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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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and 280. we were just up on the ramp. just after midnight the chp got reports that a piece of this sign was dangling over the road and soon after a truck hit it. it went through the windshield of the truck and hit the driver in the face. the driver had major facial injuries and is expected to survive. also major damage to the truck and caltrans and the california highway patrol came to shut down the transition ramp. they set out flares and are escorting traffic through the area. the bottom line is that if you're on northbound 101, you cannot get on northbound 280 at that normal spot that you would be able to hit downtown san francisco. it will be closed until 7:30 to secure the sign. >> thank you, anne makovec in
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san francisco. the storm also causing some outages right now. the biggest power outage is along the san mateo county coast. about 3600 people in the moss beach area all in the dark at this hour. there are also some outages in the east bay, as well. more than 400 in alamo and the danville area. 790 in the oakland hills. 500 in lafayette. >> so if you are expecting to get or give a ride, call someone on their cell phone in case their power is out. lawrence has which areas are getting hit hardest. the winds have been wreaking havoc in the bay area. strong gusts bringing down lots of trees down. cleaning up in santa rosa, with big time trees coming down and a mess with all the strong winds. those powerful winds also causing problems all day. it's just one that came
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crashing down in berkeley. work crews were quick to chop it up so traffic could run smoothly. but folks, we are going to see this played out throughout the day today as we are seeing strong gusts and heavy rainfall. here's the latest. the cold front is sliding by on the east bay along the peninsula and the south bay. continuing to see moderate rain as the cell moves by. behind that we are seeing a break. but we are not done. there is still moisture off the coast that's going to become more widely scattered. then there is the possibility of thunderstorms. maybe a couple of feet by the time you get done counting of it. out the door, showers, gusty winds, yup, temperatures in the 40s and the 50s this afternoon.
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that's traffic. here's elizabeth with traffic. >> just stay home. what a mess! let's go out live we have photographers standing by in fremont. this is a live look at 880 traffic near auto mall parkway. so far, so good that you can see those slick conditions coming up north- and southbound 880. so yeah, take it extra slow. two hands on the steering wheel, as well. we have wind advisories across the bay area for just about every bridge throughout this morning. we can show you more live traffic cameras. we saw you do the lane change. four southbound lanes open on 101 coming into san francisco. no problems right now through marin. check out this shot of the san mateo bridge. this halo-y effect. you will see the high wind warning issued by caltrans. so high wind warnings for all the bridges in the area. you name a bridge, it's got a wind advisory this morning. some slick conditions. a lot of reports of standing water. chp working a number of
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incidents right now. some flooding obviously in those middle lanes, as well. lawrence is look at me. what are you looking at me for? >> i'm enjoying the weather? >> you like it? >> i like it. it's a little rough on the roads. [ laughter ] >> it is a little rough on the roads. what are you doing, lawrence? [ laughter ] >> all right. we're up to serious business here! right now approaching the toll plaza watch out for that. big problems coming into san francisco which anne makovec mentioned so we'll continue to talk about that much more during the course of the morning. all right. back to you. >> thank you. keep lawrence in line down there. [ laughter ] if you are heading to work or getting out on the roads this morning, keep on top of the storm on our website. we have realtime hi-def doppler radar. it's on our weather page at san jose city officials warning 6 potentially massive layoffs. the "san jose mercury news" reporting the city may have to get rid of 349 police officers and 145 firefighters. now, that would be the worst- case scenario. about a quarter of the city's
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public safety employees, though, could also be cut. san jose has a projected deficit of $110 million. a final decision probably won't be made until june. berkeley will not be inviting some guantanomo detainees to move in. four councilmembers voting for the measure to welcome freed prisoners but it needed five votes to pass. and four members abstained from voting. the vote came after a lot of people voicedtheirr opinions. >> just it's for attention. we have other problems. >> these people are completely safe. they are not terrorists. they won't harm anyone in their communities. >> berkeley city council considered declaring bradley manning a hero for allegedly providing secret documents to wikileaks but instead voted to call for humane treatment for
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manning. commuters can now get around the silicon valley with clipper cards. the vta is accepting them as payment for bus and light rail trips. the cards are already in use on other local transit agencies including caltrain and bart. clipper cards allow passengers to prepay with the fare for each ride deducted from that card. vta is phasing in the program with monthly passes available on march 1. and if you're flying with united today, be sure and check that your flight is still on time. the airline has temporarily grounded its fleet of 757s because of maintenance checks that were incomplete. that will take up to 60 to 90 minutes to complete. yesterday nearly 100 planes were stopped nationwide including at sfo. an faa spokesman says united's move was voluntary. 5:08. for weeks, a bay area family thought their teenaged daughter was missing. >> i knew that it had to end. i knew it had been a long time.
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>> but one woman knew where she was the entire time. why she helped hide the girl for so long. >> plus, hundreds of east bay teachers could soon be out of a job while the school district says it's out of options now. all coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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it's a soaker in the bay area. over an in. of rain in oakland and more to come. details coming up. a concord woman is trying to explain why she hid a 15- year-old girl whose parents reported her missing.
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stephanie cudd of pacheco vanished after thanksgiving. the girl's father hired a private detective who eventually tracked down the girl at the home of a woman who was helping in the search. nichols says the girl accused the father of abuse a neglect. >> it's crazy, absurd. i did yell at stuart an stephanie after cutting school for a week. >> i believe that she was in danger. i believe that i was protecting her at the time. >> that teen was returned to her family. nichols has not been arrested but she could face charges including providing false information. a freshman from pinole valley high school is under arrest accused of threatening to kill a teacher on campus there. the "contra costa times" reports the student told the counselor he was mad at the teacher for embarrassing him in front of some of the other students and he planned to kill
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the teacher. he allegedly repeated that threat when police caught up with him outside that school. a hearing is set to begin today on a proposed gang injunction for the fruitvale district in oakland. the city wants to impose curfews and restrict gatherings in an effort to cut down on crime but critics say it's racial profiling. the judge could allow a preliminary injunction until the issue is decided by a full trial, which is expected to begin in december. it is 5:12. saving a few bucks here and there pretty great. but we are going to show you a simple way to save $50 a day. plus, it's the secret that's out. the newspaper that may have leaked the most famous recipe in the world. all coming up. and if you are coming into san francisco on 101 this morning, you will not be able to connect to 280 due to an overnight crash. details on this major traffic hotspot, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, folks. this is a nice day to sleep in if you can. pull those covers up. we have a storm outside. and it's ripping in parts of the bay area still. getting to the back side of the cold front, but boy, it's still coming down very strongly now into the livermore area. you have that cell sliding on by there.
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check this out. that whole line you're seeing heavy amounts of rainfall through livermore dragging down in through pleasanton and there's still more showers. the possibility of some thunderstorms coming our way. so things not done yet even though that cold front is starting to wind down a bit. we still have more rain on the way. showers this morning, gusty winds, gusts overnight, 50, 60- plus miles per hour across some of the mountains. temperatures in the 40s and 50s this. afternoon, isolated thunderstorms. again, some sunshine in between the clouds and then here come the clouds again. the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. so you get the idea. kind of a wild day coming in our direction. cold front flying by right now. you get on the back side you get all that cold air driving in right from the gulf of alaska that's going to slip in keep things very unsettled. computer models picking up on this as the cold front is moving by. behind that you have these little impulses of scattered showers going to be
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on and off throughout the day. with that, we could see some of the snow across some of the peaks there. couple of flakes being picked over the mountaintops. another half inch of rain in the north bay, maybe three- quarters into the santa cruz mountains so you get the idea. a lot of rain, a lot of gusty wind around the bay area still. temperatures only in the 50s outside. remember just a week ago we had some of those 60s and 70s, lots of sunshine. that's long gone now as we are looking at unsettled wet weather continuing into tomorrow, friday, possibly into saturday morning. getting a brief break and then a chance of more rain returning as we head into monday and tuesday. here's elizabeth with a very busy day in traffic. >> it is. we have big problems unfortunately coming into san francisco. if you use 101 to head into san francisco, basically the bottom line, you cannot access 280. you cannot connect to 280 right now. in dangling sign for san
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francisco was involved in an overnight crash and they are fixing it. the 280 extension is going ton re-opened until 7:45. possibly 8:00 this morning. let's go to our maps we can show you what we're talking about here. so if you are coming up 101, you are going to have to continue on 101 into downtown san francisco. you cannot access this 280 extension right now. so if you are using 280, you can continue up 280 and access it that way but you cannot get there from 101. so you may want to consider 380 as an alternate coming up from san bruno. we have other problems across the bay area. lots of reports of standing water, flooding. we have wind advisories on all our bridges. you name it, it's pretty much going on this morning. here's a live look at the antioch bridge. so far traffic is moving across okay across the span. east bound 4 at loveridge word of an accident reported there. a spinout. one of several spinouts that we have been watching across the bay area. here's live look coming out of
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downtown san jose. not too many problems in the south bay this morning. 280 out of downtown, a live look. here's the nimitz freeway now 880 through oakland. okay as you head up towards downtown. now let's go out live towards the safe. if you are planning a trip out of town, you may want to wait a bit. yeah, lawrence is all -- you're loving this weather, i can tell. >> yes! >> he gets giddy in this kind of stuff. heavy snow near blue canyon, so no surprise chains are required on interstate 80, highways 50 and 88. beautiful, though. all right. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> elizabeth, thanks very much. 5:19. let's take a look at this morning's top stories. saddled with a big budget deficit, san jose city officials warning of massive police and fire layoffs. the "mercury news" is reporting the city may have to get rid of 349 police officers and 145 firefighters. now, that's a worst-case scenario. about a quarter of the city's public safety employees could also be cut. no welcome matt for
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guantanomo detainees in berkeley. the city council fell a vote short of inviting freed detainees to move there. the city manager warned that federal law prohibits detainees from coming to the u.s. . cbs news correspondent lara logan is back in the u.s. recovering at a hospital after she was attacked while covering the unrest in egypt. logan was assaulted after she became separated from her crew and guards in cairo. a group of women and soldiers managed to rescue her. a significant number of oakland schoolteachers could be getting pink slips within the next month. oakland tribune reports the superintendent posted a letter with that warning on the district's website. he also says all principals and some other managers will be warned they might be in new positions next fall. the deadline to warn teachers about possible layoffs is march 15. san francisco state may eliminate two of its eight colleges to save money. the school expects to lose $32
5:20 am
million in state funding next year but the consolidation of colleges would only save about a million dollars. all 23 campuses in the california state university system all scrambling at this hour to reduce costs. state money for the csu system is expected to be cut by a half a billion dollars. 5:21. it is the most guarded recipe in the world. but now, the secret is out on coca-cola's ingredients. >> good luck making it, though. plus, he is a bark above the rest! meet the top dog at the world's most prestigious canine competition and why this winner is one for the record books, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. check out those drive by splashes as cars make their way through the pay gates at the bay bridge toll plaza. several new accident reports coming in including one on the richmond/san rafael bridge. we'll have all the details, all your traffic hot spots, coming up. all right, elizabeth. it is 5:24. the coca-cola recipe has been hidden for 125 years. but it appears a radio program may have finally found the real thing. producers of this american life say they stumbled upon the soda's secret recipe in a photo published in 1979's atlanta
5:24 am
journal-constitution article. they say coke's secret paper comes from a mixture called 7x which includes cinnamon, nutmeg oil, orange oil, something else and core reander whatever that is. the historian at coca-cola says it's not the real recipe. >> it's not. it's probably the most closely guarded secret in the history of american commerce. >> he says only a handful of executives actually knows the true ingredients and that every couple of years someone claims to have an old document believing it's the recipe for the original coke. are you looking to save a few dollars? how about 50 bucks a day? yahoo's financially fit report it's easier to trim costs. they guarantee at least 15%
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discount at more than 15,000 restaurants. health savings accounts can slash drug costs i half. drop cable and sign up for netflix, all to save bills. >> except for sports. >> and this guy would, as well. got to have your sports. if you have never heard or seen a scottish deerhound before, this is the time to learn about it because it was named best in show at the dog show last night in new york city. it is the first time the breed took the show's top prize. the dog may have also taken the price for longest name. let's go with it. it is, what, gch stands for gch fox hound hickory wild. he is the grand champion but goes by the name of hickory. >> i think it was quite a surprise. >> it's not a good-looking dog. >> i did watch part of it and it's just always a lot of fun. those dogs are absolutely
5:26 am
beautiful. >> it's so political. who is your trainer, who is this? >> terriers win a lot. so. >> -- that was an ugly dog. >> it was not. >> no. >> that's like talking about your children. >> no. it was ugly. >> the most gorgeous children in the world. >> i'm going to hear from all the deerhound owners. 5:27. heavy winds, trees, downed power outages. it is a messy wednesday morning out there. we have team coverage on the damage from this winter storm. >> reporter: the winds seem to have loosened part of a sign on a local highway and part of that sign within the through a driver's windshield -- went through a driver's windshield. it will cause major traffic troubles as one highway ramp is shut down. we'll tell you about it coming up next. from wind advisories to flooding what you need to know about bay area bridges before making your commute this morning. major threats to public safety in san jose. the massive layoffs that could be in store for police and the firefighters when we come back.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. good morning, everybody. it is wednesday, it's february 16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us this morning. your time is 5:31. you are waking up to a big storm in the bay area. and we have team coverage.
5:30 am
lawrence is in our weather center tracking all the latest conditions on this wednesday. but we begin with anne makovec. anne is live in san francisco, where those strong winds are causing a lot of problems on one particular 280 ramp. anne. >> reporter: yeah. we know the roadways slow down already because of the rain and check out this traffic issue. i'm on northbound 101 and 280. you can see the flashing caltrans sign up there telling drivers they cannot merge from 101 northbound to 280 northbound. look at some pictures we shot up on that ramp about an hour ago. that sign has been dangling over the roadway. apparently, part of it was dangling at around midnight. it went through a driver's windshield, the driver of a truck. it was dangling just high enough so cars could pass under it but the truck was too tall. the driver has major facial injuries but is going to be
5:31 am
okay. the chp, caltrans, shut down that ramp. this is the ramp between northbound 101 transitioning on to northbound 280 into downtown san francisco. they want to be sure the sign is secure before they re-open the road which shouldn't be until almost 8 a.m. so again, watch out for that area. you can drive on both highways but not the ramp. the rain is picking up on the south end of the city. >> anne makovec in san francisco, thank you. christin ayers is at the bay bridge toll plaza with advice for drivers heading to work this morning. take it slow, right? >> reporter: absolutely. we have a little sprinkle right now but the main concern right now on all bay area bridges is
5:32 am
going to be the wind. there are high wind advisories for just about every major bridge out here including the bay bridge. slick roads also a concern. if you look back here over my shoulder you can see some of the big splashes we are getting as parts of the highway are flooded coming into the area, slow down there. some of the big semis come through with a bi splash. wind is a big factor. we may start soon to see some visibility issues. i just checked with traffic right now and heard that crosswinds are up to 23 miles an hour as you cross the bridge so definitely want to be looking out for some of that swerving that you might see on the bridge as people cross. we always hear, keep your hands at 10 and 2. that's good advice crossing the bridges this morning. frank? >> all right, christin ayers, thank you very much, live at
5:33 am
the bay bridge toll plaza. we are keeping in touch with pg&e about some power outages. about 3600 people in the moss beach area are in the dark this morning. there are outages in the east bay, as well. more than 400 in the alamo and danville areas. 790 up in the oakland hills and 500 in lafayette. lawrence, can you show me your hi-def doppler? that's where we can tell where the heaviest rain is right now and it seems to be all over right now. >> it is a white knuckle ride on the way to work. san jose, we have some gusty winds whipping through the area and, of course, we have had that heavy rainfall moving on by, as well. so yeah, it's definitely one of those windy wet mornings, folks. be very, very careful out on the roads. the cold front is getting to the back side right now but we are not done with the rain just yet. there is still more rain showing up around the bay area. you can see the front really sliding down now to the south
5:34 am
and making its way east and south of livermore area and in towards san jose. but there are still more pockets of rain off the coast so there is for this rain to come. so don't be fooled. you may get a couple of breaks but there are more scattered showers. check the speckled clouds behind the system. that's what's going to come in for today. when that comes through, that's some very unstable air so there is a possibility we could see a couple of lightning strikes. some of our computers have begun to pick up a couple of strikes off the coast. temperatures in the 40s and 50s this afternoon, staying unsettled and wet. storm clouds continuing and lots of snow for the high country. elizabeth has traffic. >> busy morning already, lawrence. we have photographers positioned all across the bay area this morning tracking this storm. here's a live look at 880 through fremont. so far, so good through this stretch. you can see the traffic north- and southbound moving across okay. our big story this morning the biggest problem in san francisco. traffic coming into san
5:35 am
francisco. this is right there near northbound 101. the connector ramp to northbound 280. our reporter anne makovec just told us it is completely shut down this morning. it will be re-opened around 7:45 a.m. the sign is dangling and caused an early-morning accident so crews are working to fix it now. let's go to our maps. we can show you how this is going to impact the morning commute. basically, it's going to cause a lot of slow traffic. we are already seeing on our sensors on 101. you cannot access the 280 extension from 101. coming up from daly city from 280, you can actually continue up 280 from there and head towards like at&t ballpark heading into downtown. using 101, consider using 3 80 and connected to 280 from over there. this is going to be a traffic hotspot for much of the morning commute. back to you guys. >> just think it was 70 a couple of days ago. you can keep on top of the
5:36 am
storm. just go to our website. we have realtime doppler radar from your hometown on the weather page, at in other news, in san jose, that city warning now of massive layoffs. almost unthinkable, in fact. the "mercury news" is saying the city may have to lay off 349 police officers and 145 firefighters. that would be the worst-case scenario. about a quarter of the city's public safety employees could also be cut. san jose has a projected deficit of $110 million. a final decision though probably won't be made until june. well, the state of california is no longer hiring. governor jerry brown instituting a hiring freeze yesterday. it's to deal with the $25 billion deficit for the state. this order prevents state agencies from hiring any new workers except in instances in which public safety could be affected. and the mount diablo unified school district is considering closing a third school to save more than a
5:37 am
million dollars. last night the board weighed the pros and cons of shutting down westwood elementary school or silverwood elementary school in concord. last week trustees agreed to close two other schools in the area, glenbrook and holbrook elementary schools. the board is expected to vote on closing another school next tuesday. time now is 5:38. berkeley won'ting rolling out the welcome mat for former guantanomo bay prisoners. the city council fell short of the votes needed to invite them into town. they needed five votes and only got four. >> it's just to get media attention. we have other problems. >> the united states is asking other countries to take these men? assuring them that they are completely safe, they are not dangerous, they are not terrorists, they won't, uhm, harm anyone in those communities. >> berkeley city manager recommended against any action because federal law bans the transfer of guantanomo detainees here to the united
5:38 am
states. berkeley city council also considered a measure concerning the army private accused of leaking classified documents to wikileaks. it voted to call for the humane treatment of bradley manning. the council didn't go as far as to declare manning a hero, though. cbs news reporter lara logan is in the hospital recovering after a mob of egyptians assaulted her. this photo was taken in tahrir square on friday just moments before the attack in cairo. logan was reporting on president hosni mubarak's resignation when she became separated from her crew. cbs news says a mob of 200 people surrounded her and logan suffered, quote, a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating. last year, logan talked with cnn about the dangers of reporting from war zones. >> i see this as my responsibility, that if you are going to send soldiers to war in other people's lands, you have a responsibility for the people of this country and for the people around the world. >> cbs says logan was saved by a group of egyptian women and
5:39 am
soldiers. logan is back in the u.s. she is expected to be released from the hospital soon. 5:40 now. no man wants to go bald in their 20s or go bald at any time for that matter but this morning, how it could actually help save their lives. also ahead... >> i didn't know anything, i came to the airport a few hours ago. they said my flight was delayed. >> dozens of united airlines planes grounded. the two major problems the carrier never addressed. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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any cardboard? cardboard no, delicious yes. so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes. and it's being blown around ri wind gusts. the storm that's bringing rain to the bay area now is bringing all kinds of snow up
5:42 am
in the sierra. it's being blown around by heavy winds. nick janes reports from blue canyon. is this the worst we have seen it? wow, you are almost a snowman, nick! [ laughter ] >> reporter: right. it is really coming down. every time we go live, it seems like the wind kicks up and blows this stuff sideways. let me tell you something. first time ever for us, we are take the exit to blue canyon, well, kind of, because we drove past it. that's how bad visibility is. we had to stop, back up, make the exit. once we got on the highway, we got stuck. so my photographer and i had it break out the shovel and dig out already. the snow is falling, visibility is terrible. the roads are snow-covered and slick, as well. caltrans will have their hands full today because it is just falling so quickly. you will see traffic coming past going very slowly. snow levels now are 4500 feet
5:43 am
which is around baxter. snow levels will drop further down. by tomorrow you could see snow around 1500 feet which is of course very unusual. right now, it's a mess. we are already saw one big rig that was stalled blocking a lane. it's not fun. i don't know if i would call it the worst but it's up there probably top 3 and i'm here quite a bit when it snows. so if you don't have to come to the sierra, wait it out, i'm just saying. >> skiers i'm sure are loving t how long did it take you to get up from sacramento up to where you are right now, blue canyon? >> reporter: well, let's see. we had rain all the way until about gold run, baxter. about two hours. that's the approximate answer. it's slow going. once you get past chain controls, you're doing up to 20 miles an hour. you wouldn't dare go faster because you can't see and don't have much traction. >> but again, if you need to get to reno, the roads are
5:44 am
open? >> reporter: they are open. bring the chains if you want to chance it. i wouldn't chanc it. i'd wait. but this elevation is going to get a foot or two of snow. first significant snowfall for a couple of weeks. it's been dry for a while. we are getting payback. >> my skin is stinging i'm watching that snow hit you. i tell you, get back in the truck, nick. we have taken enough of your time. >> reporter: will do. >> i feel his pain because it wasn't long ago i was sitting in the same stuff in boston. nice job, nick. stay warm. lawrence, over to you. >> look at that. that's something else! a lot of rainfall around the bay area. you saw heavy snow in the high country with winter storm warnings. we'll see heavy snow there in the next couple of hours. behind that the main cold front
5:45 am
has moved to the south. you have more behind that. scattered showers continuing out here. there is more off the coastline. some 6 of our computers showing cold, unstable air sliding in toward the bay area. that will keep the showers going with the possibility of some thunderstorms. and the winds, they have been whipping around, too. still some gusty winds out there but we have had gust up to 60 miles per hour around the bay area. you get in one of those thunderstorms again you could zoom some strong gusty winds highs only in the 50s outside. you will sneak some sunshine in between the clouds but don't be fooled. here comes some more cold air and some very unstable air and before you know it more scattered showers even the possibility of some thunderstorms. the cold front passing on by this morning. behind that, that cold air working in on the back side so we are not done with the rain. there are more scattered showers coming on and off throughout the day today but probably the worst of it is over but some of these isolated thunderstorms can come down pretty good. rain amounts looking like. this another half inch in the north bay maybe three-quarters in the santa cruz mountains and
5:46 am
if you look very closely, see a couple of snowflakes over the mountaintops as we expect the snow level to drop down to 3,000 feet maybe lower than that. temperatures running into the 50s for highs today. so we are going to keep it cool, brisk with those winds blowing and showers, as well. more rain on the way as another storm will drop in as we head in toward thursday. more rain is expected come friday. a chance of showers looks like on saturday morning. drying things outcome sunday but that's only a brief break. then a return to some more rain as we head in towards next monday and tuesday. let's get a traffic check on those very busy roads this morning. elizabeth? >> continually changing here constantly updating with new accidents coming in, unfortunately. and new flooding reports. here's live look at the golden gate bridge. if you are using highway 1 towards the golden gate bridge, lots of heavy flooding towards the macarthur tunnel. we are sending chopper 5 that way now. cars making big splashes can be very treacherous out there this morning. a lot of spinouts and wind
5:47 am
advisories in effect for the bay area bridges including a live look here at the richmond/san rafael bridge. traffic across westbound 580 okay towards san quentin. there was an accident eastbound 580 with injuries. tow crews working to clear the scene. this was another one westbound 24 near acalanes in lafayette. the park boulevard on-ramp we have just learned is closed in oakland to northbound highway 13 because of a downed tree. so like i said just incidents continue to come in. we are just kind of monitoring and giving you information on the biggest ones. here's live look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. standing water in those middle lanes as you approach the pay gates. also, more standing water reported just east of the metering lights. so be careful this morning crossing the bay bridge. again, we have high wind warnings in effect there, as well. coming out of downtown san jose, not too bad here actually. still light traffic. we haven't seen too many problems in the south bay yet.
5:48 am
this is one of our biggest issues. we have reporter anne makovec still on the scene. this emergency ramp closure damage to an overhead sign due to an early-morning accident so the ramp is still shut down from northbound 101 to northbound 280. you cannot access 280 coming up from the peninsula so they are saying close to 7:30 7:45 this morning. we'll have details coming up back to you. if you are flying united today be sure to check to see if your flight is on time. the airline has temporarily grounded its fleet of boeing 757s because maintenance checks were not completed. they take about 60 to 90 minutes to complete. yesterday nearly 100 planes were stopped nationwide including several at sfo and passengers say they weren't given much notice. >> i wish they would have called and alerted their customers. >> it was news to you? >> yes. i didn't know anything. i came to the airport a few
5:49 am
hours ago. they said my flight was delayed. first time i heard of anything about any planes taken out of service was from you when you were talking to another lady. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> a little bit upset. >> an faa spokesman said united's move was voluntary. sky miles for delta will no longer expire. under the previous system, flyers lost their miles if they didn't redeem them or new miles within 24 months. delta joins other carriers which have done away with expiration dates for miles. researchers have discovered a link between baldness and prostate cancer. they say men who start going bald at a young age may be more likely to get prostate cancer later in life. french researchers found that men who start losing their hair at 20 have double the risk of developing the disease. but that's where the baldness connection ends. the study found that men who then start losing their hair at
5:50 am
30 or 40 do not have a higher risk of getting prostate cancer. time now 5:51. a win for prosecutors. the crucial evidence now being loud in the barry bonds perjury trial. >> plus, man is losing to machine on jeopardy! the big lead that watson has entering today's final round against two former champs. year after year. redst feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections
5:52 am
the upcoming barry bonds perjury trial. this morning, a big win for prosecutors in the upcoming barry bonds perjury trial. a federal judge will allow an audio reporting of bonds' former trainer discussing steroid use by the slugger. now, the trainer greg anderson has refused to testify in the case. defense attorneys argue there is no way to authenticate the tapes but prosecutors say they will call bonds' former friend
5:53 am
who secretly made the tape. he says he did it to convince bonds' father that his son was on steroids. that trial by the way begins next month. two jeopardy champs have a lot of catching up to do. their opponent watson took control of the latest match. >> i'll take a guess. what is baghdad. >> even though you were only 32% sure of your response, you are correct. [ applause ] >> the computer correctly answered 24 out of 30 questions in the double jeopardy round. it finished the game with more than $34,000. the human brad rutter has a little more than $10,000 and the other human ken jennings is in third with $4,800. the final round is today. >> the other human. >> yeah. they're lagging. >> the computer is so quick. i mean, the minute the question pops up -- >> we still have lawrence. we need lawrence. >> with the weather. >> it's the weather around the bay area, folks. what a morning to wake up to.
5:54 am
it's been stormy. the ends with have been howling outside. and the rain has been dumping in spots. we are getting on the back side of this cold front just a bit. we have cells popping up on the back side through martinez and orinda. in berkeley rain falling there right now and there is more on the way. you have this very cold, unstable air that's coming in behind this cold front now. so yeah, cold showers and the possibility of some isolatedd thunderstorms. saturday morning leftover showers, looks like we'll dry outcome sunday, more rain the beginning of next week. elizabeth has traffic. traffic coming into san francisco. >> if you are coming up 101 from the peninsula the connector ramp to 280 is shut down. you cannot access 280 into
5:55 am
downtown if you are coming up from 101. there was an overnight accident. the sign was damaged in the accident. so caltrans crews are working to repair it. in the meantime they are saying close to 7:45 when they are going to hopefully get that 280 connector extension ramp re- opened. in the meantime if you are coming up 101 you are going to have to stay on 101 towards downtown. so that's going to create some pretty crowded conditions through there. we are already seeing some slowing on our sensors. this is our biggest hotspot which we'll watch for the next hour. that is your traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. it's 5:56. more team coverage. winter storm straight ahead in the next hour. >> and the weather advisories that could put a kink in your commute. coming up. >> and i'm live at the scene of the traffic drama that elizabeth was just talking about. you can see crews right now trying to fix that sign that has been dangling over the road. we'll have the latest coming up next. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
5:57 am
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. strong storm moving in overnight. showers, very gusty winds and more rain to come. details in just a bit. >> that storm already leaving behind a mess. the damage and flooding across the bay area. and lots of standing water already reported at the bay bridge toll plaza. a flooding, we have spinouts and a big problem this morning if you are coming into san francisco from the peninsula. i have all your traffic hot spots coming up. >> all right, elizabeth. it is the worst-case scenario for san jose. huge layoffs threaten the cops and firefighters to shave the budget deficit. hi, everybody. good morning. it's wednesday, february 16. a little stormy out there. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 6:00. we have team coverage of the storm you're waking up to
5:59 am
this morning. anne makovec is live in san francisco. but we begin with christin ayers, she is at the bay bridge toll plaza, where we're seeing a lot of flooding. >> reporter: good morning. we are seeing some flooding. we are also seeing high winds. that's going to be the big issue for commuters coming out here today. we have wind advisories on just about every major bridge in the area. no telling how long they will last. but another problem is the flooding issues. we got a look at some commuters coming through some big puddles splashing through some big puddles. clearly causing visibility issues for people as they make their way across the bridge. the puddles sneaking up on you towards the plaza today. another issue is the winds as they cross the bridge, crosswinds from 21 miles per hour to 23 miles per hour. so those certainly are a factor depending


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