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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  February 19, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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it is actually backtracking as the low is located just along the pens lax the south bay is also look -- peninsula. the south bay is also looking at snow in the los gatos area, and a snowy mix across some of the higher peaks. snow level running down to about 2,000 feet. and winter weather advisory continuing as we head in toward 7:00, an maybe extended just a little as we're seeing much of the cold air making its way into the bay area, and there is prospect for snow even lower. we will talk about that in a bit. ann, back to you. >> thank you. many families headed to the bay area hills to enjoy the winter weather. and anne makovec says there was even enough snow for a snowball fight. >> reporter: on bay hear hills and mountains, the snow-covered ground was perfect for snow angels. >> hey, you got to go to the bottom. >> reporter: and conditions were just right for a fight. >> i gotcha. >> it is great. so fun. i love it. i have had so many snowball
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fights and i met a new friend. >> reporter: everyone taking advantage of the rare weather conditions including a few inches on mount tamalpais. >> it is good wet snow for packing. and also good for snowballs. but making snow men seemed like the right thing to do. >> when he couldn't find the proper hat, he used his own. >> where is your jacket young man? >> i forgot it. >> reporter: but with the roads closed all over the mountains, the only way up here is to hike it. >> you go very long, and then we ended up here. >> reporter: mount tam is not the only place with a blanket of white. here is how things looked saturday night on mount diablo and snow was covering the hills overlooking walnut creek, and dusting the hilltop peaks above orinda as well as the hills above pleasanton in the try valley and almost a half foot has foulen on mount hamilton
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and mount hamilton road closed until monday at the earliest. if you're brave enough, you can bike it. >> it is a little slippery. you have to be careful. >> reporter: this is the mountain amphitheater. yeah, it is slippery. as i was saying, all of the seats are covered with snow. but sitting seems overrated. >> we have made snow angels, and had snowball fights. and climbed snow mountains. >> reporter: on mount tamalpais, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> a good amount of snow on the sierra mountains as -- as well. more on that late nert newscast. antioch where pros prosecutors say a 2-month-old bay when his father allegedly punched his son in the face. he admitted to punching him tuesday to stop him from crying and that left the baby brain dead. he was removed from life
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support yesterday and the father is charged with murder and the 23-year-old is also charged with assaulting another son and his wife. in east oakland, a couple headed to a party was shot and killed early this morning. police say a redwood city man and his girlfriend were sitting in a parked car on hilton street, when more than one gunman opened fire. and police have no suspects. the motive is unknown. it sparks oakland's 18th and 19 the homicides of the year, up from eight at this time last year. and an arrest in a brutal murder last week in san francisco, 24-year-old wahed tassmatra is suspected of strangling and beating his roommate and it happened on bush street at the apartment february 11. is a motive is still unclear. this is the 13th murder in san francisco so far this year. the tri-valley area has a new bart station, the new west dublin pleasanton stop is open for business today. the first train left at 6:00
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this morning. the $106 million station is expected to make public transit more accessible to people in the bay area. bart officials also hope it will ease traffic along the 580/680 corridor. >> if you have ever been on that freeway, in the morning, it is an absolute gridlock. so what we're going to do, and what we anticipate the ridership to be, is to be about 4300 people per day, that will otherwise be taken off the road and help to reduce the carbon footprint as well as the congestion on the freeway. >> the new station will also add 1200 new parking spots to the train system. it is still going on. live in san francisco. the chinese new years parade. the rain has not made a dent. folks have turned out. big crowds. big year. and the gift of bay area sports fans that could one day help to save a life. ese new year parade is in full swing right ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san francisco's chinese new
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year parade is in full swing right now. the wet weather means smaller crowds than usual but it hasn't dampened the enthusiasm of participants. don knapp is on market street with some of the sights and sounds of the celebration. don? >> reporter: that's right. it rained on this parade, but people don't seem to care. it is, as you know, one of the biggest parades in the world. the annual chinatown chinese new year parade. and now, there are about 5,000 participants at the starting line where most of the people are forming here and the parade has been going on for about an hour and so it will go on for another hour. the people have come out. they stood in the rain. still standing and watching. we talked to a few of them. and this is a woman from san francisco, and then a woman from southern california, and then a woman from beijing. >> well, it has been a long time, actually. i think maybe the year '96. it has been a while. >> what year is this? >> the year of the rabbit, 2011. >> what about the rain? >> it wasn't forecasted to be pouring rain during the parade so we thought we would take a chance and it is a little more
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than we thought, but hey, we're making the best of it and we're glad we're here. >> what do you think? >> it was very -- >> it is wet. >> yes. >> apparently, it is one of the few places where people don't mind if it rains on their parade. these people actually, there was a lot of plastic out here today. if you look down here, and joe take your camera down here and see all of the guys in plastic, and that's what we saw through most of the parade and the lion dancers and the dragon dancers had plastic on the lion heads and the dragon heads. if you look down the street further ms. chinatown will be crowned in a coronation ceremony in chinatown later tonight. it is a particularly important deal this year because at the head of the parade was the first chinese mayor in the history of san francisco. this parade has been going on for about 120 years. and the first time a chinese mayor is leading the chinese parade. and going to chinatown later tonight, it will be celebrated
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with what we know to be tons of firecrackers. >> a beaute of sight and it doesn't look like it is raining right now. >> it is going to stop when the parade starts. sure enough, it did. good luck. >> don knapp in san francisco. thank you. well, the san jose sharks and stanford blood center hosted a blood drive at the shark tank today. the annual event is the largest global blood drive and any fan who donated blood was rewarded for being allowed to watch the sharks at the game. and the greater reward was knowing the difference that their blood donation makes to nose who need it and one former recipient is on hand to show living proof. >> people like me, kids who need a blood transfusion and save their lives. if it is the fear of giving blood, it is a simple process of being a hero. >> this year, registered
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potential donors for the bone mario registry. and it does not look more picture-perfect than this. the difference the one day made in the sierra. drier tomorrow? will the sun come back any time soon? lawrence has the forecast up ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more snow is ex a glimpse of the sun in the sierra today after days of heavy snowfall. but the storm is not over. more snow is expected to fall tonight. and into tomorrow. and derrick shore tells us drivers should be prepared for some changes. >> what a difference a day makes. we are here on interstate 80. and you can see quite the snow pile has come up here. about a foot was dropped overnight. but today, a very different story. no snow coming down. but a gorgeous condition for getting up the hill. take a look at 80. this is interstate 80 going down toward sacramento. but i can tell you on the other side, going toward the sierra, it is the same story. nice dry roads. very well plowed. and very good commute right now. and take a look at some video. i can tell you that the interstate 80 is well plowed all the way from sacramento, up the hill, and there will be some sort of snow showers, and some flurries as you get further up towards the resort. but this is really the prime time to come up. a lot of people tried to rush it, and tried to get up here
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last night. despite all of the traffic and the harsh conditions last night on friday, people who waited today, they say they're glad they did. >> our friends who live up here took some pictures and sent them to us and they looked like they were pretty nasty so we waited. we thought maybe this afternoon it would getter and clearer and wedon have any problems. >> if you're planning to come up from the bay area to the sierra, maybe staying through monday, you will want to make sure that you will bring your chains or you have a car that is equipped with four wheel drive, you never know when caltrans puts that requirement in. you never know when the weather could change. near blue canyon, derrick shore, cbs 5. if you just want to entertain the kids with a snowball fight, you don't have to leave the bay area. >> , no you can stick around right here. the snow is up there and it looks like the snow will not melt. it is just too cold. and that means we will see some snow on the mountain tops. all around the bay area. a neat sight like this. over mount vaca, looking good, with the snow coming down toward the afternoon. and that is sitting at about
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3,000 feet. we're looking at snow even lower than that, tonight. and as a matter of fact, we have winter weather advisories staying up at least until 7:00 tonight, but maybe extended a little bit. and looking at snow down to 2,000 feet and we could see two to three inches of snow at that level. so you get the snow at that level, and we could see a few snowflakes sneaking further down than that. with that in mind, unsettled throughout the evening hours and be careful in the mountainous areas and highway 935, in the santa cruz mountains, pretty good snow in that area and showers continuing in and around san francisco, and another batch of moisture, wrapping around, about to make its way across the chinese new years parade there and it looked like more rain continuing into parts of the south bay and scattered showers toward san jose and millipitas but this is becoming more widely scattered, as we head through the evening and then overnight tonight, and it looks like it should begin to come to an end. stronger cells to concord and brentwood and walnut creek. and in the north bay, picking up more showers. but it is a pretty impressive rainmaker, as we've seen pretty
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steady rainfall, throughout the day today, and into the evening hours, but you know what? things are going to start to wind down. let's check out the latest satellite image and you can see what we're talking about. the storm system rolling along the coastline and the low located here plumping up the moisture in our direction, and brought us a lot of rain in the last few days and a bunch of it. and buckets around much of the bay area and 25 inches, and 112% of norm until santa rosa and -- normal in santa rosa. and it is cold out there, too. temperatures mainly in the 40s. so some chilly temperatures here in the high country. a chance of more snow showers, as we head in toward sunday and a slight chance as we head to monday and tuesday, and those temperatures definitely on the chilly side. these storm systems, they are diving in from the gulf of alaska to the bay area and bringing the cold arctic air that is already in place, so more cold showers overnight tonight, and a few more snow flakes over the mountain tops, so indeed you look up to the mountains and a sunny break tomorrow with a nice dusting of snow across our peak. the computer models overnight tonight, will continue to wind stuff down as we head to the
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evening hours, and still a lot of moisture in our skies, so maybe a chance of a couple of leftover raindrops early on tomorrow morning and then i think we're done and see the skies parked a little bit with some sunshine in between the clouds and experiencing a mostly dry day for sunday. and temperatures still going to stay chilly and plan on the numbers mainly in the 40s and 50s by tomorrow afternoon. and cool in most spots. and then as we look toward the next couple of days, there is another storm system that will swing on by, come monday and tuesday. right now, i think it will stay off the coast with a few clouds in the forecast. but by wednesday, partly cloudy sky, and by thursday, well, the temperatures start to drop, a very, very cold storm headed our way. this is what we're looking at the possibility of maybe some snow, down to sea level, as we head toward friday and saturday. a lot of things could change between now and then. but it sure looks interesting right now. that is a look at weather. here is gary with sports. >> thanks, lawrence. spring trange is here. dennis o'donnell is down with the world series champions giants. and it ain't racing if you're
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not banging and bumping. it was a wild one. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they stepped in the batting cage and who is the first guy they have to face? tim lincecum. >> he looks pretty damn good to me. >> it was a mismatch. lanes cum -- lincecum blew away pat burrell, and aubrey huff and what were you, today, timmy, 66 today? and then lincecum's response? 100. >> throwing 66, i think it was 66% but it was 100%. and i haven't seen a live pitch since last may. >> and throwing a first pitch fastball and i thought i was going to hammer it and i couldn't swing for the next four pitches, my thumb was still ringing. >> it was a sight to see for giants fans, coaches and players who are now relishing the role of defending champion. >> you know what? it was special. i mean when i stood up and started talking to them, i looked around and i thought about last year, and how proud
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i was of these guys, and you know, and what all it took from them to accomplish what we did. and it is a pretty neat feeling out there standing up there and looking at the world champions. >> it is nice to know that we're not the best players or the highest role but we're the champs and seeing all of the guys out here after seeing the world series, seriously pinch me. it is amazing. >> miguel tejada took the first balls as a giant and pablow sandoval hit two homeruns in what a is a critical spring training after he tried to rebound from last year's sophomore slump. >> do you feel the reason you were not able to hit was specifically because of your weight? >> i don't think so. i am the same as last year. and have you your good moments and bad moments. >> about the only negative the first day of practice was mother nature. as a down pour began as
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festivities ended. the forecast for tomorrow? rain. in scottsdale, with the giants, dennis o'donnell, sports. >> you can see tomorrow on game day tomorrow night. and he is planning to do his bet anthony boredane impression, the guy -- you know that channel. >> yes. >> 51-year-old fred couples could only watch as his lead disappeared at rivera. aaron badly birdied four holes on the front nine and shot 67 to get to 10 under with a one shot lead over couples and kevin knot in the final round. and the hall of fame running back olly matson passed away this afternoon at his home in los angeles, he led the nation in rushing in usf in 1951 and the year they refused to play in the bowl game without the two african- american teammates, matson and the late burl toller. matson was 80 years old. danika patrick briefly had a lead and wounded up 14th and the best since joining the nationwide series.
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and castle bumped kozlowski and he spun through the infield and ended up on the track and got smashed by josh wise. as for the finish, four guys had a shot at it but the fourth in a row, it is tony stewart making the checkered flag with the fourth in the row. look how close that one was. wow. stewart will once again try again for the first daytona 500 win tomorrow. lack of hair gel will make steve laven do this. he loves the hair products. st. john's taking on fourth ranked pitt. down one in the final seconds. dwight hardy gets in the lane. look at that flip right there for the game winner. check out laven's reaction. watch him right here. wee. he jumps up and down. a little half jumping jack. pretty nice. st. john's beat pitt by the count of 60-59. the nets reportedly have a deal in place to get carmelo anthony but the knicks have upped their offer for the all-star forward. in other words, this soap opera continues. >> trouble is, talking with the lakers, last week it was dallas, i really don't flow where any of that is at. >> -- i really don't flow where
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know where anything is at. >> relax. let somebody else do it. >> iffy to iffy -- if i were were to go back to kansas city and get it signed and have it done with. >> and you see a problem and throw some money at it but damn it, this time it is not good enough. >> i am ready for the whole thing to be over with. >> the saga continues but the good news, the giants are getting ready to defend the world series championship. it is going to be great. >> i'm ready for baseball. >> thank you, gary. two feet of snow making it difficult to find a missing snowboarder on mount shasta. what he told his family just before he went missing. also tonight, how much more you will be paying to send letters and postcards coming up. on cbs 5 at 11:00. that's it for us. hope you have a great night. see you here at 11:00 on cbs 5. good night. health matters to all of us.
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