city hall applying for a marriage license that we have been turned down for. but at the same time, it's not so tough because we know that in the end, we're on the right side. >> so we're here to stand up for love by sitting down at the marriage counter and hoping that love and equality is soon the law of the land once again in california and around the nation. >> similar demonstrations were held at clerks offices around
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the state including in sacramento and yolo counties. well, ten robberies, two months. police believe just one man is responsible. the past 7 holdups have been in hayward and fremont. in just three weeks, a man with a gun has hit shops in all of these locations. similar robberies reported in san leandro, oakland, berkeley, all in december and january. drugstores, sandwich shops, seem to be the main target. the robberies are happening between two and eight p.m. at walgreens, rite aid, subway, quizno's. police say the suspect appears to be following the same routine. he hangs out in the store, buys a few snacks, then pulls out a handgun and demands cash. >> we believe there is a pattern developing with this particular suspect. >> no areas are safe now. it doesn't matter where you are. >> the robber is armed but has not fired the gun only hit people with it. police are concerned though that the violence could escalate. they have released a description of the man saying he always wears the same black baseball cap with a red c on
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the front of it. he also has an oval birthmark on his cheek. two bay area neighborhoods are among the worst in the country for auto theft. according to the website, an area in the neighborhood is high on the list of stolen cars. there is a one in seven chance it won't be there. also the area around cabrillo road in san jose, that neighborhood came in at number 8. well, close our stations, leave us stranded. that's what caltrain riders are saying after a proposal to close half dozen stations. mark sayre on the push to keep the trains coming. >> reporter: public hearings get under way tonight on this proposal by caltrain which could result in increased fares, no weekend service at all, and closed stations. mardi gras caltrain station the signs tell the story. service at this station and five others south of san jose
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could be discontinued entirely under a caltrain proposal to close a $30 million budget gap. >> it's extremely important to our residents who ride. >> reporter: the potential loss of caltrain service would be damaging to this person's community even though at last count, only about 105 people a day board the train here. the city is doing everything it can to try to save the service. >> even if we can only save one train a day, you know, in each direction or something like that in the interim while we look for the long term solution but don't cut it out totally, gosh, please, don't cut it out totally. keep the light kind of lit so that we can see our way into the future. ing. >> reporter: under the plan, up to seven stations are on the chopping block from bayshore in the north to college park in the south. service would be discontinued entirely between san jose's diridon station and gilroy. >> there's not a lot of public transportation in the peninsula to start off with. >> reporter: this rider
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frequently uses the santa clara station, which is a free shuttle ride away from the san jose airport. >> if they close us down there wouldn't be a lot of ways to get to the airport. >> reporter: with only 632 daily riders at last count, the cellar station is also on the potential closure list. riders say convenience and nearby stations are some of the reason they ride caltrain in the first place. >> for me it means i won't go to san francisco that often. not my friends and especially maybe a job. i don't drive like many people so i rely on caltrain. >> reporter: now, the first of those public hearings takes place tonight at 5:00 at san jose city hall. the caltrain board of directors is expected to make some final decisions in april with all these changes taking effect in july. live from santa clara, mark sayre, cbs 5. you knew the early spring
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weather wasn't going to laps. today's rain brought our streak of sunshine to an abrupt halt. this is in san francisco this morning. raincoats and umbrellas are back in fashion now. and roberta is with us to show us there is more to come. huh, roberta? >> while we have much needed rain here, because it was about time, we went 15 whole days without rain showers, white-out conditions right now in the greater lake tahoe area. currently light snow is falling all the way down to lake level and we still have some light rain showers here in the bay area. in fact, it's very light. but it's enough to make the roadways on the wet side for the evening commute. now, meanwhile, we have a bigger wetter system that is heading this way. you can see the leading edge of it, this is for your tuesday. it will primarily affect the northern portion of our district and then sweep across the area by the evening commute. we'll tell you how much more to expect and allen, that's coming up later on in this broadcast. >> all right, roberta. we'll see you then. construction on hold at a new safeway site. what archeologists are saying about remains found in the east
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bay. remarkable progress just one month after she was shot in the head. the song that congresswoman gabrielle giffords keeps mouthing the words to. >> plus, it's not the way to say i love you. a warning before you click on that valentine's day link from a secret admirer. ,, the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me.
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this is amateur video uploaded
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to youtube showing c otestors on the more unrest across the middle east energize the by the successful uprising in egypt. we have some video on youtube showing the streets of iraq. many were arrested by the security forces there. on the streets of egypt's capital, more protests but these are very different. sandra hughes has the very latest. >> reporter: in cairo the police are now the ones protesting. officers in uniform and plainclothes hit the streets demanding better pay and benefits. and the police aren't alone. the state employees, ambulance and transport workers have continued to strike and demonstrate but the military has apparently had enough. an army spokesman went on the air calling for an end to the strike but did not say what would happen if they continued. the latest demonstrations are small compared to the 18-day up rising that led to the resignation of president hosni mubarak and the success of those protests seems to be inspiring unrest in other parts
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of the middle east. in bahrain, police fired tear gas at demonstrators who want a new constitution. in tehran, tens of thousands of iranians filled the streets. fights broke out between pro- and anti-government protestors. demonstrators also clashed with police who used rubber bullets on the crowd. secretary of state hillary clinton called on the iranian government to refrain from using violence. >> we support the universal human rights of the iranian people. they deserve to have the same rights that they saw being played out in egypt. >> reporter: life in cairo is returning to normal. traffic is flowing again and shops are re-opening. but the future of the government is unclear. right now, the military is in charge but leaders say they will relinquish control when presidential elections are held. sandra hughes, cbs news. more skeletal pieces of bay area history being dug up in alameda county. this month, archeologists in
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pleasanton unearthed 19 sets of indian remains on 80 across from the fairgrounds. safeway has temporarily suspended construction of a store at that site while a cultural resource management firm surveys the burial ground. more than 500 native american remains have been found in this area in the past decade. these latest remains might be buried at another site or reburied in the same area where they are not going to be disturbed. ohlone indians lived in the area as long as 12,000 years ago. show lost online. a valentine's day warning for those looking for love. i am ecstatic about it. >> bringing back your hair without surgery. the technique that helps if you're going bald. storm number one still producing some light rain showers around the bay area. now on deck, storm number 2.
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and the commute it's going to affect for your tuesday as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5.
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retailers. this valentine's day is expected to be a sweeter one for a lot of bay area retailers. business is blooming you might say at the san francisco flower mart today. the national retail federation predicts americans will spend an average $116 on valentine's items this year up from $103 last year. of course, chocolate is always a favorite making for a very busy day at sees candies in san francisco. >> busy day on valentine's day. one of the busiest holidays of the year. a lot of love going on. >> by the way, the national retail federation expects men to spend twice as much as women $158 on average for women about
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$75 for women. many people lose money looking for love on the internet. on the consumerwatch, julie watts says they are likely to be targeted for scams this valentine's day. >> reporter: we'll tell you more about those scams in just a bit but first, the case of the missing date. the viewer looking for a refund when she didn't find love online. >> i been on zero dates. i did better on a cruise. >> reporter: she may be laughing now but the 60- something widow looking for love wasn't laughing when she told consumerwatch she forked over $1,000 for the promise of three dates through elite personal unlike dating websites like match and eharmony she says elite promised to do the matchmaking for her. >> they were supposed to present someone to you that met all your criteria, you know, that you would be interested in. >> reporter: but three years and zero dates later she wants her money back and she is not alone. we found numerous online complaints so we contacted the
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company's new ceo. >> we took over january of 2009. >> reporter: louis felix says most of the complaints were due to the previous ownership but points out those looking for love must be realistic. >> when it comes to matters of the heart, it's difficult to find love. you need someone that's age appropriate, looking for the same type of values, same background, religion, spirituality, and chemistry. >> reporter: when it comes to jean's perfect match, they will continue the search and refund her half the amount. >> if you have to pay a lot of money, don't do it. use economic ones or go on a cruise. >> reporter: according to a recent study 20% of new couples meet online. before you log on looking for love, a valentine warning. when it comes to free dating sites, the b bb estimates as
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many as 10% of all line daters are actually scammers looking to steal your identity or worse. and bewarery of email love letters and valentine promotions you get today. online security experts warn most valentine's day messages are actually spam scams. there are two new valentine's viruses going around today. you know, the same rules apply to facebook as well, allen. in fact that classic see who viewed your profile scam has been around forever. it's one of many valentine's day social networking scams that you should look out for today. >> can't let your guard down. >> you can't. >> thank you, julie watts. all right. we have our guard up at least we have our umbrellas up, right, roberta? >> very well said. i actually had to go scour -- look around for my umbrella today because it's been 15 days since the last time we actually had to use it here in the bay area. let's look outside now. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera on this monday, february 14 valentine's day.
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so far today we have had some pretty decent rainfall totals anywhere from a trace in livermore to over an inch in sonoma. san rafael over 8/10" of rain showers and we picked up over in el cerrito east of the bay to the northeast nearly three- quarters inch of rain showers are. this today alone. now, again, the east portion of our district right around the tri-valley only a trace of rain wrapping all the way around to san jose. now, meanwhile let's go ahead and look at our live hi-def doppler because we have some light rain showers right now. but it's really just hit and miss scattered sprinkles nothing to really mess with your evening commute except make the roads on the wet side. now, if you are going to be out and about make sure you do carry an umbrella. the bull, of the precipitation is out of here leaving in its wake a blanket of cloud cover. number-wise 42 degrees in santa rosa to 50 across the central bay. low 40s at the delta. this system that did spread over an inch of rain is pretty
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much out of here now, but behind it a wetter storm is stacked up and poised to move into the bay area by tomorrow morning. and what really amazes me by in system, if you watch our pinpoint forecast, it just stalls out over the northern portion of our district through the morning commute all the way until lunch hour so we'll have periods of heavy rainfall almost a couple of hours at least and there is that band that makes its way into the bay area during the evening commute. so the later evening commute will be adversely affected with over two inches of rain to the north and about an inch of rain around the urban areas of the bay area. meanwhile, tomorrow's temperatures into the 50s, about 5 degrees below average. the winds will be problematic out of the southeast 20 to 30 miles per hour, stronger gusts. we'll have a snow level drop to 2500 feet by tomorrow night, easily 2,000 feet with the scattered showers and a blast of cold air on wednesday and then daily chances of rain showers on thursday through saturday. we'll have a dry day move back
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into the bay area on sunday. one word that says it all. happy valentine's day. eric from 16. we want to see your photos right here at happy valentine's day! >> he didn't say where he got that, did he? >> he said he snapped this photograph in the parking lot of the at&t park area. do you remember when they had hearts on display? so it was a fundraiser for the american heart society. there you go. >> thank you. next the dirty truth about bachelor pads. how much grimier they are than those of the single ladies. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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family members of gabrielle giffords say the congresswoman is making more startling progress -- this t she is talk on the telephone and family members of gabrielle giffords say the congresswoman is making startling progress. this time as she learns to speak once again. the u.s. representative from arizona recovering in houston rehab after being shot in the head in tucson. her first spoken word last week was toast. doctors say giffords is also walking again now with the help of a shopping cart. here's a filthy fact. bachelor pads a lot dirtier than where single women live. not much of a surprise to some of you, i'm sure. but a new study shows single men's homes have 15 times more germs. researchers swabbed surfaces, testing for bacteria. they found 7 out of 10 guys' coffee tables had a type of
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bacteria found in feces. how did that get there? men apparently put their feet up on the furniture with their shoes on. clods. clorox by the way sponsored that study. come on, guys. tens of millions -- take your shoes off -- tens of millions of people men and women struggle with thinning and balding problems. dr. kim reports on the latest high-tech therapy to keep your hair there. >> reporter: >> reporter: anita was suffering from severe hair loss. watch the transformation. this shows how her hair grew back. >> obviously it was very, very successful. i am ecstatic about it. >> reporter: she had a series of laser treatments once a week for five months. a cool laser light penetrates the scalp. some women use an at-home device called i grow. >> stimulates your hair follicle in a cellular level. >> reporter: it only works on people with existing hair
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follicles and doctors are using it in conjunction with their transplants, which are considered the last resort. >> i have seen very good result to kick-start the growth. >> reporter: this 31-year-old is getting neo-graft. >> much quicker and easier, almost painless as far as the recovery. >> reporter: hair transplants usually involve big scars or individually transplanting hairs by hand. >> so this is the neo-graft punch device. >> reporter: it's a quick precise technology that works like a vacuum on each follicle. for matt, hair is removed from the back of his head and put in the front and for that the suction on the device is reversed. >> you switch it to compressed air, it's almost blowing or pushing the hair into the new location. >> reporter: matt numbed for the procedure says it doesn't hurt. it costs between $700 and $7,000. touchups are sometimes needed. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. on this valentine's day, public health advocates want to remind you, condoms aren't just
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for men. and today the san francisco health department gave away its newest weapon in the fight against stds and unwanted pregnancies. the new improved female condom called fc2. female condoms have been around for years but haven't gotten much attention. health advocates hoping today's event can help change that. ,,,, ♪ [ female announcer ] there's only one you. that's why sutter health created, where you can find a doctor
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based on criteria important to you. and because it's sutter health, you can choose a doctor from some of the most respected medical groups and hospitals in northern california. find your doctor today at
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for eyewitness news at 6. tonight - communities across the bay area fight to save their caltrain stations. but do you know how caltrain works? the complicated funding system that i'm dana king. tonight communities fight to save their caltrain stations. but do you know how caltrain works? the complicated funding system that keeps those trains running and why the money just doesn't add up now. and speaking of big money, if you thought their salaries were shock, wait until you see the e- mails. from the city of bell, some quotes that you couldn't even make up. we'll have that and much more at 6:00, allen. >> that will be great. thank you, dana. thanks for watching at five. the "cbs evening news with katie couric" is next.
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is the fda approving medical devices that could put you in danger? we are back in a half hour. you didn't wear red, roberta. >> couric: tonight, the knives are out and the battle begins over how to cut the federal deficit. and the republicans are fighting not only the president but one another. i'm katie couric. also tonight, it's not over in the middle east. egyptians take to the streets again. this time demanding better pay. and anti-government protests spread to iran. can it be defibrillators and other high-tech heart devices approved by the f.d.a. before they're tested in humans? and rediscovering old love letters and the old love who wrote them. steve hartman's "assignment america." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric.


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