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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  February 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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raft deflated floating in the channel. and at 11:30 the body of one of the teens, matthew miller was found in the creek in concord. two hours later, the body of gavin powell also of walnut creek was found just off stanwell drive. >> it is a floodplain and the rains makes the creek swell and it becomes fast moving. but what is more dangerous is the debris that is in the water, the branches and rocks and other debris in there, it causes problems and obstructions. >> reporter: the channel figured in another tragedy a year ago. a fire rescue swimmer hangs from a chp hermit and pulmoas woman from the waters but her husband and son were killed. >> reporter: powell and miller were students at los lomas high school in walnut creek.
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and they are discussing how to handle the tragedy when the students return after the holiday. the teenagers said they were going rafting in a canal or creek, now known to be the call nut creek channel. at 4:00 in the afternoon they called a friend to meet them at a location. when they didn't show up, the friends assumed they were picked up by someone else and they. he. at midnight, the families reported the boys missing. one family called the police, the other the sheriff's office. >> although the sheriff's department learned the boys were missing overnight, the waters were too fast to risk putting crews in the water in the dark. 85 volunteers were out looking for the boys before the raft was found in the channel. >> thank you very much. the search for a missing snowboarder has also ended tragically. the searchers found the body of the man almost completely
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buried in snow this morning. the 23-year-old disappeared thursday after telling his family he was going for one more run. his body was found 100 feet from park boundaries. the sheriff says there was an average condition where his body was found. a sigh of relief for airline passengers after their plane is forced to makage emergency landing in florida this morning. the pilot landed safely but not before pieces of the engine broke off and landed on a nearby freeway. deputies found two metal pieces the size of quarters. after hearing an explosion the passengers couldn't believe what was happening. >> there was a big explosion, a flash that went all through. and i was close to the wing. it was on the other side. but the guy that was across the isle from me, he dove. he hit the dirt. i mean, we all were very nervous. >> because one of the engines was out, the pilot had trouble
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stopping the plane and the brakes melted. a uc davis fraternity is the scene of an armed robbery. the suspects may have been upset after being kicked out of a party. >> reporter: who -- two men showed up here at a fraternity on the uc davis campus looking for a good time until... >> they were asked to leave. and when they left they went outside. >> reporter: and that is when -- the police robbed four peek two students at gunpoint. >> the suspects went back in and got a set of car keys. >> reporter: and took off in a stolen car but didn't goat far. officers say the suspect's car crashed right here. you can see the damage. the suspect then got out of the car, threw the loaded gun back in the daycare and took off. officers set up a perimeter but were not able to locate him. but the passenger was arrested
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and booked into the yolo county jail. both suspects are believed to be gang members. >> that is scary. >> reporter: what is scary about the situation is what could have happened if the loaded gun was not found before the kids arrived to the child development center on tuesday. >> scares the heck out of me. we were fortunate to locate the firearm. >> waking up to this and thinking is it safe any more. >> reporter: eric smith is a member of another on campus fraternity. >> there are so many guys living here. safety in numbers we would assume but that is unheard of another day of protests in at least four middle eastern countries and the most troubling in libya where the government is cracking down against demonstrators. and son of moammar gadhafi warns of a civil war. >> reporter: protesters are
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flashing weapons on the streets. moe makah taffy's son confirmed that demonstrators took control of military bases but insists that his father will prevail and he warned that a civil war would burn the country's oil wells. information in libya is tightly controlled and news is coming out from youtube and this phone call from a doctor. >> is it a massacre. and at the moment we are hearing a begin fire shot. they are shooting the people who are going to the funeral. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to the united nations says that washington is depending on reports from witnesses and activists on the ground. the group human rights watch estimates 107 people were killed in libya last week. and the death toll is growing. >> in the coastal areas we are concerned about reports of security forces firing on
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peaceful protests. >> reporter: protests are more peaful in bahrain following bloody clashes last week. bahrain withdrew the tanks and riot police. i'm in madison, wisconsin at the state capital where the protesters vowing not to let up in the proettes the governor. we'll have that story coming up. a reporter and photographer attacked while covering a story. i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the center center. the skies are parting just a bit. when will the rains come back? ,,,,
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sa in the wisconsin battle over how to fix the state budget neither side is giving in. the governor said again today he won't compromise. protesters are jamming the capital for a sixth day. >> reporter: a snowstorm kept crowds from gathering outside wisconsin state house. but inside demonstrators were at it again. the crowd cheering as wisconsin firefighters paraded through to show their support.
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this state employee, who didn't want to give her name is one of many who worked all week and spent their weekend protesting the governor's plan to strip away collective bargaining for state workers. >> scott walker is manufacturing a crisis to strip away union rights. >> reporter: the governor is not giving in. >> for us this is about balancing the budget. we are broke just like nearly every other state across the country. >> reporter: but the protesters here firmly believe that the proposals are only about union busting and have little to do with real row -- reform. >> the real motivation is a desperate needs for power on the -- that some individuals feel they need. >> reporter: tuesday wisconsin's republican-led assembly may vote on the budget bill but no real action can happen until the democratic state senators return to the capital to face what seems to be a inevitable defeat.
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>> few want to participate in democracy you have to be in the arena. >> reporter: several other governors like john kay sick of ohio are urging him to hold his ground. if walker prevails other states may try to follow. san jose's vietnamese community celebrated the lunar new year with a spring festival and parade. while the chinese are celebrating the year of the rabbit. for the vietnamese it is the year of the cat. san jose has one of the largest vietnamese communities in the united states. this is this -- the 13th year for the festival. there is also a parade. and lucky for all those people re-- we got a break from the rain today. it was nice. >> i love the parades. it has been chilly and it will get cold overnight in the
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bay area. the skies beginning to break just a bit. but it was nice to see the sun just a little bit today. we needed a break from the rain. the ground is very saturated now. don't want to see the rivers rise too fast. i think it will stick around for a bit. there is an impending storm but i think it will hold off. it looks impressive right now. you can see the clouds beginning to make their way in our area in northern california right now. we loo -- will see more pay a visit to the bay area in the afternoon. a mostly cloudy day in the bay area there. is a slight chance of showers. the best chance north of the golden gate bridge and then the temperatures are cool. the highs in the low to mid-50s in the bay area. the temperatures are cold in spots already. it is 38 in santa rosa. 39 in fairfield. got a lot of moisture on the ground now. and we could see fog forming in some of the valleys and some
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freezing fog with cold temperatures overnight. 40s in the bay and coastline. but partly cloudy skies now. tomorrow not a washout across the state. but we will see showers in the northern parts of the state. in the central valley temperatures in the 50s. in the high country you want to enjoy the snow, it is a great day to do it. the temperatures staying about 32 degrees at lake tahoe. we are seeing just a bit of a break between the stormy weather in the bay area. but this next storm is diving down and it will travel parallel to the coastline to the south. for the most part it will keep it off the coastline. tonight, the skies are clearing out. we are in for a cold night outside as we expect the temperatures to get chilly. tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning. you have the rainfall off the coastline here. watch what happens through the day. for the most part it looks like it will be a near miss as the
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storm system heads due south. light showers could spin up in the north bay. but other than that i think we will be okay on president's day. temperatures overnight will be cold. 31 in fairfield, 32 in napa. and 40 degrees in pacifica. as we head to tomorrow we will enter plenty of clouds. the temperatures on the cool side in the low to mid-50s as we head in the afternoon. and as we look at tuesday, partly cloudy skies becoming mostly sunny as we head in towards wednesday but things get nifty on thursday. a colder storm makes its way to the bay area and brings showers late in the day on thursday. and cold air on friday. and into saturday there is a chance for low snow levels. right now it looks like there is a chance we could see snow down to sea level in the bay area. but everything has to go right between now and then for that to happen. >> we have had a bit of everything this winter. >> 60s and 70s a week ago and
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now freezing temperatures. the midwest, they don't have our weather. they are slammed by another blast of winter. the snow fell overnight in minnesota and wisconsin. a winter storm warning is in effect for the twin cities with 10 to 15 inches expected by tomorrow. hundreds of flights were canceled in the minneapolis-st. paul airport. the state will get a mix of freezing rain and sleet to make for treacherous driving conditions. caught on camera, a group of mourners attacks a sacramento news crew after the crew tried to get close to an impromptu memorial. here you can see the mourners forcing the reporter and camera woman back. they are punching and kicking them. this is what the photojournalist captured on her camera. about 12 hours earlier police say two men got in a dispute in
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the aunt and it spilled into the parking lot where a 27-year- old was shot to death. the news crew suffered cuts and bruises in the incident but were not seriously injured. recyclables in composts, san francisco holds the green title. why it might be nothing more than rubbish. he apparently wantednor drink. he crashed into a liquor store. wait until you see what he does next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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office this weekend. "unknown"
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excuse me. do i know you? >> what's wrong? i'm sorry. >> a thriller topped the box office this weekend. unknown brought in $21.8 million in the opening weekend. liam neeson plays a botanist who awakens from a coma with his wife claiming she doesn't know him. i am number four was in second place. it is a super sunday with nothing to do with football. san francisco state officials visited afternoon american churches to talk about higher education. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: this morning at providence baptist church a new message. >> they can get an education. >> reporter: the president of
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san francisco state came to recruit new afternoon american students. this mother of four doesn't need convincing. >> it will open doors so they can do the things they like to do. >> reporter: the president talked about the san francisco promise that is an agreement between the university and the city of san francisco that says if you go to a high school here and get good enough grades you are guaranteed admission to san francisco state. >> we can guarantee that any student who has a financial problem will be able to go to san francisco state. >> reporter: but last year the university turned down up to 40,000 qualified students. >> didn't have the room for them. we didn't have the money to teach them. this is a tragedy. >> reporter: and why are we encouraging more people to come? >> we are trying to get better people. >> reporter: a lot of current students are taking too long to graduate and dropping out. but some say it is because of the budget mess. >> it is harder to get the
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classes you need. >> reporter: the school would like federal money and the chances increase with the minority population. >> to encourage anybody to go to college period. it's a good thing, i guess. >> i think parents, churches and the community need to motivate the young people to want to go to school. gas prices on the rise again. by how much in the last two weeks? and a doctor makes an unwelcome house call. what he was after and why you just gave up. i'm kate kelly coming up on game day, nascar with its youngest 500 champion. and we are are in arizona the giants getting ready to defend their crown and kobe bryant nearly breaks a record. that is all coming up on game
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day right after the newscast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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nationwide. according to the lundberg survey: the av gas prices have jumped a knell in the last two weeks nationwide. and the average price of a gallon of regular is $3.18.
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among all the surveyed cities, drivers in san francisco pay if most at $3.54 a smash and grab at a massachusetts liquor store doesn't go as planned for an allegedly drunk doctor. the white suv crashing into the front of the store. the driver gets out of the car and tries to grab a beer. the beer that was just out of his reach. he gets back in his car and backs up and takes off. the store's owner was left speechless. >> i couldn't react in three ways, i could have been angry, cried or laughed. all i could do was laugh. >> the doctor was arrested and charged with drunk driving. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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according to a new survey, many clueless when it san franciscans may not be as green as they think. this is according to a new survey. many are clueless when it comes to recycling and composting laws. the department of environment says one-third of what is tossed in the trash could be recycled or composted. one of the biggest tripups is plastics. all plastics except for bags can be recycled. a lot of people have tomorrow off. >> i think they are doing a good job. >> it is just a survey. it has nothing to do with us.
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>> tomorrow is president's day and yes it is looking like a decent day. there is a slight chance for showers in the north. but otherwise mostly cloudy skies. looks like we dry out tuesday and wednesday. but by thursday, a cold rain returns to the bay area. then it could get fun. a chance of snow down to low levels late in the week. >> you will be here wednesday, thursday, friday, following that for us. >> you betcha. >> game day with kim coyle is next. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,
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