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tv   The Early Show  CBS  February 16, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> i'm chris wragge. good morning to you. lots to get to this morning. both here at home and abroad. >> it continues to be so busy abroad especially in the middle east which is where we begin this morning. the political turmoil started in tunisia and spread to egypt is reaching across the region into libya at this point a country long ruled by gadhafi. terry mccarthy is in libya with more on this unrest. >> reporter: good morning. the protest movement on the topple of president mubarak in egypt is spreading to libya where gadhafi runs one of the most impressive regimes in egypt. in cairo life has largely returned to normal. evidence here of the demonstrations that paralyzed the city for 18 days and tanks still stand guard on tahrir square after news some of its artifacts were stolen during the
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riots. close by is a shrine commemorating the prefers killed in the square. but across the arab world in libya, protests took the streets in the second largest city overnight. a video apparently showing the protests was posted on youtube but couldn't be independently authenticated. they want the ouster of the government of gadhafi who has been in power since 1969. in bahrain, protesters gathered for a third day. two protests have died so far in ba ran and the king went on television to promise the deaths would be investigated and urged the people to go home. but for some protesters, it was too little, too late. from the king's speech he wants to the protests to calm down says this man, but the people won't accept that any more. and in iran today, government
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supporters clash with opposition members during a funeral for a student shot during an opposition rally on monday that was captured on this cell phone video. as opposition forces around the region are learning from egypt, so, too, are the security forces in each country. many are taking strong measures to stop these demonstrations from growing. >> terry, thanks. stay with us a minute. we want to report disturbing news about a colleague of ours at cbs news. chief foreign affairs lara logan on friday, february su 11th the day mubarak stepped down a jubilant crowd gathered to celebrate. logan and her team were surrounded by a mob of more than 200 people. logan was separated from the rest of the crew and endured a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating. eventually, she was rescued by a group of women and about 20 egyptian soldiers. she returned to the united states on the first flight the next morning. she is currently recovering at home.
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our thoughts and our prayers are, of course, with her and her family. according to the committee to protect journalists, this is one of more than 140 attacks on the press during the 18 days of egyptian protests. we do want to bring terry mccarthy back in at this point for more on that. terry, you have been there in the thick of it. there is talk it even feels there is a coordinated pattern of violence against journalists in that country. is that what you have experienced? >> reporter: erica, all of us here at cbs news was shocked of this attack on lara which also left two of her crew members badly hurt. you are right this was a coordinated attempt to on the foreign press. my team and i were also on that friday night in tahrir square. most people had heard mubarak had stepped down and hugging as harry smith as you saw was kissed on television. we could always see in the corner of our eyes small groups
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of men lurking in the shadows who looked very threatening and important to understand who these men were. as the protests started to grow in tahrir square over the when mubarak was still in power the state-run television was blaming the media for inciting these protests and we got the strict since we were being targeted. then they set thugs out on the street and beating up anybody they could find with a camera. one had a hood on his head and driven around the city and didn't know where he was was antisent to jail. i never seen anything like this before. journalists have been targeted in many conflicts around the region but never by a centrally coordinated campaign from the government. >> a frightening picture that you paint. terry, thanks. chris? convicted ponzi schemer bernie madoff is breaking his
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satellite news center a silence and blasting wall street. rebecca jarvis is here this morning with more on this. >> this is a saga lasted multiple years. for nearly 16 years, bernard madoff ortingchestrated the big ponzi scheme in history. since his arrest in 2008 he has been silent but today he is speaking out. he met two hours with a "the new york times" reporter on tuesday for his first published interview since his december 2008 arrest. he continues to claim his family knew nothing about his illegal activity but says that major banks and investors had knowledge of his ponzi scheme. contradicting previous statements that he was solely responsible. they had to know but the attitude was sort of if you're doing something wrong, we don't want to know. madoff who now lives in a 12-foot cell with a roommate is serving 150-year sentence for defrauding 65 billion dollars in
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investments and phony profits. act knowledged his own guilt but claims unidentified banks and hedge funds were also at fault for failing to look into inconsistencies in his business. >> if bernie madoff gives anybody any names or specific financial institutions that had concrete evidence that he was running a ponzi scheme, they will face civil and criminal exposure. >> reporter: madoff says he follows news reports about himself and seems surprised to learn in recent lawsuits that bankers claim they had doubts about him before his deception was revealed. i'm reading more about how suspicious they were than i ever realized at the time. while he is cooperated in the recovery of investor assets, madoff has refused to provide any criminal evidence related to his fraud. madoff also disputed claims that he refused to attend funeral services for his son mark who committed suicide in december. he said his attendance at the funeral would have been, quote,
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a media circus and cruel to my family. >> rebecca jarvis is with us again. he is talking about banks and hedge funds having known what is going on. let's say, in fact, we do find out that that is accurate. could those banks and funds face prosecution? >> certainly if it turns out to be accurate they certainly could because there is still billions and billions of dollars in wealth yet to be recovered from the ponzi scheme. the question come back to who is bernard madoff. has he made contradicting statements? the answer to that question is yes. if the big banks knew, then why didn't madoff's own family know about this? his family who is close to the situation has been accused of knowing, but hasn't been found to be knowing. >> this is the first time he has spoken in two years. he is serving this 150-year prison term. like you said he contradicts himself quite a bit so why
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should anyone believe what he is saying now? >> that is a hallmark of any kind of case against this -- ni banks. if it's all about allegations and what he is saying, then has contradicted himself already and how are we to believe him about that? one point to make, however, we talked about this a few weeks ago, jpmorgan is facing a lawsuit because of exchanged e-mails and allegations that people were aware that this was going on at the bank. >> for the victims, if, in fact, if anything that he is saying is now true, what does this mean for them as far as a recovery potentially? >> well, if it is true and if there is found to be knowing at the major banks, then they probably will pay a role in paying back some of victims but that is still a long ways away and there would still be a lot of legal issues before them. >> still have to prove they were compli complicit. he hasn't spoken in two years and given no indication he was ever going to speak about it.
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>> is there a long legal road ahead but for some people who lost a lot they must be thinking maybe there is recourse for me because clearly there was nothing left when this was found out. >> exactly. here is jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines. jeff, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. u.s. and mexican investigators looking for clues on a deadly attack on american immigration agents traveling in northern mexico yesterday afternoon. they stopped at what appeared to be a military road block but it wasn't. then someone opened fire. agent supada died at the scene and his partner is in stable condition. in washington the federal budget battle ramps up. the president made his position clear on that yesterday. and also had a warning for iran. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has details this morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. a white house source tells cbs news the president decided to have a news conference yesterday not only to talk about the budget, but also as the official
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put it to talk about iran's brutal and exceptional hypocrisy. >> i find it ironic that you've got the iranian regime pretending to celebrate what happened in egypt when, in fact, they have acted in direct contrast to what happened in egypt by gunning down and beating people who are trying to express themselves peacefully in iran. >> reporter: but the main purpose of the president's news conference, his first solo q & a question this was to try attention to his budget. >> it will mean cutting things like i care about deeply. community action programs for low income communities. >> reporter: the president's budget does not address the long-term drivers of the deficit, medicare and social security. something he says has to be tackled on a bipartisan basis. >> this is a matter of everybody having a serious conversation about where we want to go and then ultimately getting in that boat at the same time so it
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doesn't tip over. >> reporter: republicans promise when they publish their budget everything on the table. >> over the last two years, since president obama has taken office, the federal government has added 200,000 thousand new federal jobs. and if some of those jobs are lost in this, so be it. we're broke! >> maybe so be it for him but not so be it for the people who are losing their jobs. >> reporter: and that fight is about this year's budget from which republicans want to cut $100 billion. democrats are outraged. the president has threatened a veto because he says anything like that would mean cuts in military readiness. jeff? >> bill, thank you. the pentagon says general david petraeus is not leaving his job any time soon. the times of london had reported that petraeus would be replaced as the top american commander in afghanistan by the end of this
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year. it's official again. lance armstrong is retiring and this time he says means it. the 39-year-old says he is quitting cycling around calling it retirement 2.0 after a comeback attempt in 2009 he won a record seven straight tour de france races. inspiring scene in washington. 15 people received the medal of freedom yesterday from president obama including former president george h.w. bush for his nearly 70 years of public service. the nation's highest civilian award also went to civil rights leader and congressman john lewis who called it an impossible dream. other were philanthropist warren buffett won ayo-yo ma won win ad jean kennedy smith and baseball great stan "the man" musial. there he is 90 years he old. the tallest recipient, basketball legend bill russell.
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14 minutes past the hour. we move over to marysol castro for the weather. good morning. >> good morning, jeff. good morning, everyone at home. take a look at the national picture for you. you can see most of the country under sunny skies. the exception, of course, is the west coast. they are getting a lot of precipitation in the form of rain and snow in the higher elevations and it's all as a result of the jet stream. it's well down into the west coast but look here. it's hugging the canadian coast, ushering a lot of warm air. the midwest early fog and the afternoon sunshine. same in the northeast. ,,,, degrees above normal in
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thanks so much. that is your latest werearth. unit airlines has effectively grounded their entire fleet of 757s because of a possible computer problem and this could lead to some frustrated travelers this morning across the nation. cbs travel editor peter greenberg has the story here. you don't have to be traveling just on united or scheduled on a 757. if you are scheduled to fly today, do you need to be concerned? >> you need to be concerned but keep in mind the maintenance guys have been working all night long. 69 minutes inspection final for each plane. by 3:00 this afternoon they should be back on schedule. >> sounds like a quick turnaround which leads to how serious is this problem? if you're grounding that many planes? >> here is the deal. it's not unprecedented but sort of unheard of that an airline
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would voluntarily ground an entire fleet of an aircraft type 96, 757s that happened out of nowhere yesterday. it's issued by the ffaa saying we identified a problem and fix to that problem and so much time to fix it or you're not in compliance. some time yesterday somebody at united airlines woke up and said we haven't done this yet and they would be in noncompliance. >> the deadline was looming? >> really looming. they voluntarily grounded their own fleets. it measures atmospheric conditions and altitude and supposedly giving accurate speed estimations to the pilot. >> that sounds crucial when you're on board a plane you want to know they have the information they need to get you to your destination safely. >> right. >> is this a problem, then because it's something from the faa that it was a compliance issue that other airlines and other planes will be experiencing? >> you can bet that every other
7:16 am
airline that operates a 757 is looking at their systems today. because the directive applies to any operator of a plane. for example, there is an air -- issued last month by the faa involving six older 757s because of possible fractures and ruptures in the skin of the plane which lead to rapid decompression and disintegration of the plane. >> great. >> this happens all the time but it was -- >> it was a big wake-up call. >> glad to have you here with the facts. ahead this morning, the road to recovery. update on the progress being made by congresswoman gabrielle giffords. prices are going up on almost everything. but not to worry. we're going to show you how to trim those costs. this is "the early show" on cbs. . ♪ [ screams ]
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just ahead we're going to get the inside information on really how well congresswoman gabrielle giffords is doing at this point. 39 days after being shot point-blank in the head. we have just heard these incredible bits and pieces about her recovery. this morning we're joined exclusively by her chief of staff to get a better idea of how things are going. >> we'll have that interview coming up in just a moment. this is the "early" show here on cbs. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by hershey's kisses. delightfully delicious, one of a kind kisses. depression is a serious medical condition
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see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer a la he berkeley city it's 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. a late meeting for the berkeley city council came one vote short of passing a resolution to welcome freed guantanomo detainees to
7:24 am
berkeley. the council also voted to urge humane treatment for the army private accused of providing secret documents to wikileaks. layoff warnings in san jose. the "mercury news" reporting the city may have to get rid of nearly 500 police officers and firefighters. that's because of a deficit expected to reach $110 million. also facing possible layoffs a number of oak schoolteachers and other -- oakland schoolteachers and other employees. there could be significant cuts for next year. those employees have to be notified by march 15 that they could be laid off. the weather causing a lot of traffic problems this morning. we'll have the latest on both in just a minute. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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7:26 am
good morning. better news heading into san francisco. the sign is repaired and they re-opened the connector ramp from northbound 101 to northbound 280. let go to our maps. we can show you what it looks like on our live traffic sensors. it is still slow but again they were detouring traffic here for the last few hours so once again the connector ramp re- opened. you can use the 280 extension if you coming up 101 from the peninsula. slow traffic on westbound 580 out on the altamont pass. we have this accident at vasco and a member of the kcbs phone force just told us it's slow from 205 through the livermore valley. at the bay bridge toll plaza,
7:27 am
metering lights are on and it's backing up towards the 880 overcrossing. here's lawrence with a check of your forecast. >> all right. it's been a busy morning weather-wise. scattered showers continuing at this time in the bay area. strong cells making their way through. this cell is winding through from the east bay to walnut creek, danville will get hit by sherry rainfall in the next 10 minutes or so. scattered showers continuing on and off today, possibility of thunderstorms, more showers tomorrow and friday and then more coming next week. ,,,,,,,,
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and welcome back to welcome back to ""the early
7:29 am
show"." chris wragge and erica hill looking at a beautiful picture of fort lauderdale. >> looking longingly at that beautiful picture. it's supposed to be what? >> it's 61 now. it's a beautiful day in fort lauderdale. >> could be 80 today. there you go. enjoy ppá shot if you are somewhere cold. >> it has been a long, tough road for congresswoman gabrielle giffords, and it is far from over. she was shot in the head six weeks ago, and over the past few weeks we've heard about how well she's doing. well, this morning we'll speak exclusively with giffords' chief of staff and find out just how well she is, in fact, doing. >> we'll get you that in just a moment, but, first, we want to check in with jeff at the news desk for a closer look at some of the top stories we're following for you. >> good morning to you. bernie madoff says big banks and hedge funds willfully ignored signs of his massive fraud. in his first interview he told "the "new york times"" they had to know, but the attitude was sort of if you're doing something wrong, we don't want to know. madoff says he is helping to
7:30 am
recover billions of dollars for victims of his ponzi scheme, but he won't discuss criminal cases or provide evidence. >> bernie in this interview has been taking the classic old-fashioned mafia stance, i'm not going to rat anybody out to the feds. >> madoff is serving 150 year sentence for stealing $165 billion from investors. the political monsoon that's rolled over the middle east has reached libya, it appears. this internet video appears to show last night's anti-government protest apparently triggered by the arrest of a government opponent. cbs news chief lara logan is back in the u.s. now continuing her recovery at home this morning after she was attacked while covering the events in egypt. logan was separated from her crew and surrounded by a mob the night hosni
7:31 am
well, we want to get you the very latest on the recovery of congresswoman gabrielle giffords, who, as you'll recall, was shot point-blank nearly six
7:32 am
weeks ago in the head. critically injured. yet, we keep getting snip ets about what some are calling a miraculous recovery. in just a moment we will speak exclusively with giffords' chief of staff for a closer look at how she's doing. first, though, cbs news correspondent don teague is in houston this morning with more on this story. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. gabrielle giffords has been undergoing intensive rehabilitation here in houston for most of the past month. she can now speak with and communicate with friends and family. it's great progress, but experts say only time will reveal how much long-term damage she may have suffered. in the nearly six weeks since gabrielle giffords was shot in the head, doctors have called her progress nothing short of remarkable. just last week giffords spoke asking for toast with breakfast. then she mouthed the words to twinkle, twinkle little star. she also took part in a birthday celebration for her husband, astronaut mark kelly, who is currently training for his upcoming shuttle mission.
7:33 am
>> she was able to sing mark happy birthday. you know, mouth him happy birthday. they're using the singing therapy, which uses a little bit different part of the brain, to help sort of retrain her brain to speak again. >> reporter: but as encouraging as gich orders' progress appears, doctors caution the long-term damage is still difficult to measure. >> the long-term issues are really going to be focused on her language, her communication abilities, reading, writing, and, of course, moving that right arm as well. >> reporter: yet, for giffords friends say these long-term issues are obstacles she's determined to overcome. >> you can see she wanted to engage and she wanted to be responsive. she really responds with facial expressions and smiles and frowns, but, you know, i also saw a little frustration in her wanting to try to respond because she understood and, you know, she just wasn't yet able to. >> reporter: well, giffords still has a long recovery ahead of her, but doctors say so far
7:34 am
her healing has been nothing short of miraculous. don teague, cbs news, houston. joining us exclusively this morning from washington is gabrielle giffords' chief of staff and has been close to the congresswoman both before and as she's going through this recovery. thank you for being with us this morning. >> good morning, erica. >> as we just heard from don, the congresswoman is able to speak and communicate in some respects with her family and with her friends. does she understand at this point the full extent of what happened on that saturday morning in tucson, not just to her but to everyone else? >> she certainly knows that there's been a traumatic event here. the details of the severity of the injuries to the others, you know, she doesn't know yet about, but she will in time when she's at a higher level of communication. doctors have said it's not really fair, as you can imagine, to tell someone something so tragic and not -- someone that might not have the ability to ask the detailed questions that
7:35 am
someone will have when they hear this news. >> how much is she able to ask? we heard from her dear friend there, debbie wasserman, says she sees her facial expressions and perhaps some frustration and not getting out what she might want to say. can she ask yes or no questions, or can she give answer with several words? >> it's a combination. you know, there's various words in her vocabulary that are coming back and new words every day that we hear, short phrases, simple thoughts. she -- there's no doubt that she understands what's happening around her. she laughs at the appropriate times. she -- you know, when the conversation turns serious, she, you know, i think can sense that. fully recognizes people that come in to visit her, so we -- no one that has seen her has any doubt that she can understand everything around her and, you know, she is just working really hard and progressing. it's paying off.
7:36 am
every day there's new progress that you see, so, you know, we feel very hopeful about her recovery. >> what is her day like there in rehab, and what kind of signs are you seeing on a daily basis, be they physical or even perhaps something you notice in her internally? sfoo her days are busy. you know, part of the reason she's in houston is because they have a track record for putting together a really great rehab program, so it's multi-facetted. you know, there's different teams of therapists that work on speech and physical and occupational therapy. obviously, eating is a big part of getting better and sleeping. i mean, that's basics that we all know. she's done a lot of those things. you know, and -- >> just practicing in terms of, like, feeding herself, for example? >> yeah, or just, you know, she's -- we all -- you know, it's nice to eat. make me feel like a normal person. she's, fortunately, got time for all her meals and mark has
7:37 am
ordered in some food that she likes, and the folks have been great. they just -- they really know what they're doing. top notch facility. she's got a busy, busy days. >> well, we will continue to follow the progress. we do appreciate you taking some time to keep us updated this morning. thanks. >> thank you. just ahead, from shoes to groceries, the cost of many household items are going up. you've likely noticed it, but do you know why those prices are rising? we will give you the back story and also help you save money. you're watching ""the early show"" on cbs. [ female announcer ] no time to plan? there's still time to whiten. introducing crest whitestrips 2-hour express. now, in just two hours you can have a noticeably whiter smile. two hour whitestrips from crest.
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♪ in this morning's money watch, rising prices. it seems the cost of just about everything is going up, and that has a lot to do especially as they head to the grocery store or the mall. what's behind it? more importantly -- rebecca, good morning. >> good morning. >> we're going to talk about a couple of things. why the prices are going up and what the people at home can, of course, do to save a few dollars, and let's start with ground beef.
7:41 am
they're actually raising the price on ground beef at the grocery store. >> it's a result of the fact that companies are paying much more for the input, the cattle input on these commodities that's been going up since the summer, and, finally, you're seeing it pass along to the consumer. you pay for ground beef about $9.30 for a pound. you're going to see that go up about 6.2% this year. you should shop early. sometimes when it's closer to its expiration date, can you get a better deal. if you shop earlier in the day, you get the fresher meat and a better deal. also, buy in bulk and put it in the freezer. can you put it there for four months. it will save. >> buy a beg bulk of ground meat there. some appliance companies, like whirlpool, a giant when it comes to refrigerators, washing machines, the prices of steel and aluminum going up in april right now, so they're going it start raising their prices on washing machines. >> yeah. well, and the primary inputs into washing machines steel and aluminum are the commodity costs that are rising. you see on average a washing
7:42 am
machine will run you about $400. that price is set to rise about 10% this year to $4. -- up $440, rather, and what you can do is shop in september and october when they clear out the floors. the new models are there, and you get a much better deal on the sale model. last year alone it was at 55 cents a poubd. now it's over almost $1.90 a pound. >> it's a huge jump over the last year, and you are finally seeing it in the cost of clothing. for example, in a pack of three t-shirts it's going to run you about $17 depending where you are shopping in the country right now. we could see that rise this year. hanes is saying they're looking at the cost of cotton going forward. if it stays stable, maybe you'll see a 10% increase in the cost, but if it doesn't stay stable and, say, it goes up more, you skoo see an even larger increase. >> what would you recommend? >> the recommendation is to shop now for back to school.
7:43 am
that increase increase could be coming in the back to school season time. make sure if you are shopping for your kids, buy in multiple sizes. >> thank you very much. up next, there's still no cure for the common cold, but a new study says help may be on the way. we're going to tell you what that help is all about when we come back. x go bold instead of the same old -- with chili's new $6 lunch break. choose a salad or tasty soup. pair it with a texas toast half sandwich, like our southwestern blt with applewood smoked bacon. served with fries, it's big flavor for just 6 bucks!
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7:47 am
pretty much the opposite. that it didn't do anything. what has now changed? >> well, the controversy continues. and we're always looking for the cure for the common cold. this might not be the cure but it certainly looks like it's a promising treatment. this was a study that looked at 15 other studies, a little over 1300 people, and found that those who took zinc in supplement form every 1 1/2 to 2 hours reduced the severity of their cold symptoms, and shortened the duration of the cold. not by a lot, by one day, but still if you're suffering from a cold, that one day means something. >> and that's fantastic news. how do you have to take the zinc? >> you could take it in any form. you can take it in liquid drop form, in tablet form, in the lozenge form. we have to remember when we're talking about zinc, like any other supplement, you can take too much of it. the side effects we're seeing for upset stomach, nausea, abdominal pain. you can get some mouth irritation. but again they found that it did help them a little bit with their cold symptoms. >> the take away for all of us, if you feel a cold coming on should you just reach for the zinc? >> right now, there's not
7:48 am
conclusive evidence to support that. it can't hurt you if taken in moderate amounts. so again, that's what the study really showed. but the old stand-abouts when you're talking about treatment for the cold, because it's a virus, so there's no cure for it, the basics. you want to rest. you want to drink plenty of liquids. you can reach for the over-the-counter cold remedies, pain medications, things like that. chicken soup, one of the best things you can take for a cold and let it run its course. but if you want to shorten it by a day. zinc right now according to the study looks like it will help. >> and wash your hands, if you're really sick, stay home. as you tell us all the time. >> absolutely. >> we'll be back with more. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.
7:49 am
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it's 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm frank mallicoat. san jose's financial crisis so serious now, one- fourth of the city's public safety workers could be laid off under worst-case scenario.
7:54 am
there would be 349 police officers, 145 firefighters. the city faces a budget deficit estimated at $110 million. a judge set to start hearing evidence today on whether the city of oakland can restrict the activities of 40 suspected gang members. the city wants the injunction in an effort to reduce crime in the fruitvale district. the restrictions would establish a safety zone in which those 40 people would have to follow certain rules. the rules include curfews and controls on clothing and gathering. we have your traffic and that all important weather word in just a moment. stay right there. ,,,,,,
7:55 am
♪ [ male announcer ] not all steel is created equal. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection.
7:56 am
good. the bay bridge toll plaza -- good morning. the bay bridge toll plaza, a lot of slow traffic out there. high wind warnings for all the bay bridges. slow crawl already up the nimitz freeway through oakland. this is northbound traffic on 880. no accidents reported. just still some standing water out there. some slick spots with people coming to work here in our newsroom, we have been hearing some of the stories of their commutes, not easy this morning. east by highway 4 approaching harbor, an accident is blocking lanes and look at though slow ride on westbound 4 all the way towards the pittsburg concord area. more traffic coming up. in the meantime, here's lawrence with a check of your forecast. >> rain on and off throughout the night. the winds were howling last
7:57 am
night, huh? probably woke you up a bit. me, too. the main cold front has moved by but showers continue on and off throughout the day. and you're going to see some pockets of moderate and heavy amounts of rainfall in san ramon and further south castro valley, hayward, seeing some showers there. even the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms too and you will see some gusty winds under that. with that in mind, going to keep things going throughout the day on and off. we'll see some sunny breaks in between the clouds but then the showers return. more showers expected as we head in toward tomorrow and friday, maybe leftover to saturday morning. drying out after that.
7:58 am
♪ beautiful sun ris beautiful sunrise there.
7:59 am
hope the morning is turning out for you wherever you are watching us this morning. welcome back to "the early show" at the top of the hour. i'm erica hill along with chris wragge. >> who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? >> not me. >> that's what happened last night during the westminster dog show. seven top dogs were vying for the title of best in show, and for the first time ever a scottish deerhound won. won the best in show. we will meet the winner, 5-year-old hickory, in just a little bit. she is here for her first exclusive live sitdown interview. >> she is ready for her close-up. a little final grooming back stage, so while we wait for hickory, jeff glor has a check of the day's top headlines. good morning again. >> hey, good morning to you, erica. in his first prison intufr, bernie madoff says big banks and hedge funds were "complicity in his multibillion dollar fraud." madoff tells the "new york times" they had to know but the attitude it was you're doing something wrong, we don't want to know. >> bernie is suggesting the big financial institutions and big
8:00 am
investors had some knowledge that it was a ponzi scheme. if that's the case, that could have really serious reprecussions for a lot of big companies. >> madoff says he is actively helping efforts to recover some of the billions he stole from investors, but he won't provide evidence for criminal cases. in libya anti-government protests in the port city are demanding the resignation of the prime minister today. this is video that appears to show the demonstrations. protesters clashed with police and government supporters following the arrest of an opposition leader. in bah raun protesters were met with tear gas. two protesters have been killed in bahrain. this is the third day of anti-deposit protests there. foreign afathers correspondent lara logan is recovering at home this morning following a brutal attack in egypt. logan was attacked in cairo last friday. she was beaten and sexually assaulted after being rm separated from her crew. it is still unclear why two u.s. immigration agents were
8:01 am
ambushed as they drove in northern mexico. one agents was killed and another wounded. the agents were stopped at what appeared to be a military roadblock, but it wasn't, and then someone opened fire. american agents have been helping mexico fight powerful drug cartels, but it's unclear if this attack was related. united airlines passengers can expect the latest in cancellations this morning after united grounded its entire fleet of 757s. 96 planes were taken out of service to check for a potential software clich. susannah song of wbbm has the latest on that this afternoon. susannah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeff. united is based here at o'hare, and while this tie-up is a relatively small problem, it's caused big trouble. united's voluntarily grounding left passengers in the lurch from coast-to-coast. the boeing 757s were grounded after discovering it didn't
8:02 am
follow an faa ordering them to check modifications made to flight data computers. the computers feed air speed, air pressure, and other critical indicators into the autopilot system, crucial to a jumbo jet line the 757. >> it's better to be safe than sorry. you know? i prefer for them to ground the planes than something happen. >> reporter: the 96 affected aircrafts are mostly used on long-range flights. some were in the air when the issue was discovered. the last tame anything like this happened was back in 2008 when american airlines grounded 300 of its planes. more than 300,000 travellers were affected for days. i'm susannah song in chicago for cbs news. an 84-year-old arizona man is expected to make a full recovery after surviving five nights stranded in the desert. >> we need more. >> incredible stuff. this is henry. he was spotted by hikers on saturday and then carefully pulled out by a crew of
8:03 am
rescuers. he the trouble started when he took a wrong turn driving home from a restaurant. he ended up deep in the desert. >> then the battery went dead. my phone went dead. i went dead. >> wow. henry says he survived by eating leftovers from his restaurant doggy bag and drinking windshield wiper fluid. he also says he used the car mats to keep him warm at night. incredible stuff. katie couric now has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> good morning. a luxury boat shredding parties and over zealous federal agents. is this really your government at work? the fishy story behind the agency that regulates the $4 billion fishing industry. that's tonight only on the cbs evening news. now back to "the early sh
8:04 am
8:05 am
>> narrator: this weather report sponsored by benefiber, a better you from the inside out. that's the beauty of benefiber. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now over to erica. >> marysol, thanks. just ahead, five easy ways for you to lose weight and improve your heart health at the same time. dr. travis stork is in the house to tell us just how we can do that. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. is a welcome change. a fiber that dissolves completely, is clearly different. benefiber. it's the easy way to get more fiber everyday. that's the beauty of benefiber.
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8:09 am
factor for heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in the united states. joining us this morning with five simple ways to not only shed pounds, but tune up your ticker at the same time is dr. travis stork, who is, of course, host of "the doctors" here on cbs. good to have you with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it. >> when you come into new york and we can get advice in our studio from you. >> i'm glad to be here. >> you are also an e.r. doc, which may or may not be known by people, so you see firsthand what obesity can do to someone, especially when it comes to their heart. why is it so important? >> being an e.r. doctors drives a lot of my passion when it comes to the things we talk about on "the doctors. obesity, people don't realize sshgs a true epidemic of our times, and obesity it n and of itself, even if you don't have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, is a major risk factor when it comes to heart disease, the number one killer of both men and women. we need to get the message out because there are so many simple things people can do to reverse the trepd. >> we'll start that this morning. >> we are. >> right here on "the early show". >> yes. >> you have five simple fixes
8:10 am
for us, which won't take too much thought, and we'll have a big payoff at the end of the day. the fist one being get rid of the salt. >> you know, says this isn't as much about weight as it is a major silent killer, which is high blood pressure in our society. sodium is a major problem. we're eating way too much of it. we started a campaign on "the doctors" called halt the salt. we're asking people, try to limit yourself to 1,500 milligrams a day or less of salt. 80% of the salt we get in our diet is not from what we make at home. it's from the packaged goods we get at the store. we need to focus on that. buy low sodium versions. pinch of salt. don't use a salt shaker when you are preparing foods at home. it can make a huge difference in your heart health over the long-term because one-third of us are walking around with high blood pressure, and dwoent know it. >> as you get used to it, you may find your food actually tastes better. >> spices, herbs. yes. exactly. >> you also say to drink a glass of ice water before your meal. what does this do you for you? >> if your viewers could do one
8:11 am
thing, a glass of ice water, you may even 20% fewer calories during that meal. it teaches you to not always grab that soda oosh sugar water during your meal. you also cut calories in that way, and you stay hydrated to boot. >> i love that, 20% fewer calories. i'm in. when it comes to snacking, it's really important that you snack on something that's healthy. you say nuts can be a wonderful snack. >> you know, nuts are one of those things where especially for someone like myself, i travel a lot. i always have a bag of mixed nuts unsalted or low salt getting back to the sodium, but it can replace one of youren healthy snacks during the day. heart healthy fats. good proteins. this is a snack i always talk about on "the doctors" as my go-to. snoo this is a lot of plays. i actually travel with those too. i have packs of almonded. you can buy individual serving ones, but can you count out your own, right? >> i always tell people if you are looking to save money, if you buy nuts in bulk, really inexpensive given how much you can buy that big container. i make my own.
8:12 am
>> we hear so much about what you have to eat, but you also have to move, of course, and this is a little something that you have an acronym for called n.e.a.t., which involves more than just gym time when it comes to moving. what is that? >> this is n.e.a.t., it really is. it's nonexercise activity thoermogenesis. you don't have to go to the gym to be fit. you just need to get on your feet more. we have what we call sitting disease in this country where we do. we just at our jobs, we're always sitting, we're watching tv, sitting. simple things. when you are at the mall, go ahead and take the stairs not the escalator. get on your feet when you're making phone calls. park in that space further from the supermarket so you can walk into the store and get some extra exercise, and just whenever you are waiting, whether it's for an airplane or anything else, just get on your feet. you will burn extra calories. up to 300, 400 more a day. >> wow. that's great. such small changes, which is what's so great about all of these things because we can all walk around while we're on the phone, obviously. >> it takes no extra time. >> no extra extra time. >> another thing we hear a lot
8:13 am
about, healthy fats. omega 3s, fish. at least two servings of fish a week, right? >> american heart association recommends two servings of fish a week. obviously, you can't always get that. that's why a lot of folks, your doctors will recommend to take a fish oil supplement because it really does or can improve heart health. talk to your doctor if you are at risk for heart disease, and he or she may recommend. >> is this good for someone that may not like the taste of fish? you can still take that capsule and sort of bypass it a little bit? >> well, again, maybe. >> maybe. okay. >> and go for the burp-free versions. i highly recommend those. exactly. >> you don't want it coming back to you. >> dr. travis stork, thank you for being here. >> thanks for having me. the new season of "survivor" kicks off tonight. this is a game changer. with us here, two of the best known contestants ever from "survivor." they'll tell us all about it. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. cbs.
8:14 am
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8:16 am
tonight marks the start of the 22nd season of "survivor" and it features two very familiar faces. along with an intriguing new twist. >> when you are voted out at tribal council, you will not go home. >> what? >> instead, you will leave tribal council, and you will be sent to redemption island. where you will live alone. >> ooh, redemption island. here with some details on what's in store are two of our favorite villains, returning contestants boston rob mariano and this guy who is essentially just known as russell. good morning to the both of you guys. real quickly, what is this whole redemption island thing? >> redemption island, a new twist in the game. for the first time, when you're voted out of the game, you're not actually out.
8:17 am
when jeff snuffs your torch you're going to go to another part of the island, where you're going to have a chance to come back into the game, and essentially still have a shot at the million dollars. >> what do you think of this? good twist? >> i like the twist. because i know i'm going to have a target on my back from day one. >> yeah. >> so it gives me an opportunity too come back into the game. but it puts a new strategic way of thinking. you have to -- because that person that you vote out that's just stabbed in the back, instead of just getting rid of them, now they're coming back into the game. so now you have to think, okay, what do i do if they come back? >> what does it do for your philosophy? because i've read you've just said, you know what, if i'm nice, i'll win this thing. just be nice. >> you don't know rob, do i? >> i mean, i know enough about you to know nice is not your thing, man. >> well, i think i'm going to have to play the game differently. you might see a new, sweeter, nicer person in russell. >> okay. >> i don't think it's possible. >> it's not possible.
8:18 am
>> another social element to the game, before you could basically vote people off with wild abandon any way you want, back stab them and there was no consequences. but now, knowing that these people may have the opportunity to come back, you have to think about that. you have to think about how you vote someone off. >> let's talk about you two guys as contestants. your fourth go-around, your third go-around. popular, controversial. i'm going to put that nice thing to the test, okay? a couple of quotes here from the man sitting right next to you. >> okay. >> what did you think when you heard that rob had said you were a little -- he said he's going to kick your blank. you're not a king. and you're a legend in your own mind. >> okay. the facts are this. >> end quote. >> i've already kicked his blank once before. >> yeah. >> so, i wouldn't have came back if it would have just been regular people. but because he said the things he says, it's time for me to kick his blank once again. >> and that's what we're back for. we're here to settle the score.
8:19 am
okay? because this summer i was out in las vegas, i was playing poker, and i was in the world series day three doing the best as i could do, my phone rings, it's executive producer mark burnett, he says what are you doing in three weeks? >> yeah. >> and then he basically lands me with the hook, you want to settle this with russell? and i said, absolutely. i had to do that this time. >> you made a full-time career out of this reality show stuff. >> i'm addicted to it now. >> are there any other reality shows you're looking into besides the ones on cbs? >> let me tell you, i'm doing the best i can and i'm enjoying every minute of it. >> any chance that you two guys maybe form an alliance this time around? is there that possibility? >> i wouldn't bet on it. >> you never know. you never know. >> this is coming from a guy who plays cards and you say don't bet on it. vegas -- you're not -- says it's not going to happen? >> i wouldn't bet on it. >> let me ask you a serious question, though, because there have been some allegations that there have been some leaks out there and you have been the source of those leaks. and i think as a lot of people know there is a huge
8:20 am
confidentiality clause, punishable by $5 million if you're found guilty of having perpetrated this offense. are you guilty? can you tell us now -- >> the problem is with me, i am that villain and people take shots at me. even though it's not really who i really am in real life. >> mm-hmm. >> so, you know, all i can say is it's 100% false. >> yeah. >> and i just, you know, it's hard for me to sit there and take it. but i do. >> so you say -- >> i don't give it any credit whatsoever. >> so you're going to sit there and say you are innocent because this will be used in a court of law. >> definitely. >> with this whole season, season 22. you guys have both been there before. are you at all surprised that it continues to be as popular as it is and it keeps on going and keeps on going? >> i'm not surprised. i mean, the premise of the show, 16, 18, 20 strangers coming together to try to form this, you know, society on an island, i think the reason why it does work is because everybody at home is monday morning quarterbacking this thing and
8:21 am
there's someone that, you know, everybody can relate to. and "survivor," they constantly making new twists like redemption island and different things to keep it fresh. >> keep reinventing it. and this man is reinventing himself. he's going to play nice this guy. rob, thank you so much. russell, thank you. you can catch rob and russell vying for the million dollar pliez when "survivor: redemption island" premieres tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on cbs. you're watching "the early show" right here on cbs. ,,,,,,
8:22 am
i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
8:23 am
good morning. it is 8:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. the 280 connector to 101 is back open in san francisco. it was shut down after the
8:24 am
storm left part of a sign dangling over the ramp. the sign hit the windshield of a passing truck, injuring the driver. san jose city official warning the budget crisis could lead to massive police and fire layoffs. worst-case scenario the city may have to get rid of 349 police officers and 145 firefighters. the "mercury news" reports a quarter of the city's public safety workers could also be cut. and berkeley will not be inviting former guantanomo bay prisoners to live in the city. yesterday, the city council voted on that resettlement measure. it got four votes but needed five to pass. four other members abstained from voting. we'll take a look at traffic and this messy weather coming right up. stay with us.
8:25 am
8:26 am
we have a bad injury accident on westbound 580 through the macarthur maze. we have learned that three middle lanes are blocked. this is a motorcycle accident. and so traffic is only getting by in the far right and left lanes. emergency crews are rolling to the scene. we have been getting lots of phone calls from the kcbs phone force on this one telling us traffic is jammed on 24 and it looks like the backups are unfortunately growing. so our sensors are showing a lot of slow speeds again westbound 580 before the 80 interchange. things fine across the span of the golden gate bridge. we have an accident that may have just been cleared to the
8:27 am
shoulder southbound 101 right around north san pedro road but slow towards 580. lawrence has your forecast. >> stormy around the bay area early on in the morning. things tapering off to showers now but some of the cells moving through are strong. if you get caught under that it's coming down pretty good. toward berkeley you have this cell that's sliding in across the bay. get ready, folks, more rain coming in, isolated thunderstorms throughout the day and showers thursday and friday and into the weekend. @$6$6
8:28 am
there it is.
8:29 am
westminster, and there is your winner hickory. and guess who is with us here this morning? live. there she is. the winner. best in show. the 135th westminster dog show. and oh, she looked great last night. >> she did. she looks great this morning. hickory probably didn't get a lot of sleep, but you wouldn't know it. >> scottish -- what is it? >> scottish deerhound. she's 5. and i believe it's the first time a scottish deerhound has won. >> it is. >> i'm looking forward to meeting her. i think she's really sweet. we were having a debate, because people aren't really familiar with the breed. >> yeah. >> i kind of like the wiryish hair. >> and so well behaved. look at her. >> very mellow. >> she's very proud of her accomplishment. >> this is how champions act. we should all take a lesson. >> very regal. >> a page from her book. >> championship qualities. marysol, good morning to you. >> good morning, everyone at home.
8:30 am
let's take a last look at th
8:31 am
thanks so much. that's your latest weather. we are now at the midway point of our "honeymoon take 2" contest in which couples from across the country are vying for a romantic trip to a tropical paradise. >> we're at the halfway point already? >> i know. >> the games began on monday with the final four and the competition really began to heat up. all week long four lucky couples are competing for the ultimate second honeymoon. erica west brook and darryl willie from oakland, california. lakeland utah's kris and david owed kirk. amber and nick nun from shreveport, louisiana, and charlotte and henry dorsey. >> question number one. >> the competition kicked off monday with the game showcasing how well they know one another. or don't.
8:32 am
know each other. >> by morning's end -- >> never been kissed. >> erica and darryl and kris and david were tied with two points each. amber and nick were on the board with one while charlotte and henry were still looking to get into the game. >> for today's challenge, duets. >> tuesday morning the contestants prepared to display their musical talent. and the late show with david letterman's paul shaffer offered some great advice. >> you can step on their lines, just don't step on their feet. >> as our couples took the stage. ♪ ain't nothing like the real thing baby ♪ >> some went the romantic route. ♪ from one lover to another uh-huh ♪ >> while others chose to show a little more personality. ♪ >> in the end -- ♪ you're the one that i want >> the viewers went online to vote for who they wanted.
8:33 am
amber and nick came out on top earning the maximum 4 points. erica and darryl were close behind with three, followed by charlotte and henry with two. kris and david who finished with one point. >> you guys were all great. >> after two days the leaderboard looks like this. erica and darryl and amber and nick are tied with five points each. kris and david have three while charlotte and henry are hanging on with two. but with two days of competition left, anything could happen and the stakes are certainly high. the winning couple will stay six days and five nights at the exclusive private island resort mush sha cay. the winner will have access to 11 private islands, 40 beaches and a private chef and a staff of 30. all this courtesy of virtuoso and american airlines. travel to over 250 cities in 40 countries on american airlines. >> and here with us once again, david odekirk, nick nunn, henry
8:34 am
dorsey and darryl willie. how you feeling? >> having fun. >> happy to hear that. we may be wondering, perhaps you're thinking at home, where are the ladies? where did the wives go? >> where are the wives? >> have you seen them yet this morning? >> i have. >> you are all about to see them, perhaps as you've never seen them before. they're backstage getting ready for their grand entrance. before we get to that, after the show yesterday we told you that we couldn't let you know yet what they were going to be competing in. well now we can tell you. we sent the four husbands out on a shopping spree yesterday but not for themselves. they had to shop for their wives. >> yeah. how much money did we give them? >> $400. and one hour. that's it. they headed to macy's department store to outfit their ladies from head to toe. let's take a look at how they handled that competition. >> all right. >> geez. ♪ shopping >> i'm worried that i'm going to get something that looks completely ridiculous. >> looks like a sheep.
8:35 am
>> what about this? >> okay. >> start grabbing, huh? >> i started grabbing. >> i'm running myself in circles. >> i lost my map. where'd my map go? >> how do women even shop for these shoes? >> help me. >> i never really knew it was this much work for a woman to put together. ♪ >> this store is crazy. like where am i right now? >> there's the earrings right there. m&ms. >> anne klein. must be calvin's sister. come on. >> i finished early because i'm good at what i do and because no matter what, my wife doesn't like it. but she's got to wear it and i like that part. >> in the bag. >> we got it, baby. we got it.
8:36 am
>> yeah. we're going to see just how well henry did in a moment when their wives walk the runway in just a moment. first here to judge today's fashion competition is, we have brought in some exports. paulina porizkova, the international supermodel who graced the covers of millions of magazines for over two decades. >> and clinton kelly is also with us. >> in a lot of magazines. >> the host of tlc's "what not to wear" and author of "oh, no she didn't: the top 100 style mistakes women make and how to avoid them." judges, good to have you with us. >> good morning. >> happy to be here. >> you posed like this is the hardest thing you could have possibly done to these people. >> it really is. i can only imagine what i would do if my husband were out shopping. i know they've already done the shopping. but for the ladies who are backstage, problem is they have to model this outfit. >> yeah. >> sometimes you have to wear things you don't want to on the runway. any advice for them? they can hear you. >> listen ladies if you're
8:37 am
listening back there, put on your glasses, if you need them, and just believe that you look awesome. because a confident woman is a beautiful woman. and even if you don't look it, just pretend! >> own it. own it, ladies. >> i like it. i like the pretending. >> good advice. >> that's what modeling is all about. >> any advice from you? >> own it. but also realize that these guys had a real challenge. i mean, this is what i do for a living. i can't even imagine styling a woman in an hour in macy's herald square which is gigantic. without being able to fit her in the clothes. >> this is like you're kind of giving them a little bit of a break there. in case the ladies don't like it. i hope they appreciate. >> they were losing their maps. >> i think it's time for our fashion show to begin. our first model this morning, david your wife kris. david you went for a casual look. kris, come on out. woo-hoo. >> here comes the most beautiful woman in new york city! >> kris is wearing an orange
8:38 am
barrel colored shirt. she's stopping traffic in it. baby, blow me a kiss. >> david! whoo! >> tell us a little bit more about why you went with this ensemble, and what you were thinking when you were thinking of your wife in it. >> i know that kris is wearing fancy pants, that's right. >> fancy pants? >> girl, you are wearing those jeans. it's getting hot. now if we could get a close-up on the earrings. a really tight shot. kris may be really hot but these earrings won't melt because m&ms melt in your mouth, not in your ears. >> oh! >> and lastly to finish out the ensemble we have boots by nine west. these boots are made for walking. walking straight to the bahamas for a second honeymoon. >> very good. >> i like it. >> tell us about it. >> you each had $400. david you spent $283.77.
8:39 am
>> oh, that was a bargain. i got to say i thought i was much closer to $400. >> he's so used to bargain shopping. >> what do you think? you like what he did? >> i do. i was so impressed that he bought me jeans. and sort of skinny jeans. >> and they fit you. >> and they do! i know. >> this is awesome. >> exactly. >> my husband -- >> i'm like honey, 1989? >> exactly. >> but you got it. you got it. >> it's amazing. >> how did david do? >> i think he did really well. i love the way you called this fashion show. that's one of the best calls i've heard in a long time. >> i think there's a reality show in here. >> fancy pants. >> i'm impressed you got jeans that fit on the first try, too. there's a lot of stuff going on but the fit is really nice on them. >> good work. good work. >> now the way you walked out on the runway, you were full of confidence. you were cheery and bright and sunny and you look like you are feeling it. >> i am.
8:40 am
>> you're selling those clothes. >> it's great that you're so happy with what he picked with you and you love how hot your wife looks. we love that. up next, couple number two. >> and next up is nick's wife amber. now nick struggled a bit with his challenge. amber come on out. nick tell us exactly how you came up with this outfit. go ahead. >> amber is streeting her stuff do and showing us all clothes don't have to fit to be hot! she's sporting michael kors slacks and a sleeveless top. that jacket, whoo, gets a little chilly in new york city so she has plenty of sleeve to keep those hands warm. but it's okay, because check out those shoes. i mean, seriously, that's what it's all about, right? >> and you picked those shoes out all by yourself? >> i did. >> i like them. >> the shoes are hot. >> i guess the big question is amber what do you think of the shoes? >> i love the shoes. outfit -- what i love most about the outfit, though, is it looks exactly like what i wore on the show monday.
8:41 am
thanks, honey. >> playing it safe. >> judges? >> all right, well, look the way you came out was obvious you weren't entirely in a comfort zone. but you loved your husband, and you were just doing your best for him. and that was very sweet. and not completely convincing. >> what do you think about the outfit that was put together? >> i just want to yank your pants up because they're falling down. you've got dropped crotch right now. driving me a little bit crazy. otherwise a nice leg on the pant and the shoe does make the whole outfit. >> thank you. that's the only thing i did good on. >> shoe always sets the tone for the outfit. sexy shoe for a sexy woman. >> the limit $390. >> you actually spent $372. you came in under budget. >> you got money left for a hot dog on the street later. >> you know what else? it's a simple palette and kind of an elegant look which is really cool for a guy to think of his wife looking like a lady.
8:42 am
i like that. >> very nice. >> up next, henry's wife charlotte. charlotte and hen very have been married the longest here. we'll see just how well hen very knows charlotte, her sizes, her style. charlotte. >> okay. >> okay here's charlotte. here's my wife in the calvin klein a world renowned name in fashion wear. charlotte's styling in a midnight black dress pant with a contrasting belt. show the belt, babe. charlotte's also sporting calvin klein white shawl collar sweater over a coordinating zebra print tunic top. for walking the runway in the streets of new york city charlotte is wearing a comfortable yet fashionable pair of enzo angiolini shoes. completing the ensemble is the purse and bracelets from wonderful calvin's sister anne klein. >> very nice. >> well done. >> i love that you went with the full accessories, the shoes, the
8:43 am
bag, the bracelet, and the flat shoe for his wife. >> that's a very nice choice for a married man to make, right? >> of course. >> well, no, usually if a guy gets a dress you always end up with these. i mean, that's nice. you were thinking of her comfort pbl and she looks comfortable. you look glowing. you look like you're just happy. your eyes are sparkling. >> great job. everything fits. >> yeah, look at that. >> he did a great job with fit, i have to tell you that. i think the shoe looks like a comfortable shoe. i don't think a comfortable shoe has to look like a comfortable shoe. i think that's setting the tone. it's a little bit frumpy on the shoe. but i love this blouse on you. i think the sweater is great. and you're definitely working it. >> thank you. he did great. >> very nice. >> excellent job. >> all right we do want to get to our last couple now. >> yes, we do. course finally let's take a look at darryl and erica, and let's bring erica on out right now. >> whoo! >> new york city and a runway
8:44 am
model, nope, that's my wife. this look is all the buzz on international runways in milan, oakland and charlotte. this is fun and furry. this high end look starts with the furry coat. it's huggable, and it matches her hair. the strapless flirty, flowy, clean dress and those boots accentuate her kneecaps. you don't see many accessories because the only accessory she needs is her smile. >> okay. >> very nice. very nice. >> okay. get on up there. darryl what made you, when you saw that coat say to yourself, okay i need to have that coat? >> i was going for, it's fashion week, i was going for in your face, let's go, let's do it. she's been talking about it. so i thought, let me make her look good. >> and he did make you look good. but you always look good. >> it's hard to make her look bad. >> i know, it is. >> and i mean, my god, girl, you got the moves. i don't know, what shows you watch, but you are a model. >> work it.
8:45 am
>> this was a professional runway. >> and this is a professional styling job. this is as close as you can get to being professionally styled by a straight man. >> are you sure you're straight? >> yes, yes. wait, i'll tell you. >> it's a great outfit. really hot. look like you're ready for a good time in new york. >> excellent. >> you all did very well this morning. paulina, clinton, thank you for your expert advice and critiquing as well. >> remember these four couples are relying on you to send them on their second honeymoon. just one more day of competition and our viewers will ultimately decide who wins this dream vacation. just cast your vote for kris and david, amber and nick, charlotte and henry or erica and darrell. go to our website, >> this was a fun one. i really liked this competition. i'm very impressed by how you all did, gentlemen. tomorrow, we are really heating up the competition. literally.
8:46 am
>> yes, our couples are going to hit the kitchen for a little cooking competition. there will be a twist. we don't want to give that away just yet. you're not going to want to miss this because it's a cooking competition with a twist. >> but before we let you get to that you are, of course, here in the big apple for a week so you've had a chance to take in some of the various sights and sounds. no trip to new york city, however, is complete without a broadway show. so, we made a few calls, and the folks just down the street at the schubert theater sent over some tickets for you. you are off to see the tony award winning best musical "memphis." so get ready for your date night on broadway. and start thinking about how you're going to win in the kitchen tomorrow. >> we excited as we come down to the final days of competition? let's go! we've got to turn it up a notch. >> that's right. go to our website, show them all some love. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. when he needs his country.
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this portion of "the early show" sponsored by purina. your pet, our passion. >> a big upset at the westminster kennel club dog show last night here in new york city. for the first time ever in its 135-year history, a scottish deerhound won best in show. >> america's new top dog is hickory. and hickory is with us right now, along with her handler. angela lloyd and david frei has hosted the show for more than 20 years. good morning to the three of you. >> good morning. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> i assume this is the biggest honor in all of your handling career. >> it is. that is true. >> were you nervous in the competition? >> amazingly not. >> no? >> i don't know why. but, -- >> did hickory seem pretty confident from the get-go? >> she was. she really did. she went in the ring last night, that was the best she had ever shown for me and the whole 2 1/2 years that i've shown her, and she owned it.
8:50 am
>> clearly she owned it, because she is top dog. >> she's so composed. we've been hanging out with her a little bit this morning behind the scenes here and she hasn't made a peep, she's so well behaved. especially with everything she's been through here. >> yes. >> whirlwind day. >> what does the rest of the day entail for history? >> our world media tour as we call it. she goes from here to a couple of other stops. eventually we get to the observation deck at the empire state building where all the great champions go. from there to sardi's where they serve her sliced steak on a silver platter. and eventually we're going to end up at the ronald mcdonald house and visit some pediatric oncology patients. >> fantastic. >> she's the world's newest single-name celebrity. >> you've been doing this show for 20 years. you've been here with us a number of times on "the early show" with the winners. what's different, do you think, about hickory? >> well, i think any time you come down to the final lineup you've got seven great dogs, so to win it, and she did this, you have to own the ground you stand over. whether you call it charisma or
8:51 am
personality or showmanship, she had it all. >> when you first saw her, the beginning of the competition, i mean, is this the type of dog that you look at and say, this is best in show quality? >> well, i raised afghan hounds so i have a good eye for sight hounds, as she is. i knew she was a great dog when i saw her a couple of years ago when she was first starting out. under angela's wonderful hand, she's won great things. won 14 best in shows, now 15. ready to retire. >> big dog. >> yeah. it's like a pony. >> 85 pounds, right? you know what i love about hickory, she's a country girl, right? >> she is a country girl. she likes to go home and run on the farm. >> chase deer? >> pretty soon she'll be able to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:52 am
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nearly two- thousand people are and good morning, everybody. it's 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 headlines. nearly 2,000 people still without electricity this morning after the storm knocked out power across the bay area. 800 outages are reported in san
8:54 am
francisco and on the peninsula, 500 people are without power and in the east bay, there are around 400 outages. as many as 200 people without power in the south bay. bay area travelers flying may see only minor delays today. yesterday the airline grounded nearly 100 planes nationwide to perform unscheduled maintenance checks on united airlines. there are no systemwide delays right now or cancellations to report. we have your. traffic and weather right after this. stay right there. ,,,,
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8:57 am
through oakland bottleneck towards downtown. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> wind and rain howling around the bay area overnight. folks a good rain shower towards oakland and berkeley now, good cells rotating in. a cell sliding in toward oakland. and it looks like we are going to see more of these wandering cells throughout the day on and off. expect showers, sunshine, even a few thunderstorms especially this afternoon. more rain on the way for tomorrow and friday. ,,,,
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i love america, i love my pet bald eagle brock, my bison sara, i love my pick-up with the custom constitution paint job... i celebrate jury duty... i love america so much, i'm making an all american jack combo two jumbo patties, with melting cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles, plus fries and a drink for only $4.99. i've celebrated every american tradition...except one... spring break cancun yo!!!!!!!! try the all american jack and enter to win an all-american spring break for you and 10 of your friends. >> rachael: love it cook? >> love to cook? >> not how you cook. >> rachael: for the first time ever, america's bff, jennifer aniston, pulls up a seat at our kitchen table. let's get to know jennifer. what she's telling us that she's
8:59 am
not telling anybody else. >> i wonder if there is a youtube video of that. >> rachael: is there really a part on this body she would like to change? >> my dark is greek and it is rounder. >> rachael: a truly hair-raising makeover. let go of the box! we find out if your favorite celebrity do would work on you. >> i never thought i could pull this off. >> rachael: what do guys like? they like wigs and everybody loves fried chicken. i decided i'd make both. [cheers and applause] >> rachael: welcome, everybody, welcome, welcome, welcome. thank you very much. you probably don't want to settle in just yet, my first guest needs no introduction, but you'll want to be in the position you are in right now, standing. please welcome to the kitchen table, the lovely jennifer


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