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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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south early on. cold temperatures in the 30s and the 40s. by the afternoon, a better chance of rain around the rest of the bay area, mainly san francisco and south but other folks could see it, as well. looks like cold numbers to go along with that highs only in the 40s and 50s. time for a traffic check with gianna. >> thank you. of course, slick surfaces, windy conditions, this all may cause trouble for your morning drive so head out early. right now, not too bad at the bay bridge toll plaza. but this is the one bridge we do have a wind advisory in effect for this morning. so heads up across the span. only about 19 minutes to go from the carquinez bridge to the maze. if you are headed or not golden gate bridge, one of our bright spots right now, again slick surfaces but overall traffic fairly light out of marin county. use mass transit. that's a good choice this morning. bart, ace, muni and caltrain all checking in on time. that's a look at your morning drive. back to you guys. >> thank you. president obama waking up in the bay area after last night's dinner with the best minds in silicon valley.
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let's go to anne makovec. she is standing by at sfo, where the president will board air force one to fly, where, anne, to oregon in a few hours, right? good morning. >> reporter: yes. he is headed north. good morning. and good morning, mr. president, if you are watching. he is headed up to oregon this morning for another big meeting of the minds. he is talking tech here on the west coast. here's a look at the president arriving yesterday evening here at sfo to cloudy and rainy skies over the bay area. he is here on the west coast to promote his agenda to make the u.s. more competitive globally pushing for new spending on innovation, education, high- speed rail and faster internet service. last night he had dinner with the innovators of some very successful silicon valley companies you may have heard of, mark zuckerberg of facebook, apple leader steve jobs and google's ceo eric schmitt. some of the other big names invite tees to this dinner in woodside, the ceos of yahoo,
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cisco systems, twitter, netflix or oracle. >> he is here to see how these companies grow in the middle of the worst recession ever having great years, facebook and apple exploding through the recession, and many others, google booming through the recession. [ yelling in the background ] >> reporter: the president trying to expand it further. this is the scene outside the private dinner last night at the home of a venture capitalist in woodside. massive security measures in the neighborhood and several closed roads but neighbors did not seem to mind. now, today up in hillsborough, oregon, obama is expected to name the ceo of intel to a new presidential advisory committee. his name is paul otellini and he has been a bit of a critic of obama in the past. so just another sign of him trying to bridge the gap and gather all of the ideas he can
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when it comes to this new agenda. >> thank you, anne. anne makovec at sfo. no high-profile democrat is in the bay area. that's former president bill clinton. he will spike this afternoon to a computer security conference at moscone center in san francisco. he plans to talk about the challenge of globalization and the growing interdependence between nations. clinton charges, get this, as much as $350,000 a speech. >> i guess we should say good morning mr. president times two. two men had once worked together as antioch police officers go to court this afternoon to face charges that they worked together on stealing and selling drugs. norman wielsch is commander of the contra costa county's narcotics enforcement team. he is accused of stealing and selling drugs confiscated by his officers. private investigator chris butler is also under arrest. pg&e is sharply raising its estimates of what it will cost to deal with last year's deadly pipeline explosion in san
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bruno. the utility may ask for permission to pass some of that cost on to the customers. christin ayers is in san bruno with a look at the numbers, joins us now. good morning, christin. >> reporter: good morning, frank. it seems like the tab for the san bruno explosion just keeps growing and growing. and as you said, customers may soon be asked to foot the bill for the explosio last september. pg&e just announced its cost are far exceeding its estimates because of new tests and inspections addressing that deadly explosion. it's going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than the company originally estimated. that's in addition to the millions that pg&e is already forking over in lawsuits. let's take a look at those numbers. altogether, the tab could reach $763 million by the end of the year. that includes two to three hundred million dollars for pipeline tests and other inspections. add to that the $220 million the company set aside for lawsuits last year and an additional $180 million for
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lawsuits this year. the numbers have hit pg&e's bottom line. their profits plummeted 9.8% from last year so of course the question for consumers and pg&e customers is, how much is it going to cost? we don't know at this point. at this point, pg&e has simply asked energy regulators if they can pass some of those costs on to customers. so wait and see for the mome . >> thank you. there will be a ribbon- cutting ceremony in dublin to celebrate the opening of a new bart station. the west dublin pleasanton station will be open to passengers starting tomorrow. it's located in the median of interstate 580 between the castro valley and dublin stations. that $106 million station has a couple of garages with, get this and this is at a high premium, 1200 parking spaces. >> got have those to get on the train. it's 5:07. a week after hosni mubarak gave up the egyptian presidency,
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there is a huge victory march in cairo going on right now. niece are live pictures. a million people are expected for the celebration of the pro- democracy movement. egyptian prosecutors have arrested four former officials from mubarak's government as part of a corruption investigation. there is also a counter demonstration today by mubarak supporters. but a million people in the middle east. 5:07. he says he is being a gentleman. the high school controversy of wrestlers. the dangerous substances found missing. >> and there is no more money. the well is dry. >> massive cuts to police and firefighters may be just the beginning. the new sacrifices that workers will have to make in the bay area's largest city. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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cold enough in the snow and mountains. more rain to come, we'll talk about that coming up. a walnut creek police officer turned in his badge after accused of having sex with an underaged girl. the 45-year-old man was arrested february 3. the girl involved is 16 or 17. sean wallace is accused of trying to dissuade a witness, as well. he has been in law enforcement for 20 years and had worked as a detective on juvenile crimes. he is now free on bail. lawrence livermore lab isn't keeping proper tabs on drugs like cocaine, heroin and opium. the energy department inspector- general says the lab had five times more opium and 20 times
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more black tar heroin than records accounted for. in over case drugs were missing. the lab use the drugs for forensic tests. there is no evidence the drugs have been misused or stolen but there is concern the mistakes could create the opportunity for illegal use. get ready to work longer and pay more into your retirement. that is a grim warning from san jose mayor chuck reed in last night's state of the city address. the mayor described his city as in a state of fiscal disaster. among other things, reed wants city employees to work until social security retirement age to be eligible for full city retirement benefits. >> there is no more money. the well is dry. the $445 million we're spending on public safety this year is more than we will receive in revenues from the property tax, sales tax. >> you know, if i understood the mayor correctly tonight he wants us to work to age 67. i got to ask you, how
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comfortable would a 65-year-old or 60-year-old feel chasing down a 20-year-old in a gang neighborhood? >> earlier this week the city went public with a plan to lay off hundreds of police officers and firefighters if the unions didn't agree to concessions. san jose is facing a $1 10 million deficit for the next fiscal year. 5:12 your time. it's not just late payments that can hurt your credit. the new consequences for not paying your rent on time, as well. >> plus, some say a relationship isn't official until it's on facebook. why "the social network" is being praised now for its new status options. >> and you're looking live in san jose where we're dealing with slick surfaces this morning. also wind advisories. complete traffic coming up in just minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the pursuit of perfection. mile. that's how slow the you know what that means. somebody was skipping work and getting ready for the big snow and big long holiday weekend. but get this. it took an hour to go just one mile. that's how slow the drive is in the high sierra because of streets covered in snow and slush on the freeway. traffic coming to a crawl overnight on i-80 i-80 in
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colfax. if you are headed to the high sierra this weekend, keep the whips in the suitcase but carry the chains. >> wow! where did that come from? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> it's friday, everybody. be happy. we have snow on the local peaks. you might need the chains up there. you have had a nice dusting of snow across the mountaintops. that very cold air moving in overhead but keeping things going. mt. hamilton getting thick up there up to 3", 4". snow. the snow plows are out. probably not going to need them today but there is some activity on some of the mountain as doppler radar is picking up on more showers showing up around the bay area. the focus so far has been to the south. we are seeing a wintry mix again in parts of the high country. in this direction we are seeing some snow in that area. light showers in toward san jose and los gatos. i think the the whole train of this moisture going to start to slide further north though and that means, well, we have some unsettled weather coming our way. most of the showers if you are
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headed out the door this morning located to the south. otherwise, cold temperatures, 30s and 40s. by the afternoon, though, that line is going to slide a little bit further to the north. so everybody could get some showers on this friday. here's your storm system kind of getting hung up here down to the south. but you will notice just in the last few frames here you begin to see it lifting a little further to the north. that's where we are expecting to have more clouds across the skies. so showers continuing on and off today. and then showers tomorrow, as well. high country, bring your chains. moisture starting to be picked up by an area of low pressure system dragging back into the bay area. usually when you see this you don't get that real heavy rain like we had yesterday. but it's enough to get things wet outside so be prepared. we have cold weather coming our way. numbers only in the 40s and the 50s. that's pretty chilly here for the bay area. and you got some of those showers out there, too. as we look toward the next couple of days, going to keep things unsettled into saturday.
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i think into sunday, looking dry. there is a slight chance we could see some more showers as we begin this next week. all right. let's get a traffic check with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. you know, we saw those live shots of the snow there or taped video from the snow there. let's show you 80, 50 and 88. 80 between golden run and state line you need chains. 80 at truckee, lots of snow. use caution. restrictions for 50. parts of 88 are still shut down so heads up out the door. we have an accident, first one of the morning, on northbound 880 right at 66th avenue. traffic is light. no injuries reported. chp on scene. live look at 880, traffic moving well on this friday no delays. those taillights are northbound past the coliseum. headlights southbound near hayward so far, so
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good. windd advisory on the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are 60. possible lanes closure on sycamore due to flooding. they are hoping to clear it by this afternoon. westbound 4 at sycamore, lots of green on the sensors. that's traffic, back to you guys. >> thank you. in the headlines, president obama flying out of san francisco to oregon this morning after his meeting last night with silicon valley execs. today he will visit an intel plant up in portland, oregon and then named intel's ceo to his jobs and competitiveness advisory council. pg&e says costs from that deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno could exceed $760 million by the end of the year. that includes up to $300 million in 2011 for pipeline tests, records searches and related efforts. the company says it may pass some of that cost to the customers. in the east bay drug cop arrested on drug charges were have his first court appearance
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this afternoon. norman wielsch is scheduled to be arraigned on charges he stole confiscated drugs and sold them. a friend of his is facing similar charges. it is 5:20. a ribbon-cutting ceremony planned this morning in vallejo for the first ever recycling plant of ships. they are expected to dismantle many old military ships in the mothball fleet in suisun bay on mare island. now they have contracts to dismantle two of the ships. the process could take months. allied defense will have to bid for future jobs. san francisco recreation and parks commissioners working on ways to raise more money. they voted unanimously yesterday for a plan though could include new fees for commission -- for a plan that could include new fees for businesses in the area. it would first have to go before the board of supervisors. the harsh new reason not to pay your rent late. coming up. >> and facebook making a statement. the new relationship option
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breaking new ground in social media. >> plus, a big gender controversy in the wrestling ring. a high school boy would rather give up a championship than wrestle a girl. coming up. ,,
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. for we are back on your friday. it's 5:24. if you have a warning, if you don't pay your rent on time,
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your credit score will suffer. for the first time, experian is incorporating monthly rental payments on your credit report. the credit giant says it is imperative to reflect the true creditworthiness of those who are responsibly paying on time. property managers question the new reporting policy, though. >> but, when you start allowing home owners who are landlords who maybe own one or two properties who are not professionals, there is the potential for unintentional or intentional abuse. >> but it's happening nonetheless. so beware. that means your late-paying roommate could ruin your credit. facebook users now have more options to declare their relationship status. civil unions and domestic partnerships are among the choices offered in the drop- down menu. it's not going to be available everywhere, though, just in countries where facebook says the users asked for it. that's the u.s., canada, the uk, france and australia.
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the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation applauds the move and says it lobbied facebook for the additions. well, he is a stand-down wrestler on his way to becoming astate champion. high school sophomore is causing controversy over his decision to forfeit his iowa tournament match. the reason? he didn't want to wrestle with a girl, cassy herkelman one of the first two girls to make the iowa state tournament in its 85- year history. why did he give up the round? his decision is based on his belief that wrestling is not how you treat a girl. the cal baseball season opening today and because of the school budget cuts it is really the beginning of the end. >> this is kind of a sad story. last week, the university administration eliminated the sport starting in 2012 so next year no more baseball and now players on the golden bears squad say they want to win to make administrators regret their decision. cal is ranked 17th in the
5:25 am
baseball america's preseason poll. the program began in 1892. i was at the cal game last night against uc. they have trophy cases. they have more major league players right now from the cal program than any other school. and it's just really sad that this is it. >> a lot of people raised millions and they were able to keep three of the five teams that were under consideration for elimination. but still, what a storied tradition, 1892. >> that's right. too bad. it is 5:27. it's friday. another soggy day in the bay area. but what about the presidents' day weekend? lawrence is standing by. he will be tracking the storm. he has your forecast coming up. >> also, presidents present and past in the bay area this morning. we'll tell you about president obama's trip and what's on mr. clinton's agenda today. >> reporter: president obama
5:26 am
waking up here this morning and planning to leave from sfo. we'll tell you where he is headed and how things went for him last night coming up next. why customers could soon be paying for pg&e's pipeline problems and what consumer advocates have to say. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald.
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good morning, everybody. it's friday, it's february -- february -- it's february! >> it's friday. >> it's friday. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 5:30. and your weekend getting off it a wet start. come on, lawrence, we have a signature president, a past president in town and you're giving us another day of rain? they wanted some california sunshine. >> at least it won't be a washout. but we have some showers out there now. most of that located to the south. you can see down toward the san jose area, we are seeing some scattered light showers in toward milpitas, a little further south toward morgan hill and over the santa cruz mountains. now, looks like this line is going to begin to lift during the day. don't see that very often. looks like we'll have a chance of rain around the rest of the bay area as well. so your cold front kind of getting hung up here. you got an area of low pressure diving on the back side and that's helping to lift some of this moisture in the bay area. the good news is doesn't look
5:30 am
like it's going to be a washout but we all have a chance of showers. out the door most of it is located in the south, we even have fog in the some of the north bay valleys. temperatures chilly 30s and 40s. by the afternoon, only 40s and 50s for highs and showers around the rest of the bay area. we'll have the weekend forecast coming up. right now here's gianna with traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. how about some good news? don't always get to report good news. they lifted the high wind advisory across the bay bridge. a possible broken down vehicle in lanes just as you head up the incline probably the right lane. we'll keep you posted on that but right now traffic nice approaching the toll gates it the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, no delays between 880 and 101. golden gate bridge problem- free. traffic crewing along out of marin county. in the south bay we have a closure 9 between sanborn and pierce road. i'm also getting reports of bart delays. we'll have that in the next report. back to you. thank you. yesterday, a lot of problems
5:31 am
around the bay area, most pg&e customers though who lost power yesterday can see the light once again. the utility telling us this morning, only 282 homes and businesses are still in the dark. the outages, they are small and they are scattered throughout the region. about 4500 customers though were without power at some point yesterday. you can keep track of the weather in your neighborhood. just log on to we have realtime hi-def doppler on our weather page. and it's 5:32 on your friday. president barack obama still in the bay area this morning so good morning, mr. president. last night, he dined with silicon valley celebrities. he is looking for support for his plan to spend on high-tech initiatives. anne makovec is at sfo where the president will leave in about three hours from now heading to oregon. good morning, anne. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, frank, we think we just sported air force one back here on the tarmac. you can't see it very well. but across this waterway, we can see the tail of the plane with a little american flag on
5:32 am
it. we believe that is air force one ready to take off here from sfo within the next few hours. obama is leaving this morning headed to oregon. now, here's a look at the president's arrival last night to the cloudy and rainy bay area. he is here on the west coast to promote his agenda to make the u.s. more competitive globally pushing for new spending on innovation, education, high- speed rail and faster internet service. last night he had dinner with 10. big-wigs, a very successful silicon valley valley companies like 26-year-old facebook founder mark zuckerberg apple leader steve jobs and google's ceo. there were massive security measures and excited neighbors there. also, some closed roads in the area. but one neighbor we spoke with didn't seem to mind. that's important, isn't it? and i think those are good people for him to talk with.
5:33 am
we need to keep our competitive edge and our prosperity of our society and it's exciting progress and technology so that's good. >> reporter: some of the other big names at the dinner, the ceos of yahoo, cisco systems, twitter, netflix and oracle. so today, up in hillsborough, oregon, obama is set to name the ceo of intel, paul otellini, to a new presidential advisory council. now, otellini has been a bit critical of obama in the past. but this is all part of his push to gather all the people who really know a lot about things like technology. obviously, this is where he is going to come and try to get them on his side. back to you guys. >> meting all the right people right now. anne makovec, live at sfo, thank you. another high-profile democrat here in the bay area, one president leaves, and a former president, bill clinton arrives. he will speak this afternoon to a computer security conference
5:34 am
at the moscone center here in san francisco. he plans to talk about the challenge of globalization and the growing interdependence between nations. clinton charges as much as $350,000 per speech. the news media is not allowed into today's event. 5:35. pg&e's costs just keep growing from last year's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. and now that utility says all of its customers may end up paying part of the bill. let's go to christin ayers, she is in san bruno now with a look at pg&e's updated numbers. christin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sydnie. those updated numbers include what looks to be about $150 million over budget what pg&e originally estimated. and we are now hearing that those numbers, that extra cost, could fall on customers. pg&e recently announced that new tests and inspections are the reason for that updated cost. they are all related to the blast. and it's going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars more
5:35 am
than they originally thought. but consumer advocates say if the pipeline problems are pg&e's fault, why should customers pay? a spokeswoman for the utility reform network told the "san francisco chronicle," if the work is a direct result of pg&e's negligence, those costs should be borne by shareholders, not customers." altogether, the tab could reach $763 million by the end of the year. that includes $200 million to $300 million for pipeline tests and other inspections. you add to that the $220 million the company set aside for lawsuits last year, and also an additional $180 million for lawsuits this year. the numbers have hit pg&e's bottom line. their profits plunged 9.8% free from last year. so it's not clear yet whether and when those costs will fall on customers. pg&e did make a request to energy regulators to see whether or not customers could
5:36 am
assume some of those costs. no decision has been made at this point. >> in the meantime, we see you standing in front of a fence there. dozens of home owners still trying to either rebuild or get back to their neighborhood. >> reporter: absolutely. and you still see work happening in this area. >> that's one little hopeful sign. thank you, christin ayers in san bruno. the east bay narcotics officer arrested on drug charges has his first court appearance this afternoon. norman wielsch is commander of contra costa county contra costa's narcotics enforcement team. but he is now accused of stealing and selling drugs confiscated by his officers. a private investigator is also under arrest. the public defenders office is starting to review contra costa county drug cases now checking cases brought in by the unit headed by wielsch. and it's 5:38. this morning a former walnut creek police officer under investigation for allegedly having sex with an underaged girl. 45-year-old shawn wallace arrested february 3 the day he turned in his badge, by the
5:37 am
way. cbs 5 has learned the girl involved is 16 or 17 years old. he is also accused of trying to dissuade a witness. he had been in law enforcement for 20 years and had worked as a detective on juvenile crimes. he is free on bail this morning. no criminal charges in connection with the case of a second grader having sexual contact in an oakland classroom. they think the children were telling the truth when they reported the sex act last month at the markham elementary school. but they found no evidence that adults organized or encouraged the acts. the teacher has denied knowledge. acts. he is currently on paid administrative leave while the school district investigate. one last rally to save schools set for today in contra costa county. the mount diablo unified school district is considering closing westwood or silverwood elementary in concord to save more than a million dollars. the board will be making its final decision next tuesday. trustees already agreed to
5:38 am
close two other elementary schools in the area, glenbrook and holbrook. borders gone bankrupt. what's going to happen it all those gift cards? we are going to tell you coming up. read my lips. we are going to cut spending. >> as washington deals with its budget crisis, it's getting out of hand in other states. the extreme lengths some lawmakers went to, to delay a budget vote. ,,,,
5:39 am
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morning. u-s highway 50... heading to south lake tahoe... after it was shut snow is causing more trouble for drivers in the sierra this morning. this is some live pictures coming from el dorado county. u.s. highway 50 heading to south lake tahoe is now re- opened after it was shut down
5:41 am
earlier. chains required east of placerville. chains also on interstate 80 east of gold run. here at home snow in the east san jose foothills shut down mount hamilton road at grant ranch and i guess we are not out of the woods yet because those temperatures out there pretty cold, lawrence, huh? >> it is still chilly. we have numbers running in the 30s and the 40s. and yeah, we still even have some rain showing up outside and, of course, against the mountain peaks the temperatures much colder and you have a wintry mix. you have a mixture of sleet and snow across some of the higher mountains. still, showers continuing down in toward the san jose area in toward morgan hill. that will be interesting it looks like a lot of this moisture going to wrap back up in toward the rest of the bay area so yes, there is a chance of rain in the bay area but if you are headed out the door right now we have reports of some cold temperatures, 30s and 40s, even fog in the north bay but staying dry there. most of the rain located to the south but headed toward the afternoon, a lot of that moisture begins to lift back into the bay area and we are left with a chance of showers and cold high temperatures.
5:42 am
those numbers only in the 40s and 50s for highs by the afternoon. here's your area of low pressure off the coastline. you have the most moving in along the coast right now. you can see some of that beginning to work its way back up in toward the bay area. and looks like that will continue to be the case throughout the day today. so i think an increasing chance of rain throughout the day, showers staying unsettled and looks like now through tomorrow as that trough of low pressure is going to sit off the coastline so that's going to keep things a little wet. computer models picking up on this system pretty well now wrapping this moisture back into the bay area. the one good thing, doesn't look like a total washout like yesterday's heavy rainfall. necessary type of scenario usually lighter rain. but it's enough to get the ground wet and the windshield wipers going. 40s and 50s later in the day. chance of showers saturday, sunday dry. another chance on presidents' day, doesn't look like a real big deal but more unsettled weather toward the middle of the week. let's get a traffic check with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence.
5:43 am
bart delays to report about 10- to 15-minute delays at the 24th street mission and montgomery station. track maintenance, so affecting you sfo, daly city, oakland, heads up, give yourself some extra time. eastshore freeway approach no problems. 42 miles per hour of the if you are approaching the bay bridge we had an earlier stalled vehicle that's cleared out of the way. traffic not bad towards the toll plaza. friday light, the metering lights are still off. elsewhere, if you are out and about you can see traffic actually not too bad through oakland. northbound 880 looking pretty good past the coliseum. we had an earlier accident at 66 now cleared. no troubles on the southbound side headed into hayward. traffic looks good all the way towards the south bay. now, we have a weather-related closure highway 29 shut down between tubbs and livermore road. they are hoping to have that re-
5:44 am
opened sometime this morning but for now use an alternate route. 4 not too bad. typically we see delays it time of the morning but friday light maybe folks taking a long weekend, no delays just a little sluggish out of antioch but overall problem-free. nice ride on the altamont pass, 14 minutes westbound 580 from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. south bay highway 9 closed between san bore and pierce. they are working to get it out of the lanes by 8:00. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you. >> thank you. let's check today's top stories. president obama flying from san francisco to oregon this morning. he came to the bay area for a meeting last night with silicon valley executives. and today, he plans to tour an intel plant in oregon and he is going to name intel's boss paul otellini to an advisory council on economic growth and jobs. >> a brand-new bart station opening in dublin this weekend. this morning, there will be a
5:45 am
ribbon-cutting at the west dublin-pleasanton station and passengers can start using it tomorrow. it's on the median of interstate 580 just west of 680. take a look, these are live pictures from cairo, egypt where a victory march is drawing a crowd as big as those during the recent anti- government demonstrations. they are celebrating last week's ouster of egyptian president hosni mubarak. some mubarak supporters are holding a smaller counter demonstration. it is 5:46. the u.s. is taking a bigger stance on the violence in bahrain this morning. the secretary of state hillary clinton called on the government to show restraint following its violent crackdown of pro-democracy demonstrators there. at least five protestors were killed. hundreds injured when police broke up an activist camp. bahrain has long been a key u.s. ally. home to a massive american naval base as well. battle over budget cut is heating up all across the country. more than 25,000 protestors packing the capital building.
5:46 am
this is in wisconsin last night. they are outraged over a bill that would strip power away from unions and slash benefits for most of the state workers there. all 14 democratic state senators left the state yesterday to delay a vote. >> what he sees happening in wisconsin making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain seems more like an assault on unions. >> and in washington, congress is dealing with its own budget battle. house republicans are expected to pass a measure today that would slash more than $60 billion from this year's budget. democrats argue it would put thousands out of work and jeopardize the economic recovery. 5:48. california governor jerry brown received more money than expected for his inaugural celebration. about $405,000 was raised for the event was month. that's more than four times his transition team planned to spent for the event last month. at last check, the team was
5:47 am
still tallying the expenses. delta has to pay up big for not meeting condition summer regulation that protect passengers with disabilities. the government is fining the airline $2 million. it is the largest penalty against a single airline in a consumer protection case. the investigation says delta did not help passengers who needed assistance getting on and off the plane and it also didn't always respond to complains on the issue. delta can use part of the money from the fine to improve services for passengers with disabilities. 5:48. and if you have a borders gift card, i have some good news. it's still good. still valid. as you may know, the bookstore chain filed for bankruptcy, but a judge is now allowing the company to use a $400 million in loans to pay vendors and honor all those gift cards. border plans to close about 200 stores, some here in the bay area and is trying to reorganize so it can stay in business as a smaller company. it is 5:49. you might want to think twice
5:48 am
before you make a dinner reservation. a confession more restaurant workers are making these days. >> my life, cookies, cookies and nothing but cookies. i will and breathe cookies! >> -- live and breathe cookies >> we love cookies. they are back, girl scout cookies going high-tech, the alternative. coming up. ive.
5:49 am
5:50 am
up shop in the big apple. e san jose mercury this morning, there is talk about stanford university setting up shop in the big apple. new york city has invited stanford to consider establishing afternoon engineering school there. new york doesn't have a high level research and graduate school for applied science. analyst say that is why it's
5:51 am
fallen behind metro areas like san jose and boston when it comes to attracting new high- tech companies. a commerce department says there is an internet gap in some parts of the nation. as many as one in ten americans can't get internet connections fast enough for common online activity such as watching videos. the feds say about 66% of schools have broadband connections that are just too slow to meet their needs. they are hoping the report will guide policymakers and others to close the digital divide. facebook users have more options to declare their relationship status. civil unions and domestic partnerships are now among the choices offered in the menu. it's not going to be available everywhere. just in countries where facebook says users asked for it. that is the u.s., canada, the uk, france and australia. the gay and lesbian alliance against defamation applauds the move saying it lobbied facebook for the additions. well, too bad you can't post sick as your facebook
5:52 am
status. a new study shows one out of eight restaurant workers has come to work sick at least twice in the past year. the type of illness they reported, diarrhea or vomiting. that can get if the way when you're on the line. some employees must go to work when they are sick, they say, because they don't have paid sick leave. >> not very appetizing. >> not at all. hey, they're back! thin mints, peanut peanut patties, lemon chalet creams. the chocolate and caramel? those are good. >> they are all good. tag-along is this something like that. we are talking about girl security cookies here, folks. it was a feeding frenzy in the east bay yesterday while the cookies haven't changed much the selling techniques, they have. this year, parents are loading up their suvs with boxes full of cookies and the cookies are now being sold on demand. >> this year, old-fashioned selling. we're talking girls hopefully are going to unload cookies out of my car, they are going to put them in a wagon and just go
5:53 am
old-fashioned. they are going to take their cookies to your door and they are going to knock and you're going to open the door and there is going to be a cute little toothless 7-year-old saying, would you like to buy some girl scout cookies? >> and on this morning shift those cookies taste so good with the coffee. >> that woman has some energy! the $700 million girl scout cookie program is the largest girl-led program in the country. it generates money for the girls, their councils and communities nationwide. the tough thing in the newsroom when you open a box, you have to finish it. >> well, you don't finish t everybody else -- >> i know. you can smell them from a mile away. >> they're the best. >> my mom, my sister, everybody. >> they have a really strong girl scout group in this area. so good for them and good luck with their sales this year. 5:55. will this wild weather let up? lawrence is tracking the storm. >> i love those thin mints, too, guys. those are the best! hey, tell you what, yeah, we have some rainy weather again around the bay area. showers showing up in the south bay right now. for the most part, this is the wet spot. see down toward the san jose
5:54 am
area in toward los gatos, morgan hill and hey, how about that? you have that cold air and a wintry mix. some sleet and snow showing up across 10. mountaintops. some of this will swing around the rest of the bay area today so a chance of showers on and off especially as we head in toward the middle of the day and the afternoon. temperatures staying cool only 40s and 50s. chance of showers continuing into saturday, dry come sunday. on presidents' day there is a storm that wants to drop down and, well it could bring more showers to the bay area. chinese new year's parade on saturday night. yup, i was hoping it was going to stay clear but we have a slight chance of some showers. plan on cold weather, too. numbers in the 40s and the 50s. let's get some traffic with gianna. >> we have bart delays, 20- minute from the 24th street mission and montgomery stations to the richmond sfo daly city direction due to track maintenance running behind. so plan ahead. you can still use the freeways. it's early. ace, caltrain, muni, problem- free.
5:55 am
if you are going to use the freeways, so far, so good along the bay bridge. metering lights are off. nice ride on your eastshore freeway approach. no delays through the maze. we heard from our kcbs phone force about a stalled vehicle. traffic may be just a little slow as you approach the area. that's a look at your drive. back to you guys. >> thank you. samoas! you can go online and they have a cookie booth locator. >> could we have cookies, please? send on over to my co-partner here. okay. the time is 5:57. it looks like a hummingbird but it's really a powerful weapon. when you see what it does, you are going to know why. coming up. a key hearing today in arizona. the arizona shooting rampage case, the crucial decision a judge will make about evidence. and president obama ready to leave the bay area this morning.
5:56 am
we'll tell you where he is headed and what happened last night coming up. new money woes in the pg&e pipeline blast. and why the cost could be coming from you. ,, ,,,,,,
5:57 am
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. caption colorado, l.l.c. storm clouds continuing to bring some rain around parts of the bay area, even some snow across some of the mountains. what can we expect for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> slick surfaces on the road and bart delays. i'll tell you how long in a few minutes. in just a few hours, president obama will be leaving the bay area. the advice he sought from tech heavyweights. and the fallout is growing from that san bruno pipeline explosion. the unwanted news pg&e could drop on its customers. good morning. it is friday, it's february the 18th. i'm frank mallicoat. still looking at cookies here. >> and i'm sydnie kohara.
5:59 am
good morning, everybody. your time is 6:00. another day of rain today. lawrence, the president is in town. couldn't you, uhm, figure this out and give him some sunshine? >> well, at least it's not going to be that heavy rain around the bay area today. but yeah, we are still looking at more showers outside. most of them are located in parts of the south bay some of course, we have those cold temperatures outside this morning. and really not going to get a whole lot warmer heading in toward the afternoon. okay, here's your system right here located to the south. it's starting to actually moving further to the north which is somewhat unusual. usually when we see this type of scenario you don't see a total washout like yesterday just some lighter showers. showers starting out in the south this morning and cold temperatures 30s and 40s. toward the afternoon that's going to slide further north. that means everybody ge


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