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tv   The Early Show  CBS  February 17, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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exclusive photos and video obtained by cbs news. the pictures you're seeing them here right now believed to show hosni mubarak's departure from cairo last friday and the day he stepped down as president finally conceding to the thousands of pro democracy protesters. the images appear to show mubarak waving good-bye. before leaving by helicopter with his family for the resort city of sharm el sheikh in egypt. that wax six days ago. the shocks of the uprising on felt strongly across the arab world. for a closer look at that cbs news terry mccarthy joins us live from cairo with the very latest. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. a violent crackdown on protesters in bahrain this morning which is, among other things, a key regional ally for the united states because that is where the u.s. navy's fifth fleet is based.
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before dawn this morning, violence broke out in the island kingdom of bahrain. thousands of protesters had camped out overnight in pearl square in central manama. but if they had hoped bahrainian security forces would leave them alone they were disappointed. 2:45 in the morning, local time, riot police approached the square from several directions. they began firing tear gas and buckshot and rubber bullets. witnesses said the tear gas was so thick, that many people were vomiting from its affects. abc reporting miguel marques in the crowd. he and his crew were attacked and had their familiar rattan away. >> journalists! journalists! he said no! he said no! he said no! ah! >> reporter: marquez managed to escape and refleked on what
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happened later. >> ahead of protests on friday. >> reporter: first light the square had been cleared and security forces unrolled razor wire to prevent the protesters from returning. >> some of the regimes are now facing opposition are likely to use extreme violence themselves as we have already seen in iran, as we're liking to see in places lie syria and libya, where they have no function against shooting their own people. >> reporter: already security forces have opened fire on protesters in yemen where president saleh is trying to prevent protesters from his 30-year rule. the entire middle east was capita vated. the big question is whether peaceful change is possible in other countries in the region. erica? >> that is the big question mark. terry mccarthy in cairo, thanks. joining us on the tlelve from bahrain this morning is cbs
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radio reporter tula. what is the situation there on the ground right now? >> chris, the situation is very tense on the ground right now. the streets are empty and the military has taken up key posts in the city of manama and saying any gatherings are now illegal and the city is under the control of the military, this after a harrowing evening at pearl square where the police basically ambushed sleeping protesters, firing bullets -- i should say rubber bullets, tear gas and using batons to disperse them. >> what are the protesters primary issues right now with the government? >> they started out asking for key democratic reform but after the initial killings of two protesters, they are now demanding an entire regime change and they want the prime minister and the hierarchy of the government to resign. >> you surprised how swift and heavy-handed this crackdown by the government has been on these protesters? >> reporter: from experience, i
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had a suspicion that things were far too quiet and the police were far too distant from the thousands that had gathered at pearl square. when they opened fire in the wee hours of the morning, it was sudden, but it didn't surprise me, because they cut the internet a few hours beforehand and when they moved in on the protesters, it made sense why things were so quiet previously. >> tula, thank you. >> reporter: thank you. the turmoil in the middle east may have a serious impact in the united states. the average price of gasoline hit a 28-month high on wednesday. $3.13 a gallon. so how much of that is linked to the middle east protests and will the unrest have a bigger impact on wall street? cbs news business and economics correspondents rebecca jarvis here to discuss these things with us right now. could people be concerned the gas prices inching closer to $4 it looks like the next few months? >> they are.
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a number of the projections indicate we could see as high as $3.85 a gallon of gasoline this summer. something to consider but it puts us below the all-time high we saw in july of 2008 which was $4.11 a gallon. >> we are seeing the unrest in the middle east. is that the deciding factor in how high oil prices, gas prices do go? >> it is a significant factor, chris. any time you see tension in the middle east unrest there, it certainly sends shock waves through the system. traders, i've been on the floor of the new york mercantile exchange where oil is traded. any time the headlines cross, traders get nervous and prices tend to rise because we get a fifth of our oil imports from that region. >> flip side of it, we look at stocks and stocks continue to move higher so the stock investors have not been scared here? >> no. the stock market hasn't been afraid and we didn't see really much fear in the system during the protests in egypt, ermg.
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corporate america continues to make money and consumers are spending more money. in addition to that the federal reserve has raised its growth forecast. yesterday, they raised them for the year. so they are anticipating a stronger year. >> big picture now. what does this say to the economy should in the next couple of months gas prices inch towards $3.85, $4? >> all of a sudden, consumers feel more pain and when you have unemployment still at 9% which is a significant level for the economy to bear and a fragile recovery underway, it could be a concern going toward. >> rebecca jarvis, thank you. in politics a stunning administration from senator scott brown. the gop star who was elected to the massachusetts senate seat long held by ted kennedy. in an interview on "60 minutes" with leslie stal stall he is speaking out about his painful pass as a child victim of sexual abuse. >> reporter: back in his hometown of wakefield, mass, he tells us how he suffered as a little boy from physical and
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psychological abuse at the hands of his mother's many husbands. but when scott was 10, he experienced another kind of abuse at the hands of a camp counselor. you tell us that you were actually sexually abused more than once? >> yep. fortunately, nothing was ever fully consummated so to speak, but it it was certainly, back then, very traumatic. he said if you tell anybody, you know, i'll kill you, you know? i will make sure that no one believes you and that is the biggest thing, when people find people like me at that young vulnerable age who are basically lost, the thing that they have over you is they make you believe that no one will believe you. >> reporter: so you never reported it? >> no. my mom will read about it for the first time. my wife -- >> >> reporter: doesn't know? >> no, i haven't told anybody. that is what happens when you're a victim. you're embarrassed and hurt.
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>> can you see the entire interview on "60 minutes" this sunday night at 6:00 central on cbs. joining us now is jonathan allen, senior congressional reporter for and joins us from washington. good to have you with us. probably the question on everyone's mind, why now? >> i think the reason that this is happening now is that senator brown is writing his memoir. there is, obviously, a lot of interest in him after he had the big republican victory last november by winning ted kennedy's seat in february. he is writing this memoir and hitting book stands on monday. this interview with "60 minutes" in rolling that out and promoting it this particular anecdote came out. i think the timing has to do with the fact the book is coming out. >> from your position there and covering things on capitol hill, have you started to hear any rumblings? any mention of this in the hallways in terms of reaction?
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>> i think people are talking about it, absolutely. this is really a startling revelation. i can't think of any other member of congress, certainly no male member of congress who has come out to talk about sexual abuse that they suffered. it's something i think people are looking at from the human perspective, obviously, rather than the political perspective. >> is there a political ankle here at all? we hear so much it is cathartic for victims to be able to talk about these things. is there any risk from his stance as a politician? >> i don't think there is any political negative here. i mean, you know, there is no one he would be alienating here. if anything, probably this humanizing him to a great number of people and this is a situation, again, that is human and not political and you've got, obviously, people who will draw inspiration from this, victims of child sexual abuse who will see the successful, powerful guys coming out and
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saying this and will be able to draw that they, too can overcome that and make something of themselves and not be afraid of it and not have it be a stigma. >> the senator is also pointing out, in fact, he tweeted saying that abuse is part of his life and part of what he writes about. but, quote, i hope people will read it and be inspired by its message. meaning the full book. is this potentially scott brown's audacity of hope? >> absolutely. politicians these days write their memoirs in advance of running for higher office and scott brown has been mentioned as a potential national ticket guy. that certainly is something that could be happening here. president obama revealed a lot in his memoirs. i guess two of them actually before he ran for president. so certainly that could lay the groundwork. i think what he said is that this is something that happened in his life and that is why he included it in this book, and that he was just being forthcoming about it and like you said it's part of his life.
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i'm told by people who have seen the book that the first few chapters his early life, the physical abuse and sexual abuse are hard to emotionally read through but once you get past that, it's a very inspiring tale. >> jonathan allen, appreciate your time this morning. thanks. >> take care. >> now for more headlines, jeff glor is at the news desk. let's check in with him now. in wisconsin a dramatic showdown between state workers and the governor as nearly two dozen school districts are closed down. workers held a sleep-in at the statehouse overnight over a cost cutting bill. >> this is wrong! this is wrong! >> thousands of teachers and other state workers are calling in sick and protesting a bill that would raise the cost of their health insurance and pensions and eliminate collective bargaining. 20,000 gathered yesterday and another massive rally and stayed wyatt strikes planned today and school districts are closing down today. wisconsin's new republican governor scott walker says the state is at a point of financial
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crisis. on capitol hill, another budget battle. the house begins its third day of debate on this year's federal spending bill. yesterday, a budget win for the president with some unlikely help. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has details on that. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jeff. that's right. it's not very often that the obama administration finds itself on the same side as tea party republicans when it comes to spending. the battle over this year's 1.2 trillion dollar budget included a defeat for house speaker john boehner who backed the f-35 engine program and part of it would have been made in his district but secretary gates and the president say it's not necessary and so do fiscal conservatives. >> this isn't about parochial interests. for us standing here, this is about what we can afford and what we cannot afford any more. >> reporter: it was one of a series of votes as the house tries to wrap up the spending bill to fund the government for the rest of this fiscal year. republicans are trying to cut as
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much as 100 billion. targeting everything from funding for public broadcasting. >> republicans have tilted the fiscal scales in favor of big oil at the expense of big bird. >> reporter: to funding for the new health care law. jay carney, mr. obama's new press secretary, giving his first white house briefing, echoed the white house line. >> without getting into specifics, i think that the president has made clear that he doesn't, you know, we cannot support arbitrary or irresponsible or deep cuts that undermine our ability to grow the economy. >> reporter: the house could vote today on that spending bill which keeps the government running through early march but the senate isn't likely to take it up until next month and not likely to go along yeah way. that means the government could shut down unless they agree to put temporary funds in there to keep it going. it's what you could call business as usual. >> bill, thank you very much. the president meets today with apple ceo steve jobs who is on medical leave as rumors continue to swirl about his
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health. the president will also talk with facebook finder mark zuckerberg during a trip to california where he will discuss high tech innovation and jobs. in vietnam a tourist boat sank killing 12 including two americans. it happened in hallong bay. 27 people on the boat and most sleeping. it sank in about 30 feet of water. a shark swarm off the coast of florida. thousands of sharks were swimming yesterday about 50 yards. just 50 yards from the beach in boca raton. biologists say sharks migrate to warmer water this time of year and bait on fish. we check in o now with maryl castro. >> good morning to you. good morning, everyone at home. take a look at the national picture. there is a warming up trend. it's all along the s
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>> thanks so much. that is your latest weather. over to u.s. guy.
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good morning. >> i love the warming trend! good morning to you. >> i know but don't get too used to it. >> i will live in the present moment and than joy it. >> as well you should. still to come this morning more reaction from bernie madoff's bombshell jailhouse interview. we will hear from a madoff victim. one of the thousands of people madoff is not talking about. in that caramel color in your favorite cola may be a cancer-causer. we will hear the latest charges in the soda wars. this is "the early show" on cbs.
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welcome back. can you imagine losing $5 million to bernie madoff's ponzi scheme? >> so many people had put their life savings, they had worked so hard, a lot of times with money they had inherited from their own parents, their retirement fund. and then we hear about people who lost it all after investing with that man. we're going to speak with one of those people this morning, who lived through that nightmare. he's now reacting to bernie
7:20 am
madoff's first interview, which we talked about yesterday. and let me tell you, the headline in this one. he's not impressed with what madoff has to say. >> exactly. serving 150 years, and now talking for the first time in two years. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by mercedes-benz. experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. [ kim ] i was literally falling asleep at the wheel. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short. but my car did. -my car did. -thankfully, my mercedes did. [ male announcer ] a world you can't predict... demands a car you can trust. the e-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services.
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an undercover sting has put the commander of the "cent costa narcotics ta it is 7:25. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. an undercover sting operation put the commander of the central contra costa county narcotics task force in jail that man, norman wielsch is accused of stealing drugs that his officers confiscated and then selling them. a friend of his is also accused
7:24 am
in the case apple shares down this morning on word that apple boston steve jobs has been seen at the stanford cancer center. jobs has's history cancer is on leave of absence. he will be one of the executive meeting with president obama in san francisco. there is a special effort this weekend to raise money for music and athletic programs in the mount diablo unified school district in concord for some schools that are being closed. 14 car dealerships in concord say they will donate some of their proceeds and the city of concord is also pitching in. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. it is a wet windy start to our morning commute. here's a live look at 880 through oakland. nimitz freeway, so far it is not backing up in those northbound lanes. it's definitely slow but we aren't seeing the bottleneck we usually see close to 8:00. windy, look at the camera rocking and rolling this morning towards downtown. all right, just getting word of this accident. southbound 280 at highway 92, a little bit slow in the area. obviously, you can see some brake lights as well along the peninsula on 101. san mateo bridge high wind warnings in effect and pretty much all of our bridges still across the bay area. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, yeah, it's now backed up to the maze. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with your forecast. >> all right, getting wild out
7:27 am
there this morning, folks. got some lightning strikes beginning to show up again. scattered showers heaviest amounts of rain in the north bay. got a good squall now making its way up in that direction. take a look at that cell as it's pushing onshore. going to bring with it numerous lightning strikes here, unsettled weather on and off throughout the bay area, especially in the morning hours. showers continuing even some snow across some of the mountain peaks here. likely to see some showers for friday and into saturday morning then drying out for the weekend. ,,,,,,,,
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and welcome back to "the early show," 31 days till spring. all across the nation, though, warmer temperatures today from kansas city, where it's going to be 73, indianapolis, 71.
7:29 am
close to 60 here in new york today. >> we'll take it. i didn't know you were counting down till spring. but i like that you've got that number in your head. >> from the winter we've had we're all counting down. >> just ahead, the very latest on bernie madoff. madoff himself is now saying the big banks, quote, had to know that he was a fraud. and that, understandably, has many of his victims rather upset once again. especially because, in that explosive interview, madoff didn't mention the people that he cheated. >> we're going to talk with one of those victims who says he lost $5 million to madoff. and hear about his efforts to get some of that money back. but first let's go back to jeff glor at the news desk for another check of our top story this morning. jeff. >> chris, good morning to you. bahrain's military says this morning it is banning protests after a sudden and violent crackdown on demonstrators overnight. the army launched that deadly attack against protesters early this morning in the capital. this morning, pearl square was littered with debris. earlier police used tear gas, clubs and tanks to move
7:30 am
protesters. at least four people were killed and 60 people are reported missing. the government is warning people to stay off the streets today. cbs news has obtained exclusive pictures that are believed to show hosni mubarak's final moments in cairo, egypt. they show a convoy of cars driving up to a presidential helicopter last friday just before it was announced mubarak was stepping down as president of egypt. it's believed the helicopters carried mubarak and his family to the egyptian resort of sharm el sheikh. cbs news chief foreign affairs correspondent lara logan continues her recovery this morning. she was attacked and brutally beaten on friday while covering the uprising in egypt. on wednesday, she received a call f
7:31 am
the man behind the largest ponzi scheme in history is stirring up new controversy now. bernard madoff in his first interview since being jailed in 2008 tells "the new york times" some banks and hedge funds, in his words, had to know his operation was a fraud.
7:32 am
before we hear from a madoff investor who lost his family fortune, cbs news national correspondent jim axelrod gets us caught up with the latest. >> reporter: after more than two years, people still can't get enough about bernie madoff. wednesday's front page story in the "times" drew both headlines, and outrage. >> does that refocus your anger? >> i guess it stirs up a certain level of anger for me. >> reporter: george nierenberg doesn't miss an article. he lost his life savings investing with madoff. and is constantly searching for answers. >> it's a lot hidden under the rocks with madoff. >> reporter: madoff may have revealed some of his secrets when he boldly u-turned in his claim that he acted ra loan. in the interview he said banks were complicit, engaging in willful blindness. essentially looking away. >> does it ultimately make a difference for any of us? really, probably not. will it make a difference in terms of how much money is
7:33 am
recovered? probably, yes. >> reporter: madoff didn't name any banks or hedge funds in particular. >> he's a very self-serving witness. he is at the inner circle of financial hell, and i think he wants other people surrounding him to share the guilt and cucul culpabili culpability. he's a man who's got to rationalize the suicide of his child. >> reporter: bernard madoff may be the last guy who is going to get any benefit of the doubt when it comes to his side of the story. jim axelrod, cbs news, new york. burt ross lost $5 million in bernie madoff's ponzi scheme. he spoke in court movingly the day madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison. he joins us this morning. thanks for coming in. when you opened up the paper yesterday morning, you saw the headline, you read the article, you read the things that bernie madoff has said. what was your first reaction? >> well, he's back again to talking about in that article, and that was the lead article by diana henriques of "the new york
7:34 am
times" about how years ago he had made money for people legitimately. and i still don't think he gets. i think he is so insecure that he's trying to say, and he said this at the trial also, that he really was a bright guy and could make money for people legitimately. but that's not bernie madoff's epitaph. the fact of the matter is, he couldn't make money for people without cheating. and that's what he is. he's a cheat. >> so in reading that article to you it said this guy still doesn't get it? >> no. and he never will. there was no expectation, i think, on any of our parts that he is ever going to get it. we're not looking for that. >> he came out in the interview, he told "the new york times." that he had given some information to the trustees overseeing the liquidation of the firm's assets to help -- that would help recover some of the money. then we hear this morning that that trustee says, look, you know what? i never sat down and had that conversation with him. do you think he may have lied? and if so, would that surprise
7:35 am
you? >> well, if i had a choice between believing bernie madoff or the federal trustee, irving bacard, my money is on irving piccard. bernie madoff has no credibility with me. >> do you think that banks and hedge funds perhaps did know about this? >> i think a point has to be clarified and it's not just with the hedge funds and with the banks and with the family. there's a huge difference between actually knowing, which would be possibly criminal. >> mm-hmm. >> and being suspicious, or should have known. and i think that in most of these instances, we're in the latter category. which is possibly should have known, and then maybe there was a violation of a fiduciary responsibility with a bank and those people may end up having to cough up a lot of money. but that's quite different from the concept of actually knowing. >> so you don't think it's the kind of thing that these institutions knew about and then
7:36 am
actively turned away from? >> i think that many of them may have been suspicious. >> mm-hmm. >> and it was probably in their self-interest not to do additional due diligence. it's kind of when you see something you don't like, you turn away from it. >> right. >> but that's different from being complicit. >> does this make you angry at all? >> no. i felt that by putting the anger away a couple years ago i was going to get through life a lot better. so, maybe it's suppressed but no it doesn't make me angry. >> burt ross, thanks for coming in this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> just ahead, is it time for you to can the soda? we'll tell you about a new report which claims the chemicals in soda could actually be cancer causing. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] the healing power of touch
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7:40 am
now a consumer advocacy group says chemicals that give cola its distinctive caramel color may cause cancer. ned cal correspondent dr. jennifer ashton is here with that story for us this morning. >> good morning. >> we hear the diet soda study last week. now this soda study this week. soda lovers have got to be saying, whoa, we need to take a step back. >> some people are getting pretty upset. this comes from the center for science in public interest. and what they are concerned about is a chemical that is liberated during the production process of making colas that they say has been found in government studies to cause cancer in animals. the state of california is so concerned about this that they have listed one of these ingredients on their list of substances known to cause cancer, and they want to limit the amount to no more than 16 micrograms a day. to put that into context for you, 20 ounces of cola can contain 12 times that amount. >> over half of the population drinks soda. i mean this is really -- you've got to really scale this back. >> absolutely. now there's two sides to every
7:41 am
story here, chris. and even this watchdog group themselves say the risk is small. the beverage association is outraged. they say this is not based on science. this has only been found to cause possibly cancer in animals, not in humans, that these substances are found everywhere. and much more research needs to be done. and the fda is looking into it. >> always three sides to a story. their side, their side, and then of course the truth. look at all these items and you look at the caramel coloring that exists in so many different things out there. it's not just sodas. >> that's correct. >> and here's the important thing to understand. when you heat sugar it makes a light brown coloring. this is actually what it looks like. this is just the natural caramel coloring. when you look at darker food products, this is the color you get, this is a cosmetic result. this is not adding to the flavor in any way, and it is not just found in cola. it's found in steak sauce, soy sauce, some maple syrups, some dark beer. found in a lot of products. >> as far as your overall health, the effect that this has on that.
7:42 am
just on your day-to-day well-being. >> well, we've said it before our bodies are about 60% water. not 60% soda. so once in awhile, in moderation, probably the risk is going to be low. again, not everything that's found to be dangerous in a lab rat or animal is going to be really dangerous to a human being. but we need to understand that you can get 100% of your beverage needs just by drinking water. and then you're doing away with the chemicals, you're doing away with the sugar, the sweets and all of those things. it's an individual decision, but medically, really, your body just needs water. >> can i ask you a question, if you were a soda drinker would these two studies the last two weeks, would you make you say i've got to change my ways? >> probably not. i'd probably continue to drink my soda. but you need to understand the risks. >> thank you very much. up next, a new 12uddy leads to a hair-raising discovery. could it be the cure for baldness that so many men have dreamed of? we'll find out when we come back. ok...peggy. yes, i have 100,000 reward points. what are my options?
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researchers at ucla did
7:46 am
something recently, by accident, that could change the lives of tens of millions of people with hair loss. >> then there's hope. the surprise discovery of interest, of course, to both mice and men as cbs news correspondent jeff jones reports. >> reporter: if there's one fear that unites nearly every man it's the prospect of going bald. by the time we're 50, nearly half of us will lose at least some of our hair. >> i think everybody wants to have a full head of hair. >> instantly covers your bald spot. >> reporter: americans spend $3.5 billion a year trying to stop those hairlines from receding. and while you may think you've heard it before, now there may well be a cure for the follically challenged. researchers at ucla who originally set out to study ways to prevent stress-related stomach problems in genetically altered bald mice found something else entirely. hair. >> it was a very big surprise to us and we were all very excited.
7:47 am
>> reporter: the head researcher says they injected hairless mice with five doses of a stress-blocking compound. three months later, when they checked on their once bald mice, they were shocked to find every hairless mouse had grown a full head and back of hair. >> i want it. that would be my reaction. because i don't have very much left. >> reporter: does this mean researchers might have found the fountain of youth for all balding men? well, not quite. in the end, the findings may only help men who are losing their hair due to stress. not the most common cause, genetics. but for the roughly 80 million men living with a shiny scalp, hope may be growing. seth doane, cbs news, new york. >> i shouldn't laugh. because i know a number of people and i know this is a big issue for them. but it's always fascinating to me and i love the guy who says, "i want it." your dad has a good saying.
7:48 am
>> he's been bald ins 18 and i always say dad, why the baldness? he said christian, you can't grow grass on a busy street. >> a lot going on up there. we'll be right back. you're watching t"the early sho" on cbs. and instant savings up to four hundred dollars on select mattresses. head to sears to talk with our mattress experts or shop our largest selection online. hurry, it all starts friday! sears.
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7:53 am
ama is coming to the good morning. time for your news headlines from cbs 5. president obama is coming to the bay area to meet tonight with heavyweights from the tech industry. it will be at private home in san francisco. the group is expected to
7:54 am
discuss the president's tech agenda, jobs, education and innovation. the guest list a who's who of the bay area business world. and a mayor chuck reed will give the annual state of the city address this evening starting at 7:00 at the civic auditorium after a short ceremony. tonight's event will be far from festive given the city's budget deficit. it's snowing in the sierra and more is expected. this is a look at pollock pines on u.s. 50 where chains are required between placerville and myers. chains are also required east of colfax on 80 and here at home in the foothills overlooking san jose, mt. hamilton road is closed east of quimby. more. traffic and weather right after this. ,, a limited time, get sizzler's 6oz, fresh cut, tri-tip steak plus our endless salad and dessert bar for just $10.99.
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7:56 am
let's go live towards the san mateo bridge. we have a new injury crash coming in and check this out. you can see emergency crews are out there tow crews. they have the left lane blocked past the toll plaza. it is a slow ride right now. once you get closer to the high- rise, then speeds improve. but yeah, it is a wet windy start still to our morning commute. it is a mess out there. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is still backed up well into the macarthur maze and check out that drive time down the eastshore freeway. almost 40 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence.
7:57 am
>> a little slick out there on the roads. we have the storm clouds moving in and, folks, we're seeing some lightning strikes out there right now. getting pretty fierce off the coast as a squall moves onshore. rain making its way in along the peninsula as we speak it's going to be off and on, moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall throughout the morning and into the afternoon. still some more showers in the works as we head towards the next couple of days, less though heading towards saturday morning. dry come sunday, more rain next monday and tuesday. not all manufacturing processes are created equal. not all engineering standards are created equal. which is why not all luxury vehicles are created equal. the hard way means never taking short cuts. the hard way is how lexus inspires absolute confidence. this is the pursuit of perfection.
7:58 am
♪ p top of the hour. it's going to be a beautiful day across much of the country. this beautiful warming trend, which marysol castro will tell us more about in a couple
7:59 am
minutes. good news for everyone. >> great news. we mentioned before, 31 days the countdown on until spring, twitter, facebook, everybody is jumping on that bandwagon. it's a very big topic today. >> ready for that date. >> i'm chris wragge with erica hill. there may be a fountain of youth out there, another big story, made of fiber. a study of half a million found those who ate the most fiber had a 22% risk lower of dying, from about all causes, and it's not that it's tough to add more fiber to your diet, people don't know how much fiber is in their food, what does fiber enta tail? >> you think you need to eat a bran muffin and there's so much more to it. if you don't like a bran muffin easy to get in a number of other places. >> dr. ashton will be here to steer us in the right direction. >> you may be wanting to wait by the mailbox because the royal wedding invitations, we're told, could be on their way. may be sent out today. we are live in london with the
8:00 am
latest on prince william and kate middleton. we'll talk about their first official trip as husband and wife because we've been told where they will be for their summer vacation, if you will. also, does prince harry, the best man, already have his date picked out? we got this couple married off already. let's look at the next royal couple, right? >> so many things to talk about. let's check back in with jeff glor who has more info for us. >> good morning to you. bahrain's army is coming down hard on anti-government demonstrators this morning. major highways are closed on the island nation and the military has banned further protests for now. early this morning riot police suddenly stormed protesters in bahrain's capital. at least four people were killed. the demonstrators want political reform, but cbs news radio correspondent toula vlahou in bahrain says things changed when things turned violent. >> they are wanting regime change, they want the prime
8:01 am
minister to resign, they want the constitution rewritten that represents all people equally and they're demanding the release of political prisoners who have been arrested in previous protests. >> besides the four people who were killed opposition leaders say 60 people are missing. today gulf foreign ministers are holding an emergency meeting in bahrain. cbs news has obtained exclusive pictures believed to show former egyptian president hosni mubarak's last moments in cairo, egypt. the pictures taken last friday 90 minutes before it was announced he was stepping down. it is believed mubarak is hold up with his family at sharm el sheikh. scott brown tells "60 minutes" he was a victim of sexual abuse. he discussed his secret with lesley stahl saying he was abused by a camp counselor when he was 10 years old. >> you tell us you were sexually abused. more than once? >> yep. fortunately nothing was ever
8:02 am
fully consummated, so to speak, but it was certainly back then very traumatic. >> you can see that entire interview this sunday on "60 minutes" at 7:00, 6:00 central on cbs. actor len lesser, best known as uncle leo in "seinfeld" died yesterday. many fans remember uncle leo's signature greeting. >> jerry! >> hello! >> hello, uncle leo. >> lesser had a long career as a character actor in tv and film. len lesser died in burbank, california. he was 88 years old. katie couric has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." >> good morning. every 70 seconds someone in america develops alzheimer's but now an ambitious new approach could prevent the disease before it takes hold. what is it? we'll explain tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." >> and at 8:04 we move over to marysol castro for another check of the weather. the warmup continues.
8:03 am
>> the warmup continues a little bit of snow for some folks. we can't forget about them. good morning. take a look at national picture the southern plains absolutely beautiful but we do have some snow in the rockies and in the sierra nevadas. that's where we would expect snow. rain all along the west coast. it stays there today and tomorrow. as for your high temperatures, not too shabby, 72 in
8:04 am
this weather report sponsored by ashley furniture. the number one name in furniture. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. here's erica. the countdown to the royal wedding is on and we want to get you the very latest information on thes going on of prince william and kate middleton. the big word today, wedding invitations could, perhaps, be finding their way into some mailboxes. we're also going to find out who best man prince harry may be bringing to this royal
8:05 am
engagement. cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter joins us from outside buckingham palace with the very latest. so the invitations, we're hearing could go out today. how many are being sent? >> that's right, erica. well, the lord chamberlain's office is starting rolling out invitations today, on or around 1800 may be posted but the big question is going to be how many invitations people get. those receiving one invitation that means they're going just to the ceremony at westminster abby, lucky enough to get two, you're going to the queen's invitation and score the jackpot and get three, you're going to prince charles' reception that night. many are going to be eagerly anticipating the mailman this week. >> like when people get their college acceptance letters here in the u.s., hoping for a thick, not a thin envelope, you'll have those three invitations. we're learning who may be there, not just from the invite list, but best man prince harry, do we know if his on again/off again
8:06 am
girlfriend will be his plus one? >> we are guessing that chelsy is going to be his date for this wedding. harry and chelsy have been together on and off as you mentioned for a very long time. they clearly can't stay with each other, but they can't seem to live without each other either. she's a very smart girl, beautiful girl and she's been harry's really only serious girlfriend. i think we'll see chelsy with him on the big day. >> what do we think about a speech? the u.s. it's tradition the best man give the speech at the reception. harry is known as being a little bit of a prankster. >> yes. harry has got a great sense of humor, and there's no question that i think his speech is going to be very tongue in cheek, probably a little naughty. it's what the english guests will be expecting. the best man's speech here is considered as an opportunity to poke a bit of fun at the groom while, obviously, not embarrassing the bride. william and harry have got a great sense of humor, hair' really, really close, so i think harry is going to have a good time with it.
8:07 am
>> love to be a fly on the wall for that onep. >> wouldn't you just. >> once the wedding is official, we're now learning about the first trip that william and kate will be taking, the first royal trip i should say, and they're headed close to home over here, headed to canada. >> they are heading to canada. this is going to be a very important trip for kate, in particular. it is going to be a baptism by fire, if you will, because kate is being thrown in at the deep end. it's the first time she's going to be in the public eye to this degree and her every move is going to be scrutinized. from what she's wearing, of course, but to how she's interacting with the public, how she handles royal engagements, deals with the press attention, and the way she handles all of that is really going to be indicative of the type of princess she's going to be and in turn the type of queen she's going to be. it's a lot of pressure but william will be guiding her the whole way. >> and everyone will be watching. victoria arbiter always great to have you with us, thanks. >> great to see you. thank you.
8:08 am
just ahead -- who doesn't want to live longer? turns out the answer to that secret of living longer, could be as close as a grocery store. a little fiber goes a long way. we'll tell you which foods can really do the trick. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. hot waffles... the smell of warm maple syrup. honeysuckle and rosemary. the smell of shaving cream. whatever scents fill your household,
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8:11 am
in this morning's "healthwatch," adding fiber living longer. eating more dietary fiber what we called "roughage" can reduce your risk of dying from heart, respiratory and infectious diseases. dr. ashton is back to it tell us where you can get more fiber and is it the fountain of youth? the new research says it can make a big difference. how much of an upgrade in fiber do we need? >> it looks like that, chris. this is reported in the archives of internal medicine. they looked at several hundred thousand men and women and asked them to report what they ate and the men and women who consumed
8:12 am
diets very high in fiber reduced their risk of dieing from all causes by 22%, reduced the risk of death from respiratory and heart disease by 60%. what's very significant in this study, we've known it's good for heart disease. this is really the first time that it's been shown to reduce the risk significantly of death from respiratory and infectious diseases as well and that is significant. >> fiber is always, of course, been linked to weight loss, which is also a benefit for that. it can lower your risk of premature death. >> right. the thinking here is we know if you eat diets that are high in fiber, you tend to then see a lessening of your risk of diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and that, therefore, explains the reduction in dying from heart disease which is the number one cause of death of men and women. what's significant is that it's been thee recordizing to reduce inry in nags and rid itself of toxins that can lead to death from other causes, cancers, respiratory issues. >> usda says we're not getting
8:13 am
enough fiber but how do we know how much fiber we need, how much we're having during the course of the day and what do we need? >> we're not coming close. in fact, the average american is really getting about 15 grams of fiber a day, which is about the equivalent of a pear or a piece of fruit. what you need as a woman is 25 grams of fiber a day, and a man, 38 grams of fiber a day. this needs to be put on the top of your priority list in terms of your -- what you're eating. >> up the ante. most of us when we think of fiber we think like a bran cereal or something like that. there's so many foods that qualify as fiber foods. >> and there's a lot of foods you can get the fiber in, from fresh fruits, berries have a lot of good fiber, anything where whole grain is the first or second ingredient, you're going to be seeing a lot of that. that's oatmeals, certain fortified serials, bread, all of those whole grains really pack a punch when talking about your fiber intake. >> if you think you're eating a lot of fiber now bashgsically
8:14 am
you need to add to it considerably. >> exactly. we have a saying in medicine, when we ask about certain types of food and beverage consumption, take what patient tells us and double it. in this case you want to take what you're doing and pretty much double that. look for the fiber content in your foods and really make it a priority. so important say you can't eat all this food, how about supplements? >> supplements are something we hear about a lot. it's best to get it from the food source. if you feel you need to take a supplement, discuss it with your doctor. it can affect the absorption of certain medication. >> for more on fiber go to our partner in health, and search fiber. up next some of the most brutal unsolved crimes from the civil rights era, a new tv series may bring the killers to justice when we come back. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by campbell's it's amazing what soup can do. by campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
8:15 am
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8:17 am
four years ago the fbi launched what they call the civil rights era cold case initiative. now it takes a fresh look at some of the unsolved racially motivated homicides which occurred before 1970. three of the cases are profiled in a dramatic new television series produced by cbs eye productions. "the injustice files" premieres tomorrow night on investigation discovery. the show features documentary filmmaker keith beauchamp who teamed up with the fbi and uncovered fresh information even the agency could not. >> at night when the bomb went off, i remember her screaming, saying that's jackson. that's jackson. she kept screaming it. >> on february 27th of 1967, jackson was driving home from armstrong tire where he worked. what made his murder and this
8:18 am
incident even more horrific was that his son, orliss jackson jr. found his father. >> the truck was all mangled. and it just rocked my world, man. it tore me up. >> this case has been unsolved since 1967. this is not a crime that one person could pull off. it just takes too many people to do what happened. it takes too many people to build a bomb and plan this crime. there has to be other people that they talked to. a wife. a child. a neighbor. and it may take keith knocking on dozens of front doors, but somebody will talk. >> mr. westbrook? were you a member of the ku klux klan? >> well, now i'm not going -- i'm not going to sit here and answer a whole lot of questions.
8:19 am
>> and here now is filmmaker keith beauchamp. good to see you this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> what was it about these cold cases that sparked this interest with you? >> well, i would have to say my inspiration came behind my first film "the untold story of emmitt louis till." in 2004, of my documentary prompted the federal government to reopen the case after 50 years. and because i used that medium of filmmaking and saw what it could do to change history, in a sense, decided to produce another series and things of that nature. >> were you at all surprised at the information that you were able to ascertain, being just a filmmaker and going up to these people and knocking on doors? even the fbi said it may take you knocking on dozens of doors, but ultimately someone will talk. >> yes, you know, unfortunately people are still afraid to talk to authority figures when we talk about these unsolved civil rights murder cases. as a filmmaker, layman, someone that they feel is touchable, i'm able to convince people to come
8:20 am
forward and tell me their stories. >> so many of these cold cases exist from so many decades ago. what was it about these cases that drew your interest? how did you select what cases? >> well, we selected these cases off the civil rights cold case list that was released in february 2007. there were about 110 cases, that was on this list. and we took a look at these cases, and we just chose the ones that we felt are strong cases that we could go after. >> february is, of course, black history month. you say this is not black history. >> it's not. and you know, when you think about civil rights, everyone thinks it's a black and white issue. it's black history situation. but, these stories are american history. we all have benefited from the american civil rights movement. and i'm a firm believer, if we forget our past, history will repeat itself. so that's why it's so important to tell these stories, and have a cleansing dialogue in this country about race. >> keith, it's been good talking with you this morning. >> thank you. >> be very proud of this.
8:21 am
>> thank you. >> good stuff. >> keith beauchamp, good to see you. now here's erica. >> chris, thanks. still ahead here on "the early show," your chance to dress like the stars. the online truth about celebrity fashion. turns out it's a lot more affordable than you probably imagined and we will tell you where to find it on "the early show." ,,,,,,,,
8:22 am
wow. it's really coming together. yep. this way, everyone will know about all our great discounts. safe driver, online, homeowner's -- more discounts than ever before. and they still get great service.
8:23 am
♪ ow! [ disco music plays ] ♪ whoa, yeah is it just me, or is it getting funky in here, huh? get your groove on, y'all! catch you on the flip side! i'd tell him the sign's not finished, but it would just break his funky little heart. more discounts, more ways to save. now, that's progressive. call or click today. span of the bay bridge may be time for news headlines from cbs 5. the new eastern span of the bay bridge may be finished sooner than expected. in about 90 minutes, an oversight committee will provide an update. the bridge is currently scheduled for completion in 2013. police have arrested a man in connection with the
8:24 am
kidnapping and assault in oakland. 44-year-old larry wilson junior is in custody. officers say that a 25-year-old woman was chased and beaten by two men. she checked herself in the hospital after escaping her captors. police are still searching for the second suspect. and the next ruling concerning proposition 8 will be coming from the california supreme court, probably late this year. a federal court is deciding whether the ban on same-sex marriage is legal. the state court will rule on whether prop 8 supporters can defend the measure in court. weather and traffic coming right up. stay with us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. they cleared an accident on the san mateo bridge a half hour ago. emergency crews were blocking a lane. it is gone now. but as you notice from our drive time, still heavy backed up from looks like hesperian according to our traffic sensors towards the toll plaza. again, once you get past the flat section of the bridge, traffic moving across okay. we have high wind advisories still in effect, a lot of slow traffic out of downtown san jose on 280, and silicon valley commute really backed up as well on westbound 237 out towards san jose. that's your traffic. here's lawrence with an update on your forecast. >> busy weather around the bay area. we have a squall line coming onshore bringing rainfall and lightning strikes, numerous
8:27 am
strikes. the heaviest rainfall near inverness. you will see scattered showers though as you make your way in toward mill valley. moderate amounts of rain. don't be surprised by the rumble of thunder and flashes of lightning. it will be a wild day. still staying unsettled. showers continuing into the afternoon probably leftover showers into tomorrow as well, maybe lingering into saturday morning. after that a brief break but looks like a chance of rain returning to the bay area as early as monday. ,,,,,,,,
8:28 am
welcome back to "the early show" at half past the hour now. here's a question for you. >> yes. >> michelle obama and lindsay lohan. what could these two ladies have
8:29 am
in common? >> absolutely nothing. >> thinking not very much, right? well that's where we're all wrong. turns out when either one of them wears a dress in public, plenty of women across the country try to find that exact same ensemble, and snatch it up to make it their own. well, the good news for you, thanks to the internet, it is so easy to do. to find that look that you love that you should be completely inaccessible. so we are going to help you do that this morning. take a look at how the celebrity fashions are being exposed online and how you can afford to dress like some of the stars, and other famous women out there. >> a lot cheaper than you think. also ahead, time to stir the pot in our "honeymoon take 2" competition. our couples who have been competing all week, doing such a great job, they're trying to win a dream week in tropical paradise. and they're in the mitchen this morning making special dishes out of a mystery box of ingredients. and celebrity chef spike mendelsohn is nudging them. >> wait a second. >> i'm not bitter at all.
8:30 am
>> and then we're going to vote on the winner. yesterday you go back to our own cooking competition with spike here. that means one thing, marysol won't win. >> i'm sorry, team. i'm hoping there's a change. >> but you're in good hands over there. >>
8:31 am
>>thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now over to erica. >> mary, thanks. a lot of people talk about celebrity style, but sometimes it feels like you'll never be able to wear the big names that the big names are wearing. well, not any longer. there's now a long list of fashion websites and bloggers who are determined to unlock the style secrets of hollywood. and you may be surprised at how many of these styles you can afford as "early" show contributor katrina szish found out. did a little digging for us. >> oh, i sure did. you know, air karks the next time that you spot a star in an outfit you absolutely love, keep in mind that getting that very
8:32 am
same look might not be as difficult as you think. ♪ for generations, women have admired the grace and glamour of the world's most stylish celebrities. but, until recently, the looks we envied on television and in magazines were neither accessible or affordable. enter the internet. thanks to the emergence of bicoastal bloggers consumers now have access to a host of websites that help them emulate their favorite fashion icons. >> there's this insatiable hunger to know what these celebrities are wearing. >> these sites don't just tell you who's wearing what, they also tell you how much it cost and where you can find it. remember prince william and kate middleton's engagement photo? the dress kate wore was two years old but it got so much attention online that the company decided to reissue it. in fact, you could buy it right now. but you better act fast. last wednesday, lindsay lohan
8:33 am
made headlines after wearing a white mini dress to a court appearance. >> plea of not guilty. >> and once the designer was identified the frock sold out online in hours. the same week michelle obama stunned the fashion world by appearing on morning television in a $35 h&m dress. now the first lady did add sleeves to hers. but $35 for a piece of history? i'm sold. so was gail warner, a photographer from indiana who read about the dress online. >> i checked with a shop in indianapolis. it's about a 45 minute drive down to the mall to get the dress. i definitely wanted it. the idea that, you know, can we do fashion for under $50? yes, we can. >> when word got out, stores nationwide couldn't keep enough of them in stock. >> it sold out. this is the last one. >> may i have this? >> come on. >> dressing like a celebrity is easy when it's affordable. but a small amount can still add
8:34 am
you a big ticket item. at rent the carpet dotcom they fulfill red carpet dreams for as little as 50 bucks. >> it's so fun for a woman to be able to read a magazine or watch an award show and then to put on the exact same dress they see on the celebrity. >> does kim kardashian first wore to an event in october, this gold number has been completely booked in every size. >> so whether you choose to buy or borrow, celebrity style isn't just within your reach, it's right at your fingertips. now it really is all about instant gratification. as you can see we have the lindsay dress we found here that i'm wearing. i don't want to stand up in it. i don't want to walk in it. but the good part is designers are even jumping on board. betsey johnson had her fall 2011 show monday night. and usually you have to wait months and months for these shoes or clothes to hit the stores. not this season. these shoes that i'm actually wearing went on sale online
8:35 am
immediately after the show. it was live streamed. everybody could watch it around the world. you could buy these shoes. >> smart for them. great way to make money. so what is the best website if i see something i love, i want to know where to get it? >> we all love people style watch the magazine, i love not only does it give you how to get the look for less but it also does whether you're looking at a red carpet dress, a weekend look. there are so many options out there at all sorts of affordable price points. >> we love that. >> a great resource. always good to have you. >> thanks erica. >> our "honeymoon take 2" series continues this morning with the final day of challenges in voting for our four couples. competing for that once in a lifetime trip to a tropical paradise. now, before we get to today's competition, let's take a look at how far they've come in less than a week. on monday, the four couples in our "honeymoon take 2" series,
8:36 am
charlotte and henry dorsey, kris and david odekirk, amber and nick nunn and erica and westbrook and darryl willie descended on our "early" show studio ready to battle it out for a trip to paradise. >> we're going to start testing your knowledge of one another. >> the couples eased into the we're-long competition with a simple q&a session. if you could get rid of just one thing your husband owns, what would you toss? >> my old deejay equipment. >> good morning, everybody. welcome back. tuesday morning, they faced the music. ♪ islands in the stream >> literally with a good old-fashioned karaoke contest. ♪ david letterman's musical director paul shaffer was here. to offer his guidance. and he even got in on the act. ♪ with two days down the competition was tight. following their performances, the guys were presented with wednesday's challenge. >> geez. >> reporter: hit the racks of macy's to outfit their wives.
8:37 am
>> we got it. >> reporter: less than 24 hours later the ladies hit the runway to model their husband's hand-picked enacceptages. >> amber is showing all of us clothes don't have to fit to be hot. >> reporter: celebrity judges paulina porizkova and clinton kelly critiqued the styles. >> this is as close as you could get to being professionally styled by a straight man. >> looks like you are feeling it. >> reporter: i am. kris and david were indeed feeling it. their high-powered performance on the runway led to a first place finish in wednesday's online voting, gaining the maximum four points. amber and nick followed with three points. erica and darryl picked up two and the dorseys got a point. so heading into our final round of competition, amber and nick are atop the leader board with eight points. kris and david and erica and darryl are tied for second place with seven points each. and charlotte and henry, they're hanging in there with three points. and with just one day of competition left, we're inching ever closer to the dream of this honeymoon becoming a reality.
8:38 am
the winning couple will stay six days and five nights at the exclusive private island resort musha cay in the islands of copperfield bay. the winner will have access to the resort's 11 private islands, 40 beaches, and a private chef and a staff of 30. all this courtesy of the luxury travel agency network virtuoso and american airlines. travel to over 250 cities in 40 countries on american airlines. >> looks good. let's welcome back our contestants. amber and nick nunn from shreveport, louisiana. erica west brook and darryl willie from oakland, california. oh, throwing the flour. charlotte and henry dorsey from new jersey and kris and david odekirk from layton, utah. >> guess who's also with us here this morning, erica? our judge for the competition, this morning's final challenge, it is chef spike mendelsohn. owner of washington's we the pizza. spike, good to have you with us. >> always a pleasure to be back. >> let's talk about the
8:39 am
challenge first before we actually bring you in so you can judge this entire competition. so far this week we've tested our couples' knowledge of each other. their singing ability and their fashion sense. now we are turning up the heat with a cooking competition. we've even given each couple what we like to call a mystery box. >> a mystery box. >> it's filled with popular ingredients from their home state. now their job this morning is to create a dish together. >> i love this challenge. i think it may be my favorite one yet. >> we'll see how that pans out in about five minutes. >> what do you think? are you nervous? >> i'm really excited. relationship cooking can be a really tricky thing. it can be really sublime or you're ordering pizza at the end of the night. we will see what happens. >> do you have any tips for them. you know, any -- >> that's a great -- there's a great term, there's too many cooks in the kitchen. i think usually one person should maybe take the lead and the other one should sous chef and people out. if you have two people trying to concept yulize a dinner it can end up disastrous. >> couples, are you ready? >> yeah. >> all right.
8:40 am
on the count of three, lift the boxes and start cooking. three, two, one, go to it. >> all right. >> nice, nice, nice. >> erica they're off and running. >> charlotte and henry. just tell me one thing, do we got a situation over here? >> we've got the situation going on over here. >> i have to admit, henry, this is kind of cracking me up. >> i'm bringing it today. >> i'm bringing it. it's here. it's going. we're doing the italian theme. >> italian theme. tell me what you have in your mystery box here? what's representing new jersey? >> italian theme, henry? >> i don't think. >> sew woo have the blueberries. blueberry capital of the world. prosciutto. some corn. some pasta. little tomatoes. we're good. >> what are you making for us? >> kind of a little stir fry? >> yes, a little -- not a stir fry. it's rice with a little bit of
8:41 am
italian sausage, the beef, onion, garlic, get it going. >> sounds delicious. i'll leave you guys to cooking. >> thank you. >> amber and nick. >> they're whipping up something good. >> it smells delicious. little blackened fish. >> so tell me, how do you spice up the kitchen back home? how do you keep it interesting? >> oh, you really don't? >> this is morning tv. >> sorry. >> lots of pepper. >> lots of pepper. >> so what did you guys have in your mystery basket today? >> fish. we had a little seafood. with the time we figured we'd do sauces. >> blackened catfish with mashed sweet potatoes with butter, cinnamon, sugar. >> oh, you're right up my alley. >> i feel like all those southern goodies kind of gives you guys a little bit of an edge, i think. >> i'm thinking so. >> all right. well good luck. >> thank you. >> of course, it can't hurt when you have somebody -- >> what do you guys have going
8:42 am
on over here? >> oh, wow. blackened -- >> so you've got -- >> we have avocado. >> because we're fresh. >> west coast. >> and you've got the sweat band on. >> we're ready to go. >> i'm just saying. >> how long you guys been together for? >> we've been together five years. >> five years. >> we've been married for eight months. >> how do you guys keep it going in the kitchen a little bit here? who does mostly the cooking? >> we all do. >> we switch it up. >> you've still got to switch it up. >> we have to. >> you might not have to. >> i'll bind you over. >> that's good by me. >> what are you guys doing. >> spike we should point out i think david brought his secret weapon in the shirt today. >> did he? >> i was going to say, i feel like he thinks he won the competition. he's ready to go on vacation already. >> he is. >> sorry, what do you have going on over here? >> this is called tater tot
8:43 am
casserole. >> tater tot casserole? >> you're going to love this. >> in utah it's all casseroles. >> who does most of the cooking in utah? >> we mix it up. >> we do a lot together. >> you guys have been together for quite some time i hear? >> 25 years. >> wow. >> i can make a lasagna like it's going out of style. >> oh. >> what kind of lasagna? >> you know what? pepperoni is my secret ingredient. >> uh-oh. >> you put pepperoni in an italian dish you can't go wrong. >> it's like bacon. >> are you using the bacon today? >> it's already in there. >> i might put one more piece but there's a lot of bacon already. >> more bacon always helps. >> dude it's going to be great. >> all right. come on over here. let's get kind of a general overview of how our couples are doing so far. we've got four stations. active cooking going on right now. what do you think? we've got the early lead? >> they all look like they're really working hard. building some flavors. seasoning food. they're really concentrating on it. >> how do you think they're working to the as couples?
8:44 am
>> as couples, i think they're working -- you know. >> put the knife down, darryl. >> darryl's threatening his wife with the knife. i'm not sure what that's about. i think they're working really well. you know each one of them is kind of helping out each other. i think they're doing very good. >> lots of butter. >> i see lots of butter. absolutely. being really creative. you know, louisiana had a lot of really vibrant, you know, ingredients that can kind of spice up the food a little. >> do you think depending on where they're from it does give them an advantage? we've got new jersey, louisiana, california, utah and different flavors from each region. >> it totally does. louisiana has a huge advantage. all the flavors are really bold. cali is a little bit of fresh produce. it's a little different. imexcited to see what they come up with. >> the couples are starting to plate their dishes. >> are they? >> you can feel it. it's almost -- >> i know. >> and everyone just got really, really quiet. >> they're very serious. focused.
8:45 am
>> here comes the best part, because just ahead we get to taste test. >> wow. >> that's right. spike will be sampling, judging the final creations. we're going to take a taste test, too. of course reminder it is you at home who decides which one of these couples will be taking that trip of a lifetime. stay with us. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:46 am
8:47 am
there they are. we are back with the final day of competition in our "honeymoon take 2" series. before the break our couples were challenged to whip up a dish from a box of surprise ingredients. each couple's box contained popular ingredients from their home state. >> and the big surprise this morning was chef spike mendelsohn who is helping the couples. he is now putting on his judge's hat as we begin the all-important taste test. this is very, very important
8:48 am
here. now, spike is going to give his idea of what he likes best. but remember folks at home, you're judging. so remember you at home, you still have -- >> you're the ones who cost the votes online at our website >> listen to me, of course. >> take your advice. >> so start it off. >> so you know, can you just describe your dish here, henry? >> all right. >> what do you got going on? >> that's our spicy rice. >> spicy rice. >> with italian sausage, ground beef, and tomatoes. >> and the italian sausage and the tomato were two sort of new jersey items, right? >> you handmade the sausage? >> yeah, yeah. and the prosciutto wrapped asparagus. >> this is delicious. really seasoned well. who did most of the seasoning on the dish. >> the boss. >> you're like a pro. really delicious. congratulations on the dish. really looks good. >> all right. up next, amber and nick. >> we got a little blackened fish. >> yeah. >> it's got some rice.
8:49 am
>> amber, would you like to describe this? >> let me taste this. >> but you know, i have to tell you what, this presentation is actually gorgeous. i mean it looks tasty. it looks full, a lot of soulness. >> you've got the catfish from louisiana. what are other louisiana things in your mystery box that you put on? >> we have the green peppers and the onions, which is traditional for louisiana cooking. then we did the mashed sweet potatoes. >> love the mashed sweet potatoes with a little brown sugar on top. >> and butter. >> a little maple in there? >> no maple in there. >> it is delicious. very well done. >> all right. what do we got going on over here? >> what do we got? >> blacken ed. >> it wasn't supposed to be blackened. but it is now. >> we went healthy from the bay area, we're really healthy food and colorful healthiness. we want to live a long life so we can spend the rest of our lives together. >> look at this salmon.
8:50 am
>> isn't it medium rare? you did a fantastic job with this salmon. >> the headband. >> all right. got a little tally. going on here. >> that's right salad. >> orange vinaigrette. >> orange vinaigrette. >> all over the place. >> all right. >> you were just like hosing it down. >> and what's this little -- you got going on here? >> a grilled artichoke. >> that's an artichoke? >> and am i supposed to eat this? >> yeah, yeah. >> and you pull it apart. you can just pull it -- >> just a little taste. >> i'm just kidding. >> really, really. >> all right. this is tater tot casserole. the people of utah, the good natives of utah, we like to have a lot of simple things. >> his favorite. >> our kids love this. >> it has green jell-o beside it. >> it's very bold. >> and the green jell-o is the state food of utah. >> if you had pineapple inside and marshmallows on top.
8:51 am
>> this is for the kids. >> oh, yeah. >> spike, which one do you like best? we got 30 seconds? >> you know what i have to say. >> make it quick. >> come on. >> i'm going to lean towards this one the best. >> second best. second best. >> wait, wait, wait. >> spike, thank you. >> don't forget you at home, go to our website, you have to vote at home. tomorrow the competition ends. spike, thanks. the scores are very close. but you at home have to vote. we'll see you tomorrow to see who's going to paradise.,,,,,,,,
8:52 am
8:53 am
mallicoat, with your c-b-s five headlines... good morning, everybody. it is 8:55. i'm frank mallicoat here with your cbs 5 headlines. an east bay narcotics agent is in jail on drug charges. 49-year-old norman wielsch is commander of the narcotics enforcement team in contra costa county. he is accused of stealing and selling confiscated drugs. a friend of his is also under
8:54 am
arrest at this time. oakland police say they have no suspects in a triple shooting near interstate 80 and 98th avenue. it happened just before 9:00 last night. three people were wounded. the victims are two men and a woman. they are expected to survive. and tonight, president obama is coming to the bay area. he will attend a private dinner in san francisco with tech industry executives. the group is expected to discuss jobs, innovation and education. the official guest list has not been released but it's rumored to include facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, among others. we have your weather and traffic coming up. stay with us. ,,,,,,,,
8:55 am
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spring break cancun yo!!!!!!!! try the all american jack and enter to win an all-american spring break for you and 10 of your friends. good morning. got a new accident just coming in southbound 680 right before geary road. and it looks like lanes are blocked because check out that line of red sensors. it is slow going actually from 680 all the way towards 24 and the caldecott tunnel. 880 through oakland check that out. windy commute. this is northbound traffic on 880. makes you a little nauseous, huh? and slow and go towards downtown oakland. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, wet commute here, as well. windy one, we have a wind advisory in effect and looks like it's still backed up to the macarthur maze with a slow drive down the eastshore
8:57 am
freeway. almost 15 minutes -- 50 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. >> stormy weather, lightning strikes, gusty winds, looking ominous over the san jose area. but really, hasn't gotten going too much down here just yet. that's going to pick up throughout the morning hours. high-def doppler radar showing you some of the activity. most of the heavy rainfall is focused in the north bay right now. seeing moderate to heavy amounts of rainfall towards santa rose but the whole system dragging down to the bay area. going to be a wild day out side. possible thunderstorms and hail outside, too. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. st get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] for a limited time, call to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. it's our fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that?
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nothin'. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network for no extra charge. so for a limited time, get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with select services and a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> rachael: today...want scarlett's style? you are stunning. wish your wedding could be like fergie's? >> the after-party was wild. >> rachael: these two women say you can look and live like you are on the a-list, even on a budget. that is fantastic. everybody can get access to it. first, this celeb party planner
8:59 am
makes your next shindig feel like a star-studded event. >> these cost $2. >> rachael: i love that. this stylist to the stars has three affordable short cuts to hollywood glamour. >> those socks are amazing, i want them so bad. >> rachael: and "the biggest loser" host alison talks about her slip-up and gets redemption on our runway. [cheers and applause] >> rachael: fun concept we've got today. we're calling today's show "a-list on a budget." so it's a, for a-list and b for budget. a-listers have teams of experts that help with everything, literally everything, hair and makeup. they literally pick out their


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